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IDYTRAA - Chapter 149

Chapter 149 Doing something wrong with good intentions

Survival training in the wild was a required subject. The recruits were to live for two days and two nights on a single pack of compressed biscuits and a bottle of water handed to each soldier, along with an illegible map. They must arrive at their destination within 48 hours. Otherwise, they'd be kicked out.

The enormous woodland of more than 100 acres came in useful at this time as none of the recruits had ever been there before. The trees were tall, the weeds were thicket-like, the terrain was unknown, and the environment was unclear. On top of all of this, the recruits had to be wary of lurking foes. It tempered not only willpower, but also a variety of all-encompassing attributes. Each group had seven people.

Everyone had a communication gadget with them, but it was only used to announce an exit. There was also a rescue crew. In the event of danger, recruits could request assistance, but doing so also meant quitting.

There were potential threats, ambushes, limited food and water, while time was running out.

Pan Lei and the assistant instructors were also present. They drove, though, and took the main road, arriving at the indicated site ahead of time.

If any of these recruits opted to withdraw, they would bring back the team and the team would then quit.

Pan Lei had bought Tian Yuan the type of snacks that needed to be carried in two enormous plastic bags and had them ready in the jeep. Survival training in the wild was brutal. It required a high level of rapid advance, recruits to fight in the absence of food and water, and all those caught would have to depart. The destiny of the remaining candidates would be decided during this training.

Pan Lei faced the soldiers with his hands clasped behind his back.

"If you kill the lurking enemy, you will get the lurking enemy's food and drinking water. If you get killed, just give up. Because of man-made or natural damage, the map may be inaccurate. It’s eleven fifty hours now. That is, everyone who does not arrive at their destination by twelve hundred hours after forty-eight hours is regarded to have given up and quit. You can ask for aid if you are in danger, but this will also be the end of your quest and you will be made to leave. Each team has seven people, and I'm hoping that all teams make it with their numbers intact. Remember the team spirit. This is the special forces, not 007! You can't be individualistic! Help and rely on one another. If you lose a teammate in that pile, take a hike and look for them again! Then the team can f**k off!!"

Pan Lei glanced at the time, and the assistant instructors began to hand out compressed biscuit packets and bottles of water to each of the recruits.

That was all the food they had for the next 48 hours. They could eat all of it when hungry, but then they'd have to eat air for the rest of the 48-hour time.

Everyone was carrying weapons and marching bags on their backs, and the total weight was more than fifty kilograms. To put it another way, this was a heavy-load rapid advance.

"Tian'er, wait for me. I'm going to fetch a blanket. We'll be going ahead."

There were barely a few minutes left. If they (PL & TY) followed them (the recruits), Tian Yuan would have to spend the night in the vehicle. Pan Lei didn't want Tian Yuan to freeze because he wasn't in good shape.

Tian Yuan nodded as he watched Pan Lei go away. He then hurriedly distributed the ham sausages he had hidden to each recruit.

Pan Lei, this bandit, this warlord, has no idea what it's like to go hungry! Who can survive for 48 hours on a single packet of biscuits?! They'll starve to death! And you want them to march quickly as well? You’re making it impossible for people to live!

Pan Lei had purchased him an abundance of delicious food, and he couldn't take it any longer. This was his army, not slaves he'd trained! How could he have cheated them so badly?

Tian Yuan hurriedly handed each recruit a packet.

"We can't, Doctor Tian. If we accept it, the team leader will expel us from the special forces team. This is training, and it's not allowed."

Someone said while declining the sausages. The recruits were well aware of Team Leader Pan's temper at this point. With a single look, he could kill someone. They couldn't do anything that broke the rules if they wanted to join the special forces.

"Hide it inside your cap so no one notices."

"Doctor Tian, if you give it to them right now, you'll be doing them harm. Put these things away before Team Leader returns. He's going to lose it, and these people will suffer as a result."

The assistant instructor was torn between laughing and crying. This is not the time to keep food hidden, ah. They can't hide food, ah. This is simply not acceptable.

Tian Yuan hurriedly put his stuff away when he noticed Pan Lei return. Helping(?) was no longer an option.

Pan Lei returned with a blanket, feeling that the mood was off. Despite the fact that no one talked or expressed anything, he had the distinct impression that something was amiss. Even as time was running out, he continued to stare at Tian Yuan, who turned his neck and gazed into the distance. Pan Lei looked at the soldiers.

"What just happened?"

No one dared to open their mouths. Dr. Tian just asked them to cheat because he felt sorry for them.

Pan Lei's eyes screamed murder as he looked at the assistant instructor. The assistant instructor steadied himself and gave Tian Yuan a brief glance.

"TIAN YUAN! Get in the car! What’s all this mess? Did you give them something? Take it out for Laozi!"

How could Pan Lei be unaware of Tian Yuan’s little thoughts? Tian Yuan didn't have the map and had no idea where the ambushes were. He was, however, wearing a coat with long sleeves, and his hand didn't stick out. He must have hidden something to eat and given it to these people.

Pan Lei roared, and everyone who had just collected the sausages rushed to take them out. They took it because they were worried about going hungry for 48 hours.

