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IDYTRAA - Chapter 121

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Chapter 121 Tian Yuan's parents are wangled

"Xiao is Xiao Yuan doing?"

As a mother who sincerely loved her son, Mother Tian knew she had been too cruel when she recalled what she had done. Her words were extremely harsh and her actions were ruthless. She was in a fit of anger and had gone overboard. Tian Yuan had always been very obedient. He was a naughty kid when he was young, but who wasn't when they were kids? He matured into a calm man who listened to what they said. They taught him he wasn't permitted to have puppy love at school, so he avoided girls. He was a diligent student who never missed a class even in university. He had been cautious and conscientious after passing the medical admission examination. He'd always been a dutiful child. How in the world could he have done something so universally shocking? {T/N: Something that is against social morality.}

"He's fine, he's fine. He just suffered a concussion and vomited for several days. He's still on the sickbed and unable to get up. The arm bones have fractured. Luckily, the broken bones did not cause any nerve damage. He is, after all, a doctor. He wouldn't have been able to grasp a scalpel if his nerves had been injured. He'd be ruined for the rest of his life. Pan Lei has angered us numerous times, yet no matter how much our son irritates us, his father just whips his back a few times and grounds him. You were too cruel, elder sister. When Pan Lei brought the child to the hospital, it terrified me. When I removed his clothes, I discovered he had bruises all over his body. The wounds were bleeding and swollen. When I saw it, it made me sad. How could I not feel sorry for him? He's my son. His father was enraged to the point of insanity, and he made a huge fuss about assembling troops, assuming that the two children had been robbed. He was eager to confront the person who had hurt the children. When he found out that you were the one who hit him, his father beat Pan Lei, accusing him of failing to protect Tian Yuan."

"You shouldn't be so harsh in the future, elder sister. That's our son. The palm and the back of the hand are the same. It hurts no matter which finger is bitten. You can't hit Tian Yuan, and you can't hit Pan Lei either. That kid simply has a nasty temper. If you don't drive him mad, he won't go too far. I heard he brought a few people to grab Tian Yuan and smash your door? My boy did the right thing."

{T/N: Palm and back of hand is same means parents treat their children equally.}

The Tian family's parents' eyes were wide with disbelief. The son was a bandit, the father was a warlord, and now the mother had joined forces with the villains. This family was finally complete.

Dang Hong fixed her gaze on the security door. Yup! She noticed the gunshot holes, as expected. Exactly how many shots did my son fire? They seem to have only replaced the door latch rather than the door itself.

"It just goes to show that the young couple is madly in love. My family's Leizi couldn't stand seeing Tian Yuan suffer, so he took desperate measures. He is a manly man. His father's education was not in vain."

When they arrived, they stated that they had come to apologize for their son's mistakes. But, so far, they had wholeheartedly supported and encouraged their son. Smashing the door of his in-laws' house was the correct thing to do, as did safeguarding Tian Yuan, and directly robbing people was also the right thing to do.

"Don't make a fuss the next time they come to visit. It is neither a declaration of war against Japan nor a vow of resistance against the Americans. If you have this much zeal, you will be directly incorporated into the army when the conflict begins. There's nothing like being on the front lines."

Commander Pan remarked as he rose to his feet. There was no need to waste time here because the situation had been settled. They still had a lot of work to do. They still had to go to the police station's welcoming dinner, which had been organized by the officers.

Dang Hong stood up as well. As she proceeded to the door, she squeezed Mother Tian's hand repeatedly, stating that after they moved, their two families would be in close proximity, and she would have retired by then. The two sisters could go shopping together and play Mahjong. In the military compound, there were a lot of older sisters. They could all go square dancing.

Mother Tian felt very awkward. She truly didn't want this type of enthusiasm, or this kind of family.

Dang Hong also stated that they would be unable to stay for dinner. They were going to the banquet since the chief of the Public Security Bureau had invited them. Dang Hong remarked there was no need to see them off so many times, that the Tian family's parents escorted them downstairs out of courtesy. They were taken aback by the size of the entourage. So many vehicles and security guards… This official held way too much power.

Dang Hong phoned her son as the vehicle sped away.

"Tell Tian Yuan that his parents have been settled."

Pan Lei was jubilant, "Mom is mighty, mom is heroic, mom has ability!" He added that when the veteran set out, she outperformed them as expected.

"Don't let Tian Yuan communicate on the phone with his parents during this time. Humph! Leave them hanging for a few days and make them realize that their sons are furious and serious. Prepare for the future so that the next time you return, they don't show you angry looks. Create the impression that Tian Yuan is very ill and on his sickbed as a result of his parents' actions. Let them feel anxious and take the initiative to contact Tian Yuan. Do you understand?"

They would see results sooner or later if Tian Yuan ignored his parents and kept cool.

If Tian Yuan called them eagerly and took the initiative to apologize, the situation would be less than ideal. However, if Tian Yuan did not contact them for say...two months, did not phone or visit them, they would conclude that their son was not the least concerned about being booted from home. This would frighten them and force them to consent.

Nobody could question Dang Hong's abilities. This lady was a modern-day Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang[1], the old empress dowager who assisted three generations of emperors. She was the most difficult to deal with because she possessed both brains and beauty.

Pan Lei returned to the ward and showered Tian Yuan with fervent kisses. Tian Yuan, who was drinking water, nearly died from suffocation. He coughed, drenching the front of his clothes.

"Damn! Why are you acting crazy?"

"Baby, dear, my mother is super capable. Your parents agreed as soon as she set out. Hahaha, isn’t it great? Finally, it’s perfect. Both of our parents have agreed, so we can now be together openly and publicly. Honey, marry me, okay? Let’s spend the rest of our lives together, okay?"

"Really? What method did mom employ to persuade them to agree? We tried everything, but it didn't work. How did she manage to succeed so quickly?"

Tian Yuan found it difficult to believe. How could it have gone so well? He expected it would take a long time for his parents to acknowledge Pan Lei. He never expected his mother to approve after only a few days of work.

"Don't ask about the process, only the result. My mom is a true hero!"

Old ginger is spicier[2]. With such a mother, nothing was difficult.

Pan Lei stood with his hands on his hips, an arrogant and pleased smirk on his face. He could also enter the Tian family's home. He could also accompany Tian Yuan on a just and honorable visit to his family. He could also call Tian Yuan's parents "mom and dad" and claim to be their daughter-in-law.

Take a look at what his mother said! She stated that it was a done deal! A done deal meant that everything was resolved. It seemed unlikely that there would be any additional issues.

He had finally gotten what he desired. You agree, I agree, your parents agree, my parents agree, and everyone agrees. He finally received the recognition he had been waiting for all along.

Pan Lei leaped for joy, stood akimbo, and screamed with delight. He expected it to be a struggle like the 25,000-mile Long March[3]. He never anticipated himself being able to fly in a plane. So what if the distance was 25,000 miles? Happiness arrived in a flash with this speed and strength! It was amazing!

"We'll go home after today's observation if I get the all-clear tomorrow. Then we'll return to my hometown to see my parents again."

"My mother said we shouldn't go back. Let them weigh the pros and cons for a time before we return. Don't worry, your mom will call you on her own initiative."

Mama Dang Hong was a force to be reckoned with. He would, of course, follow her directions. Having Mama Dang Hong's advice was a great blessing.

