December 24, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 129

Chapter 129 Will a spousal relationship work?

Tian Yuan held the family visit application slip in his hands and read it several times. The first column was: Name of visiting relative. He filled in his name. The second column read: Name of person being visited. He filled in Pan Lei. The third column was: Relationship between the visitor and the person being visited. Tian Yuan…stopped writing. Isn’t writing brother a more low-key option? It’ll not attract any criticism.

Or perhaps a friend? But friends looked to be ineligible to visit. Only kin, parents, or a spouse were permitted to visit.

Do I really need to enter spouse in the relationship column? He'd have no chance of getting in. How could a grown man visit another man under the guise of a spouse? This would most emphatically not work. He'd be blocked at the gate. This family visit note would be ripped off if it was forwarded for review. What could be done if it landed Pan Lei in hot water?

Tian Yuan took up the pen again and was about to write the word 'brother' when he paused once more.

No, Pan Lei said I must write the word spouse. It must be feasible because Pan Lei said so.

Forget it. I’ll write spouse.

He considered writing spouse, but put down the pen again, thinking it wouldn’t work.

He planned to use up all of his leaves in the hospital in order to visit Pan Lei at the army base. He'd be depressed to death if he was denied admittance at the gate.

Ahhhh, what should I do?! What should I write?!

Both options seemed to be wrong. Pan Lei would be upset if he wrote brother; he couldn't get in if he wrote spouse. What could he do? He was dying of anxiety.

Tian Yuan scratched his head, took up the pen, put it down, scratched his head again, picked up the pen, put it down. After an hour of this, his hair was on the verge of falling out, and he still couldn't fill out the relationship column. What should I do?

Bang! He slapped the pen down in frustration and dashed to get a drink of water. He desperately wanted to rip off this vexing application form, but getting another one would be difficult. Furthermore, he was eager to see Pan Lei again. What am I to do?!

"Ahhhh..." he cried, but there was nothing he could do. He couldn't come up with a good solution. In the end, what did he want to write? Did he want to write ‘spouse’ or ‘brother’? Nope. He was itching to write that he and Pan Lei had a father-son relationship. My father-in-law will most likely enforce military law on me.

His thoughts were going in circles, and he was at his wit’s end. Tian Yuan squatted on the ground, depressed and clutching his hair, unable to put pen to paper.

"Hey baby, did you fill out the form properly? If you’re done, I'll have someone to collect it for approval."

Pan Lei's phone call was like a knight in shining armor. Tian Yuan considered it as him having finally found someone who could give him advice.

"I…I don't know what to write."

"You little fool! It’s so simple. Visitor’s name, Tian Yuan; person being visited, me; relationship between the visitor and the person being visited, spouse. What’s so difficult about it? Write it quickly."

I’ve spoiled him too much. He can't do such a simple thing.

"Are you sure I’ll be able to enter the gate if I fill in spouse? Pan Lei, you’re not going to make me dress up as a woman, are you? Are you planning to force me to pretend to be a woman in order for me to visit in the name of your spouse? If that’s the case, even if you beat me to death, I won’t come."

He'd rather not go if he had to dress up as a woman and walk with swaying hips to enter the military zone.

"What nonsense! Why on earth do I love you if I like women? I want you to utilize your relationship with me as my lover to enter the military base openly. I want you to come see me so that everyone can see how much my lover stands out from the crowd. I cannot let you feel wronged under any circumstances. You’re my lover. Why do you have to write brother? Just do what I say. Come on, grab a pen."

Tian Yuan remained still.

"You promise I’ll be able to see you if I fill in spouse? Are you sure, you promise?"

"Aiya! I promise, I swear to God, you can come in, see me, and stay with me for more than forty days. Now go write it. Hurry up."

Tian Yuan was powerless. His hand hovered over the relationship column as he picked up the pen.

"Pan Lei, I, I…"

I still don’t think this will work. He hadn’t spoken these words yet, but Pan Lei was already roaring at the other end.

"Relationship between visitor and person being visited, spouse. Write it for me, stroke by stroke, in a clear and plain way. Hurry up! Write it right now for me."

Tian Yuan scribbled, relationship: spouse, as Pan Lei roared loudly.

When he finished writing, he almost burst into tears. He was confident that he wouldn't be able to see Pan Lei. He would almost certainly be turned away at the gate. I most certainly will.

"Take a picture for me, darling, and then send me the MMS. I want to confirm it."

Pan Lei was quite pleased. He checked the MMS and saw the word ‘spouse’ clearly written in the relationship column. He laughed heartily. Yes! Finally! His Tian’er was going to visit him as his lover. He wanted everyone to know that his family’s husband would be paying him a visit.

"Darling, baby, wait at home. I’ll have someone pick up the form tomorrow. You can ask for leave now. Someone will come and pick you up once the application is approved. We’ll meet at the barracks. I'll be waiting for you. You have no idea how much I miss you, baby. I miss you terribly."

"I'm the same as you, but I'm scared I won't be able to see you."

"Don't worry, I'll handle everything. Now go pack your bags."

Tian Yuan then waited nervously. He was going to be turned down, he wouldn't be able to enter, he'd be investigated, and they wouldn't be able to see one another. He was anxious and kept thinking that it was impossible.

Who would have guessed that the consent document would be sent on the third day? He was allowed to visit family somehow. The military district’s leader is mentally ill, right? Isn’t he aware that a man is posing as a spouse in order to see a man? How did he agree with this?!

There was no time to waste now that he had the alleged authorization for a family visit in hand. Tian Yuan, who had requested leave earlier, hurriedly tidied up his belongings. He was going on a forty-day visit, so he decided he should bring some snacks with him. After arriving downstairs, he observed a Hummer waiting for him on the sidewalk. Pan Lei's actions were lightning fast. As soon as the approval was granted, he asked someone to pick him up.

A soldier stepped out of the car and carried his luggage.

He could see more and more crops on the road as they got closer to the city's outskirts. They traveled for a long time on the highway before turning off onto a slightly rugged road flanked with woods that grew denser as they progressed.

"Does Pan Lei have an irritable temper even in the army?"

"Pan Squadron is a well-known Devil Squadron. His training is rigorous, yet every soldier he trains is a good person[1]. There are no poor soldiers under a good general. Only by being so stringent can he ensure the smooth completion of each mission."

Very rigorous? What’s that like? A good man, it is said, should serve in the army. Life is incomplete if one hasn't lived in a barracks. No matter how fierce or sharp a nature one has, it can be smoothed off in the army. How about Pan Lei? Why was he gaining more and more personality? He was as keen and icy as a honed blade.

"Dr. Tian has never been to the barracks. It’s a very interesting group. You’ll like them. They say that how long you serve in the army is how many years of regret you’ll have, but if you don’t serve in the army, you’ll regret it for the rest of your life. The moment for veterans’ retirement is almost here. Right now, there is a strong ‘camaraderie among comrades-in-arms’ vibe in the military district. It's quite moving."

