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IHSC - Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Qixi sweet delivery (Main CP)

Qixi is the Chinese equivalent of Valentine's Day.

Wen Fengjin had been acting strangely lately.

… ...

Summer was drawing to a close. Although the weather did not stay cool for long during the day, it began to cool down at night.

A piercing hum was produced by the cicadas screaming their mating songs.

Wen Fengjin sat on the sofa, his gaze fixed on the book in his hand. His body temperature was constantly chilly, thus there was no sweat even though he was wearing long pants.

Wang Xiaomie, who had just woken up from an afternoon nap, went downstairs, but before he could approach Wen Fengjin, he saw him close the book in his hand with a 'snap,' and place it far away from Wang Xiaomie and next to his own thigh.

Wang Xiaomie blinked, his gaze moving over Wen Fengjin's serene face, which revealed nothing, before settling on the book, "What's that?"

He reached out his hand and bent across Wen Fengjin's lap, intending to seize it, but was restrained by the scruff of his neck by Wen Fengjin.

"Nothing interesting; it's just an ordinary book."

"What's the harm in showing it to me if it's just a regular book?"



When had Wen Fengjin ever refused anything he desired?!

Wang Xiaomie pulled away the icy palm on his neck and cast a suspicious glance at Wen Fengjin, but Wen Fengjin turned his head to the side, his gorgeous face surprisingly embarrassed, and his eyes ducked away.

So...something isn't right!

Wang Xiaomie sat up straight and narrowed his eyes. He stretched out his paws and swiped at Wen Fengjin, threateningly baring his teeth: "Xiao Wenzi~ What are you hiding? Is that a little X magazine?! Present it to zhen quickly!"

"Shixiong." Wen Fengjin chuckled, his eyes filled with affection as a little red line flared from the center of his brows, and his attractive and sharp face drew closer.

Wang Xiaomie was startled for a split second before feeling Wen Fengjin's lips push against his own.

The soft and luscious lips were domineering, full of longing and obsession...

The overly obsessive love and gentle movements made Xiaomie drown in Fengjin’s breath.

The icy slender fingers laced into the hair roots, holding the back of Wang Xiaomie's head in place to keep him from leaving, and moving Wang Xiaomie's head higher for a better fit. Wang Xiaomie couldn't help but close his eyes and immerse himself in the sensation.

Their lips were wetter and rosier than before when they separated.

Wang Xiaomie's cheeks were flushed and his eyes misty as he covered his panting mouth with his hand. Wen Fengjin gently kissed his nose tip, eyelids, and brow.

Layer upon layer, one kiss covered another, all of which were as sticky sweet as syrup.

Wang Xiaomie had the impression that Wen Fengjin couldn't hold back. He was pushed against the wide, soft sofa as Wen Fengjin's cool fingers brushed over his lifted neck, and he lowered his head and opened his mouth to kiss it.


Wang Xiaomie's neck shrank a little ticklishly.

"Wait for me, I'll get some things."

Wang Xiaomie turned over and hid his face in the pillow, nodding, when he heard Wen Fengjin's husky voice hinting something. His black hair looked unkempt, and the tips of his ears were bright red.

The sofa bounced as a deep low laugh rang out.

Wen Fengjin had already gone upstairs.

Wang Xiaomie snickered expectantly while drunk on Wen Fengjin’s beauty.

Does he want to do it on the couch? We have tried it, but it's daytime now! Even if that little girl Wen Mian has gone to school, isn't it bad to do it in broad daylight? Hehehehe...

Let's close the curtains later.

Various 'thrilling' scenes replayed in his head as he thought about it. He waited for a few minutes in expectation, but Wen Fengjin still didn't come down after a while.

Wang Xiaomie sat up and glanced at the staircase, puzzled. All of a sudden, his eyes widened as though he'd realized something and he looked to the sofa next to him.

F*ck, the book is gone?

He stood up and raced upstairs, yanking open the bedroom door!

The coffin lay silently on its spot in the room, and there was no one in the room except for the open window, which blew the draft on Wang Xiaomie's face.

Wang Xiaomie: "..."


Wen Fengjin actually leaped out the window and fled!!!

… ...

Wang Xiaomie had stopped talking to Wen Fengjin since the previous day's incident. Xiaomie attempted everything to get Wen Fengjin to spill the beans, including beating him up and seducing him, but nothing worked. Wen Fengjin refused to explain and even went out regularly, to the point where Xiaomie woke up in the middle of the night to go to the toilet and discovered that Wen Fengjin had vanished from his side!

His heart skipped a beat at that moment.

Oh no, his man was becoming increasingly cold, and he went out frequently, sneaking out when his wife was sleeping...

Something must be wrong with this shit!

Wang Xiaomie continued to ponder what was wrong.    

When An Kai came to his house for tea, Wang Xiaomie hesitated for a long time before asking, "An Kai, tell me, is Wen Fengjin...having an affair?"


An Kai spewed the tea in his mouth. After coughing hard for quite a while, he looked at Wang Xiaomie with eyes widened in disbelief, as if Wang Xiaomie had grown two heads.

"Affair?! Who? Senior Wen?!"

"Yes." Wang Xiaomie muttered, scratching his head in embarrassment, "You’re so shocked."

"How can I not be shocked?" An Kai remarked: "Do you know that apart from you, I suspect Senior Wen can’t tell the difference between a male and a female when he sees others? He looks so good, and you always make him run errands, but have you ever seen him give anyone a second look? In his eyes, don’t say whether those wild bees and butterflies have breasts or not, I reckon he probably doesn't even know their race!"

"...Really?" said Wang Xiaomie, his mouth twitching.

"Really!" An Kai held his aching head, "To hell with Wen Fengjin having an affair! It's absolutely impossible!"

"OK, fine..."

Wang Xiaomie saw An Kai off and began devising a fresh strategy. He had grand plans to catch Wen Fengjin red-handed!

So he still had a cold war with Wen Fengjin that night and walked upstairs to sleep, pouting and being a gasbag. Wen Fengjin approached him and gently held him, saying softly: "Shixiong... I was wrong. Please don't be angry with me."

"Go away!"

Wang Xiaomie pushed him away, yanked the duvet over his body, enveloped himself in a cocoon, and muttered while pretending to sleep in the coffin.