At this time, the Pan family extended their deepest sympathies. Because Grandma and Grandpa Pan were elderly, they did not visit the hospital. They did, however, make a point of calling and arranging for someone to send a gift to their grandson-in-law.

Pan Zhan and Pan Ge were also commanded to visit the hospital by eldest and second uncles respectively.

Pan Zhan was away on business. Sister-in-law Pan arrived, accompanied by Ling Si'er. Ling Si'er raced over to Tian Yuan and yelled, "Auntie, Auntie!" as soon as she saw Tian Yuan. Sister-in-law Pan stood despising and ridiculing Pan Lei for a full ten minutes, saying, "You still have your job as a SWAT military instructor? Despite such poor skills? Forget it. Simply leave the army as soon as possible. It costs the state money to support you. You couldn't even protect your own man? Your training is a waste."

Pan Lei fists were clenched. I must persevere. A good man will never fight a lady. He was itching to go toe-to-toe with his sister-in-law. Eldest brother, however, had called and said, "Remember, she is your sister-in-law. She will provoke you and wishes to engage in a physical fight with you. Can you be beaten by a woman? Don't harm her in any way. We're planning to have a second child."

Huang Kai and Zhang Hui came by once a day to play cards, and Lin Mu would join them in passing. They were entertained for a long time by playing cards.

Every time Huang Kai visited, he brought a large bouquet of roses. The more Pan Lei looked at him, the more he found him loathsome. What did he mean by bringing roses every time he came? He thought he was wooing a girl?!

When Pan Ge went to the hospital to see Tian Yuan, he was dressed in his police uniform. Huang Kai and Zhang Hui trailed after him. Pan Lei's eyes narrowed as he looked at the roses in Huang Kai's hand. He couldn't take it anymore when he saw the four bouquets of bright red roses arranged around the single room.

"Huang Kai! What do you mean by bringing roses every time you visit? You want to have an affair with my baby in front of me? That's my man! Are you attempting to entice him by sending him roses?"

Huang Kai was a little oblivious to these matters, so he simply drove to a flower shop and purchased roses. He only knew that anytime he picked up a girl, he would offer her a bouquet of roses, which made her very pleased.

"Alright, alright. Since you are jealous, I will bring casa blanca lilies next time."

Lilium casa blanca. Baidu says it symbolizes great/deep love in flower language.

Huang Kai handed the large bouquet of roses to Pan Ge.

"For you."

Pan Ge took it with a peculiar expression on his face. As a result, when he left, he was dressed in a police uniform and carrying ninety-nine red roses. It drew a lot of attention.

"You sonofab***h, he's allergic to pollen#. What do you mean by sending flowers to my lover? You'd better not do it again unless you want us to be at odds."


Lin Mu, who was showing off his card skills on the side, chimed in.

"Sending jú huā (chrysanthemums[4]) is the most appropriate."

"F**k you, you b**t**d. You’re cursing my family to die!"

Pan Lei howled and leapt, ready to bash Lin Mu.

"Tut! Ignorance kills people. I used to tell you to study all the time when we were kids. But you refused to listen. Did you know there’s a variety of chrysanthemums called lintou? They represent eternal love in flower language. You should give them to Tian Yuan."

Pan Lei instantly softened and hugged Tian Yuan.

"Honey, I'll give you that jú huā to show my eternal love for you."

Zhang Hui and Lin Mu, the most rotten of the bunch, sniggered. If Pan Lei presents jú huā to Tian Yuan, should Tian Yuan give Pan Lei a cucumber, ah?##


[1] If interested, you can read a short bio about empress on Wikipedia. Read a detailed bio on Baidu.}

[2] A way of saying experienced people are wiser. The full proverb is “Old ginger is spicier than new.”

[3] A retreat by the Red Army in which many people lost their lives and led to Mao Zedong emerging as a leader. Wikipedia.

[4] Lin Mu gave these flowers in Chapter 47, remember? They are used in funerals in China. 

#Pan Lei is surely referring to Pan Ge here.

##jú huā means anus in slang. I'm sure you know what cucumber🥒 refers to. hehehe~


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I'm upset with the Kimetsu no Yaiba team. The new season is basically the Mugen train movie split up into sections. WTF! Ahhhhhhh😡 This Amy-sama is super angry!!!

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 120

Chapter 120 The use of prestige and power as inducements to sell son

Mother Tian was speechless. Dang Hong dug a pit, and Mother Tian jumped into it.

"Our entire family likes Tian Yuan, so we can't wait for you to...what do they call it? Oh yes! To cut ties. If you break off relations, I'll instantly have Tian Yuan's registered residence added to our records, making him our true close relative. Threatening him with not seeing him is also fine. I wish to send him abroad to further his education as soon as possible. I'm not in favor of him returning if the conditions abroad are favorable. It's wonderful to be able to settle overseas! Pan Lei can be released from military service. If the young couple moves far away, we will immigrate as well, so that the entire family can be together. You gave him a good thrashing. I am both the dean and the child's mother. I'm treating the child. Pan Lei attempts to make him laugh since he is sad. No matter how deep and sincere the feelings are, they will fade away with time. Do you truly want them to leave? Don't you want someone on whom you can rely in your old age? You're getting older by the day and will eventually get a variety of ailments. Don't tell me you'd rather be alone as you get a glass of water with trembling hands. You could have two sons to look after you, but you don't want them? We all grow old, no matter how long we have been in charge. Everyone desires to have children and grandchildren at their knees. Don't tell me you want to be elderly and have no one to depend on?"

The pair, who had been teachers their entire lives, were at a loss for words at the time.

"But we want our son to marry a girl and have a child, not to spend his entire life with a man. Spending his life with a man... What a thing!"

"As intellectuals, you must avoid being inflexible. Don't allow conventional ideas to limit you. Love has nothing to do with right or wrong. What's the fuss about it? What about falling in love with someone you shouldn't? Who understands and can properly explain the development of feelings? From ancient times to the present, from foreign to at home, so many relationships like this have existed. Same-sex love is also common in the animal kingdom. It doesn’t violate the laws of nature. If you talk about moral issues, don’t tell me that just because everyone thinks a flower is beautiful, a person is not allowed to like a green leaf[1]. As for having children and grandchildren around the knees, it’s very simple. Our sons will adopt a child once they have settled into a routine. Tian Yuan agrees with this. Is it possible that you won't like the child simply because they aren't his own flesh and blood? You're both teachers. You can't be that narrow-minded, can you?"

Dang Hong deserved to be regarded as a medical authority. She debunked everything, from physiology to psychology, from antiquity to the present, from animals to humans.

"We are not here to coerce you into accepting my son. We simply want you to be aware of the facts. You may not want your son, but we do. They will be less troubled if you cut ties with him. They won't have to move into a large house in order to take you in. You appear to desire to be an empty-nest old couple in the future, with no one to serve you. If something bad does occur, no one will be aware of it. Maybe you can afford to hire a caretaker? That's absolutely OK. You'll have a caretaker instead of your son by your side. We, on the other hand, shall be accompanied by our children and grandchildren. Our days will be peaceful and joyful, while your days will be depressing. Let us pause for a moment to consider. OK! Even if Tian Yuan abandons Pan Lei and marries to obey you, he would be miserable for the rest of his life. It has nothing to do with us because he is your son. In such case, we will undoubtedly find a suitable partner for my son. My son will have a happy relationship when the time comes, while your son will suffer for the rest of his life. You will have caused yourself to suffer as a result of your child's complaints, and you will continue to witness your son be miserable for the rest of his life. We have nothing to say if that is what you want to do."