The world's deepest feelings are shared by classmates, comrades-in-arms, and inmates. Even if they were prison pals, they wanted to know what it was like to have so-called comrades-in-arms. A brotherhood between people formed after being honed by similar experiences is superior to that between brothers.

It was a pure friendship between men.

Tian Yuan noticed a huge gate with sentries guarding the entry. He had to crane his neck to view the top of the gate because it was so high. The end of the perimeter wall was not visible at first inspection. This is the barracks.

When he was in college military training, his instructor was a two-year veteran who wasn’t much older than them. That was his first encounter with soldiers. Pan Lei: The Malfeasance was the one with whom he had the most contact. He was definitely not like a soldier; he was a bandit. He exuded banditry from head to toe and constantly appeared to be on his way down the mountain. He belonged to a military family full of soldiers. He was afraid of their imposing and General-like bearing. His first true experience with the barracks was now.

The gates opened, and the vehicle drove in.

"Doctor Tian, ​​the commando encampment is at the very end. They’re a special branch of the armed forces, so you must obtain approval from each gate you enter. You wait here first, and I’ll go in and alert Squadron Leader Pan. He said he’d pick you up."

Tian Yuan had never been to the barracks before and had no idea what to expect. When he looked up at the guards standing at attention in the sentry station, he noticed that they were all holding rifles and that troops were coming and going on patrols. He had to wait in the front communication room.

He didn't dare to walk around freely, and he certainly didn't dare to move around carelessly. He appeared to have returned to school. If the teacher instructed him to wait in the office, he would do so honestly.

Someone entered the communication room and smiled at Tian Yuan.

"Dr. Tian, ​​right? Please wait a while. Squadron Leader Pan is in training. He’ll be here shortly. Are you thirsty? Let me pour you a drink of water."

Tian Yuan smiled. Sure enough, the People's Liberation Army was the loveliest people in the world. Everyone was quite friendly to him. Anyone who came in was really polite to him, which greatly eased his nervousness.

He had begun feeling nervous after entering the military's domain and approached this station.

Someone brought him a chair and a glass of water. Tian Yuan expressed his heartfelt gratitude. Normally, he would show off his might to Pan Lei, but that was because Pan Lei spoiled him. This place was solemn and awe-inspiring. He couldn't act willfully and make a scene. He was also now Pan Lei's spouse. He would be driven out if they discovered he was using his identity as Pan Lei's lover to visit.

Inside the barracks, everything was kept confidential. So, he shouldn’t look around or walk around as he pleased. He would be wronged if he was shot and killed by a patrolman after being considered a spy.

The person said: "You are, Squadron Leader Pan’s lover."

Tian Yuan's back straightened instantly. What does he mean? How does he know this?

"Don't be alarmed. I work in the logistics department. Squadron Leader Pan came over a few days ago with a leave permit, stating that his lover is coming to visit him. We were quite curious and desperately wanted to know who Squadron Leader Pan's lover is. I heard they were going to come over today. I had some time on my hands and decided to come take a look. So you’re Squadron Leader Pan’s lover. Hehe, it’s okay, it’s okay. I’m just asking."

The individual who poured him water was evidently eager in a lengthy conversation. He drew a stool and sat next to Tian Yuan.

"Squadron Leader Pan is an exceptional soldier. It's simply that he's a little too irritable. You guys…how did you guys fall for each other? Squadron Leader Pan’s actions are always hardline, and he rarely changes his decisions. However, this is the first time I’m seeing a man paying a visit to another man in the military district. Squadron Leader Pan threatened me in order to obtain my signature."

Tian Yuan grumbled inwardly. Oh no! It’s all over. I told him it’s absolutely impossible for me to come in as a lover. Don’t even bring up the possibility of being chased away. He’d entered the gate with difficulty and was about to be kicked out without even seeing Pan Lei’s face.

He’d said it wouldn’t work. How could a male soldier's male lover be allowed to pay a visit? He couldn't possibly see Pan Lei.


[1] A good person: Idiom used to praise somebody's moral integrity or courage.

The word used to describe PL and TY’s relationship in the last few chapters is 爱人.                              ài ren = spouse(PRC); lover(non-PRC). Both terms were used as I saw fit.


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December 22, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 128

Chapter 128 Mother Tian compromises

Tian Yuan had officially resumed work. Their home seemed terribly empty after Pan Lei's departure. Despite the fact that the hospital did not arrange for him to work the night shift, he preferred staying at the hospital to returning to a home without Pan Lei. It was bustling when Pan Lei was home. He felt as if the air itself had turned stagnant without Pan Lei. It had a weighty feeling to it.

A person is not lonely when they are on their own; rather, they are lonely when they are thinking of someone on their own. That jerk's statement was very correct.

Pan Lei truly possessed extraordinary powers. He stated that he would enable Tian Yuan to visit relatives in the army and see what his unit looked like. He accomplished it.

A military district vehicle pulled into the hospital one day, and a soldier saluted Tian Yuan before handing him an application form for visiting family.

"How did you obtain it?"

"You don't have to be concerned about how I obtained it. Read the application form. Do you see a column that refers to your relationship with the person you're visiting? You must write ‘spouse’ there. I’ve told you many times that you must write spouse."

Would he be let in if he claimed to be Pan Lei's spouse? It was difficult to make a guess. But Pan Lei insisted on it over and over, and had even called him today to remind him of it.

"Do you swear you'll do it?"

"I swear."

Pan Lei vigorously nodded after hearing this assurance on the other end of the phone.

"I won’t be able to return home during this time. It's mid-October. I’m prepping for the veterans’ retirement and welcoming new recruits. Tian'er, I am not by your side. Do you miss me?"

Tian Yuan nodded, then remembered they were on the phone.


I miss you, I miss you terribly. I want you to be aware.

Pan Lei was ecstatic and overjoyed.

"Fill out this form and wait a few days for a response. We'll be able to see each other in the near future. Baby, wait for me. I'll show you how my special forces choose the best new commandos. I assure you, it is not something to be taken lightly. When you see it, you will undoubtedly be shocked."

It would be wonderful to meet Pan Lei. Tian Yuan didn't give much thought to the rest. But he was also inquisitive. Among foreign blockbusters, GI Joe: The Rise of Cobra and Commando were fantastic. Were their soldiers as good as the ones in the movies?

"You must be at home, right? Have you had dinner?"

"No, I'm on call."

Tian Yuan looked out the window; it was dark outside. He should be at home right now. If Pan Lei had been present, he would have chastised Tian Yuan for dilly-dallying and then fussed about taking an early rest. In truth, it wasn't even that late; it was just past nine o'clock. Time sped by when Pan Lei was at home. Why isn’t he here, ah? He just couldn't seem to adjust.

"On call? What did I tell you? You need more rest for now. Who assigned you to be on duty? Was it your department head? That old fool! I’m going to break his leg when I see him."

"It wasn’t him."

Tian Yuan was a little amused. Oh my goodness, this guy! He yells and talks about beating people all day. Can’t such a grown up man be a little more composed?

