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IDYTRAA - Chapter 72

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Chapter 72 Tian'er is washed like a potato

Tian Yuan’s hair was damp from the warm water, and his arms were still twisted behind his back. He could only allow Pan Lei to assist him in taking a bath.

Pan Lei took a dollop of the shower gel, turned around, and noticed Tian Yuan had softly closed his eyes. His slender body had a pale pink tint, coated with water drops. With his limbs twisted and his head against the wall, he resembled an ink painting. He looked like a poignant beauty who had been mistreated no matter how he looked at him.

Pan Lei mistook him for an actor in one of "those" videos for a moment...

Pan Lei took a deep breath, sipped some water, and reminded himself that this was Tian Yuan, not some random guy, and that he needed to be careful with him and cherish him. 'Fuck, I want to pounce on him and devour him...'

Tian Yuan felt drowsy. He was utterly exhausted those few days, and after eating his fill, he felt sleepy after taking a hot bath.

"Hurry up. After I finish cleaning up, I'd like to go to bed."

Tian Yuan mumbled, closing his eyes, and missed Pan Lei's yearning expression. It was exactly what Pan Lei said. He was so pampered that he took Pan Lei's service as his due. Tian Yuan knew he was in the right, but he was tied up, so he couldn't take a bath by himself. It was natural for Pan Lei to assist him with his washing. Besides, he was exhausted and just wanted to sleep once he washed. He didn't notice Pan Lei's expression because his eyes were closed.

Pan Lei appeared to be a famished wolf who had been hungry for three months during the winter and had finally seen a tasty meal. He gulped when he saw Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan was relaxed, but Pan Lei was as taut as a bowstring next to him.

Pan Lei hummed, his hand speeding up. He couldn't have wicked intentions at this time. He was a soldier. He couldn't take advantage of the situation by looting a burning house. Tian'er appeared delectable, his silky appearance the epitome of seduction. He was dying to kiss him. They hadn't seen one other in a long time. It was quite natural to touch a few times. After all, they'd known each other for so long.

Pan Lei felt compelled to act. He had to do something. Anything. He saw Tian Yuan's sleepy and casual appearance; he looked at his skin, which had become more fair and beautiful after being moisturized. His eyes were drawn to the little red and delectable fruit on his chest, then to his flat tummy, and last to the little head buried in some scant hair. Little Tian Yuan looked appealing no matter how he looked at it. 'I really want to touch it, rub it, hold him in my arms and shower him with care,' he thought to himself.

Pan Lei was a 30-year-old virgin who had amassed 30 years of excitement and strength. It would not be able to calm down overnight once it had erupted. His sweetheart was by his side and looked delectable. Pan Lei desperately wanted to eat him, savor him, to leave his own breath and hickeys on him; he wanted Tian'er to be his - heart and soul. His actions turned sluggish as a result of this thought.

Pan Lei was struggling to keep his hands off Tian Yuan. He desperately wanted to touch him. Tian Yuan snorted as he was ready to reach out and touch his lower abdomen. He didn't open his eyes, only shifted his body—his arms were hurting. He grimaced and fixed his gaze on Pan Lei. Why was he still tied up by this jerk? His arms were aching and his wrists were numb.

"Aren’t you an expert at taking quick showers? Don’t you consider yourself a potato that can be washed casually?"

Pan Lei could shower in a mere five minutes. Why was he moving so slowly today? Tian Yuan was dissatisfied as he rubbed the shower gel back and forth on his back without washing him. He also forgot that they were in the middle of an argument when he gave the command. He didn't need to peel off the skin; he just needed to wash.

Actually, the way the two of them fought was unheard of in the world. Pan Lei didn't forget to cook and bathe him even after they argued. Tian Yuan assumed that was normal. If he had observed other lovers' quarrels, he would have realized they were quite different from other couples.

A master of the rapid shower? Tian Yuan was right. He was a soldier. He couldn’t violate law and discipline. Pan Lei took a deep breath and tried not to let his little brother stand up and become a general as he endured the burning in his lower regions. He withdrew his ill-behaved hand, hastily cleansed Tian Yuan’s lower abdomen, and lightly washed his back, thinking in his heart, 'Tian Yuan is a potato. Only a potato. Tian Yuan must be treated as a potato. Just wash it, wash it, wash it’. He bathed Tian Yuan with his eyes almost closed.

In his heart, he loathed the potato for being so appealing, yet he couldn't eat it. It was slippery, felt wonderful, and the skin felt as smooth as silk to the touch. He was especially eager to get his hands on the area below the waist. However, there was nothing that could be done. He had to put up with it. Pan Lei was about to burst. He rinsed away the foam on Tian Yuan's body, wrapped him in a bath towel, and pushed him out of the bathroom, feeling suffocated.

Pan Lei inhaled deeply. At the very least, he didn't make a mistake in the bathroom. Then he began to take a shower, and he took it joyfully. He washed for a long time—about 30 minutes. When he emerged, his hands were wrinkled. He couldn't explain why he took so long to wash his hands but he didn’t have to. The reason was obvious.

It was impossible for Tian Yuan to sleep comfortably with his hands tied. He couldn't lie flat because his shoulders had been wrenched for so long, and the pain was unbearable. His head and shoulders were placed on the bed, and when Pan Lei emerged from the bathroom, he immediately yelled at him. He wanted to sleep but was unable to do so. He was furious when he saw Pan Lei.

"Untie my hands. How long are you going to keep me tied up? My arms hurt, and I’m unable to sleep."

Pan Lei ignored him. He tossed away the towel, and lay beside him. He clasped his shoulders, wrapped his arms around his waist, and turned over, allowing him to lean against his chest until he fell asleep. He made sure Tian Yuan was comfortable while sleeping.

"Admit your mistake. Say you're not going to run anymore, that you're not going to ignore me, that you're not going to defy the family rules anymore, and I'll let you go right away."

Pan Lei hadn't forgotten about their ongoing squabble. He wanted Tian Yuan to acknowledge his mistake. He had washed and fed this little rascal. He must now admit his fault. He was probably the only person on the planet who was so low and humble. He was clearly not the one who made the mistake, but he still had to do this and that for the culprit. He couldn't be cruel and truly punish him. He just wanted Tian Yuan to accept and admit that he was mistaken. After all, Tian Yuan was his beloved. ‘Lao-tze[1] taught us that knowing and fixing our mistakes was a positive thing. Why didn't Tian'er see his errors?’