"Don't tell me you're hoping your enemy on the battlefield will send you food. They're only going to send you bullets! Do you believe someone will go to the front to bring you food in the thick of a battle? You think it's the anti-Japanese era and the regular people send you potatoes? Whatever the situation, even the most difficult assignments can be done at the lowest possible cost. That is what the existence of special forces means. You're happy that someone is pampering you, aren't you? Fine! Those who do not arrive an hour early at their destination can get the f**k out of here. You must arrive in 47 hours! YOU, get in the car!"

Tian Yuan was consumed by self-blame. This group of people were hurt as a result of his own decision. The fact that they had to arrive an hour earlier had made the task even more difficult.

Pan Lei's admonition was correct. He felt it was nothing more than a training camp. However, the so-called training was intended to prepare for a future battle. No one would give them food if they actually wanted to hide in the enemy area to do assignments. He undoubtedly did something wrong.

Tian Yuan was dragged into the vehicle by Pan Lei. He intended to give him a thorough scolding before driving, just like he did the recruits. Tian Yuan realized he'd done something wrong and didn't wait for him to say anything.

"Ge, I was wrong. I shouldn't get in the way of your mission or training strategy. I was wrong."

Tian Yuan was quite astute. At this point, it was best for him to accept his mistake and pretend to be pitiful. Pan Lei wouldn't chastise him harshly because he was a typical case of "amenable to coaxing but not coercion." Tian Yuan took Pan Lei's hand in his fawningly and apologized with docility, "I was wrong. I harmed those people. It won't happen again."

Pan Lei couldn't become upset after seeing Tian Yuan take the initiative to admit his mistake and his submissive demeanor. He pinched Tian Yuan's cheek.

"You have undoubtedly caused them trouble. Don't interfere like this again. I'm strict, but it's for their benefit. I'd rather be called the devil today than see them die on the battlefield. Every member of the special forces is trained in this manner. To be the best of troops, the top special forces soldiers, you must be able to withstand any adversity."

"I was wrong. I truly don't dare to do it."

Tian Yuan took the initiative to confess his fault. Pan Lei was correct; he should not be involved in their training believing it was too severe and inhumane. This was something that every special forces soldier had to go through.

"Okay, next time pay attention. You're such a moron. What are we going to serve in the evening when a handful of us drink beer and eat chicken feet if you give these things away?"

"Hehe," Tian Yuan laughed mischievously. This may be interpreted as "every cloud has a silver lining," correct? Pan Lei was no longer enraged, and he would not be held responsible.

"Then, according to the old guidelines, give them 48 hours."

"That is not an option. A man of character must follow through on his words. He can't possibly eat something he's previously spit out. Isn't that revolting?"

He was to be obeyed. He may be a little too severe at times, but it was the kind of toughness that produced the greatest commandos.

Pan Lei, Tian Yuan, and the assistant instructors spent the night in the wilderness, drinking and eating chicken feet and monitoring each recruit's location tracker. Even though it was late, they were still making good progress.

There were some former special forces veterans lurking, reporting on who had encountered a lurker, and after the confrontation, they were either arrested or the lurker was dead.

Nobody asked for help, and no one announced their withdrawal, which was a very good thing.

Pan Lei urged Tian Yuan to wrap his coat and blanket around him before he went to bed. He and the assistant instructor drove in turns, observing this bunch of people. They didn't care whether they were in a roughly 100-acre forest. They had to keep track of their whereabouts at all times. It was difficult to predict what might transpire.

Only the recruits were aware of the challenges they faced. They couldn't wait to bite into the compressed biscuits when they were hungry. Only when their thirst became excruciating did they take a drink of water to moisten their throats. Whether it was difficult or not, they thought about the Red Army's 25000, Shangganling, and the famine years, and continued to forge ahead.

The hour was drawing nearer and nearer. The so-called destination was to let everyone circle the hundred-acre woodland before returning to the military base at eleven hundred hours after forty-seven hours.

Pan Lei, the assistant instructors, and Tian Yuan all looked at the time, expecting those who returned to race rapidly. There were barely a few minutes left, and there were still a few folks who hadn't shown up.

A soldier appeared, carrying his teammate on his back. He was already wobbly, but he didn't let go of his teammate.

Tian Yuan's immediate instinct as a doctor when he spotted the injured was to run over to see the patient. Pan Lei, a multitasking expert, grasped his body while watching the recruits. Only a few dozen meters remained. He couldn't let one action ruin the best special forces soldier.

Tian Yuan was burning with anxiety. Come on, hurry up! He'll make it in time if he picks up the pace. Such a superb soldier cannot simply leave the special forces unit.

He was stumbling and swaying side to side, but he was still carrying his comrade on his back. Someone pushed them forward from behind, and they walked together.

As soon as they crossed the line and arrived at the end point, Pan Lei let go, and Tian Yuan rushed away.

"Team Leader Pan, what we need most is this kind of team member. Someone who refuses to give up any of their companions."

An instructor stated as he watched Tian Yuan examine the injured soldier.

"All right, I know. Isn't it just a few minutes late? I set my watch a few minutes faster yesterday, so they're all good."

This was also a sneaky technique of keeping such a good soldier from leaving. It was only a few minutes, so disregard it. Both smiled, as if there was an unspoken mutual agreement.

Team spirit was supporting, relying on, and assisting one another. This type of person was exactly what the special forces wanted.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 148

Chapter 148 The gift made of bullet shells

Despite the fact that it was past nine o'clock, Pan Lei was absorbed with bullet casings in one hand and glue in the other, toiling at his handwork with tremendous zeal.