"I'm filling in for someone. Their child is ill, so I'm simply assisting them. Besides, it's boring for me to stay at home while you're not. It's better if I can find something to keep myself occupied."

"You really miss me, don't you? You just pretend to be tough. If you are missing me, just phone me. Go ahead and start the computer. Let's play on Penguin[1]."

Who wants to play with you over video chat at this hour? What if he became overly stimulated? He was at the hospital. Did Pan Lei want him to be affectionate in front of patients and nurses? He wasn’t that shameless.

"Dang! The veterans are packing-up. I need to go to the dorms to double-check. I have a lot on my plate right now. I’ll be waiting for you. I’ll send a car to pick you up after the army approves your application. Don't forget to look after yourself. I’m not at your side, so you must pay attention. Don’t use your arm to lift heavy objects, and don’t fill in for others. You’re not in good health. It bothers me when you’re sick. Baby, be obedient, okay?"

When was he disobedient? He’d been well-behaved all along, all right?! Why on earth was he speaking to him in an ‘admonishing a child’ tone?

Tian Yuan hung up the phone, went on a ward round, and notified the young nurse of which patients required special attention. Then he went back to his office, took off his coat, and lay on the bed to take a nap when the phone rang again.

This guy is relentless. He was only working the night shift. Why was he so worried? Tian Yuan answered the phone without looking at the screen's number.

"Okay, okay, I'm already lying down on the bed. What are you so concerned about? Have you finished your work?"

His voice was soft and sticky with a touch of coquetry to it; Pan Lei liked it the most. There was a beat of silence at the other end.

"Xiao Yuan."

Tian Yuan sat up in bed, as though electrocuted. It’s mom. He desperately wanted to call his parents after learning that his mother-in-law had achieved a breakthrough with them. But his mother-in-law had asked him to wait, stating that his parents would call him. So he waited. He waited and waited until now.

Guilt rendered him speechless. He didn't know what made them give their consent, but it seemed reasonable for his parents to wish him a happy life. What they didn't understand was that only Pan Lei could provide him with a happy life. He only wanted Pan Lei.

"Oh Xiao Yuan, you…have you recovered?"

Tian Yuan responded at once.

"It's okay, I'm already feeling better. I was only in the hospital for a few days before returning home to rest. He has been looking after me and only returned a few days ago. You may rest easy, Mom. I'm all right now."

I'm alright, but I'm worried about you. Your son has no idea how to beg for your forgiveness. Do you want me to be happy? Then agree. Don’t think we have no future. In fact, I’m already really satisfied.

Mother Tian was at a loss for words. She didn't know what to say. Their son had always been obedient. He hadn't called them in a long time. He'd never gone so long without contacting them before. This change occurred after he was beaten. It was the Pan family's parents who informed them of their son's injuries. She was his mother. She couldn't help but feel sorry for her son. The only reason she had been so extreme was because she hated iron for not becoming steel[2].

"He… is he really good to you?"

"He's really nice, Mom. You don't know him, therefore you think he's a bandit. He has a nasty temper and exudes banditry from head to toe. He struts around outside, but when he returns home, he treats me like a priceless treasure. He introduced me to his friends and took me home to meet his parents. He never lets me suffer a single grievance, and he always considers my needs in all respects. Since I got a bone fracture last month, he has been waiting on me diligently and has even fed me my meals. Isn't it only someone who will treat them wholeheartedly for the rest of their lives that people look for? We’ve been together for a long time now. We’ve had disagreements and quarrels, but even when he’s hopping mad with anger, he won't do anything to me. He’s a boorish man, yet he takes care of me meticulously. Mom, I love him as much as he loves me, and he loves me as much as he loves his country. He is a soldier who values emotions and has a strong sense of loyalty and self-sacrifice. He is willing to take responsibility. He is indeed an excellent man. I will spend the rest of my life with him. I won’t regret it."

Mother Tian exhaled a sigh. Her son had never asked for anything in his life, from childhood to maturity. He had never chased anything with zeal, but now he was openly admitting his love for that man and his desire to spend the rest of his life with him. What was the point of opposing him? Pursuing him patiently and beating him up had proved futile. He was trapped in a quagmire and couldn’t be dragged out. He had identified clearly with this path and couldn’t be persuaded otherwise.

She had no choice but to compromise or risk losing her son. Dang Hong’s words were accurate. She couldn’t utilize her parental standing to oppose her son.[3]

"It's fine if you believe he's good. Your father and I are getting on in years and can't control you anymore. If we beat you, his family will erupt as if a raw nerve was struck. What other options are there? We're helpless since you're dead set on him. I hope you don't come to regret it. What are you going to do when you are old? Alas! You're young and acting rashly. Let it be, let it be. We're not going to argue about it any longer. Bring him home when you get the chance."

In any event, whether his parents were compelled to agree or really accepted it, they wanted him to return home with Pan Lei. This was a significant step forward.

"Thank you so much, Mom. Thank you for putting up with your son's selfishness."

Tian Yuan was overcome with emotion. He was unfilial. He was an adult, but he was still causing his parents concern.

But all he wanted was this happiness, to be with Pan Lei forever, and the satisfaction of having both of their parents agree.

"Oh child, my dear son, is your arm still hurting? My wrath made me go too far. Come back when you have a holiday and let Mom take a look at you."

Tian Yuan sniffled.

"Mom, I'll be visiting him in the army next month. His mother is submitting an application for me to study abroad. I won't be able to return in the next few weeks. So, how about this? When he comes on leave, I'll take some time off as well, and we'll come see you together. We’ll not be able to stay."

Mother Tian was stunned. That commanding officer's wife appeared to have kept her promise. She was ensuring Tian Yuan rose rapidly in the world.

"His mother applied for you to study abroad?"

"Yes. His mother is lovely, and his family is wonderful to me. His mother hopes that when I finish my studies, I will be the director of the cardiothoracic department at her hospital. Then, when I'm in my forties, I'll be able to become dean. Mom, your son's future will be brighter from now on."

"That’s good, very good. Don’t pass up this opportunity. It is better for a man to have his own career than anything else. Mom and Dad support you. Is there really no way you can come home?"

You should aspire to the top, learn in order to attain success, and rise in the world now that you have such favorable conditions and a patron with a solid background.

"We’ll definitely come once before I go abroad."

Mother Tian said "good" several times. It would be great if they could pay them a visit. It would prove that her son was not harboring a grudge.

Tian Yuan's eyes were red when he put down the phone. He instantly dialed Pan Lei's number.

"Did you miss me, baby? I miss you too."

"Pan Lei, my parents agreed to our relationship. You must not let them worry about me anymore. You claimed you’d love me for the rest of your life and that we’d be together forever. Neither of us can give up midway. More importantly, you cannot be in danger. Pan Lei, we’ll have a lifetime of happiness together."

Pan Lei sprang to his feet. His mother-in-law consented? This brought him more joy than anything else.