It's unclear how much time passed, but it was so lengthy that Wang Xiaomie really fell asleep. Wang Xiaomie was startled awake when something soft sucked the tip of his ear and then left.

There was no sign of Wen Fengjin in the dim coffin when he opened his eyes a crack in the darkness.

OK! Sneaking out again!

Wang Xiaomie's face clouded, and he promptly slipped out of the coffin to "catch him in the act".

He assumed Wen Fengjin had left, so he hurried downstairs right away, but he didn't expect to hear the sound of something colliding, so he swiftly squatted down on the stair banister to peer over.

There was no light in the dark living room. Only the kitchen was lit, and because it was an open kitchen, he could clearly see Wen Fengjin inside.

Strange! Don’t tell me he’s up this late because he’s hungry. So he goes downstairs every night to cook something to eat?

Wang Xiaomie shook his head, thinking to himself: No, Fengjin and I don't need to eat. They basically didn’t feel hungry, so how could Fengjin be so hungry that he couldn’t sleep?

He kept looking around. The man in the kitchen, his upper body exposed, calmly wore an apron, his silver hair was tied up, and the light shined from above his head, forming tiny shadows around his eyes, making his face even colder, and he was staring fiercely at the pot in his hand.

Snow-white fingers gripped the pot's handle, and the fire wasn't very hot because there was no steam rising.

Wen Fengjin dipped his chopsticks into the contents and tasted it after a while, his brows creased into a knot, and the book he hadn’t let Wang Xiaomie see reappeared.

Wen Fengjin compared the pot's contents to the book before starting to chop something with the knife.

Wang Xiaomie was about to go bald with curiosity as he sniffed the incredibly strange smell that wafted over at the tip of his nose.

What the hell is he doing?

He ended up squatting for a long time before walking over in an upright manner when he couldn't anymore. Wen Fengjin heard footsteps and looked at him in consternation, then his face revealed a troubled and helpless expression before he sighed quietly a few seconds later, smiling at Xiaomie.

"You caught me," Wen Fengjin said, his eyes slightly bent and a smile on the corner of his mouth.

"What are you doing? Sneaky."

Wang Xiaomie entered with a frown. He was taken aback when he saw what was in front of Wen Fengjin. In the pot, there was chocolate heated over water, as well as rows of raw chocolates and heart-shaped molds of various colors.

Wang Xiaomie's mouth twitched, and he picked up the book next to Wen Fengjin to carefully study it, discovering that it featured a pink handmade chocolate tutorial.


Wang Xiaomie was stunned: "No, what is this? You were being sneaky, and even jumped out of the window to escape just to make chocolate?"


Wen Fengjin averted his gaze and coughed softly a few times, seeming embarrassed.

"What are you doing making chocolates?"

He glanced through those things, smelling the sticky chocolate on the tip of his nose. "You've burned everything. Besides, a generation's Demon Lord making handmade chocolates at night, pfff! Hahahahaha—"


The infamous Demon Lord Boss Wen was even more embarrassed, and the tips of his ears were a fiery red!

Oh my God...

Wang Xiaomie laughed even more cheerfully when he noticed his ear tips.

Hearing his laughter, Wen Fengjin pursed his lips tightly and fixed his dark eyes on Wang Xiaomie before unexpectedly laughing along with him.

"You’re right, it's out of place."

"Yeah, yeah—"

"But it's Qixi after all, and I always want to give you something."

"Yeah— What?!"

Looking at the bitterly chuckling Wen Fengjin, Wang Xiaomie pointed to the chocolate in the pot and asked in a daze, "Do you want to give me handmade chocolates on Qixi?!"

"Mn. But forget it," Wen Fengjin responded. "These acts don't suit me."

He was ready to take the pot of chocolate and throw it away when he finished speaking. Wang Xiaomie was sluggish for a minute before pouncing with a loud 'Aroo!' on Wen Fengjin's back and tightly strangling his shoulders.

"Don't throw it out! Those are your handmade chocolates for me! Wow— I’ll drink this chocolate pot today! Pour it quickly for me, I'm dying for it!"

Wen Fengjin lowered his gaze and said lightly, "Didn't you say..."

"I didn't say anything!" Wang Xiaomie interrupted him, raised his face seriously, leaned over from behind, held Wen Fengjin's face, and kissed him on the lips.

They looked into each other’s eyes.

Wang Xiaomie said word by word: "Lao Gong."


"I f*cking love you."


He smiled gently as he carried the handsome man on his back. It was as though Wang Xiaomie crossed back a millennium and saw the smiling face of the boy who once acted like a spoiled child to him.

Wen Fengjin smiled as he said: "Well, I love you too. I love you to death."

Wang Xiaomie smiled as he leaned on Wen Fengjin’s back.

Chocolate-smeared fingertips stroked across the two people's lips, and their lips eventually locked. It's unknown who devoured who.

Strangely, the slightly bitter flavor of the burnt chocolate carried a strong sweet aroma that traveled from the tip of the tongue to the lips and teeth, to the throat, and eventually brushed the heart with a layer of incredibly sweet warmth...

A sweet pause.

Someone spoke.

"Happy Qixi."

Someone replied.

"Happy Qixi."


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IHSC - Chapter 86

Chapter 86 A room of light

Six years passed.

Bai Yu chose to turn the corpse of the person he loved the most into a human skin puppet, weaving a beautiful ending for the family and continuing to live in endless self-deception.

Bai Yu, who used to laugh and be as active as any other young man, ultimately became a part of the fallen world.

And he and Wen Fengjin adopted the abandoned baby girl. He was tortured beyond recognition at first by this little thing who was always hungry, wet the bed, and cried every day. Wen Fengjin, who loved eating vinegar, gave the child a baffling name like 'Goudan' with a frigid expression.

He gave the baby his undivided attention because she was so young and needed care. That year, the neglected Wen Fengjin practically transformed into a berserk Boss Zongzi. He not only thrashed the grave robbers in the tomb place to vent his anger, but he also ventured beyond the tomb palace to beat up those poachers, earning them the inexplicable moniker of Mountain God.

Demon Lord Boss Wen, who had been laid off and re-employed, had found a new position.