Tian Yuan stretched his neck to inspect it. He had no idea what the eventual outcome of this chap's work would be, but seeing that Pan Lei was so excited, he simply let it go.

Tian Yuan was drowsy at half past ten o'clock.

"Oh! You haven't finished it yet. Do it tomorrow."

"Go to bed first if you're tired. You'll be able to see it for sure when you wake up."

Tian Yuan merely leaned on Pan Lei's shoulder, watching him work as he didn't look back. Excuse his lack of aesthetic cells; he had severe doubts about what kind of present bullet casings joined together was.

"What exactly is it?"

Give me a hint to satisfy my curiosity, ah.

Pan Lei turned his head and pecked him on the lips.

"Make sure you tuck in properly when you lie down, darling. Don't freeze. Since it's a gift, it must be a pleasant surprise. Don’t bother asking; I'll finish it soon."

Tian Yuan could only agitate himself groundlessly as Pan Lei refused to yield. Can I return it if it doesn't look good? CAN I?

Tian Yuan crawled beneath the blankets and resumed his reading. His mother-in-law gave him a lot of materials, which he had to carefully study in order to prepare for moving abroad for advanced studies.

Pan Lei finally put down the glue in his hand after twelve o'clock.


As soon as Tian Yuan heard it, he rushed out of bed as fast as he could. He'd stayed up late just to see this gift.

On the table, he noticed a three-dimensional heart constructed of bullet casings. It stood on its own and had been bonded together layer by layer. Except for the brass hue, it had a regular shape, a cute appearance, and could stand. It looked just like the red heart that the girls liked on TV. With the exception of the yellow tint, everything was neat and tidy, with the bullet casings securely cemented together. It couldn’t be looked down on just because of the solitary bullet casing that served as the bottom support. It would be precisely the same as a handicraft if Pan Lei had glued these bullet casings together on a wooden base.

This type of present could only be found in a military camp. Pan Lei pieced together this gift from genuine bullet shells after racking his brains. He made a rare treasure for Tian Yuan out of the unique items in their barracks.

It felt weighty in his grip. Although it was a touch rough, the color was off, and the wood had not been painted in a lovely tone, Tian Yuan considered it a truly priceless treasure.

"I used hundreds of shells that have been glued together. Looks good. It's for you."

Pan Lei strutted his stuff. Look at what I've done. It's one-of-a-kind. Everything I create is good.

Tian Yuan excitedly hugged and kissed Pan Lei.

"It's really beautiful."

"I gave you this heart as a gift. You hand over your heart to me."

Pan Lei coughed, recalling these unique literary love words.

Tian Yuan's entire focus was on this present.

"Isn't it yours already? Also, don't memorize the dialogues from Hong Kong and Taiwanese romantic novels. It's far too cheesy."

Pan Lei burst out laughing, took his husband into his arms, and kissed him.

"Do you like it?"

"I'd like to have it by our bedside at home. Even if I go on to pursue my education, I will bring it with me. This is a gift from you, and I'd like to keep it with me."

It took a while for Pan Lei to figure it out. Tian'er will almost certainly be questioned at the security check if he boards the plane carrying bullets. Bullet casings should not be considered prohibited goods, right?

"Would you like to thank me because you're so happy?"

Pan Lei pouted his lips as he pointed to his mouth. Tian Yuan expressed his happiness with a loud, resounding kiss. He examined the gift several times, thinking that such a gift may last a lifetime. It wouldn't fall apart as long as it didn't fall or get smashed. This is fantastic! It's the most unique present.

"Darling, it's late at night, time to do this and that. Let me examine your little head carefully: is it pinched, is it swollen? Is it red? Does it hurt?"

Pan Lei took a look at the drapes, which were tightly drawn. Everyone was sleeping at this point; it was the best time. As Zhou Xingxing[1] said, when the night is dark and the wind is high, it is time to do business. Pan Lei knelt down and held Tian Yuan in a princess carry, tossing aside ##, pulling the quilt up, and covering both of them inside.

He took Tian Yuan's garments off solemnly, stripping off his shirt and tossing it out, followed by his pajama pants.

"Let me double-check. Nothing should happen to him."

"This is all you can think about, Pan Lei. We should hug and talk about love at this time."

When they were so moved emotionally, instead of jumping into bed in a hurry, they should hold one another and say tooth-rotting phrases of endearment while expressing how much they loved the other party.

"What do you think we’re doing? Isn't this hugging? As for words of love, I'll say them to you. Be obedient, my precious baby, and take off your briefs. Let me see if your little head is swollen."

Tian Yuan kicked Pan Lei’s leg under the covers, but he couldn't resist him.

"Absolutely nothing’s wrong. Don’t look for an excuse to act like the hooligan you are."

Pan Lei's hand finally grasped Tian Yuan's small head, pumping and touching it.

He laughed mischievously and said, "He's going to swell up and weep shortly. Don't believe me? Just wait and see."

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan's chest from beneath the quilt's cover. No one could see what he was doing because the quilt obscured his motions. Only a human figure could be seen bulging out of the quilt and stopping in the middle of Tian Yuan's body. It is unknown what he did next, but all of Tian Yuan's struggles came to a halt, and he began to moan, tossing and turning restlessly on the pillow, his breathing became heavy. His hands grabbed Pan Lei's neck, then his shoulders, before holding his head beneath the quilt.

