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IDYTRAA - Chapter 145

Chapter 145 Baby, start running

Humph! Isn't it only two kilometers? Tian Yuan couldn't possibly be intimidated by that. When the recruits awoke in the morning, they completed a five-kilometer long-distance run in addition to the other routines. Running five kilometers in the morning and evening was their most basic training. They weren't permitted to eat if they didn't finish the run in the allotted time.

Tian Yuan was a sedentary white collar worker. How could his physical strength be as good as theirs? If that were the case, Pan Lei would stop nagging him to work out.

Tian Yuan had agreed to jog on the spur of the moment. Their conversation about returning to the military compound for the Spring Festival also influenced his decision. Grandpa Pan would obviously be present, and he would undoubtedly have to train with all of the uncles and cousins. Tian Yuan reasoned that he should get used to it sooner rather than later. He had been saved from undertaking a cross-country run with weight the previous time, but he wouldn't be able to escape it the next time.

The recruits were in the lead. Tian Yuan revved himself up, inhaled deeply, and began jogging! Pan Lei trailed behind him.

This was a trivial affair to Pan Lei, just like eating and sleeping. Tian Yuan's pace was slow, and he could easily keep up by taking a few fast steps. In actuality, this wasn't jogging for Pan Lei; it was just brisk walking.

Tian Yuan had already begun to gasp for air in the second half of the first lap. He could no longer run. His heart and lungs hurt like they were going to burst, and he couldn't get enough air even with his neck stretched out. In truth, he'd run less than a kilometer.

Pan Lei stood by him, encouraging him.

"Only one more lap, darling, you only need to run one more lap. Come on, jiayou!"

"Add your uncle's head! I'm exhausted. I'm dying! I won't run; enough...this is enough!"

He couldn't run any longer. It was something he couldn't do. He couldn't even move his legs because of tiredness.

"Where are you going, baby? A man of character follows through on his promises. You stated that you wanted to run two kilometers. Take a look at those people; they've all surpassed you by three laps. Are you not embarrassed? Run! It's only two kilometers. You'll get it done shortly. Look! They're nearly here, and they're all laughing at you. Let's get moving. Don't let them make fun of you."

Pan Lei stood by his side, fists clenched, encouraging him. There wouldn't be someone quitting every day if he showed the new group of soldiers even 1% of the patience he showed Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan gritted his teeth and ran for five minutes more.

"I...I don't give a damn what they say. I... I can't run any longer. Let them mock me."

Dying...I'm dying from exhaustion.

Pan Lei ran ahead of him, clapped his hands, and stretched out his arms, like a young parent letting a child who had just started walking wobble over, with a smile and encouragement on his face.

"Baby, here, here! I'm waiting for you here, come quickly, come quickly!"

The passing special forces soldiers were speechless, their eyes round in disbelief as they watched this scene. Oh my god! What exactly am I seeing? Is our Team Leader Devil Pan actually Tian Yuan's father, rather than his lover? Is that really Team Leader Devil Pan, with such patience and loving actions? The Devil Pan who makes us train until we vomit blood? This is so weird.

In front of the lover is a good man, and in front of them is the devil. Ahhh, this is too unjust.

"I… F**k your uncle! What ‘waiting for you’, beat it!"

It was not shameful for him to give up halfway if he couldn't run, but Pan Lei's current appearance was The. Most. Shameful. okay?

Tian Yuan couldn't stand upright. He was preparing to throw his buttocks on the ground. As he panted, he forced himself to stay on his feet, hunched over his waist, hands on his hips. He was dead tired. Jogging was far more exhausting than having two surgeries in a succession. He was going to kill him. He had the sensation that his blood vessels were about to burst.

Pan Lei scratched his head. Too bad I couldn't fool him. His gaze roamed about them, catching sight of the general company training in the distance. Along with the soldiers, Black Lady was receiving instruction from her trainer. Puff! Pan Lei's mind was once again filled with wicked schemes.

He whistled loudly while putting his fingers in his mouth.

Tian Yuan was panting and paying no attention. The only idea that sprang to mind was that he needed to teach Pan Lei a lesson. He couldn't wolf whistle no matter how attractive a woman was!

Black Lady was an extraordinarily smart dog. She shook her neck and bounded over to Pan Lei as soon as she heard the whistle, breaking free from the rope in her trainer's hands.

Black Lady was ferocious. Despite having a cute name just like King Kong's, she was a purebred Tibetan mastiff. A mastiff capable of killing a wolf.

She was swift, looked fierce, and raced over with her tongue lolling out.

Pan Lei hugged Black Lady and petted her head.

"Good girl. Nip Tian Yuan's butt and make him play with you. Go!"

Black Lady’s favorite person was Pan Lei. When Pan Lei gave an order, Black Lady made sure to execute it promptly.

She didn't know who Tian Yuan was. All she knew was that Pan Lei was punishing the individual who was seated on the ground panting. This guy smelled of Pan Lei, albeit it was a little weak. But Pan Lei was asking her to nip him, so she would nip him.

Black Lady dashed towards Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan was under the notion that the dog wanted to play with him. He had no clue, not the smallest idea, that Black Lady would pounce at him with bared teeth.

Who wouldn’t be horrified to witness a purebred Tibetan Mastiff the size of a calf, pouncing at them with bared fangs. He had only played with Black Lady once, and he was well aware that this dog only recognized two masters in her life. Last time, she didn't bite him because of Pan Lei's face. This time he couldn’t say for sure...

Whoosh! He got up from the ground lightning fast, and hurriedly went away a few feet. Black Lady chased after him with little steps.

"Pan Lei, Pan Lei, take it away right now!"

"If he doesn't run, Black Lady, go after his a*s. If you stop, Tian'er, it will bite you. Make a run for it!"

Tian Yuan made three circles around Pan Lei, and Black Lady followed him three times. Black Lady refused to go, whether it be by kicking her or driving her away. As soon as he came to a halt, Black Lady bit his pant thighs. Her canine teeth were incredibly sharp. Tian Yuan could feel her teeth scraping the skin of his legs. It was quite frightening.

Pan Lei burst out laughing, pleased with himself. The audacity!

"Run for it! The dog is chasing you!"

Tian Yuan was forced to be helpless. He had to take to his heels and flee, as Black Lady chased and sprang after him. Black Lady would nip the calf of his leg if he slowed down a little.

"I greet your eighteenth generation ancestors, Pan Lei! You bast*rd, bast*rd!"

Tian Yuan began to run away with tears in his eyes, while Pan Lei trailed behind him, laughing hysterically. Black Lady, who had been set free, joyously followed him. She would bite Tian Yuan as soon as he slowed down, her fangs opening wide to bite at his pant legs. “Ahhh!” Tian Yuan would scream and dash away.

This trick worked better than any other. He didn't whine about being fatigued, and he didn't declare he couldn't run any longer. He scampered away at breakneck speed. Despite his harsh reprimand, he would be able to complete two kilometers of jogging today.

