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IHSC- Chapter 82

Chapter 82 If you must stab, stab the kidney

The heavy rain muffled the sound of a man grunting in pain and the sound of flesh being cut.

Wang Xiaomie was terrified since he couldn't determine who it belonged to. Even though he knew Wen Fengjin and An Kai must have plans, he was nevertheless worried!

Wang Xiaomie repressed his anxiety and kept a wary eye out. The bean-sized raindrops descended hard and fast, forming a little stream on the ground and turning the loess on the ground into mud.

Wang Xiaomie's heart plummeted when he peered a bit through the rain curtain.

An Kai was hurt...

An Kai took a step back, swung his pike out in a semicircle, and deflected Wen Fengjin's second sword assault in the downpour. A lot of blood was shot out of his arm when he moved, and it landed in a pool and diluted.

The heavy rain seemed to have chilled their hearts, and water trickled from the tips of their hair, sleeves, corners of their garments, and even their chins. Following a little break, the two rushed straight at each other again.

The pike rushed in to poke Wen Fengjin's knee, and Wen Fengjin's entire body jumped into the air lightly by pushing one foot on the ground. The crimson robe was like a red oiled paper umbrella that repelled water.

The pike was close behind, and An Kai also sprang up, holding the weapon with one arm.

The pike tip was a little frigid, but the soft sword was tough and durable despite its softness. It flashed through the air as the long and thin palm wrapped it around the body of the pike, leaving deep imprints on it and even binding it inside.

But An Kai refused to let go, roaring and stabbing forward even harder!

Would the pike snap in the next split second? Or would the pike stab Wen Fengjin in the chest?

Through the torrential rain, Wang Xiaomie and the others all watched wide-eyed.


The people who collided split in a matter of seconds, fell to the position where the other party was standing a moment ago, and retreated somewhat!

Who's going to win?!

Everyone held their breath and stared at the two immobile and quiet people. An Kai suddenly sank to his knees on the ground, thick blood spilling from his neck, and the heroic man in bright clothes collapsed into the muddy water and didn't move...

Wen Fengjin gripped the pike head pierced into his chest, the veins on the back of his hand bulged, and with a muffled grunt, he pulled out the weapon embedded in his ribs, accompanied by a strong astringent smell of medicine that diluted as it met the air.

At the vital moment, he took the jab and shattered the pike's body...


Wen Fengjin's face was deathly pale as he tossed the blood-stained silver spear head to the ground, and his corpse-like complexion was tinged with bluish-gray. For immortals like them, the heart was the most important place. Blood oozing from his white fingertips, red and dazzling, he covered the wound.


Yi Yan's eyes widened and his pupils contracted as he gazed at the drought demon's corpse with ecstasy on his face. He couldn't stop the corners of his mouth from perking up crazily and taking two steps forward.

"Dead!" Yi Yan stared unwaveringly at the scene outside. "Hahaha, twenty years! Twenty years! Good death! Hahaha!"

He raised his head and laughed wildly, his fists clenched. As if his long-cherished wish had come true, he narrowed his eyes, his excitement visible, and took a deep breath.

"I got my revenge... I finally got my revenge!"

Bai Yu gazed indifferently at Yi Yan's excitement, but Wang Xiaomie couldn't tell if it was Wen Fengjin and An Kai's act or if something horrible had truly happened, and he didn't dare to look away. Little Purple Hair next to him seemed to have discovered something at this time.

Inside the big white cloth sack, there was a sound like a puppy sniffing something, followed by a loud growl!


There were scratching sounds from the cloth sack, and the ghost hand coated in toxic hair extended out the bag and waved around. The fabric bag rolled back and forth on the ground as it strained and howled in misery.

This noise also roused the unreasonable Yi Yan. His expression froze, then slowly reverted to that calm demeanor.

"He's dead, so you're useless."

Yi Yan approached Purple Hair's side, trod on Little Purple Hair, and exerted some force on his foot...


Purple Hair shrieked in pain. Wang Xiaomie clenched his teeth and quietly brushed his thigh with his palm, preparing to stab this b*tch with KaiMing!

"Don't step on it."

Bai Yu, who had been silent until now, added softly, "Purple-haired zombies are also a good material. I want to take it back." Yi Yan relaxed his strength, and the corners of his slender eyes swept over Bai Yu's face. They looked at each other for a while before Yi Yan took his foot away, agreeing.

Bai Yu stood up and dragged the struggling Little Purple Hair to the place where Wang Xiaomie had been standing earlier, where it was tied to a pillar.

Heavy footsteps came through the layers of rain, and Wang Xiaomie watched Wen Fengjin move closer and closer until he finally approached him. His nose was sour, his phony lifeless face almost crumpled, and tears welled up in his eyes.

"I won; now it's time for you to keep your promise."

When Wen Fengjin entered the wooden house, his entire body was soaked, his clothes were plastered to his skin, and there was soon a puddle of water under his feet.

"Of course, I will keep my word." Yi Yan smiled lightly, his slender eyes ran over Wen Fengjin's bloodless face and his slightly trembling hand holding the sword.

"After all, it's a drought demon, so it's a tough win for you; even if you have the power to heal, your ability will diminish with your frequent healing...right? Hehe~"

"That has nothing to do with you; return my shixiong to me."

Wen Fengjin's face was as white as ice, his tone was flat and indifferent, and his long and narrow unusual pupils remained scarlet and frightening. With the brilliant red pattern between his brows and a head of wet silver hair, he resembled a terrifying devil.

But, in Yi Yan's opinion, all of this was Wen Fengjin's bluff.

He must have been severely injured...

Yi Yan's lips and eyes were curved, and he had shallow wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.

"Let's start with the promise. How do I know if you’re telling the truth?" Yi Yan's astute gaze moved across Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin, as if he had uncovered something. The terrified Wang Xiaomie became even more terrified, but when he noticed that Wen Fengjin's demeanor remained unchanged, he calmed down and listened to what they were saying.

"I'm not a greenhorn youngster, and I've always had the habit of taking precautionary measures to avoid future troubles," Yi Yan laughed softly and motioned to Bai Yu. "Bai Yu, go see if the drought demon is truly dead!"

F*ck you, old fox!

Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin exchanged glances, and Xiaomie plainly noticed Wen Fengjin blinking his eyes slowly. On the surface, it appeared as if rain had fallen into his eyes, but how could Wang Xiaomie, who had been with him day and night for two lifetimes, not recognize Wen Fengjin's "pondering over" expression?

Wang Xiaomie: I knew you guys were acting! What now? Damn! He won't be found out, right? Or I'll stab him in the kidney right now!

Wen Fengjin: I’m waiting.

Wang Xiaomie: ...

During their brief eye contact, Bai Yu also stood up, picked up the umbrella at the door and opened it, walked into the heavy downpour, and slowly squatted down in front of An Kai's 'corpse.'

Bai Yu examined An Kai's body and discovered that Drought Demon An Kai's eyes were wide open, his neck wound had healed, and he was caught as he tucked the small brocade pouch into his collar with his fingers. The drought demon's face was awkward, and he rolled his eyes, pretending to die with a remaining grievance. (i.e. die with your eyes open.)