Tian Yuan's face grew beautiful and seductive in response to Pan Lei's increasing head undulations, his eyes moist as his groans became louder. His body eventually froze and then shook.

He put out his hand, which was spotted in a mysterious liquid, and drilled it under the pillow, pulling out a small bottle before retracting it in the quilt.

And then... Even if I don't say anything, you get it, right?

There seemed to be a lot going on under the blankets, yet no matter how much they rolled, no matter how many positions he switched, Tian Yuan was always wrapped by the quilt. Pan Lei was a beast in bed, yet he never let Tian Yuan freeze even a little.

Pan Lei stood up when Tian Yuan was finally permitted to sleep. Why, you might wonder, did he get up? To force the recruits to rise and assemble as soon as possible. It was considerate to wake them only three times a night. They were sometimes told to assemble a dozen times. He'd heard the assistant instructors go and whistle to guide the emergency assembly a few times previously. It was now his turn to wake them up.

Tian Yuan was in a deep sleep, completely unconscious of what was going on around him as he ordered everyone to get up, gave them a lecture, and returned.

Naturally, Tian Yuan didn't have the energy to wake up and exercise with Pan Lei the next day. This, too, had become an unwritten occurrence. Everyone could tell that if Dr. Tian and Team Leader Pan showed up at the training ground early the next morning, it meant they hadn't done anything the night before, and Team Leader Pan hadn't tormented Dr. Tian. If Dr. Tian was tormented, he would not appear until the afternoon. Their mighty Team Leader Pan would turn into a puppy circling the doctor, carrying tea, pouring water, kneading his waist, massaging his legs... It was an all-inclusive service package. In short, Team Leader Pan would be focused on Dr. Tian this afternoon and would no longer rage and roar at them, calling them a bunch of trash.

Since Dr. Tian's arrival at the barracks, the number of times he and Team Leader Pan came on the training ground first thing in the morning could be counted on one hand. It happens far too infrequently, ah. It's no surprise that Dr. Tian's body is frail! With such a wild hungry wolf by his side, a certain night exercise must be consuming all the nutrients!

Dr. Tian comes out to dry the bed sheets in the sun, and Team Leader Pan occasionally comes out as well. There's no need to wash the linens every day, even if they are white, right?

When they looked at Dr. Tian, everyone's face would change to one of sympathy. He's so pitiful. Will he be able to stand being pushed down like a linen press[2] every night?

Tian Yuan resembled a pampered crown prince. He showed up to the training area in the afternoon, dressed in Pan Lei's enormous cotton-padded jacket and holding a heating pad in his hands. He sat idly on a chair with a thick cushion, reading and watching the soldiers drill.

Pan Lei and the other instructors were all watching the training at this point. The soldiers were practicing their forward crawl. The half-meter-high gill net was set for around 1000 meters, followed by a three-meter-high single-plank bridge and a more than two-meter-high wall, and finally the target.

In other words, before shooting at the target, the soldiers crawled through the gill net with iron barbs, then climbed the three-meter-high single-plank bridge, and finally cleared the wall.

The instructors asked questions during the drill. If the recruits' replies did not meet the needed standard, or if they failed the mission, they were asked to withdraw.

"Maintain the standard crawl position! Don't raise your head or your body! If you lift your body, you'll be shot!"

The most terrifying aspect was that all of the instructors were raking them with machine guns in order to boost their pace. The bullets struck near their feet, prompting them to run as quickly as possible.

"Speed ​​up, speed up!"

This bunch of bandits! They were all employed from a mercenary gang, right? That is why they are so inhuman!

"Can you use dishonorable measures to obtain information from a prisoner when interrogating him?"

Pan Lei was conducting the interrogation, which was part of the evaluation of interrogation and being interrogated.

"As long as no one dies, you can use any method of torture to elicit a confession."

While crawling, a soldier responded.

"I like this type of response."

Tian Yuan smiled, thinking how Pan Lei could not enjoy it. He was someone who threatened both young and old captives. Pan Lei's approach to things was akin to that of a bandit; he wanted his subordinates to act like a gang of bandits, following him around and performing duties using strange means. He repressed captives, intimidated them, and did awful things. The Geneva Conventions could not bind him, and there was no such thing as treating captives well.

"After being caught, the enemy threatens you with your teammate who is seriously injured. What will you do?"

"Escape with him. Bring him back, dead or alive."

Tian Yuan's smile stiffened. These situations were not impossible to arise.

"If you’re seriously injured and a burden on your comrades-in-arms, you’re caught by the enemy and used to threaten your teammates?"

A soldier climbed the three-meter-high single-plank bridge and jumped off.

"Commit suicide in order to uphold the military’s dignity."

Look, these were the special forces. They would rather die than drag down their comrades-in-arms, surrender intelligence, or betray the country. They would die in order to keep their last dignity.

A man of steel, protecting his country with his own blood.

Pan Lei lived by the motto "guard home, defend the country." It emerged most strongly in the moments of life and death.


[1] A character from a novel, I think.

[2] A press consisting of a flat bed upon which damp linen is placed for flattening through pressure applied with a large wooden screw. 


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 147

Chapter 147 A unique method of practicing marksmanship

During shooting practice this time, instead of holding a gun, the trainees aimed at the target while lying on their stomachs on the ground. Each individual fired ten shots. After one group of people finished shooting, the next group took their position. The trainees rotated in this manner for practice.

It should be noted that the trainees were shooting with genuine bullets, not the type meant to deceive people.