Until the second year, when this little guy who began speaking late addressed Wen Fengjin as "Daddy"...

From the millennium-old legendary Demon Lord to daughter con, Wen Fengjin’s transformation took only one word and three seconds...

Wang Xiaomie sat under the acacia tree, with black hair hanging from his shoulders and coiled around his hands, smiling as he watched Wen Fengjin holding their child in one arm and going to collect the peach blossoms flowering on the tree.

The acacia tree was messed up by the wind circling up from the hollow, as though petals of pink sparks were fluttering down, and the crimson robe and silver hair flew up. Their little girl giggled and reached for the peach blossoms that were adorning the tree...

A tiny one landed on the blood-red lizard Mu Yi's nose and it sneezed violently.

Wang Xiaomie raised his head and closed his eyes, allowing the invisible things to fall on his eyelids.

Wen Fengjin was stunned for a second as he unwittingly looked sideways, then his lips curled up. He leaned closer, holding his daughter in his arms, and took off the petal with his slender fingers.

The bright black pupils and the narrow and long odd pupils exchanged affectionate glances, reflecting the most precious existence in each other's eyes.

Kisses, touching, or poignant verses were unnecessary.

In this gentle glance were intangible, warm things...

[I’ve been through dark years]

[I’ve pushed through on a mountain road with no return]

[I’ve stopped over beneath the ageless acacia tree]

[ When you open your eyes and look at me here, I know where my home is]

The smiling eyes were bent.

"I want to kiss you."

"...Our daughter is still watching, stinky rascal."

"She won't be able to see this way."

Wen Fengjin lifted their daughter by the rear collar of her clothes, moved her to one side, leaned over with his head tilted, and puckered Wang Xiaomie's lips.

The cool lips pressed up against the soft flesh of the lower lip.

Wang Xiaomie’s old face turned red and his eyes blinked rapidly. The man's close face was flawless, and his half-closed eyes were provocatively looking at him.

Wang Xiaomie trembled and closed his eyes when his lips and teeth were pried open, and his neck and ears were flushed...

As for little friend Wen Mian, who was in her father's arms just now and was held by the back of her neck to face the wall in a second, she expressed: ...Dad and Mom are true love, and I was just an accident, ying ying ying.

Mu Yi yawned lazily once more.

… … ...

Little friend Wen Mian had to go to school in the second year.

When other children go to kindergarten, they all grab their parents' clothes, weeping loudly and refuse to enter, but Wen Mian, the vivacious and outgoing little friend, was perfectly fine. When she saw the children in the kindergarten, her eyes were as brilliant as two light bulbs.

Wen Fengjin and Wang Xiaomie took the teacher's brochure and planned to take her to sign up. When they looked up, they saw their family's husky-like silly little girl, who somehow got into the kindergarten’s children's entertainment area, snatching a football from a bunch of little boys and laughing loudly as she declared herself the kindergarten’s hegemon.

Wen Fengjin: "..."

Wang Xiaomie: "..."

At this moment, Wang Xiaomie expressed: I can already foresee that I will undoubtedly be a regular visitor to the teacher's office in the future. Dang!

You little devil!

The fourth year.

At the parent-teacher meeting, little comrade Wen Mian, who dominated kindergarten and subsequently the entire elementary school, read her short composition aloud in front of all the parents and children.

"The topic of my composition is my father!"

The small girl turned around and waved her hands towards Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin.

The other parents' friendly gazes fell on them, and Wang Xiaomie was excited as well, like an old father who thinks, 'my daughter has grown up,' and they all smiled for a time.

Then they heard their family’s little girl continue reading: "I have two fathers!"

Wang Xiaomie: "Hic!!!"

Wen Fengjin: "..."

Everyone: "Huh?!!"

Little Girl: "We’re a family of three. I don’t have a mother, but I have two fathers. When I was very young, I called Wen father Daddy and called my Daddy Mother, but Daddy was very unhappy and insisted on me calling him Daddy. My Wen father likes my Daddy very much. He teases my Daddy coolly and handsomely everyday. They are usually very affectionate and extremely kind to me."

"But I also have my troubles because I discovered a big secret! That is, my Wen father often beats my Daddy at night! My Daddy screams "Oh" so miserably—what’s even more hateful is that Wen father even laughs! This is domestic violence, definitely, so I decided to include it in my composition and inform everyone!"

Wen Mian's little face was resolute after she completed reading, as if she were a little hero.

While the rest...


Everyone's teasing and surprised gazes landed on the handsome couple, as if they understood something.

Wang Xiaomie's face was buried in his hands: Suffocating!

Wen Fengjin, whose face was as dark as charcoal, blasted chilly air like a swishing aircon.

Worse, Wen Mian, the little girl, added another sentence: "Don't be scared, Daddy! Just tell the truth, and I'll have the teacher help you!"


"Tea...Teacher can't help," the young and inexperienced male teacher instantly reddened.

Wen Fengjin was about to explode when he saw this scene!

Wang Xiaomie: ...You treacherous child! Unfilial!

Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin had not attended another parent-teacher meeting since that memorable first one.

Wang Xiaomie: "My whole life’s face was lost on that day, so why f*cking bother!"

Later, An Kai, who had also relocated to the surface and became their neighbor, heard about this incident and nearly died of laughter.

A man in a wheelchair beside him, as pretty as a girl and with short, ear-length hair, also smiled softly. Except for his cheeks, there was a layer of barely noticeable red fuzz on the skin exposed to the air when the sun shone on him.

He gazed at An Qi with reliance and talked very shyly, not at all like the insidious emperor in An Kai's story.

And, in fact, he was not.

Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin suspected there was another person in that body a long time ago.

It was impossible for An Kai not to know.

Having experienced the betrayal of his lover, An Kai realized that what he loved was really an illusion created by his heart's fantasies, thus he was willing to adore a zombie companion who obeyed him and could not betray him. He needed this vessel.

He didn't care who replaced him in the body.

It's only...

When Wang Xiaomie saw An Kai's hearty smile and the truth in his eyes, he smiled.

As expected, even if there is only an obsession remaining, no one can refuse that kind of longed-for happiness if that obsession becomes true and a partner who is kind, gentle, who also loves and relies on him becomes a reality.