Bai Yu: "..."

An Kai: "..."

An Kai: You didn't notice, you didn't notice, I'm dead, I'm dead...

Bai Yu: ...Are you kidding me???

The air seemed to condense a few seconds before Bai Yu opened his mouth as Yi Yan stared at Wen Fengjin with a bright smile, who also looked at Yi Yan with an expressionless face.

The two men's eyes crackled with murderous intent.

As if to say, "You've been seen through by me," and "No, you haven't."

Wang Xiaomie was caught in the midst, and the two men in front and behind were more murderous and oppressive than the other. He didn't dare to move, and he certainly didn't speak. He was about to pee.

At this point, Bai Yu's voice broke through the heavy rain and yelled, "The drought demon is indeed dead!"

His voice was a little distorted due to the pounding rain, but it had a kind of power about it that dissipated the condensed air in the room in an instant. After a while, Bai Yu returned with the umbrella, put it away, and nodded to Yi Yan.

Yi Yan's lips were raising uncontrollably. He looked exceedingly happy.

"Remove my shixiong's control, then give him back to me," Wen Fengjin said calmly, raising his sword.

"Ah~ this." Yi Yan lowered his hands and said, "No rush!"

After he finished speaking, two golden dagger-like small knives slipped from his cuffs and landed in his palms. The light cyan figure rushed in front of Wen Fengjin. Wen Fengjin dodged with his head tilted, and a few strands of silver gleamed as they flew up. The next instant, the golden knives had become entangled with the soft sword!

Yi Yan's assault was near to the body, and his supple physique was just like an uncatchable loach. Wen Fengjin knitted his brows as his soft sword danced like a silver ribbon.

"Ding ding ding—"

Sparks flew as the short knives collided with the sword, and one of the short blades was blocked from Wen Fengjin's face. Yi Yan twisted his waist violently, drawing a large circle with his body nimbly. The weapon in his palm was plunged into Wen Fengjin's back with one arm open!


The small knife pierced the flesh cleanly. Wang Xiaomie's eyes widened. He couldn't believe regular people could hurt Wen Fengjin. The last time Wen Fengjin was hurt was in the North, and it was only because he was too focused on saving Xiaomie to resist.

Wen Fengjin kicked Yi Yan away before he could stab him again or expand the wound. He soared upside down for a few seconds before landing on his toes, stabilizing his body. He threw his weapon out without giving Wen Fengjin a chance to breathe.

Wen Fengjin just moved sideways to avoid being hit, and when he turned around, he found himself face to face with Yi Yan.

The two men were locked together while they fought, and Wang Xiaomie finally understood the reason for An Kai's nervous vigilance when he mentioned Yi Yan...

Is this a f*cking human?!

Wang Xiaomie observed Yi Yan's strikes, which had a changeable trajectory similar to that of a ninja in an anime, and his movements, which appeared to be overlapping images to the naked eye! As if the motherf*cker possessed a shadow clone!

F*ck, Yi Yan is the sweeping monk[1] with unrivaled martial arts in the movie, isn’t he?!

Can this ability be human?!

Oh my god, you're afraid you're not cheating me!

Wang Xiaomie noticed that both Wen Fengjin and Yi Yan were gradually becoming injured, but Yi Yan was clearly difficult to deal with. Wen Fengjin's expression became more and more sinister, and his pupils became redder and redder.

Wang Xiaomie, fearful that something awful would happen, cast a sly glance at Bai Yu. In order to avoid accidental injury, Bai Yu hid behind a pillar and peeked, so didn’t notice him.

The timing is perfect!

Wang Xiaomie discreetly opened his pants to reveal an 18cm... ahem, his dagger KaiMing.

Wen Fengjin had just used Yi Yan to leap back at this point.

Yi Yan took a few steps back and came to a halt beside him.

Excellent chance!

Wang Xiaomie aimed at Yi Yan's waist, grasping KaiMing and thrusting in!

Come on, kidney-poking artifact!

KaiMing: ...


[1] A character from Demigods and Semi-Devils, wuxia novel by Jin Yong and its TV and screen adaptations.


Is it just me, or did the author drag this arc out? 



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IDYTRAA - Chapter 228

Chapter 228 I won’t marry you if you lose money at mahjong

Could he fall asleep? When Pan Lei got home on such an important day, Mama Dang Hong poured a bottle of vinegar into him, the sourness quickly sobering him up. The elderly had already begun to play mahjong. The entire military compound was in a frenzy, no matter how many individuals showed there. They hadn't heard such important news in ages. For a long time, no one in this bunch of monkey cubs married. Finally, one of them was getting married, and in such a magnificent fashion. They all arrived to congratulate the Pans and then stayed to play mahjong.

Every room was full of people, and when you stood outside a room, you could hear the frantic sound of mahjong coming from inside.

The trio were one person short, so they just played "Fight the Landlord."

Pan Lei checked the time every half an hour. When he checked the time again, he realized he'd lost a thousand dollars. No way, if he kept losing like this, their red envelopes would get smaller.

He took out his phone and dialed Tian Yuan's number. Tian Yuan's side was noticeably quieter. He had just gotten out of the shower and was about to fall asleep when he heard snoring coming from the living room. This WoMan, Pan Yue, was a real man. Her snoring was louder than a man's and was fast approaching train whistles.

Tian Yuan couldn't sleep and kept turning over. He beamed as he imagined himself celebrating the wedding anniversary with Pan Lei every year until the silver anniversary, and eventually the golden anniversary. Even though they were both old men, he still made Pan Lei carry him on his back. He guessed he couldn't sleep that night because he was far too happy and excited.

I don't know if he has sobered up. There are a lot of people on his side. The whole family has gathered, and it must be quite noisy. He must be unable to sleep. I wonder what he is doing.

Pan Lei called just as he was thinking about it.

"Honey , I've been robbing my whole life, and someone robbed me today."

Tian Yuan controlled his laughter. Pan Lei was extremely aggrieved and reported to him. How could these two a$$holes team up to beat him?

"Did Grandpa and Grandma rob you?"

"Nah, it’s the two ba$tards, Zhang Hui and Lin Mu. They won a thousand dollars from me. That’s half of your money for getting a driver’s license."

"Hey, how can you say that? Don’t you know the phrase "Proud in love, frustrated in a casino"? It sounds reasonable. You are about to get married, we are two bachelors. Aren’t we allowed to win money for drinks?!"

Lin Mu was super pleased with himself. He won money!

"Did you hear that, Tian'er? Lin Mu won money and is flaunting. Come here. Let's band together and win the money back."

"Pan Lei, if you don't win back the $1000 today, I won't pick you up tomorrow."


Tian Yuan hung up the phone, and what Pan Lei wanted was precisely this order. The money must be won back in order for the wedding to go smoothly tomorrow.

