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IHSC - Chapter 57

Chapter 57 Eaten by you?

A fabulous crimson quilt draped over the two men reclining in the coffin. Wen Fengjin embraced the sleeping person with one hand while holding an ordinary white business card with the other.

The white business card had no name or phone number, only a line of address.

Two little silver characters were stamped on the reverse of the business card: 'Eliminate Evil.'

The white piece of paper was slowly spun around in the cool white slender fingers, soaring up and down like a white butterfly before coming to a gentle stop between the finger seams.

The long and narrow eyes were deep and dark, brimming with unknown things. The chaotic rolling in those eyes came to a halt when his line of sight dropped on the person resting on his shoulder.

Wang Xiaomie had been tormented so badly that he'd dozed off in the nest of quilts. His skin was still flushed, and he had two or three strands of black hair on his fair cheekbones and chin. The quilt had slipped off his shoulders as a result of Wen Fengjin's motions in the nest, exposing the slight depression on his collarbone.

Wen Fengjin touched his shoulder and discovered it was quite cold, so he pulled up the quilt and covered it, as if forgetting that the other party no longer required such care.

Then he kissed his brow.

Wen Fengjin had already guessed the feather pattern that appeared on Wang Xiaomie's body, as well as the repercussions caused by this feather pattern.

His sacrificial practice was impeccable, and he wouldn't allow Wang Xiaomie to have any flaws or damage.

Similarly, Wen Fengjin was not as serene and indifferent as he appeared.

Shixiong[2]  belonged to him.

Every single inch of him.

Even if the thing parasitized in his shixiong’s body was a pattern, it was a mark and a provocation in Wen Fengjin's eyes! The body and soul he cherished with utmost care had been defiled by the mark of others.

It was just like leaving a stinking fingerprint on the most perfect work (of art) of a master painter’s life. He couldn't tolerate it!

The feather pattern was bright and gorgeous, but Wen Fengjin felt he’d smelled something nauseating and wanted to puke.

Wang Xiaomie was still sound asleep. Wen Fengjin pushed his palm against his left shoulder, and his countenance shifted from soft to icy, gradually becoming twisted and crazy.

After discarding the gentle face, the soul within glared at that patch of skin with venomous paranoia, yearning to rip it off!

Scarlet filled the dark pupils that occupied most of the eye sockets.

"I shouldn't have let him die so easily."

Wen Fengjin caressed the top of Wang Xiaomie's head with his face...

"My mistake... Do you blame me for not protecting you well, shixiong?"

With his eyes half closed, Wen Fengjin talked to himself. He wasn't looking anywhere in particular, but the frigid air surrounding him had become suffocating. At this point, Wang Xiaomie in his arms sensed danger and panicked, fidgeting with a murmur.

"Xiao Wenzi..."

"It's so cold..."

He whispered a few words in his sleep, but he seemed to have broken some fantasy, and Wen Fengjin's paranoia and insanity vanished like smoke in thin air...

In the dim space, Wen Fengjin was still smiling affectionately at Wang Xiaomie when he opened his blurry eyes a chink.

"Did you have a nightmare?"

"Seems like it..."

"Don't be afraid, I'm here."

"Mn. Ha~~~"

Wang Xiaomie yawned and arched back into Wen Fengjin's arms.

The mild body temperature was full of security while skin-to-skin.

Wang Xiaomie drowsily closed his eyes again.

When Wen Fengjin looked down and saw his peaceful sleeping smile gradually fade away, the person whose expression was obscured by the darkness remained quiet for a while before adjusting his posture and closing his eyes.

The white business card was placed on the pillow beside him.

… … …

Wen Fengjin took out that business card the next day.

"Let's go to this location."

"What's this?" Wang Xiaomie accepted the business card and flipped it over with interest. "A business card? But why isn't there a name and a phone number? And it's quite familiar."

"Isn't this the business card left behind by that man last time?" questioned Bai Yu, stretching out his head to look at it.

"Which one?"

"The one wearing the mandarin jacket[1] and carrying Sailor Moon!"


"Why the hell are we looking for him?" Wang Xiaomie asked, stunned. That boss was out of this world!

"He knows how to remove the feather pattern on your body." Wen Fengjin looked at Wang Xiaomie, who asked with wide eyes, "Really?"

Wasn’t that feather pattern a side effect of the elixir?

Wen Feng kept mum. Wang Xiaomie silently held the business card for a while before patting Bai Yu on the shoulder.

"Da Bai, we're going out. Do you want to come along with us?"

"Of course," Bai Yu said. "I'll change my clothes right away."


Wang Xiaomie returned the business card to Wen Fengjin and, like Bai Yu, went back to his room to change into his outerwear. The three men called for a car from the villa.

The destination address, however, was along a succession of old-fashioned small commercial streets. The driver informed them that there were various stalls inside, and that there were so many pedestrians that cars could not enter.

So they had to get out of the car and ask the owners of several small stores along the way, and then follow the direction indicated by the owners, slowly seeking for the address.

It had been three hours by the time they arrived at the address on the business card.

The majority of the wholesale shops in the rows had prominent signs in colors such as red and blue, but only one establishment had no signboard and simply hung a small black flag on the door.

And, despite being a sliding glass door, it was covered with a thick black film similar to that found on car windows.

You couldn't tell what was going on inside from the outside.

The swarm of people arriving and departing was noisy and congested, since they had all driven their cars to the wholesale grocery stores. This modest shop, with no one stopping by, was just as conspicuous as Wen Fengjin among the crowd.

Passers-by surreptitiously assessed the three of them, with the majority of their attention focused on Wen Fengjin and Wang Xiaomie.

"Is this the location?" Wang Xiaomie was uncertain.

Bai Yu scratched his head: "I’m not sure but I think this style of doing business without a name on the business card is quite similar to running a small store without a brand. Maybe they’re just regular grocery sellers?"

The two debated whether they should go in and inquire. Who knew that when Wang Xiaomie raised his head, Wen Fengjin had already opened the door and walked in.

Wang Xiaomie grabbed Bai Yu quickly and followed him closely.

The small black flag at the door fluttered gently as the three of them entered, displaying thin scrawled inscriptions...

After going through the sliding door, they discovered a drawing room that took up the full space of the property, complete with an antique wooden counter, a couple of sofas, and a small coffee table.

Wang Xiaomie was surprised to see on the coffee table a tea set that his grandmother used at the time, the kind with a red design on a white backdrop and the word "Exultation" embossed in Chinese characters!

Mandarin jacket, braid, Sailor Moon, and this retro decor...

Wang Xiaomie felt as if his aesthetics had been shattered.

He turned his head to gaze at Bai Yu and noticed that their expressions were identical.

Because light couldn't enter through the black-film-covered door, a chandelier was suspended from the ceiling.

