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IHSC - Chapter 79

Chapter 79 Waiting for a fight

The sun lingered in the sky indistinctly, as though isolated by something. The sultry hot air turned everyone into rice cooking in a rice cooker, and the weed-infested village was as silent as the dead.

The cicadas screeched piercingly, and the heat crimped the green leaves at the edges.

In the gloomy sky, a thunderstorm was forming.

A vast expanse of dark clouds quickly dominated the sky in the afternoon, and the sky became overcast in a matter of seconds. The heated wind swirled up the loess and blew all over the sky, while tiny sandstone "clattered" against the door and windows.

Something was in the wind as it filled the building...

The first thunderclap arrived from the horizon half an hour later.

As he lay flat on the ground, he wore a golden beast-headed belt around his waist and gripped a jet-black pike inlaid with fine iron rings in his hand.

The young general wore merely a headband embroidered with patterns on his forehead instead of a helmet and his long feather crown. He was at ease and hid outside the sleepy settlement behind a large tree and unkempt grass.

The village had just recently been established and was bordered by woods, grass, and rocks.

Wen Fengjin, who was masking his presence, stared at the village with an indifferent expression.

"Haha, it seems that he hasn't been idle for the past 20 years. There are so many puppets and weapons."

An Kai tsk-ed twice. The young man had thick brows, big eyes, and a grin on his face, yet his eyes were frighteningly dark. He cocked his head to look at Wen Fengjin, who was standing next to him.

"Senior Wen, what do you think? This is far more serious than we anticipated."

Wen Fengjin remained silent. His long and narrow eyes had peculiar pupils which were fixed ahead, the mark on his glabella was bright red, and his silver hair poured down from the red jade crown, which was exceedingly gorgeous.

After a few moments of silence, his thin and slender hand reached into the inner pocket of his long sleeve, pulled out a small medicine bottle, and tossed it to An Kai.

"Take it."

"What’s this?"

An Kai effortlessly caught it and shook the green jade bottle.

Wen Fengjin: "This is one of my tomb palace's treasures. You can basically recover if you take it when you are about to die. It was refined by an alchemist I found back then in order to resurrect my shixiong. However, my shixiong and I drank the elixir, so it has minimal effect on me. It contains a total of seventeen pieces."

That year, he acquired all of the world's treasures, countless unique artifacts, and hired talented people from all over. The mausoleum was gorgeous and massive, built over a wholly unbroken leyline, and the rare treasures inside were numerous; the countless golden pearls were like grains of sand.

Wen Fengjin had even utilized the fish beads that could restore vision as accessories for Wang Xiaomie's hairband.

Wen Fengjin's long and narrow eyes squinted, and his already red peculiar pupils turned as he looked askance at An Kai from the corners of his eyes, his lips hooked up in a smile.

"That’s enough for you to die seventeen times."

An Kai whistled softly.

"Good stuff."

No wonder even the royal family of a hundred years later was not extravagant! So this guy had robbed all the good stuff a hundred years ago.

"With this thing, it doesn’t matter how much those weapons subdue me."

An Kai smiled brightly, and his eyes shone with a fierce fighting spirit. He was a warrior, and nothing made his blood boil faster than battling! Certainly not wealth!

"Remember to keep one."

"Don't put it in the bottle, hide it somewhere else," Wen Fengjin advised.

An Kai was startled, then burst out laughing.

He stated, "I admire you brainy people, but I also hate you brainy people the most. The chess game is over in your eyes before the opposing party can even make a move." Wen Fengjin gave him a blank stare and said nothing.

"Haha, my family’s little emperor is the same. If he hadn’t tricked and lied to me and had honestly followed me back then, he wouldn't have had his legs broken by me today and become a Huangquan couple[1]."

An Kai stashed his smile and exuded a burst of valor all over his body. He didn't mind that he had concluded the conversation on his own. He bent his head, uncorked the medicine bottle's stopper, and poured a little pill into his palm.

The little pill was scarlet, with a fishy and spicy odor. An Kai hooked out the red rope around his neck with his finger while mumbling 'good stuff.'

An old pouch with mandarin ducks embroidered on it hung from the red rope. The gold thread had fallen apart in a few places, and the corners were ragged, yet An Kai still lovingly wore it next to his flesh.

An Kai tied and put back the red rope in place after the small pill rolled into the brocade bag from the slanted palm.

Thunder rang out from all directions.

"All right, let's go."

Wen Fengjin's face sank as he prepared to rush out when An Kai grasped his sleeve frantically.

"Wait! Wait!"

"What's the problem?"

Wen Fengjin frowned as he brushed off his hand.

An Kai scratched his face while shaking the medicine bottle in front of the two of them.

"I just thought of a problem. This medicine won’t expire after a thousand years, right..."


Wen Fengjin sneered at An Kai's large eyes, turned his head, shook his sleeves, and dashed towards the nearest puppet in the village.

An Kai rubbed the tip of his nose awkwardly as he felt those ice blade-like eyes rake over him, and saw Wen Fengjin turn around and begin his assault. He grinned, flashing his gleaming teeth, and rolled his pike out in a flourish. His motions were unaffected by the lightweight armor. The easygoing young man transformed into a ferocious warrior the instant he extended his pike.

"Senior Wen, wait for me!"

He yelled with laughter, brandishing his pike, and pounced like a tiger in the twinkling of an eye on another monstrous puppet!

The thunder was becoming louder.

Blue-purple lightning flashed through the thick clouds. The door to the small wooden building was wide open, the living room was facing the outside, and many one-eyed puppets patrolled around with their heads lowered and their weapons pulled behind them.

Yi Yan sat in the master seat, looking out, with a smile on the corner of his mouth, as hot tea was placed on the tall teapoy.

Xiao An, the young girl, was dressed in a white Doraemon half-sleeve, a blue vest, and a short skirt. She sat on the wooden chair off to the side, shaking her legs and clutching a pink long 'magic wand' in her soft small hands.

Bai Yu made no eye contact with her or Yi Yan. With a blank expression, he clutched the puppet representing Wang Xiaomie in his palm, and his eyes drifted somewhere without focusing.

Wang Xiaomie and Little Purple Hair, who was wrapped in a sack, sat with their backs against the wall behind him.

Little Purple Hair growled quietly to the side, while Wang Xiaomie's warm and delicate face remained expressionless. His eyes, which had formerly blazed with warmth and a lively spirit, were dull and gazed forward, as if he were a normal man who had lost his wits and had a mental disease.

In fact, Wang Xiaomie's heart was on fire with anxiety, as if it were being roasted.

There are so many one-eyed monsters outside; I hope Xiao Wenzi and An Kai will be okay...

Bai Yu took him and Little Purple Hair to the log house where Yi Yan was located not long after he found that the so-called villagers were all monsters created by Yi Yan.

