December 27, 2022

IHSC- Chapter 82

Chapter 82 If you must stab, stab the kidney

The heavy rain muffled the sound of a man grunting in pain and the sound of flesh being cut.

Wang Xiaomie was terrified since he couldn't determine who it belonged to. Even though he knew Wen Fengjin and An Kai must have plans, he was nevertheless worried!

Wang Xiaomie repressed his anxiety and kept a wary eye out. The bean-sized raindrops descended hard and fast, forming a little stream on the ground and turning the loess on the ground into mud.

Wang Xiaomie's heart plummeted when he peered a bit through the rain curtain.

An Kai was hurt...

An Kai took a step back, swung his pike out in a semicircle, and deflected Wen Fengjin's second sword assault in the downpour. A lot of blood was shot out of his arm when he moved, and it landed in a pool and diluted.

The heavy rain seemed to have chilled their hearts, and water trickled from the tips of their hair, sleeves, corners of their garments, and even their chins. Following a little break, the two rushed straight at each other again.

The pike rushed in to poke Wen Fengjin's knee, and Wen Fengjin's entire body jumped into the air lightly by pushing one foot on the ground. The crimson robe was like a red oiled paper umbrella that repelled water.

The pike was close behind, and An Kai also sprang up, holding the weapon with one arm.

The pike tip was a little frigid, but the soft sword was tough and durable despite its softness. It flashed through the air as the long and thin palm wrapped it around the body of the pike, leaving deep imprints on it and even binding it inside.

But An Kai refused to let go, roaring and stabbing forward even harder!

Would the pike snap in the next split second? Or would the pike stab Wen Fengjin in the chest?

Through the torrential rain, Wang Xiaomie and the others all watched wide-eyed.


The people who collided split in a matter of seconds, fell to the position where the other party was standing a moment ago, and retreated somewhat!

Who's going to win?!

Everyone held their breath and stared at the two immobile and quiet people. An Kai suddenly sank to his knees on the ground, thick blood spilling from his neck, and the heroic man in bright clothes collapsed into the muddy water and didn't move...

Wen Fengjin gripped the pike head pierced into his chest, the veins on the back of his hand bulged, and with a muffled grunt, he pulled out the weapon embedded in his ribs, accompanied by a strong astringent smell of medicine that diluted as it met the air.

At the vital moment, he took the jab and shattered the pike's body...


Wen Fengjin's face was deathly pale as he tossed the blood-stained silver spear head to the ground, and his corpse-like complexion was tinged with bluish-gray. For immortals like them, the heart was the most important place. Blood oozing from his white fingertips, red and dazzling, he covered the wound.


Yi Yan's eyes widened and his pupils contracted as he gazed at the drought demon's corpse with ecstasy on his face. He couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from perking up crazily and taking two steps forward.

"Dead!" Yi Yan stared unwaveringly at the scene outside. "Hahaha, twenty years! Twenty years! Good death! Hahaha!"

He raised his head and laughed wildly, his fists clenched. As if his long-cherished wish had come true, he narrowed his eyes, his excitement visible, and took a deep breath.

"I got my revenge... I finally got my revenge!"

Bai Yu gazed indifferently at Yi Yan's excitement, but Wang Xiaomie couldn't tell if it was Wen Fengjin and An Kai's act or if something horrible had truly happened, and he didn't dare to look away. Little Purple Hair next to him seemed to have discovered something at this time.

Inside the big white cloth sack, there was a sound like a puppy sniffing something, followed by a loud growl!


There were scratching sounds from the cloth sack, and the ghost hand coated in toxic hair extended out the bag and waved around. The fabric bag rolled back and forth on the ground as it strained and howled in misery.

This noise also roused the unreasonable Yi Yan. His expression froze, then slowly reverted to that calm demeanor.

"He's dead, so you're useless."

Yi Yan approached Purple Hair's side, trod on Little Purple Hair, and exerted some force on his foot...


Purple Hair shrieked in pain. Wang Xiaomie clenched his teeth and quietly brushed his thigh with his palm, preparing to stab this b*tch with KaiMing!

"Don't step on it."

Bai Yu, who had been silent until now, added softly, "Purple-haired zombies are also a good material. I want to take it back." Yi Yan relaxed his strength, and the corners of his slender eyes swept over Bai Yu's face. They looked at each other for a while before Yi Yan took his foot away, agreeing.

Bai Yu stood up and dragged the struggling Little Purple Hair to the place where Wang Xiaomie had been standing earlier, where it was tied to a pillar.

Heavy footsteps came through the layers of rain, and Wang Xiaomie watched Wen Fengjin move closer and closer until he finally approached him. His nose was sour, his phony lifeless face almost crumpled, and tears welled up in his eyes.

"I won; now it's time for you to keep your promise."

When Wen Fengjin entered the wooden house, his entire body was soaked, his clothes were plastered to his skin, and there was soon a puddle of water under his feet.

"Of course, I will keep my word." Yi Yan smiled lightly, his slender eyes ran over Wen Fengjin's bloodless face and his slightly trembling hand holding the sword.

"After all, it's a drought demon, so it's a tough win for you; even if you have the power to heal, your ability will diminish with your frequent healing...right? Hehe~"

"That has nothing to do with you; return my shixiong to me."

Wen Fengjin's face was as white as ice, his tone was flat and indifferent, and his long and narrow unusual pupils remained scarlet and frightening. With the brilliant red pattern between his brows and a head of wet silver hair, he resembled a terrifying devil.

But, in Yi Yan's opinion, all of this was Wen Fengjin's bluff.

He must have been severely injured...

Yi Yan's lips and eyes were curved, and he had shallow wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.