The trainees were putting their skills to the test under the supervision of the assistant instructors. The instructors kicked them if their posture was improper or their pistol grip was not standard.

Tian Yuan was likewise lying on the ground on his stomach at the far end. Pan Lei, however, did not want him to do this. The ground is so cold, ah. I hope it doesn’t freeze him.

He purposefully brought a military overcoat, intending to place it on the ground so Tian Yuan might lie on top of it. Who knew Tian Yuan's obstinate temper would rear its head? He insisted on following in the footsteps of the trainees.

He didn't require any special attention. He, too, could withstand adversity.

Pan Lei squatted alongside him, trying to restrain himself but giving up. Tian Yuan's current posture made it impossible for him to hit the target. When he shot, he was actually shooting at other people's targets. As a result, other people's targets had 12 shots, while his target didn't have even one hole. This is simply embarrassing.

Pan Lei extended his hand and assisted Tian Yuan in supporting his gun.

"Come in a little closer."

"Didn't you say to aim? My aim is very accurate."

Yeah, yeah, your aim is spot on. You hit other people's targets with pinpoint accuracy.

Pan Lei directly lay on his stomach on the ground, just like Tian Yuan. To be more specific, he was half-pressed onto Tian Yuan.

The assistant instructor standing to the side coughed and raised his head.

Please, Team Leader Pan, behave! Are you showing us what position you and your hubby use at night? How can you teach him to shoot like this! Just instruct him, okay? There’s no need to press him like this. This is called harassment, you know.

"Don't press me."

F**k! Tian Yuan grumbled. You press me at night, and now you want to press me in the middle of the day? You want to press me constantly, right? I know this isn't the right way to teach shooting. I've never seen an instructor educate soldiers to shoot in this fashion. This is too ambiguous, okay?

"You’re thinking too much. I’m just showing you how to aim. Everything - your sight, scope, gun head, and bullseye, must be in a straight line, not an inclined straight line. Just aim at the place I tell you. That’s it. Just aim there. I promise you’ll hit the tenth ring."

Tian Yuan still had faith in Pan Lei's marksmanship, so he straightened his posture in accordance with Pan Lei's directions.

Pan Lei remained on top of him, refusing to get up.

This guy! He’s so heavy…

"Get up."

Pan Lei abruptly lowered his voice, leaned into Tian Yuan's ear, and whispered in a serious tone, "Are you flustered, baby?"

It was nothing. He. Was. Not. At. All. flustered despite lying on the ground which was a little shady. After all, it wasn’t a Simmons mattress, but the ground, right?

"I mean, aren’t you flustered that your little head is being squeezed?"

F**k you, you little uncle. How can you say such obscene things in such a serious tone? Why the hell are you talking like this when I’m practicing marksmanship?! Troublemaker!

Tian Yuan's eyes were almost shooting flames.

"You f**ker, get lost! Go as far as you can imagine. Go! F**k off!"

Tian Yuan gritted his teeth, itching to destroy him. Decent. DECENT. Can’t you be decent?!

Pan Lei was still in deadly earnest. He thought what he said was very proper. There was nothing frivolous about it.

"It’s a problem with a man’s body structure. Don't be angry; I’m telling you something serious. It’s quite hard to lie on your stomach like this, especially on the ground. The issue is the center of gravity. It’ll constrict your small head. Don't be embarrassed! Let me tell you, all male soldiers who practice shooting will dig a small hole in the place where the small head is to avoid pressuring and hurting it. They all dig a hole, so I’ll dig a small one for you. I bet I can take care of it with a single punch. I’m too familiar with your body; I know best how big that place is. My punch will make a large enough hole for you to use."

Tian Yuan desperately wanted to bite him. He'd never seen such a hooligan before. How did he come across someone like him?

He was serious about talking to him about his size?! And he even said he knew it best? What the hell does he know?! This pervert! Bastard! Hooligan!

"Get the hell out of here!"

Kneeling on a washboard? No way! That was too light. He was going to pin him on a peg board and chop off this b**tard’s thing. He’s so infuriating!

"See, see, you’re getting angry again. Don't be upset; I'm doing it for your own good. It’ll be sore under pressure. It’ll be all swollen when I inspect it at night. Won’t that be a little too serious? Come on, don't be embarrassed. How about this? If you're embarrassed, I'll make a hole for you discreetly. Turn your body to the side, blocking everyone's view, and I'll settle it with a single punch."

Pan Lei did it all by himself. He used one hand to flip Tian Yuan over for half a circle, allowing him to block the eyes of people beside him. Then he raised his fist, found the correct position, and bang! smacked his fist on the ground, creating a hole just as he'd indicated.

Then he allowed Tian Yuan to rest on his stomach once more. Little Tian Yuan had a place to rest this time...

He pressed again on Tian Yuan's body, moving his body from side to side.

"Don't be restricted and injure yourself. It is neither too large nor too little. I can tell if that place is too small by a centimetre. I know your body from head to toe."

He had flaunted and now sought praise.

Tian Yuan returned his gaze with ferocity. If you speak another word, believe it or not, I'll knock you out with this gun.

Pan Lei did not receive the compliment he had hoped for. When he saw Tian Yuan's angry expression, he coughed quickly and pretended to be serious.

"Aim, I'll help you practice aiming," the guy in need of a good spanking stated.

