January 5, 2023

IHSC - Chapter 83

Chapter 83 Backhand

Who knows if it was unhappy because it was dubbed a kidney stabbing artifact, or if his dagger KaiMing detected his fighting spirit, because the dagger KaiMing suddenly emitted heat, with a dark light streaming from its root to its tip.


Wang Xiaomie's puppy eyes widened, as if the dagger KaiMing in his grasp was telling him, 'Youngster, you have been strengthened. Go and see him off!'

Youngster Wang: Cool!

He slowly dog-sneaked[1] behind Yi Yan, and after fighting, Yi Yan and Wen Fengjin came to a brief halt in front of him.

That’s it...now!

Wang Xiaomie held his breath, his brow drenched in cold sweat. He hummed "Hallelujah" in his heart because he was afraid Yi Yan would detect any murderous aura on his body. After all, that's how movies worked. So long as you launch a sneak attack, a so-and-so hero will undoubtedly notice the murderous aura and exclaim, "Who's there!"

Yi Yan was about to assault Wen Fengjin again after a little pause, but Wen Fengjin's face turned pale, and a large coercion erupted from his side, the soft sword in his hand slightly quivering.

Wen Fengjin had been glancing in Wang Xiaomie's direction the entire time, and Wang Xiaomie also realized he didn't have time to send any secret signals, so he blinked hurriedly at Wen Fengjin, shouted in his heart to cheer himself up, lifted KaiMing, and stabbed!

Someone seemed to have pressed the time deceleration button. The sweat on his brow slid down and clung to his lashes, the back of the cyan Mandarin jacket man in front of him became closer and closer, and KaiMing's body emanated a blood-drinking dark glow—


Wang Xiaomie grimaced and turned his face aside, his eyes closed. He didn't want to look too closely. Even he was flabbergasted when he felt something in his palm.

I really did it?

No way...

Wang Xiaomie blinked his eyes open. He had both hands on the dagger KaiMing. To avoid detection, he moved slowly and deliberately, not daring to apply too much force. He hadn't expected KaiMing to be so sharp. He had pierced Yi Yan's left waist with a light thrust like slicing tofu.

The soft long jacket was split apart, revealing the exquisite silk lining within, and blood saturated the Mandarin jacket in a flash, gradually spreading...

Wang Xiaomie swallowed, his crown stinging with pain. He cautiously raised his head and glimpsed Yi Yan's chilly expression. His eyes were like a knife piercing his head, and the corners of his mouth had abruptly hooked up.

Wang Xiaomie: ...

"Xiaomie! Get out of the way!" Wen Fengjin suddenly let forth an anguished roar. Wang Xiaomie had never heard him speak so loudly before, but when he spoke, Wang Xiaomie reflexively withdrew the dagger, promptly squatted down, and covered his head with his hands, protecting his head and soft abdomen.

The next thing he knew, his shoulders and arms were in excruciating pain, and a kick sent his entire body flying making him crash into the chair and tall teapoy.

He smashed the wooden chair, and teacups and other assorted stuff crashed down with him, creating a jumble.

"Ow, ow! My shoulder—"

Wang Xiaomie rolled on the ground in agony, his right hand gripping his left shoulder. He was unable to lift his full left shoulder and arm. Even though the pain was dull, his bones and flesh hurt like hell.

Oh f*ck! This kick directly broke his bone!

At the same time, Wen Fengjin over there launched an attack on Yi Yan. The soft sword was excessively flexible, and it would shudder a few times as it came into contact with the short blades, cutting your hand if you weren't cautious.

Yi Yan intended to kill him, but Wen Fengjin intervened.

Wang Xiaomie endured the discomfort and crouched, fleeing to a corner.

The artifact in his palm, KaiMing, was designed to assassinate ancient monarchs. The dagger had a bloodletting groove. The sides were thin, while the center was thick. When it was buried in the body, it ripped a large hole in it, and it was impossible to save the stabbed individual with ancient medical techniques.