The warm yellow light gave the entire antiquated and retro drawing room a time filter lens, giving the impression that entering through that door was like passing through a century.

There were numerous small photo frames hung throughout the drawing room, and Wen Fengjin, who entered first, stood in front of the wall opposite the door.

Wen Fengjin was glancing at the photo frames on the wall, expressionless, and frowned suspiciously when Wang Xiaomie approached him fast.

"Why are you acting so strange today? What are you looking at?"

He raised his head and followed Wen Fengjin's point of view when he finished speaking. Wang Xiaomie's eyes widened as he noticed the individuals in the picture frame on the wall.

"What's the matter with you two? Why are both of you frozen?" Bai Yu smiled and patted Wang Xiaomie's shoulder, gazing at the photo they were staring at. "Isn't it just a photo? What's the problem?"


"Zhenbei, Yan Chun?!" Wang Xiaomie said in disbelief.

Surprisingly, the photo on the wall was a group shot, and the third person posing for a photo with Zhenbei and Yan Chun was the man they had seen the other day!

That man knew Yan Chun and Zhenbei!

"Gentlemen guests appear to enjoy my photographs." Suddenly, a cheerful male voice could be heard.

Wang Xiaomie's hair nearly exploded, and Bai Yu leaped in fear.

Wen Fengjin took a few steps aside to hide Wang Xiaomie behind him, his long and narrow eyes riveted on the man who appeared beside the counter.

"You did it on purpose."

"What are you talking about? I don't quite understand."

The man tilted his head, and the neat and tidy braid with less black and more white on the back of his head, combined with the light blue mandarin jacket, harmonized him with the surrounding retro setting.

A kind teacher, for example, or the eldest young master of a scholarly family in the 1960s and 1970s.

Wen Fengjin narrowed his eyes and unleashed an earth-shattering burst of power!

Bai Yu, who was standing next to him, felt as though he had been bludgeoned and suffered a concussion. His chest felt stuffy and achy, his head was dizzy, and he opened his mouth to hurl.

Wang Xiaomie drew Bai Yu quickly to his side, reasoning that it was far preferable to hide behind Wen Fengjin.

Even Bai Yu, who was a little closer, was uneasy, so there was no need to mention the man directly in front of Wen Fengjin. He was still smiling as he retreated a few steps back, his slender eyes fixed on Wen Fengjin.

"Why are the guests so angry? You and the person behind you are not human, but neither are you rigid. A small business like this, operating on a shoestring, cannot afford to offend the two of you. If you have any dissatisfaction, please do not hesitate to bring it up."

"Playing dumb?" Wen Fengjin scoffed, his expression ice-cold. "If you know Yan Chun, you know who the feather pattern belongs to. Don't tell me you don't know what happened to Yan Chun now that the feather pattern is on my shixiong's body."

The feather pattern is Yan Chun’s?!

Wang Xiaomie curled his fists behind Wen Fengjin, but before the shock wore off, the man across them began speaking...

"Oh! So you're upset because of my previous clients. I don't know those two very well," the beaming man in the mandarin jacket said, cupping his hands together, and then putting his hands inside his sleeves, and looking at the group picture on the wall. "Merely business, that's all."

"I'll take a picture with the client I'm working with and hang it on the wall. Every photo on the wall is of a customer who has done business with me."

"I'm also acquainted with the feather pattern. It is indeed something from my previous customer, whose name is Yan Chun... But that was a long, long time ago."

After he finished speaking, the man gave a humble salute with his hands in his sleeves and a sincere smile.

Wen Fengjin gave a half-smile but said nothing. The intense pressure from the magic, however, was also erased.

Wang Xiaomie sneaked a glimpse from behind Wen Fengjin, astonished to find the man so calm and composed in the face of Wen Fengjin's pressure, but when he looked closer, he could clearly see the beads of sweat on the man's temples.

This guy was unable to overcome Wen Fengjin's incredible power, yet fought valiantly.

Wang Xiaomie was a little impressed.

That man also noticed Wang Xiaomie, who had stealthily cropped up, and his smile deepened.

"However..." He stated, "The feather pattern is a small plaything that you raise in your heart. It has many effects and will die if it is removed from the host. Very few people can successfully remove it, let alone transplant it. Now it can actually emerge so completely on your back..."

"So I can guess Yan Chun's fate."

The man seemed to be asking Wen Fengjin, but his gaze was fixed on Wang Xiaomie.

He stretched his intonation, and his slender eyes bent.

"Dear~ guest, was Yan Chun eaten by you?"


[1] In Chapter 53: Sailor Moon, I simply used 'jacket' for 'magua' and referred to its Wikipedia page. To distinguish it from modern jackets, I'll translate 'magua' as 'mandarin jacket' from now on.

[2] senior male fellow student or apprentice.


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IHSC - Chapter 56

Chapter 56 When there is no deception in love

"Can you only speak the truth now?"


Wen Fengjin bowed his head and leaned over to press Wang Xiaomie's forehead with his sharpened fingers, forcing Wang Xiaomie to raise his head.

They locked their gazes on each other. Wen Fengjin was like an evil dragon with his own BGM, and Wang Xiaomie was like a foolish prince whose height wasn't even as tall as the evil dragon's legs.

After a brief pause, Wen Fengjin abruptly extended his 'hmm' intonation, the sound filled with evil glee.

Wang Xiaomie trembled immediately.

It is said that it is wrong to admit one's shortcomings but fail to remedy them. A wise man submits to his circumstances, and it was right to be cowardly in the first place!

Saying something pleasant now could spare his life, but Wang Xiaomie ignored the 'truth curse' bestowed upon him by the feather pattern.

As a result...

"I was wrong!" Wang Xiaomie said.

"But I'll still dare it next time!" he added.

One second he admitted his mistake, yet couldn't help but tell the truth the very next instant. In short, he was too awesome! Heh.

In this regard, Wang Xiaomie: "......" Sonofabi*ch!!!

Wang Xiaomie almost put a zipper on his mouth as he saw Wen Fengjin's smile grow bigger and bigger. In a panic, he covered his lips, but Wen Fengjin quickly clasped his two wrists in one hand and forced them against the glass on top of his head.

"It’s time to speak the truth now." Wen Fengjin stated as he approached him. Their eyes were locked and their noses were almost touching, each breath laden with the scent of the other party.

Wang Xiaomie shouted in his heart that he was done for. Wen Fengjin pressed his finger just as he was about to tolerate the pain and say rubbish, and the tingling pain in his forehead caused Wang Xiaomie's gaze to sink back into those deep eyes.

"I’ll know if you put up with the pain and tell lies." The man stated: "It won’t be something that pain can fix at that point. Be obedient. Got it?"