Wang Xiaomie's feelings were identical to the weather outside on seeing Yi Yan's confident appearance, especially because he always had an indescribable ominous feeling.

Even with a rush of wind, the sultry air remained hot, and the gloomy sky left people breathless. Yi Yan's tea-drinking action came to a halt. The gray braid with black hair hung down the back of his head, and a few strands of hair had escaped and fell across his brow, softening his shrewd appearance.

He moved the corners of his mouth and placed the cup of tea on the teapoy.

His gaze was drawn to the site of the village entrance.

"They’re here," he announced calmly, his slender eyes curving into crescents.

They’re here?

Wen Fengjin and An Kai are here?!

Wang Xiaomie surreptitiously took advantage of their backs to him and glanced out. Little Purple Hair beside him seemed to realize something, and his roars became weaker. He shifted uneasily in the sack.

The door was wide open and faced the outside, allowing a quick glimpse of the broad area outside. The odd puppets outdoors, like Yi Yan, appeared to detect something. They were dragging their massive machetes with their heads down a moment earlier, but now they had all straightened up and eerily raised their heads in the same direction, showing the single giant red eye that took up their entire faces.

The inorganic eyeballs swiveled, and both hands clutched the blade's handle, the knife's tip hitting the ground.

Yi Yan and Bai Yu were both looking in that direction. The cute little girl Xiao An, on the other hand, had no expression on her delicate little face as she leapt down from the chair, holding the super girlie pink 'magic wand.'

Her valiant posture and the aura that exploded all over her body made the pink magic wand she was carrying look like she was raising a brick.

Wang Xiaomie believed that he might be knocked out in less than ten bouts under the girl's Balala** Magic Fairy Wand.

Everyone was in a range of moods as they waited for a gory, life-or-death combat against the backdrop of dark clouds, thunder, strong winds, and lightning.


Blue-purple lightning flashed in the black clouds, appearing to tear a large hole in the sky! It was followed by deafening thunder that made everyone cringe!

He's here...

In a daze, Wang Xiaomie glanced in that direction. It wasn't anything specific, just a feeling.

Sure enough, the crisp metallic sound of a knife pierced the silence in the next second!

Two one-eyed puppets flew in from the outside and collided with the hall's door frame!

The limbs were torn, and blue liquid oozed from within. The puppets collapsed to the ground as if they were flesh and blood bodies, their parts flying everywhere as if they were body parts!

Something else, God knows what, rolled to Wang Xiaomie's finger.

But Wang Xiaomie didn't have time to look down, and his gaze was fixed on the approaching figure.


Wang Xiaomie called out his name in his heart.

Who knows if it really was the so-called heart-to-heart connection[2], but Wen Fengjin's gaze was drawn to him at that very moment. Despite the fact that Xiaomie was in a room more than 50 meters away, crouched behind someone else.

Such a small gap, yet they still locked gazes.

Wen Fengjin's lips moved silently.

Don't be scared.

He said soundlessly: Shixiong, I'm here to take you home.

Only gods know what transpired at that precise moment. Wang Xiaomie's chest felt stuffy and painful, tinged with an aching that made him want to cry.

It was like going back in time to when a wolf pup, unaware of the immensity of the world, piggy-backed him on an unattainable mountain path for survival and uttered the same thing.

"Shixiong, I will absolutely make you survive," he said.


I'll wait for you. I believe in you, whether it's then or now.

I've always known there's a man, an obsession named Wen Fengjin, who can overcome thousands of mountains and rivers, life and death, and time to eventually stand by my side...

There was a clapping sound.

Yi Yan applauded Wen Fengjin and An Kai: "Welcome! My guests, there have been numerous grievances between us over the last two decades. However, today is a good time. Everything will end today, regardless of which of us dies here. To commemorate the occasion, I have specially prepared plenty of small gifts for you."

He politely greeted Wen Fengjin and An Kai with the gentleman's salutation of yore, extended his fingers, and snapped them after speaking.

A sharp sound was heard.

The doors to the surrounding wooden structures slammed open, and the one-eyed puppets stared at Wen Fengjin and An Kai in the dark with red eyes.

"Let's get started."

Yi Yan chuckled as he picked up his teacup.


[1] lit. Yellow Springs. It's the underworld of Chinese mythology; the equivalent of Hades or Hell. Huangquan couple refers to a folktale. You can read it here. However, in An Kai's situation, it is the literal meaning. After they both died and transformed into monsters, he 'married' Little Purple Hair.

[2] A meeting of minds. It was a metaphor for two people in love, and it is now a metaphor for both sides to understand one another's ideas. In short, tacit understanding.

**Balala, Little Magic Fairy is a Chinese magical girl metaseries.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 217

Chapter 217 Baby, ge is back

Pan Lei could finally relax now that his husband had been found. Pan Lei coaxed and indulged him because he was afraid he would be unhappy at some point, yet he was the source of Tian Yuan's sadness. But he was on a mission, and he couldn't fail to execute it.

Hearing it, the assistant instructor had already gone numb. Listening to sweet discourse and honeyed words like this had made his ears grow calluses. God, what corny terms of endearment! He ignored Pan Lei's sappy words and focused on the enemy's situation.

"Leader Pan, we have a situation. Vehicles are approaching."

"I'm on a mission, baby. Please wait for me; I'll be back soon."

Pan Lei quickly stopped talking nonsense and hung up the walkie-talkie.

"Pay attention to safety!!"

Tian Yuan roared at him, and Pan Lei almost patted his chest to demonstrate his sincerity.

"I will!"

Pan Lei entered battle ready when the call ended. He kept a close eye on the situation ahead.

One car arrived, then another, then seven or eight cars arrived within half an hour.

"We'll wait 30 minutes, then go in and act."

Let's have some more. Why don't you bring some more people huh… They'd annihilate them all at once.

The walkie-talkie rang once more. This time, they were contacted by the special forces. Pan Lei was eager to get into action, and reinforcements had come. The mission must be completed flawlessly this time.

After about ten minutes, the squad leader brought his men closer and saw the instructor and assistant instructor. The squad leader appeared ecstatic.


Pan Lei, too, looked overjoyed and patted his shoulder.

"Is everything okay?"

"The campsite is chaotic, but now that you're safe, those folks are ready to leave."

"We'll outflank like this, and no one will be able to escape from here. This time, we must send the evil forces in this area to hell; a total wipe out. They will never dare to enter our country to harass our citizens. Outflank the perimeter with your men. We were going to blow up their den with bombs, but since you're here, we'll kill them all one by one. Give me the gun and we'll launch an attack in twenty minutes. Time yourself."

They synchronized their watches and began counting down the minutes and seconds till the attack.

Pan Lei loaded his ammo and donned his bullet-proof vest. As soon as he picked up the gun, he was excited. This is the most useful tool ever. A headshot is so exciting.