After having a bath, his rage had diminished somewhat. He'd calmed down a little bit. The roots of his teeth were no longer itching as a result of his rage.

"Bah! I'm right, and you're wrong. Am I not allowed to oppose hegemony? There will be resistance where there is oppression!"

Pan Lei was not unconcerned. 'If you are obedient, it would be amazing,' he thought as he massaged his back and hair. He was willing to wash his feet all day, not to mention bathe him. But he refused to obey and was continually looking for ways to defy him.

"Then stay tied up. When you admit it, I will untie you. It’s not like I’m the one in pain."

It wasn't as though Pan Lei hadn't before tied up people. Occasionally, the prisoners he had apprehended would be strapped for three days. He'd bind Tian'er for three days to see if he admitted his mistake.

Tian Yuan found it was hard to sleep while tied up. The more he reflected on it, the more enraged he felt. He was rational. He, too, wished to oppose this hegemony to the utmost extent possible. Did Pan Lei believe he was a tiny sheep who could be bullied whenever he pleased? He wouldn't know Tian Yuan was not someone to be provoked if he didn’t teach him a lesson.

Tian Yuan opened his jaws to bite the muscles of Pan Lei's chest and chomped down with a hard bite. Pan Lei almost jumped up and shouted.

It was obvious “somebody” was a dog.

Pan Lei slapped Tian Yuan’s back, and the extinguished flames of Pan Lei’s fury rushed up again.

"Let me go!"

"Untie me!"

"Then you admit your mistake immediately!"

"I'm right, I admit it!"

Tian Yuan yelled at Pan Lei at a tone one tone higher than Pan Lei's. Who was scared of whom? Was there ever a tortoise who was scared of a hammer? Why bother tying him up like this if he didn't have the power to argue? This violent rogue, this bandit, was robbing his own family.

Pan Lei was used to spoiling this unrepentant rebel. He'd never learn if he didn't teach him a lesson! Pan Lei reasoned that adding sugar to the stick would let Tian Yuan realize his faults. How could he have known that this jerk would dare to point at him, be choosy while he waited on him, speak arrogantly, and confront him? If the tiger didn't demonstrate his strength, he'd be mistaken for a cute tiger cub, right?!

Pan Lei lifted his upper body, flipped Tian Yuan, this time allowing his back to face him. With a sweep, he removed his pajamas and even his underpants up to his knees.

Pan Lei stripped as well, pressing his skin against Tian Yuan's skin and his lower abdomen against his buttocks. Pan Lei's little brother became wedged between Tian Yuan's legs, the most delicate spot between the thighs. What emerged was not simply rage, but also pent-up desire. He'd put up with it in the bathroom, but now that he'd been provoked again, he was completely out of control.

Pan Lei has wanted to do this for a long time. He wanted to strip Tian’er and devour him. He desired to invade Tian Yuan's body and cause him to cry and beg for mercy. He had planned to let Tian Yuan prepare psychologically. They'd talk about it and take things slowly, enjoying the process. But now he was enraged and a touch rough.

He pinched the small pink fruit on Tian Yuan's chest and squeezed it hard as soon as he stretched his hand. Then one hand went down effortlessly, pinching Tian Yuan's little brother.

Tian Yuan was slow to react, but he was aware of the weapon hidden between his legs. He broke out in cold sweat, urgently trying to get away from this insane man.

"You won't know how to repent until you die. I'll teach you a little lesson today, and you'll understand where you went wrong."

Pan Lei straightened his waist, allowing the sword wedged between Tian Yuan’s legs to go deeper. Despite the fact that he did not penetrate his body, he could feel his little brother rubbing against the underside of Little Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan desperately squeezed his legs, giving Pan Lei a sense of pressure and tightness, as if he was finally where he wanted to be.

"Damn you, Pan Lei! Let me go! Pan Lei, let me go!"

Tian Yuan’s face grew pale with fear. He was well aware of what this meant. He shivered with fright. It couldn't be at this moment, it couldn't be in this kind of situation. Even if it was done, it should not be done in a fit of anger. If done in this manner, it was as if he were being forced.

Pan Lei was unconcerned by his threats. He bit him as he wrapped his arms around his shoulders. He licked his shoulders, nibbled his neck, and caressed his back. His breath was scorching, and he couldn't keep his hands from trembling as he kissed him. He wanted to eat the man he longed for. He wanted to shower his affection on the man he had missed for a long time. After seeing and touching his beloved, he now wanted to eat him. He couldn’t wait any longer.


[1] Laozi or Lao-tze (c. 500 BC), was a Chinese philosopher and the founder of Taoism. He is the author of 'The book of Dao' , considered to be the sacred book of Daoism. And yes, he is the one being referred to when characters in CN novels refer to themselves as 'Laozi'.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 71

Chapter 71 Counterattack

Pan Lei entered with a bowl and a cigarette dangling from his mouth. He wore an apron and looked ridiculous—imagine a bandit going down the mountain and robbing people while holding a dagger in his left hand and a baby in his right.

Tian Yuan fell asleep while muttering to himself. Even though he was restrained, it was still a familiar room and his bed. He mumbled at Pan Lei and promptly fell asleep.

Pan Lei felt stifled to death when he noticed Tian Yuan was asleep. He was preparing food in the kitchen, still enraged, while this jerk fell asleep? Why was he so hardhearted?

He cradled Tian Yuan's head, placed his lips on Tian Yuan’s mouth, and exhaled the cigarette smoke after taking a big intake of the cigarette. Tian Yuan coughed as soon as he took a breath. Then Pan Lei grabbed his nose and jolted Tian Yuan awake.

"You just know how to sleep, eh? After eating, go to bed. I must have owed you a big debt in my previous life. You irritate me so much, but I still have to serve you like my ancestor."

Tian Yuan looked away stubbornly and ignored him. Pan Lei grabbed his waist and lifted him up, allowing him to recline against the headboard. But, he didn't release his hands. Just left him sitting on the bed, tied up.

"Untie me quickly! Tell me, how can I eat like this?"

Pan Lei stood by his side, stirring the porridge bowl to speed up the cooling process.

"You still don't get it. I won't untie it for you if you don't admit your mistake."

Pan Lei would never compromise on matters of principle. If Tian’er did not accept his errors, the penalty would continue. Cooking for him did not imply forgiveness. He was just concerned that Tian'er was hungry.

"Get the hell out of here!" Tian Yuan glared at him. ‘Leave right now! Get lost! Never appear again!’

Pan Lei broke a piece of the bed.

"Don’t be noisy! I can't spare you. Eat! Open your mouth!"