The special forces soldiers were once again petrified as a group. Well... Team Leader Devil Pan remained the Team Leader Devil Pan. He was such a douche to his lover! He even let a Tibetan mastiff chase after him to get him to run, not to mention them...

They weren't a couple; they were foes, right? That Tibetan Mastiff appeared to be around 150 kg in weight. It was enormous, with front claws as thick and solid as an adult man's arms. It would undoubtedly take off a portion of flesh if bitten by those sharp canine teeth. It was too cruel to use this Tibetan Mastiff to chase after your sweetheart and train him to run.

Dr. Tian, on the other hand, was extremely rude and straightforward. The entire audience could only hear Dr. Tian's commotion as he raced away quickly while abusing their Team Leader Pan. At the moment, he was greeting Pan Lei's ninth generation ancestors...

The audience scratched their noses. This couple is bizarre.

Pan Lei had laughed himself to breathlessness. He was having a good time watching Tian Yuan flee and listening to his scolding. He'd never seen Tian Yuan so animated before. Indeed, a genius needed to be provoked in order for their potential to be stimulated. He refused to jog no matter what, he couldn't be persuaded or enticed. Take a look! Wasn't he running perfectly well now? Look at how the two legs are sprinting away, and how swift they are. Today, I'll give Black Lady a kilo of beef as a reward. This girl is incredible.

Tian Yuan said he couldn't run any further after the first lap of this two-kilometer run. Despite Pan Lei's coaxing, he refused to budge. The special forces guys overtook him by three laps, but he continued to run slowly. However, with Black Lady's assistance, his speed matched that of this batch of recruits, and he finished his run fast. Pan Lei stopped him and held him, explaining that because he didn't work out regularly, if he worked out too vigorously all of a sudden, his muscles wouldn't be able to handle it.

"All right, Black Lady, all right, quit making trouble."

Black Lady desired to continue the chasing game and bite Tian Yuan's pants. Tian Yuan was so terrified that he clung to Pan Lei's body. Please don't bite my pants! How could he see people if she ripped his pants off?! Don't tell me I’m going to get bitten?

"Black Lady."

When Pan Lei admonished Black Lady calmly, she whimpered and sat alongside him, her head lowered.

"It feels fantastic to workout until you start sweating profusely. Come on, let's go. I'll help you in walking around and relaxing."

Tian Yuan may be said to have tapped into his potential before being abruptly powered off, and he couldn't stand up no matter what. He was panting for air, sweat trickling from his brow. He was originally fair, but after sweating so profusely, he resembled a delicate and lovely jade fished from the water. After seeing it, Pan Lei was enamored.

"Get lost! Get out of your a**, bas*ard. F**k your uncle! You’re a villain, you a*sh*le. Go away! Don’t let me see you."

To put it mildly, this chap, Pan Lei, was a scumbag. Tian Yuan was threatening Pan Lei with a scalpel while Pan Lei…fell in love at first sight. That small glance of his was breathtaking, and he was especially majestic the night he told Pan Lei about his family rule. Pan Lei was perplexed as to why he enjoyed witnessing his rare display of might so much. Pan Lei's heart was in a mess by his furious little expression, his wrathful but perfectly sparkling eyes.

When he was docile, he was like water, his soft and sticky "ge" enough to confuse and disorient Pan Lei. But this little expression of his was like being inflamed by hot peppers, making him delighted from head to toe. He couldn't possibly love him enough. He adored every aspect of him.

"Yes, I’m an a*sh*le teasing my baby."

Pan Lei leaned over and gave him a fawning kiss, regardless of whether anyone was looking. Tian Yuan shoved him away with ruthlessness.

"Get lost!"

He'd never seen somebody nastier than him, and he even let a dog chase him! He stood there laughing heartily, as if he were enjoying a wonderful show, while he lost his face. He'd entirely lost his face.

Pan Lei's face was calm, and he smiled apologetically.

"Baby, if you can't stand up, why don't you let me piggyback you?"


Tian Yuan turned aside and snorted dismissively a few times.

Oh! Oh! Don't be so coquettish. This sound was like a little claw scraping Pan Lei's heart, making him itchy.

"I'll knead your legs, pound your back, and massage every sore muscle. Forgive me?"

"F**k off!"

Tian Yuan pursed his lips in anger and ignored Pan Lei. So annoying.

Tian Yuan was forced to look at Pan Lei, who pinched his chin.

"Let me see what your anger looks like. Oh~ pouty mouth. You're expecting me to kiss it, right? Baby, good baby, give ge a kiss and stop being angry. I'll carry you back and give you a full body massage, okay? Ge is wrong, I won't tease you like this again. Be good, trust me."

Tian Yuan bared his teeth and puffed and blew at Pan Lei's chin for a second before biting it. You let the dog bite me, a*sh*le. So I'll bite you.



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February 21, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 144

Chapter 144 Learning to shoot

Tian Yuan had never felt so guilty as he did during the first week of recruit training, dubbed "Hell Week." Why? Because neither Pan Lei nor the other instructors worked.

The two of them, together with an assistant instructor, played Fight the Landlord in the vehicle. The assistant instructor who was driving the automobile nonchalantly played a card inside the car, while outside the car, recruits in groups of five carried a heavy sack of rice and ran for 20 kilometres.

Pan Lei didn't say anything, and he didn't let Tian Yuan peek outside since he was confident Tian Yuan would be horrified when he saw the recruits. He'd also point to his nose and criticize him for being a despot, dictator, and so cruel that he wasn't even a human being. Playing Fight the Landlord diverted his attention. Tian Yuan finally showed off his terrible card skills. He had been a huge success in the Pan family. Obviously, it was Pan Lei who assisted him, therefore he was able to easily defeat Grandpa Pan. Fortunately, Pan Lei was the one who won all of his money. They were driving while listening to dynamic dance music and playing Fight the Landlord. Outside, a group of soldiers was sweating profusely, and the blowing wind had caused hoarfrost to form on their sweat-soaked clothes.

At the time, a group of recruits was standing in the frigid lake water, carrying a lifeboat, on which Pan Lei was standing. "Motherf**kers, if you dare let Laozi fall, you little shits can just f**king quit my special training," Pan Lei swore furiously over the megaphone.

The recruits clenched their teeth and persevered. Tian Yuan was dressed in a thick cotton coat. They sat to watch while the assistant instructor served him a cup of hot coffee. Tian Yuan thought Pan Lei was too nasty. Wasn't it evident from this that he was looking for hatred? Comparison between people was the most awful thing on earth. Wasn't the disparity between their group and the recruits too pronounced? They would undoubtedly be loathed by the recruits.