Although they didn't know where his soul originated from, the new An Chengjing should have replaced him when he transformed into Little Purple Hair.

Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin exchanged glances.

The long, narrow eyes were cold and indifferent. They froze for a second when they met his gaze, and then the right eye winked gently.

Wang Xiaomie couldn't stop himself from laughing.

After going around, finally getting what you've been desperately wanting to get.

"By the way, that little girl Wen Mian is a regular person," An Kai added abruptly. "Aren't you going to turn her into one of the same?"

The implication of his remarks was obvious, but Wang Xiaomie shook his head.

"She has her own life. There is nothing wrong with being an ordinary person. We have no way of knowing whether the elixir truly makes us immortal or simply prolongs our lives."

"Immortality does not imply eternal happiness or eternal loneliness and misery."

"She is both our daughter and her own person. Fengjin and I will protect her until the last moment..."

"Yeaahh, but in a few decades, when her life comes to an end, won't your heart hurt like hell?" An Kai asked.

"There's nothing we can do about it." Wang Xiaomie blinked a few times. He had already prepared his heart for it.

"This is the price of immortality, that's why I don't want her to pay it."

"Makes sense."

An Kai burst out laughing. After the laughter died down, he propped his chin, his handsome face wrinkled.

"I say...the four of us, a Demon Lord, the Demon Lord's shixiong, a general, and an emperor...the men who dominated history back then actually ended up living a life of retirement. Why don't we take action? Establish a new dominant country, or something along those lines?"

An Kai: "Senior Wen, don’t tell me you don’t want…"

"I don't want to," Wen Fengjin interrupted coldly.

An Kai: "…"

"I've been fighting for thousands of years, but all I want to do is be with my shixiong," Wen Fengjin added softly.

An Kai's mouth twitched: "...Isn’t Senior’s dream too unpromising?"

Wen Fengjin sneered at him and asked, "Forever with your Chengjing or endless battlefield, what do you choose?"


After a little silence, An Kai declared emphatically, "Choose forever."

Wen Fengjin sneered.

Wang Xiaomie and Chengjing, who were sitting next to him, smiled and shook their heads.

"I'll make what you want to eat tonight," said Wang Xiaomie to Chengjing.

"I'm sorry to trouble you," Chengjing stated softly.

"It's no trouble," Wang Xiaomie said, shrugging.

He stood up and headed for the kitchen. Wen Fengjin went to pick up Wen Mian when he saw the time. Chengjing rested softly on An Kai's shoulder in the living room...

The evening was approaching.

Wen Fengjin returned after picking up his young daughter. She made everyone laugh at the dinner table by talking about what happened at school.

The lights were switched on, and the mood in the room was so lovely in the dark night that no one wanted to leave.

All it takes is a lifetime's pursuit, a lifelong desire...

[The End]


And they lived happily ever after...


IHSC - Chapter 85

Chapter 85 Follow-up

"There is a mountain god on our mountain."

An old man sat on a cloth-covered seat in a wet mountain forest, smoking tobacco in a pipe and looked out at the heavy rain, and said this statement intentionally or unintentionally.

And the three men with backpacks who had taken shelter in the temple from the rain exchanged glances. The oldest one shook his head, while the other two strong young men squatted together, pretending to be dumb.

The heavily forested mountain ridge was twined, and the mountain's heavy fog lifted. When it was going to rain, the trio made their way to this temple halfway up the mountain. The bluestone slabs were freshly paved, and the little temple's paint and decorations were brand new. It appeared to have been built only a few years ago.

They had no idea where the rich folks who'd lost their heads from idleness had come from to pour money to build a temple here.

The economy of the village at the mountain's foot was similarly rather backward. They didn't even have a cell phone, and the temple was solely guarded by an elderly man who posed no threat to them. Furthermore, the mountain god mentioned by the elderly man sounded like pure nonsense to them.

The mountain rain soon stopped, and the peak was a rich emerald green surrounded by moisture. The scenery was surprisingly stunning as seen from the small temple's gate.

When they saw that the rain had ceased, the three men with backpacks waited for a while, then rose up and prepared to set off. "Thank you," the oldest man said softly to the old man guarding the modest temple before departing.

The elderly man lifted his dark and wrinkled face, sucked on his pipe, and slowly exhaled.

"The mountain beyond this temple is off-limits. Young men, this mountain has a mountain god. This old man will not lie to you."

"I see. Thank you, sir."

The middle-aged man gave a tiny smile before turning and leaving the modest temple.

The old man shook his head as he saw them walk up the mountain, lightly tapping his pipe on the door rail.

"Sigh, young people don't listen to advice...alas..."

"What was that old man nagging so deeply about, Uncle Tai?" In a hushed voice, one of the hefty men who had ventured into the forest and was drenched asked.

The middle-aged man called Uncle Tai shook his head, saying, "Nothing, just feudal superstition."

"Oh." The man responded, and asked again: "Uncle Tai, do you think we can hunt the goods?"

Uncle Tai responded, saying: "Of course we can. The information I got is very accurate. Someone once saw Siberian musk deer (an endangered species) on this mountain. Even if there are no Siberian musk deer, there are countless mountain monkeys and other rare animals in such a vast ​​undeveloped forest area, which is reason enough for us to take a trip."

"You are right."

The young man paused and stated coldly to the man next to him, who had been silent the entire time: "It's a good time. The rain has just stopped, so the animals will come out to hunt for food. Let's quickly set up the traps, and when we succeed, we'll descend from the other side of the mountain. Someone will meet us there."

After he finished speaking, the three of them quickly followed the traces of vegetation, expertly carried their bags to uncover the tools within, and then split off to begin setting traps around the mountain.

They worked swiftly, and the traps and steel wires for common small animals were ready in no time. They were all excellent survivalists in the wild. They chose a sheltered spot with elevated rocks, lit a fire beneath the pot, and waited silently.

Siberian musk deer with short forelimbs and long rear limbs, small hooves and huge ears, barely the size of a sheep, scampered through the dewy grass after the rain. They sniffed the scents in the air with their black noses, their fawn-like eyes reflecting the woodland in which they dwelt.

The Siberian musk deer chased each other, issuing soft calls, having never encountered any other danger save wolves and other carnivorous animals. The absence of the odor of ferocious beasts in the air put them at ease.