"Oh yeah, oh yeah, my mother-in-law has finally acknowledged me! Great! Don't worry; I swear I’ll never break my promise to you. I want my mother-in-law to know what an excellent man I am and how much I adore her son. I want her to see how her son lives happily ever after with me!"

"I love you, baby. I’ll love you forever. I’ll be good to you all my life. I won't make you regret it!"

Tian Yuan smiled. His eyes were teary, yet he smiled. What did he want out of life? His lover’s company, his parents’ good health, and a harmonious family were all things that made him happy. He was content. He loved this man who kept yelling and loving him, he adored both of their parents. He was carved in his bones and engraved in his heart. He loved him so much that he couldn’t bear the thought of losing him; he loved him so much that he just wanted to accompany him to the next life.

Pan Lei, always love me, always be with me, and never abandon me.

I can wait for you while you finish your mission, I can bear any loneliness, and I can care for both your and my parents. I only beg you, don't let me wait in vain. You must return home safe and sound.


[1] Tencent QQ: an instant messaging software service and web portal.

[2] Idiom: to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement.

[3] The raw says 党 红 的 那 句 话 很 对,没有 战胜 女儿 的 父母 which actually translates to: Dang Hong's words are right. She didn't defeat her daughter's parents. It makes no sense to me, therefore I modified it to something that does. Please let me know in the comments if you understand what Mother Tian is saying.


I can't wait to see TY at the military base😀

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December 21, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 127

Chapter 127 Military family visit regulation

Pan Lei explained the bogus military regulations for a family visit to Tian Yuan: "If a married couple is separated, both sides benefit from the privilege of visiting family every year. Officers are entitled to a 30-day vacation. The platoon commander is given 40 days. In other words, you can join me in the army for 40 days."

"But the rules state that it must be husband and wife."

Tian Yuan questioned how he could ever go to visit Pan Lei with this provision in place. Did Pan Lei think people were blind and couldn’t tell that he was a man?

"We are husband and wife."

Pan Lei stated this while grabbing Tian Yuan's shoulders. They were husband and husband. How were they any different from a married couple? Nothing at all but the fact that neither of them was a woman.

You question as to whether they had any evidence. Pan Lei claimed that they were a married couple, thus they were just that. Concerning the rules... They were entirely out of line!

"But you didn't just take a month off. You sneak back multiple times a month, which violates the rules even more."

So, according to the rules, they could only spend forty days a year together? That wasn’t even the worst of it. It is difficult for a soldier to find a wife. Even if they are discharged at the age of fifty, men like Pan Lei will probably remain bachelors. Aside from his terrible temper, he had a difficult time finding someone to date when he was on leave for a family visit. Who among today's women would want to wait a year for him to return and then spend only forty days with him? He liked being in the service and intended to serve for 30 to 40 years. He will be a true uncle when he retires. Who was going to marry him at the time? His youth would be wasted.

Therefore, we must be considerate of soldiers. Their personal problems are really serious and require greater attention.

"Don’t you know I’m a special forces soldier? I enjoy all sorts of privileges. Additionally, those uncles in our family and my dad will give me a little advantage. Don’t worry. If I say you can come to see your relatives, you can come visit relatives. You most certainly can visit. I’ll get you a family visit slip when I return to the base. You’ll need to write our relationship on it. Remember, in the column for your relationship with me, you must write ‘spouse’. I don’t want you to introduce yourself as a brother or some friend. You’re my lover. I can’t let you be wronged anywhere."

Tian Yuan pondered, a little uncomfortably: Write spouse? He was certain that if he put that on the family visit note and went to the encampment, the guard would not let him in.

"You think they’ll let me in if I write ‘spouse’ in the relationship column?"

"If anyone dares to stop you, I will kick him to death. Relax; you have me for everything, don’t you? Leave it to me. I’ll take care of it. But keep in mind that the relationship between you and the person you’re visiting is ‘spouse’. It’s spouse. Spouse, you hear? You must write the word spouse. I’ll check your family visit note before framing it and hanging it next to our family rules. This visit card will be our marriage certificate, obtained without tricks."

Tian Yuan was perplexed because this was the first time he had encountered a situation like this. Was it really that simple? Wouldn't he be hindered if he went to see Pan Lei as a spouse? Wouldn't he be barred from entering?

Pan Lei just took a month off. Oh! No, less than a month - it was two or three days short of a month - and he ran back home every few days. Wasn’t this a violation of military regulations? Was he not punished? Wasn’t he going to be managed? Could this ‘visiting relatives’ work? Why did he think it couldn’t be done?

"If I say it’ll work, it’ll work. Remember, relationship: spouse. Don’t write anything else."

"I’ll remember."

Pan Lei was rambling, repeating the same point over and over. Tian Yuan understood it but felt there was no certainty as to whether it was doable or not. To be honest, Tian Yuan had zero confidence in this plan.

Pan Lei's vacation was not a 'I'll do whatever I want' kind of thing. He stated that he would take a one-month vacation, but some duties had to be completed by him. He was a special forces soldier instructor as well as the captain of the operations squadron.

They thought there were still a few days of vacation left. Who would have guessed that a phone call would whisk Pan Lei away on a mission?

Pan Lei pounced on Tian Yuan and wouldn’t let go.

"I wanna get discharged from the army; I’m not going; I quit. When I think of you traveling abroad to study, and how little time we have, I especially want to have the 72 changes of Monkey King[1] so that I can stay by your side."

Tian Yuan was very sad. They had been living together for almost a month at this point. Despite the fact that Pan Lei wanted to torment him every day, it was fun when he was by his side. He stole kisses, groped him covertly, and sang love songs to him while doing laundry, cooking, and even doing the dishes. He handled everything and never complained. Their time together flew by, and they lived happily.

The last thing Tian Yuan wanted was for Pan Lei to have to leave after a phone call. He, too, was reluctant to part, but Pan Lei was a soldier, and once an order was given, he had to carry it out.

"Pay attention to safety when you’re on the mission. Don’t let me worry about you."

Tian Yuan caressed Pan Lei's hair, lamenting the fact that they only had so much time together. He hugged him tight, wondering how long it would take for Pan Lei to return this time.

"Don't worry; I have a family and a lover. I will definitely protect myself for you. Your arm requires more rest. There is a dry cleaning shop in the neighborhood. I’ve already applied for an annual card, so all you need to do is send the clothes there. I've also phoned Zhang Hui. Your three meals a day will be delivered on time. Go to the military district compound if you don’t want to stay alone at home. Be careful of where you step when taking a bath. Don't fall. I bought fifteen pairs of underwear for you. If you feel lazy or don’t want to go to the dry cleaner once a day, just let them collect. Even if you only go to the dry cleaner once a week, you’ll still have a clean pair to wear every day. There’s no need to wash it yourself."

They were caring words, so why did they seem strange coming from Pan Lei's mouth? Forget about creating an emotional parting mood. Even if he insisted on making Tian Yuan say, "Ge, I love you," while kissing and hugging him, it would have been alright. How could he bring up the subject of underwear? How did the conversation get so off track so quickly? Sending your undies to the dry cleaners? Letting them accumulate for a week?! Was he that lazy?