So when Yi Yan was wounded, even if he was cruel to others and himself, he could hold back the pain and continue to battle fiercely, albeit he was no longer as graceful as before.

As matters stood, Wen Fengjin didn't pretend to be weak. He raised the corners of his lips in a half-smile.

Yi Yan's arm was severed with a sweep of the long sleeve.

"You've all deceived me!"

There was nothing else Yi Yan could realize now that things had progressed to this point. He was a smart man. He practically guessed everything after a little thought, but he also seemed to grasp that Wang Xiaomie had not taken the drug completely.

His face sank, and he yelled, "Bai Yu! Twist off the puppet's neck!" Even if they were immortal, their heart was the most vital organ. However, Wang Xiaomie would lose control and strangle his own neck if they destroyed the puppet.

He couldn't believe these monsters could survive without their heads!

Everyone's gaze was drawn to Bai Yu, who was hiding behind the pillar, when Yi Yan said this. Bai Yu maintained a serene demeanor while slowly raising the puppet in his palm.

"Don't act like you're dead; the situation has changed!"

Wen Fengjin frowned, moved his feet, and swiftly approached Bai Yu. Just as Yi Yan was going to stop him, the sound of something cleaving the air rang out through the rain, and two stones brushed against his ears and soared by!

Yi Yan could only stop his actions when he saw An Kai, who had just died, appear at the door. An Kai flung away the water on his hair and body while grinning at Yi Yan.


Yi Yan's typically calm face showed disbelief with slender eyes slightly widening. He turned his head subconsciously to glance at Bai Yu, who returned his gaze.

The round cat eyes had become icy and a little carefree, no more lively and innocent, open and joyous.

An Kai interrupted Yi Yan before he could open his mouth to question.

When Bai Yu saw Wen Fengjin approaching, he was unafraid and lightly tossed the puppet over, saying, "Here you go."

Wen Fengjin's long and narrow eyes ran over Bai Yu's expressionless face as he held the puppet in his slender and fair hands. He didn't kill Bai Yu, and he had nothing to say to him.

This human deserved to die since he poisoned his shixiong.

But if he took action, his shixiong would undoubtedly be upset, and he might even be at odds with him.

He also most likely assisted in the cover-up of An Kai's situation right now.

Choosing to ignore Bai Yu, Wen Fengjin turned around and came to Wang Xiaomie’s side, and tore off all the strings on the puppet. Xiaomie's body immediately relaxed as a peculiar feeling swept over it.

Wang Xiaomie returned to the familiar embrace, sniffing the bitter and astringent odor of medicine and the moist scent of water while tightly clutching Wen Fengjin.

"Don't be scared..."

Wen Fengjin softly kissed Xiaomie's forehead while running his cool fingers through his hair.

His shoulder wound was itchy, inflamed, and a little painful as it healed. Wang Xiaomie burst into tears, convinced that this had to be the reason, and not because he was effeminate!

"Xiaomie?" Wen Fengjin called him softly.

Wang Xiaomie wiped his tears on Wen Fengjin's chest, but Wen Fengjin's clothing were soaked, and now Xiaomie’s entire face was soaked.

"I'm all right."

Wang Xiaomie raised his head, his nose and eyes bright red. The ice-cold silver-haired man was startled, then smiled, "Crying?"

"Am not!" Wang Xiaomie glared at him.

After hearing Wen Fengjin laughing in a muffled voice, Wang Xiaomie was shamed into anger and hammered him.

"Hey—I said—"

Suddenly, a helpless male voice came over. An Kai was smiling wryly: "Can Senior and Madam put off public displays of affection for a bit? Come and help me first!"

Wang Xiaomie: "..." F*ck, I totally forgot about it.

He quickly shoved Wen Fengjin, who put away the smile on his face, reluctantly picked his sword, rose up, and helped Wang Xiaomie to the side.

An Kai could fight Yi Yan to a standstill or even win, but An Kai was too worn out from the previous fights. Yi Yan’s expression became ugly as Wen Fengjin joined the fight.

"Both of you are famous figures in history. Isn’t fighting two against one too much?" Yi Yan said through gritted teeth.