Pan Lei appeared to have been injected with chicken blood (stimulant). Pan Lei demonstrated his battling spirit after the phone call. He went all out and fought them. At five o'clock in the morning, the elders in each room finally quieted down and proceeded to wash, eat breakfast, and prepare.

Pan Lei calculated several times. He lost $1000, won $800, and surreptitiously made up the difference of $200. So, when he handed over the money to his family's boss tonight, he would inform the chief that he had won the $1000 back. He would ask for a reward.

So simple, hehe.

Lin Mu and Zhang Hui had each returned to their respective houses. Their residences were only three or four minutes away on foot. They showered, changed, and tidied up into handsome men before returning to be the best men.

Pan Lei began to dial his partner's number. He was scared Tian Yuan might oversleep at home. On such a crucial day, he couldn't afford to be the tiniest bit sloppy. Even on his first day on the battlefield, he wasn't nervous. But he was nervous now, afraid Tian Yuan wouldn't be able to get up, afraid there would be traffic jams on the road, and afraid something unexpected would happen. Could he have contracted marriage phobia?

It should be anxiety disorder, the worrying about nothing type.

"Tian'er, baby, are you awake?"


Tian Yuan was still in a stupor and hadn't awoken. He had a hard time falling asleep yesterday and was still sleepy. The phone call had woken him up.

"Baby, get up. Go wash your face and change your clothes. I'm ready and worried you won't come to marry me."


Tian Yuan rolled over and continued to sleep after hanging up the phone. It was still early. He only needed to be there before nine o'clock, so getting out of bed at seven was OK. It wasn't that far anyway. It was fine to sleep a little longer, right? Right. Don't disturb him.

Pan Lei hummed a ditty while shaving, looked left and right in the mirror, and then touched his inch-long hair.

"Cool! You’re the most handsome today."

Then he sipped soy milk while continuing to hum the ditty. He wanted to pad his stomach before drinking around midday, as he predicted. Zhang Hui and Lin Mu were dressed more nicely than the groom, and Lin Mu's chest pocket was adorned with a rose.

Lin Mu approached Pan Lei while they were drinking soy milk together. He could hear the chap humming, but not what he was humming. He almost spit up the soy milk in his mouth as he came closer, ruining his new clothes.

Pan Lei was humming: today I will marry you, today I will marry you, and next year you will be a father…

Can you be a little more reserved? Could he stop beaming and being so elated while humming I'll marry you today? Don’t you want any face? How can you be so shameless?

"Shut up and eat! We will not block the wine if you sing this song."

Pan Lei was unfazed about Lin Mu's threat.

"I've already made arrangements. All of the wine we drink will be water. Hehehe, what a cool trick, right? We’ll need to use the restroom, but we won’t become drunk. Also…"

Pan Lei snatched the rose from Lin Mu’s jacket pocket.

"What do you mean by dressing so handsomely? Do you want to compete against me? Let me inform you two that it's my wedding, and none of you can steal the limelight from me. Get out of the way and don't let anyone exclaim, "Oh, the best man is more handsome than the two grooms!""

He then placed the rose in his own jacket pocket. He'll wait for Tian Yuan and present him with this flower. He was getting married at long last. He finally had a ring and a rose, and could get married[1].

Hey, wait a minute. Did his husband wake up? It was already six o'clock.

"Baby, you must’ve changed your clothes, right? I’ll urge Huang Kai to take the car to pick you up as soon as possible, and then you can pick me up."

"Eh? Yeah, good."

Tian Yuan still sounded groggy which meant he hadn't woken up yet!

"You're still sleeping; get up quickly, get up. You can sleep soundly tonight. Oh baby, I can't wait. I'm ready and waiting for you."

"Okay, okay, I'll get up now."

"Tian Yuan, he's fooling you. He said, "sleep soundly tonight," but that's impossible! Won't he harass you on your wedding night until you have a sore waist and back and only then think he has loved you enough? Go to sleep, go to sleep, it's fine to oversleep a bit."

Lin Mu played dirty tricks and continued yelling into the phone.

"That’s good."

Someone told him to keep sleeping, so he must keep sleeping.

"Hey! No, baby, don't listen to them. This is the most crucial day of a couple's life. Don't sleep; get up quickly. Ancestor, please get up."

"Stop being noisy. If you keep being noisy, I won't marry you!"

Tian Yuan roared and then hung up the phone.

Pan Lei was almost in tears. "The anxious wind hits the slow doctor[2]" indeed. He was going insane with anxiety, but his husband was still lazing in bed.

"Look, your man said he won't marry you. He said the same thing yesterday when you drank too much. He also stated that if you did not win the $1000, he would not marry you. He has made up his mind not to marry you anymore, so go ahead and cry."

Lin Mu displayed the video he captured yesterday, where Pan Lei was intoxicated and brazenly refused to leave, and Tian Yuan was upset at him, in schadenfreude.

Pan Lei brandished his fists. If it were not for being concerned that Lin Mu was his best man and he needed him to block the drinks, he would truly have beat him up.

No, this was simply not feasible. Tian Yuan had better be ready or they would miss the auspicious hour.

Pan Lei dialed Huang Kai's phone number. Huang Kai was likewise asleep in a daze. F*ck, none of these ba$tards are reliable! They were so careless and didn't take his affairs seriously because it wasn’t their wedding, right?

"Huang Kai, you deserve a beating, don't you! Get up this instant! Laozi is getting married and is waiting for the wedding car. If you don't leave now, laozi will have to hold the wedding in the afternoon. Who knows if there’s a traffic jam; don’t you know how horrible it gets! It takes an hour or two to resolve. When you get married someday, I'm messing up your wedding!"

"I know, I know."

Huang Kai was confused and perfunctory. The phone was then picked up by someone else.

"Don't worry, I've instructed the traffic control team to reroute traffic ahead of time. The road we take has traffic police to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. We’ll arrive at Tian Yuan’s place at eight o'clock, and then pick you up. You guys will arrive at the hotel before ten. Everything will be on time."

Pan Lei gazed at his phone screen. He'd called Huang Kai. Why was he hearing Second Brother's voice?

"I'm in a hurry. Get up! I'm getting married today."

"There’s still time. He’ll be up soon."

He heard his second brother remark just before Pan Lei hung up the phone.

"Still sore? Sleep a little longer."

Pan Lei felt as though he had been struck by lightning. When did his second brother have such a soft voice? Was he possessed by something?

The phone call was then terminated.

Dang Hong, dressed in a brilliant red cheongsam, entered the room to present Pan Lei with a corsage with the groom's name tag[3].

This drew his attention away from the jumbled ideas racing through his mind.

Pan Lei was dressed formally. A black suit and a white silk shirt.

He dressed heroically in military clothing. Whether it was field dress, camouflage outfit, or uniform dress, he could interpret all the characteristics of a soldier. He was a natural soldier. Resolute, ramrod straight, and unyielding. But when he put on a suit, he was also rather attractive. A hunk.

It was a given. He'd fastened only one button. Without a king's commanding aura, but with a little of toughness added, and this kind of strength was wrapped in a suit, giving him a particularly formidable feeling.