Each group reported their waiting time, and when they arrived at the designated spot, Pan Lei gazed at the watch until it was time.


All of the commandos who had been hidden around sprang up and began pouring in. They moved swiftly and launched a surprise attack. The robbers were shot between the brows and dropped dead before they could respond.

"The left and right wings are finished. Squad Leader, follow me into the conference room with your men."

Rush in, take aim, and fire. One shot, one death. Whoever got in the way would die there. With one kill per shot, they soon dealt with all of the robbers and broke inside the conference room. Those in the conference room began to return fire, and Pan Lei threw a grenade into the room, blowing up three or four people.


There was no time to hesitate. They struck, and they kept attacking. Pan Lei went to the door and hid behind it, inspecting the situation inside and stopping the squad leader from throwing more grenades in.

"I just noticed the stones arranged behind him. What if they explode? I want to take them home and present them to my husband as a trophy. Instead of using grenades, just shoot."

The squad leader nodded. The instructor sure has a lot of crazy ideas. As grenades were not permitted, they were compelled to open fire. Pan Lei burst through the door, machine-gun downed, shells flying around. The firepower was impressive.

At this point, someone pulled out a gun and fired back. The squad leader turned around and shot him in the head, killing him instantly.

Pan Lei felt his body jolt, as if he had been charged with momentum. He didn't give it much thought. He swapped out the magazine, loaded the gun, aimed, and fired.

The bandit hideout was turned into a lifeless hold in five minutes. The commandos killed all of the robbers who attempted to fight back.

Pan Lei entered the room with his gun ready and checked everyone to ensure that no one was still alive. It was an overwhelming victory.

"Search each room and take away all drugs and weapons. The cars outside came to the meeting as well and are our spoils of war. We’ll keep them with our commando force so the boys can have fun with them."

Pan Lei borrowed the squad leader's rucksack and stuffed the stones he'd noticed in the back into it. What did Myanmar produce? Jade! Since these pieces had been arranged so grandly, they had to be of high quality. When it was carved out, it had to be top-notch jade. Even if it wasn't cut, the shapes were odd to look at. Tian’er will like it!

What was the phrase? Right! Thieves never leave empty handed[1]. He was a modern-day bandit. Could he return with nothing after going down the mountain to loot?

Bandit Chief Pan Lei’s underlings proceeded to rob arms and drugs, as well as money and cars. He saw that none of the dead men appeared to be that wealthy, yet they all wore large emerald-green rings on their hands and green beaded necklaces around their necks. It can’t be plastic or glass, right?

Pan Lei was impolite and promptly removed the accessories. He plundered each corpse and presented the assistant instructor with a large ring.

"Save it for when you get married."

He then pocketed a necklace and two rings.

He stood at the door, smoking a cigarette and holding his gun. He grinned brightly when he saw that all of his men had something.

"Assemble! We're heading back to the station."

Let’s return! My baby is waiting for me at the station, hehehe. He wished to return, to go home, and to embrace his darling to love.

Pan Lei hopped in a car and hummed this line all the way back:

I won a big victory and my pockets are bulging, oh yeah~~

Tian Yuan was standing at the tent's entrance. When Pan Ge asked him to eat something, he smiled and claimed he wasn't hungry. Pan Ge was relieved to see him smiling again. Tian Yuan's eyes were a little red, but he smiled softly - not the deathly stillness of yesterday, but the gentleness of the past. It was as if he’d never been decisive and frantic.

He would appear the most humble as long as it didn't involve the most protected portion of his heart, if it didn't involve the man whose hand he refused to let go even if he died. He'd be truly desperate if something that broke his heart happened.

Love had made him reckless and crazy. That was exactly how the couple was.

The troops were leaving, but not instantly. This quiet location was yet teeming with people. Those few who did not wear military uniforms were especially lofty. The three fellas appeared relaxed and ran to one side, joking and laughing, but Pan Ge remained at Tian Yuan's side. Pan Lei will have my hide if anything goes wrong with Tian Yuan again. He was his younger sister-in-law after all.

Tian Yuan's eyes brightened up as a convoy approached from a distance.

They drove one car over but returned in ten. If that wasn’t a motorcade, what is?

Pan Ge smiled as he saw Pan Lei jump out of the car. He's finally here. I can now hand over my responsibility. Pan Lei had to look after his man because he was not in Pan Ge’s care.

Tian Yuan watched Pan Lei get out of the car, stood up, and raced towards him.

"Baby, baby, I'm back!"

Pan Lei yelled, stepped out of the car, and began waving madly towards Tian Yuan. He threw away his weapon and rucksack and ran with outstretched arms towards Tian Yuan.

"What a touching picture of a loving couple meeting on the magpie bridge."

Huang Kai fixed his gaze on the classic romantic moment that was going to unfold in front of him.

Everyone who was outside watched this scene, and Pan Lei's shouts drew the attention of everyone in the tent, who were all sticking their necks out and watching.

Tian Yuan's eyes were wet. He didn't care about anything else at the time and dashed over to Pan Lei. Pan Lei stooped and hugged him fiercely, holding him high and parallel, no, somewhat higher than himself. He raised his head slightly to look at his darling. Tian Yuan grasped his shoulders and locked his gaze on him. He simply wanted to ensure that Pan Lei was safe and sound. Pan Lei, like him, stared at Tian Yuan, taking everything in and remembering it in his bones.

"Hey sweetheart, ge is back. You were waiting anxiously, right."

Pan Lei had camouflage paint on his face so his grin full of white teeth was particularly bright.

Tian Yuan's tears streamed down his cheeks and fell on Pan Lei's face like raindrops. Then he wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's neck and remained silent.

Pan Lei wrapped one arm around his waist and patted his back with the other. He held Tian Yuan in that position, his tears streaming down his neck and searing his heart.

Tian Yuan hugged him, his head buried in Pan Lei's neck crook. Pan Lei felt his tears and was distressed.

He kissed Tian Yuan's neck and stroked his back.

"Honey, haven't I come back? Baby, stop crying. I feel bad to see your eyes all puffy. Relax, relax, my baby is the most obedient. Quickly let me look at you. I haven't seen you in days."

Tian Yuan let go of his death grip, and Pan Lei lowered him, pinched his chin, and lifted it up.

Pan Lei's hands were covered with calluses as a result of his constant training. He cupped Tian Yuan's face in his large hands, wiping his tears away with his thumbs. Tian Yuan's eyes were wet, his eye rims were crimson, and tears hung from his eyelashes, causing Pan Lei's heart to bleed. It was like placing a hundred mice in his heart and those hundreds of claws scratching it.

Tian Yuan's lips trembled. He was feeling wronged yet attempting to be brave; he was anxious and mad with desperation. He burst into tears when he saw Pan Lei. It was good that he could return, that he was safe, and that he could hug himself in this manner. He wanted nothing but Pan Lei.