Hell Week began on Monday, and many individuals had already quit. All of the training was nearly impossible to complete since it was too challenging. Even if the recruits passed training, it was required that meals be consumed within two minutes, and those who did not pass would be denied sustenance. People were starving and couldn't stand the high-pressure training, as well as the abuse and beatings inflicted by the instructors and deputy instructors. As a result, they quit.

This was taken lightly by all of the instructors. If someone was unable to accept this type of training, they would be unable to accomplish the challenging goals entrusted to the commandos, hence it was best to leave as soon as possible.

Pan Lei was finally ready to leave the lifeboat. He took a sip of coffee and spit it out with a "bah, bah, bah," stating it tasted like bird droppings.

"Tian'er, it appears that we will not be eating (in the cafeteria) today. It just so happens that neither of us has had a decent opportunity to go camping or have a picnic. You go fishing, Flat Head, and the two of us will go hunting."

Pan Lei took out a sniper rifle and slung it over his shoulder. Is this a hunting gun? They don't have a shotgun? wondered Tin Yuan.

Pan Lei's padded jacket was on Tian Yuan's body, and the sleeves were too long. As a result, Pan Lei dragged him by his sleeve into the depths of the woods.

"Can we trust you two to return for breakfast?"

"What are you talking about?! What are you going to eat if we don't return? Wait for us."

Pan Lei grabbed a cigarette and looked around for Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan had already lit the lighter and was waiting to light his cigarette. Pan Lei grinned and kissed him after lighting the cigarette, entirely disregarding who may see it or not. As he strutted into the woods with a gun, he looked exactly like a bandit with a new scapegoat.

"I think we need to catch some fish. What if they seek a deserted spot for passion? We'll still be waiting stupidly when it's dark."

One instructor proposed, and the other instructors agreed. They unlocked the boot, and with the exception of an instructor who continued to supervise recruit training, the others sat down by the lake and fished.

What kind of prey could they catch this season? It was almost hibernation time. There were no rabbits to be found, and the pheasants had vanished as well. Hunting was just an excuse. Everyone knew exactly what they were going to do: they were going to find a deserted area to make out.

Others assumed that the husbands wanted to be alone in order to further deepen their feelings. Their honeymoon period had not yet ended. Speaking of which, their honeymoon period was quite lengthy. They'd been together for quite some time, right? How could they still be so clingy?

"I said I'd bring you hunting, but there's nothing decent this time of year. Wait for our family's busy bees to gather. That's when you'll see some true talent. Do you know that, despite his age, our Grandpa Guo Jing[1] can still hit two birds with one shot? His vision and hearing are as acute as ever. He raises his rifle and fires, and two wild geese fall to the ground as a result. It will undoubtedly leave you staring dumbfounded."

Tian Yuan pictured a bunch of men in military attire, each with his own guards, both elderly and young, going hunting... I'm sure it looks like a robbery scene.

"What can I shoot right now?" {Amy: Your organic gun😏}

While strolling, Pan Lei snapped a long branch and used it to clear the underbrush.

"We'll eat snake meat if we catch a snake. We will eat a hare if we catch a hare. If we don't catch anything, I'll eat you."

Tian Yuan stomped on him. Can't you be a little decent? You said we’re going hunting, so We. Are. Going. Hunting.

"Finally! There is no one nearby. It's time for us husbands to express affection, darling. Come here and give ge a kiss."

Pan Lei extended his hand, approaching Tian Yuan like a perverted uncle, and asked Tian Yuan to kiss him.

Tian Yuan slapped him on the back of the hand.

"Now, don't fool around. Teach me how to use a gun."

The Pans were a military family. Almost every member, young and old, was a member of the military. If they went hunting, he would undoubtedly join them. After all, what man doesn't like guns? When he was a kid, he used to love playing with toy guns. He was now looking at and touching a real gun. One having real bullets rather than blank ones.

Tian Yuan examined the rifle with keen interest. It's made of iron. Wow! I'm touching a real gun.

Tian Yuan's first reaction when he took the rifle in his hand was, "Wow, that's heavy."

Pan Lei stepped behind him, grabbed his arm from behind, and instructed him to hold the rifle.

"This is the scope. When aiming at a target, your hands must be steady. Then, release the safety, choose a target, aim, and shoot. Count to ten before pulling the trigger. Don't move, hold steady."

Tian Yuan complained, "It's too heavy." I'm afraid I'll never be a qualified soldier in my lifetime.

Pan Lei murmured in his ear, "All soldiers feel the same way you do when they first touch the gun: agitated and eager. They will, however, be very dismissive after a few days. Do you know why? Because they have to hang bricks from the sniper rifle at the end. After target practice, their arms are so sore that they can't even lift them." As he spoke, Pan Lei's hot breaths blew across Tian Yuan's ear. Tian Yuan tilted his neck and rubbed his ear.

Tian Yuan's arms were sore after a while.

Pan Lei seemed to have picked up on something. He took Tian Yuan's hand in his own, aimed towards the open space on the side, put his finger on Tian Yuan's finger, and squeezed the trigger.

Tian Yuan leaned back as a result of the recoil. A flock of birds flew up from the open space at this time. Pan Lei remained by Tian Yuan's side as he raised the gun and took aim.


Pan Lei's voice was low and deep. Tian Yuan didn't have time to consider because his instruction came too quickly, and he pressed the trigger.

He gazed wide-eyed as two large birds dropped from the sky.

Pan Lei delightedly clasped Tian Yuan's face and nibbled heavily on his lips.

"Wow, my baby is a genius! Killing two birds with one shot with your first gunshot, huh? Good, good, fantastic. Grandpa will undoubtedly like you more when he finds out about this. You can show off your abilities the next time he says, "Let's go hunting.""

Tian Yuan inhaled deeply. He couldn't believe his eyes. He killed two birds with a single shot? Could it be that he was a natural mechanical genius? He shouldn't be a doctor; he should be a soldier, right?

Pan Lei approached, carrying the two supposedly large birds. They were, in fact, mallards found in this area. There was a lake nearby, so the presence of mallards was unsurprising.

Tian Yuan, who was still holding the gun, was thrilled when he saw the prey brought over. It was not simple for him to achieve such fantastic results; after all, it's my first attempt.

He jumped up and kissed Pan Lei swiftly.

Pan Lei pushed him against a tree trunk and drew him in for a deep kiss.

"My baby is really talented. My judgment is absolutely first-rate. I'm so lucky that such a gifted individual allowed me to kidnap and capture him."

Pan Lei pressed their foreheads together and talked quickly while taking quick breaths. He didn't shy away from praising Tian Yuan at every opportunity. His husband was unquestionably the best, so he heaped praise on him.

Tian Yuan wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's neck and leaned forward to rub their noses. Tian Yuan was well aware that it wasn't his skill that was commendable, but rather Pan Lei's. He couldn't have caught a single bird feather, let alone killed two birds with one shot, without Pan Lei's help.