Tian Yuan glared at him fiercely, refusing to open his mouth. What could Pan Lei do if he didn't want to eat and didn't open his mouth? If there was no way to make him leave, he would irritate him!

Pan Lei took a spoon of porridge and placed it in his lips. Tian Yuan locked his gaze on him but did not open his mouth. "I'll force-feed you if you don't open your mouth. What age are you? You've retained your childish temper. Are you so naive? Are you really not hungry and don't want to eat?"

Tian Yuan pouted. Hungry? Of course he was hungry! But he was also enraged.

Tian Yuan misjudged Pan Lei's tenacity. He had the audacity to feed him mouth-to-mouth. Tian Yuan bit the spoon and swallowed a mouthful of porridge, refusing to open his mouth.

"You might be starving, but you can't eat a spoon, can you? Let go if you're starving."

Tian Yuan didn’t want to eat while biting the spoon any more. He examined the gleaming white porridge, which he hadn't tasted in a long time. For three days, he only ate cold steamed buns. The first several days were filled with pickled veggies. He was particularly eager to consume meat. He was tired of looking at those clear soups and watery stuff.

"Come on, have some more porridge. I repeat that you will not be permitted to visit the countryside. Take a look at how much you’ve suffered over the last several days; your face is a little slimmer. Can you handle that type of hardship? Who will look after you if you get sick?"

Pan Lei couldn't stop himself from nagging. He was set to become the neighborhood committee's aunt. He had the misfortune of falling in love with this jerk who continuously worried him. He admitted to being concerned.

He scooped another mouthful of porridge and placed it in Tian Yuan's mouth. Tian Yuan refused to comply this time. He pursed his lips and stopped eating.

"Ancestor, open your mouth. I’m personally feeding you! What are you thinking about?"

"I won't eat porridge, I want to eat meat!"

Tian Yuan averted his gaze and declined to take another bite. He wanted to eat meat! He wanted to eat spare ribs braised in soy sauce. Not this kind of bland food.

Pan Lei had a strong desire to strangle him. Did he have any idea he was a prisoner on trial? He erred, yet he still demanded food like an arrogant idler. Did he believe he had worked hard and deserved recognition? He was already lucky he hadn't beaten him up! He still dared to be picky about food?!

He locked his gaze on Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan returned his stare with no sign of weakness. Whatever the case may be, he must consume meat. He wanted to eat meat! He wanted it right away!

"Ancestor, you’ve come to collect debts from my former life, haven’t you?"

Tian Yuan's head was flicked by Pan Lei in rage. He couldn't bring himself to punch him and could only flick his brow.

Pan Lei returned to the kitchen and kept cooking the porridge before cutting the meat and sprinkling it on top to produce a bowl of meat porridge. Then he located a bunch of green onions, cut them, and added them to the porridge, stirring and mixing as he did so, and tasting it. It was delectable. He returned with the bowl to feed Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan deigned to open his mouth. There was no fish or shrimp, and while he couldn't eat meat in large mouthfuls as desired, it wasn't unpleasant. He was stuffed after consuming two enormous bowls.

"Add some shrimp and coriander the next time you prepare it. It’ll taste better than this."

Pan Lei wished he could beat up Tian Yuan till he cried for mercy. This little scumbag who ate yet was still picky! What evil did he commit in his previous life? In this incarnation, Tian Yuan had surely come to collect debts from him.

Tian Yuan glanced at him calmly, noting that Pan Lei did not appear angry, and his heart relaxed slightly. He could smell his own body when he dropped his head. He hadn't had a bath in three days and felt extremely uneasy when he got home.

"I'd like to take a bath. Untie me!"

Pan Lei went back to the bedroom after cleaning up the kitchen. He leaned against the door, repeating the same thing, "Do you know your wrongs? Say you were wrong, and promise you won't do it again. I will immediately free you."

Tian Yuan had principles as well. Why should he accept his error when he hadn't made any? He gave Pan Lei a harsh look as he struggled to get out of bed. He needed to use the restroom to take a bath. He was certain that Pan Lei couldn't just sit there and watch. They'd break up right away if he could sit back and watch him turn on the faucet with his mouth!

Pan Lei pulled him onto the bed roughly and refused to let him go, but that didn't mean he wouldn't let him bathe. He took Tian Yuan's pajamas from the closet before pulling him up and unbuttoning his shirt.

"How can I undress and take a bath like this? Let me go! Hurry up and untie me!"

The smile on Pan Lei's face was pure wickedness. It was quite straightforward. He could still undress Tian’er without removing his bindings.

Pan Lei grabbed the shirt's two sides, and yanked them apart. The shirt was ripped open, and after a few more pulls, it was reduced to rags and dumped on the floor.

Tian Yuan gazed at his newly purchased shirt, heartbroken. This was the new shirt he purchased a month ago. He only wore it a few times before it became a heap of rags? Pan Lei ripped off his money!

"You jerk, tear your uncle's shirt! The shirt cost me 500 dollars!"

Pan Lei loosened his belt and drew his pants down.

"I'll buy you a thousand shirts. I will purchase you ten thousand shirts as long as you are obedient."

Pan Lei coerced him into sitting on the bed. He knelt down to remove his pants and everything else.

"Put your foot up." Pan Lei held his feet, removed his socks, then his trousers, and lastly his underpants. Tian Yuan was now in his birthday suit in front of him, still upset over his new shirt.

Pan Lei thought roguishly, 'I’ll take care of Tian'er by helping him take a bath without untying his hands.'


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 70

Chapter 70 I can't do it

Pan Lei moved around Tian Yuan's face, who was lying on his side on the bed, as angry as a bull. Tian Yuan’s shoulders and half of his face were on the bed, staring ferociously at Pan Lei.

"Recognize your error, admit you were wrong, and say you’ll never do it again. Promise that you will not flee and will be obedient. I'll let you go and cook for you right now. I will accompany you to the Armed Police Hospital and take you to resign tomorrow. I'll stay with you at home for a few days and serve you as usual."

"Your uncle is wrong! I'm right. Untie me swiftly, you rogue! You’re nothing but an evil tyrant! You gangster!"

"Come on, admit it!" Pan Lei had a glum expression on his face.

"No! I won’t!" Tian Yuan was determined not to lose the duel and roared at him.

"You think you’re in the right? Our military area was alerted in order to find you. You ran far and hid deeply. If you have the bravery to flee, why don't you vanish so I won't be able to find you for the rest of my life? Do you dare to rampage without my backing?"