But then one of the deer knelt down on the ground and screamed. The trap savagely grabbed its forelimb, and the serrations sunk into its flesh, fracturing its bones!

The hornless fawn-like Siberian musk deer cried in pain. It struggled to break free, but the steel jaws clamped down even tighter. Because of its struggles, that leg was nearly broken, and the flesh attached to it was sticky, with viscous blood flowing on the emerald green foliage.

The other musk deer that was following its partner bolted in terror.

But after a while, it realized there was no predator and returned, knelt on the ground with its forelimbs, and pressed its head on the body of its companion, not knowing what to do.

It tried to get its companion to stand up.

However, the musk deer caught in the trap lost a limb and was unable to stand up normally after rising many times. It could only lie there, tears spilling from its large dark eyes.

Surprisingly, the other musk deer followed it and lay down, licking its companion's body and keeping warm with it.

As they cuddled together, the two little creatures emitted faint cries, their necks interlaced, and they trembled. The stench of blood was overpowering, and it would undoubtedly draw other predators.

But they never separated...

It was dark, and the three poachers gazed outside at the weather.

"Let's go. Close the net and have a look. If there's nothing, we’ll check the other side of the cliff."


The trio swiftly walked through the knee-high shrubs and separated to close the net.

They reunited half an hour later. The middle-aged man was empty-handed, until he pulled a clear box from his rucksack. Inside was a snake with gorgeous markings and vivid colors, as well as a soldering iron-shaped head. Even though it was locked in the box at the time, it stretched its jaws wide and made a biting motion.

"Oh my God! Such a good 'mountain product'! How did you catch it on a rainy day, Uncle Tai? This is too awesome!"

The two young men showed awe and surprise.

"There's a snake hole in the cliff over there," Uncle Tai said, raising the corners of his lips. "I targeted it when I was collecting the net. What's so awesome about it? You’ll understand after a few more visits with me."

"How much does it sell for..."

The young men mumbled a few times as they displayed their harvest.

One of the two strong young men reaped nothing, but the other carried a white fox with a gorgeous blood-stained coat. The fox was around the size of a medium-sized dog. Despite the fact that its fur was damp, it was clear that it would be quite glossy after cleaning.

"Lao Er[1], where's your wild product?" The constantly cold-faced young man asked with a frown.

Lao Er scratched his head and smiled: "I caught a wolf cub over there. It’s dangerous to provoke things like a wolf, so I strangled it and threw it away. Don't worry, I used medicine to mask the odor."

Uncle Tai remained silent, but the cold-faced young man snorted.

"Let's head to the other side of the cliff where we set traps. Only, expecting to catch musk deer on the first day is too naive. I guess we'll have to spend a few days in the mountains."

This was Uncle Tai's opinion.

But when they saw the two Siberian musk deer in the dark night, they all froze.

Their greedy eyes bulged with eagerness as they stared at the small animals whose necks were entwined and dependent on each other, as if these two lives had become mounds of banknotes stacked up in front of them!

"Shush!" hissed Uncle Tai. He lowered his voice and grabbed the two excited young people. "Lao Er, anesthetic injection!"


Lao Er, fearful of agitating the 'money' over there, silently rummaged in his backpack and extracted a metal box. When it was opened, it revealed blowpipe anesthetic needles.

The night forest was unsettling and frightening. The trees were tall, and only a few beams of moonlight spilled through, which was almost useless save to provide a creepy atmosphere.

A metal pipe was aimed at the small animals nestled against each other.


The leaves behind the three of them suddenly rustled without wind, and the trio instantly looked back vigilantly.

Someone stood undetected behind them at some point!

And in the dark night, a few strands of their long silver hair slanted down looked to shine. The crimson period clothing moved on its own, and the unreal feminine and handsome face was quite pale. The most scary thing was that this person's long and narrow eyes had terrifying scarlet pupils, occupying the entire eye socket!

The scarlet pattern between the brows was as vivid as snow, reminding people of the evil red ghost and the man-eating monster in the deep mountains! Especially when he slowly raised the corners of his mouth to display a smile as the trio looked back...

The three pairs of dark pupils instantly shrank into pinpricks!

It was also at this moment that Uncle Tai remembered what the elderly man had said: There is a mountain god on our mountain.

A pair of slender palms obscured their view before they could yell...

"Crack, crack, crack."

The bones produced a nice crisp sound.

The red and black robes swept over the three guys lying on the ground and passed through the weeds and bushes, and the cloth was exquisitely embroidered with old patterns. Water drops dripped on the fiery red garments and couldn't be entirely absorbed, so they rolled down to the ground.

The Siberian musk deer was so terrified that it leapt up and ran away, but not far, staring at them with round black eyes.

The mountain god—also known as Wen Fengjin, knelt beside the injured musk deer. Compared to humans, small animals have always been more sensitive to danger and fiercer existences.

The same was true for this little musk deer, which obediently laid on its stomach, slightly trembling but not daring to struggle.

The steel animal trap was easily broken by two seemingly weak and boneless hands. Wen Fengjin sliced his palm and let the blood drip on the damaged leg of the deer. The broken area of the body healed swiftly.


He said softly as he watched the little thing stand up and scamper towards its companion, then turned and walked towards the three individuals who were lying on the ground...

The door of the small temple on the mountainside opened at daybreak the next day, and the elderly man retracted his foot before it landed on the ground.

He sighed as he glanced at the three people who were lying at the temple's entrance and had only been there the day before.

"Young ba$tards, don't listen to advice!"

While sucking on his pipe, the old man turned around and expertly hauled out a brazier. God knows what he tossed into the fire after igniting it, but red smoke rose.

The villagers in the settlement at the mountain’s base laughed when they saw the red smoke on the mountain.

"It's the three backpackers who climbed the mountain yesterday. I saw them pose, but they always looked like thieves to me! Our mountain god has captured the poaching sonsofb!tches!"

The other men followed suit, with some going to the county to notify the police and others following the village chief to the mountain to tie them up.

To be honest, this has happened innumerable times.

More than a dozen poachers had been apprehended in this mountain region in just a few years, attracting the attention of many people. Locals had even marketed the mountain god's fame, which had steadily risen...