Was the man handsome? Check out the crew cut. Men with crew cuts are the most handsome. He'd just put on a suit jacket with a rose pinned in the pocket, which could tempt any number of women.

Miss Wang, from Political Commissar Wang's residence, peered at Pan Lei through the door, till her eyes grew red, and then she rushed away.

Zhang Hui whistled. This guy’s really a hunk. He’s so f*cking handsome.

But this handsome fella simply didn’t have time to worry about all this. He was busy calling.

"Baby, are you awake?"

"I’m up, I’m up."

There was a gargling sound.

"I'm getting ready."

Tian Yuan was quite helpless. No girl has ever been so eager to get into a marriage sedan since ancient times. Why was this rough and tough wifey of his so anxious?


[1] I don't remember which chapter it was, but this alludes to PL's first proposal after the fight. He knelt and apologized to TY in this chapter.

[2] A metaphor for someone hunting for something urgent but encountering a slow-witted person.

[3] Something like this:


Wanted to finish IDYTRAA this year,

To bring you some holiday cheer,

Was as busy as a bee,

On a translation spree,

Then saw many extras to go,

And cried "Oh no!"

So, see you in ‘23,

With extras 33.

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 227

Chapter 227 I won’t marry you if you don’t go home

Mama Dang Hong interrupted their intention to make an all-night fuss with a phone call about twelve o'clock. "Bring your a$$ back home! Return now. Lin Mu, Huang Kai, and Zhang Hui, you three little brats will also accompany him home. We need to set up Leizi's marriage bed today and need a virgin man."

The day before the bridegroom's wedding, a virgin boy is invited to press on the top of a heated bed, which implies that a fat boy will be born in the following year, which is auspicious, according to customs and practices handed down through the ages.

Mama Dang Hong's phone call had everyone in stitches. Aside from the reality that two adult guys like them couldn't have a child, who was this virgin lad she mentioned? No one wanted to lose face or be noticed, therefore who dared to stand up and declare himself a virgin?

Huang Kai scratched his nose.

"I'm afraid I'm not qualified for it. I'll go home and sleep today, then take the motor fleet to Tian Yuan's residence tomorrow."

Pan Ge sipped a glass of wine.

"Come back with me today, Huang Kai. You are in charge of the wedding car crew. You drank a lot tonight. I'm worried you won't get up tomorrow, delaying important business, so let's go. Lin Mu and Zhang Hui, send Leizi back. Call tomorrow."

"I'm not going either. Virgin male? Bah, who’d be a virgin at this age. I long for the days when I was studying overseas. Foreign chicks were continuously following me around. I gave up my virginity a long time ago."

"Don’t tell me I am suitable." Nobody wanted to lose face. They were thirty years old, and remaining a virgin was absurd.

"I am, but I’m not going. I want to be on top of the heated bed for Tian Yuan. I told him I’d be his bridesmaid. Damn it! Laoniang has been abstinent for almost 30 years. So f*cking embarrassing. Tian Yuan, go home with Big Sis. Today, Big Sis will sleep with you in her arms and place you on top of the heated bed."

"The unmarried are all virgins, according to old customs. Move! Third Aunt gave an order over the phone, and no one dares to ditch. Let's get started. We'll just play mahjong until dawn at home, so let's go."

Pan Lei pushed Pan Yue away. He had a little too much to drink today, so he was irritated when he looked at Pan Yue. Pan Yue had stuck to Tian Yuan throughout, making him unhappy.

"I'll accompany you home, baby. I'm not interested in them; I'm interested in you. Let's go to bed and save ourselves some trouble tomorrow. We will go to the ceremony at the hotel together."

Pan Zhan stepped forward to separate the couple, one on each side, and shoved Pan Lei to Lin Mu and the others, while tossing Tian Yuan to Pan Yue.

"They each return to their respective homes. Tomorrow, you'll be together forever. Follow the instructions and get home as soon as possible."

"Go back with Big Sis, handsome. Big Sis will make your night unforgettable."

Pan Yue helped Tian Yuan up, wiped his face, and assisted Tian Yuan out, smiling like a pervert.

Pan Ge snuck Huang Kai into his car, waved his hand, and they were the first to go.

Pan Lei had consumed too much alcohol, and when he saw Pan Yue groping his sweetheart, he raced up with a cry and desperately tugged on the car door to keep them from leaving.

"Witch, where are you taking my husband? He's mine. You're kidnapping my man. Who am I going to marry? Let him go."

This good-for-nothing! The rest of the guys turned their necks away, indicating that this inebriated man had nothing to do with them.

"Stop it! Wait for me at home. I will marry you home tomorrow."

Tian Yuan also drank a lot, but at least he didn't stumble from drunkenness.

"No, let's go home together today. F*ck these feudal traditions, it's all so f*cking pedantic. I want to sleep with you. This female pervert will eat you if I don't sleep with you today."

He forcefully opened the car door, climbed in, hugged and kissed Tian Yuan, nestled against him, and smiled foolishly.

"I don't want to be apart from you for even a second."

"F*ck off! Just take a look at yourself. Go find your mother if you want to be clingy. You’re so sticky, I’m going to kick you to death!"

Pan Yue slammed the steering wheel furiously.

"You two will also follow me home. Both of their mothers have constantly ordered us that Leizi is not allowed to sleep at home today and must return to the military compound. He's just drunk and bothering everyone. After a while, he will fall asleep, and you will carry him away."

"Whoever knows this couple will not live in peace."

What choice did they have? Mama Dang Hong’s command had to be obeyed. Did they dare to ignore her? Pan Lei started twisting around again. The only way was to drive behind their car.

Pan Yue, the WoMan, drove the car like it was a race car. Lin Mu, the man who dealt with corpses all day, broke out in a cold sweat, and Zhang Hui also sobered up, wishing to pull Pan Yue over, slap her a few times, and throw her into the trunk. This WoMan was too damn tough.

Pan Lei threw his arms around Tian Yuan, called him baby, and kissed him loudly. "Baby, one kiss, one bite," he said. Kiss, kiss, kiss. Tian Yuan had no choice but to implore him to stop and not cause trouble, but Pan Lei ignored him. He kissed and hugged him nonstop until he hauled him onto his lap, where the face-to-face kissing got increasingly intense.

Tian Yuan had no option but to wrap his arms around his neck and kiss him, and the two of them became sticky as a result of the kiss. They'd drank too much at the time, and no one could stand such a kiss.

Pan Yue could see Tian Yuan's clothes being lifted in the rearview mirror.

"F*ck me! You two restrain yourselves a bit. You’re in a car. Laoniang is still an unmarried maiden!"

His grandma! Could they not be so hungry and thirsty? Think about the driver, please. This was not a Rolls-Royce extended model, so there was no partition in the middle. The sound of their kisses stimulated people, and were they thinking of car sex? Can you let people live?

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan's collarbone.

"You, get out of the car for me. Make room."

Pan Yue grabbed a bottle of water and flung it towards Pan Lei.