"I did not flee. I went to the countryside for my job. You jerk, why don't you get it. Even if you don't want to let me go, I'll have to go. The next time something like this happens, I'll really run away. You piss me off! Let me go right now! We have to be on an equal footing. Otherwise, don't blame me for our squabble!"

‘He’s someone who refused to repent!’ Pan Lei's temper exploded. He snatched up the alarm clock on the bedside table and smashed it to the ground, scattering the parts!

"Will you admit your wrongs or not? How dare you run away?"

Tian Yuan was initially terrified of him, but his hurling of objects infuriated him. He struggled mightily. He would have jumped up and beaten Pan Lei if he hadn't been confined.

"I'm not wrong! Why should I admit it?!"

Pan Lei raised his hand, unaware that he was going to strike Tian Yuan.

"Pan Lei!"

Tian Yuan yelled, his hands in front of him. He'd pass out from this punch to the face! He closed his eyes in fear.

Pan Lei clenched his teeth, saw Tian Yuan’s eyes close in terror, and shifted his fist, slamming it on the headboard. The wooden headboard splintered with a “crash”. A wooden chunk stabbed the back of Pan Lei's hand, causing blood to gush out. The anticipated pain did not materialize. So, Tian Yuan opened his eyes and saw a bloodied fist. Pan Lei gritted his teeth and reached out his index finger, tapping Tian Yuan's nose.

"You are my man, my baby! How can I hit you? YOU are mad at ME, you brat?!"

Pan Lei was so enraged that he almost vomited blood. How should he deal with this jerk? He couldn't slap him because he was frightened of injuring him. He was so enraged that it must’ve damaged his liver and stomach! He was furious, but he couldn't even vent his rage.

Tian Yuan refused to acknowledge his error and instead confronted him. His comments were provoking, and made his head throb, but he couldn't act. Pan Lei's heart was suffocating with rage, and he wanted to punch someone. He would have beaten them to death if they were anyone else. He couldn’t suppress his anger even after struggling for five minutes.

Pan Lei clenched his fist and punched through the headboard with a thud. With one kick, he knocked the leg of the bed off. He had damaged the bed, which was on the verge of disintegrating. Everything on the bedside cabinet was destroyed. The ashtray brushed against Tian Yuan's hair, cracked the glass, and flew downstairs. He kicked out the room's door numerous times, and he smashed through the closet as well. The room shook and thundered. Pan Lei bolted into the living room. There was a cracking sound one second, followed by the sound of the coffee table smashing across the ground the next.

Tian Yuan shut his eyes and let him go wild. What he destroyed was only a piece of property, but what he damaged was their home.


‘Is he still breaking things?! What did he break this time? What a jerk! Pan Lei, you, your foul temper, and your bandit behavior can go to hell. I’ll show my temper as well, you jerk!’ Tian Yuan was terribly fed up. He was furious rather than terrified of Pan Lei at this point.

"Pan Lei, you scumbag, you dare smash my house?! I'll make you give me a new one in exchange! You demolish the house if you have the ability!"

There was a bang, followed by a crash. Tian Yuan had no idea what Pan Lei was kicking.

"You’re the scumbag! I can't bear beating you, so I'm going to channel my rage elsewhere. Do you want me to smack you around? What's the harm in destroying the furniture when the one I really want to hit is you?"

The sofa flipped over after being kicked.

Pan Lei snatched a cigarette from his pocket, enraged. ‘Tian Yuan, you're a jerk! What a vexing horrible thing!’

Tian Yuan would be hard pressed to even speak if he truly wanted to. But, in the end, Pan Lei could only express his rage elsewhere. He wouldn't even touch a single strand of Tian Yuan’s hair. He was concerned that if he became furious, he would seriously injure Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan didn't have much physical strength. He was tied up and lying on his side, his shoulders and head resting on the bed. His stance seemed a little awkward. He was fatigued from the combination of fury, fear, and hunger.

He wanted to raise his head and argue with Pan Lei, but he lacked the necessary strength. He could only grumble to himself while lying on his side on the bed.

"Bandit, ruffian, gangster, bully, wait until I'm free! I'm going to screw you. You’re driving me crazy. Why should I admit my mistake when I’m right? I won't listen to you! You and your rules can get lost."

Pan Lei took a cigarette and realized he couldn't vent his rage any longer. At the very least, Tian Yuan’s razor-sharp chin on the bed indicated that he hadn't been eating properly these days. He deserved it! Let him suffer for a while and he'll be honest. He wanted to go to the countryside, did he? Could he eat well with his anemic body and his fussy eating habits? He would undoubtedly suffer. He had already stated that he was not permitted to leave but he refused to listen. If he had to suffer, he had asked for it.

Pan Lei claimed that Tian Yuan had asked for it and that he deserved it, but he still opened the kitchen door. There was nothing in the fridge. There wasn't a single vegetable to be found, simply a piece of jelly. Tian Yuan hadn't cooked in a long time, and these items had been left by him for a long time.

Pan Lei had no choice but to get some rice and make some porridge. He was so enraged! He was certain he owed this jerk in his past life. Otherwise, would he almost vomit blood in anger, and still prepare porridge for him in the kitchen?! Pan Lei slapped the kitchen knife on the chopping board while pointing to the bedroom.

"Tian Yuan, if you weren't a member of my family, I would fucking hack you off. You dare to anger me while I'm so nice to you. I'll make you run 10 kilometres with a load the next time I'm mad! Don't rely on my feelings for you and my reluctance to part with you to do what you want! I was careless and allowed you to grow lawless!"


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 69

Chapter 69 Not admitting mistake, getting tied up

When they arrived home, Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan out, brought him to the door, and forced Tian Yuan inside. The lock was released as the door slammed shut.

Pan Lei started taking his clothing off. He was still dressed in camouflage. Field trousers, high boots, a leather belt, sleeves cinched high to display his strong arms, and a black beret slung over his shoulders. Tian Yuan pondered—how did he end up as a criminal being interrogated?

"I don't want to pursue the matter about you sneaking away without notifying me. I only have one question for you. Do you realize you're wrong? Do you realize why you're wrong? Will you take the risk again in the future?"

Pan Lei's rage would fade as long as Tian Yuan stated he was wrong and would never do it again. Wouldn't the fact that he had Tian'er back preclude him from travelling to the countryside? He couldn't go any further; everything else was simple. Then Pan Lei would teach him a lesson and demonstrate who was in charge of the family, who had the final say, and whose judgment could not be challenged. Tian Yuan must live a life centered on him in the future, talking to him about everything, major and minor. He was not going to punish Tian Yuan if he admitted his mistake.