Dang Hong's words were unequivocal. We want your son, but you don't want him. We'll live in peace; you can envy, regret, and hate.

Only a fool would be unable to understand it.

"He’s our only son!"

Mother Tian cried out. Tian Yuan was their only son, so he could not bring shame to the family. They wanted him to be obedient.

"Elder sister, you still don’t understand. After you agree to their relationship, just as Tian Yuan now calls me mother, Pan Lei will also call you mother. Think of it this way. You’ll have two sons instead of one."

"Tian Yuan will take you to live with them when the time comes, and our families will be extremely close. We can go shopping and play Mahjong at that time. Our family will be bustling with noise and excitement. I'll send Tian Yuan to further his education, and when he returns, he'll be the head of the Armed Police Hospital's cardiothoracic department. After a few years of training, I'll hand up my seat to him and make him dean. This type of son will give us more face. One son will be the dean, while the other will be a high-ranking army officer. When you say both my sons are highly promising, won’t it make everyone envy you?"

Dang Hong was terrific. Only an idiot couldn't tell the difference between the pros and cons. If the Tian couple consented, their son would skyrocket both socially and professionally, and the young lovers would enjoy conjugal love and live a happy life. They would have nothing if they disagreed. If their son listened to them, he would be unhappy for the rest of his life. On the other extreme, if their son flew alone to chase his own happiness, they would be left empty-handed. They'd grow old and have an empty nest. There would be no one to care for them if they became ill or needed someone to look after them. There were no elders who would not become concerned on thinking about this point.

Wasn't the purpose of having a son to protect against old age? Finally, use a rod to beat up the child and cut ties. What good would it do to the parents? So, those elderly people who oppose their son's relationship with a man should think carefully. If the son cuts ties, it is the parents who suffer and lose out, with no one to care for them in their old age. Nobody would care about their trembling hands when they poured a glass of water, or when they fainted at home. On their sick bed, no one would attend to them. To avoid this type of sorrow, it is best to reach an agreement with your child as soon as possible and allow him to love and be with whomever he chooses. On the surface, it's for your son's happiness, but in reality, it's also for your own.

This is counsel not only for the Tian family's parents, but for parents everywhere. If your children have feelings for someone of the same sex, don't try to stop them. As long as you agree, your good son will remain a good son, and your good daughter will remain a good daughter. Don't end up in old age with no one to rely on. That would be dreadful.

Dang Hong realized they had taken her words to heart when they remained silent.

"Old Pan, let's arrange a big house for my sons."

"What for? If they don't agree, who will live in the house? You’ve said everything that needed to be said, and explained things clearly. If they agree, it will be to everyone’s delight and satisfaction. If you don't agree, forget it. We’re happy to have Tian Yuan as a son."

Papa Pan launched a direct attack - In a nutshell, will you agree or disagree? If you don't agree, we'll simply kidnap him. There is no need for you to be concerned.

The Tian couple were choked. Isn't this blatant robbery? To put it simply, it made no difference whether they agreed or not. If they accepted, their son would be someone else's male daughter-in-law. If they refused, their ties to their son would be cut, and he would be taken away immediately by these people.

"You! You're forcing us to agree."

Papa Pan slammed the table.

"That's because you're not behaving reasonably. The kids came up to you and talked to you, but you beat them. We came and discussed it with you, but you still refuse to accept it. So, what can we do? Of course, we'll just take him. What's the problem with that? If you don't give Tian Yuan to our family, we'll find a means to keep him from coming to see you for the rest of his life. Try it if you don't believe me."

Commander Pan roared, and the guards behind him took a step forward, hands on their guns. If someone was disrespectful to Commander Pan, they would draw their weapons.

Father Tian moved back in fright and sat there with an embarrassed look.

"Humph! You’re being so stubborn. What do you want? Say it loud and clear!"

Dang Hong smiled, not at all concerned at Commander Pan’s outburst. One played the good cop, while the other played the bad cop. The husband and wife cooperated very well.

Many difficult problems can be solved by combining threats and intimidation with gentle persuasion.

"Elder sister, Pan Lei's father is very direct. Think about it carefully and weigh the pros and cons of the matter. You don’t want to suffer losses, do you? You’ll have a son on your left and right, isn’t that you making a profit? Although my son is a little bad-tempered, he is very filial and obedient. He listens to Tian Yuan's words the most. They will definitely be filial to you while they are together."

Tian Yuan's parents exchanged glances. What could be done? They couldn't come up with a way to refute Pan Lei’s parents.

Dang Hong observed their expressions and waited for the result. Father Tian stopped talking, and Mother Tian also had nothing to say. Could the Pans rob their son? They could. That was the power of a family’s influence. If the Tian couple disagreed, it would not hurt the Pans at all. But if they agreed, no matter how unwilling, their good son would simply be handed off to someone as a male daughter-in-law.

Both outcomes were depressing.

"Great! Then everything is settled. I'll take your silence as your consent. Xiao Zhou, will you bring the gifts?"

Dang Hong struck while the iron was hot and hurriedly gave the betrothal gifts.

"A small token of respect."

A small token? After opening, it was all pure gold, alright? In accordance with the local wedding customs, there were pure gold dragon and phoenix bracelets, and a complete set of jewelry, in addition to several boxes of ginseng, coarse worms, pilose antler, and reishi mushrooms.[2]

"We are not buying Tian Yuan; it's our affection, that’s all. As long as Tian Yuan follows our Pan Lei, we guarantee Tian Yuan will rapidly rise in the world, climbing step by step, and have a bright future. I also guarantee that Pan Lei will not do anything to let him down. I further promise that if you agree, we will arrange for you to reside in a large house with three bedrooms and two living rooms, and then let them pick you up. This cannot be called suffering losses, right? You’ll certainly not lose out."

Huang Shiren used generous terms to force Yang Bailao to sell his daughter. They were now employing the same tactic to compel the Tian family’s parents to sell Tian Yuan.

No, no, it wasn’t selling off; it was marrying off. That sounds better.

The Tian parents were helpless and accepted the gifts. Not accepting was out of the question. The moment they opened their mouths to decline, Commander Pan glared at them.

"Accept it."

The two guards displayed the weapons around their waists once more, pushing them to take the gifts.

Just like that, Tian Yuan was sold off, incorrect, he was married off. His parents were in tears, almost ready to sign the deed of sale with their fingerprints.

Dang Hong kept smiling. Now that the gifts were accepted, the trip’s aim had been fulfilled.

"Also, if you have any difficulties, contact the Public Security Bureau. That’s the guard who came with me. He knows that we are related, so he will undoubtedly help you. There’s one more thing. Now that we are relatives, I have to ask you not to hit my sons when they come to visit you. I felt very sorry when I saw Tian Yuan beaten up. You, as their elders, must be tolerant and show an amicable manner the next time they visit."

"Old Pan, don't be like this. They are also the parents of our two sons. No parent would plot evil against their son. He suffered a concussion and a fracture as a result of being beaten, but that was just a slip of hand. Elder sister, don’t take it to heart. Tian Yuan had to be hospitalized after returning, but it’s nothing serious."

