My husband and I sleep in a coffin




My name is Wang Xiao Mie. I’m online asking for help.

If you wake up and find yourself sleeping in a coffin inside a tomb and wearing a red wedding gown, and lying next to you is a real devil husband. What should I do if he wants to have a wedding night? Can I faint? After fainting will I be able to transmigrate back?

Waiting online. It’s very urgent.


Hi! I'll be continuing IHSC. You can read chapters 1-51 here.

Table of Contents:

48: My perfect skin (skipped by previous translator) 
52: Believe it or not, I’ll hatch eggs for you!


  1. Wow...this title is so lovely. Thank to you to bring this to me

  2. omgod I love you so much! been waiting for this to complete since last year. I tried to read the mtl and some books you can still roughly read, but this one I struggle so much.