This guy climbed all over him after being given face for a few days. He wouldn't know what's what if he didn't teach him a lesson.

Everyone fired. Tian Yuan fired the gun as well, guided by Pan Lei's hand. Six of the ten shots hit the eighth ring, three hit the ninth ring, and one hit the tenth ring. Tian Yuan delivered the best performance.

"Now pick up your bullet casings and put them in front of me."

Pan Lei ordered the group, but luckily the casings were not very dispersed. Soon, bullet shells began to pile up in front of Pan Lei, forming a little hill.

Pan Lei kept these shells in a tiny oil barrel. Tian Yuan gave him a perplexed look. What in the world was Pan Lei up to? Why was he gathering so many shells? Was he going to return and count the casings to figure out how many rounds were consumed today?

The numbers were then reported by everyone. The results were revealed, and Tian Yuan came out on top.

Pan Lei clasped his hands behind his back, his look indicating that he hated iron for not becoming steel[1].

"Let's talk about you guys. The country spends a ton of money on you and provides you with bullets to help you improve your marksmanship. Great! I got real guns and live ammunition for you, and this performance is how you repay me? You’re a disgrace! Your marksmanship can’t even compare to a layman’s shot. He can get the tenth ring. What about you? How many of you have such good results? It's too embarrassing and wasteful! You’re a bunch of cowards and fools! After today’s 10 km load run, continue forward crawl for another 2 km. Finish it before it gets dark, or else you losers beat it!"

All of the trainees dared to be angry but didn't dare to say anything. The instructor's words had the force of an imperial edict. Whatever they said had to be done, no matter how rational or absurd it was. They were people who were truly oppressed, despite the fact that it was purported to be for their own good. Once an order was issued, they had only one mission as a soldier - to obey.

They’d go run and crawl forward. Who asked them not to have the instructor’s special guidance, the kind where the instructor pressed their bodies… Forget about it! Who dared, ah? Who dared to approach this tiger? They were terrified to even meet and greet him. His grandeur made people’s legs weak. After all, he was an ancient mythological beast. He was far too ferocious, reverable, and admirable. None of them were brave enough to try to worm their way into befriending him.

Tian Yuan believed he was being too harsh, but when he thought about it, he realized that all training was a form of toughening for them, allowing them to complete risky and nearly impossible tasks and truly was for their own good. He couldn't say anything as an outsider. He'd simply taken advantage of the situation and seized the opportunity to play in the barracks. This type of training was not available to everyone.

What Tian Yuan could do was sneak a few steamed buns during the evening meal and then surreptitiously hand them over to the soldiers who had been sentenced to stand still as punishment and were not allowed to eat dinner. After all, eating a cold steamed bun was preferable to staying hungry all night, right?

Pan Lei, in reality, knew everything. He was the one who was most familiar with Tian Yuan's appetite and understood that Tian'er couldn't possibly devour five or six steamed buns in one sitting. He turned a blind eye and let it go, allowing Tian Yuan to feel sorry for those soldiers.

So after they finished eating, he would leave first, and Tian Yuan would purposefully dally, claiming that he hadn't finished eating and asking him to go ahead. Once Pan Lei was out of sight, he dashed out with the steamed buns - one for each person - said nothing, and swiftly beat it.

Or, he was a doctor and someone got hurt - this kind of training injury happened all the time. He'd get the first-aid kit, go to their dormitory, and bind their wounds. If there was no medicine, he would direct Pan Lei to the military doctor. "I've been much more at leisure since your spouse arrived," the military doctor added with a smile.

These soldiers, in turn, developed a good rapport with Tian Yuan. "Dr. Tian is a gentle soul. It's a shame he was ruined by that ancient beast," they remarked.

Pan Lei, as usual, left first after they finished dining. Tian Yuan grabbed eight huge steamed buns because so many people had been punished today, amusing the cafeteria's head cook. Tian Yuan's efforts were reminiscent of a good Samaritan delivering goods to disaster victims in the olden days.

After sneaking the buns, Tian Yuan changed the troops' dressing and went to the dormitory once the check-up was over to find Pan Lei toiling away at the desk, tinkering with something.

In front of him were a mound of bullet shells, the ones used for shooting practice today. With 502 glue[2] in one hand, he examined the so-called sketch next to him and began very carefully smearing each bullet casing with glue before carefully bonding them together.

"What are you doing?"

Can a tall and burly man like Pan Lei execute such exquisite handwork? He was convinced that Pan Lei could carry a gun and always hit the tenth ring, but his hands were not the hands for such delicate work.

"I’m making a gift for you. It’s a special present that can only be made in military camps."

Pan Lei appeared mysterious.

"With a bunch of bullet casings?"

It's not that I underestimate him, but I just don’t see it. What’s there to show off?

"You’ll have it when you wake up tomorrow."

This guy appears to be staying up all night? That's odd. He's so excited that he's foregoing sleep to finish this homemade gift instead of dragging me to bed? What exactly is it?

"Go to bed first. I'll sleep after I finish."

Tian Yuan had no choice but to take a bath and rest. Pan Lei hadn't sought him to get intimate for the first time in his life. Let's see what he makes.

Pan Lei worked with unwavering dedication. His face was solemn as he meticulously prepared the gift. He was completely focused, gluing the bullet shells together while Tian Yuan just waited to see what it was.


[1] Idiom: to feel resentful towards somebody for failing to meet expectations and impatient to see improvement.