"Nope! Don’t you know that in history, I was an a$$hole who committed the crime of rebellion?" An Kai looked at him with a grin.

"In history, I was known as the Demon Lord," Wen Fengjin, too, curled his lips.

In short, he was not a good person and was actually a villain.

Yi Yan: "......"

Because communication was ineffective, they could only confront each other, and the three of them engaged in another battle royale.

Wang Xiaomie gave Bai Yu a wary glance. He nervously switched his focus to the three of them, seeing him in a daze, as if he'd lost his soul.

Experts always exchange blows at breakneck speed.

There was nothing too fancy to show off, let alone a verbal brawl and shouts of 'XX sword-play!'

Yi Yan was stabbed in the chest a few minutes later, and with blood foaming from his mouth, he slumped unmoving to the ground with his eyes wide open...

We won?!

Wang Xiaomie exhaled a sigh of relief, and An Kai and Wen Fengjin’s faces relaxed as well. An Kai had his Little Purple Hair in his heart and immediately turned to look at his wife, while Wen Fengjin frowned and thought about something.

"Is he dead?"

Wang Xiaomie inquired quietly, clutching his arm. "Mn, should be," Wen Fengjin answered.

...What the hell is "should be dead"? Wang Xiaomie's mouth twitched, but he understood what Wen Fengjin was thinking. After all, Yi Yan appeared to be nothing like an ordinary person, so it was natural to be surprised that he'd been dispatched in this manner.

Wen Fengjin glanced at Yi Yan's body on the ground for a few seconds before raising his head and looking at Wang Xiaomie's face. Wen Fengjin's frigid visage finally thawed, and he turned and headed towards Wang Xiaomie, holding the soft sword in his hand.

An Kai over there had already let Little Purple Hair out and was cradling him in his arms like a treasured possession, with barely a smidgeon of Purple Hair revealed. He lowered his head to examine Little Purple Hair's wounds.

And Bai Yu... After Yi Yan fell, Bai Yu's face contorted, and all kinds of emotions twisted into a palette on his face, until everything vanished, leaving only two lines of tears pouring in obscurity.

Everyone got the impression that the dust had settled.

But the next moment, Wang Xiaomie looked in horror as Yi Yan's body seemed to twitch.

"Fengjin, look quickly! He f*cking moved!"

Wen Fengjin and An Kai's expressions changed, and they turned to look at Yi Yan's body, which was lying on the ground. The other party's body abruptly transformed dramatically. The black-gray hair became fully black, the fine lines around the eyes and brow smoothed out, and the wounds on the chest and other regions gradually healed… {T/n: I guess the author forgot the severed arm.}

The slender eyes suddenly opened under Wang Xiaomie's terrified gaze!

"My god! It’s zhà shī[2]!"

"No, it isn’t zhà shī!" An Kai put down Purple Hair and quickly wrapped him in the cloth bag, then rushed over, "It’s that same f*cking trick! He must have used that blood again!"

He had seen it once before, twenty years ago, and had suffered a severe loss at the time. This was a scene that An Kai would never forget!


Wang Xiaomie watched as Yi Yan rose from the ground, his head full of black hair, his face ruddy and at least 10 years younger, and the corner of his mouth twitched.

He not only looked fine, but also transformed into a beauty.

Yi Yan, who had transformed into a young man of twenty, bent his head like a ghost and said, "Do you believe you're the only ones who would leave a backhand[3]? Hehe~"

Wang Xiaomie: "..."

Wen Fengjin and An Kai exchanged glances before rushing towards Yi Yan without saying anything further.

Why waste words? They’d just kill him again!


[1] 狗狗祟祟: refers to an emoji of a husky watching on the sly behind a wall.

[2] A corpse becoming animate. It has a humorous ring to it because it translates as "fake/fraudulent corpse."

[3] A defensive position in chess.


Yi Yan is a cockroach ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

I hope you guys read Chapter 48 which was skipped by the previous translator. It's from WFJ's POV.

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