It was, after all, late at night. Tian Yuan's chin was sharper, and he couldn't eat or sleep well these days. He'd prepare a dinner for him and wrap his arms around him to sleep. Tian Yuan would then resign the following day and begin work at the Armed Police Hospital at the earliest.

Pan Lei didn't make a big request. Nothing would happen as long as Tian Yuan obediently recognized his error.

"I’m in the right."

Tian Yuan didn't believe he was mistaken, so why acknowledge it? It was necessary for him to travel to the countryside for work, and it was not inappropriate for him to work at the city's No. 1 Hospital. Pan Lei's arguments were absurd, and he was at fault for bringing him back. He was convinced that he was correct. He had committed no wrongdoing.

Pan Lei's veins popped as he clenched his fists.

"You still don't think you're to blame? I told you that you couldn't go, but you didn't listen. You've never taken my statements seriously. I set up an excellent job for you. If you are bullied, you simply bear it without caring whether you will survive or die. Do you believe people will make a way for you? Why don't you listen to me?"

"I've made it obvious to you as well. When I return from the countryside, I will still be the deputy director. They're trampling on me right now. When I return, I shall exact my vengeance. I’m in the right, so why should I resign? What is the point of going to the Armed Police Hospital? You believe that whatever you say is correct. Whatever! I'm not going to listen."

Tian Yuan raised his head to confront Pan Lei. He was correct from start to finish, so why should he be punished? Pan Lei was a real-life bandit. That was his concern. Just wait and watch if he dared to vent his bandit rage on him! When provoked, no one was easygoing. Was he a toy that Pan Lei could pick up and keep wherever he pleased?

"I’ll ask you one more time. Are you willing to accept your mistakes?"

Pan Lei was fighting to keep his cool. Tian Yuan refused to repent and was eager for a fight, so he granted him a second opportunity. If it had been someone else, he would have thrashed them at this point.

"I’m in the right!" Tian Yuan yelled. "Did you hear it clearly? I’m right!"

Pan Lei’s fury exploded like a volcanic eruption. His anger surged up like lava, and white smoke could be seen above his head.

"Very well! You’re not going to admit your mistakes, and you’re not going to listen to me. If I don't teach you a lesson, you won't know what’s good for you."

Pan Lei looked around for a rope to tie Tian Yuan up and hang him to teach him a lesson. He was rebellious as a child. His father used to beat him in this manner. Tian Yuan must now be taught family law.

He couldn't find a rope after a long search. He noticed the belt around his waist and took it off. The copper belt buckle fell on the ground with a thud.

Pan Lei flipped the belt with one hand. It’s sound was startling enough to make others numb.

Tian Yuan was shocked. He looked at the belt and asked Pan Lei, "What are you up to?"

The belt was three fingers wide and made from cowhide leather. If it was used to hit someone, it would definitely break bones.

"What am I up to? You'll know in a minute. Aren't you a tough cookie? Don't you believe you’re right? I’ll help you think it over. Come here!"

Come here? Was he a fool to simply hand himself over? Would he take the initiative to send himself as a meal to Pan Lei's mouth?

"Come here, your uncle! Pan Lei, just try hitting me!"

Tian Yuan whirled around and dashed away. He wanted to flee inside the bedroom and shut the door, preventing Pan Lei from entering.

Pan Lei strode to pursue Tian Yuan as soon as he observed him turning and fleeing. When Tian Yuan dashed into the bedroom to shut the door, Pan Lei followed him and kicked it open. Tian Yuan was so terrified that he dashed over to the bed, snatched up a pillow, and hurled it at Pan Lei. The quilt and items from the bedside cabinet were next. Pan Lei's shoulder was grazed by a slipper. Pan Lei was really enraged. He dashed over, grabbing Tian Yuan's arm and twisting it back. Tian Yuan yelled out in agony. When twisted back, anyone's arm would hurt.

"You won't know I'm the master of the house if I let you run, if I let you be rebellious, if I don't punish you correctly!"

Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan's other arm and pulled it behind him. Could Tian Yuan, a non-exercising doctor, compete with a special forces squad instructor? Tian Yuan was subdued with a single grapple. Tian Yuan's short arms curled to the back, Pan Lei's legs crushed into his lower back, and no matter how hard he hurled, he couldn't break free.

"Do you dare to hit me, Pan Lei, you self-centered show-off, you bandit? My parents have never beaten me in all of my years of growing up. We're done if you dare to touch me! Over! Do you hear what I'm saying? We're done if you hit me even once!"

Pan Lei's hands did not stop moving. He tied Tian Yuan’s hands and wrists with the leather belt. Was Tian’er trying to break free? Humph! He would find that even moving his wrists was difficult.

"Don't think I don't know about your mother beating you when you were a child. We’ll be over you say? Let me assure you that our relationship will not end until I’m dead and cold."

He stood up and pushed Tian Yuan up onto the bed. Tian Yuan could only face down, lying sideways on the bed, with his arms behind him.

"Do you think I’ll hit you? I can't bring myself to hit you, but if I don't teach you a lesson, you'll never know how well I treat you. I must remind you and make you realize who has the final say in this household. I am the family head and your man. You must pay attention to what I say!"

He yelled at Tian Yuan while tying him up. He was the head of the household and the family's authority. Even If he couldn’t bear to beat him, he had to punish him. Tian Yuan would never learn his lesson until he was severe.

"I love you and pamper you to the point where you are lawless. You believe I can't bear to hit you, so you'll throw something at me to test my resolve. Today I will teach you about family law. Normally, I spoil you in anything you do and let you have your way. I cherish you like an ancestor, but you've never taken me seriously. Today, I'll show you how amazing I am and see if you dare it the next time."


These last couple of chapters are going in circles. I've lost track of how many times the same conversations took place. Get on with it!

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April 25, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 68

Chapter 68 Start of war

Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan off the chopper as it hovered at the side of the highway.

"Please inform the military commander that I will return to thank him later."

The aircraft slowly lifted off and drove away.

There were only two of them remaining. Pan Lei kept a serene expression on his face as he opened the door of the Land Rover parked on the side of the road and pushed Tian Yuan inside. Normally, he would warn Tian Yuan not to bang his head. He was now completely unconcerned and shoved the person in. He abruptly shut the door, climbed into the car, yanked on the seat belt, and tied Tian Yuan up like a prisoner.