Wang Xiaomie: "..."

Do I have other options besides saying yes? Wang Xiaomie burst into tears[1].

So, in the bathroom, they launched the most genuine 'Truth or Dare' ever.

"Are you keeping anything regarding the feather pattern from me?" Wen Fengjin half-smiled and stared at Wang Xiaomie as if he was stalking his prey.

Wang Xiaomie: "...Yes."

"What are you hiding?"

"I— it was strange when I looked at you. I desperately wanted to be close to you, and I was inexplicably wishing—"

"Wishing what?"

"To bite your throat."

The red and moist lips pursed up and rose even more joyfully. "What after biting it, did you want to drink the blood inside?"

Wang Xiaomie’s face grew pale as he struggled to suppress the answer, but he was frightened by the warning gaze.

"...I did." He had no idea why he had such evil thoughts. Wang Xiaomie's grasped palm clenched slowly.

"I'm not going to be angry." Wen Fengjin cut Wang Xiaomie's self-blame short, removed the hand from Wang Xiaomie's forehead, and pried apart the milk dog's lips to reveal the tiny tiger teeth. "On the contrary, I'm looking forward to it."

Wang Xiaomie: "..."

"I'm very satisfied with this question. Before proceeding to the next question—" Wen Fengjin gave Wang Xiaomie a quick kiss. The lips pressed against each other and parted swiftly.

"Good children need candy and rewards." Wen Fengjin cocked his brows, his eyes flashing with light.


Wang Xiaomie's face reddened instantly, and not even his neck and ears were spared.

Wen Fengjin thoroughly enjoyed this scene, and his questions became increasingly wicked.

"Which areas of my body do you like?"

"...Face, chest muscles, and—" Wang Xiaomie held back for a long time before blurting out, "and that."

"Oh~ Were you satisfied with my performance yesterday?"


"Was it comfortable?"


"My that..."

"Can you not talk about stuff that is inappropriate for children!!!" Wang Xiaomie blushed and almost exploded on the spot.

"All right, one last question." Wen Fengjin promised.

"Do you love me?"


"No lying, I said. Don’t make me angry. Xiaomie, what's your answer?"

Wang Xiaomie was forced to sit on the cold sink, and his hands were restrained as well. He wanted to escape but was unable to do so. He felt like he was being bullied. He was ashamed into anger and also feeling wronged.

He pursed his lips tightly and twitched the tip of his nose without saying anything.

Wen Fengjin kissed his lips once again. This time, he was gentle and encouraging.

"Tell me what your answer is."

"...I love you! Satisfied? Now let me go!"

Wang Xiaomie was like a small animal backed into a corner. He was no match for his opponent, and he wanted to cry because he was upset with himself.

He yelled, and then let out a few sobbing sounds of frustration.

Wen Fengjin pressed his nose against the red apple-like cheek, as if he could smell the fruit’s sweet fragrance through the thin skin.

He straightened up, closed his eyes filled with tender love and affection, stored the Demon Lord’s softest feelings in his life, and let go of the other person's restraint before pressing the back of his head into his chest.

In that chest was an overly calm heart that throbbed solely for one person.

A muffled voice came from his arms.

"You a$$hole! Sonofabi*ch! You are a big bast*rd!"

"Then do you like it?" Wen Fengjin inquired, agreeing quietly with closed eyes.

Wang Xiaomie's eyes were red, and he wanted to say he didn't like it.

In fact, he opened his mouth and said, "I like it."


Ahhhh!!! This freaking truth bug!!!!!

Wang Xiaomie roared as he fell apart.

But a gentle voice with a soft smile came from above his head.

"I love you too. I like you the most."


"I love you so much."


Bast*rd! Wang Xiaomie muttered, shrinking into Wen Fengjin’s chest.

They hugged quietly for a while.

"Oh, that's right." Wen Fengjin kissed the top of his head and added suddenly, "I haven't given you your final reward yet. Do you think it's okay to give it here?"

Wang Xiaomie: "!!!"

Reward? What a great reward!

The chubby milk dog pushed away the big bad wolf on his body and was about to run away, terrified, when he was caught again by the back of his neck.

"I just want to study your feather pattern."

The big bad wolf said as he easily removed his clothes and studied the milk dog all over.

… … …

Bai Yu, who had been condemned by his guilty conscience after withdrawing into his room, intended to intervene in the fight and had just placed his hand on the doorknob when he heard Wang Xiaomie’s scream.

Bai Yu: "..."

...Forget it, a poor Daoist does not die for the sake of a dead pathfriend[2]. We’ll see each other again in the next life, brother!

[Censorship has turned off the lights.]

The author has something to say: Catch the bug later.


[1] lèi bēn: It means "tears run down involuntarily like a flowing river" in slang. It's an exaggeration used to indicate surprise, anxiety, relief, and so on. 

[2] 死道友不死贫道: When someone says this, it indicates that they are extremely selfish. When a conflict of interest or life is at jeopardy, they would rather sacrifice their friend to protect themself, even though both the close friend and themself are "cultivators" aka Daoists. As a result, this phrase is commonly said after the incident, rather than in front of friends. If it's in front of friends, it must be that their friendship is strong and they can mess around.


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IHSC - Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Truth bug

You must say some insincere words as a civilized person throughout your life, such as white lies, malicious deceit, and polite remarks when socializing.

'I'm busy right now; let's discuss later.'

'You look fantastic in this as well.'

'Long time no see, you've lost weight.'

'Don't be afraid; things will get better.'

'I don't care.'

'We are best friends.'

'I'm always there for you.'

We can all tell small lies casually, over the screen of our phones, to strangers, to people close to us, and even to ourselves.

In fact, this not only serves as a form of protection for ourselves, but it also allows others to relax.

However, Wang Xiaomie learned today that he had lost this ability...

To be more specific, it had been this way since the previous night.

Wang Xiaomie sat cross-legged on the sofa, his eyes closed, and folded his arms across his chest, recalling the events of the day before. Of course, he was not recalling that!!!

Rather, why did he start talking...strangely soon after the feather pattern on his shoulders started to grow?


Wang Xiaomie waved calmly to beckon Da Bai, who was seated at the other end of the sofa, holding a phone and laughing foolishly with the girl on the phone screen.

"Da Bai."

"What's up?" Bai Yu asked, his face blank.

Wang Xiaomie gave him a wooden look: "Ask me a random question. Hurry up!"

"Huh?" Bai Yu was stunned, "Do you want to play Truth or Dare?"

"Cut the crap and ask!"

"Oh...let me think about it. Then..." Bai Yu pointed to himself and asked a little shyly, "Am I, am I handsome?"

Handsome, say handsome! Wang Xiaomie mumbled in his heart a few times, took an anxious breath, and opened his mouth——

"You’re too dark for me to see clearly."

