June 27, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 88

Chapter 88 Honey, let’s meet my parents

Pan Lei's pampering had reached new heights. Pan Lei treated Tian Yuan as if he were an ancestor from the moment he awoke. He didn't miss out on the chance to kiss and bite, turning Tian Yuan's lips red and swollen and leaving small wounds.

"You beast."

Tian Yuan scowled at him and drank the water that Pan Lei had brought to his mouth.

"Don’t blame ge, okay? Ge’s been putting up with it for so long. I've given you everything I’ve saved over the last thirty years."

Tian Yuan recalled a joke. On a blind date, a woman met a forty-year-old bachelor. The bachelor claimed to have saved for forty years. Who knew the woman would limp out on the second day of marriage? She clung to a wall and cursed,, “Shit! I thought the forty years of savings was money.”

This animal turned out to be the same. All of his "savings" from the previous thirty years had been spent on him. It felt like he'd been run over by a massive truck. He couldn't move his limbs and was paralyzed from the waist down.

"H*r*y dog."

Tian Yuan had no way to express his rage and could only scold him. He really wanted to push this pervert down and kick him to death if he could.

"Ge loves you. Since I love you, I must love you well."

Pan Lei's face was dripping with smugness. He was like a servant to the spoiled and powerless beauty on the couch. He had no idea he could say such cheesy things. Look, after some physical activity with his doctor, he could recite poetry like a literati and was no longer coarse. With the soldiers, he was like a bandit.

"Get lost! You behave just like this[1]. Loving me well and making me sore!"

Tian Yuan's rage erupted, causing him to mispronounce his words. He was in pain all over, and it was all because of this jerk.

"Oh my! My good boy, you really make me love you to death. Come over and let ge kiss you again."

"Buzz off!"

Tian Yuan dodged to get away, but his waist hurt when he moved, causing him to cry out in agony.

Pan Lei quickly turned him over and massaged his waist and back, taking a few bites of soft tofu in the process.[2]

"I can't even go to work."

Tian Yuan grumbled a little. He needed to rest for a few days at the very least. Forget about surgery; in his current condition, he was unlikely to be able to go to the hospital.

"Honey, I'll request a leave of absence on your behalf, stating that you're too scared to work. Your hospital's Dr. Li is also scared and has taken a week off. Let's take a week off too. Tian'er, let's talk it over. Resign from this job, okay? At the very least, nothing like this will happen in the Armed Police Hospital."

Tian Yuan shook his head, refusing to agree. When he returned to work, he intended to convene a criticism meeting and severely criticize Dr. Li. The crisis arose as a result of her failure to perform her duties.

"You’re so stubborn."

Tian Yuan groaned in pain as Pan Lei lightly slapped his buttocks. His buttocks had been overworked, causing pain even when lightly touched.

He glared at Pan Lei, prompting him to kiss and rub his little butt a few times.

"I was mistaken, darling. I promise I will not cause you any more pain. Tian'er, you're a doctor, and you should know that as long as you can get used to it, you'll be fine. You will only experience pleasure."

"Pan Lei, if you keep blathering, I'll be furious."

He was thin-skinned and immediately blushed when Pan Lei said such shameless words to him.

Pan Lei quickly closed his mouth. It was the second day of their marriage, so quarrels were out of the question.

Life was fantastic. It felt great to wake up early in the morning with his beloved sleeping in his arms. What was the most lovely moment? It was the rain after a long drought, seeing an old friend in a foreign land, doing well on college entrance exams, and the candles illuminating the wedding chamber. He had just enjoyed their wedding night. It was now time for the new bride to pay her respects to her in-laws.[3]

It was his fault that Tian’er was lying on the bed and couldn't move. Today's plan to take him to meet his parents had to be scrapped.

"Tian'er, baby, let's discuss something."

Tian Yuan was half asleep. Pan Lei's massage was perfect, and all of the achy spots were relieved.

"Do you want to talk about my resignation?"

"No, you do not have to resign. If you get into any trouble, I'll take care of it. We can discuss it later. I was wondering if we could pay a visit to my house on a day off and you could meet my parents?"

If he dared to say, "I'll take you home to meet your in-laws," Tian Yuan would probably disregard his aches and pains and leap up to beat him. He wasn't afraid of being beaten up, but he was afraid Tian'er would get up and injure himself. The phrases “visit my parents” and “visit your parents-in-law” meant completely different things.

Tian Yuan froze for a moment when he heard those words, and then he realized that Pan Lei's family had a large number of relatives. What if they all objected to them being together as a couple? What are they going to do? It was said that children were their parents' shadows. Already, the three Pan brothers were extremely powerful. What positions did their parents and grandparents hold?

Would his parents come out to oppose him after they were together, after he confessed his love, after the lingering affection of a night? Will they be the modern-day equivalents of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai? Would his parents be cruel and request that they split up? Would they die of depression, no matter how deep their love was? And then transform into a pair of butterflies and fly away together?

"My parents have long been aware of your existence. My father took the newspaper the day you were mentioned in it and paraded it around the military base. He introduced you as my boyfriend. My mother keeps calling, pleading with me to take you home. My grandparents came here specifically to see you. Let's wait until your health improves before going to see them. Yes, that's right! There appear to have been some meetings in the military area in the last few days, so both of my uncles have come over. It's just a family get-together."

While spewing nonsense, this jerk was as cunning as a fox. Even if Pan Lei was a bandit who went down the mountain to loot, his parents would probably be proud of him. But would they have anything but contempt for a man who had kidnapped their son? He dared to claim it was just a family get-together? When a guy brought his girlfriend home and introduced her to his extended family, it was a joyous occasion. But, if their beloved son brought a man into the family, would they rejoice?

"Eldest brother and second brother will also be present. My eldest sister-in-law is the sweetest person I've ever met. She appears to be a gentle Jiangnan lady[4], but she is a martial arts expert. She is constantly fighting with my eldest brother and does not hold back. My eldest brother does not dare to fight back because our family has a rule that we cannot hit women. So my eldest brother is always thrashed by my sister-in-law. They have a cute little girl. Eldest sister-in-law is blunt and direct. Maybe she'll give the family another child soon."

Tian Yuan remained silent and said nothing. Pan Lei was laughing as he talked about the strange things that happened in his family. The entire Pan family appeared to be full of freaks. Pan Lei was not the oddest of the bunch.

Even after talking for a long time, Pan Lei didn't hear Tian Yuan's response. On the pillow, he was motionless. Pan Lei reasoned that it was because he was too tired from the previous night's exercise.