"Your grandma! Please restrain yourself. Drink this bottle of water and cool down. Don't play hooligan all the time."

Pan Lei was seriously drunk. He considered it after hearing Pan Yue's roaring.

"My paternal grandma is your maternal grandma."

Tian Yuan burst out laughing. Listening to these two brainless individuals's conversation could make anybody laugh to death. He bit Pan Lei's lips.

"Leizi, be obedient. Stop messing around. Don't pass out from dizziness. Come on, lean on me and take a nap. Tomorrow will be a hectic day for us."

"I want to hold you to sleep."

Pan Lei hugged him and acted coquettishly.

Tian Yuan cradled his large head in his arms, while Pan Lei rubbed against his chest, entranced by his eyes.

"Holding the warm, sweet beauty fills my heart with joy."

Tian Yuan pinched his cheek. You a$$hole, you’re flirting with me even when you’re drunk.

They had a difficult time returning home. Pan Lei clutched Tian Yuan hard and refused to let him go, one inside and one outside the door, divided by the door frame. Pan Yue had had enough of them and went to her room to take a shower first. Lin Mu and Zhang Hui were concerned that Pan Lei would fall down the stairs after drinking too much, so they tried to persuade him.

"You're coming with me."

"You'll get together tomorrow. Come home with us instead of causing trouble."

"No, I'm not leaving."

Zhang Hui lit a cigarette, while Lin Mu merely filmed with his phone. He was curious about their farce and how long they would play for. It had been two hours since they finished drinking, and they’d play mahjong for a while after they got home. It was nearly daybreak, and he was still grumbling over their brief separation.

Tian Yuan blocked Pan Lei's path and refused to let him enter.

"Go home, don't make trouble. I’ll pick you up before nine o'clock, okay?"

"Then let me kiss you."

Tian Yuan let him have a taste. Pan Lei still didn't leave, clinging to him.

"Why can’t I stay with you today..."

Tian Yuan was pissed off. You ba$tard, I’ve coaxed you endlessly, yet you’re still unsatisfied. He stomped on Pan Lei's leg. Mother Tian was flustered. When she noticed her kid, who was speaking softly at the time, suddenly began using force, she quickly stopped it. How can he beat someone; this is domestic violence!

"Beat it right now for laozi! Get lost this instant! Keep babbling, and I won't marry you tomorrow. I'll marry Pan Yue."

"Yeah, yeah."

Pan Yue was not scared of such petty concerns, and nodded quickly from the sofa.

"I'm going, I'm going. Baby, promise me you'll drive over to marry me."

"You leave right now, and I'll marry you tomorrow."

This idiot deserves to be beaten. A dog requires a firm hand. He coaxed him, but he was disobedient; nonetheless, once he beat him up, he was immediately honest.

"Then you must promise me that we will travel to Canada to obtain a marriage certificate."


"Then kiss me goodbye and I'll be gone. Don't miss me too much."

Tian Yuan kicked the anti-theft door and glared at Pan Lei. Pan Lei regained 50% of his wits and escaped downstairs. Lin Mu and Zhang Hui were unable to move because they were laughing so hard. They have never seen anything like that. Pan Lei had to be pretending to be dumb by taking advantage of his inebriation to act coquettishly and shamelessly. He intended to take advantage of the situation and asked Tian Yuan to look after him. Coax him to satisfy his little boy heart.

No matter how old a guy gets, he still has a child in his heart who wishes to be coaxed.

You will act stupid if you drink too much. Isn't this ripe for a thrashing?

"You have to marry me tomorrow, baby. Don't keep me waiting too long. Nine o'clock is too late. You bring your car there at six o'clock."

Pan Lei was still talking pitifully around the corner.

"Get out! I'm not going to marry you tomorrow; just wait and see."

He slammed the anti-theft door shut, as if enraged.

"This moron wishes to be kicked to death. With only a little wine, he can go on and on. Clingy as hell. I'm not going to let him drink the next time."

"You kicked him out for good. Marry this Big Sis."

Pan Yue mocked the babies while picturing a grand wedding escape. With so many people, it would be quite the spectacle if one of the pair ran away and eloped.

"There isn't a single good thing in the Pan family."

"What are you saying, Tian Yuan? How can you talk about people in such a way? You're bad mouthing an entire family. Are you worthy of your mother-in-law? She has cultivated you wholeheartedly."

Mother Tian disapproved of her son's present aggressive demeanor. When did he learn this punk attitude?

"Auntie, he's right. Our Pan family only produces bandits, never decent people."

Tian Yuan was rendered speechless. The Pans had brainwashed his mother. Mom, you should consider the views of the genuine Pan family. They all say that the Pan family breeds bandits, and this is completely accurate.

"Oh my god, mom, please go to bed. We must be ready by seven o'clock. Big Sis, you are not allowed to enter my room today. Please sleep on the couch. I have a headache. I need to get some sleep before we discuss anything."


PL is so shameless😆

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 226

Chapter 226 You’re the gift I’ve been waiting for for half my life

Say goodbye to being single - everyone loathed the name given by Huang Kai. Goodbye, my a$$. Pan Lei and Tian Yuan had been a stable couple for a long time, and they didn't merely discuss platonic love before marriage. That was Plato. They were just regular men who had made love countless times. So calling them "single" was absurd!

It was fine to toast it, though.

The party did not meet at Zhang Hui's place because the wedding was to be held there the next day. They gathered at the high-end club Huang Kai had opened, the type with one-stop service.

Eat first, then take a bath and massage, followed by karaoke and a drinking contest in the king-sized private room.

Huang Kai The Stupid had prepared a party popper, and when he saw the two of them enter the private room, he pulled the string, and small strips of colored paper filled the room with a bang.

"You’re late! Drink three in a row!"

The beer bottles were not very large. Pan Lei consumed six bottles in one go, drinking on behalf of his husband.

"Tell us how you feel about ending your single life."

Lin Mu placed the microphone in front of Pan Lei's mouth.

Pan Lei smiled as he grasped Tian Yuan's hand in his.

"Congratulations on winning the battle! Total success!"

Everyone burst out laughing. Yes, the battle had been won, and the lover had been embraced. They will now live happily ever after in a sweet and intimate manner.

"Look at this smug ba$tard! Well, what are you waiting for? Drink up! Make him drunk today, and laoniang will dress up and directly replace him, squeezing him out of the groom’s position tomorrow. Tian Yuan will be my man!"

Pan Yue was still daydreaming about her grandiose impractical fantasy, so Pan Lei shoved a bottle of liquor into her hand.

"Drink a bunch and go pipe dream."

Lin Mu clinked a glass of wine with Tian Yuan.

"Congratulations on getting married. It is said that every married person will receive special treatment at the hospital, and you will be able to enjoy additional holidays on Valentine's Day and the like. Your mother-in-law has really created opportunities for you, huh. Your paper also passed and has been published in the medical journal. A new pillar has been added to our thoracic surgery department. Cheers on your overall triumph!"