"Let's start with the promise. How do I know if you’re telling the truth?" Yi Yan's astute gaze moved across Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin, as if he had uncovered something. The terrified Wang Xiaomie became even more terrified, but when he noticed that Wen Fengjin's demeanor remained unchanged, he calmed down and listened to what they were saying.

"I'm not a greenhorn youngster, and I've always had the habit of taking precautionary measures to avoid future troubles," Yi Yan laughed softly and motioned to Bai Yu. "Bai Yu, go see if the drought demon is truly dead!"

F*ck you, old fox!

Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin exchanged glances, and Xiaomie plainly noticed Wen Fengjin blinking his eyes slowly. On the surface, it appeared as if rain had fallen into his eyes, but how could Wang Xiaomie, who had been with him day and night for two lifetimes, not recognize Wen Fengjin's "pondering over" expression?

Wang Xiaomie: I knew you guys were acting! What now? Damn! He won't be found out, right? Or I'll stab him in the kidney right now!

Wen Fengjin: I’m waiting.

Wang Xiaomie: ...

During their brief eye contact, Bai Yu also stood up, picked up the umbrella at the door and opened it, walked into the heavy downpour, and slowly squatted down in front of An Kai's 'corpse.'

Bai Yu examined An Kai's body and discovered that Drought Demon An Kai's eyes were wide open, his neck wound had healed, and he was caught as he tucked the small brocade pouch into his collar with his fingers. The drought demon's face was awkward, and he rolled his eyes, pretending to die with a remaining grievance. (i.e. die with your eyes open.)

Bai Yu: "..."

An Kai: "..."

An Kai: You didn't notice, you didn't notice, I'm dead, I'm dead...

Bai Yu: ...Are you kidding me???

The air seemed to condense a few seconds before Bai Yu opened his mouth as Yi Yan stared at Wen Fengjin with a bright smile, who also looked at Yi Yan with an expressionless face.

The two men's eyes crackled with murderous intent.

As if to say, "You've been seen through by me," and "No, you haven't."

Wang Xiaomie was caught in the midst, and the two men in front and behind were more murderous and oppressive than the other. He didn't dare to move, and he certainly didn't speak. He was about to pee.

At this point, Bai Yu's voice broke through the heavy rain and yelled, "The drought demon is indeed dead!"

His voice was a little distorted due to the pounding rain, but it had a kind of power about it that dissipated the condensed air in the room in an instant. After a while, Bai Yu returned with the umbrella, put it away, and nodded to Yi Yan.

Yi Yan's lips were raising uncontrollably. He looked exceedingly happy.

"Remove my shixiong's control, then give him back to me," Wen Fengjin said calmly, raising his sword.

"Ah~ this." Yi Yan lowered his hands and said, "No rush!"

After he finished speaking, two golden dagger-like small knives slipped from his cuffs and landed in his palms. The light cyan figure rushed in front of Wen Fengjin. Wen Fengjin dodged with his head tilted, and a few strands of silver gleamed as they flew up. The next instant, the golden knives had become entangled with the soft sword!

Yi Yan's assault was near to the body, and his supple physique was just like an uncatchable loach. Wen Fengjin knitted his brows as his soft sword danced like a silver ribbon.

"Ding ding ding—"

Sparks flew as the short knives collided with the sword, and one of the short blades was blocked from Wen Fengjin's face. Yi Yan twisted his waist violently, drawing a large circle with his body nimbly. The weapon in his palm was plunged into Wen Fengjin's back with one arm open!


The small knife pierced the flesh cleanly. Wang Xiaomie's eyes widened. He couldn't believe regular people could hurt Wen Fengjin. The last time Wen Fengjin was hurt was in the North, and it was only because he was too focused on saving Xiaomie to resist.

Wen Fengjin kicked Yi Yan away before he could stab him again or expand the wound. He soared upside down for a few seconds before landing on his toes, stabilizing his body. He threw his weapon out without giving Wen Fengjin a chance to breathe.

Wen Fengjin just moved sideways to avoid being hit, and when he turned around, he found himself face to face with Yi Yan.

The two men were locked together while they fought, and Wang Xiaomie finally understood the reason for An Kai's nervous vigilance when he mentioned Yi Yan...

Is this a f*cking human?!

Wang Xiaomie observed Yi Yan's strikes, which had a changeable trajectory similar to that of a ninja in an anime, and his movements, which appeared to be overlapping images to the naked eye! As if the motherf*cker possessed a shadow clone!

F*ck, Yi Yan is the sweeping monk[1] with unrivaled martial arts in the movie, isn’t he?!

Can this ability be human?!

Oh my god, you're afraid you're not cheating me!

Wang Xiaomie noticed that both Wen Fengjin and Yi Yan were gradually becoming injured, but Yi Yan was clearly difficult to deal with. Wen Fengjin's expression became more and more sinister, and his pupils became redder and redder.

Wang Xiaomie, fearful that something awful would happen, cast a sly glance at Bai Yu. In order to avoid accidental injury, Bai Yu hid behind a pillar and peeked, so didn’t notice him.

The timing is perfect!

Wang Xiaomie discreetly opened his pants to reveal an 18cm... ahem, his dagger KaiMing.

Wen Fengjin had just used Yi Yan to leap back at this point.

Yi Yan took a few steps back and came to a halt beside him.

Excellent chance!

Wang Xiaomie aimed at Yi Yan's waist, grasping KaiMing and thrusting in!

Come on, kidney-poking artifact!

KaiMing: ...


[1] A character from Demigods and Semi-Devils, wuxia novel by Jin Yong and its TV and screen adaptations.


Is it just me, or did the author drag this arc out? 



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