He stroked his back, stroked his hair, and kissed his lips. He inquired, his voice low.


Tian Yuan nodded.

"Go to sleep if you’re tired. I'll make porridge for you."

Tian Yuan was unable to sleep. He was ready to spend his entire life with Pan Lei now that they were a couple - a life of joy, free of pain. Their love, however, was not widely accepted. They couldn't ignore the pressures of society and their family. What were they supposed to do?

Pan Lei returned shortly after to check on Tian Yuan. When he saw him awake, he quietly closed the door before leaving, then returned to look at him again. Tian Yuan was still awake when he arrived for the third time. He was clearly upset rather than tired. What was the problem? Why was he so downcast on the second day of their marriage?

"Baby, what are you thinking about,? Tell me about it."

It appeared that a good conversation was absolutely necessary. Pan Lei sat next to him and drew him into his arms. Tian Yuan shook his hand and began to play.

"Can't we just live like this? Do we need to see your parents?"

"Don’t be silly. You're the person I'd like to spend the rest of my life with. Do you want me to be sneaky like having a mistress? I will not only take you back, but I will also marry you. We'll hold a lovely ceremony in the military compound. I'll marry you into the family with pomp and grace."

"Your parents will be livid."

"You'll fall in love with my family, baby. You will fall in love with them as soon as you meet them. They will not look down on you. Instead, they will welcome you. My mother was overjoyed to learn that there is someone in the world who is willing to live with me for the rest of my life. She stated that she will burn incense, worship the Buddha, and provide you with a washing board. Don't be overly concerned. You will become ill if you do not get enough sleep. Be obedient and rest well; enjoy a week of vacation at home, and then we'll return home once you've recovered."

Tian Yuan had a sour expression on his face. This week, he decided it would be better to lie in bed and pretend to be a patient. At the very least, he wouldn't have to meet Pan Lei's parents.

Tian Yuan needed to use the restroom. He gave it a quick glance before turning to face Pan Lei. His message was clear. Pan Lei immediately bent down and picked him up, carrying him to the bathroom in a princess-carry.

"Baby, can you stand steady? Do you want me to support you?"

"I'm not paralyzed. You go out."

Was Pan Lei the type to go out obediently? Obviously not. He coquettishly rubbed Tian Yuan's back and buttocks.

"Isn’t it my fault that you’re feeling sore? How about I help you hold your little head."

"Get out! Pan Lei, your uncle, hurry up and die for me!"

Tian Yuan blushed and ignored the pain in his waist and back. He turned around and slammed the door in Pan Lei's face. Pan Lei knocked on the door and continued his shameless spiel.

"What's wrong with letting me hold him? I kissed and pleased him last night till he was crying in excitement. Why don't you let me touch him now? You’re bullying me after taking advantage of me. Haven’t I kissed every inch of your body? Even your..."

Tian Yuan was so irritated that he couldn't pee. He snatched the shower gel and hurled it at the door. He couldn't stand it any longer when this jerk was spewing nonsense.

Pan Lei, indeed, stopped talking nonsense after the bang.

Tian Yuan leaned on his waist and opened the door, only to find Pan Lei sitting on the floor outside the door, pityingly looking at him like an abandoned puppy.

"My husband doesn’t want me anymore, he doesn't want to talk to me, he doesn't need my help, he abandons me after enjoying my body, this heartless man."

Tian Yuan couldn't bear it and lifted his leg to give him another kick.

Pan Lei grabbed his leg and kissed him on the calf. He spoke fawningly, almost wagging his tail.

"Darling, it looks like your body doesn't hurt anymore. Let's go home tomorrow."


[1] Tian Yuan wanted to say “You behaved like a b**ta*d and made me sore.” Instead it sounds like “Keep behaving like this and make me sore.” lol

[2] Pan Lei took the chance to be hanky-panky.

[3] In Chinese wedding traditions, the second day of marriage is for “offering tea and paying respects” to the in-laws. Think of it as a formality to indicate “The bride is now part of the groom’s family.”

[4] Traditional Chinese culture considers the Jiangnan woman the standard of beauty. They are generally described as gentle as water.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 87

Chapter 87 I’ll do push-ups, you’ll do sit-ups

Tian Yuan was like a ship on the sea, constantly being pushed to the highest point by massive waves.

He felt as if he had been stabbed by a gigantic spear, the penetration so deep that it could squeeze his heart out of his throat as it entered from behind. It had reached the deepest portion of his body, so deep that he couldn't even detect it.

The thick and hot thing was like a scorching iron rod, scalding his delicate flesh that was being stretched and held to the limit, as if it were about to tear in the next second. He couldn't even take a breath.

Pan Lei moved back a bit and pressed in again, allowing Tian Yuan only a split second to gasp. Tian Yuan's muscles tensed reflexively, his breathing was restricted, and all he could do was grab Pan Lei's back hard, leaving scratch marks on his back.

Pan Lei was focused on Tian Yuan's reaction. He would stop moving and kiss him lightly till he relaxed before starting again as long as his voice contained a tinge of agony. Pan Lei felt suffocated both inside and out, the tight and heated fit making him impatient.

Tian Yuan's gaze was clouded as he hugged Pan Lei. He could only hold Pan Lei tightly, unable to say anything but huge gasps and sporadic cries for mercy when Pan Lei plunged too far. He couldn't put into words how he felt. He only knew he'd never felt this way before. He could only stick to Pan Lei and move his body in time with him.

"Ge, so good, so deep!"

He exclaimed, his heart hammering furiously, as if his internal organs had been displaced by the pounding. Would his heart leap from his mouth?

Pan Lei had his hand wrapped around his waist. Tian Yuan's waist had light bruises from being squeezed so hard, but he refused to let go.

He drew out and shoved back, going deeper than ever before.

"Does it feel comfortable? Does it hurt?"

Because of his quick thrust, Tian Yuan frowned and let out a loud moan, and Pan Lei had a few more red nail marks on his back.

"So good, so hot, I'm sore!"

He couldn't put it into words. It was too strange to ask him if he was comfortable right now, okay? Was it pleasant to have a hot iron body inside you?

Pan Lei chuckled quietly. This time, he didn't pull out. Instead, he made Little Pan Lei move against Tian Yuan's special spot.

Slowly, he moved his hips in a circle, brushing against his prostrate.

"Is it comfortable now? Tell me, is it comfortable?"

Tian Yuan yelled, his waist stiffened, and he viciously bit Pan Lei's shoulder in retaliation. You are the devil! This rascal was teasing him.