"Cheers! Anyone who returns home sober today will not find his better half this year! Drink, drink, drink!"

Huang Kai made a fuss and demanded that everyone drink, claiming that he had arranged for numerous crates of beer. So, drink up!

Bottoms up if you want to find your better half this year and have a sweet love! Drink until you puke blood!

Pan Yue deserved to be referred to as the boss. The most troublesome younger brother was also getting married. His two older brothers no longer had to be concerned about him all day. Here’s to you, the lovely Tian Yuan! Congratulations on receiving the baton and taking command of Pan Lei, who has been a tyrant from childhood.

"I'm giving him over to you, Tian Yuan. You must both have a wonderful life. If he tries to bully you, Eldest Brother and Second Brother will punish him!"

Tian Yuan chuckled and drank.

"He doesn’t stir up trouble anymore. His military rank has now been raised, and I no longer have to worry about his safety all day. This is our best wedding present. He is now the commando chief, therefore he no longer has to go on missions and will no longer cause any confusion. I am quite pleased."

"Hey, this means that you don’t need the wedding gift I’m intending to give you. You said you were going to Canada, didn't you? Fine! I'm not going to give you any plane tickets or anything like that."

Pan Ge rarely played tricks on Tian Yuan.

"We will all be family in the future, Second Brother. Won't you mind if we husbands don't have the red book? I'm going to inform my mother-in-law of this. Why is my dear Second Brother being so stingy? Is it because Pan Lei is his little brother and I'm an outsider that a high-ranking and powerful man is so stingy? Your Pan family is not very thorough."

Pan Ge burst out laughing. This Tian Yuan had always been obedient, but after spending so much time with Pan Lei, he had totally acquired bandit tendencies and had learnt to plunder.

"I’ll give! If I don't give it, I won't earn a good reputation. I'll have a miserable year if Third Aunt learns I'm stingy and didn't sponsor your trip."

In that regard, the couple was the poorest, but their brothers had money to pay. They had to get red envelopes as they were getting married.

"Say 'Eldest Brother is the best.' I'll give you one thousand dollars each time you say it."

Tian Yuan grinned and quickly cooked a little scheme. Pan Zhan was loaded. He'd be insulting Pan Zhan's title as the richest man if he didn't make him bleed money today.

"Eldest Brother is the best."

Pan Zhan nodded and extended his finger to represent a thousand.

Tian Yuan took out his phone and looped a recording. The room was filled with nonstop "Eldest Brother is the best, Eldest Brother is the best, ..."

Pan Zhan was dumbfounded. Pan Lei pulled a credit card from Pan Zhan's wallet and tossed it to Tian Yuan.

"Many thanks, Eldest Brother, for your generosity."

They were a pair that joined forces to rob, and the Pan brothers were their target. Where had their good doctor Tian Yuan vanished? Where was the Tian Yuan who babbled after drinking too much? Why did he end up as a bandit?

"Great! This money will be used to buy gifts for our trip to Canada. Don't worry, we'll bring you delicious Canadian food."

The couple triumphantly smiled. The burglary was a success!

Pan Yue was honest, pulling a diamond the size of a small fingernail from her pocket. It dazzled in a brocade box.

"Tian Yuan, why don't you let this older sister give you a kiss, a deep French kiss, and I’ll give you this?"

Tian Yuan started looking for Pan Lei's phone. He was certain he had the phone number for the deputy instructor.

"I'll contact the deputy instructor on your behalf. He's a man of great strength. I'll give you the money if you get a hotel room tonight. You can not only have a deep French kiss, but also roll the sheets. You only need to give me the diamond."

Huang Kai laughed heartily.

"F*ck me! Isn’t Tian Yuan highly educated? How can a cultured person like him talk dirty?"

"I've spent a long time with a band of bandits, and I've learned everything."

"Hey, hey, hey! He's berating us, pals. Why are you all staring dazedly? Punish him!"

Everyone hurried over when Lin Mu gave the order, forcing him to down one bottle after another.

"Hey, don't make him drunk! He won't be able to marry me if he can't wake up. I'll drink, I'll drink, don't force him!"

Pan Lei had no way of stopping them. Tonight was the night to get the two of them to drink. Nobody knows how much they drank. As soon as they emptied one bottle, another was ready for them.

Lin Mu's eyes twinkled and he said, "Bái tóu xié lǎo[1]." Drink a bottle for this blessing.

"Ēn ài bái tóu,[2]" wished Zhang Hui, laughing. Another bottle emptied.

Huang Kai, the jester, thought of "zǎo shēng guì zǐ[3]."

Bah, get the hell outta here! Laozi’s son is the hubby in my family in this life. Whether lover or son, I only want him.

"Go envy, go hate, laozi is getting married. Laozi is taken; laozi’s lover is the best in the world. He supports me, he loves me, he wants to live and die with me. I shall continue to love him in my next life because this life isn't long enough. Baby, open your mouth and show them how loving we are."

Needless to say, Pan Lei's kissing fish problem had resurfaced, which meant he'd drank too much once more.

"There are so many people here; please be a little more restrained."

"No! Kiss me, kiss me, I'm going home today and won't be able to hug you yet. Please wait for me. Tomorrow night will be our wedding festivities. I want to strip you nude, take your clothes off with my mouth, kiss your chest,,,"

Pan Lei had consumed too much alcohol and was spouting nonsense.

Tian Yuan grabbed his shoulders and kissed him to silence him. You can talk about anything, a$$hole. Is our wedding night something you discuss openly?

Pan Lei wrapped his arms around his waist and passionately kissed him. "Ohhhhh, kiss, kiss!" cried Huang Kai, Lin Mu, and Zhang Hui as they knocked on the table.

"Let's get them both drunk tomorrow and listen to the wall."

Pan Yue's eyes sparkled. She'd simply refuse to leave the next day and eavesdrop. She'd make her bed on the living room floor, and then, hehehe.

"Wench, you're this old and so dumb. Keep an eye out for the duo's retaliation against you. Go to the military compound tomorrow. Everyone is expecting you."

Pan Zhan had a lot of challenges as the eldest brother. Why else would the adage "An elder brother is like a father" exist? Someone was finally in charge of Pan Lei, but Pan Yue remained a source of worry.

"I’m not going. I'm Tian Yuan's bridesmaid. I'll be there for him tomorrow. We agreed that I would represent his side of the family. I want to stand up and cheer for him so that he is not put at a disadvantage."

"Hey! They’re getting married, not getting in a gang fight."

Tian Yuan's face was heated after a hot kiss. He'd never made a PDA in front of so many people before.

Pan Yue hatched a devious plan and handed Pan Lei a bottle of wine.

"Leizi, you use your mouth to express your sentiments to him. You must kiss him there. From the top to the bottom, or from front to rear."

Tian Yuan bared his teeth at her. This woman couldn’t be called a woman. She was practically a man, a WoMan.

"I can't wait to see how the assistant instructor handles you tomorrow."

"Sing, sing, you've got to have some fun today."