Dang Hong avenged her sons' resentment in a convenient way. Tian Yuan's parents' expressions turned green, red, purple, and then blue when she finished speaking. They were quite humiliated.


[1] This line also means that even if everyone appreciates the main character, a person cannot be forced to dislike the supporting character. flower=main character, green leaf=supporting character.

[2] All of these substances are used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM).


In this chapter, I have paraphrased some terms to explain the meaning without regard for accuracy. Otherwise, I would have had to include a few additional footnotes, which I strive to keep to a minimum. As a reader, too many footnotes annoy me, unless they add to my understanding of the story. Or else, it's just an info dump.

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 119

Chapter 119 The battle between the two mothers-in-law

Tian Yuan made a racket all day, and the three young ladies claimed complete victory. To quote Dang Hong, it was a case of "Tut! You little rascals, you're just at this level and still dare to fight me. I did not win Lin Mu's bonus for next month because he is no longer young and needs money to find a girlfriend."

Who dared to compete for Dang Hong's money? She was Lin Mu's supervisor, Zhang Hui's next-door aunt since he was a child till he grew up, and the person Huang Kai had always idolized. None of them dared to try.

As a consequence, Dang Hong won their money.

Tian Yuan was overjoyed. His mother-in-law was fantastic. She won money and gave it to him in order for him to enjoy a nice meal at a restaurant. When he was released from the hospital, they would go out to eat at a nice restaurant.

Dang Hong yanked on Pan Lei after noticing Tian Yuan had fallen asleep. Pan Lei followed her out softly.

"What's the matter, mom?"

"Give me Tian Yuan's hometown address. I'll go there with your father right away. It's imperative that I meet your in-laws. You were unable to get the desired result, so your father and I will deal with them."

Pan Lei trembled and felt cold for a minute as Dang Hong smilingly stated "deal with them." His mother did not require a knife to murder people. She had spent a career doing ideological and political work, and she could make people dizzy by running circles around them.

Pan Lei sent Tian Yuan's hometown address to her.

"Don't tell him where we're going. Simply make him happy. I've already filed for his advanced education abroad. I want to groom him to be my successor. Don't whine to me about how you won't be able to see him if he goes abroad to further his education. Man up. I'm doing this for the sake of your future. No one will dare to criticize you when you have a lot of clout. Tian Yuan cannot live his entire life under your care. After all, he is a man. He should have his own domain."

Pan Lei scratched his chin and pulled on his hair. He felt unwilling to part with Tian Yuan. Undertaking advanced studies would take at least a year in any case. Being unable to see each other for a year was tantamount to asking for his life!

His mother, however, was completely correct. He couldn't trap Tian'er. Tian Yuan's position would undoubtedly be higher when he returned from his advanced studies. He wouldn't have to work too hard if he became a cardiothoracic expert. At least, it would not be the same as it was then - rushing to the hospital after receiving a phone call.

Regarding the year-long separation... Humph! He'd figure something out. He was convinced he would go insane if they didn't see each other for a year.

Dang Hong brought her family's old man to Tian Yuan's home.

The commanding officer of a military district embarked on a journey. Even if it was for a personal cause, he got support from all sides.

They were accompanied by four of their own security personnel. When they arrived in Tian Yuan's hometown, the local authorities dispatched a squadron to escort them. They also had police officers in the front and back of the vehicle. Papa Pan stated that such a large force disposition was unnecessary. What the hell is this situation? We're being escorted by both police and troops? We're going to visit relatives, not to loot!

Dang Hong tugged on Papa Pan's arm, her smile as warm as ever. Papa Pan immediately stopped scolding them because of this one gesture of hers. Let them send an escort if they so desire.

It was still that neighborhood, in that slightly run-down building. The cops arrived, sirens blaring. First, two police motorbikes arrived and pulled over to the side of the road. Then two police cars arrived. A vehicle with a military registration plate followed them. Another two police cars and two police motorcycles followed the military vehicle.

A military officer exited the vehicle and opened the door. Dang Hong wore her hair in a high bun and carried a handbag. She had the appearance of a dame. Papa Pan was dressed in a military uniform and appeared really intimidating.

The scene resembled the imposition of martial law. This deployment of forces drew an enormous number of individuals. Onlookers speculated, "What's going on? Which leader has paid a visit? Whoa! He appears to be a high-ranking official. Oh! Oh! Look at those stars on his shoulder! His rank is not small. This is a residential area. Who are they going to see? Wow! Whose relative is such a high-ranking official? How come I've never heard of it?"

One of their escort's men led the way. Dang Hong took the lead, followed by Papa Pan. They were followed by the guards, who had immediately divided and carried the gifts.

"You don't need to say anything. Just sit there and look at me."

"Dear wife, they are our in-laws after all. Pay a little attention to propriety."

"You simply show the attitude you adopt when admonishing your officers and men at an army meeting."

Dang Hong whispered to Papa Pan that his task was to function as a standard weight to keep the situation stable. He only needed to sit there firmly, terrifying everyone.

Dang Hong came to the door and knocked. Mother Tian opened it to find a woman, whose age she couldn't guess, standing at the door, gently smiling at her. She noticed the man in full military uniform standing next to the woman, who had a calm and cool expression on his face, as well as the four young and dashing men waiting behind them at the door. She gulped anxiously as she gazed blankly at these unexpected visitors.

She was quite frightened. She had recently been the victim of a bullet attack and was terrified of these people dressed in military uniforms. Which little common people were idle enough to provoke them?

Here we go again. Why is this group of people here? What do they want?

"We are Pan Lei's parents, elder sister. When my son returned home, he admitted to causing trouble, so we personally came to apologize."

Dang Hong's ideological and political work was outstanding. She smiled first, before saying anything. Mother Tian felt embarrassed to close the door and allowed her in.

"Then come in."

Mother Tian had a revelation and realized that the couple who nurtured that bandit, Pan Lei, were actually such parents. The husband and wife appeared well-educated. How come their son a bandit, ah?

Father Tian was also a little intimidated. What's going on, eh?

Papa Pan merely gave them a tiny nod and sat down like a big boss. The Tian couple glanced at Pan Lei's mother, who had a gentle smile on her face, then at Pan Lei's father, who resembled a warlord, and understood immediately what was wrong with their son. The son followed in the footsteps of his father. The father was a junta leader, and the son was a bandit.

"Commander Pan, we'll be guarding outside the door."

The guard saluted Papa Pan, and two soldiers kept watch outside the entrance. The other two stood behind Papa Pan, one on the left and one on the right, hands clasped behind their backs and weapons bulging at their waists. One look at them was enough to tell you they meant business. Mother Tian shook with horror. Those were real bullets and guns!

The Tian couple exchanged glances. They had no idea the bandit-like Pan Lei had a commanding officer for a father. Isn't this official too high-up?

She scolded and beat up their son the last time. The child's parents had now arrived. Had they come to retaliate? Did they intend to investigate and then arrest people?

Dang Hong smiled and invited the pair to have a seat. She appeared to be the Tian house's owner. The main reason was because the Pan couple's aura was too powerful.

"Tian Yuan was brought home by my son, Pan Lei, last month. He's such a good kid. He is liked by everyone in our family. He is gentle and urbane. My son has been mischievous since he was a child. Our entire family is overjoyed that Tian Yuan will be with him for the rest of his life. It's our fault as well. Our family believes that since the young couple is happy and in love, we should meet you as soon as feasible. In a way, we are also in-laws. Although we can't get them a marriage certificate, families must contact each other on a regular basis, and I really wanted to meet you and chat to you about your views about the situation. So I pleaded with them to come back. But you weren't prepared, so you were scared, right? These two children are also really...they should have told you ahead of time."