[2] A Cyanoacrylate adhesive. Google it for more info.


Guys, I’m swamped with work😫 I’ll do my best to release eight chapters, but I may fall a little short… Please be patient with me🙇

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March 4, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 146

Chapter 146 Don't follow the captain's lead and become a rogue

Tian Yuan's muscles were painful all over his body as a result of allowing the dog to chase him, causing him to lose his temper. As a result, he considered missing meals, but as he stood outside the dining hall entrance, he realized that skipping meals was merely making himself suffer. He witnessed recruits who were unable to accomplish their allotted training activities standing at the cafeteria's entrance with cracked lips and swallowing their saliva, and then he glanced inside to see men taking big mouthfuls of their food and understood that not eating when hungry was a form of self-harm.

Tian Yuan would never skip meals if he was in a rage. He was going to eat. He'd not only eat, but he'd eat until he was completely satiated.

It was just that his muscles were in excruciating pain and he didn't want to move.

He'd let Pan Lei stay at his side as he wanted to. He'd sit down for the afternoon because he'd offered him a chair. He would, however, make sure that Pan Lei had a difficult time.

Pan Lei demonstrated to the group of people under his command that in order to crush the board with one punch, rapidity, precision, concentration, and explosiveness were required. If you can't break it with one punch, practice until you can. Continue practicing until your knuckles break and bleed, then clean up the scabs and practice some more. When the knuckles are all calloused, a single blow can easily destroy a stack of twenty 5 cm thick solid wood planks. When the fist was strong enough to destroy the bones of the opponent with a single punch, that single move might determine victory.

He punched down wearing leather gloves, creating a massive hole in the five-centimeter-thick board. All of the team members were envious of the Devil Team Leader's abilities, believing them to be first-rate.

Tian Yuan had become tired of sitting. Over there, everyone was training. He was the only one with a book in his hands, sitting idly and watching their training. In the words of other deputy instructors - Dr. Tian, ​​you are more leisurely than the commander of the military district. You can sit with your legs crossed and be happy and content while watching their training.

"Pan Lei."

Tian Yuan propped up his chin and called Pan Lei. Pan Lei returned to his side as soon as he heard it.

Tian Yuan scowled at him the day before yesterday, clearly irritated, when he'd released the dog to chase him. No matter how much he pleaded and sweet-talked, the other party simply disregarded him and refused to let him approach at night. He was a tortured man at the moment. As a result, when he heard his husband calling him, he dashed over. What were his instructions? He was willing to risk life and limb to cross water and tread on fire as long as he could smile at him.

"What is your command, Tian'er?"

Tian Yuan was simply bored and wanted to tease him.

He indicated the left leg.

"My leg is sore. Massage it for me."

Humph, I'm torturing myself by not beating or scolding you. Instead, I'll torment you. You thought this young master was easy to bully, didn't you, old boy? It's time for you to go through some pain.

Pan Lei quickly pulled over a chair, lifted Tian Yuan's left leg, and placed it on his own, rubbing every muscle as he hammered and kneaded.

"Is this strength okay, baby?"

He did everything Tian Yuan ordered and was completely obedient. He only wished Tian Yuan would stop punishing him and sleep in his arms at night. They were in their honeymoon phase. Weren't couples completely engrossed in each other during their honeymoon? Wasn't their passion meant to be hot regardless of where they were? Why were they at zero degrees?

Tian Yuan hummed as he flipped a page in the book, like an important big Young Master.

"Right leg."


Pan Lei instantly raised his right leg and placed it on his knee, massaging and pounding it with his fists.

"Feeling better?"

Tian Yuan hummed without bothering to raise his eyes.

The deputy instructors in the vicinity collectively scoffed. So Team Leader Pan is this type of wife-slave.

"Hey, No.56! Are you hitting cotton? Do you understand the terms speed and strength? Don't be scared to employ force because you are terrified of pain! Don't eat tonight if you can't break 20 boards!"

Pan Lei yelled, and the men below intensified their training.

Tian Yuan raised his eyes to meet his gaze.

"Did I frighten you, baby? I'll speak softer."

The deputy instructors jumped off the stands in unison and began to train the soldiers. If they stayed in the same spot as the feuding couple any longer, they'd probably throw up the nighttime meal out of disgust. Team Leader Pan, in everyone's eyes, you are towering and formidable, like a proud lion and a fierce tiger. When they see you, many people shudder. You are a being capable of warding off evil spirits and protecting people from disasters much like the mythological beasts[1]. How can you sully your image in this way? You can adore your wife and go out of your way to pamper him, but you are far too servile. Who among the soldiers in the military zone, whether they have spouses or not, dares to come up and say that I treat my wife better than Team Leader Pan? There is absolutely no second person like you.

Only half of the more than 100 recruits remained after two weeks of training. Many people were unable to tolerate the high-level training because it was almost non-human in nature. Those who left early were, by definition, unqualified. Those who were emotionally immature, whose character was too inflexible, and who had too many evident rough edges had also left. It was the Spartan method of instruction. It was a living horror.

"We'll practice shooting tomorrow, baby. Are you interested in participating? I'll teach you how to shoot a target."

He'd shot two wild ducks the last time he fired a gun. He was, of course, interested. At the very least, he'd learn to shoot. He could hold a weapon and spar with his father-in-law if he returned to the military compound and ran into a staged CS, right?

"All right, I’ll play."