There was a chill on the man who hurried back from outside to the tomb palace. His face was expressionless, yet he walked rapidly along the long tomb passage, arriving at the lively and splendid palace.

As he approached a little pavilion on a cliff, silver silk floated aloft, and his look softened, as if a glacier was melting. His odd eyes were tinged with warmth, and he cracked a smile.

A chain as thick as a man's waist linked the platform in the middle of the hollow to the red acacia tree that had been blazing silently for thousands of years.

Suddenly, the head of a large red lizard appeared on the platform, and on its back rode a small soft child wearing a little tiger hat.

"Daddy! You're fat[2]!"

When she spotted him, the child's grape-like limpid and clear eyes filled with joy, and she screamed out to him with her half-toothed mouth.


Wen Fengjin responded softly, landing on the platform with a few light jumps, then picking up the baby, his face softening even more.

"How is your mother today?"

The little girl's speech was unclear: "Liangqing, I'm going to kill you[3]!"

Telling tales...

Wen Fengjin stepped to the side of the double coffin, hugging the child who was super soft and smelt like milk.

A gorgeous man lay on his side inside the coffin, his soft cheeks submerged in layers of cloth. His brilliant red robes were loose and messy; tassels and fish beads dangled from loose black and red ropes, and his long black hair was fanned out and very attractive.

"Liangqing! I'm hungry[4]!"

The child looked at the person in the coffin and called to him in a babyish voice.

Wang Xiaomie was dazed from sleep in the coffin. He sat up in a stupor and, without opening his eyes, reached out and felt for the small child, hugging her to his bosom before lying back down.

Mu Yi, who had been caring for the kid for a long time, yawned tiredly as low laughter rang out.

The baby was warm and cuddly. Wen Fengjin sat on the coffin's edge and bent down, his silver hair like a cold blanket covering the two persons inside. His pink lips pressed on Wang Xiaomie's careless sleeping forehead.

Wang Xiaomie mumbled a few times in his sleep when the man's breath enveloped him, but he didn't wake up. The little girl giggled and covered her mouth, and Wen Fengjin also laughed. He pecked Xiaomie’s eyes, his lips lightly brushing the long eyelashes.

After a while, the fast-asleep man finally awoke.

Wang Xiaomie struggled to sit up with the child in one hand, rested lazily against the inside wall of the coffin, and glared at Wen Fengjin.

"Don't touch me in front of the child!" Wang Xiaomie pulled a face, "You've corrupted our family’s Goudan[5]!"

He actually said the word goudan.

The little girl who was blinking and snickering instantly lost her smile and pouted at her vicious mother.

Wen Fengjin was silent for a few moments before saying, "...She is a girl."

"You chose this name." Wang Xiaomie looked heartlessly at the baby, "If you want to blame someone, blame your dad. Your dad was the first to say it!"

The little girl looked at Wen Fengjin with tears in her eyes.


Wen Fengjin had given his adopted daughter such a name two years before because of an unexpected mistake. Under his daughter’s aggrieved eyes and his lover’s fierce sneer, his face sank and he chose—to change the subject.

Little daughter: "..." I’m looking for a stepfather.

"...Three days ago, I received word from An Kai that the purple-haired zombie buried with him has successfully turned into a red-haired zombie."

"So fast, didn't you say it’ll take three or four years the year before last?"

Wang Xiaomie was surprised.

It had been six years since their ordeal with Yi Yan. They adopted a child in the last six years, and An Kai also returned to Qishan to live in peace with his Little Purple Hair, but he sent news every now and again.

As for Bai Yu...

He had only received one letter from Bai Yu in the previous six years, and it contained only a photograph.

Bai Yu was smiling in the shot, sitting in the middle of the bright sofa in the house. On his right was a puppet that looked exactly like Xiao An, and on his left was a puppet that looked exactly like Yi Yan...

One man and two puppets joyfully smiled at the camera, as if they were the happiest family on the planet.

And Wang Xiaomie, who received this photo, had his hair standing on end and demanded that Wen Fengjin destroy it right away.


[1] The second child or brother (or sister).

[2] I believe the child intended to say "nǐ huí lái le" (you're back), but instead says "nǐ féi lái le" (you're fat).

[3] “凉青,给窝将故斯了!” The baby's lines make little sense. I believe she is parroting what she overheard WXM say, but the characters she used are all wrong. If I'm not mistaken, "Liangqing" should be "Fengjin". Is there any reader who knows Mandarin well? Please let me know if I got this right.

[4] “凉青!窝饿了!”

[5] literally "dog egg/testicles". A name given to children in poor rural areas in the belief that they will be easy to raise. It's now a nickname akin to "baby, puppy" when applied to close relatives, lovers, and best friends. A stranger calling goudan is a curse/bad word.


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January 14, 2023

IDYTRAA - Chapter 235 (END)

Chapter 235 The more you spoil your lover, the gutsier he becomes

The people at their table had mixed feelings during this feast.

Huang Kai was possibly the only one of them who could eat with peace of mind. He ate whatever Pan Ge served him, and when Pan Ge drank, Huang Kai poured the wine then smiled at him, and Pan Ge smoothed his hair.

Xiaji was enjoying the show. He paused eating in the middle of the meal, then picked and chose and ate a little more while watching Lin Mu and Chen Ze.

One played with a scalpel, the other with a dagger, arguing back and forth. Lin Mu slapped the table and wanted to fight him, but Chen Ze gazed at him with a smile, not taking offense or becoming upset. A plate of wild goose wings was served. Lin Mu dissected it with a swipe of the knife when it was placed in front of him. He had the look of a murderer in his eyes. Chen Ze seemed unconcerned and even ate the dismembered pieces. Take a sip of wine and a bite of meat. Oh, how lovely.

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan started toasting. First, to the elders, with Papa Pan at their side to assist with introductions.

"Here is General Staff Director Zhang, this is the Artillery Commander, and that is..."

Everyone, regardless of position, enjoyed a glass of wine with the newlyweds. They would have been intoxicated by now if it had been baijiu. Fortunately, they were prepared, and they drank plain water with each toast.

The young couple will have a wonderful life from now on. We got to see Leizi grow up. He's careless, but not outrageous. Your uncles will be there for you if you need them.