"Don't put it so nicely. In-laws? We can't afford to make this claim[1]."

Father Tian's remarks were impolite because he refused to concede. Even if he died, he would not give in.

"Yes, you really cannot claim higher connections in terms of family background. I forgot to mention that Pan Lei has the lowest military position in our Pan family, holding the rank of major. All of his uncles, father, and grandpa are generals. Our Pan family, a military aristocratic family, is more than enough to find a child even from the Military Commission[2]. Drowsiness makes my Leizi like Tian Yuan[3], and who asked us to like Tian Yuan, right? Ordinary people are just ordinary people, aren't they? But it makes no difference if they have no identity or background. Our family is rife with officials. There is no need to find another government official."

Dang Hong maintained her pleasant demeanor. Her smile remained the same. Tian Yuan was labeled as a social climber by what she stated. Since you said that you cannot afford to climb high, let us be pragmatic. It is true from a family background standpoint.

Dang Hong's policy was simple to grasp. Being a member of a moderate faction got you nowhere these days. Because sweet talk didn't work, they had no choice but to adopt high pressure tactics. To put it frankly, that amounted to bride kidnapping.

How did Huang Shiren force Yang Bailao[4]? That was the approach she chose - My family is in a position of authority and power. It's great if you agree. If you don't agree, we'll force you. In any case, we'll have to become in-laws. Being at a stalemate is pointless. Our sons are madly in love with one another. Do you still have the energy to oppose it? Then we have no choice but to resort to heinous measures, such as donning military uniforms and kidnapping the bride.

In short, after spending most of her life with a gang of soldiers and bandits, no matter how good a woman is, she will become a female bandit.

Wasn't Dang Hong gentle and soft, friendly and benevolent? She was naturally that way with her own people. She became enraged when she saw Tian Yuan being beaten black and blue. She intended to have a serious conversation, but it had devolved into a high-pressure policy of bride kidnapping. This phrase was quite suitable. If gentle tactics fail, become rude and unreasonable. The situation had to be resolved sooner or later.

If they don't agree, devise a strategy to make them agree.

Pan Lei was her flesh and blood, her son. She couldn't bear beating him with a rod, no matter how mischievous he was or how much trouble he created. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was such a lovable child. How could his mother be so displeased with just one thing that she would act in such a brutal manner? His own mother did not feel sorry for him, but his mother-in-law did.

Papa Pan coughed. Had his wife come to flaunt? Did she forget she came to have a proper dialogue, not to start a war? Anyone would be furious if their son was so disparaged.

"What is it that my son lacks? His performance has been exceptional since he was a child, and he is an excellent doctor. He has a stellar reputation and exceptional medical skills! Your son is a bandit. He is rude and unreasonable, completely incapable of speaking in a rational manner. My son will suffer if he is with your son."

"My son Pan Lei, a major, was a soldier at the age of nineteen. He rose to the rank of major without relying on his father's position of influence. He has won numerous battles, rescued countless hostages, and has never backed down from a challenge. He is an outstanding soldier. He will almost definitely become a commanding officer before retiring from the army, much like his father, uncles, and aunts. He has a bright future, an illustrious family background, and owns a house and a car. He's a great catch."

"My son is more than enough to match your son. My son is a gentleman. He's not bad-tempered like your son. Your son fights and snatches as if he were a bandit. He doesn't appear to have had a decent upbringing. We are, to say the least, a family of scholars who will not behave in such an uncivilized manner."

Mother Tian was unbearably angry. Aside from this one incident, her son had never done anything that would cause them to lose face.

Dang Hong smiled as she clapped her hands. That's exactly what I was waiting for.

"Exactly! Your son is more than enough to match my son. Your son has a good temper, my son comes from a great family, your son has good medical skills, and my son has good abilities as well. They compliment each other and bring out the best in each other. Let's not even get started on the external factors. My son adores your son, and your son adores my son just as much. Why don't you agree? Why don't you consent to their being together? They're both such good kids. Don't push your own ideology on your children, elder sister. Like they say, the younger generation will do all right on their own. Being overly controlling is not a good thing. In the end, the son severs ties and abandons his parents to live as a young couple in conjugal love while the parents become an elderly couple with an empty nest[5]. Is that the outcome you want?"


[1] gāo pān: social climbing; to claim connections with people in higher social class.

[2] The Military Commission of the Communist Party Central Committee is the highest military leadership organization under the leadership of the Communist Party of China. Its main function is to directly lead the national armed forces.

[3] Doesn’t make sense, right? The sentence is 瞌睡让我家雷子就喜欢田远呢. 瞌睡(kē shuì)=drowsy; to doze; to nap. I don’t know if it’s a typo or if I’m missing something. If you know anything about this, please comment.

[4] In one line - Huang Shiren uses his power to forcefully take Yang Bailao’s daughter as his concubine. You can read the story on Wikipedia - The White Haired Girl.

[5] A home where the kids have grown up and moved out.


OMG! Dang Hong, the female bandit😂 The way she refers to their team as "we three young ladies" and tells Pan Lei to "man up" lol. She's a hoot. I love the Pan couple dynamics we glimpse in this chapter. "Sit there and look scary." hahaha

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving😃 Did the Black Friday deals make you shop till you drop? 💸💸 

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November 24, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 118

This chapter is dedicated to Unicorn Squad. Thank you for your consistent support! Much appreciated🙇

Chapter 118 Mother-in-law, you’re so kind

Resting as much as possible was better than anything else for healing from a concussion. By the third day, the symptoms had subsided significantly, and Tian Yuan was no longer dizzy. He was able to move about easily on the bed. The main issue was that Pan Lei wouldn't let him leave the bed. He quickly came to hug him in a princess carry as soon as his foot touched the ground.

"Where do you want to go, baby? Tell me. Ge will carry you."

"I want to go outside and soak up some rays. Even if you intend to raise a bird, it should be allowed to bask in the sun. I've been stuck inside for three days."

"You're not allowed to go. What makes you want to go out? It's quite windy. What if you get another cold? And besides, which family's bird is as lovely as you? You're my baby, and you're cuter than a kitten."

"You are the cat, you scoundrel; put me down!"

Tian Yuan was enraged to the point of insanity. He kicked Pan Lei and pounded him with his fists, but he wasn't able to move him one inch.

"Hey, hey, hey, your hand, look after it! Don't hit me with your hands, you little idiot! Damn, this plaster is too f**king painful. Ow! Ow! Stop, stop, stop! It can't control you, little b**t**d, can it?"

This brat was addicted to fighting and beat him with his plaster-covered hand. But could that hand be allowed to move? The bones were cracked! Did he want the wound to worsen? It stung a lot when he hit his head with the plastered hand. He'd warned him, but Tian'er was still persistent. In that case, he couldn't blame him.

Pan Lei threw him onto the bed and kissed him madly, biting and then licking his lips before a deep kiss. It was a classic example of Pan Lei's kissing style.

You dare to bite me, dare to keep me from going out? I want to bite your tongue!