Pan Lei's massaging hands crept up, beyond Tian Yuan's knees, and squeezed the inner thighs. His strength had dwindled, and he no longer used force. Although he appeared to be massaging, he was actually eating tofu[2].

"Tian'er, stop being angry. I swear I'll never do something so wicked again. Please forgive me and smile."

Pan Lei blinked a few times in response to Tian Yuan's glance, pretending to be cute and pitiful. Tian Yuan laughed, lifted his foot in Pan Lei's arms, and kicked him.

"You scoundrel."

Finally! Tian Yuan had softened and smiled at him. The sky was clear after the rain at last. If one person in a couple feels upset, it is torturing two individuals. Tian Yuan had finally smiled, which comforted Pan Lei and allowed him to revert to his brazen self. As he approached Tian Yuan, he drew the chair closer to him.

"Let me properly hug you tonight, baby. You haven't allowed me to touch you in two days. Isn't it too terrible for a couple to sleep in two separate quilts? We don't get to spend much time together. Let's not get mad like this again. It's a squandering of one's life. Let us be in conjugal love as much as possible at this time. I guarantee you'll fall in love with me even more."

"We'll talk about it later in the evening. Also, tell those wounded soldiers to come to your dormitory following their training. I'll administer medication to them. Those cuts will get infected and will be tough to treat."

"Why should their lives be better than mine?"

Pan Lei was indignant.

"Back then, while I was in special forces training, my fist was filled with blood, but no one bandaged it for me. When I bled, I wrapped a piece of cloth around myself and continued training. It had no effect on the process. They won't understand adversity if you spoil them too much. My baby is kindhearted, so I'll just give them a bottle of hydrogen peroxide."

Tian Yuan yanked Pan Lei's leather gloves off. There were a few small scars on the backs of his hands from his years of training and assignments. He'd just punched a five-centimetre-thick plank, so his knuckles were a touch red. Despite wearing gloves, there was a small portion of skin that had broken. It was a little scratch.

Tian Yuan licked his wound with his palm to his lips.


He worked as a doctor. Even though he was exposed to blood on a daily basis, he didn't lick it with his mouth. He instantly retracted his hands.

"Wounds must be disinfected. Will you please be cautious? Training in the military district can result in injury. Can I rest assured when you embark on a mission?"

There didn't appear to be a single wound on his hand since he met Pan Lei and got to know him. Pan Lei carefully guarded him and never allowed him to be wounded.

Pan Lei leaned in close and pecked his cheek quickly.

"Baby, have faith in my abilities."

Tian Yuan believed he possessed this power, but he was still frightened that something might happen to him.

"There's something we need to talk about, darling. We begin teaching courses in the third week. They will study basic first aid as well as amputation. You're a doctor, so you should conduct a session."

Yes, he was capable of doing so.

"What else are they going to learn?"

"Use of light and heavy weapons, interrogating and being interrogated, cipher communication, reconnaissance and counter-reconnaissance, first aid, demolition, information engineering, assemble and install two ## in 20 seconds. A commander is an all-rounder. They must have all kinds of skills."

"You too?"

"Of course. It's necessary."

Pan Lei proudly vouched for. How could he be an instructor if he couldn't?

"In that case, how long does it take you to assemble a gun?"

He'd seen it on television. Even while blindfolded, a firearm could be assembled with a few clicks. Naturally, he believed that the movies exaggerated it.

"Six seconds blindfolded."

Yeah, right. This guy sure talks big. That’s impossible.

"You don't think so? Mr. Genius, you actually killed two birds with one shot the first time you fired a rifle. To be worthy of my darling, I must also be talented."

Pan Lei's hand continued to sneak upwards. He was holding a certain someone's leg, so he wanted to touch all he could. His hand crossed the knee, went inside to survey, and then squeezed it right on the top, at the most inner region. It was the most tender spot on his ##, or more accurately, the most sensitive spot. Tian'er would flip his body over every time he kissed, nibbled, or lightly bit there.

"F**k! Where are you touching?"

Tian Yuan went all-out this time, kicking him viciously. Couldn't the old lecher, this big hooligan, speak properly? He groped him every time he moved his hands and feet. They were sitting and conversing, but he was able to make something happen. He must cure his body's well-developed wolf nerve.

"Haven’t I touched him before? I'll kiss and lick him when we get home in the evening."

Pan Lei smiled mischievously as he lifted the padded jacket over Tian Yuan's legs and inserted his hand, covering that place.

In an instant, Tian Yuan's face flushed bright red. This pervert, pervert! Does he want face? You don't want it scumbag, but I do.

Tian Yuan quickly pushed his hand away, standing up and moving away from him. Pan Lei was up to no good, and when he stretched out his foot, Tian Yuan's rapid movements came to a halt. Tian Yuan fell into Pan Lei's arms in a fairly classic "throw oneself in somebody's arms" move.

"Oh! My baby is so passionate!"

Pan Lei exclaimed loudly as he held his hubby and stroked his ##.

All of the soldiers in training and the assistant instructors looked over. The assistant instructors choked as they looked at the couple cuddling in the stands.

"None of you must become rogue like Team Leader Pan. You will be punished if you date the local girls. We're here to train exceptional special forces, not first-rate hooligans."


[1] Refers specifically to the four guardians - Azure Dragon, White Tiger, Black Turtle, and Red Phoenix.

[2] flirt/tease.


Poor deputies😆

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