"Pan Lei, you jerk, I'll clean you up!"

He was a tyrant who only knew how to bully him. Even at this time, he was bullying him.

Pan Lei thought their current position was satisfactory. Tian Yuan was seated on his lap, their chests and lower abdomens pressed against one other. Tian Yuan's little wilted head was still rubbing against his lower abdomen, and all the liquids were splattered over their lower body.

Pan Lei tightened his grip once more. He didn't slow down this time to give Tian Yuan time to adjust. His waist was like a powerful engine that had been revved up to maximum power. It was unstoppable once activated.

Pan Lei's stamina of doing 2000 push-ups, as well as the special forces' physical power, finally came in handy.

Pan Lei tightly grasped Tian Yuan's shoulders with one hand while holding his waist with the other. He clung on Tian Yuan so tightly that with each push he could go upwards a little, but he couldn't leave his arms.

Pan Lei's fast thrusts cut Tian Yuan's speech. His mind exploded before he could yell. His shouts had faded into grunts as he gasped for air. Tian Yuan had been completely destroyed. His vision was filled with white as he rode wave after wave of ecstasy, his body heating up from the inside and outside like he was engulfed in boiling water. He could only cling to this one person.

Tian Yuan never knew he was so flexible. Pan Lei grabbed him and thrusted fiercely, then he slowly laid down, moving his legs and placing them on his shoulders, but he still held on to Pan Lei. Tian Yuan's back brushed against the bed with each push, and he could feel his back heating up from the friction. He had the sensation that he was going to catch fire. Pan Lei was moving too quickly and too deeply.

"Ge, ge, slow down, ah... slow down!"

Every push was heavy and powerful, and just as it appeared to have reached the deepest point, the next thrust went deeper. His special spot was stroked repeatedly, and he could hear the squelching sounds, which were so wet and loud that they made his ear blush hot.

"Good boy, ge has missed you for far too long, ge loves you, and I’ll love you well because I adore you."

Pan Lei flipped him over and hugged Tian Yuan closer to his body than ever before, causing his body to soften and tumble down regularly. Pan Lei cradled him in his arms since Tian Yuan had no more strength. How could he have the stamina of a special forces soldier? He was absolutely exhausted after a few rounds. He had no idea how many times he had erupted. The bedsheet was damp from sweat and other things, and the air in the room had been musky for a long time. Tian Yuan had no idea how long they had been at it. He didn't know what time it was, but he knew it had been a long time. He was flung around like a rag doll by Pan Lei, who shifted their positions repeatedly.

"Ge, please, please."

Pan Lei thrust once again, and Tian Yuan's body rose and sank with it. Tian Yuan's tears flowed as he clutched Pan Lei and gasped for air. It wasn't because he wanted to cry, but because he couldn't stop himself. The ferocity was too much for him to handle.

Pan Lei's body warmed up, and Little Pan Lei saluted once more. This time he was no longer a general, but a marshal.

Tian Yuan was twenty-eight years old, but in Pan Lei's eyes, his tears and begging were as adorable as a five-to-six-year-old child begging for candy.

Pan Lei wrapped his arm around his waist to help him move up and down, and with his other hand, he caressed the little head in front of him that was dripping with white liquid.

"Usually, even if you frown, I feel distressed to death. Now you’re crying and begging me, but I don’t feel bothered at all. I just want you to cry a little harder. Darling, sweetheart, call me ge. This ge will let you go right away."


Tian Yuan was extremely obedient at this time. Forget “ge”; as long as Pan Lei let him go, he could say whatever he wanted.

When he gazed at Pan Lei with pitiful teary eyes, Pan Lei felt as though the “tyrant” nerve in his body had been scratched. He wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist, pulled him up, and then let him go as he pushed forward, initiating a smooth thrust.

Tian Yuan shook his head, his hair saturated with sweat, writhing furiously on Pan Lei's lower belly, scratching his chest.

Pan Lei kept slamming deeply, fast, and forcefully, causing Tian Yuan to scream and shoot again, before falling quietly into his arms.

Pan Lei squeezed his buttocks, gave a few deep and fast strokes, then pressed down on Tian Yuan's body, and exploded.

Tian Yuan felt he was about to die. Pan Lei had wrung him dry.

Pan Lei took a few deep breaths, gripped and caressed his butt a few times, and clutched him to his chest. He took up most of Tian Yuan's back as he wrapped his two large hands around him.

"Stop making trouble."

Tian Yuan's voice was raspy from screaming for too long and too loudly.

His voice was soft as he asked Pan Lei to stop making trouble. He couldn’t take it anymore.

Pan Lei lowered his head, found his lips, nibbled lightly and then kissed him again.  

Tian Yuan was teased by him and couldn't help but open his mouth to kiss him.

Little Pan Lei was still in his body and had a slight change. Tian Yuan shoved Pan Lei away in an instant, warning him hoarsely.

"I said don't make trouble."

Little Pan Lei was raring to go for another round, filling his body to the brim.

"I won’t make trouble, I won’t make trouble. Darling, don’t be let this. Let me kiss you, okay?"

Tian Yuan pushed his face away, refusing to let him near.

"Pull out, jerk, pull it out."

Pan Lei turned around and spooned Tian Yuan to his side, his back resting on his chest and his arms wrapped around him, cradling his world in his arms. He kissed Tian Yuan's neck and pinched his swollen little fruit with his dishonest fingers.

Tian Yuan grabbed his hand and bit on it. Didn't he say no?

"Tian'er, have you seen a special forces soldier's incredible stamina? I can perform 2000 push-ups. Allow me to demonstrate once more."

Tian Yuan had long noticed that Little Pan Lei was saluting. He'd die from exhaustion if they did it again.

He attempted to crawl away with his arms and legs. But where could he go after crawling away with Pan Lei's arms around him?

Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan back and lowered his face. Little Pan Lei quickly identified his target and entered again, bending one of Tian Yuan's legs.

"Tian'er, I'll do two thousand push-ups. You can keep track of them."

He really started doing push-ups, with Little Pan Lei always hitting the target. Pan Lei moved his hips slowly, entering deeply and pulling away an inch at a time.

Tian Yuan couldn't help but grab Pan Lei’s waist and was forced to accept his movements.

"Pan Lei, you arrogant jerk! Two thousand times is enough to kill me!"

He believed it okay? He was convinced that Pan Lei's waist was powerful and that he could do two thousand push-ups. Hadn't he experienced it firsthand?!