"Ancestor, please don't torment me. Watching you cry hurts more than being shot."

Tian Yuan smacked him. Pan Lei could always easily coax himself happy.

"Come on, kiss! Hey, kiss! On the mouth! French kiss!"

Huang Kai was heckling on the side. This was not a commonly seen show. Everyone was envious of the young couple's ‘sticky’ energy. The troops who had not yet left watched the couple with wide eyes.

"You would have known better than to charge unthinkingly if you had used your brain instead of your brawn. We would not have lost your news if you had waited a little longer and acted collectively. You frightened everyone to death."

Tian Yuan complained that Pan Lei always came to grief from his recklessness, so why hadn’t he learned his lesson?

"I’ll bear it in mind. I have a family and a husband, and I will not be reckless in the future."

"Kiss, kiss, French kiss!"

Huang Kai continued his antics. No one stopped him, and he happily caused a ruckus.

"STOP IT! What kiss? Do you want us husbands to let you watch us make out?!"

Pan Lei took Tian Yuan into his arms and yelled at Huang Kai.

Tian Yuan was hugged by Pan Lei and noticed a bullet embedded in his bulletproof vest, just to the left of his sternum. It was the heart’s position.


[1] People who love stealing will steal something to take with them everywhere they go.


With this release, I have finished the 6 chapters that I owed from my May schedule. Hooray!

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 216

Chapter 216 Darling, ge will be back soon

"(F*ck) your uncle, Huang Kai! You're full of nonsense! Who knows if you're telling the truth or not."

Tian Yuan bit his lip. He couldn't believe it. He was terrified he'd be hauled back home before he could learn any news.

"He didn't lie to you. Leizi really got in touch with us."

Pan Ge stood two steps behind him. Tian Yuan froze, glanced up, spotted Pan Ge, and turned to run.

Pan Ge was an ex-commando with abilities similar to Pan Lei's. Tian Yuan's physical fitness was nowhere near Pan Ge's, therefore Pan Ge had no trouble handling him. He took a step forward and grasped Tian Yuan's arm. Huang Kai jumped out of the vehicle as soon as Tian Yuan showed his head.

Tian Yuan wanted to flee? No way!

Pan Ge gripped his shoulders.

"Tian Yuan, relax. Can you trust Second Brother if you can't trust Huang Kai? It's perfectly fine. Leizi is safe and sound, and rather lively to be honest. Second Brother won't send you back. Let’s wait for him to come back and then go home together."

Tian Yuan's eyes were filled with vigilance.

"Tian Yuan, if gege is lying to you, I’ll be struck by lightning."

Huang Kai vowed, pointing to the heavens. Tian Yuan was like a wounded wolf cub at the moment, believing no one. Pan Ge gave Tian Yuan a long stare. Pan Ge gave everyone the impression that he was in command of the situation. His gaze was very reassuring, and Tian Yuan couldn't help but believe him.

"Even if I die, I will not leave if there is no word of him. I'll look for him if you don't. I refuse to accept the conclusion that his whereabouts are unknown. I'll follow him if he's alive and hurt. I'll still follow him even if he's dead. I won't keep waiting foolishly."

"If he doesn't return today, I'll take you to Myanmar tomorrow to meet him face to face."

That was the nature of the couple's relationship. He lives, I live. He dies, I will accompany him. Don't brush him off with the excuse that Pan Lei's whereabouts are unknown. He won't even wait a day. He would never select the middle route between the two options of life or death.

Huang Kai was intimidated, so to speak. He had not expected Tian Yuan, who was always gentle and smiling, to utter such firm words of staying together in life and death.

Pan Ge exhaled a sigh. Meeting such a person in one's life is the greatest blessing. Leizi is really fortunate to have someone willing to accompany him in death.

As he pushed Tian Yuan into the car, he noticed Huang Kai's shocked expression.

"He’s better than you."

It had to be stated that Tian Yuan was far stronger than Huang Kai.

When they brought Tian Yuan back, the commandos stationed there had already left for Myanmar to assist Pan Lei. The military district's soldiers were likewise instructed to retreat.

When word reached the general headquarters that Pan Lei was safe and sound, the three elders of the Pan family breathed a sigh of relief and withdrew their forces.

Thousands of soldiers rushed to this small village, and those who didn't know why might have assumed it was a rebellion.

People passed through, and Pan Ge led Tian Yuan to the communication tent where Pan Lei was asking a question every ten minutes.

"Did you find my husband?"

Pan Ge and the others looked for Tian Yuan for two hours before finding him. Meanwhile, Pan Lei was hopping about in anxiety.

"How come thousands of people can't seem to find a single person? It’s not like he’s disguised. With his eyes on the top of his head[1] looking at the sky, he won't look carefully for pits and puddles."

Lin Mu and Zhang Hui looked everywhere but couldn't find Tian Yuan. They returned and bickered with Pan Lei on the walkie-talkie.

"He doesn't want you anymore. He must have run far away and eloped with a pretty boy."

"Your wife is the one who eloped with someone else! You have no idea how much love my hubby has for me. He has already penned the commitment to live and die together on my suicide note. He adores me, and his affection is unwavering. Why are you two talking to me?! Hurry up and find him for me."

Lin Mu pondered for a while.

"Leizi, do you think this is possible? I'm a doctor and I understand some psychology. This kind of living and dying together love is extreme. If he thinks you are dead, he will commit suicide..."

"Lin Mu! F*ck you! Can’t you hope for something better? If something happens to him, I'll fight with you!"

Pan Lei was incensed by this statement. His silly darling cannot possibly be that paranoid. He must wait another day and refrain from doing something dumb.

"It's not good that we haven't located him for such a long time."

"Will you stop scaring him?"

Pan Ge walked into the tent, and Lin Mu saw Tian Yuan who followed him in.

"Leizi, Leizi, your hubby is here, unscathed! Speak quickly!"

Everyone had finally let go of their worries, but this couple had tormented people far too cruelly. One went missing, and the other couldn't be found. They'd finally discovered both of them. Although it was across the line, it could be regarded as the couple’s reunion chat. They'd both been located and were safe, but please don't cause any more trouble. Nobody can stand it.

"Baby, baby, my sweetheart, please say something; call me ge, baby; be obedient, baby..."

Pan Lei clutched the walkie-talkie, wishing he could drill from one end and exit through the other. He wanted to hug his baby, kiss him, and hug him tightly and tell him: Ancestor, you have been found. You scared me to death.

Tian Yuan felt as if the strength that had supported him had vanished. The exhaustion and tension of the previous two days demanding his life had dissipated the instant he heard Pan Lei's voice.

He never shed a tear from receiving Pan Ge's call, to the military compound, to his escape to the airport, to his overnight stay in the woods. He was focused on getting over his shock and convincing himself that there was nothing to cry about. At worst, he'd follow Pan Lei, which may also be interpreted as sharing life and death.