Huang Kai handed a microphone to Pan Lei. They had already been let down by Tian Yuan. They couldn't expect a man capable of kidnapping the band to sing.[4]

Pan Lei saw that a love song, Victor Wong's "Unopened Gift[5]," was now playing.

I’m not sure that I can listen to love songs and not cry,

Even though I once promised that I wouldn’t be touched once I had you.

I can’t be sure how hard it will be to interact differently.

I miss the uncertainty of the chase, and imagine the contentment of being settled.

I do, I have no desire to turn back.

But smiling with worries goes against the blessings of Heaven.

You are the unopened gift which I have waited for my whole life.

This love is too precious, and there are no more ifs once it’s in my hands.

I’m not afraid of carrying you on my back, walking our entire lives with you on my shoulders.

I’m just afraid that one person suffering will cause two people to be lonely.

I wish to be so serious. {Tl: I changed this line.}

Will you miss the romantic blindness of the past?

You are the unopened gift which I have waited for my whole life.

This love is too precious, and there are no more ifs once it’s in my hands.

I’m not afraid of carrying you on my back, walking our entire lives with you on my shoulders.

I’m just afraid that one person suffering will cause two people to be lonely.

You are the unopened gift which I have waited for my whole life.

This love is too precious, and there are no more ifs once it’s in my hands.

I’m not afraid of giving you all that is good, I can carry the bad things by myself.

I’m just afraid that to make you happy, I will be embarrassed to complain to you again.

Make all of them envious.

I wish you happiness.

Pan Lei sang in a deep and low voice to Tian Yuan. I am willing to carry you on my back for a lifetime; you are the gift I have been waiting for for half a lifetime; I hold you in the palm of my hand, and I will offer you everything good; I want to make you happy; I want everyone to be envious; I hope you will always be so happy.

This was all he hoped for, all he desired. I am willing to do anything as long as you are happy. I want everyone to be envious of you. Even if our relationship is unorthodox, I owe it to you to make you happier than anybody else.

I say I love you with my mouth, but you see how I shall treat you in this life with your heart. I love you, not just a name; I'll turn it into an action and a smile on your lips.

Honey, you are my most cherished, and having you is my greatest blessing.


[1] (To live together until the) white hairs of old age (idiom); to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss; until death do us part.

[2] Be in conjugal bliss till old age.

[3] Give birth to a son soon (propitiatory compliment to newly-weds).

[4] Basically, TY is an awful singer.

[5] Victor Wong Pin Guan is a Malaysian Chinese singer who has made a name for himself in Taiwan's music scene. English Translation by Tianlu @ The site has the video, English translation, Chinese lyrics, and Pinyin.


What a treat to have a ready-made English translation!! Bless you, Tianlu!

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December 21, 2022

IHSC - Chapter 81

Chapter 81 Tools can be replaced

The long black pike swung down, accompanied by the sound of air being pierced and a flash of icy light.

Wang Xiaomie turned away as he saw Xiao An ready to be stabbed through the throat, but Yi Yan lowered his face and yelled, "Xiao An!" at this moment.

In that crackling second, Xiao An, who had been restrained, straightened up in an instant!


The swinging weapon was knocked off by the pink magic wand!

The petite girl abandoned her attack on An Kai and charged right for Wen Fengjin!

What the hell is going on?

Wang Xiaomie looked over in surprise and was stunned for a minute. Xiao An's skin, which was indistinguishable from human skin, was actually chapping in a succession of tiny fissures, which covered her exposed legs, arms, and neck.

Just looking at it hurt. Blue blood sprayed forth when Xiao An was struck hard with the weapon. Wen Fengjin stabbed her in the chest with his sword. Xiao An's movements came to a halt, and her body swayed a few times, blue blood bled from her eyes, and her head shook as if her neck couldn't support it.

Xiao An expressionlessly pulled the soft sword penetrating her chest with gentle hands, so powerful that even Wen Fengjin had no alternative but to withdraw his might and retreat.

"What's going on?"

An Kai approached Wen Fengjin and inquired.

Wen Fengjin's expression went chilly, and he didn't respond, instead sneering at Yi Yan.

People who spend their days yelling about evil and monsters are far crueler than the monsters!

Wang Xiaomie, on the other side, observed Xiao An battle with An Kai and Wen Fengjin again as if she had made a great move. The one-eyed puppets took advantage of the situation to make matters worse, and the gold weapons proved too dangerous for An Kai. An Kai's abilities were exceptional, yet he couldn't keep the swarms of ants from biting the elephant to death. Furthermore, it was as if he had drawn hate, and he was always the one who was battered.

Wen Fengjin would change positions to block the crazy Xiao An when An Kai couldn't hold on, so that An Kai had time to take the medicine. In this way, the ones who were suppressed and beaten turned out to be Wen Fengjin and An Kai!

Wang Xiaomie didn't know how Xiao An was resisting Wen Fengjin's coercion right now, but seeing Xiao An like that made him realize it wasn't a good thing.

As expected.

Bai Yu's face grew pale as he saw this scene. He turned his head and stared at Yi Yan, asking in disbelief: "What are you doing?! Xiao An’s core will be completely damaged if she continues like this and she will die!"

Yi Yan's easy smile disappeared, and his slender eyes were drawn to Bai Yu.

He stated: "It is not yet time. The drought demon and Wen Fengjin have yet to be consumed to the extent that I desire."

Bai Yu couldn't contain his rage and stared wide-eyed. Because he was angry, he spoke quickly and quietly: "We can use Xiaomie and that purple-haired zombie to make them kill each other right away! Anyway, in the end..."

"Bai Yu!"

Bai Yu's words became lodged in his throat as a result of the indifferent voice, and his face grew red from the discomfort.

Yi Yan was like a gentle teacher, but when he became enraged, he made young people like Bai Yu nervous.

Yi Yan chastised: "Wen Fengjin is an immortal monster, and the drought demon is also a violent creature that feeds on countless resentment and blood in order to grow. If we can't consume them, even if we let them battle until only one is left, we might not have the last laugh! Can't you see how tenacious a monster's vitality is and how formidable its abilities are?!"

"But Xiao An..."

"Bai Yu!"

Yi Yan and Bai Yu locked their gazes on each other.

"Xiao An is my masterpiece, my best puppet, yet a puppet is nothing more than a tool."

Yi Yan looked away from Bai Yu's bewildered gaze to watch the people fighting outside and remarked lightly.

"Tools need to be replaced..."

Wang Xiaomie, who could hear everything: ...Beast.

That young girl was an individual no matter how you looked at her. Even though she was essentially a created puppet, she could still speak and live like a human. She had been with Yi Yan for so long that he should at least have some affection for her. But he abandoned her so easily...

Extreme rationality is just cruelty...

Even Wang Xiaomie, an outsider, felt bad, let alone Bai Yu.

Bai Yu gazed at the man he thought was the gentlest, most considerate, and would provide him with a happy family, but he never imagined this man to be his blood relative.

And now he'd spoken something like that, shattering all his fantasies and expectations!