"Good boy, call me ge, I will do it a few times less."

Who was the most hateful person in the world? Except for Pan Lei, no one.

Tian Yuan was threatened, so he had to listen to him and call out “ge” twice and then turned his head to look at him pleadingly.

Pan Lei kissed him on the cheek.

"Good boy, I will do one thousand nine hundred and ninety-eight."

Tian Yuan screamed in outrage. He should never have said anything to this jerk. He should not have confessed, should not have performed this exercise with him, and should not have acknowledged him!

Tian Yuan fainted after erupting again, and Pan Lei's push-ups came to a halt. Their fluids had mingled to form a tiny pool.

Pan Lei lowered his head, and he kissed him softly.

"Didn't I say I'd make you scream for mercy before I let you go? You make me fall deeper and deeper, good boy."

Pan Lei was thrilled that they were now a true wedded pair. What was even more amazing was that he had eaten his fill and was content. Pan Lei sprang out of bed and went to the bathroom to clean-up. There was no trace of exhaustion after the strenuous activity.

In truth, he adored Tian Yuan. Otherwise, his stamina would allow him to continue exercising until daybreak, but Tian Yuan would almost certainly have to visit the hospital.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 86

Chapter 86 Ge’s good boy**

This time he wouldn't stop in the middle, and Tian Yuan wouldn't be terrified because the person hugging him was the one he wanted to love for the rest of his life.

Tian Yuan clutched Pan Lei's shoulders, stretched eagerly towards him, showering deep kisses from various angles on Pan Lei before he could counterattack, and took the initiative to kiss him. It was the first time he had taken the initiative. When he ran his fingers through Pan Lei's hair, the scratchy ends tickled his palms, just the way his kisses scratched his heart.

Pan Lei couldn't take his eyes off the man in his arms, and they crashed on the bed. Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan on the lips several times, caressing Tian Yuan's fragile neck with his chin stubble till it turned red. Then he started kissing seriously, biting at his earlobe, wishing he could swallow Tian'er whole in one mouthful.

"My baby, my Tian’er, my darling!"

Pan Lei's heart was probably in an utter mess for the first time in his life. All of these lovely nicknames, he felt, fell short of conveying his sentiments for the person in his arms. He valued this man far more than his own life. Tian'er was his soul. Pan Lei fell in love with him in a thousand ways after witnessing this sharp-tongued man behave sweetly as he submitted in his arms and allowed him to kiss in every way.

"Get lost! Your uncle! Get lost! If you call me such messy names, I… I’ll stab you to death!"

Tian Yuan blushed with embarrassment as he heard Pan Lei's love words; or perhaps it was because Pan Lei had unbuttoned his shirt and placed his hand squarely on his chest, causing him to feel heated.

"Change the way of killing okay? I just want to die on your body. I'm willing to die from exhaustion in order to be a real newly married couple with you."

Pan Lei smirked as he moved Tian Yuan's shirt aside and nibbled on his collarbone. His physical strength was unrivaled. Even two thousand push-ups were no trouble. Tian Yuan would undoubtedly die a hundred times before he could be exhausted on Tian Yuan. Cough, what a way to die!

Tian Yuan was enraged. Even during this moment, this jerk didn't forget to tease him.

He raised his leg to kick him. Pan Lei grabbed his calf, removed his socks, then reached over to loosen his belt.

Tian Yuan took a deep breath as he heard the zipper slide down. He was prepared to devote himself to Pan Lei. They were familiar with each other's bodies and had done some embarrassing and heart-pounding things at night, but they had never gone all the way. He was still shy when confronted with such great intimacy.

Tian Yuan raised his arm and covered his eyes.

Pan Lei took in his chest's strong undulations as well as the little pink fruit that rose high and low, clearly a temptation. His body trembled from shyness, and his skin was somewhat pink. He was like a night pearl that glowed softly in the dark. Pan Lei was completely enchanted.

He tugged and pushed his pants down without halting his hand. But he still dropped his head and lowered his body, worshiping the small fruit with his lips. He sucked deeply before licking them using the tip of his tongue. Tian Yuan uttered a stifled grunt in response to the rough tip of the tongue. He bit gently at the small red fruit with his teeth till it stiffened and glistened. He turned to the other side after taking care of it.

Pan Lei lavished kisses on the little fruit on one side, before moving on to the other side. He gently sucked, licked, and bit, each kiss leaving a scarlet trace. These marks were like way-points indicating the path he had taken on his quest to shower Tian Yuan with love.

The trousers fell off the bed as he kissed down from the little fruit, leaving red marks with his teeth and tongue travelling along the waist, all the way to the lower abdomen.

Tian Yuan couldn't stop himself as the tip of Pan Lei's tongue circled around his belly button. He was ticklish and terrified. It was agonizing to be licked and kissed with that silky, slippery tongue. Tian Yuan coiled up and was prepared to kick him with his feet.

"If you want to do it, just do it. Your scratching is making me itch! You’ll tickle me to death!"

This time, it was clear that his red face was not the result of shyness or nervousness, but of suppressed laughing.

"Why are you smiling? You’re destroying the mood! Don’t laugh!"

Pan Lei was furious and wanted to spank him. Why did he encounter such a nervous individual? He was as rigid as a telephone pole. He was masterfully tormenting him and creating a fantastic environment with foreplay, but Tian'er felt he was scratching him? He had destroyed the room's lovely scenery.

Tian Yuan screamed as Pan Lei grabbed his ankle and bit down on the outside of his foot. Pan Lei bit him lightly. He kissed his foot just enough to leave a tooth mark, then raised his foot and kissed it.

Tian Yuan's feet were significantly smaller than his. They were really tender and white since they didn't get enough sunlight all year. Pan Lei had bathed his feet previously and knew that his toes, like jade carvings, were equally exquisite.

On the bed, Tian Yuan's upper torso twisted furiously. He had no idea that after kissing his waist, Pan Lei would start kissing his feet. He couldn't stand it any longer and burst out laughing.

What love words? What sweet nothings? What foreplay? There was no trace of a romantic atmosphere at all. Tian Yuan yelled and laughed, twisting like a lunatic on the bed, while Pan Lei appeared determined to kiss his feet.

It was all right. He couldn't get away as long as he grabbed Tianer's legs, even if he twisted again.

Tian Yuan twisted around, laughing and screaming, until only gasps, pleadings for mercy, and groans escaped his mouth.