But Tian Yuan couldn't take it any longer when he heard the agitated voice calling his name over the walkie-talkie.

He steadied himself by holding onto the table, his shoulders shook, and he cried in quiet, hiding from the people around him.

His tears streamed down his cheeks, but he bit his lower lip to avoid making a sound. His grievances, fears, and everything else were removed, therefore he cried. Cried sadly and pitifully, as one does when freed from anxiety.

Pan Lei, who was paying close attention, heard little sobs and sniffles over the walkie-talkie. He had heard everything. It was as though a knife was cutting through his heart. Every choking sound made his eyes sting.

"Please, baby, don't cry now. You can cry to me again so that I can coax you when I return. Aren't you ripping my heart out? Be obedient, eh? Don't cry, don't cry; ge is just fine. I lost my phone, so I couldn’t get in touch with you. Be good and wait for me with Second Brother. You are not allowed to go anywhere. Just wait for me there. Ge will be back soon. You’re breaking ge’s heart, baby. Please talk to ge."

Pan Lei rubbed his nose, his voice muffled. He could keep going even if a bullet punctured his skin or a dagger was thrust into his shoulder. The only thing he couldn't bear were the sobs of his beloved. It was like plucking his heart. Wouldn't allowing that kind of anguish to continue be fatal?

"Ge, ge, come back, ge. I can't wait any longer; I need you to return."

Tian Yuan was overcome with emotion. This was his lone wish, his only hope. Please return and let me look at you. I can't take it anymore; it's too difficult. This type of torture is too painful.

"Darling, ge will be back soon, darling. Don't worry! Wait for me; please wait for me. Be obedient, okay? Don't run away, don't cause any trouble. Be good and just wait for me there."

Tian Yuan nodded, desperately nodding.

"I'll wait for you. Come back early."

Pan Lei exhaled a deep breath of relief. His heart was on the verge of breaking, and now it was being repaired by his beloved. Tian Yuan finally calmed down after much persuasion. He nodded and agreed with everything Pan Lei said as he listened to his ramblings.

Don't forget to eat. OK, I'll remember it.

You haven't slept, have you? Are all of the commando tents still standing? Then take a nap in my tent. Yes, I will.

Stop sobbing, baby. We'll have a wonderful life when I return. Okay, got it.

I’ll do whatever you say. This period in the tent was the young couple’s lovey-dovey time.

Pan Ge and the others withdrew. Pan Ge stood outside the tent, lit a cigarette, and smoked it slowly.

"Leizi is so blessed."

Lin Mu paused for a second before laughing.

"Fortune favors fools. When he isn't causing trouble, this sonofab!tch pesters incessantly; he is arrogant and bossy, but as luck would have it, he ran into Tian Yuan, and things spiraled out of control. He actually met a man who is willing to live and die with him."

"Damn! When will I meet someone who is so dead-set on me? I’ll grab them and give them everything I’ve got. When they get together with me, I’ll be far gentler than Leizi. I shall let the kitchen cook for them and make them happy every day."

Zhang Hui flung his arms around, filled with admiration, envy, and hatred. He felt jealous in his heart after witnessing the pair go through a trial and emerge reborn. Was his Mr.Right a person with a poor sense of direction? Laozi turns thirty this year, but you’re still slowly stumbling around, nowhere near laozi’s side. I seriously doubt that you’re lost. How long will you make laozi wait?

Huang Kai stroked his hair without saying anything, instead taking a heavy suck of the cigarette and choked. Pan Ge gave him a sidelong glance but said nothing.

"Brother Hui, I've been meaning to ask you something. Why did you ask about Dr. Xiaji the last time we met for drinks? What gives?"

Zhang Hui was vague.

"I saw him once and thought he was interesting. That's all."

Pan Ge smiled.

"It wasn’t easy for the two of them to get to this point. It depends on the two people walking hand in hand and not backing down. They have always believed firmly that they will be together- together for a lifetime, which is why they have the current mutual support. Everyone thinks that Tian Yuan is spoiled by Leizi, and that Leizi dotes on him too much, but was it simple for Tian Yuan to change his mind? He was once a normal man, but his life was upended by a bandit, and the rest of his life was turned upside down. He also agreed after struggling quite a lot. They have been diligent in their efforts to improve the other party's life. They are really brave, and it is also a blessing for them to love each other in this way."

"Hey, if someone wants to walk hand in hand with me, it doesn't matter if they are a man or a woman, just fall in love and make everyone envy and hate you. Laozi, too, wishes to fall in love."

Lin Mu exclaimed that he was the only one without an ambiguous partner. Huang Kai stood silently listening, pondering about God knows what.


[1] 眼睛长在头顶上 means to regard everyone as beneath one's notice but adding 看 天 ie "looking at the sky" only makes it an exaggerated way of suggesting TY will be lost on his own, IMO. Maybe PL means it literally.


Side CPs getting together~

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November 23, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 215

Chapter 215 Tian Yuan, your beloved is calling for your reunion

"Brother, my dear brother, please hurry up and find him. I'm genuinely worried. I've spoiled him and I don't let him suffer in any way. I'm terrified that something awful may happen to him in this sh!thole where banditry is rampant and a language barrier exists."

"Don't worry, I'll send someone to find him. Men from the special forces will also come to your aid. Maintain contact, and when we find him, we will bring him back to talk to you. Don't be reckless, you hear me? Safety first; understood?"

"My ancestor must have suffered."

Pan Lei's heart was tangled in knots as he squirmed in distress. He was frantic to see his beloved, kiss him from the top of his head to the soles of his feet, and pamper him.

"Leizi, did you teach him anti-detection? What exactly did you teach him during his brief stay at the barracks? Tian Yuan is too skilled. He was only left alone for a few minutes, yet he managed to escape in that time. We arrived by plane, train, and road, but none of us could spot his shadow. We've looked everywhere, but we still haven't found him. He's far too skilled at escaping. What should we do if we can't locate him? Why do you suppose he fled? Is he not interested in being with you anymore? Or is he just frightened we'll catch him?"

Zhang Hui was being dramatic. He intended to give Pan Lei something to worry about after the couple had thrown everyone into a tizzy and caused turmoil.

"My baby’s so silly! Why did he run away? What did he run here for when it would have been wiser to wait for my news at home. He's being a fool by avoiding you. Watch how I scold him; why didn't he honestly stay at home?"

Pan Lei was angry, anxious and concerned. Tian Yuan would be absolutely blind as soon as he entered such a chaotic area, so God only knows what would happen to him. He couldn't be kidnapped under any circumstances. He must have been terrified by the phone call and came over to seek firsthand information. He had no idea how many people were hunting for him. Could he manage without anyone's assistance and by avoiding these pals and brothers? When he arrived, he should have at least contacted the local military to ensure his safety. Why was he out on his own, making a fool of himself with his reckless enthusiasm? This wouldn’t do. He needed to have a proper chat with him when they reunited. Pan Lei’s mission was dangerous, but he would undoubtedly protect himself. Tian Yuan had to trust that Pan Lei would be fine. All he needed to do was wait for Pan Lei to return home. Wait at home; wait for Pan Lei to return and spoil him beyond belief. Why was he causing such a commotion?