Tian Yuan's tongue began to chase him, and he even used his teeth to do so. But Pan Lei's tongue cleverly slipped away as soon as he opened his mouth. Tian Yuan didn't open his mouth when he had another chance. What if he bit him too hard and caused him to bleed? If the bite was too serious, he wouldn't be able to eat, right?

This brief hesitation allowed Pan Lei to seize the initiative. Because Tian Yuan did not take advantage of this opportunity, he could only be harassed till he was giddy and his head was spinning.

He was kissed into dizziness, as imagined, and the world was indeed spinning.

Dang Hong pushed the door open and quickly closed it. These two kids, this brat, had no idea how to close the door in broad daylight.

It's wonderful to be young and in love! Take a look at these two in love!

Before returning to her office, Mama Dang Hong sighed for young love and joy. She, of course, shut the door and hung a "Do Not Disturb" sign. It was okay for her to see it, but she couldn't let it be revealed to the other doctors and nurses.

However, they were still bothered by someone. Lin Mu, Zhang Hui, and Huang Kai exchanged an ambiguous smile in response to the "Do Not Disturb" sign. The three of them shared a knowing grin. It seemed odd to have a do not disturb sign up during the day. They had heard that Pan Lei was treating Tian Yuan with great care these days. It might be thought of as their honeymoon phase. Obviously, they must be engaged in a certain activity.

As a result, Lin Mu called 1,2,3...

The three of them slammed the door open and crammed in.

"Hey, hey, hey! What are you doing in broad daylight?"

The three people shouted at the same time, causing the two men who were lingeringly kissing on the bed to tremble. Tian Yuan bit down immediately, causing Pan Lei to groan in pain and raise his head while covering his mouth.

What could they do? Remember, no matter how hungry or thirsty they were, this was a hospital, okay? Wasn't it simply a kiss? Was it necessary to scold so loudly?

Tian Yuan got up swiftly and pried Pan Lei's hand away. He had unintentionally bitten Pan Lei's lips, causing him to bleed.

Oh, dang! Tian Yuan's hospital gown had two buttons undone, exposing most of his shoulders. Pan Lei must have made those little red marks on his chest and shoulder, right? Even if the white patient gown covered up everything, the half-open look was too titillating, okay?

"Well, well, well, you jerks. You want to ruin a couple’s intimacy, eh?"

Lin Mu responded quickly.

"Lewdness during the day sends you to hell."

"Peeking into the intimacy of a couple curses you with a stye[1]."

Pan Lei licked his lips to ease the bleeding bite spot. He ignored it and turned around to button Tian Yuan's clothes.

"Close the buttons. You can't just let these three people stare at you."

Tian Yuan slugged him. You assume that everyone is the same as you.

Pan Lei did not flush in embarrassment after being in flagrante delicto or being struck by Tian Yuan. He welcomed the three visitors and invited them to take a seat.

"What brought the three of you together?"

"We heard you were in the hospital, so we came to convey our sympathies."

Huang Kai was carrying a large bouquet of roses like the previous time. They'd think he was there to pick up a girl if they didn't know better. Zhang Hui was really practical, but it was the same old, same old. He brought stewed snow clams with white fungus as well as a plethora of supplements. Lin Mu was behaving strangely. His hands were jammed in his white coat, as if he was concealing something.

"Pan Lei mentioned that you've been vomiting lately. When we asked if you were expecting, he responded yes, twins."

Tian Yuan stared angrily at Pan Lei and lifted the large bouquet of roses, pummeling Pan Lei with it. The petals flew throughout the single room, resembling a rose petal shower. In TV serials, it was a classic and lovely image. In a petal shower, a man and a woman exchange intense glances.

Sadly, this was not the case with them. Tian Yuan chased and beat Pan Lei.

"I’m going to kill you, I’ll definitely kill you. You talked rubbish again! I’m going to beat you to death."

"Hey, hey! Outsiders are here! What if my mother sees this? Can you save me some face?"

Pan Lei dodged from left to right, convinced that his family was growing stronger and stronger. He'd been thrashed twice.

"Let mom see how her son is a hoodlum who only knows to brag and spout nonsense."

"Am I wrong? When did I talk nonsense? Haven't you always wanted to adopt a child? How am I wrong to say so?"

Tian Yuan was gasping with wrath as he hurled the bouquet's stems at Pan Lei and pointed to the vivid red petals on the floor.

"Clean up for me."

Pan Lei felt wronged. Tian Yuan's words were becoming increasingly venomous. Zhang Hui, Huang Kai, and Lin Mu had all run up to the bed when he started sweeping the floor with a broom.

Nobody was paying attention to Pan Lei.

"Tian Yuan, there’s no problem with your head, right?"

Tian Yuan sat on the bed and motioned for all three of them to join him. The three visitors removed their shoes and sat cross-legged across from each other.

Pan Lei mumbled to himself, You think this is a kangtou[2] in the countryside, eh? Just put a table in the middle and play Mahjong directly.

They surrounded his family's Tian'er and had no notion of leaving him some space. There was no room for him to sit next to Tian Yuan once he finished cleaning. Why should he sweep the petals that had fallen to the floor as the four of them sat there, all pally?

"Everything’s fine. I'm feeling better, but they won't let me leave the hospital."

"It doesn't hurt to keep a closer eye on things. Just stay here, please. I also have someone with whom I can talk."

Lin Mu smiled and finally removed his hand from his coat pocket, revealing a fresh new deck of cards.

"I'm sure you're tired of being in the hospital, and Pan Lei is seizing every opportunity to kiss and bite you, right? How does playing cards sound? I heard from Pan Ge that you're a good player. Come on! Let's play some cards."

Lin Mu imitated Chow Yun-Fat's shuffling moves in the gambling film[3], swishing them like an expert. Tian Yuan's eyes widened in awe after witnessing his card skills. Wow! It turns out that there really is such a cool card shuffling technique.

"Pan Lei, Pan Lei, give me money in small denominations and coins."

He'd changed his clothes a long time ago and didn't have a single penny on him at the time.

Pan Lei eventually finished cleaning up, squeezed and squeezed, squeezed and squeezed, and finally squeezed out a spot next to Tian Yuan. Five grown men sat on a slightly older, single-person sick bed. Fortunately, the bed at the Armed Police Hospital was sturdy. Otherwise, it would have collapsed by then.

"I forgot to bring my wallet. Instead of money, let's use slips of paper to play. Tian'er is unable to exert himself physically due to a cracked bone in his arm. Let's do it this way. I'll lend him a hand and assist him in holding the cards."


The three visitors exchanged winks. They were going to join hands and have fun with Pan Lei and Tian Yuan today. Pan Lei stated that he would assist Tian Yuan in holding the cards, but in truth, he made it clear that he wished to assist Tian Yuan. They were all seasoned card players. Tian Yuan's card skills were deplorable. Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were lovers, so he didn't want to see his family's forehead covered with slips of paper and wished to play together. But he had forgotten that the three of them were teammates.

In reality, the three of them were there to amuse Tian Yuan and make him happy. They were all aware that Tian Yuan had gone to see his parents with Pan Lei and that something awful had happened. Tian Yuan was gentle and a little introverted, as all the brothers knew. Pan Lei was behaving like a clown to keep him distracted and needed assistance. After some deliberation, they decided to visit together and play cards. They would take Tian Yuan singing and drinking when he was released from the hospital. They would not allow him to have a heart knot[4].