Pan Lei kissed his ankle and calf, covering every inch of his flesh, before lifting Tian Yuan's leg to his shoulder. Pan Lei's lips made contact with the softest portion of his inner thigh, nibbled, and then kissed passionately, the red marks forming a pattern. Tian Yuan's laughter went lower and lower as Pan Lei's kisses rose higher and higher. He was gasping for air towards the end. He began to clench his fists. He didn't know what to grab, so he had to cling to the bedsheet.

Tian Yuan moaned when Pan Lei lifted the edge of his underpants and kissed the inside of his mermaid line.

Little Tian was pushed up on his briefs, poised for action. Pan Lei, on the other hand, did not touch little Tian. He moved over and began kissing the area on the other side of it.

The tender little flesh still carried the hickeys he had left behind the last time. All the rubbing had left red markings on the inside of his thighs. All of these marks were evidence of Pan Lei's resilience the last time they became entangled. As a result, he would show no restraint today.

The controlled fire could not simply vanish. On the contrary, it became larger and larger.

Pan Lei removed Tian Yuan's underpants and continued kissing him. But he didn't even touch little Tian, entirely disregarding it. Let him laugh, let him destroy the atmosphere by laughing again! He’d just tie a rubber band around little Tian! Even if he sobbed and begged for compassion, he wouldn't let go!

"Pan Lei, Pan Lei!"

Tian Yuan was in a stupor. His thinking became dizzy as heat surged through his body. He felt as if he were lying on ice, and Pan Lei's kisses and touch were like a ball of fire, searing him and rendering him unable to follow his motions. He shifted his body, blindly attempting to have Pan Lei touch the spot most in need of his attention. He wanted Pan Lei to touch it, even if only once, but he refused. He panted, raised his head, and realized he didn't have enough air, so he yelled desperately, "Pan Lei, Pan Lei, help me!"

In his mind, there was only one name, only one person, and only he could help relieve this cold and searing torment. Tian Yuan kept calling him, longing for his embrace, for him to hug him hard and lavish him with affection.

Pan Lei lifted his body and kissed him several times. Tian Yuan was like a starving guy who has finally found an oasis in the desert. As he locked lips with Pan Lei, their tongues entangled, his response was almost urgent. With one palm clamped on the bed sheet, he tightened his grip on Pan Lei.

Pan Lei reached for the nightstand cupboard and opened it. He remembered putting the aloe vera gel Lin Mu had given him in it. He hadn't yet prepared the essential products, so the aloe vera gel could be used as a substitute.

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan passionately, then dropped his body and squeezed out a dollop of the gel, having finally grasped it in a hurry. He put one hand around Little Tian, and his gel-coated fingers went exploring at the same time.


Tian Yuan yelled. He wasn't sure if it was because little Tian was being aroused or because the chilly gel was piercing his body.

Pan Lei traced each blood vessel with the tip of his tongue, coated little Tian with saliva, placed it in his mouth, and sucked gently. At the same moment, his fingers moved in shallow thrusts. He sank two fingers quickly as he felt the muscles loosen slightly.

Tian Yuan gasped violently, clutching at Pan Lei’s hair. Due to Pan Lei’s crew-cut, he couldn't grab anything, and could only claw the bedsheet desperately. He couldn't keep the gasping, weeping, and groaning at bay any longer. He shifted his body in an attempt to evade the tremendous stimulation.

Pan Lei swallowed little Tian, kissing around it, while simultaneously pressing down on the sensitive nerves near his chrysanthemum and lightly stimulating them with his fingertips. Tian Yuan was like a fish out of water, and straightened his waist violently.

Little Tian had become extremely sensitive. Tian Yuan was driven insane when Pan Lei inserted a third finger, his fingers pumping in and out. His moans became a yell.

"Pan Lei, Pan Lei! Don't, don't, Pan Lei, let me go!"

Pan Lei pressed hard and put little Tian in his mouth again.


Tian Yuan erupted, a scorching hot white liquid spraying out. He called out to Pan Lei with the word he wanted to hear the most, ge. Ge, Tian Yuan’s gege; Pan Lei was only Tian Yuan’s dige[1].

Pan Lei couldn't stop himself after hearing this word. He pulled out his fingers, grabbed Little General Pan Lei, and pushed in.

He wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist and pressed him against his chest.

"Baby, my darling, hold onto ge."

Tian Yuan sobbed, his thoughts went blank, and he had the impression that his body was not his own. All he could hear was Pan Lei telling him to hug him tightly, so he did. He put his arms around Pan Lei's neck, his legs around his waist, and hugged Pan Lei with all the strength he had left.

"You’re a good boy. Bite on ge’s shoulder if it hurts. Ge adores you, ge loves you, ge loves you a lot. Now ge will love you dearly*."

He couldn’t be called a man if he continued holding back. He kissed Tian Yuan’s ear, whispering hot loving words while tightening his waist and slowly entered, hurting Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan’s red face turned pale, and he shrank back because of the pain.

"Ge, ge, it hurts, ge!"

He called out ge repeatedly, attempting to elicit sympathy from Pan Lei. Pan Lei, on the other hand, refused to back down and gritted his teeth. Hearing Tian Yuan call out "ge" was exciting for him, and he couldn't take it any longer. He gritted his teeth and went all in with a fierce "Damn!"

Tian Yuan screamed and bit him on the shoulder.

"Good boy, you’re ge’s good boy. Bear it, bear it."

Pan Lei didn't dare to act rashly. He caressed Tian Yuan’s back again and again, enduring the tightness and blistering heat from his body while he waited for him to relax. Then he’d satisfy himself as well as Tian’er.


[1] It means “taxi driver”. Basically, they are each other’s first lovers.  

** A little explanation. The word used is guai bao. Here guai=well-behaved, bao=treasure/precious. The word translates as "obedient treasure", which of course sounds ridiculous in English. So I decided to go with "good boy" because later Tian Yuan calls Pan Lei 'ge', which is elder brother. So there's no "pedo" here folks. Just to be clear.

*When Pan Lei says - "Ge adores you, ge loves you, ge loves you a lot. Now ge will love you dearly." - the "love you dearly" refers to physical love. The sentence is something like this, "I love and adore you, so I want to make love with you." I wasn't sure if this is clear. Hence the note.


This was so embarrassing to translate. Aiya, my face is red like a monkey's butt (#/。\#) I have tried my best to make it hot and yet romantic. I hope I have done a decent job👉👈

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June 16, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Forever has to be forever

The bomb squad and special forces team arrived and quickly dispatched the assailant. Dr. Li was so terrified that she passed out. Pan Lei directed the team to remove them as soon as possible. They were only in charge of rescue. They had nothing to do with the follow-up.