Thank you, Uncle. This "Thank you" was repeated many times. Pan Lei was really suffering from cirrhosis*. He downed glass after glass of cold water. They finally married, the two of them became official, and their days were harmonious. It was the start of a new chapter, and the days of companionship had arrived.

{T/N: *Just a joke. Remember the author saying his liver hurts bcoz of TY?}

"Drink less water; you’ll get a stomachache."

Pan Lei continued to drink on Tian Yuan's behalf. When someone toasted again, Pan Lei drank two glasses at once. He didn’t let Tian Yuan drink too much, even if it was water.

"I think I hear a noise in my tummy. I can hear the water sloshing about whenever I move."

"There are still a few tables left. We'll go eat after the toasts. I requested that my mum save the food for us."

"It's my mother-in-law who is wonderful."

The newlyweds were the most exhausted at this wedding ceremony. Papa Pan stopped following the couple once they arrived at the table where Huang Kai and the others were seated. The youngsters would undoubtedly have their own way of drinking and celebrating.

Pan Lei sat at the table and didn't leave. He took up his chopsticks and began preparing food for Tian Yuan.

"Quickly pad your stomach. I'm dying of hunger. Eat up. The meatballs and chicken are both delicious. What's up with this odd chicken? It looks dismembered."

Tian Yuan was not polite and joined the table. He sat, ate, and then glanced at the chicken. The meat and bones had been separated, with the bones remaining intact on the plate.

"Lin Mu, you dissected it, didn’t you. The knife work is exquisite. It's okay to practice autopsy at the morgue. You are deserving of a position in the surgical department. You have my admiration."

"It'll only be corpses that are dissected with the scalpel in Lin Mu's hand, right?" Huang Kai choked out. "Too scary."

"Why do I feel that your alcohol tolerance has improved, Leizi? Your face isn't flushed and you're not dizzy after drinking with all of these people. If this had been previously, you would have been wasted and swaying, hugging and kissing your husband nonstop. Something must be in the bottle. Buddy, you’re married, and we brothers can't disrespect you."

Zhang Hui stood up, grabbed up the extra glasses, and handed them two bottles of wine.

"The first cup, may you live a long and happy life together."

Cunning. Zhang Hui prepared the glasses and wine for them, knowing they were duping others. What could they possibly do other than drink it?

After drinking the toast, Lin Mu stood up.

"Everything good comes in pairs. Come drink the jiāo bēi jiǔ[1], you two."

The glasses were filled, so they had no choice but to cross their arms and exchange the glasses of wine.

"May the heavens bless you[2]; let's drink."

Pan Ge also served them wine.

Pan Lei looked at him with disbelief.

"I'm your own little brother."

"It doesn't matter how close your relationship is at the wine table. Drink."

"Just you wait. There will come a time when you will marry. When that time comes, we'll work together to get you drunk."

Looking at the situation, Second Brother and Huang Kai’s wedding was also approaching, which meant it was time for their revenge. The couple was small-minded, and they would remember this conflict and being compelled to drink. 

"May, may, may the four joys visit you[3]. Drink."

Tian Yuan did not drink the toast and put the wine glass away this time. After all, Huang Kai was also a Pan family member, therefore they were all related. Tian Yuan would play tricks this time.

"Which four joys? Surely not sì xǐ wán zi[4]. I won't drink this wine unless you explain."

"The first joy is you guys getting married, the second joy is Pan Lei's promotion. The third joy is you completing the advanced course and becoming an attending physician in thoracic surgery, and the fourth joy, er..."

He couldn't figure it out at all. It might have been acceptable to wish them a baby soon if they were an ordinary man and woman couple, but they weren't.

"I can't think of anything. Drink, drink."

Pan Lei booed and poured Huang Kai a glass. Pan Ge took it up and finished the drink all at once. His tolerance for liquor was far greater than Huang Kai's.

"Leizi, it's customary to make trouble in the bridal chamber. We talked about it. Tonight, we'll all go to your house to make trouble in your bridal chamber. Since you've been living together before marriage, things like apple-biting are trivial and really dull. You drank too much yesterday. Didn't you say you'd remove Tian Yuan's clothes with your mouth? We're not going to screw around. We will spare you as long as you strip Tian Yuan naked in front of us. How’s that?"

Pan Ge truly did not suffer any losses. He drank Huang Kai's glass of wine and retaliated swiftly.

"Fine, I’ll take it off. Who is afraid of whom? You must all clear the place as soon as we strip naked. On the wedding night, every minute is worth an ounce of gold. Also, where are the promised plane tickets? We're traveling to Canada to get married and will leave the day after tomorrow."

"I will keep my promise if you dare to strip naked."


Tian Yuan stomped on Pan Lei. Did he want to put on a live erotic show in front of all of these folks on their wedding night? Did he want any face? Did he?

The boys gave a wicked smile. Humph! Humph! Tonight is going to be fun. They'd seen the two of them lock lips before, but nothing more intimate. Let us feast our eyes tonight.

"You really promised him? Second Brother is only interested in watching a good show and playing tricks on us."

Tian Yuan had no face to embarrass himself with Pan Lei. He had a thin face and lacked the guts.

"I lied to them; I have reserved a hotel room for tonight. We're going to spend our wedding night at a hotel. We can play as wild as we like. Nobody will care if the bed falls apart from rocking."

Pan Lei whispered into Tian Yuan’s ear. He was aware of this evil bunch’s bad intentions and had prepared for it.

Tian Yuan kicked him in the shin.

"F*ck off and go cool off somewhere cold. There is never a time when you don't play hooligan with your lecher disease."

"Hey, don't be like this, my darling. I'm just worried that they'll see you. You are all mine from head to toe. Wouldn't I lose out if they saw you? Please come with me, please come with me. Our luggage is nicely packed, and our parents will accompany us. The plane tickets are for the day after tomorrow. We'll stay in a hotel for a day and two nights before flying to Canada to obtain the marriage certificate. This is something we agreed on a long time ago."

Pan Lei pursued him, coaxing him the entire time, but Tian Yuan disregarded him. Bed falling apart from rocking? No, thanks. He didn’t want to die in bed.

The evil bunch rocked with laughter. Look at Tian Yuan's power! Pan Lei can be made to obey with just one kick.