"I am a genius." Tian Yuan was immeasurably self-satisfied as a result of Pan Lei’s doting. 

Pan Lei kissed his smiling face. "Absolute genius. So, Mr. Genius, if you can do in one try what takes rookies a long time to learn, how about you run alongside them in tomorrow’s training. They run twenty kilometres, you run two kilometres, and I will accompany you, okay?"

"Fine, I'll run. Who is scared of whom?"

He would run because it was only two kilometres and he had someone to join him. Wasn't it just jogging?

Pan Lei was overjoyed. He'd tried several methods to get Tian Yuan to toughen up his body, but he refused to exercise. Because he didn't work out much, performing two surgeries in a row caused him to lose all of his physical strength. He happened to be in a military camp, and seeing the recruits jog even when they were exhausted and gasping for air had inspired him. He agreed to jog for two kilometres because it sounded reasonable to him.

"We'll also practice military boxing. I'll show you a few tricks. If you come across a lecher when you're on your own, you can send him flying with a single kick."

"Sure. In any event, I don't get to vent my rage every time I kick you. I'd like to kick you against the wall in particular. Nobody dares to touch me. You're the only big lecher, so I should learn to deal with you."

Pan Lei stared blankly for a moment, wondering if this was a case of reaping what you sow. It didn’t matter, though. He intended to teach Tian Yuan some self defense techniques so that he wouldn’t be at a disadvantage in the future. After all, he wasn't around all the time. Tian Yuan came home from work alone and didn't know how to drive. He was quite concerned. Besides, even if he taught Tian Yuan the full repertoire of military boxing, Tian Yuan would be unable to defeat him without the assistance of an expert. He'd just stand there immobile, allowing Tian'er to kick him. He was rough and tough, and he'd be alright. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, could sprain his ankle or injure his wrist.

Tian Yuan was excited to give it a shot. He was happy and eager to learn a set of Shaolin Kung Fu from the movies. When Pan Lei annoys me, I can easily throw him aside with a single kick. That would greatly alleviate his anger.

"You'll wake up when I do tomorrow. We will accompany them as they train."

Tian Yuan gave a nod.

"Don’t harass me tonight. Let me have a good rest so that I can be full of energy tomorrow. Also, stay away from me at night for the duration of my training."

Pan Lei slammed his head into the tree trunk. Reap what you sow. He was only paying the price for his deeds. He simply took it upon himself to toughen up Tian Yuan, forsaking his nightly welfare in the process. This is too unfair!


[1] Guo Jing is the fictitious protagonist of The Legend of the Condor Heroes, a wuxia novel. Guo Jing is one of Mongolia's best archers. He once shot down two eagles in the skies with a single arrow when he was young.


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February 19, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 143

Chapter 143 Double standard

Do you know when Tian Yuan considered himself to be sinful? It was around this period.

More than 100 soldiers had jogged for 5 km as Pan Lei drove a car next to them and Tian Yuan sat in the front passenger seat.

Some of the soldiers began to pant, while others began to gulp large mouthfuls of air with their hands on their hips. All the recruits had slowed down. The more they ran, the heavier their steps were, and they felt as if they couldn't take another step.

Pan Lei was driving and checking his rear view mirror. There was music playing in the car. On the one hand, he drove, while on the other, he bobbed his head in time with the music.

"Pan Lei, that man can't run anymore."

Pan Lei glanced at the aforementioned man. Tian Yuan had been staring at those bitter troops from the start. Jogging for 5 km? They will undoubtedly be exhausted. It's a bit much if Pan Lei doesn't give them time to catch their breath after running five km.

"If he can't run, he should give up. I invite him to be the first to quit. People with poor physical strength are ineligible to serve in the special forces. Hey! What are you looking at them for, baby? Is there anyone more attractive than me? Look at me, look at me."

"Why should I bother looking at you? I'm sick of staring at you every day. Hey! Shall we take him inside the car, Pan Lei? You can see that he is unable to run."

“Tsk!” Pan Lei gave a snort. There was no one more attractive in the entire military district than him. The most attractive guy is right in front of you, and you're looking at other guys!?

Pan Lei grabbed a megaphone.

"If you can't run anymore, number 78, just quit. You didn't spit blood, did you? Why are you dawdling? Let me take a guess. You thought it was your family's old ox that was pulling the cart, didn't you? Move faster! Hurry up!"

He sounded impatient. Number 78 was the guy Tian Yuan had said would not be able to run. Number 78 clenched his teeth and sped up.

"See? This is why people need to be goaded. Just as a sapling requires pruning to stimulate growth, people must be sorted out to stimulate their potential."

Tian Yuan thought Pan Lei was far more terrible than their Grandpa Pan. Grandpa Pan would trail them with a horse whip, but this hateful fella was driving the car while yelling at others to "Run faster for Laozi!" Could a man's two legs outrun a car's wheels? This was obviously bullying.

He felt the same way about the military instructor when he was at university. But Pan Lei was a hundred times worse than that instructor. He was too cruel.

"Don't look at me with those admiring eyes. I know I'm looking pretty dashing right now. I'll kiss you if you look at me like that again."

"I want to bite you to death."

Pan Lei arched his neck and puckered his lips.

"Bite here, bite here."

Tian Yuan smacked him across the face. This guy doesn't have a single serious bone in his body.

Pan Lei grabbed his hand, dragged him over, and bit him; Tian Yuan reached out his hand and pinched Pan Lei's thigh, causing Pan Lei to scream "Ow ow ow!" and the car zigzagged like a snake. Tian Yuan, who was immensely pleased with himself, returned to his seat and waited to see whether Pan Lei would dare to harass him again.

Pan Lei looked at Tian Yuan aggrievedly. Why was Tian’er so ruthless? Fine! Since you’re so ruthless, I’ll take a good bite on that spot of your butt at night. I’ll do exactly what I say and punish you.

At this point, one of the deputy instructors in the car behind them began speaking via a loudspeaker.

"The car in front, please pay attention. You’re on the training ground. Please don't make any small moves that can jeopardize the soldiers’ safety. Do you realize that the zigzagging car nearly hit someone just now?"

"What f**king nonsense! Why do you care what Laozi is doing with hubby? You nosy bastard! We husbands are promoting our, , , uhm, uh."

Tian Yuan covered his mouth as he saw Pan Lei was ready to spout rubbish. This man! Can't you see how many people are around us or take a look at the situation?! Pan Lei was openly calling themselves husbands, oblivious to the presence of others. He didn't seem to mind whether the recruits knew about their relationship. But why must you provoke others unnecessarily?

"Doctor Tian has flipped out. Team Leader Pan is going to suffer."

Everyone got it this time. Even these trustworthy individuals understood why Team Leader Pan barred anybody from approaching Dr. Tian. This was completely for his lover's protection. However…is it okay for such a thing to occur in the barracks?