"Hurry up and go find him. Go! When will the support team arrive? Laozi wishes to return right now. No, damn it! The battle here is not over yet. Forget I said anything. Please, brothers, find and bring back my husband!"

Everyone let go of their worries after hearing Pan Lei's voice and learning that everything was well. Tian Yuan was the largest issue now.

There had been no news about him. He must be located.

There was no signal in this hellhole. Everyone contacted Tian Yuan in a panic, but they couldn't get through, making them want to break their phones in rage.

There was nothing else to do but employ the most old-fashioned way of locating Tian Yuan. Pan Ge got into the car and drove slowly down the road. Huang Kai yelled as he opened the car window with binoculars in hand.

"Tian Yuan, Tian Yuan, Leizi is safe. Come out, he wants to see you."

Pan Ge handed him a bottle of water. Shout, shout loudly, and maybe it will work and make Tian Yuan come out.

Tian Yuan spent the night in the woods and resumed his journey at dawn. He remembered the boy telling him that he had to keep walking down the trail till he arrived.

He simply walked alongside the road. He'd never done anything like it before. Even while he was in the army and watched the commandos train in the field, he sat in the car and thought they were working extremely hard. It was now his turn, and no matter how long the path was, he had to walk it with his own strength.

He had long since lost his appetite and only sometimes halted to take a sip of water. He'd been in the woods all evening, so how could he appear neat? His clothes were filthy, and the bottoms of his trousers were soaked in muck. When he stayed up late, his complexion became pale, and now fear, concern, and insane desperation were added to it. Apart from his unusually calm demeanor, his tranquility made others feel a little incredible. Such a Tian Yuan was staring down as he walked ahead. Perhaps he would ask for directions on encountering a villager who got up early in the morning. He just continued walking and walking.

Tian Yuan immediately hid in the nearby thicket after hearing the sound of a car's engine. There were now many patrolling personnel and cars going past, all with military white license plates. A quick glance revealed that the vehicle belonged to the army.

Tian Yuan thought to himself as the car approached: How weird. It is identical to Pan Ge's car. Even the license plate starts with the word police. Oh no, how did his car get here? Is Pan Ge also here? Why is he here too? Tian Yuan had gotten rid of Pan Ge at his door and proceeded straight to the airport. Who would have thought he’d run here? He must be here to catch me and send me back.

"Tian Yuan, you idiot, Pan Lei said that if you don't come back with us, he’ll beat you up when he comes home."

Huang Kai was yelling rubbish from the open car window. He sipped the bottle of water, his throat dry as a bone. They hadn't spotted Tian Yuan despite driving for so long. His throat would become hoarse if he continued to yell.

"You’re talking nonsense. Take care not to scare Tian Yuan into refusing to come out."

Huang Kai drew his neck back and sipped some water.

"My throat hurts. It will almost certainly be inflamed and swollen. I'm going to ask Tian Yuan, that a$$, to reimburse me for medical expenses, psychological injury compensation, lost labor costs, and hard work when we find him."

Pan Ge threw him a box of throat lozenges.

"Take this and keep shouting."

"F*ck! Why should I shout when my throat hurts? You're basically pressuring your friend for the sake of your brother and sister-in-law."

Pan Ge snorted coldly.

"Aren't you going to demand payment from them? I naturally want to help my own brother. We’re related. How about you? Who are you? Tell me, who are you to me?"

Huang Kai opened his mouth to respond, but he still felt he had no standpoint. Pan Ge glanced at him and thought: Say it. Say it. You’ll say it if you have the ability. What are you to me? Just say it if you admit it to yourself.

"Laozi is Friends who live and die together."

Pan Ge stepped on the accelerator.

"Hurry up and yell. You can walk back from here if you don't find him."

Huang Kai gave in to the threat and thrust his neck out, shouting loudly.

"Tian Yuan, (f*ck) your uncle! Come out for laozi quickly! The Pan brothers are not good things. The younger one is a bandit, while the older is a bully. Your bandit family is still waiting for you. Come on out, don't keep hiding. He contacted us. He’s safe and sound, just waiting for you to speak with him. Come out, come out, gege is not tricking you. Let’s join forces to deal with the evil forces of the Pan family."

Pan Ge remained as still as a mountain and let Huang Kai blather on.

"Tian Yuan, Pan Lei is alive and kicking. He keeps calling your name over the walkie-talkie. We were forced to listen to his corny words. He said, "Baby, my sweetheart, my ancestor, I miss you so much, come out and kiss me.""

"Tian Yuan, the Pans are not good things. Pan Lei makes you worried and scared, doesn't he? Be with gege. I promise to treat you well!"

Pan Ge couldn't listen anymore. He slapped the back of Huang Kai's head with his hand.

Huang Kai was most likely accustomed to being beaten. He only rubbed the back of his head and continued to yell.

"Tian Yuan, your family’s husband is waiting for you to go home and sleep."

Pan Ge drove at a snails' pace, looking for any sign of Tian Yuan. He went slowly and took his time looking around. He braked and came to a stop as Huang Kai was yelling nonsense.

He noticed some movement in the underbrush on the side of the road. He had previously served in the special forces and had changed careers, but his honed alertness was still quite beneficial.

"Keep shouting and stop talking bullshit. Say something reliable."

Huang Kai noticed the movement as well and continued his yelling.

"We are not deceiving you. I swear we heard from Leizi. This morning, he contacted the station. Both he and the assistant instructor are safe. They even destroyed five kilos of drugs and plan to return today. He heard you were also here and is awfully worried. Please come out. Let’s return to the station. We'll go home together once you talk to Leizi. Has this gege ever lied to you? I’m not fooling you, I’m really not. Please come out of hiding."

Pan Ge feared startling Tian Yuan. At the moment, Tian Yuan almost didn't believe anyone. He was determined to find Pan Lei and was afraid that others might find him and send him back before he could. So he hid and fled, never communicating with them.

The terrain here was difficult to navigate, and the signal was poor. They'd only happened to spot him. It would be extremely difficult to track him down if he ran away again.

Pan Ge exited the car and took a detour. He moved in a large circle, then carefully approached, this time detouring behind Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan had no trust in anyone at this point. Even if Huang Kai was yelling from the car at the moment, he didn't believe it. Pan Lei had vanished, he had been kidnapped, his life and death were unknown, and a large number of people were hunting for him. Could such a major issue be fixed so easily?