Pan Lei held Tian Yuan in his arms while the police took over everything. He was trembling, and he had to be scared.

"Pan Lei, let’s, let's go back."

Tian Yuan thought the day had been terrifying, especially the last scene in which Pan Lei held a detonator that was about to explode in his hand. Every time he remembered it, he couldn't stop shaking. He just wanted to leave and go home. He couldn't take the tension any longer.

Pan Lei comforted him with a hug before turning around and signaling to Pan Ge that he was about to leave.

When they got into the car, Tian Yuan, who was terrified, lay limp on the seat, still clutching Pan Lei's hand. Pan Lei caressed his pale face and kissed his brow in comfort.

"It's okay, baby; let's go home now."

Tian Yuan refused to let go of Pan Lei's hand, as if doing so would ensure Pan Lei's safety. Pan Lei was upset and had to drive with one hand. Fortunately, their residence was not far from the hospital. Pan Lei half-helped and half-carried Tian Yuan back home, placing him on the sofa before turning to get a cup of water.

Since they were in love, they had to be together for a lifetime. Neither of them was allowed to leave halfway. Because their feelings were strong and they wanted to be together, they couldn't let this kind of danger destroy their feelings. Tian Yuan was unfazed by anything. But what he dreaded the most were these perilous situations in which an accident could cost Pan Lei his life. Pan Lei had spoiled him so much; they had shared so much sweetness, so much distress, and so much indulgence. He couldn't function without this person. If Pan Lei had an accident, if he died, he’d live and die in loneliness.

Loneliness is having no one in your heart. But to have someone in your heart and yet be unable to have your Mr. Perfect[1] beside you was utter misery.

Pan Lei was in his heart. He didn't want Pan Lei to be involved in an accident. He wished to spend his entire life with Pan Lei. He didn't want to be alone.

Even if Pan Lei cared more about him than his own safety, he couldn't let him be so scared. At the time, if he had been even one second late, if the delay had been only a second, Pan Lei, Pan Lei...

Tian Yuan hid his face behind his hands. He couldn't bear thinking about it any longer. What he dreaded the most was Pan Lei being in danger.

He couldn't bear the thought of Pan Lei getting into an accident. He was terrified thinking that Pan Lei would say he'd come back, but never return. If he died… if he died, he, a person spoiled by Pan Lei, would not survive.

It didn't matter if people said he was overly spoiled or lacked psychological endurance. He couldn't afford for Pan Lei to get into an accident.

The greater the love, the greater the fear. That was most likely it. He was afraid that something bad would happen to Pan Lei, that he would be in danger, and that their goodbye kiss would be one of farewell.

He hoped that he would live a safe life as the person who loved him the most in the world. They should love to the end since they loved each other. Leave neither halfway nor abruptly. They should be able to live and die together. It was his one and only request.

Pan Lei brought a cup of water, sat down next to Tian Yuan, and handed the cup over.

"It's no longer hot, so take a sip to keep your mind at ease. It's all over, it's fine, everything is fine."

Yes, he was the man who had been calling him baby and treating him as if he were a child, laughing and playing with him, making him happy, and using all of his contacts for him. He adored him, looked after him, and spoiled him. That was the unwavering love for him, the accumulation of so many deep feelings. Pan Lei found it simple to care for him because he loved him. Kneeling down to propose was one way to show love, and cooking for him was another.

‘Please, God, don't put this person in danger. Allow him to retire in peace. Allow him to accompany me safely for the rest of my life.'

He raised his eyes and looked at Pan Lei. Pan Lei was scared because his eyes were a little teary. 'What's wrong? What exactly is he thinking? Why are his eyes wet?'

"Baby, what's the matter with you? Are you scared? It's okay, be good..."

Tian Yuan stood up fiercely. Despite the hot water cup in his hand, he stood up and sat on Pan Lei, clinging to his neck tightly. He hugged Pan Lei with all his might, causing him to lean back with great force. Pan Lei quickly set the cup in his hand aside after a while.

"Take care. The water could burn you."

Tian Yuan turned around, threw the water cup to the ground, dashed forward, and pinched Pan Lei's shoulder, forcing them to face each other.

‘Why is he acting crazy? Why did he throw the cup?’

Pan Lei didn't have the time to respond. He was struck on his shoulders before he could think about how he had provoked Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan was frantic and desperate, shaking his shoulders obstinately.

"Pan Lei, let me tell you, since you say you’ll love me for a lifetime, it has to be a lifetime. You are not allowed to leave halfway through, you are not allowed to die, and you are not allowed to be in jeopardy. Forever has to be forever. It represents my entire life. It means you won't abandon me until I die. Listen up. A lifetime is just that: a lifetime. One day, one hour, one minute, or even one second less is not a lifetime. Till the day I close my eyes, you will live well for me, remaining with me until the end. I will dig up your body, dissect you, grind your bones, and scatter your ashes if you dare to leave halfway, if you dare to have an accident, if you dare to leave me alone in this world.

Don't kiss me and say, "Wait for me to return," then die and make me wait for someone who will never return. You must live a long, safe life with me, free of danger and death. I don’t have the identity to know if anything bad happens to you. Your missions are classified. Even if you pass away, they will only notify your parents. You can't make me wait a lifetime. Pan Lei, keep this in mind. You are not permitted to abandon me and die first. Remember, this is my entire life. You are not allowed to leave if I don't allow you to do so!"

Pan Lei's brain crashed. He was truly unable to respond at this critical juncture due to information overload.

Tian Yuan yelled, his voice echoing in Pan Lei's ears.

'Did he say he wanted to spend his entire life with me? Not one day, an hour, a minute, or even a second less? I’m not allowed to die? I’m not allowed to leave? We’ll stay together until our hair turns white?

Does it… does it… does it mean that Tian’er agreed to be with me?!

Is this the so-called vow to promise each other a lifetime and never give up?!’

Pan Lei's was overjoyed. He was so overjoyed that he was about to burst. He quickly pushed Tian Yuan away, asking him to repeat himself to ensure that he truly agreed to be with him for the rest of his life.

"Tian'er, my baby, my darling, tell me again. Did you just agree to marry me?"

"Marry your uncle's head."

Tian Yuan pushed his hand away from him and hugged him again, almost squeezing Pan Lei's neck. He would not let go of this man for the rest of his life, and Pan Lei was not allowed to let go either.