Tian Yuan was terrified. Pan Lei was too frightening when he was grim. He had a calm countenance, but his eyes were filled with fury, and his actions were impolite. He looked at him as if he were a prisoner who had been on the run for ten years and had now been apprehended. He appeared to be eager to beat him up.

Pan Lei didn't say anything. He just stepped on the gas and sped back quickly. It required a little more effort this time to discover Tian Yuan. He started by looking for the hospital dean. He pounded the table and chastised the dean before asking for the location in the countryside. He contacted the commander of their military region and requested the use of a helicopter because the car was too sluggish. The commander didn't think twice about giving him one.

He parked his car at the highway's entrance. When the chopper arrived, he glanced around and determined it would be best to search for the medical team at night. There would be a campfire, making finding it easy.

He expended so much energy trying to discover the person that if he hadn't remembered—this was his baby, the man in his family—he would have slapped him. The more he thought about it, the more enraged he became. He was enraged as he recalled Tian Yuan’s sharp chin and then his terrified face, and he stepped on the brake with one foot.

Tian Yuan would have been catapulted through the front windshield if he hadn't been restrained by the seat belt.

Pan Lei took out a coat and draped it over Tian Yuan.

The car zoomed out again at full throttle.

Tian Yuan's head hit the car’s seat. When they returned, Pan Lei appeared to be ready to thrash him. He was so enraged that the blood vessels on his arms protruded and blue veins appeared on his forehead. It was the typical expression of absolute wrath. This ferocious dragon was furious.

Tian Yuan was extremely nervous. He reasoned that it would be preferable to clear things up with Pan Lei now rather than go home and suffer. This person was usually joking around when he first met him, but his brothers described him as angry and impatient. Who knew what he'd do when he was enraged? It was preferable to make things plain first.

"Pan Lei, I don't want to travel to the countryside, but I don't have an option. I do not wish to resign. I finally rose to the position of deputy director. I don't want to quit my job. I planned to spend two months in the countryside. When I return, I'll be the deputy director. I can punish the woman who was trampling on me."

Tian Yuan attempted to persuade him. Pan Lei’s temper was fiery, but he should have been reasonable. He should be able to tell the difference between what is right and what is wrong. Right?

"I said, you’re not permitted to go. You take my words as a load of hot air!"

Pan Lei accelerated, and the Land Rover accelerated as well. It was a military vehicle used by the United States Army. It was extremely fast. The speed was comparable to that of a sports car when the accelerator pedal was fully depressed.

"I don't want you to support me!" Tian Yuan's voice rose an octave.

"I've advised you numerous times not to work in that hospital; instead, go to the Armed Police Hospital. Everything is in order at the Armed Police Hospital. You simply refused to listen and insisted on traveling to the countryside. You didn't take me seriously at all. Whatever I say to you, you dismiss it as a fart. You have no regard for me. Don't you have a place in your heart for me? Normally, I pamper you and allow you to play with me. I take care of your likes and dislikes. If you don't eat well, I'll have someone bring you food. If you are bullied, I will exact my vengeance. I treat you very well. I don't want you to go to the countryside because I'm still concerned that your body won't be able to handle it. But you, my brother, had to leave. Do you believe I won't be able to control you if I'm not at your side? Tian Yuan, you're ruthless. Today I'm going to make you realize that the house rules I pasted on the wall are not mere decorations. I want you to see what happens when you don't listen to me!"

"Don't be unreasonable, Pan Lei. I told you explicitly that this is my work, and you have no right to interfere."

Why should he listen to him? What was he on about? An imperial edict[1]? What family rules was he talking about? They were nothing more than constraints on his freedom, as specified by Pan Lei, and had nothing to do with him.

Pan Lei's teeth were clenched so hard that they creaked. He slammed his fist into the steering wheel.

"Shut up! I'll beat you up if you say one more word!"

"Pan Lei, I dare you! If you dare to hit me, I will go to the military and sue you! Don't think I’m scared of you!"

Pan Lei could cause a commotion, but he couldn't? Tian Yuan pounded the car seat and extended his finger to aim at Pan Lei's nose.

"Just wait and see if you dare to beat me! You cruel and ruthless tyrant, you living bandit, feudal landowner! Family rules, your uncle! You imposed the regulations on your own. What does it have to do with me? Am I a pet bird you’re nurturing? What gives you the right to control me?"

Pan Lei almost laughed angrily. 'Why did I fall in love with such a small pepper?' he wondered. No one ever tried to chastise him by pointing to his nose. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was unafraid. He was cursing and pointing at his nose with his finger. His eyes were ablaze with rage. Did he believe he was completely in the right? He didn't appear to believe he was wrong. Okay, then. Simply wait. He'd clean him up when they got home.

But he couldn't bring himself to let him swear by pointing to his nose. Pan Lei released a hand, grabbed Tian Yuan's finger that was touching his nose, placed it in his mouth, and bit hard.

"I'll start by punishing you a little. You can just wait for me to deal with you if you don't accept it when we get home."

Tian Yuan rubbed his finger. He no longer dared to reprimand him by pointing at his nose. He couldn't provoke Pan Lei any longer. Although there was no bleeding, the two rows of deep tooth marks stung. He could tell Pan Lei was seething with anger just by looking at his tooth prints. Pan Lei was usually worried too much about him, and he wouldn't even allow him to hold the kitchen knife because he was scared it would hurt his hand. But, he bit his hand today. He didn't care because he was too angry.

But he wouldn't compromise either. Why should he bow his head and admit his mistake? He believed that he was right. He would have to resign if he refused to go to the countryside. He finally rose to the position of deputy director. He earned the promotion via his hard work. Should he allow a mistress to ruin it? That was simply impossible.


[1] An imperial edict was formerly a royal order issued by the emperor. Because the emperor was the supreme authority, no one could defy it.


I love how TY gives as good as he gets. In far too many bl novels, the shou give in too much due to the jealous/aggressive gongs. You go Tian'er!

Thank you Roxsam for the review!

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April 24, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 67

Chapter 67 I'm Sorry

Tian Yuan felt like a prisoner chained to an execution site. The executioner held the blade aloft, ready to behead, but he did not lower it. The prisoner feared that he would be executed suddenly, and hoped that the executioner would not take off his head. Tian Yuan felt the same way.

Pan Lei’s "You wait for me!" kept reverberating in his mind. One thing was certain - he needed to keep an eye out for him. There was nothing else to do but wait for him. Instead of waiting for him, Tian Yuan intended to flee so Pan Lei couldn't find him.