Wang Xiaomie: "..." That’s not what I want to say!

Bai Yu: "..." I don't believe your nonsense, ying ying ying[1], I'm not dark!

"...You ask another question." Wang Xiaomie buried his face in his hands: "Please!"

Bai Yu muttered, 'You must have done it on purpose' and hesitantly said, "Then let me ask another question."

"Ask it, ask it, ask it quickly."

"You asked me to ask! Don't laugh at me! Hehe... What do you think of me? I mean, my personality and so on. I recently chatted with a new girl, and we often play games together! Her voice is mind blowing[2], you know! She also said that I'm a good man, hehehe." Bai Yu blushed and covered his face coyly, asking, "Do you think if I ask her to meet, she’ll agree?"

After speaking, Bai Yu stared at Wang Xiaomie in anticipation, his eyes like saucers.

"Your character—"


"I think you are a good man as well. You can try to ask the other party; perhaps you will succeed."

"Really?! Wow~~~~"

Wang Xiaomie's smile was soft and friendly as always, giving people a sense of healing and gentleness. But the next second, just as Bai Yu was about to jump up and down with excitement, that gentle smiling face suddenly froze, and his lips twitched twice...

"Did you expect me to say that?" Wang Xiaomie's expression changed as he said, "Idiot!"

Bai Yu: "..."

"——dumb, foolish, dunce, honest. Despite the fact that you're a good man, I've been ordering 'six walnuts[3]' online every day since you arrived."

"As for the Yujie voice in the game? Hehe, don't be ridiculous. Will a genuine Yujie play games on working days? There is definitely an unemployed foot man[4] on the computer over there, using a sound card to con a little idiot like you hehehe-"

"And Benxian[5]? Don't just float away because someone sent you a good person card. Believe it or not, he’ll say, "Okay, okay, little brother, I'll come to you!" and then, within minutes, he’ll ask you to help pay the taxi fare. Once he gets the red envelope, he’ll block your username, and say 'See you in Jianghu from now on[6]!'"

Wang Xiaomie, who was sitting cross-legged on the sofa, raised his right hand to prop up his chin, tilted his head, and narrowed his eyes at Bai Yu, adding with a sneer: "Are you stupid?"

Bai Yu: "..."

'Pff!' a knife stabbed firmly into his heart.

Wang Xiaomie: "Fool, fool, fool..."

Bai Yu: "..."

'Pfff! Pfff! Pfff!' He was stabbed three times since once wasn't enough.

This was not Truth or Dare at all; it was obviously a black belly[7]!

Bai Yu smiled bleakly, squatting alone in the corner, tears in his eyes, licking his wounded pure and young heart.

Wang Xiaomie, who had regained his control, held his head in his hands and sank into the sofa cushion after delivering those words. He wanted to cry but didn’t have any tears.[8]

He was clearly holding back just now! But then there was a sharp pain in his neck, and Wang Xiaomie began saying things he didn't want to say, as if he had transformed into a different person.

I'm done for…

F*ck! Won’t I be beaten to death if I go out like this?!!!

This must be some kind of curse... "Da Bai, don't cry..." Wang Xiaomie rubbed his neck and turned his head, his eyes lost their usual spirit.

"Ying, ying, ying..."

"Don't cry, you little idiot! Go ask Wen Fengjin to come down. I have something to tell you guys. Something major has happened..."

Two minutes later.

Wen Fengjin sat next to Wang Xiaomie, his legs crossed, the V-neck of his casual sportswear displaying a small part of his collarbone, while Bai Yu sat on the opposite side of the sofa, holding a blue throw pillow in his arms.

Their gazes were fixed on Wang Xiaomie, who was hiding his face in his hands and doubting his life.

"According to what you stated, you can't speak as tactfully as usual, simply the truth?" Wen Fengjin frowned, "What if you don't say it?"

"If I don't say it, the feather pattern on my neck hurts like hell," Wang Xiaomie replied.

"That's not the truth at all, but rather a poisonous tongue! A poisonous tongue!" Da Bai complained as he clutched his little heart, which had been stabbed into a hornet's nest.

"Da Bai is right..." Wang Xiaomie struggled up from the sofa, feeling hopeless, "I'll undoubtedly piss off people if I open my mouth now, and what I want to say in my heart is obviously not so, but in the end, what I say always becomes something else."

Wen Fengjin: "So it's 'heart and mouth at odds[9]'."

"No, that’s not it." Wang Xiaomie scratched his head: "Except for the harsh words, what I say is actually what I genuinely think."

"Wah~" Bai Yu sobbed, hugged the pillow, and retreated to the corner to lick his wounds when he heard this.

"Alas..." Wang Xiaomie sighed and covered his neck. "And I suspect that the cause of all this is the feather pattern on my neck."

Bai Yu poked his head out and asked curiously, "What feather pattern?"

"That's it..." Wang Xiaomie told him about the strange stuff that had appeared on his body the other day. After hearing it, Bai Yu was perplexed. "This does not appear to be an infectious disease. Maybe it's a gu insect[10], just like the ones described in novels, the kind that can manipulate people and such."

Wang Xiaomie frowned, "In fact, I also doubted it, but I haven’t been in contact with outsiders..."

"That’s true..."

Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu fell silent. At this point, Wen Fengjin abruptly dropped his crossed legs and asked Wang Xiaomie, "Aside from this, is there anything else?"

"Anything else?" Wang Xiaomie asked, bewildered.

"It's just..." Wen Fengjin grasped Wang Xiaomie's chin and forced him to look at himself in the eyes, his narrow and clear eyes abruptly pulling away.

"You've been avoiding me since this morning. Why?"

"I’m not... I think you're too close..." The face that was so close at hand, made Wang Xiaomie evade his gaze, his big eyes whirring around in confusion.

He gazed up and down, but he wouldn't look at Wen Fengjin.

What was he supposed to say? That this lousy feather pattern also came with a 'beauty is in the eye of the beholder' buff? When he looked at Wen Fengjin now, it was like adding a million beauty filters or the flashing ‘take care’ hearts[11] on Bilibili?

Wang Xiaomie's deliberate evasion made Wen Feng's face sink, his glabella pucker, and the surrounding air pressure drop. Bai Yu didn't dare to talk nonsense. He hugged the cushion and peered around the corner with puppy eyes, secretly peeking like a kitty.

"What are you hiding from me?"

"I haven’t, I have!"

Wen Fengjin said, "Is it because last night I..."

"You’re not allowed to bring up last night!" Wang Xiaomie blushed and shoved him away. He’d rather tell lies and bear the pain than tell the truth.

After all, Da Bai is still eavesdropping from there! So can you please stop talking!