"Hurry up and get lost!" Tian Yuan shoved him aside.

"You don't love me," Pan Lei said as he stood aside, looking at Tian Yuan with a look of being wronged.

Tian Yuan stared at him, waiting to see what trick he'd devised.

"What makes you say that?"

"We are a married couple. I’m going away from home. Shouldn't you hug me and say you don’t want me to leave? Then, just like Liang Zhu’s eighteen phases[2], act sentimental and declare you don’t want to be separated? Instead, you’re driving me away. You don't love me."

F**k you! How many times have you left after receiving a call while I've known you? Did he want him to always send him away with eighteen phases? Wouldn’t they grow tired of it? Was it fun to mope around like a girl?

"Say, what the hell do you want?"

Pan Lei smiled naughtily, hurried forward, and pressed Tian Yuan on the sofa, gearing up impatiently.

"What do you think? Of course, it is to seize the moment and do it. My driver will arrive in around 20 minutes. Let's first have a parting gift of affection. It’s unclear when I’ll return from this mission. Don’t tell me you want to restrain me to death. Let me have some fun first, and then I’ll become a monk in the army. Honey, don’t you want to squeeze me dry? Squeeze me dry. If I don’t have any energy or strength, even if the army does have a goddess, I won’t have the strength to take a look."

Pan Lei simply ripped the shirt apart without bothering to untie the buttons. Pow! Tian Yuan smacked him on the back of the head.

"You a**h*le, Laozi’s shirt is very expensive."

"Here’s my pay card. You’re free to spend it however you like. Don't be noisy. Lie down and let me work. Be good and hurry up, damn it!"

Tian Yuan rolled his eyes as he looked up at the ceiling. He admired this insatiable hungry wolf that could do this sort of thing at any time and in any place. Despite the fact that he had so little time, he was determined to work hard.

Tian Yuan lay down and didn't struggle, allowing him to play. Pan Lei was like a bandit who prevailed and happily committed a certain sort of misdeed. He advanced while muttering with exhilaration, "Darling, I'll kiss and nibble your neck to leave a few hickeys, lick your little fruits and make them swell up, and then rub your little head to see if he stands up."

He groaned and murmured to himself incessantly. Tian Yuan had severe doubts about whether he was sick in his heart. If he wasn’t sick in his heart, it meant he was sick in his head.

He’s a complete moron.

"Hey! Let me tell you something."

"Don't disturb me."

Pan Lei uttered these words quite fiercely and began undoing Tian Yuan's belt.

Tian Yuan grabbed his wrist watch and thrust it in front of Pan Lei, allowing him to examine it closely.

"They called you five minutes back. They said they’d be here in 20 minutes. That is to say, you have another 15 minutes. If you finish the job in fifteen minutes, I'll take you to the hospital’s andrology ward to check if you have any unmentionable male sexual illnesses, such as frequent urination, urgent urination, impotence, premature ejaculation, and so on."

Pan Lei roared, grabbing the watch and tossing it aside.

"You’re the one who is most clear on whether I have a male sexual illness or not. If it weren't for me feeling sorry for your little body, believe it or not, I could toss you from 8 p.m. to 8 a.m. the next day."

He dared to question his physical strength? He was a strong and mighty man with Grade A strength! He could do 2000 push-ups at a go! Was that a body with traces of a male sexual illness? Who tossed him until he cried every time? Who thought it was interesting to make him beg for mercy over and over again? Where did those hickeys come from? Making him walk for the entire month while supporting his waist was also his masterpiece!

"You can't finish it in fifteen minutes. Don’t tell me you want to stand up like a flagpole and go for your mission. Do you want to lose face?"

After being shot down by this man who could severely batter him, the mental shock caused the big cannon's vigorous mode to blow down bit by bit.

Pan Lei had never met somebody who was as much of a wet blanket as him. He’s a rotten boy who doesn't understand romance.

Pan Lei was on the verge of biting on his handkerchief and crying. Tian’er is too hateful, too hateful. He was about to leave, but he didn't come to comfort him. Rather, he attacked him and called his physical strength into question!

Tian Yuan sat up and looked at Pan Lei, who appeared to have been gravely wronged. He was angry, but he also found it amusing. There was truly nothing he could do about this guy.

Tian Yuan noticed Pan Lei move away with a droopy face for the first time as a car honked downstairs. He couldn't take it any longer and followed him to the door. Tian Yuan changed his shoes and stood up while Pan Lei was still in his 'lost soul' state. He caught Pan Lei's hand, drew him in, and pushed him against the wall, kissing him passionately.

Pan Lei's attitude shifted from passive to active as a result of this. It was quicker than any heart stimulant. Tian Yuan pinning him against the wall and kissing him were far more exciting than anything else. He held Tian Yuan's waist and kissed him several times. Due to friction, the tip of his nose hurt, his lips were numb, and even the tip of his tongue was numb. But it was still insufficient. He wished he could swallow Tian Yuan whole. He wanted to turn him into a miniature figurine and carry him away in his shirt pocket, close to his heart.

"Wait for my return."

Pan Lei caressed Tian Yuan's cheek and gasped in his ear.

"Come back safe and sound."

This is my one and only request. Go and return safely.


[1] qī shí èr biàn: 72 changes is one of the Monkey King's spells from Journey to the West. The primary goal of the spell is to prevent the damage caused by the thunder, fire, and wind in order to realize the wish of immortality.

[2] "Eighteen phases" is a piece from the Yue opera "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai," also known as The Butterfly Lovers. It is a classic aria from the play.


Tian Yuan doesn't like quickies😂

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December 17, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 126

Chapter 126 Mother-in-law’s grand plan

Tian Yuan's arm ultimately recovered completely, but Pan Lei was still concerned and insisted on Tian Yuan having it examined. Tian Yuan was a doctor, but because Pan Lei didn't believe his words, he had no choice but to go to the Armed Police Hospital for another checkup. Naturally, it was the Armed Police Hospital because that was where his mother-in-law worked. This mother-in-law cherished her son-in-law, and unless she gave the all-clear, Pan Lei would continue to carefully control him, not allow him to move freely, and take leave to attend to him at home.

Dang Hong had looked over his X-ray. In reality, she had checked it as soon as it was brought to her attention and had previously stated that it was not serious. Pan Lei had been treating him like an ancestor for the past few days. Pan Lei wouldn't even let him carry his own dinner bowl and had him eat with a small spoon. Pan Lei would feed him personally if he was disobedient. He simply could not afford this level of care. However, the favorable conditions created by Pan Lei's attentive care had good results, causing Tian Yuan to recover quickly.

Pan Lei took the X-ray and went to Lin Mu first. Lin Mu affirmed several times that Tian Yuan was fine and that no sequelae had been left behind. Pan Lei was worried that Tian Yuan was still in pain but had prompted Lin Mu to say that his arm had healed, so he went looking for his mother.

Only after Dang Hong repeatedly stated that there was no issue did Pan Lei believe it.