In fact, Tian Yuan was not terrified of hooligans, but of educated hooligans. He wasn't afraid of bandits; he was afraid of this bandit's military prowess. After all, it was quite frightening.

They were stationed in the wilderness again that evening. The camp was put up, and there were four or five bonfires. Tian Yuan was so nervous that he couldn't eat, and he didn't have much of an appetite. He had eaten cold steamed buns for three days in a row and had formed an unfavorable opinion of them. While resting in the tent, he played Pan Lei's lullaby, sighing, 'Hey, Pan Lei is cute when he's not furious, and he treats me nicely.'

There was a sudden boom of propellers in the sky, accompanied by a powerful wind that swayed the trees. It attracted the attention of the doctors. What could have sparked such a massive stir?

Tian Yuan was no different. He dashed out of the tent and watched as a helicopter slowly descended a few hundred meters away. The helicopter appeared to be camouflaged. In other words, the army owned the helicopter.

The moment Tian Yuan's right eyelid began twitching, he realized it was game over. He was aware that he was about to suffer. He thought to himself, 'Run, run fast; if I don't run now, Pan Lei will capture me and torture me to death.'

Tian Yuan took a step back and began to run. When the person who had leapt out of the helicopter noticed Tian Yuan turning to flee, he hurried over at the pace of a raider focused on loot.

"If you dare to take a step, Tian Yuan, I will break your legs!"

Tian Yuan froze in terror and didn't dare to move. When the bandit arrived, he didn't even attempt to flee. Someone had sent a helicopter to apprehend him. Could Pan Lei have dispatched the special forces to search the mountain?

Pan Lei was already behind him while he was stunned. He grabbed Tian Yuan’s shoulders, spun him around, and raised his left hand involuntarily. He noticed Tian Yuan's sharpened chin and trembling lips glancing at him, and looking at his uplifted hand with horror.

Pan Lei reined in his anger when he saw Tian Yuan’s frightened expression. He had considered how to handle Tian’er on the way. He would beat Tian Yuan, tie him up, and carry him home if he dared to flee. If he dared to run, Pan Lei would dare to break his leg, preventing him from running away the next time. But as soon as they met, even as Pan Lei's rage was boiling over, he was hesitant to hurt Tian Yuan.

How could he hit Tian'er? No, he couldn't do it. He was reluctant to hurt even a single strand of his hair. How could he be willing to beat him up? He loved Tian’er like a treasure!

But Pan Lei’s hand had been lifted, and he couldn't retract it. He slammed into the tiny tree on one side, snapping it. The barely matured tree, the thickness of Pan Lei’s wrist, snapped. Tian Yuan trembled. If that fist dropped on him, his bones would be broken, right?

The doctors were all terrified. Wasn't this a soldier? What mistake did Tian Yuan commit that required helicopters to be dispatched?

Pan Lei quickly grasped Tian Yuan's wrist and dragged him away, almost like dragging a seven or eight-year-old child. His expression was too frightening. It was the kind of savagery that saw Buddha and murdered Buddha, saw demons and killed demons.[1] 

"Come back with me right away! If you say another word, I'll beat you."

"I'm afraid I can't go, Pan Lei. I need to be in the countryside."

Tian Yuan was still under the impression that he was in the countryside and would have to stay for two months before returning. He struggled to free himself from Pan Lei's grip on his wrist. He hoped that Pan Lei, who was enraged, could hear what he was saying.

"Pan Lei, let's talk about this, okay? Pan Lei!"

Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan to his side, gripping him hard and not letting go, allowing Tian Yuan to see his suppressed wrath up close.

"Just walk with me if you don't want to get thrashed. Talk? We'll go home and talk about it."

"Pan..." Tian Yuan's heart sank as soon as he heard the words "go home." Going home would be the start of Pan Lei's full-fledged rage. Who would venture to share a room with a fire-breathing T-Rex?

Tian Yuan wanted to say something but Pan Lei seized his belt with one hand, his shirt neckline with the other, and placed Tian Yuan on his shoulders a little forcefully. He marched towards the helicopter with this “baggage”.

"He has completed his trip to the countryside and will not return in the future. I'm going to take him away. There is no need to contact the authorities. I'm a soldier, and he's my man."

Pan Lei carried Tian Yuan like a sack. His head was down, his legs swinging, and his stomach lay on Pan Lei's shoulder. A grown man was being carried on someone’s shoulders. This was beyond embarrassing.

Tian Yuan became agitated and punched Pan Lei on the back with his fists.

"Let me go! You bandit, you rogue!!"

Pan Lei slapped him across the buttocks but felt that a slap was insufficient. If appeared Tian Yuan couldn't comprehend how worried and angry he was. He even borrowed a military helicopter to locate him, yet Tian Yuan still wanted to argue with him?

A few smacks covered Tian Yuan's buttocks, louder than before.

"You disobeyed me by fleeing. Will you risk it again the next time?"

Tian Yuan remained silent. How many people were spanked like a child and still had their dignity?

Since he couldn't beat Pan Lei, he began pinching his waist.

"Jerk, bandit! You're not a human being!"

Pan Lei loaded him into the chopper, then hopped up, shut the cabin door, and signaled for the pilot to leave.

Tian Yuan pounced on Pan Lei and was about to fight him to the death. Pan Lei wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan and used his body as a cage to entrap Tian Yuan in his arms. Pan Lei grabbed his two arms and cradled them in one hand. Tian Yuan was unable to break away. He couldn’t kick Pan Lei even if he wanted to since Pan Lei was sitting behind him.

"Stop making trouble! I’ll really beat you."

The pilot smiled as he turned his head to face Pan Lei.

"Major Pan, right? Is this the man you want to capture?"

"Yes, when I was not at home, my family’s man ran away by himself while being rebellious. I caught him and now I’m going to beat him for a long time. He will not dare to be disobedient again."

"Are you really willing to, Major Pan?"

Tian Yuan was stunned when he heard the words 'Are you willing to?'. Wasn’t Pan Lei going to return and bash him up?

"No, I don’t want to beat him."

Pan Lei bowed his head and nipped Tian Yuan on the neck. Tian Yuan screamed in agony. Pan Lei licked the bleeding tooth marks and moistened his lips. He smiled, his gaze fixed on Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan was crying without tears, his back was strangely cold, and he believed he would die soon.


[1] It means to be so focused on something that anything or anyone becomes an impediment to be overcome. Basically, Pan Lei is rampaging.