"You frightened me to death. Why don't you stop doing such risky things? You have no idea how concerned I am. You would have been doomed with just one second of delay. I beg you, Pan Lei. Can you please stop doing these risky things for my sake? What would I do if you get hurt? Why’d you spoil me so much? I really don't know what to do. I can't imagine what I'd do if you weren't in my life."

Pan Lei's hand tightened around his waist. Tian Yuan didn't have to admit anything. He couldn't have been more specific about what he'd said. He had promised Tian'er a lifetime of love and happiness.

When Tian Yuan said this, he nodded. They would live together lovingly.

Pan Lei clutched his treasure in his arms. Tian Yuan was his hard-won sweetheart. From now on, this sharp-tongued, soft-hearted baby would belong solely to him.

Pan Lei buried his head in Tian Yuan’s neck, and hugged him tightly.

"I will not leave you. I now have a family and a lover. I will protect myself for you when I go on a mission. I will come back alive and love my baby. I'll treat him as if he were an ancestor. I'll shower him with all the joy in the world. I want him to be happy every day, and I don't want him to be sorry for having followed me his entire life."

Tian Yuan smiled but said nothing. He had no other request as long as he returned safely.

"I'll be satisfied if you return safely."

Even if they couldn't see each other every day, it was reassuring to know he was safe. He'd be waiting for him to return eagerly.

"Yes Sir!"

Pan Lei gave him a military salute. Tian Yuan, who was sitting on his lap, laughed when he saw him playing tricks. He couldn't take his gaze away from Pan Lei. Pan Lei had lavished him with tenderness and love, and he had been treated incredibly well. Pan Lei didn't care about anyone's criticism, and despite his reservations, he had always loved him.

This life would not be in vain if he was treasured and loved by him for the rest of his life.

Pan Lei cocked his head and kissed Tian Yuan's palm.

Their gazes locked. Pan Lei's eyes were burning. Tian Yuan reasoned that his eyes had to be hot as well, or else Pan Lei wouldn't tighten his hold on his waist even more.

It wasn't clear who took the first step. Maybe Tian Yuan couldn't take it anymore, and maybe it was Pan Lei who couldn't restrain himself. Only deep kisses could express their feelings at the time.

Tian Yuan bowed his head and knelt. He lightly bit Pan Lei’s lips and caressed his face, having learned from his previous actions. His teeth nibbled on Pan Lei's upper lip, leaving tooth marks. He then brushed Pan Lei's lips with a lick of the tip of his tongue. Pan Lei's arm tightened once more. For a brief moment, Tian Yuan wondered if his waist would snap.

Pan Lei then opened his mouth, and Tian Yuan's tongue slid in smoothly. Pan Lei couldn't control himself any longer and took a deep breath.

They embraced and kissed deeply, Pan Lei's big hands repeatedly caressing Tian Yuan's hips. Pan Lei embraced Tian Yuan's waist with one hand and his hip with the other, stood up and kicked open the bedroom door.


[1] The person you have been looking for; Mr Right; the girl of  your dreams.


Woohoo! Tian'er confessed!!

I binged on Yuri on Ice. It was on my list for a longgggg time. Yurio💓 Such a tsun-tsun😍

I have added floating share buttons. Let me know if they are annoying. Thanks!

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June 13, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 84

Chapter 84 A close call

Tian Yuan handed the child over to the deputy team leader and gently pushed him away when he wanted to accompany him.

"I want to make certain that Pan Lei is safe. Please accompany him down."

Tian Yuan spoke quietly to the deputy leader. There were patients, doctors, and nurses present. How could he have been the only one to leave?

The deputy team leader smiled. Indeed, Devil Pan and his wife were madly in love. They wanted to live and die together. If one party was in danger, the other would be concerned. There would be no problems with Devil Pan right there. Although the deputy knew that if he didn't take Tian Yuan away, Pan Lei would become enraged, he was sympathetic to the couple's love.

He hugged the baby and didn't say much.

Tian Yuan hid near the elevator, trying to remain silent so that Pan Lei would not notice him. He'd be pissed off if that happened.

Pan Lei assumed Tian Yuan had gone downstairs, releasing him from his shackles and allowing him to play as he pleased.

As soon as the assailant saw Dr. Li, he went insane. She was the murderer. His wife's treatment would not have been delayed or she would not have died if it hadn't been for her! He wished he could blow the damned woman up and bury her alongside his wife!

"You push her over! I want to kill her, I must kill her!"

When Dr. Li saw the explosives on the assailant's waist, as well as the detonator and lighter in his hands, she cried out and clung desperately to Pan Lei.

"If I go over, he will kill me, he will definitely kill me! Please, don't push me over!"

Pan Lei really wanted to kill this loud mouth. Was it only now that she was afraid? Why didn't she consider the patients' families at the time?

"Don't wipe your tears and snot on my body; it's disgusting. Didn't you fight Tian Yuan with all your might? Things have progressed to this point entirely due to your actions. You're scared now? Why didn't you consider them when you cold-bloodedly destroyed a family? He is too soft. If you treat me this way, I will kill your whole family. Damn, dead woman, you deserve to die!"

Pan Lei pushed Doctor Li away so she wouldn't rub her snot and tears on him. He was able to eat Tian Yuan's leftovers, and he and Tian Yuan competed for the food in his mouth. However, this woman made him ill. Even the smell of her perfume made him disgusted, let alone her character.

"Hey, I don't care if you kill her. Killing her is good, extorting her is also good. I don't care if you blow her to pieces. But first, you should let these people go, right? They are innocent. You want to exact vengeance on this damned woman, right? Aren't you afraid that if you implicate them, someone's family will exact revenge on your son? Will they not seek retaliation as well? Let's strike a deal. Allow the crowd behind you to disperse, and I will bring them down immediately. I'll ask my team to keep the police busy for a half-hour. What do you think? You're free to do whatever you want with her. How about it? Half an hour is enough for you to kill her twenty times."

The assailant did not hesitate at all. As long as he got Dr. Li, as long as she was killed, the rest could be ignored.

He stood aside and let the person behind leave quickly without any delay.

Pan Lei kept his word. When the last patient left, he yanked Dr. Li's arm away from him.

"Don't hold me. If my family’s Tian'er sees it, he might misunderstand. Go away. Pay for what you owe."

"I won't go, I won't go, he will kill me!"

Dr. Li's head was about to shake off. She clung to Pan Lei, not daring to take a step forward.

Pan Lei shoved her forward and then kicked her from behind. He'd been wanting to kick her for a long time. He finally got his chance today.