They had a fantastic time. The hearts of the two husbands were linked. Tian Yuan was lucky, and under Pan Lei's command, they won three games in a row. The three people were dissatisfied and continued to play. They were resolute not to leave that evening without sticking paper on Tian Yuan's brow.

Dang Hong glanced at her watch. It had been two hours since then. Those two kids must have stopped messing around by now, right?

She was only looking for Pan Lei to ask him the address of Tian Yuan's family house. The elderly couple wished to speak with them.

As she approached the single-person ward, she heard a loud yell from inside, "Look at my bomb!"

Bomb? What's that? Dang Hong pushed open the door to find five grown men seated in a circle on the bed. Tian Yuan exclaimed, "A pair of kings!" when Pan Lei tossed out two cards.

{Translator: They're playing "Fighting the landlord" and "bomb" is when you get four cards of the same rank. Read more on Wikipedia.} 

The couple complemented each other perfectly.

Oh! They’re playing cards in the hospital ward.

When Dang Hong coughed, all five of them looked over at the same time, making her chuckle. She could no longer maintain her solemn demeanor. Each of those five men had a piece of paper stuck to his brow, regardless of who they were. Tian Yuan's forehead had the most paper slips. Their fluttering was like that of a curtain.

They were all in their thirties. Could they not be so childish? Did they think they looked handsome with paper slips stuck on their heads?

Tian Yuan ripped off the paper slips quickly, feeling as if he had been caught reading a novel by the teacher in a self-study class.


"How did you manage to lose so badly? Your head is packed with paper slips."

Dang Hong assisted Tian Yuan in removing the remaining sticky paper slips. She possessed an intrinsic majesty, and those little rascals would not dare to act presumptuous in front of her.

Dang Hong drew a chair and sat next to Tian Yuan.

"Mom will join you. We three ladies shall fight with them as a team."

"Oh yeah!" exclaimed Pan Lei. "My mother is so amazing, cool, and wonderful!" He leaned over and kissed his mother’s cheek, yelling, “Come on! Let’s continue playing.”

Nobody expected the solemn Dean Dang Hong to sit down with them, the younger generation, to play cards.

"Who asked you to band together and bully my son? It's three against two. That's not fair. It's fair for us three ladies to form a team. Come on, come on, let's play with money this time."

Dang Hong opened her purse with a snap, counted out the change, and placed it in front of Tian Yuan.

"Use this money to win it all. Let's all* go out to lunch at a restaurant later."

That’s very kind of you mom!


[1] A stye is a bacterial infection of an oil gland in the eyelid which results in a red tender bump at the edge of the eyelid.

[2] A kang is a heatable brick bed. Tou means top. So, kangtou is the top of a heatable brick bed. You can read more about kang bed-stoves on wikipedia.

[3] This might refer to the 1989 film God of Gamblers.

[4] xīn jié: a matter that gnaws at one's mind.

*Dang Hong's "all" here refers to TY, PL, and her. It does not include the other three people.


A fun chapter don't you think? Poor Pan Lei sweeping the floor while the others chatted😆

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November 23, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 117

Chapter 117 Distressed mother-in-law

Before the Tian parents could comprehend what was going on, their son was abducted, leaving only the damaged security door and a swarm of neighbors witnessing the show. Mother Tian, astonished and terrified, sobbed, but this time just her husband was by her side. Her son had been carried away.

Pan Lei didn't have time to thank the local military base, so he rushed to call his second uncle and told him that the problem had been resolved. Second uncle Pan inquired at the local military facility and was told that nothing serious had transpired, so he decided not to investigate any further. It was unlikely that Pan Lei would have used force against his in-laws if he hadn't been pushed to do so.

Pan Lei didn't pause for a second. He immediately took a plane and headed to their city with Tian Yuan. He didn't dare allow Tian Yuan's feet touch the ground. Anyone who wished to stare was welcome to do so. He didn't give a damn. He quickly disembarked the plane while clutching Tian Yuan in his arms.

Tian Yuan was only in a coma for a short time. His head and body hurt horribly, and he had dizzy episodes when he opened his eyes, as well as nausea. He was aware he suffered a concussion after being smacked on the head by his mother. He'd be fine as long as he got enough rest.

"Let’s go home, alright?"

Tian Yuan leaned against Pan Lei’s shoulders and spoke with him.

Pan Lei reported the Armed Police Hospital’s address and bowed his head to kiss his forehead.

"Be good, and go to sleep for a bit. We’ll go home after a checkup. You must make me feel at ease. I’d like to know how seriously you’ve been harmed."

He didn't take the time to undress Tian Yuan and check his body. He was afraid that if he saw a body covered in bruises, he would commit homicide in his rage. He couldn't forgive himself, nor could he forgive Tian Yuan's parents. The man he kept stating he wanted to protect was thrashed until he fainted in his presence, right in front of his eyes. He had a strong urge to kill someone.

Tian Yuan lacked any strength. He could only rely on Pan Lei, who made him feel at ease by listening to his heartbeat and inhaling his scent. Pan Lei was always, always there, which was good, very good. It looked as if his parents no longer wanted him, but there was still this man. He was not alone. He still had Pan Lei.

Pan Lei kissed his hand, then dropped his head and kissed his brow. He could feel the size of the lump on Tian Yuan's head. The old lady was far too ferocious. It had already become purple and black. Tian'er must be in a lot of agony. He would have definitely taught them a lesson if they hadn't been Tian Yuan's parents, if they had been unrelated individuals.

He exited the vehicle, Tian Yuan in his arms. He lacked faith in City's No. 1 Hospital's treatment capabilities. He wanted his mother to tell him if Tian Yuan was all right.

As Pan Lei stepped into the hospital holding Tian Yuan, he ran into Lin Mu, who happened to be on the first level. Lin Mu ran over when he spotted Pan Lei and saw Tian Yuan had fainted in his arms. He became pale with dread and rushed them to the emergency department.

"What did you f**king do?"

Were they arguing again? What did Tian Yuan do to enrage Pan Lei?

"What the hell are you talking about? Check him quickly. He was hit in the head and took a lot of blows to the body. Give him a brain scan. I believe he has a concussion."

Lin Mu didn’t waste time talking nonsense with him either. He rushed Tian Yuan to the hospital’s emergency room.

"Pan Lei, if this is your doing, our[1] friendship is finished."

Pan Lei’s disposition was bad. He was easily angered. If he had hit his spouse, he truly had no sense of the gravity of things. They would all despise him.

Dang Hong, who was also anxious, dashed downstairs. She didn’t say anything and personally examined her son-in-law, removing the clothes off his body with the help of scissors. The fair and slim body was covered in large and small bruises, the majority of which were long strips. At a look, it was evident that he had been beaten with a stick.

Tian Yuan was fair-skinned. These blue-green and purple marks were particularly obvious on him.

"Mom, I'm fine. I just have a headache. I think it’s a concussion."

Father Pan had thrashed Pan Lei many times over the years, but the only time Dang Hong felt truly distressed was when Pan Lei was eighteen and nearly had his back split by the whip. When she saw such an obedient and lovable child covered in bruises, she felt very sorry for him. She stroked Tian Yuan's hair and spoke in a voice that was a little choked with emotions.

"Good boy, it's alright. Mom is here, and mom will treat you."

Lin Mu accompanied Tian Yuan upstairs for a medical examination to do a comprehensive body testing, including a brain scan, a CT scan, and a PET scan, in the event that a bone had been fractured.