Team Leader Pan was reported to have a strong background, allowing him to run amok in the army like this.

Pan Lei accelerated the car and drove straight out to the 5 km target.

The others would take some time to arrive. As a result, Pan Lei yanked on the handbrake, tugged Tian Yuan over, had him sit reclining in his arms, and kissed him passionately. He'd wanted to do this since Tian Yuan put on the camouflage suit, but he never got the chance.

Tian Yuan had a slim physique and, unlike the army men, lacked muscle mass. As a result, when he put on this rugged camouflage uniform and tied the belt, it highlighted his small waist. This was accompanied by the faint fingermarks Pan Lei had left on his wrists a few days before, which were revealed when the sleeves were rolled up. Tian Yuan typically wore formal clothing and didn't roll up his sleeves. He had always been a sensible person. He had the delicate and elegant appearance of a piece of warm jade. He was a trained doctor, and his looks could make the patients' relatives feel assured. When he was outfitted in the camouflage suit, he emanated a rare toughness. In Pan Lei’s eyes, however, he appeared more juvenile. His face appeared even more fair and youthful. Pan Lei was itching to pinch and kiss him.

He finally had the opportunity to hug Tian Yuan, biting and kissing him. He'd secured the belt with his own hands and knew just how to undo it. Tian Yuan fought valiantly. What the hell? Even if your lechery is flaring, you must be mindful of your surroundings, okay? More than a hundred people are arriving soon.

Tian Yuan firmly yanked Pan Lei's hand away.

"Let's go back and discuss it. Don’t cause trouble, don't cause trouble."

"Those pri*ks haven’t arrived yet. Give me a kiss and let me touch you a few times. What's the big deal?"

Pan Lei was still caressing Tian Yuan's face, his attitude proclaiming, "I'm being totally reasonable." Why couldn’t he touch Tian’er a few times? Nobody could see them, so what was Tian Yuan worried about?

Tian Yuan slugged him.

"Your brain has been flooded with sperm, you big lecher! Can’t you see where we are?! How can you mess around here! Do you wish to take the lead in playing a hooligan? You don't only want to hand over a bunch of bandits; you also want to train them how to be a bunch of lechers?"

Pan Lei finally grasped Tian Yuan’s point. Tian’er is correct. He was the recruit training’s commanding officer. What if those rookies ran over and discovered him, their leader, having car sex with his hubby? I suppose it IS a big f**king deal.

"It's no surprise that it’s said the military teaches good people to be bad and bad guys to be good again. What sort of commandos can an instructor like you train? Just a gang of bandits."

Tian Yuan despised him severely. He lacked even the most fundamental characteristics of a soldier. Isn't he supposed to be serious? Shouldn't he be careful with his words, even if he's joking? Shouldn't he be sincere? Why is he a big wild wolf dressed in a military uniform? Rather, he’s a feral wolf with the word SEX etched on his brow.

"That's correct, I’m a trained soldier."

Pan Lei patted his chest, assuring him that he was an outstanding soldier. He possessed all the good qualities of a soldier.

"I just don’t see it. You’ll seem most appropriate to go straight up the mountain if you take off your uniform."

Pan Lei slammed his fist on the steering wheel. No way! He thought he’d at least be a strong man, a manly man, in his hubby’s eyes. How did he become a bandit leader? He acted like a bandit at times, yet he was far from it.

"You're deadpan, unnervingly serious, majestic and terrifying to your men; you're shameless to me. I'll also become shameless after spending a long time with you."

"Who can be serious with their beloved?"

Pan Lei expressed his dissatisfaction with this unfairness. He diligently trained all of his men, but Tian'er was the one one he treasured in his heart. All of his tenderness could only be directed toward Tian'er. Who else could it be given to if not him?

Tian Yuan looked away, pouting. There was nothing he could do about Pan Lei, this overlord. It made little difference whether he acted like a scoundrel, threw a petty tantrum, or acted shamelessly like a pervert. Tian Yuan would accept it in the same way that Pan Lei loved and accepted all of his flaws, treating him like an ancestor. Even right now, Pan Lei knew perfectly well that Tian Yuan was deliberately scolding him. Yet, Pan Lei accompanied him in the play and apologized with a smile to satisfy Tian Yuan’s yearning to feel loved.

"Okay, baby, I was wrong. I won't get fresh with you when we’re outside. But you have to let me do it when we get back to our room. It’s a torture to be able to see you all day yet not be able to eat you. Let me kiss and hug you when we return to the dormitory."

Pan Lei conjured a large apple from who knows where. He gave it to Tian Yuan in order to curry favor.

Tian Yuan took the apple and bit into it. Umm, it’s sweet.

He agreed with Pan Lei and nodded. Then he brought the apple to Pan Lei's mouth, who bit into it exactly where Tian Yuan had.

"You can't stop me no matter what I do at night."

Tian Yuan wished he could throw the apple at him. He couldn't be serious for five minutes. Tian Yuan never knew what he was going to say in the next sentence. He was demanding the night's welfare, and Tian Yuan was not allowed to stop him in the middle of it? I'll die if I let you play until dawn!

Every day, he washed the bed linens, and every time he went outside to dry them in the sun, the assistant instructors stared at him with ambiguous eyes. It made him feel incredibly embarrassed. Tian Yuan imagined he heard them musing: What exactly are you doing to dirty the sheets every night to the point where even two bed sheets are insufficient...

"Why don’t you just die in bed."

"I told you long back that I'd be perfectly content to die in you, on you, or in your bed. Come on, baby, give me a kiss before they arrive."

Tian Yuan shoved the apple into his mouth, blocking Pan Lei’s nonsense-filled mouth. He would absolutely hit him again if he listened to his rubbish again. If he hadn’t been afraid he’d slap him silly, he really would’ve slapped him.

How about training? Does he look like an instructor?

What about his devil training plan? Is he going to spend all of his time flirting with me?

Pan Lei finished the remnants when Tian Yuan finished eating the apple, and then wiped Tian Yuan's hands. He didn't waste any opportunity to express his feelings for Tian Yuan. He lavished Tian Yuan with attention whenever he could.

The recruits came just in time to witness Team Leader Devil Pan throw a paper towel. He took a look at his watch.

"You're too slow. What the f**k were you doing? Is this your level of physical fitness?!"

Even though the recruits were gasping for air, their clothes were drenched in sweat, and they were exhausted, they were still unqualified. If they had to force march to a conflict, they would be fatigued and unable to carry their weapons.

"In these four weeks, we'll pick the best of you. The first week is hell week. The second week is rust removal. After half a month, it would be a wonder if even one-third of you remain. The third week is forging week. After surviving the first two weeks of hell and rust removal, the third week will put your mental fortitude to the test. It is a step forward in the forging process, and those of you with poor psychological quality will be eliminated. The fourth week is for assessment. Those of you who make it to week four will be evaluated again. I’d rather the special forces not have enough manpower than send a bunch of cowards to the battlefield and kill my teammates. Today is just a warm-up, lads. I’ll welcome you to the first week of hell training tomorrow."