Wen Fengjin squeezed his palm against his chest to indicate his reluctance as his face grew ashen, but then he burst out laughing.

Those strange pupils grew chilly, and the corners of his mouth lifted in a sharp arc. Although Wen Fengjin possessed a flawless face, such beauty came with its own poisonous thorns. Wang Xiaomie was terrified and got a horrible feeling when he laughed.

Wang Xiaomie spun around and rushed down the back of the sofa to escape as his crisis alert went off, but he was caught by the waist.

His world spun as the silver hair hit Wang Xiaomie's face coolly, and by the time he recovered, Wen Fengjin had already overpowered him.

Wen Fengjin narrowed his eyes, carried Wang Xiaomie on his shoulder, and said to Bai Yu with the smiling face of a mad pervert in a thriller: "Get out of my sight. Now."

With a whoosh, Bai Yu scooped up the cushion and dashed into his room. The only thing Wang Xiaomie saw was him running as if his a$$ was on fire and the securely closed door.

Wang Xiaomie: ...From now on, I don't have a brother like you. Our friendship is over.

Wen Fengjin lowered his long and narrow eyes and walked slowly to the bathroom after withdrawing his smile. Wang Xiaomie, who was on his shoulders, fought valiantly. He was like a milk dog who couldn't scratch people and could just bare his teeth. When he realized he was in danger, he became terrified and began kicking his legs and beating Wen Fengjin on the back.

He bit Wen Fengjin's back through his clothes out of desperation.

With one hand, Wen Fengjin squeezed the person on his shoulder, while the other grasped the doorknob.

The pain in his back made him laugh, "You can keep biting, I'll let you bite enough in a moment."


In an attempt to eliminate criminal evidence, Wang Xiaomie silently loosened his teeth and stretched out his claws to smooth the wrinkled clothing.


The opened door shut again.

The bottles and jars on the washbasin's marble countertop were pushed away, and the buttocks wearing the branded black sweatpants landed heavily on it, the not-yet-dried water spots dampening the pants.

A few strands of long black hair fell into the circular sink.

The delicate white palm frantically searched for support points, knocking down the nearby hand sanitizer.

The long legs fell to the floor, and his toes barely brushed the floor because the slippers he'd been wearing had vanished somewhere while he was kicking confusedly. A man stood in front of the sink, preventing his legs from closing.

Wang Xiaomie glanced at Wen Fengjin, who was smiling but not smiling, and then bowed his head to examine his slim feet, thinking of a meme.

Feet shoeless, it’s hopeless[12].

[The author has something to say: Catch bugs later, today is a double update.]


[1] onomatopoeia for crying.

[2] The author used the term "yujie," which means "royal elder sister." In Internet language, it refers to mature and strong, beautiful and seductive women who create the impression of an elder sister.

[3] 六 个 核桃: Six Walnuts is a walnut vegetable protein drink. Walnuts are said to be the best nut for brain health...

[4] Not a footman, who is a liveried servant. On the Internet, a "foot man" is a male who poses as a woman.

[5] An online buzzword. It refers to the transition from online virtual love to offline real love.

[6] This expression indicates, "From now on, we'll meet if fate permits." Essentially, Xiaomie is declaring Bai Yu will never hear from the other party again, a definitive farewell.

[7] A two-faced individual; literally, a poison tongued two-face.

[8] I’m sure you’re familiar with this. He wanted to cry but was unable to shed a tear. A metaphor for deep melancholy or helplessness.

[9] Idiom: expressing one thing but implying another.

[10] If you read fictional historical novels, you've probably come across this word. A gu is a fabled venomous insect used to poison, bewitch, and drive people insane, among other things.

[11] Basically, it's a cute gif with flashing heart symbols that says "take care."

[12] It implies an automobile accident. If a person gets hit by an automobile and his or her shoes come off, it is assumed that the person is dead. When someone witnesses an automobile accident, if the person's shoes come off, it signifies it is a hopeless situation since the impact is too great.


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12 footnotes!😵 Some of them are known to CN readers and you may find them needless, but I constantly wonder what if this is a reader's first CN. Someone new to C-novels may become perplexed. However, if you find all these footnotes to be irritating and you'd like me to paraphrase for smoother flow, please let me know in the comments.


May 6, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 163

Chapter 163 Baby, I can’t bear saying goodbye to you

After weeks of planning, the actual New Year's celebrations came and went in an instant. The third day of the new year arrived in the blink of an eye after New Year's Day, with the departure of the two uncles' and aunts' families. Grandpa and Grandma Pan, as well as Tian Yuan's parents, left on the fifth day. They would have to wait a year to see their son again this time.

The Tian couple were lengthy in their urging to Tian Yuan to be cautious about everything when he traveled overseas, to avoid visiting dubious areas, to study hard, and to return as quickly as possible. They suggested that Tian Yuan bring Leizi home to meet them once he returned to China.

"Leizi, work hard in the army and be careful about your safety," they said as they left the house.

"Thank you for your hospitality, Mother and Father. Please come and stay with us if you have the opportunity. I hope we get to see each other often."

"Don't worry," Dang Hong remarked with a smile. "When Tian Yuan returns, decorate the house according to your tastes, and then invite them to live with you. The recently purchased house is extremely close to our military compound; you can join us for a meal at any time; it's only a half-hour walk away. They can pay a visit to their in-laws while out for a stroll. We sisters will be companions when I retire in the future."

Tian Yuan's flight was scheduled for the 8th, and Pan Lei was set to return to the barracks on the 9th. That is, after seeing off Tian Yuan, Pan Lei would depart as well.

The Pan household, which was currently warm, lively and noisy, would soon become cold and cheerless.

Tian Yuan was also taken home by Pan Lei. There were only two days left, and the young couple wanted to make the most of their last chance to be affectionate before a year apart. They had no choice but to part, no matter how much they hated it.

Papa Pan gazed around at their completely vacant house and wrapped his arms around Dang Hong's shoulders.

"Tian Yuan's work will be consistent and dependable after he returns, so you can retire. Let them adopt a child, and if they are unable to care for it, we will assist them. The family will be more animated."

It was therefore with this goal in mind that they chose a house near the military compound for them. It took half an hour to walk and only a few minutes to drive. Tian Yuan would be preoccupied with work, and Pan Lei would be engaged with the army, but that didn't matter. They could take care of the adopted child.

Wouldn't it be perfect?

Pan Lei pounced on Tian Yuan from behind and lifted him up like a sack as soon as they reached home, before Tian Yuan could take off his jacket. He kicked open the bedroom door with Tian Yuan on his shoulder and tossed him on the bed, bearing down on him.

"Let's agree that throughout this one day and two nights, we'll go at it like rabbits. If missing you isn't enough, a year apart will suffocate me to death. We'll have a solid physical relationship during this period to avoid going insane when we don't meet. I'll pack your bags for you, but you are not permitted to get out of bed."