Dang Hong took Pan Lei and waited outside. Pan Lei was burning with anxiety, so despite the fact that he was in a hospital, he took out a cigarette and smoked it. Dang Hong glared at him before opening a nearby window.

"Why is he in such bad shape? Did his parents beat him?"

"If they hadn’t been his parents, I would have battered them into honeycomb briquettes[2]. I was angered to death. They beat him up right in front of me with such a long stick."

"Were you dead?! Why didn’t you stop them?"

"I was outside their house, and they refused to open the door for me. That’s why I had to ask for a gun."

Dang Hong gave a nod. She has a good understanding of her son. He did a great job of restraining himself and not shooting Tian Yuan's parents.

"Don't worry, I believe it is primarily trauma. I’ll work with your father on his parents. Don’t let Tian Yuan go home for a year, so he doesn’t fall sick from worry and anger. I’m sure I can handle them. Let me see who dared to beat my son so cruelly."

Tian Yuan was moved to a single ward. Lin Mu soon arrived with his X-rays, and the tension eased a little.

"He has a concussion and will need to recover for a few days. The bones of the left arm and forearm have some cracks and have been put in a plaster. The rest is trauma. Make him rest as much as possible. It’s nothing serious."

As Pan Lei sighed in relief, so did the others. Fortunately, nothing serious occurred. Otherwise, Pan Lei, the violent dragon, would undoubtedly go on a rampage.

Pan Lei kicked the wall.

"I looked for so many people to wait on them in vain. If I had known it would turn out this way, I wouldn’t have pestered him to go see them. Look how great visiting them was! He’s hurt from head to toe. See how they beat him up! The bump on his head is huge!"

"Did you expect your in-laws to be easy to deal with? They simply cannot accept it for the time being. Do you think all parents are as accepting as me and your father? It took us over ten years to embrace this fact. But there's nothing we can do about it. This is your life. Your father and I will be at ease as long as you are happy. Don't blame his parents; they, too, want Tian Yuan to have a wonderful life."

Dang Hong was glaring at him angrily.

"It’s just like what you see on TV. Mother-in-law and daughter-in-law will always be natural enemies. In ancient times, no one treated a daughter-in-law like a daughter. Not asking her to wipe the floor on her knees and wait on you for three meals a day was already considered pretty good."

Lin Mu would not pass up this fantastic opportunity to taunt Pan Lei. This omnipotent man had infiltrated military bases in other nations, assassinated terrorists, and rescued hostages, but he couldn't handle his in-laws. But it was the case! In-laws were difficult to breach.

"You seem to be quite idle? Go on, return to your department. Isn't there a heart surgery scheduled today? Go, go, get ready."

Lin Mu didn't have a choice but to leave. After all, these were the dean's instructions.

"I requested that some liquid food be prepared by the cafeteria. Make sure he eats something when he wakes up."

When Lin Mu left, Dang Hong sighed.

"Don't go back to the army for a few days. He'll undoubtedly be under a lot of psychological stress as a result of this unfortunate situation. You should accompany him more often. Tian Yuan is gentle, but he acts tough. Don't let him smother his emotions and become tight-lipped about the problem."

Pan Lei decided to request a month's leave. Tian Yuan's body required recuperation. In addition, his arm had cracked bones. What was to be done if he didn't serve Tian'er well and the root source of the problem wasn't cured?

Tian Yuan awoke in a trance, feeling his hand being clasped, and sighed in relief without opening his eyes. He could smell Pan Lei's scent in the air, which relaxed and calmed him.

"You’re awake? Still uncomfortable? Let me help you get up. Would you like to drink the millet porridge that Lin Mu sent you?"

Pan Lei greeted Tian Yuan with a bright smile. Tian Yuan shook his head, indicating that he didn't want to eat anything, and then closed his eyes when he felt the world spin.

"I’ll help you up."

Pan Lei carefully supported his back, half-cuddling him, and helped him sit up before stuffing a pillow behind his back.

Tian Yuan’s nausea became stronger and stronger, making him realize he would throw up the moment he opened his mouth, so he pushed Pan Lei away before puking. Pan Lei was alert and quick to react. He supported Tian Yuan’s waist with one hand, and grabbed the spittoon with the other, bringing it to him, and letting him vomit.

Tian Yuan’s vomit was stomach acid. Pan Lei knew this was a consequence of the concussion, so he merely patted Tian Yuan’s back while holding him.

Tian Yuan felt a little better after vomiting for a while. Pan Lei invited him to lean on him and twisted awkwardly to obtain a tissue to wipe his mouth.

But before he could put down the spittoon, Tian Yuan grabbed it again and vomited.

"How come it's like pregnancy, baby? Are you really giving me one?"

Tian Yuan glared at him fiercely. Couldn't he say something nice? He had to provoke and anger him, didn’t he?

Pan Lei chuckled and chu~, kissed him on the forehead.

"Do you still feel like throwing up? If you don't, I'll put it away."

When Tian Yuan leaned back on the pillow, Pan Lei put the spittoon away and sat beside him, pouting his lips for a kiss.

Tian Yuan shoved his huge head away.

"I just threw up. I need to brush my teeth."

Pan Lei kissed him passionately.

"What's the big deal? I kiss, touch, and swallow your little head."

It was impossible to discuss the mood when Pan Lei was around. When he should have been dejected and depressed, Pan Lei immediately started talking rubbish and made him forget his grief. Pan Lei mischievously laughed and grabbed Tian Yuan's hand as he lifted his arm for a slap. He shifted his body and leaned half of it on the bed's head, embracing Tian Yuan.

"Okay, okay, I won't bother you. If you feel uncomfortable, rest some more. Mom advised you to get more sleep. Mom and dad said they will take care of your parents, so we can live our little life in peace. As the saying goes, when veterans embark on a campaign, they outperform us. You must not let your imagination run wild, got it? With your little body, if there is an illness, I will suffer to death. You must get better quickly for the sake of family harmony, a harmonious society, and a prosperous motherland. Understand?"

Tian Yuan sighed. He needed to untangle the knot of his sadness.

"Let me tell you something. I took a month off to accompany you. We are a young couple that has never spent so much time together leisurely. During this time, you must get better quickly, and then I will teach you how to drive. Try to get your driver's license while I’m at home. Mom said if you want, we can go stay at the military district compound for a month to let you recuperate."

Pan Lei kept bantering, disorderly talking of irrelevant things, to keep Tian Yuan from wasting time on an intractable subject. He was a narrow-minded person who couldn't pretend about a lot of things. He, too, was upset and couldn't think of a better way to ease the tension.


[1] Lin Mu says “you and the few of us” implying Pan Lei’s friends as a whole.

[2] I'm not sure if Pan Lei means he'd like to shoot them till they resembled sieves or beat them to a pulp. As a result, I've translated this literally. You are free to interpret it as you see fit. BTW, honeycomb briquette is a block of compressed coal dust or peat used as fuel. It looks like this:


I’ve returned with a new chapter for you~ After being AWOL for two weeks, I’m finding it a bit hard to resume translating. But I’ll soldier on!😤

Have you noticed how I employed military terminology? It’s my way of cheering for Pan Lei. Don’t you think our ML has come a long way? He’s putting TY’s needs ahead of his own rage. Pan Lei, jiayou!👏

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