OMG, Pan Lei bobbing his head to music as the recruits run behind the car...lol

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February 18, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 142

Chapter 142 Here come the recruits

There was no time for Pan Lei to be sentimental. He was only gloomy and stifled for one night. The next day, he received a list of recruits and collaborated with the other deputy instructors to prepare a four-week devil training camp. Tian Yuan trembled when he saw him as he returned to the dorm. Why is he laughing in such an odd manner? He appears really menacing. What terrible schemes did he devise to torment the recruits?

Pan Lei was super excited. He particularly assured Tian Yuan before going to bed that there will be a fantastic show to watch tomorrow and in the next month. He was confident that Tian Yuan would have a great time.

What’s the plan? What’s he up to?

They awoke early the next morning. One by one, fresh recruits reported for duty at 8 a.m. Pan Lei sat at the recruits' reception desk, his knees crossed. He smiled when he saw these recruits holding luggage rolls. His smile inexplicably made the recruits nervous.

They were not, in reality, recruits. They were all soldiers who had served for a year or two. They had been trained in the general military region for a year, and those who excelled in the assessment were chosen for the special forces.

The special forces were a hallowed temple in the hearts of all soldiers, and they were thought to be in a different league than the other branches of the military. All of the troops wished to enter this holy land, but none of them were fools like Xu Sanduo[1], thus fortune would not favor them. They could only join the special forces after undergoing hard training and outperforming the others. Being picked for special forces did not guarantee that they would remain there. No matter how good they were as men of iron, they needed to be tempered by the special forces to become men of steel. Their skill had to be molded into a saber. Only then would they be a lethal weapon.

They could actually go to the battlefield, carry guns, and assist in the most brutal conflict. What does it mean to be a member of the special forces? It entails completing impossible missions with minimum losses.

Whether they had one or two years of army experience, when they joined the special forces, they were recruits. And the Team Leader Devil Pan had to train these clowns.

Pan Lei glanced at his watch.

"If you fail to register by eleven hundred hours, you will be disqualified."

Tian Yuan was perplexed. What was the point of putting a time limit on it when they were all qualified to come here? Many comrades would be kept out of the door as a result of this.

"You can't live by the clock if you don't have a sense of time. Such people are not welcome in my special forces."

When a countdown sign was posted on the door, everyone who was waiting to report became tense.

Pan Lei slipped the sunglasses into his pocket and took Tian Yuan out.

"Let's go have something to eat. Pay attention to what I'm saying. Don't raise your eyes when eating in the canteen from now on. Don't think about anything else but burying your head in your own bowl. If I am not present when you are hungry, eat first and then return to our dorm room. Don't be bothered with what you see. Don't be concerned even if you see someone starving and eating from a swill bucket."

Tian Yuan stared at him as if he were an alien. Even if he had come from Prison Zhazi near the White Mansion[2] he should not mistreat soldiers in this manner. He had to have been a notorious bandit who committed every imaginable wrongdoing.

Pan Lei went to the logistics department and obtained a camouflage uniform for Tian Yuan. He wore the same clothes as the deputy instructors, complete with black army boots, a black vest, and grass-green camouflage pants. He even gave Tian Yuan his own sunglasses. Everyone would think he was a frail assistant instructor as long as he didn't say he was visiting family. Tian Yuan's arms were a little thin, his body was frail, and he was gentle. So he looked like a secretary or something while wearing this camouflage suit.

A brief whistle blasted at one o'clock in the afternoon, and everyone assembled.

The old special forces were training at another location, while the new special forces recruits were assembled beneath the stands.

As Pan Lei stood there lazily, hands clasped behind his back, the bandit aura on his body became more and more obvious. With a toothpick in his mouth, he stood with one leg on a Taishi chair[3] covered in tiger skin. He was a real-life bandit.

Tian Yuan was standing beside him. He stated that he wanted Tian Yuan to accompany him. "You are not allowed to go. Stay by my side."

"Didn't you say the special forces only needed 20 soldiers this time? There are more than a hundred rookies below."

"The elimination rate is one-fifth, possibly higher. Then there are some who voluntarily leave, and those who do not fulfill the standards and are dismissed. Those who can endure till the bitter end are the best and the soldiers I seek. Why don't you train alongside them? Toughen your body so I don't have to worry about you staying up late and becoming sick?"

Pan Lei lowered his voice and teasingly laughed in Tian Yuan's ear.

"I'll definitely die long before the month-long training is over."

Pan Lei stretched his hand back and groped Tian Yuan's buttocks while making sure no one noticed.

"You’ll be ‘exercising’ with me and experiencing the little death; dying beneath me, dying in my kiss…are you ready?"

Tian Yuan would have kicked him off the observation platform by now if it hadn't been for saving some face for him.

"F**k off."

Pan Lei was beaming with joy. Every time he acted coquettishly, his hubby told him to take a hike, which made him laugh joyously each time. Look! Look! His ears have turned red again.

Everyone there knew who Team Leader Devil Pan was, and they all looked at him with dread. They had no idea he'd burst out laughing so unexpectedly. What kind of routine is this? they wondered.

Pan Lei coughed, wiping away the smile on his face. His smiles belonged to his family's husband and could not be shared with anyone else.

Pan Lei's face became solemn.

"I’ve heard that there are quite a few talented people in this batch, including master’s degree students, intellectuals who have published articles in the military district’s periodicals, martial arts champions with exceptional skills, and heroes who have made outstanding contributions. Talented individuals are emerging in big numbers. Not bad."

Pan Lei's voice was languid, and the recruits couldn't tell if he was praising them.

"However, when you enter my domain, you must obey me. Let me tell you something: the dragon must be coiled, and the tiger must lie down[4]. There is only one unified name for you here, and that is FNG[5]. I don't care how cocky you were in your previous companies. You must obey my commands here. I'll just remember your numbers, not your names. Each day's performance is documented. The ones with the best results will be retained after four weeks. Those who don't reach the scoring line can get the f**k outta here. You won’t have any respect here. No life, no appeals and protests, no ultra vires, and no forming small gangs. There is martial law in effect 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and night patrols carry loaded firearms in case of an emergency. You will be shot if you attempt to flee or go outside without authorization. I don't give a f**k what the reason is. If you leave the barracks at night, you will be held accountable for the repercussions."

Pan Lei unhurriedly came down from the grandstand and walked slowly in front of the soldiers, his gaze sweeping over everyone's face.

"I've been given three death quotas for training commando recruits. That is, regardless of how I train or whether you can handle it, as long as I don't let four people die, I will not be punished. If you still don't understand, I'll make it clearer. In other words, how I drill is entirely up to me. If I declare you're not up to par, even if you're at your limit, you'll have to start over. Continue training as long as you have one final breath. I'll drill you thoroughly over the next four weeks."