Tian Yuan gave Pan Lei an eye roll and derided the fact that he needed three doctors' approval to deem it acceptable. He didn't believe in his medical skills, or he was distrustful of Lin Mu. When all was said and done, his mother was the person he favored.

Pan Lei stated that there was only one woman he loved the most in the world, and that was his mother; there was only one man he loved most, and that was him.

Let us hope that Pan Lei always stays true to his words.

"You must, however, exercise caution. Tian Yuan, you're a doctor as well. You should be aware that you should not lift heavy objects with your arm during the recovery phase until it has completely healed. In the short term, surgery should be avoided. What I'm scared of is that a high level of tension will leave the source of the problem in your arm. Also, keep an eye on it on overcast and wet days."

"Take another month off."

Pan Lei was worried after hearing what his mother had stated, and he asked Tian Yuan to extend his leave by another month.

"It’s fine to simply sit and examine patients. It doesn't affect his ability to go to work."

"Exactly! Mom said that it doesn’t affect my ability to work, so I’m going to work tomorrow. It’s tough for me to stay idle."

With his mother-in-law's support, Tian Yuan had a strong backing.

Pan Lei complained loudly: "You have my company and still find it difficult to be idle? You don’t like having me by your side, do you? Could it be that you don't love me? Mom, your son-in-law doesn't want me. I can’t live anymore."

Dang Hong glanced at her son with disdain. How did I manage to raise such a scoundrel? Shameless!

"It’s important that you remember what I said. Don’t try to be brave. Leizi's leave is also coming to an end. Tian Yuan, why don’t you just come home? Your dad and I can look after you well."

"It's all right, Mom. Haven’t I recovered? I can handle it on my own. Dad and you have to work too, so I don’t want to bother you."

"Hey! I still have a few days off and will look after him properly. Even if I leave, I will have Zhang Hui deliver him meals on a regular basis. Mom, contact their hospital’s Dean Zhao and ask that he not arrange surgery for Tian’er, that he not work overtime, and that he not work night shifts. Just halve the workload."

"There’s no need to call him specifically."

Tian Yuan had grown wiser after witnessing his mother-in-law's strength. If she phoned the dean about a trifling concern, the hospital staff would ridicule him as a delicate darling, saying he was made of glass and couldn't be touched. Wasn't that the same as his antagonizing people? Nobody would be able to tolerate it if there was another person like Dr. Li. He was not the type to get into fights or cause trouble. It was best to stay away from such situations.

"It's time for me to call him. I'm applying for you to study abroad for a year. You’ll work at the No. 1 Hospital for a while before going abroad to study cardiothoracic medicine."

"Eh? He’s really going?! Mom, I can't live without him. Leaving for a year means I won't see him for a year. Isn't that just killing me?"

Dang Hong slammed her fist against the table. He's so clingy, but he calls himself a man?

"You're the one who's holding him back. I told his parents that if Tian Yuan marries you, he will quickly rise through the ranks. Don't tell me you want him to be mediocre and satisfied with being a doctor for the rest of his life. If he wants to be my successor, he must further his education abroad. If you continue to hold him back, I’ll let your father have a chat with you."

Pan Lei could do nothing about his mother. He clutched Tian Yuan's hand, unable to face the thought of losing Tian Yuan. One year was 365 days or 8760 hours! Wasn’t that simply killing him?! It was too cruel for them to be Cowherd and Weaver Girl for a year.

"Don't listen to him, my dear boy. He's thinking selfishly and wants to tie you up. I also went abroad to further my education and was away from him and his father for more than three years. I didn't want to leave Leizi at the time because he was still quite young. However, in order to achieve a particular goal, a corresponding price must be paid. It is not enough to rely simply on love. A man needs to have his own career. Go, Mom and Dad are rooting for you. If he drags you back, I'll let his father thrash him with a whip."

Tian Yuan thought while scratching his brow: To achieve a goal a corresponding price must be paid? Mom’s remark appears to be more useful in catching crooks.*

"Mom, I implore you not to use the whip at every turn. His job is unique. I'm concerned that he'll be assigned a mission while still in pain after the flogging."

"Okay. Consider it done."

"In this world, only you are the best to me, Tian'er."

"Don't mess around," Tian Yuan said as he shoved Pan Lei's head away. What's the matter with you? You want to kiss me in front of my mother-in-law?! What ‘you’re the best to me’? Isn’t this going to make my mother-in-law jealous? Isn’t this a classic case of being unfilial and forgetting your mother after getting a wife?

"You can just resign after your application has been approved. Don't take unpaid leave; instead, quit your job. When you finish your studies, come straight to the Armed Police Hospital. I'll be your mentor for a few years and make sure you receive enough clinical experience. You'll be in charge of the cardiothoracic department when the time comes. Then I'll be able to retire."

"I'm sacrificing my happiness and our simple love-filled life in return for your retirement," Pan Lei muttered. Is there such a mother? You're separating us for a year, just like any other cruel mother-in-law. One year...if it's truly one year, that's OK. However, if he does not complete enough course credits, he will continue to study and the duration will change. We're a young couple! We've just gotten lovey-dovey, ah!

Everyone had only accepted their relationship a few days before and they had slowly begun to plan their simple life. Why did his mother wish to keep them apart? It was too difficult to accept.

Couldn't she have thought of her son while assisting her son-in-law? Didn't she realize that living in two places for an extended period of time leads to a miserable life? Didn't she know that a long-term lack of sex life causes a couple to be dissatisfied? Did she want a hot-blooded man who had just recently begun driving to live apart from his husband and become a monk for a year? That was the worst torment for someone who was madly in love with his husband.

I won’t be able to hold his hand, kiss and bite his lips, see his face, enjoy his body, love him, or linger over him… Oh my god! This is excruciating!

They didn't spend much time together to begin with. It would be agonizing for him to be separated from Tian Yuan for a year.

In fact, I really am a picked-up child, right? She is my stepmother, right? That's why she can torture her son so much and refuses to let him be happy.

Advanced studies were unquestionably a beneficial thing. Every doctor hopes to enhance their professional level on a regular basis, to achieve some success in their field, and to save more and more people. There were a lot of surgeons. Was there anyone who didn't want to be at the top or take things to the next level? Every doctor's dream should be to become an authority figure like Dang Hong.

Tian Yuan considered his situation to be highly advantageous. His mother-in-law put her heart and soul into training him and accepted him as a disciple. She also allowed him to observe a typical cardiothoracic procedure while providing him with a full explanation. He should not disappoint his mother-in-law and felt she was completely correct. A man must carve his own portion of the world. As Confucius put it, thirty years old and hence self-sufficient. He was also nearly 30 years old. He also hoped to have his own career, one that he had worked hard for, and when he reached his mother-in-law's age he likewise hoped to be referred to as a teacher, and to be regarded as an authority second to none. It was common to make sacrifices for the sake of a career. He couldn't, of course, indulge in love.