Doctor Li stumbled and was grabbed by the assailant. His eyes turned red, and he burst out laughing, tightly clutching her arm.

"Like I said, if anything happens to my wife, I will bury you alongside her! You enjoy messing with other people’s lives, right? You destroyed my family. Now you will pay for my wife's life. I'm going to strangle you and blow you up. I want to kill you!"

The assailant did not follow Pan Lei's rule of not hitting women. He slapped Dr. Li several times, causing her nose and mouth to bleed.

Pan Lei remained motionless. He was fairly upbeat about the show.

"Hey, I suggest you don't use explosives. If you blow her to pieces at once, you can't appreciate her pain at all. It's better if you carve her with a knife. Oh, I forgot! You don't have a knife, right? It’s okay, I have one. I’ll give it to you. Think about how you want to kill her. Watching her cry, watching her snot and tears, watching her begging you, won’t you be more satisfied?"

Pan Lei did, in fact, have a knife. He was always armed with a self-defense weapon. His cold weapon would not leave him even if he didn't wear his uniform.

He hadn't used it before because Tian Yuan was in the hands of the assailant. He dared not to jeopardize Tian Yuan's life in any way. Even though Tian Yuan was now safe, the other hostages remained. He was concerned that the assailant would become agitated and set off the detonator. The two dozen hostages would all meet their maker. Now that everyone is safe, it was time for him to act.

Under the assailant's gaze, Pan Lei squatted down and drew a saber concealed between his trousers and calf. This type of saber was carried by every special soldier. It was 33 cm long, had a very thin blade, and a very sharp tip, and cut iron like mud. It could be used to slash, cut, and stab. It has the potential to play the most significant role.

He raised the hilt of the saber, pointed the blade at him, and advanced the hilt.

"Take it. This knife is razor-sharp. If you could easily sever a piece of her flesh. It is extremely simple to use."

The assailant looked at Doctor Li, then at Pan Lei, then at the saber.

"What happens if you tie all the explosives to her and detonate them? Will you be able to feel her anguish? Don't you recall how she completely ignored your seriously injured wife? Are you willing to let her die quickly? Isn't it a little too cheap for her?"

The assailant didn't hesitate any longer and reached out to pick up the saber.

Pan Lei was patiently waiting for the right moment to strike. He slammed forward when the assailant extended his hand, grabbed his wrist and twisted it, grabbed his other arm, and twisted both hands to the assailant's back. Then he kicked the assailant's knee, causing the shoulder joints to dislocate. He was confident that he wouldn't be able to cause any trouble with both arms dislocated.

Pan Lei's actions were swift, fierce, and devoid of sluggishness. In less than a minute, the attacker was half-kneeling on the ground, arms dislocated, struggling as he screamed.

Pan Lei pressed the headset button.

"Mission accomplished. Send over the bomb squad."

Tian Yuan was shocked as he watched the events unfold. How exciting! Pan Lei had handled the situation with such ease! He admired him almost to the point of death. So brave, so capable, and so handsome!! That trick, that fast action, it was more intense than in Hollywood blockbusters. It was incredible!

Pan Lei turned around and noticed Tian Yuan hiding on the side. He was enraged all at once.

"You didn't go down? Why are you still here? Did you take my words for granted again? Don't you know it's dangerous here?"

Tian Yuan smiled immediately as he watched him approach.

"You're so handsome."

With a single word, Pan Lei immediately raised his chin, accepting his compliment.

"That's a must."

In his heart, Tian Yuan despised him. This thick-skinned, shameless jerk was far too self-assured.

Meanwhile, the subdued bandit took advantage of the situation. He probably wanted to put everything on the line in a life-or-death struggle. He was able to slightly lift his arms, which had been dislocated, ignite the lighter, and light the detonator in his hand.

Pan Lei turned his head as soon as he heard the "click." He noticed the assailant smiling, the detonator was lit, and the fuse was rapidly burning.

"Let’s die together for my wife's funeral!"

The assailant was insane and only wanted to avenge his wife. He wouldn't be able to die in peace unless he exacts his revenge. He wanted these people to die with him, no matter how many people were involved!

Pan Lei charged forward, punching the assailant on the chin. He knocked him out and he didn't move again.

The fuse wire had burned to the ground by this point.

Pan Lei leaped forward and grabbed the detonator.

"Pan Lei!"

Tian Yuan yelled. It was about to explode! It was about to explode! Why did Pan Lei still want to catch that detonator? He would definitely get hurt!

"Get down!"

Pan Lei screamed at him. The sparks had vanished, and the fire had entered the detonator, where it was about to explode in the next second.

Tian Yuan couldn't stop himself. He chased Pan Lei because he couldn't stand by and watch him get hurt. He could see the detonator exploding in Pan Lei's hand and injuring him. No, no, no, he had to save Pan Lei. He wouldn't let him get hurt.

Pan Lei swiped the window open and threw out the detonator. It exploded in mid-air with a bang as soon as it was thrown out. The glass shattered, and glass fragments flew everywhere. Many things shattered as a result of the shockwave.

Pan Lei lunged at Tian Yuan and tackled him to the ground. He clung to his head and wouldn't let go. He didn't let any glass hit him. He wrapped his body around him, making sure he didn't get any wounds.

'Pan Lei, Pan Lei, are you hurt? That was extremely dangerous! It was about to blow up. Why did you continue to pick it up? Why didn't you just let it blow up? Please don't get hurt. Please don’t have any wounds. I’m a doctor. Not a savior, nor Hua Tuo[1] who rose from the dead[2], nor Yama[3]. Don't do anything dangerous in front of me. Please don't put your life in jeopardy for the rest of your life, okay? I can't stand it, I can't stand you getting hurt. I dare not think your life is in danger, but there is nothing I can do. This kind of scene, this kind of danger, I never want to see again. I can't stand hearing about you in any dangerous situation.

I am afraid that if you go on a mission, you will never return. I'm terrified you'll get hurt. We should love once and for all since we are together. This life is about growing old together, not leaving in the middle.'

Tian Yuan listened to his heartbeats while his face was buried in Pan Lei's arms. All he could do was clutch his clothes and close his eyes. He shivered as he saw Pan Lei holding the detonator again.

Pan Lei simply patted him on the back for comfort.

"It's okay, it's okay."


[1] A famous doctor at the end of Han Dynasty.

[2] Idiom: an unexpected recovery.

[3] King of Hell.


Tian “fanboy” Yuan😂 I wonder what happened to Dr. Li🤔

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