Bai Yu smiled dismally as he replayed the memories of getting along with Xiao An in his head. "I’ve always treated that child like my younger sister. She’s a part of our family... Isn't it correct that you won't let her withdraw because you already have a better 'masterpiece'?"

Yi Yan's face was frosty, and he didn't respond. He wouldn't allow anything to go wrong with the plan he'd been working on for over two decades just because of Bai Yu's sorrow.

Wang Xiaomie sighed sympathetically from the bottom of his heart as he looked at Bai Yu's back. Oh, foolish Da Bai~

Bai Yu tightened his fists and turned to look outside the door.

An Kai took the medicine one by one, while more and more one-eyed puppets broke around him. Xiao An's right arm was severed, and a steady stream of blue liquid ran from it, staining the white cartoon shirt, blue vest, and skirt.

The crimson and gold figures worked together to blaze dazzling rays of light across the air.

Xiao An was stunned as she saw herself flying towards the sky filled with dark clouds. She blinked her big eyes and felt as if she had turned into a cloud and was floating in the air.

A white glare exploded, perplexing the inorganic eyes, and she fell down and saw her own body...

The headless girl shook her body a few times, knelt on the ground, and eventually joined the broken puppets. They'd all turned into piles of junk in the dump.

Creak, creak...

Bai Yu averted his gaze from the lifeless eyeballs. He sat stiffly in the wooden chair, his teeth clenched.

The wounds on Wen Fengjin's body were beginning to heal, as seen through the cut garments. An Kai sat on a heap of puppet bodies and flipped the medicine bottle upside down. It only had one pill left in it.

He grumbled as he gulped the medicine, "These puppets are so annoying. There are more than 200, if not 300, and even if there is medicine to heal the body, it is mentally draining."

He lowered his voice: "Senior Wen, if you guessed correctly, it will be the two of us who will fight in a while. This ba$tard was extremely insidious more than 20 years ago. According to the plan, you should be cautious in the end."

An Kai changed the subject with a bitter smile: "I will entrust my and my family’s lives to Senior Wen. Please remember not to actually murder me!"

"Of course I remember," Wen Fengjin said, raising the corners of his lips and nodding.

When he heard the words, An Kai stopped talking and began to rest.

"Looks like you’re done."

Yi Yan smiled in satisfaction as he noticed the wounds on Wen Fengjin and An Kai. He approached Wang Xiaomie and Little Purple Hair. Wang Xiaomie hurriedly resumed a lifeless expression, and then Yi Yan carried them in front of everyone.

Wang Xiaomie stood on the ground, but the agitated Little Purple Hair growled and struggled before being nonchalantly dumped at his(WXM) feet.


The white fabric sack flailed around a few times, perhaps from the pain of the fall, and Little Purple Hair wailed out in a low voice, sounding very feeble.

An Kai's eyes went bright red as he saw this scene. The cheerful young man's face was fierce and menacing. He stared at Yi Yan as if he’d lost his mind and was about to leap forward and eat Yi Yan alive!

"Do these two look familiar to you?" Yi Yan stood behind Wang Xiaomie with a crooning laugh, turned his face sideways, and caressed Wang Xiaomie's side face with his hand.

Wang Xiaomie almost shivered when Yi Yan touched him.

And the expression on Wen Fengjin's face was almost identical to An Kai's.

"Bai Yu."

Pleased with their reactions, Yi Yan called out to Bai Yu, "Keep an eye on the puppet in your hand. If anything happens, break the puppet's neck."

Bai Yu responded quietly.

Yi Yan lifted Little Purple Hair's cloth sack, lightly flicked off dust on his cyan Mandarin jacket with one hand, and smiled at Wen Fengjin and An Kai.

"Now these two you cherish are in my hands, and I can control their life or death at any time. I can kill both of them at once, or I can let one go... Understand?"

Wen Fengjin sneered at him.

An Kai's face went blue, and his veins protruded.

'Your women are in my hands,' Wang Xiaomie ridiculed in his heart. 'I can spare one if you are obedient.' Who could not comprehend such simple words?

Little Purple Hair was still raging in the cloth sack. An Kai almost revealed the actual nature of a zombie. His sharply lengthening fingernails were jet-black, and he was about to charge up with his pike, but Yi Yan chuckled and said, "If you take one more step forward, I will kill him."

An Kai's footsteps stopped dead in their tracks, and he cursed, "F*ck!"

Wen Fengjin did not speak, but Wang Xiaomie had never seen Wen Fengjin make such an expression before, save when the two of them were being hunted down in the past.

"Only one can live." Yi Yan said with a chuckle, his thin lips slightly raised and his eyes full of condescending banter. "It doesn't matter whether you believe it or not, I only need one of you two to remain. The hostage in my hands becomes useless and dies when you do. Whoever survives can stay... Don't even try to deceive me. Drought Demon, failing to kill you twenty years ago is the greatest regret in my life, and now it’s time to make up for it..."

Wen Fengjin and An Kai didn't move. Yi Yan didn’t mind. He cocked his head indifferently and applied a light pressure with his palm, causing Little Purple Hair to screech. Wang Xiaomie couldn't help but seize his own neck and begin to exert force...

"Are you sure you don't want to begin?"

Wen Fengjin and An Kai exchanged glances as the man's laughter filled the air, then took a few steps back and raised their weapons.

The bloody stench of the life-or-death struggle filled the air, and a few raindrops fell, wetting the loess on the ground.

Wang Xiaomie was exceedingly nervous.

"Drought Demon, throw away your medicine bottle," Yi Yan ordered as the fight of the titans was about to begin.

An Kai's expression twisted. He spat violently and tossed the pill bottle to the ground. Yi Yan smiled and nodded, "Good."

F*ck! Luckily, Wen Fengjin anticipated this.

An Kai grit his teeth as he remembered the pill in his brocade bag, swung his spear with flair, and stabbed Wen Fengjin with full force...

Thunder broke out once more, and rain finally began to fall.

Raindrops the size of beans fell heavily and fast to the ground, while the wind continued to howl. The sky was a dull yellow, and Wang Xiaomie couldn't see the two of them clearly. He could only see bursts of chilly light through the rain that were extraordinarily bright!

He was on pins and needles, and Yi Yan averted his gaze when he saw they were indeed battling intensely.

"Bai Yu, get ready. Even if one of them lives, it will be nothing more than an arrow at the end of its flight. I'll kill the survivor, then we'll burn this place down and leave immediately!"

Wang Xiaomie heard all of this and conveyed a heartfelt greeting to Yi Yan's eighteen generations of ancestors, planning how to stab him while he was distracted.


Bai Yu responded lightly. He raised his eyes to glance at Wang Xiaomie's side face when Yi Yan was not paying attention. Wang Xiaomie wondered if it was his imagination, but he kept having the feeling that Bai Yu's glance meant something more.

But the sound of flesh being sliced open and the muffled groans soon stole Wang Xiaomie's attention to what was going on outside, and there was no time to worry about Bai Yu.


I'm so done with this...