Huang Kai and Pan Ge had both come, and their aim was undoubtedly to bring him back home. What if he went home and kept waiting stupidly, but Pan Lei never returned, even after waiting his entire life? There was nothing he could do to find the missing Pan Lei except search for him and look for clues on his own. He would travel to Myanmar by himself, and whether Pan Lei lived or died, he would see him.

He refused to trust any news till Pan Lei showed up.

"Tian Yuan, you jerk, come back and treat laozi. Laozi’s throat is hoarse from shouting, yet you’re still not coming out, you ba$tard. Why do you insist on going on a wild goose chase? He’s truly quite safe! The commandos have rushed over to his aid. He’ll return once the mission is completed. Just come with us and wait for him at the station. You can't hug him again until you come back."

How pigheaded! Today, Huang Kai realized for the first time that the more docile individuals are, the more stubborn their temper will be, which just did not make sense. Do all highly educated people share this flaw? Do they look for a way to run into danger and stubbornly insist on their own ideas? F*ck your grandma! Laozi’s throat is hoarse.

Tian Yuan was in a pickle. He was crouched in the undergrowth, contemplating standing up and questioning Huang Kai. If you lie to me, I'll have Pan Lei fix you when he returns. But he didn't dare to step outside for fear of being discovered, tied up, and sent home.

He wavered between staying put and getting up so much that his body swayed, shaking the grass. Pan Ge noticed it and came over from behind to outflank him.


If you're curious about how TY knew the vehicles belonged to the military or the word "police" on Pan Ge's car license plate, check this Wikipedia article.

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November 20, 2022

IHSC - Chapter 78

Chapter 78 Lǎo ruò bìng cán[1]

Wang Xiaomie had a dream.

In the dream, he returned to the period when he was chosen by the system for the first time to travel back in time a thousand years.

"Take advantage of the villain's youth and be his little padded jacket[2]!" yelled the system.

Wang Xiaomie was compelled to use love to influence the Big Boss villain, to be his white moonlight, his heart mole, and to let the villain develop a comprehensive moral, intellectual, physical, and attractive look.

If he failed, Wang Xiaomie and the villain would perish.

Wang Xiaomie, who accepted this misfortune as fate, dreamed that he painstakingly fed, ahem, brought up Wen Fengjin, raising him from a little wolf pup to a handsome young man, enduring all sorts of hardship.

A gust of wind blew over Wang Xiaomie just as he was feeling proud of himself. He closed his eyes and opened them again to find that Wen Fengjin was still as handsome, but he now had gray wolf ears on his head and a wolf tail dangling from his a$$!

Wang Xiaomie, on the other hand, had two little sheep horns on both sides of his head, like two croissants glued to his head.

Wang Xiaomie was dumbfounded as he stared at Wen Fengjin. A odd sensation on his buttocks was followed by a bad premonition. He swiftly turned his head to look over and discovered a small fluffy snow-white tail sticking to his a$$...

The little tail wagged: bilingbiling~ Surprise, mie[3], tee hee!

Wang Xiaomie: ...

When he turned his head, the academy and the seats behind him transformed into large red mushrooms! He was now in a house made of a big mushroom, staring out the door’s circular glass insert towards Wen Fengjin.

Wang Xiaomie: ... Died smiling.

I’m giving this dream a bad review.

"Little Rabbit, Little Rabbit!"

Outside the mushroom, Wen Fengjin smiled like a flower at Wang Xiaomie inside, his too good-looking handsome face almost twisted.

The wolf ears moved, the wolf tail swished madly above the ground, and Wen Fengjin’s two sharp fangs were exposed when he grinned, which contrasted horribly with his beauty.

Yikes! Big Brother, this is you wanting to eat people.

Wang Xiaomie gulped, and just as he began to shake, Wen Fengjin started singing affectionately.

"Darling bunny, open the door; I can’t open it, I can’t open it, Mama didn’t come back~~~"[4]

Wang Xiaomie: "..."

"F*ck you! Devil!"

Wang Xiaomie, who had fallen asleep unintentionally, awoke with a start, gasping for air. He was so terrified that he swiftly felt his head and buttocks while sweeping his gaze around the room.

"Whew~ it's okay, it’s okay; no horns on the head and no sheep tail on the buttocks. The house hasn’t turned into a giant mushroom either..."

Wang Xiaomie exhaled a sigh of relief and wiped the sweat from his brow. He was still in the gloomy log cabin; it must have been dark outside. Little Purple Hair from An Kai's family stirred and moved around in the sack.

Wang Xiaomie clutched his chest and trembled all over, remembering Wen Fengjin singing the bunny song in his dream, and mumbled quietly.

"Thank goodness it was just a dream."

"This dream is far too magical..."

Wen Fengjin singing Little White Rabbit with a soft and cute face, resembling the novel's great devil king? Wow.

Wang Xiaomie rubbed his arms, which were covered in goosebumps. Feeling that it was almost time, he patted the dust off his body and stood up from the ground, returned to the corner where he had been standing at the start, stopped speaking and moving, removing all expression from his eyes and face, and began to 'AFK'.

He was considering his next move. Thanks to Wen Fengjin's blood sacrifice, he was temporarily under control but not fully unable to manage his own body. Yi Yan would undoubtedly take him and Purple Hair out to threaten Wen Fengjin and An Kai when the moment came.

Then Yi Yan would also take out the puppet that manipulated him...

What if I stood behind him and stabbed him? Kill him when he's off guard?

Wang Xiaomie tapped his inner thigh with his dagger, KaiMing.

KaiMing was an artifact, and its lethality was unrivaled. It was like cutting tofu, even if the opponent was rough and tough. But, knowing Yi Yan's vigilance and inhuman strength stats, could a weak chicken like him succeed?

Yi Yan was normally all smiles, as if he was unprepared, but Wang Xiaomie guessed that if he did take out his weapon, he would be caught immediately, and then there was Bai Yu...

Wang Xiaomie recalled the scene he witnessed that day while thinking of Bai Yu. Bai Yu didn't appear to be intending to expose the truth, and Xiaomie had no idea what Bai Yu was thinking. Was he planning to play dumb and live this way with Yi Yan?

Wang Xiaomie's mind raced, conjuring up all sorts of messes.

He was no match for Yi Yan.

And he didn’t dare trust Bai Yu now.

Then there was Little Purple Hair without legs beside him...

Oh, Jesus! Oh, Mary! Please have pity on your poor child! Wang Xiaomie's head hurt from all of his anxiety.

Wang Xiaomie felt at ease again when he thought of Yi Yan's actions, which had been pretty much guessed by his family's Xiao Wenzi, so much so that he had considered several possibilities and solutions.

Sure enough! This was a duel between two bigshots, and a little trash like him had no business guessing.

From a personal standpoint, Wang Xiaomie was certain that his family's Xiao Wenzi was more powerful, but what was this annoying disquiet...