He lifted his foot and slammed it against a soldier's knee, causing the soldier to kneel on the ground with a thump.

"What? You refuse to accept it? Do you still want to glare at me? Are you happy now? Laozi will then properly treat you."

Pan Lei placed his foot on the shoulder of the soldier kneeling on the ground. It was an absolutely humiliating gesture. Some people were gritting their teeth, while others were restraining themselves.

"You! 1000 push-ups, 500 leapfrogs, and a 10 km run. If you don’t finish it within an hour, you won't be able to eat tonight."

Pan Lei was exuding arrogance, brutality, strength, and aggressiveness to the utmost at the time. He was the king here, the discipline, the rules, and anything he said was law. Anyone who arrived here was treated as a managed person, with no dignity, no right to speak, no right to complain; they were stripped of all rights.

Pan Lei indicated the open area.

"I only require 20 of the best recruits. It's evident that there are currently far too many. You can stop here if you are not satisfied with my training method. Withdraw your name, turn around, and march out. I urge all of you to think carefully. Team Leader Devil Pan, you've probably heard of me. I've devised a four-week devil training regimen. You don't have to suffer if you quit now. Go to your post, relax in your bed, and eat steamed buns. You don't need to struggle here. You don't need to be humiliated by me."

No one moved, not even the soldier who had just been kicked by Pan Lei. They were all standing at attention, their faces resolute and their gazes firm.

Pan Lei smiled.

"It's really weird. There's a bunch of fools here who aren’t afraid of getting toyed to death by me. OK!"

Pan Lei went onto the grandstand, and he was majestic at that moment.

"Go and change. Training will begin in ten minutes."

Pan Lei stretched out and interrupted a deputy instructor who was going to command "Dismissed."

He drew back his hand and tugged Tian Yuan to his side.

"Whatever happens, don't go to him. It's fine to accuse me, it's fine to get thrashed, and it's fine to scold me behind my back. No one is allowed to approach him or go to him for anything. If someone defies my orders and asks him to intercede on their behalf, I will immediately kick that individual from my special forces. No one is permitted to bother him. This is my absolute order."

Their training was harsh. The heating, refining, forging, and casting processes were quite cruel. He didn't want anyone who knew about his relationship with Tian Yuan to take advantage of Tian Yuan, pleading for leniency in his ear, and making Tian Yuan sick with worry for them. He'd only come to visit him. It was alright for him to observe, but he was not allowed to engage in any way. He didn't want Tian Yuan to be concerned with anything.

Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan and started the automobile as the recruits dispersed to change their clothes. The other instructors piled into another car as well.

"I can treat them. Injuries are unavoidable in training."

"Don't even think about it. All you have to do is stick with me. You think I haven't understood you yet, eh? You have a tender heart. You're a competent doctor, but you're not a qualified soldier. When you see someone who is bleeding and hurt, you will undoubtedly protest that my training is too difficult. What should I do if you pull a long face? We don't have enough time to adore each other. Don't tell me you want to squander our limited time arguing. We have military doctors on hand to treat them if they sustain injuries. Don't be bothered even if someone passes out in front of you."

"Pan Lei, I believe you really have come out of Zhazidong[6]. You’re far too vile. How can you humiliate others so much?"

"I'm tempering their willpower. Haven't you ever heard the expression "no pain, no gain?" Some of them have too many rough edges. They will never become exceptional commandos unless I polish them. This is not the time to flaunt individualism in American blockbuster movies. They aren’t Zorro, aren’t Batman, and they most certainly aren’t Superman."

"Just admit you're a bandit."

"Didn't you find out about this a long time ago, honey? Of course, I'm a bandit."


[1] A character from the TV show "Soldier Assault." He is a foolish coward who is forced into the army by his father. It tells the narrative of his time in the army.

[2] A former concentration camp in Chongqing, China, that is now a tourist attraction. Read more on Wikipedia.

[3] A chair that indicates the owner's social standing. When placed in a home, it serves as the seat of the family's head/patriarch. It is the seat of the person with the highest authority in a palace or government office.

[4] He's essentially saying, "Forget who and what you used to be. I'm the Boss here."

[5] F**king New Guy. A derogatory term usually used to describe newcomers.

[6] There's a little wordplay going on here. Remember how TY compared PL to the jailers of Zhazi Prison? The words are zhāzǐ = residue; dregs; disreputable people. dòng = cave; hole. So he's implying that PL is a scumbag who climbed out of a hole/cave.


I intended to take a break, but instead ended up translating extras for CG's project The Daily Life of Being the Campus Idol's Fake Boyfriend. It's a sweet narrative with no drama or angst. Check it out on NU.

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February 12, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 141

Chapter 141 Rolling around shamelessly to ask for comfort

Pan Lei was lying on his stomach on the bed, refusing to get up. He simply buried his face in the quilt and declined to come out.

Tian Yuan was powerless to stop him. What was the source of Pan Lei's indignation? Pan Lei began acting willfully and creating a scene when Tian Yuan kicked him and didn't say "I love you" a hundred times. He was sulking under the quilt like a child who wanted to go outside to play but his parents wouldn't let him.

"Get up. Let’s get some food."

"Don’t wanna. No appetite."

Tian Yuan clenched his teeth, greatly wanting to kick him again, but given Pan Lei’s sad mood today, he chose to coax him nicely.

Tian Yuan sat beside Pan Lei, nudging his shoulder and spoke softly to him, coaxing a small smile. When a child has a temper tantrum, they must be coaxed.

"The current mood is already dismal. If you don't go to the cafeteria to eat and cheer up your troops, they will remain depressed. How can you, as their leader, be dispirited? Come on, stand up. Let's get something to eat."

"You don't care about me. You're not even ready to say you love me."

Pan Lei felt especially wronged. It was simply saying "I love you" a hundred times. Why wasn't Tian Yuan ready to say I love you a few times after he had written their family's Rule No. 9 a hundred times?

Also, what did he mean when he said, "If you have an accident, I won't be able to live"? Was it necessary to mention how much his emotions were jumbled after hearing such a sentence? It had made him quite uneasy.

Tian Yuan was now treating him as though he were giving him the middle finger. He would have taught him a lesson if he hadn't considered his own upbringing.

"Do you want to eat or not?"

Pan Lei would not budge. Tian Yuan had no choice but to accept it. He'd coaxed Pan Lei, but he still wouldn't move, so no one could do anything. Pan Lei beat the pillow on the bed with his fist when Tian Yuan went to eat by himself. Ahhhh, I've never seen anyone so hateful. I’ve written the family rule a hundred times, why can't he say I love you a hundred times?! It’s just a hundred times!