Huang Kai would never dare to kick Pan Ge.

Lin Mu would undoubtedly dare to kick Chen Ze.

Xiaji didn’t need to kick. His mouth was enough to poison people to death. He must have grown up eating arsenic.

This couple's lives were not only beautiful, but also loud. They laughed, argued, attempted to outdo each other, adored, and spoiled each other. These vibrant days are known as life.

It was painful to socialize and say goodbye to the guests. They would have both long crashed if it hadn't been for the water. They dispatched one batch of guests after another until late at night. The rogues stood by the side, their arms thrown across the couple's shoulders, refusing to leave.

"Come on, we brothers will see you to your bridal chamber."

They had made up their minds to watch Pan Lei take Tian Yuan's clothing off with his mouth today, so they refused to leave no matter what.

"I've drank so much that my tummy is bursting. I need to pee. You all have to wait for me. Tian'er, don't you find it difficult to hold it in? Didn't you just tell me you needed to use the restroom?"

Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan to the restroom before he could react.

"I don't want to use the restroom."

"You're a moron. If we don't flee immediately, we'll have to let them see it."

Pan Lei scouted the enemy's position. He opened the door and raced out, taking Tian Yuan directly to the back door, when he noticed no one was around. They'd be at an intersection where they could flag down a taxi and speed away if they ran down that alley.

"Damn, those two couldn't have gotten away, could they?"

Something didn't feel right to Pan Ge. They were all expecting a good spectacle, but what if the two of them got away? They yelled and dashed to the restroom. There was, indeed, no one there. When they asked the waiter, they were told that the pair had fled out the back door.

When they caught up, they saw the couple getting into a taxi.

"They bolted! Leizi is quite crafty, and Tian Yuan has grown bad after becoming involved with him!"

The gang found it ridiculous and exasperating. Since we can't watch the good show, let's go back to our respective houses.

"Kaizi[5], now is a good time to review the family rules."

Pan Ge led the dunce away.

"Let's return to the kitchen. I had them make you treats. Bring them home and eat them for late-night snacking."

Zhang Hui left with Xiaji as well.

"Amidst the flowers under the moonlight[6]; fine time and beautiful scenery[7]; my dear, let's do something."

Lin Mu consented to Chen Ze's suggestion with a nod.

"Go to the morgue with me and dispose of the corpse."

They, too, left.

In the taxi, Pan Lei carried Tian Yuan over, sat him on his lap, and kissed him. He was perfectly content.

"You're mine now, baby. We've gotten married. We will travel to Canada the day after tomorrow to obtain our marriage certificate. We'll be legally married at that point. My job is likewise solid, and I can drive home every day to cook for you, coax you to sleep, go for a stroll with you and Jindou'er, and drop you and pick you up from work. I will never again let you be wronged."

"Yes, I've been looking forward to holding the certificate and firmly disciplining you for quite some time. If you anger me again, I'll make you kneel in the corner."

"Honey, tonight is our wedding night, don't talk about this scary stuff. I'll kiss you. The kiss after legalizing is the most unforgettable."

Tian Yuan grinned, encircled Pan Lei's shoulders, and kissed him. His heart felt soothed once they married. Pan Lei's employment was no longer hazardous. This simple life was so pleasant. Happiness and sweetness awaited them.

"Let's head towards our sexual happiness."

Pan Lei emphasized the words "sexual happiness." He was talking about the hotel, where he planned to torment Tian Yuan over and over again, doing this and that so that he could love him a lot.

"Yes, there will be happiness in the days ahead. Let's make our way to happiness."

Happiness, whether sexual or otherwise, was a blessing.

It is a blessing to have you. Among so many people, I love you. I will only be faithful to you for the rest of my life and spend it with you. I swear by all the gods, I'll adore you until the seas dry up, the stones soften, and everything fades. I want to live with you until we grow old like our grandparents. Then, regardless of who departs first, the other partner will bury him and then wait for the beloved departed to come and take away the one who was left behind. The younger generation will bury us together, and our tombstone will read: Here lie Mr. & Mrs. Tian (Maiden name: Pan).

Then we'll cross the Naihe Bridge, drink Meng Po's soup, and reincarnate together. I'll see you in the next life.

I know you love me, and you also know I can give you anything, so let's live a sweet life like this. Obtain the marriage certificate and raise Jindou'er. You will go to the army to train your men, while I will practice as a doctor, and then we will return home together, eat together, and sleep together. By the way, I'd like you to sing "green flowers in the army" to me every night to coax me to sleep. I'll wake up to your good morning kiss, kiss you good-bye at the door, and wait for you to pick me up in the evening.

Those are the days I am looking forward to. Let's move towards a happier place. We've already started. We're making progress.

Let’s keep loving like this.

Love until the next life.

I love you, you know.

And I know you love me too.

Be happy. Allow happiness to find you. Be joyful no matter who you are. Love him, cherish him, even though he is rude and unreasonable, crafty, and many people point out his flaws. "I love him," you can say. "You got a problem?"

Lover. The more you spoil him, the gutsier he becomes.

Don't believe me? Try spending the rest of your life with me and see how I spoil you to the point of lawlessness.

(The End)


[1] Formal exchange of cups of wine between bride and groom as traditional wedding ceremony.

[2] sān xīng bào xǐ is actually part of a common blessing sān xīng bào xǐ, wǔ fú lín mén. The first half signifies that the three major stars will bring you good fortune, while the second half means that the five blessings will descend upon this house (namely: longevity, wealth, health, virtue, and a natural death).

[3] sì xǐ lín mén: (May the) four joys come to your home. These four joys are: Swallows building nests, Magpies coming to the door, Spiders falling from ceilings, and Spring in dead wood. All four of these things are deemed lucky. The reason and explanation can be found here.

[4] Braised pork balls in gravy. It is made up of four meatballs that represent the four great joys: life, fortune, longevity, and happiness. To honor its auspicious symbolism, it is frequently served as the final course in banquets such as weddings and birthday parties.

[5] Huang Kai's nickname, identical to Leizi's. Interestingly, kǎi zi=good-looking guy; rich(slang).

[6] yuè xià huā qián. Romantic surroundings.

[7] liáng chén měi jǐng. Means "everything lovely."


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