Wang Xiaomie pressed his chest with stiff hands, the restlessness and gloomy foreboding he'd felt earlier in the tomb palace flooding up again, making his chest stuffy and causing misery.

Xiaomie remained withered like this until daybreak, when the wooden house suddenly filled with a series of sounds of something being dragged, accompanied by a huge clanging of metal slamming against wooden sticks or something.

It was as though there were dozens of individuals outside who couldn't speak but were working hard at the time.

Wang Xiaomie frowned.

"Is it the villagers?"

In other words, he didn't see any villagers when he arrived here.

The sounds outside were becoming louder and closer to the log house. The wood building's doors and windows were all pasted with white paper in the antique style, making the house exceedingly dark after they were closed tightly.

The poor lighting hindered eyesight and improved hearing, and the noises of dragging became increasingly clear to Xiaomie's ears, as if he were dragging his eardrums on the gravel-covered ground.

Xiaomie’s hair stood up one by one.

Wang Xiaomei pursed his lips and glanced at the large sack on the side, his black pupils gradually contracting. Purple Hair was most likely injured and had been resting since their exchange.

The sounds were really close, but he didn't hear anyone speaking, only dragging noises.

Rubbing his arms, Wang Xiaomie moved his body laboriously and staggered towards the wooden door step by step. The sound became clearer as he approached...

What could it be…

Wang Xiaomie took a deep breath and came to a halt in front of the wooden door lightly. His face moved steadily closer to the wooden door, where a piece of paper on the recently pasted door's edge was not stuck. He cautiously lifted it with his fingernails and peered out.

At first glance, he noticed a light that was brighter than the room, forcing his black pupils to constrict and dilate rapidly. After adjusting to the brightness, he saw a staggering figure on the right side of his line of view, his head violently shaking as he wandered around his door.

That person was dressed in an ordinary navy blue striped T-shirt and pants that cost roughly $20 a pair on the market. He wore a frayed belt around his waist and leaned to the right, as if carrying something heavy.

The sound of metal scraping against sandstone was enough to make people's teeth ache.

The hole next to the dusty white paper showed an eye, closely examining the situation.

When the figure approached, those black pupils blinked as he realized what was in the person’s hand—

It was a copper-gold broadsword with a three or four centimeter thick blade and the width of a saber. It would probably reach a person's waist if raised upright.

So that’s why you’re dragging it around! Such a big knife must be hefty!

Wang Xiaomie then looked into the distance and spotted many such villagers dragging their broadswords around the wooden buildings without saying anything. Both men and women were wandering about with their heads down, circling where they resided.

Wang Xiaomie examined their weapons with trepidation and murmured: "Aren't golden weapons the hardest to refine? How come Yi Yan appears to be running a mass production line here?"

He believed his voice was low enough, but as soon as he finished speaking, the villager who was walking around outside his door abruptly halted!

F*ck! What’s the deal with this hearing!

Wang Xiaomie was going to move away from the entrance when he caught the man raising his head in his direction...


Wang Xiaomie's mind went blank after seeing his face fully, and his lips trembled a few times.


That man's face was as flat as a piece of wood! It had no mouth, nose, or brows, and only one huge blood-red eye that took up virtually the entire face!!!

That blood-red eyeball was now swiveling and staring at Wang Xiaomie!


Wang Xiaomie sucked a chilly breath, his hands and feet turning ice-cold as he took two stiff steps back and almost screamed.


He immediately turned and hurried back, rushing to Little Purple Hair's side, grabbing the sack and dragging it to a corner, panting and pallid as he huddled in the corner, peering intently at the entrance.

There was a reflection of a human figure on the door. Wang Xiaomie was so nervous that even his slow-beating heart was about to leap into his throat. The monster remained still.

The door was locked from the outside, and Wang Xiaomie didn't hear the sound of it unlocking.

Outside, the monster stood motionless.

Wang Xiaomie didn't dare to blink as he stared at the door, his palm clenched over Little Purple Hair's sack.

Time seemed to have slowed down. The shadow on the door eventually vanished after dozens of minutes or only a few minutes.

He’s gone...

Wang Xiaomie sagged on the ground, his hands and feet freezing, and slowly wiped the sweat from his brow.

In his thoughts, the empty face and the massive blood-red eyeball kept replaying.

Wang Xiaomie pursed his lips but couldn't stop himself from cursing: "F*ck! Damn pervert!"

What demonic aesthetics does he have to create such a puppet?!

No wonder I didn't see any villagers! So these terrifying puppets built this village temporarily. How can I play when this entire f*cking village is full of monsters wielding dragon-slaying swords?!

Wang Xiaomie clenched his fists and began counting: Wen Fengjin (old), he (weak), Little Purple Hair (disabled), and An Kai... After meeting Yi Yan, who had brought so much equipment and tomb raiders to fight, and bringing his own 'Since ancient times, Spearmen are lucky E'[5] buff, he already belonged to 'the sick.'

...Well, seeing that our foursome is made up of the old, the weak, the disabled, and the sick, could you please tell me how we kill a village full of monsters holding dragon-slaying swords and Yi Yan whose strength stats are off the charts?

By adding funds[6]?!

Wang Xiaomie: Hello, customer service? Give me a V8 Noble[7], the kind with a halo that can shake people.

This f*cker doesn't have a halo, what do I do?!

Wang Xiaomie gazed at the door, deeply concerned. The sultry air crept in, the cicadas chirped anxiously, and the air smelled like rain.


Originally, there was a 70% chance of winning, but now this 70% chance is expected to be cut in half!

Wang Xiaomie shut his eyes.

His thick black eyelashes trembled.

His mouth was bitter.

[The author has something to say: [Small Theater]

Wen Fengjin: Why am I the elderly in lǎo ruò bìng cán, huh?

Wang Xiaomie: You’re over a thousand years old. Doesn’t that make you old?

Wen Fengjin: Xiaomie, you’re also a thousand...


Boss Wen, covering his legs: … ]


[1] The title of the chapter is a four-character idiom that translates as: the old (elderly), the weak (as in young children), the sick, and the disabled.

[2] The Chinese use this expression metaphorically to allude to daughters, who are often attentive and heartwarming, and are thus compared to a "padded jacket in winter" for parents. The system basically urged WXM to be attentive and caring to WFJ.

[3] Bleating of a sheep which is also the "mie" in Xiaomie.

[4] These are the lyrics to a children's song called "小兔子乖乖" by 小蓓蕾组合.

[5] This was apparently an anime meme inspired by Fate/Stay Night. If I'm not mistaken, it indicates that melee fighters who use spears and the like have E level Luck, which means they're unlucky.

[6] This refers to spending money to level up in games.

[7] There are eight noble, or VIP, levels in the game Glory of Kings, with V8 being the highest. V8 will cost you approximately 5400 yuan, which is a significant sum.


Final battle...