He was likewise reluctant to let go of Pan Lei. They didn't spend much time together in reality. Spending three months together in a year was already considered a blessing. Reunion was only possible after much hardship, and he desired to spend more time with Pan Lei. He planned to go for a year. During this year-long absence, he would be unable to visit. Because Pan Lei's job was unique, he found it difficult to travel abroad. It was truly agony for two individuals who loved each other to be apart for a year.

Pan Lei was upset and had been grumbling since his mother brought up the subject. He understood Pan Lei and realized that the major reason he was unhappy was because he couldn't stand the thought of parting.

How could he be willing to part?

When Pan Lei was on leave, they could only be together for a few days. Even the infrequent occasions when they could act sweet would be lost if he headed for advanced studies.

"Pan Lei, I want to be an outstanding doctor."

Tian Yuan bowed his head. He aspired to be a remarkable doctor, but he too couldn't face the thought of being separated from his lover.

Pan Lei exhaled a sigh. He had stated that he would fulfill Tian Yuan's every wish. If Tian Yuan asked him to pluck stars from the sky, he'd quickly set up a ladder for him. He was reluctant to part, to be sure, but this was a minor mental qualm in comparison to Tian Yuan’s wish.

Pan Lei took Tian Yuan's hand in his and kissed it.

"Then go. Study hard and return in a year. I’ll pick you up at the airport and force you to give this daddy a warm hug before taking you home and recover what you owe. If we spend three months a year together and do it twice a day, that is 180 times. Remember, when you return home, you will owe me 180 times of getting turned over by the red waves. Come back and become a fantastic doctor like our mom. The youngest authority in the medical field."

Tian Yuan gazed at him. This man loved and pampered him. Pan Lei used all of his energy to help him achieve anything he desired.

"But I can't bear the thought of parting with you."

"Oh my ancestor, could you please not hook me? I gritted my teeth and agreed to let you go. If you don’t want me to create a fuss, don’t make me upset again. How can I be willing to let you go for so long, eh? Look! I’m feeling down again. Go, you must go. At worst, I’ll say I need to visit my relatives and come to see you. Baby, ge really doesn’t want to part with you. How am I supposed to live without you, ah? I can’t, I can’t. Come here. Let me kiss you and comfort my hurting little heart."

Tian Yuan threw himself into his arms. He had to leave; he had to continue his studies. This was an absolute necessity. However, he was wronging Pan Lei.

"Fortunately, your application for advanced study has not yet been approved. Otherwise, my leave this time would have been spent packing your bags, which would have made me cry a river. Baby, military personnel are allowed to visit relatives. Let’s meet before you go abroad. There’s no way I’ll be able to take another month off, so pay me a visit. All military family members are allowed to visit relatives, so we’ll meet up in the army."

Military family members visiting relatives? It’s OK to use a policy like this?!


* You might think this sentence is silly, so here's why: Dang Hong's phrase directly translates to "You must lose your shoes to combat a wolf." This expression is a metaphor that means, 'In order to reach your goal, you must make certain sacrifices.' Surprisingly, a large number of Chinese misunderstand this metaphor - the reason is that 'shoe' is a homonym for 'child' in the dialect from whence this saying originated. As a result, many people misinterpret the adage to mean, "To fight/capture a wolf, you must use your child as bait," which is horrible, to say the least. The correct meaning is: If you come upon a wolf, you must flee. "Lose your shoes'' implies "run hard."

**I think it's obvious that "driving" and "getting turned over by the red waves" are euphemisms for having sex. so I didn't bother with a footnote.


Whoa! Looks like a separation arc is coming up.

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December 14, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 125

Chapter 125 The best house rule of the Tian family

In Pan Lei’s dream, Tian Yuan was walking in front of him. He walked faster and faster, going farther and farther. No matter how many times Pan Lei called out, Tian Yuan never looked back and slowly faded away. Pan Lei couldn’t find him. Even his scent had vanished.

Pan Lei awoke with a start and reached out to the side to ensure that his darling was still by him, but became sober when his hand touched the bed. Where is he?

The night was at its darkest before dawn. He saw a silhouette seated next to the bed just as his body tightened to spring out of bed.

He realized it was Tian Yuan after squinting.

Pan Lei collapsed on the bed and exhaled a sigh of relief. Fortunately, his sweetheart was still beside the bed. He didn't leave him, he didn't go anywhere.

"It’s the middle of the night, baby. Why are you not sleeping? Come to bed."

Pan Lei lifted one edge of the quilt and drew his baby up to sleep.

Tian Yuan climbed into bed but sat on Pan Lei’s lower abdomen rather than lying beside him.

"What’s this? You’re taking the initiative, baby?! OK! Let’s get busy!"

Pan Lei was surprised to see Tian Yuan take the initiative to sit astride him. Tian Yuan had only sat on him after being coaxed into it when he was confused by passion. Pan Lei could see each of Tian Yuan's aroused expressions when he entered Tian Yuan's body from below. He was particularly fond of this position.

Tian Yuan smiled at Pan Lei as he reached out to unbutton his pajamas. Because there was no light in the room, his smile was obscured by the fuzzy darkness. Pan Lei couldn't tell for sure, but it was a nasty smile.

Tian Yuan suddenly drew a knife from his back. It was a scalpel he used for surgery.

Pan Lei was startled. What’s going on? Is he sleepwalking in the dead of the night with the idea of killing? Or is it knife play at night?

"What… Baby, what are you doing?"

Pan Lei extended his hand and turned on the bedside lamp. He was a little scared. He awoke in the middle of the night to find his family's husband playing with a knife while sitting on his stomach, thinking he was in for a delightful and adventurous night. He didn't expect to be greeted by a cold scalpel.

We’ve been sleeping together all this time, yet I didn't realize Tian’er has the habit of sleepwalking? How is that possible?

Tian Yuan sneered at him. Pan Lei didn't have the habit of wearing pajamas. He was simply wearing his underwear. Tian Yuan lay down on Pan Lei’s body and slashed the scalpel across his face, keeping a distance of fifty centimetres from it.

"Pan Lei, you set the rules for me, so I’ll also show you our Tian family’s best house rule."

"You say, you say."

Am I possessed? Why do I think my family’s husband looks seductive in the dark? This little look of coldly threatening people while looking aloof and remote is so delicious.

It was exactly like the first time they met, when Tian Yuan had threatened Pan Lei with a scalpel. That was the moment Pan Lei fell in love with him. Love at first sight can happen anytime and in any place.

"In love, two people are just right, but three people are quite crowded."

"That’s a given. I vow I love only you and will not not even look at anyone else."

Tian Yuan nodded in satisfaction, and the scalpel continued to descend, slicing across his neck.

"Pan Lei, you've been in the army for a long time, and I can't visit that area, so I don't know who you're in contact with. I wouldn't know if someone in the army likes you. I wouldn't know if you raise a third person[1] in the army behind my back and purposefully keep it hidden from me. Don't you think it's very unfair?"