A year of longing, a year of separation, this kind of yearning would drive them insane. It was too terrible for them to be apart when their emotions were at their peak. What is the most agonizing thing in the universe, the most heartbreaking pain? It's called love-sickness.

Separation in life and parting in death was the most agonizing thing in the world, especially for them.

Tian Yuan's eye rims turned red, and he could only fiercely hold Pan Lei's neck.

"That sounds good."

He was solely concerned with the present, regardless of what happened in the future. Intense lingering, fervent burning, as if giving vent to all thoughts of longing for the year, only deep entanglement and meeting of the body and soul could push aside the bitterness of separation.

Tian Yuan indulged his wildness, his hard ramming; even when he screamed in pain and begged for mercy, he didn't let go even a bit, just kept saying, "Ge, ge, hold me tight! Hold me tight."

Pan Lei kept whispering random endearments into Tian Yuan's ear, and Tian Yuan allowed him. Endearments like "sweetheart" and "honey," which he used to dislike, suddenly felt good to hear. It was he and him alone, no matter what endearment was used. He was Pan Lei's baby, ancestor, and honey.

Have you got a toothache? Do you think it's a little too sweet? But the more he was addressed in this manner, the sadder Tian Yuan became. Could such acute lingering actually compensate for a year of yearning? Could it help him cope with his loneliness and quietness as an expat? Give me a little more, give me a little more, whether it's pain, being limp and numb, the kind of daze that comes from being brought to the pinnacle and free falling, or even if he was in a semi-stupor owing to excessive ejaculation, it was all wonderful because it was all from Pan Lei.

Tian Yuan desired to be infected with his breath, to carry his scent with him for a year, so that whenever he missed Pan Lei, he could close his eyes and mislead himself into thinking Pan Lei was by his side.

Pan Lei was penetrating too deeply, giving Tian Yuan the sensation that his body had been run through, displacing all of his internal organs. Tian Yuan was indifferent to Pan Lei's frenzied thrusting, which severely rocked him every time Pan Lei slammed into a certain place. A little more, a little more. I'm going to suck you dry and make it impossible for you to look at anyone else. I'm going to possess your body and soul such that you never react to anyone else in this life but me.

All he wanted was Pan Lei. To be possessed, owned, to embrace and be embraced, tossed violently, thrown into an inferno, touched lingeringly, and screaming indiscriminately for one day and two nights, or a lifetime. He wanted it all.

Tian Yuan felt that nothing could erupt anymore, but he was still aroused, which caused him to get frantic every time. Finally, he cried.

Pan Lei loved him even more passionately and fiercely when he yelled "gege" with tears in his eyes.

"Baby, you drive me crazy, completely insane, I'm crazy about you!" were the words Pan Lei said the most.

Tian Yuan didn't know why he was crying; perhaps it was because he loathed the fact that his time with Pan Lei was coming to an end and he couldn't take the thought of having to part ways so soon, which was making him cry? Or was he very aroused and got carried away, causing him to cry? In short, he cried while clinging to Pan Lei's shoulders, and there were green-blue and red marks on every part of his body, including his fingertips, underarms, and between his thighs, from sucking, kissing, or Pan Lei's firm grip. Pan Lei had thoroughly marked him.

He felt hot and as if he had died over and over, yet the scorching heat that spilled into his body made him unable to stop erupting with Pan Lei.

Pan Lei would go and pack his luggage for him while he was surrounded by darkness. From Tian Yuan's outerwear, underpants, and socks to his coffee mug, he packed everything.

When Tian Yuan scowled and yelled for water, he fed him one sip at a time, patted his head, and told him to keep resting.

Maybe they'd eat something and Pan Lei would carry Tian Yuan to the toilet when he opened his eyes. He truly helped him hold the little head this time. Tian Yuan couldn't stand up without Pan Lei's arm to support him. Pan Lei assisted him in going to the toilet, wiped his little head with a wet tissue, and then began kissing in the bathroom before carrying him back to the bedroom and loving him again.

Pan Lei had stated that he would not allow Tian Yuan to leave his bed.

Pan Lei was successful.

The day of parting always came quickly.

Tian Yuan's mother-in-law and father-in-law all showed up to see him off. Pan Lei had packed him five suitcases. He stated that the suitcases would be checked in and that someone would meet him at the airport, so it didn't matter how many bags he took.

He draped a scarf over Tian Yuan's neck, stroked his cheek, brought their foreheads close, and spoke quietly.

"Don't forget to eat on time, carry your jacket, and remember to charge your phone. I should be able to get in touch with you at any point. Every ten days, you must write a letter and send hundreds of emails every day. Remember to memorize the address and phone me when you arrive. Don't go out alone at night; rather, have a baseball bat by your bedside. It's okay to go to the neighborhood shop and buy a gun for self-defense; it's sold on the black market. If you don't know where to buy it, I have a comrade-in-arms there who will buy it and send it to you. For food, go to a nearby Chinese restaurant for the entire year. When you're hungry, get something to eat. Don't be afraid to spend money as we're well-off. When going out, avoid taking public transportation and instead take a taxi; it's safer. When you arrive, visit the embassy. One of Dad's old pals works there and will take good care of you. Stay away from demonstrations and the like. Don't bother about anything other than your academics. When I have time, I will pay a visit to your parents. Study diligently, but don't put yourself under too much stress, you know? Don't stay up late, smoke less, don't drink alone, tell me when you feel wronged, when you're down, and when you want to cry. Please, baby, cry when you return. You'll be sad on your own, but I won't be able to come over and comfort you. Take good care of yourself, avoid getting sick, and avoid being lonely. It won't be long before you're back. This period will be over fast."

Tian Yuan kept nodding. He nodded in agreement with everything Pan Lei stated. Pan Lei was still concerned, no matter how many directions he gave. He was always taking care of him, including meals, daily living, and the details of life. Pan Lei handled everything. How could he be reassured now that Tian Yuan was leaving for the first time? Tian Yuan had been so pampered by Pan Lei that he didn't even know how to use gas. This was both a good and a bad thing.

Pan Lei placed a light kiss on Tian Yuan's brow.

"I love you, baby. I’ll always love you, honey."

Tian Yuan's tears streamed down in a flash. Pan Lei wiped them away, his heart sore in his chest. He could feel his eyes misting up, but he knew that if he cried again, Tian Yuan would be unable to leave.

"Baby, baby."

He kept calling him "baby," but he couldn't say anything to console him.

"How about not going, baby? Just wait for me at home. It's not like we'll have to beg for food if you don't work. Don't bother going."