How will Pan Lei and Tian Yuan resolve this? Perhaps with some snu-snu? hehe

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April 23, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 66

Chapter 66 So nervous, so nervous

He was done for. This was a disaster. Pan Lei was now aware.

Tian Yuan was on the verge of crying as he held the phone.

So, what should he do now? What did Pan Lei, the bandit leader, want? What method did Pan Lei intend to use to clean him up? Those were the things he was most interested in learning.

Pan Lei started tearing down the room. He shattered all of the tables, chairs, and benches. He kicked the furniture, punched the glass, and knocked the door off its hinges with three or four kicks. He was wheezing violently, like a caged beast. If Tian Yuan had been in front of him at the time, he would have really pounced on him and beat him.

Tian Yuan had been disobedient. Pan Lei spoiled him rotten, yet he disagreed with him. He still went his own way, no matter what Pan Lei told him. Pan Lei wouldn't be able to get rid of his rage unless he cleaned him up or thrashed him. He had no choice but to follow him and bring him back.

They used to mess about a lot. Pan Lei would coax and pamper Tian Yuan whenever he acted coquettishly or lost his temper. He treated Tian'er as if he were a treasured possession, and he gave him his whole attention. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, had crossed his bottom line.

Pan Lei would lavish him with love and attention, but he had to be obedient. He had informed Tian’er that he was not permitted to go. What was the big deal about resigning? Wasn’t it preferable to join the Armed Police Hospital? But this was Tian Yuan's reaction to him? By slipping away? He'd sent all his friends and brothers to hold him back, to look after him, to make him happy. What, though, did Tian Yuan do to him?

There was no one to control Tian Yuan and beat him. Yes, discipline would bring him to his senses. People truly needed rules and regulations. When he caught Tian’er, he would teach him an unforgettable lesson.

Pan Lei drew his belt and slammed the last remaining chair with a snap.

The soldiers who heard it were so scared that they dispersed with a swish. Devil Pan was possessed. Nobody wanted to provoke him.

Pan Lei's team competed in the military tournament. It was impossible for him to leave as their captain. Tian Yuan, the small bunny boy, was getting further and further away, but he could only grind his teeth in rage.

He refused to let any of his squad members participate in the fighting contest the next day. He took part in person.

The reconnaissance company with which he competed had all been specifically trained. Because it was a competition, they would frequently use a light attack, simply hitting and stopping.

When Pan Lei entered the arena, he did not match the requirements. He was the action squadron's instructor and captain. He made it abundantly plain that he was bullying. The commander, on the other hand, laughed and waved his hand, allowing the bandit leader to go and observe how his talent had improved. He couldn't participate because he was an instructor, but they let him participate.

The commander of the reconnaissance company expressed his displeasure. "Commander, you must pay additional military expenses to the reconnaissance company. We require medical expenses!"

On the martial arts field, Pan Lei let out all of the rage he had been harboring all night. Even the team leader of reconnaissance was squashed like a bag by him. He smacked him repeatedly. The large soldier was practically in tears. Wasn't this simply bullying him to death?!

Pan Lei was irritated, but could he strike Tian Yuan? Could he whip him or punch him? It was unthinkable. Pan Lei was the one who was upset after they fought. Tian Yuan was his man. He was distraught to death if he simply scraped a small area of his skin. He wouldn't even allow him to use the kitchen knife to prepare dinner at home. How could he possibly have hit him? In other words, if he wanted to vent his rage with sheer force, he could only do so elsewhere. He was furious and didn't know what to do. This competition provided him with an excellent opportunity to put out the fire in his heart.

He thrashed the soldiers who took part in the fighting tournament. He'd feel uneasy if he didn't let out all of his rage that day. He defeated and beat all the combat warriors of the ordinary service to the ground in ten minutes.

The commander lifted his thumb up, admiring how good this special forces teacher was. Any mission could be accomplished with such a person leading the team.

The special forces team applauded, but Pan Lei remained unconcerned. The more he thought about it, the more enraged he became. He felt irritated enough to punch someone when he thought of Tian Yuan.

The special forces team's morale was buoyed by their instructor's outstanding performance, and they won all of the first prizes in a single breath. While holding the medal, Pan Lei's mouth twitched. He could finally leave the barracks now that the competition was over.

'Tian Yuan, you little scumbag, run, just try to run. I'll get back to you. See if I can't clean you up. If I don't show you the family law, you'll never take me seriously. You won't know who is in charge if you don't perceive my authority. You're so used to being pampered that unless I teach you a proper lesson, you’ll continue being stubborn. Let's see if you'll dare to run the next time.'

"Lead the team to the barracks. My family has rebelled. I'm going to beat him up and bring him back." Pan Lei instructed his deputy, hopped into the special team's car, a Land Rover, and drove out of the barracks in a dashing spin.

The reconnaissance company's commander was envious. "It's no surprise that the special forces are so proficient after their training. They're amazing, but can't we be awesome with such equipment? The Special Forces have three or four Land Rovers, Commander. We have nothing like this car to conduct our investigations. Send us a Land Rover as well."

The commander waved him away.

"The military finances for the special forces unit are allocated directly from above. The special forces squadron is a weapon. They also anticipate that they will be tasked with dangerous responsibilities. What if they aren't outfitted with cutting-edge technology? You should go to the border to battle the bandits if you have the ability."

The chief of the recon company[1] was depressed. Leaders of the other companies were also gloomy.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was not depressed. He was nervous to death. He persistently felt a cold wind blowing on his back, making him tremble. It was as if someone had cursed him with that feeling. He kept getting the impression that someone was staring at him viciously...

His hair sprang up, and his countenance became increasingly bitter. 'Pan Lei, why are you toying with me like this?' Pan Lei was like a nefarious guy out to get him. Tian Yuan had the impression that his name was on this villain's blacklist and that he would be beaten up. It made him feel uneasy. If Pan Lei was dissatisfied, they could have just talked about it and cleared the air. The panic in his heart was exacerbated by leaving him dangling like this all day. He was worried Pan Lei would pop out of nowhere. He couldn't stop wondering how Pan Lei would punish him.

It had now been two days since their call. Pan Lei would probably kill him if he held back his anger for two days.

"Xiao Tian'er, does your stomach hurt? Why is your face so ugly?"

Yes, his nervous stomach hurt, as did the rest of his body. He had no idea what would happen if Pan Lei was truly enraged.


[1] A company is a military unit that normally consists of 80–250 troops and is led by a major or a captain.


Ahh, Tian'er don't be so nervous. Poor baby.

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