"I swear to you, there will be no second person in this life except you.  There are only two or three female soldiers on the team, and everyone treats them like treasures, but it has nothing to do with me. You are the only person I consider to be a treasure. Third person? Bah! They'll never show up. I will love you as much as I love my motherland. I’ll not be halfhearted. Heaven and earth can prove it[2]."

Tian Yuan was even more satisfied. The scalpel went down again and came to a halt over Pan Lei’s heart.

"What if someone confesses to you? What if someone, whether a man or a woman, tangles you? I am a person who does not allow physical infidelity, let alone mental infidelity. Mysophobia is probably a common failing of every doctor. I’m not okay with you being even a little stirred by the thoughts of other people. For example, that woman wrapped herself around you today, which made me very unhappy. Even though you are not at fault, I’m still upset. Don’t make me unhappy in the future, understand? I’ve been resisting the urge to throw you into a disinfectant to sterilize you. When I recall someone holding you, I want to disinfect you so badly."

"This type of thing will never happen again. I will slap them away if they approach me within one meter of me, male or female. Promise. The time will never come when I shall make you unhappy. Whether you can see it or not, what happened today will never happen again. I swear I'm not making this up. If I let you down, my parents will tear me apart, and my grandfather will flog me to death. I can't express how much I adore you, my darling. I will never find someone else, and I will not let anyone approach me. Take a look at my forehead! See the huge print? It says: Tian Yuan’s property. If you see even the slightest intimacy between me and others, you can immerse me in formalin."

Tian Yuan nodded, very satisfied, very very satisfied with his answer.

"Baby, now that you’re satisfied, how about we put this scalpel away? What should I do if it cuts your hand?"

It’ll be great if you move it away from my chest. He felt like he’d been put on the operating table without anesthetics, waiting for his chest to be cut open. It was too frightening, and it was on the verge of catching up with foreign horror films.

"Pan Lei, remember what I said about not provoking a surgeon and never allowing a physician to truly despise someone? Remember, I'm a surgeon, and I'm petty. If you let me down, forsake me, keep a mistress behind my back, let a third party appear, or get hanky-panky with irrelevant men and women and provoke me, I’ll be very angry. Very, very, angry."

Tian Yuan's voice was deep and low, almost coquettish, which calmed Pan Lei's worries. Who knew he'd abruptly raise his voice and roar.

"If you let me down, I’ll chop it off and send you straight to the dissection table. While you’re still alive, I’ll peel your skin, dig out your heart, and throw you in formalin as a specimen! If you don’t believe me, just try it!"

The scalpel flashed silver before dropping with a whoosh, skimming past Pan Lei's ear and stabbing the pillow.

Pan Lei swallowed his saliva and hurriedly nodded.

"I’ll remember."

This little thing’s heart is really small. This threat is so horrifying that I’ll never dare to treat him halfheartedly in my life. Who could withstand such a threat? Even though it was the middle of the night, Tian Yuan had stayed up to teach him an unforgettable lesson when he woke up.

A surgeon should never be offended. This statement is not meant to be taken as a joke.

Tian Yuan was pleased with the results. My strategy will definitely work.

Tian Yuan tossed the scalpel away, overjoyed. Excellent! The plan of action he devised after a few hours of contemplation, and which required great effort on his part not to burst out laughing halfway through, yielded results. I can sleep at ease now.

"Sleep, sleep."

Tian Yuan yawned and went to bed.

He wanted to sleep, but a certain someone wouldn’t let him. You terrified me, but hope to sleep without patting my head or comforting me with a few kisses?!

Pan Lei rolled onto his side and stroked Tian Yuan’s cheek. Tian Yuan was happy and relaxed, and he had an uncontrollable smile on his face. He’d most likely have good dreams that night.

"Baby, are you satisfied?"

Tian Yuan nodded. Satisfied, very satisfied.

Pan Lei smiled evilly.

"You're satisfied, but I’m too scared to sleep. What should I do?"

Tian Yuan covered him with the quilt and patted him a few times perfunctorily. {T/N: 😆}

"You scared me so much right now that I don’t dare to sleep. You should compensate me. Where did you learn these threats and intimidation methods, little villain? You’ll run wild if you’re not taught a proper lesson."

Pan Lei snuck into Tian Yuan's quilt and began tearing Tian Yuan's pajamas apart.

"Who told you to wear pajamas? Isn’t that delaying my business? You’re not allowed to wear it again."

Pan Lei bullied him in the quilt, while Tian Yuan yelled at him and was harassed by him. He twisted and turned, roaring, "What are you doing? Stop it! It’s almost daybreak, stop messing around."

The pajamas were thrown out, and the underwear was thrown out of the quilt shortly after. Pan Lei wrapped the single-person quilt around both of them. Then another pair of underwear was tossed.

Tian Yuan began by laughing and cursing at Pan Lei and pushing him away, but in the end, he parted his legs and wrapped them around Pan Lei's waist, lifted his buttocks, and arched up. Tian Yuan could only work hard in the quilt in order to take deep breaths and try to relax himself.

"That honest and serious expression is the same as when I first met you. At that time I fell in love with you. Now I get hard when I see you like that. It makes me want to push you down, to let you moan and pant under me, to let you beg for mercy. That cold-faced look is so enticing."

"Get lost! You, you pervert! Ahh!"

Pan Lei entered slowly, causing Tian Yuan to cry out. He felt like he was being torn apart when Pan Lei got all the way in. Pan Lei clasped their fingers together, bowed his head, and kissed Tian Yuan repeatedly, stopping deep within his body.

"Darling, baby, you always make me feel so good that I can’t stop myself. I feel so comfortable in your body. I love it to death."

Tian Yuan took a deep breath. Despite the fact that they did it frequently, he couldn't adjust to Pan Lei. He was too powerful, and every thrust made Tian Yuan feel his internal organs would be pushed out.

Tian Yuan glared at Pan Lei as he heard him babbling nonsense in his ears.

"Shut up, shut up!"

Yo, yo, yo, this little look, this flushed body, this amorous look! Pan Lei couldn’t hold back anymore. He retreated, entered, thrust, and kissed Tian Yuan, swallowing his gasping and groaning with his mouth as he occupied Tian Yuan’s body and soul.

"Keep throwing lustful looks at me."

Tian Yuan was like a boat on the sea when Pan Lei sped up. He was lifted up, then flung down, and finally taken to the peak. His breathing was erratic, his thoughts were in a mess, and he could only grab Pan Lei’s back tightly and follow the rhythm of his body.

"Throw, throw your uncle!"

Tian Yuan became enraged and bit Pan Lei’s shoulder savagely. Pan Lei chuckled, grasped his waist, and slammed into him, satisfied to hear him cry out. This is the most beautiful sound.

In the end, who punished whom? Pan Lei had a complete victory so far.

— A scalpel can also be used like this!


[1] the other woman/the other man.

[2] A unique concept in ancient China that referred to both the natural world and society. World/universe/all things are the English equivalents. It's kinda like saying, "I'll prove my love for you in front of the entire world."


I was a bit worried about TY until I read the 'trying not to laugh midway' sentence. Good one, author!

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