Who could have predicted that Pan Lei, who had been spouting emotional monologues, would suddenly use words to hold back Tian Yuan? He appeared to have held back on speaking this for a long time before it eventually burst forth in this manner.

Dang Hong kicked her son out of the way with a well-aimed kick.

"What are you crying for? You’re a grown man! Don’t be so embarrassing! Your father wasn't clingy like you when I was gone for two or three years. Tian Yuan, my lovely son, someone from the medical school will contact you and pick you up once you arrive at the airport. I graduated from that college, which now has a collaborative relationship with our hospital. They are aware that you are my son and will take excellent care of you. Your professor is a cardiothoracic medicine expert in Britain. Every year, he only admits a few PhD candidates. He is a doctor of the British royal family and a PhD tutor at the medical school. But don't be scared of him. He is a friend of mine. Simply question him if you don't understand something. Pan Zhan has already found you a suitable residence. I've had everything ready for you over there. Don't worry, Mom will pay you a visit from time to time."

Everything was set, and Tian Yuan only had to go through it. At one point, he feared he'd have to live in a tiny apartment, wash dishes, and work part-time to earn living expenses. But now he had millions in his bank card, and could even travel around Europe. This amount did not include Pan Ge's pocket money, which was enough to last a year. A luxurious residence, first-rate tutors, and the ideal learning environment. He would be able to live much more comfortably than when he was in college given he worked hard enough. When he returned, he would skyrocket in the world. With the Pan family’s support and his own efforts, Tian Yuan's future was limitless.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 162

Chapter 162 On the night of New Year's Eve

The evening had brought a bumper harvest. Pan Lei got a little bag for Tian Yuan to hold all the red envelopes after nearly kowtowing his head off.

Tian Yuan's parents had handed them thick red envelopes. This was the first time their son had knelt in front of them with his sweetheart and wished them a Happy New Year. Their son also had a home and was happy. They also wished the young couple well as parents.

Papa Pan's red envelope was a little weird. It was bulging, and when Pan Lei opened it, he discovered a key inside.

"Didn't we say we'd get you a house? We bought you a three-bedroom, two-living-room set. It's quite large. Once Tian Yuan returns to China, you can renovate it. Then, elder sister, you come and live with all of us... how great it will be!"

Mama Pan gave the biggest gift.

LingSi'er felt extremely wronged. She was still grumbling as she went to bed: "Little Uncle got so many red envelopes, how come I got only one?"

Following the New Year's greetings, everyone ate dumplings before going to set off firecrackers.

They were all adult men, but when they heard it was time to let off firecrackers, they all got up and hurried out in high spirits.

It was an old habit from childhood. They only had capao[1] and shuaipao[2] worth 50 cents at the time. How could they possibly compete with today's incredibly fun fireworks? Setting off fireworks was usually prohibited in the city, so they jumped at the chance.

The security guards left, and the gathering began to set off fireworks.

While smoking cigarettes, the three brothers set up half-person-high fireworks. They scattered in three directions after lighting the fuse, and beautiful purple and dazzling crimson flowers bloomed in the sky above the military compound, absolutely breathtaking.

Poor Tian Yuan was barred from participating in the fun. Mama Pan stated that he was all set to travel abroad after the New Year's celebrations and couldn't risk damaging his hands.

Pan Lei embraced him from behind, smelling of gunpowder from head to toe. They stared up at the fireworks that filled the entire sky, as well as the bustle of the military base. Neither of them said a word. They only smiled at each other.

This year's New Year's Eve celebration was simply magical.

Being able to hug each other like this warmed their hearts to the point that they didn't feel chilly, no matter how cold it was. The highly vibrant atmosphere, the wonderful to hear laughter all around, and a slew of friendly people...such was life, and the pair felt contentment.

These wonderful memories would carry them through the year they would be separated. Tian Yuan believed he could rely on these memories to help him endure. He would have a wonderful life with Pan Lei when he returned to China. It made no difference if Pan Lei was on an army mission. He'd wait for Pan Lei, he'd always wait for Pan Lei. They would spend the rest of their lives together.

They had a good time, they were noisy, and everything was quiet after midnight.

The young couple went back to their room as well.

Pan Lei sat on the bed, a grin on his face.

"Quick! Let's check how many red envelopes we got today."

How could this cheap guy be uninterested in red envelopes? Not to mention that these were the red envelopes for the New Year!

Tian Yuan was forced to take out the red envelopes. Pan Lei was in charge of counting the money, so he opened the red envelopes one by one.

The crucial element was that it was money; cold, hard cash. Calling it "lucky money" or "red envelope" was a sham. Despite the fact that the large house with three bedrooms and two living rooms was fantastic, the thrill of counting money was still highly energizing. What a rush it is to count money until your hand cramps.

All of Grandma Pan's red envelopes contained 1000 yuan. One kowtow netted them 1000 yuan, and the two of them conned xx,000 yuan.

Father and Mother Tian each gave a red envelope containing ten thousand yuan.

The uncles and aunts also contributed significantly. Pan Lei didn't get a cramp, but he did make a lot of money.

Tian Yuan watched Pan Lei smirking and counting money as he was pleased with himself for deceiving people. Does he think he is a bandit inspecting the bounty after returning from looting down the mountain?

Pan Lei had got things together and pushed them to Tian Yuan by the time he took a shower and walked out of the bathroom drying his hair.

"What shall we do? You have the final say. Use this money to buy some clothes for yourself. Don’t treat yourself badly for things like going abroad and so on. Your notebook(computer) is getting old, so why not replace it? Buy two big suitcases as well. You mustn’t eat white bread on a regular basis this coming year. I’m serious. Find a Chinese restaurant in the area. We have money, so don’t treat your stomach harshly. Tell me what you’d like to eat, and I’ll mail it to you. Remember not to cook by yourself and protect your hands. I’ll pack your bags when we go home. We’ve been experiencing extreme cold weather in the last two years, so let's get another overcoat."

Tian Yuan opened his wallet and stuffed the money inside, as well as some money into Pan Lei's wallet.

"Everything is sufficient. I have enough things to wear, Eldest Brother has said he will help arrange accommodation for me, Second Brother will give me pocket money, and Mom has a friend in the local area who has stated they will look after me, so you don't have to worry about anything."

Pan Lei wrapped his arms around him and wiped his hair.

"I'm just worried you won't be able to eat well. You're a picky eater, and you're not going to consume those half-cooked things. Will the blood on those medium and rare steaks make you think of surgery? I'm afraid you'll be vomiting for a few days."

"Do you believe this will be my first day as a doctor? I've already conquered this psychological suggestion, alright? Let me tell you, our anatomy professor was exceptionally tough. He'd say, "Today, we dissected a necrotic liver, and it looks so dark, let's have liver for lunch today." I got over it after he did it a couple of times."

Pan Lei was speechless. Tianer’s teacher is truly mighty.

After drying Tian Yuan’s hair, Pan Lei raised the quilt and forced Tian Yuan inside it while he rested against the headboard. Tian Yuan habitually leaned into his arms and fiddled with his fingers.

"Buy new underwear and pajamas, and take the coat mom bought you. Get a short down jacket as well. Don't forget to bring gloves and hats. You'll need a new notebook if you're going to write a thesis or something similar. By the way, do you want Apple's new 4S? Let's get one if you like it. Eh? You don't want to switch phones? You must stay in touch without being concerned about call expenses. I'll have Dad contact the embassy. After all, you won't be in China, and I won't be there to accompany you; what if you run into problems? How would you rate your spoken English? Why not hire an interpreter? Damn, I'm anxious about letting you leave on your own. Think about what else needs to be done. Let's write it down and go buy it together, so you don't forget anything."

Tian Yuan supported his body and kissed Pan Lei on the lips.

"It would be better if I could bring you along with me."

Tian Yuan's melancholy caused him to pout somewhat. He wouldn't have to worry about minor stuff or not eating well, let alone danger, if he could bring Pan Lei along with him. Pan Lei worked as his babysitter, driver, chef, and bodyguard full-time. You should know that this guy was working several jobs.

Tian Yuan swung his arms around Pan Lei's neck and lay down on his chest, a gloomy expression on his face. They'd all been looking forward to ringing in the New Year, and now it had arrived. But they forgot that such a day was unavoidable following the New Year's celebrations. Following the festivities, they would part ways; one would travel abroad, and the other would return to the army. They would have to wait another year if they wanted to hug and be as close as they were now.

Their time together was never long enough. He had the impression that Pan Lei had just returned home, that they had barely been intimate, kissed, and felt happy before having to part ways.

Even if they had been together day and night for more than 40 days, even if Pan Lei had only returned a few days ago and left the next day, this yearning would remain the same, so deep and so intense. He was constantly scared that he would leave abruptly, that he would never return.

He adored Pan Lei; he loved him with all of his heart; he loved him wildly; he had no regrets, yet he was terrified.

He would probably be free of anxiety only when Pan Lei truly retired and stated, "My dear, I will never leave again."

If Pan Lei were an average person, he would be able to travel overseas as long as he had a visa, and they would be able to meet numerous times this year. But he was a special forces soldier with a unique identity. Tian Yuan didn't know much, but he understood it would be difficult for Pan Lei to travel abroad.

One year could not be regarded as either a long or a short length of time. But missing your loved one was too much to bear.

He hadn't even departed, but he was already missing him. So this is what it is to be "loathe to part."

Pan Lei pursed his lips and smiled, but he didn't tell him he had an unique pass. This special pass would allow him to see Tian Yuan, but he didn't tell Tian Yuan about it. He wanted to surprise Tian Yuan in a big way.

He comforted Tian Yuan by patting him on the back.

"A year will go by in the blink of an eye. Don't be this way. When the time comes, I'll be busy, and you'll be busy as well. Our days will not be miserable."

He abruptly interrupted Tian Yuan's "loathe to part" thoughts. How can this bandit say these words so casually? Given his past level of clinginess, he should have held him in a "I won't let you go no matter what" hug, shouting "baby, I can't bear to part with you." How come things were so straightforward today, stating that a year would fly by and even saying that they would be busy? What was he up to? Were there any unexpected twists and turns?

He raised his head and stared at Pan Lei, his gaze as sharp as a razor, scrutinizing him inch by inch.

"What are you up to behind my back, Pan Lei?"

Pan Lei felt guilty. What he feared was precisely this little look. He would undoubtedly spill the beans when interrogated. No, he wanted to put the great training of special forces to full use, and he wouldn't confess even if beaten to death.

"Oh my ancestor, I’m with you every day. What have I got to hide from you, eh?"

Tian Yuan pondered for a while. Yes, they were together every day, so what could he possibly do?

"Don't tell me you're suggesting that when I'm gone, you'll find a new target and take advantage of this one-year opportunity to run wild?"

Pan Lei swore as he pointed to the lamp.

"I vow to the lamp, I only love you, and I don't want anyone else in my life."

Tian Yuan snorted and brushed off the quilt. He preferred to sleep in pajamas, whereas Pan Lei preferred to sleep in only his underwear. Pan Lei wished they could go to bed without wearing anything at all when holding Tian Yuan in his arms. Tian Yuan grabbed his little head and squeezed it fiercely as he lifted the quilt.

Pan Lei cried out.

"Ow ow ow, ancestor, it hurts, it hurts! Do you want to ruin the source of our sexual happiness for the rest of our lives?! Let go, quickly let go!"

"Humph!" Tian Yuan sneered at him, pointing one finger at his nose and ruthlessly pinching his little head with the other. The most vital parts, one above and one down, were both securely under his control.

"I’m warning you, don't mess with a surgeon, and don't think that my scalpel is only for show. Think about the ninth family rule. If you dare to use this evil thing on others, laozi will chop it off for you and hang it like a sausage on the house’s ceiling to air-dry. Do you understand? Believe me when I say that I will force you to look up to see this thing for the rest of your life. Remember the ninth family rule to the bones for laozi."

Can we not play a tale about a "broken family" during the Spring Festival? It hurts, it really hurts!

"Believe me, ancestor, believe me, I'll do whatever you ask. Quickly let go! You'll be a grass widow[3] for the rest of your life if you squeeze any harder."

"Ouch, ouch!" Pan Lei sobbed pitifully. When he's docile, he's a small sheep, but when he's ferocious, he's a Tibetan Mastiff who bites a wolf to death.

"It's okay, you waste; you still have me. Be good; this uncle will take good care of you."

Tian Yuan let go of his hand, proudly licked his fingers, and gazed at him with narrowed eyes that were both arrogant and seductive. He was utterly charming.

Pan Lei, the big bad wolf, couldn't possibly hold back. With a howl, he pounced on Tian Yuan.

"Didn't you say it hurts?"

"So come on over and see if he's still usable. Come on, baby, let's exercise to ring in the New Year. We'll just do it once, from this year to next."

Pan Lei smiled like a wolf and bit off a button with his nimble tongue.

"I'm going to strip you naked with my mouth."

Tian Yuan lay down a little more comfortably.



[1] A sort of firecracker that does not contain any lead, comparable to matches, and has a layer of potassium chlorate on the head. It can be rubbed and lighted on phosphorus-coated paper, and it will explode in the open after a period of time. Translates to: rub/scratch firecracker. 

[2] A small firecracker that explodes the moment it is dropped. Translates to: drop & break firecracker.

[3] A woman whose husband is away often or for a prolonged period. In short, they won't be able to get it on. lol


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