Tian'er was aware that he was not in a good mood, so why couldn't he simply coax him? He went to great lengths to coax Tian'er out of his petty tempers. He didn't think twice about acting cute and goofy. Tian'er only needed to wrap his arms around his shoulder and whisper, "Ge, I love you," and his despair and misery would vanish.

"Humph! I'm not going to eat if you don't say I love you today. Let's see if you feel sorry for me or not."

Pan Lei covered himself with the quilt, panting with wrath. He didn't move one inch.

This kid had to be persuaded. Pan Lei, a 30-year-old big kid, had to be persuaded. How could Tian'er abandon me? He didn't go to the cafeteria because he was upset, but it didn't mean he wasn't hungry. Fortunately, the cook in the cafeteria was kind, so he approached Tian Yuan and asked him.

"Team Leader Pan didn't show up for dinner, did he? Should I prepare some food for him?"

"I'll deliver it to him. He has a lot on his plate."

The head chef had a super-sized lunch box ready for him. He packed two massive bowls of rice porridge, three enormous steamed buns, and a few appetizers. The huge lunch box was completely full.

Tian Yuan rose from his seat and took up the lunchbox, thanking the chef. When Pan Lei heard the sound of the room door opening, he hurriedly closed his eyes and pretended to sleep. Unfortunately for him, Tian Yuan knew he couldn't go to bed so early.

"Get up and eat. Stop sulking. Be obedient and get up. Come on, get up."

Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei's hand and yanked him up with all his strength. Pan Lei was still looking at him with resentment. Tian Yuan set the lunchbox in front of Pan Lei, pulled up a chair, and glanced at him.


Why don't you eat now that the food is in your hands? Forget it. Tian Yuan slapped the chopsticks into Pan Lei's hands before opening the lunch box.

"Eat. Get up and eat right away. After eating, take a shower. Let's go to bed early. I know you're in a terrible mood, so let's go to bed early today. You'll feel better tomorrow."

Pan Lei pouted and gazed at Tian Yuan with resentment, as if he had a hundred different grievances.

"Tian'er, you don't love me."

"Who said I don't love you? Will I bring you food if I don’t love you? I'm sure you're starving. Now, now, don’t be angry. Come on, eat up."

When he was in the military compound, Ling Si'er refused to eat, so Eldest Brother Pan coaxed his daughter in this manner.

"Feed me if you love me."

Tian Yuan maintained his regular smile at Pan Lei. It must be mentioned that his smile was phony and awful.

"How old are you?"

"Oh, you really don't love me."

Pan Lei was still pouting.

"I told you not to waste your time learning the lousy dialogue of the eight o'clock soap operas! Hurry up and eat for Laozi! Say one more thing like those idiots on TV, and I'll hurl the lunch box at your head!"

Pan Lei was so terrified that he didn't dare to cause any more mischief. He didn't want to end up splattered with porridge.

Pan Lei drank porridge and then picked up a steamed bun, feeling all kinds of wronged. He ripped a bite of the steamed bun and shoved it into his mouth.

"Do you love me, Tian'er?"

He raised his eyes to Tian Yuan, who bared his teeth at him. Pan Lei gulped down the steamed bun rapidly.

"Yes, I do."

Pan Lei, for some reason, thought this question and answer was amusing. He started talking to himself like a madman, sipping the porridge, eating a mouthful of pickles, asking himself, "Tian'er, do you love me?" then swallowing all the food and answering loudly, "I do."

Tian Yuan couldn't stop laughing. He had to act like a fool, didn't he. Stop being funny.

Tian Yuan pushed him, saying, "Hurry up and eat properly."

Pan Lei quickly regained his cheerful mood. He gulped his porridge and chomped into his steamed buns. He rubbed his belly after finishing the three massive steamed buns.

"Tian'er, you haven't said you love me yet."

"Are you done or not? You're going to make a fuss for me once you've had your fill of eating and drinking? Is that the plan?"

Pan Lei wailed and buried his head in the quilt again.

"I'm angry, I'm hurt, I'm depressed, I'm aggrieved. I'm not happy!"

You've been an adult for a long time, okay? Please, don't be so childish. Eat your fill and then cause havoc. What age do you believe you are? You want to make a scene? Feel free to fuss all night. Tian Yuan decided to ignore him, took a shower, and changed into his pajamas. Instead of retiring to bed, he sat at the table and booted the computer. Pan Lei surreptitiously raised the quilt and peered at Tian Yuan. He rolled over and deliberately sighed hard when he noticed Tian Yuan was paying zero attention to him.

Tian Yuan glanced at him but ignored him, continuing to watch the video. He purposefully chose a Charlie Chaplin comedy film and burst out laughing.

Pan Lei rolled over again, sighed hard, realized that this was not at all satisfying, and sighed again.

Tian Yuan was unmoved. He laughed so hard that he almost fell off his chair, yet he continued to ignore Pan Lei.

"I haven't posted yet today that my lover doesn't care about me, that he no longer loves me, that he doesn't care if I'm unhappy or depressed. He's happily watching movies! He doesn't have a place in his heart for me. I'm just someone who no one wants. Why is it this way, ah?"

Pan Lei began talking to himself once more. Although his voice was not loud, it was loud enough to drown out Tian Yuan's laughter.

"If you haven't posted it yet, I suggest that you don't. I warned you to minimize your viewing of soap operas like Spring of Kopak, Tears of the daughter-in-law, Romance in the rain[1] and others. You’re not normal in the first place. If you watch too many soap operas, you’ll become as unhinged as the female leads. Also, please refrain from uttering those moronic dialogues in front of me. Those are the folks who irritate me the most. If you open your mouth again, you won’t make it through this day. It’s for the best that you didn’t post it."

Tian Yuan finally paid attention to him, but what he said was maddening.

Pan Lei immediately shut up. Can’t make it through this day? Gulp! I need to stop talking nonsense. His hubby was a little hot pepper. If he truly provoked him, he would undoubtedly explode.

Pan Lei sighed again as he turned over.

Tian Yuan gave him a glance, smirked, turned off the computer, turned off the lights, and eventually went to bed.

He leaned on the bed, drew Pan Lei over, rested his head on his chest, and patted his head as he embraced him. It was late at night, and he decided not to joke around any more. He just wanted to cuddle and talk properly.

He was aware that Pan Lei was depressed, and he was also aware that the reason he was in a temper was just to attract more of his attention. Well, now I’m attaching great importance to you. Pan Lei was both in his mind and in his arms, him and only him. That was enough attention.

"Fixed barracks, floating soldiers[2] - this is the truth. You also stated that the military camp is perpetually youthful, passed down from generation to generation, and it needs new blood to fill the army. Naturally, some soldiers leave. In reality, it’s good that he left. You must remember he had a kid. Besides, everyone will take off their military uniforms one day. Grandpa has spent his entire life as a revolutionary. Didn’t he take his uniform off as he got older? You will also remove it one day."

Wow, he's changed back into a caring gege and has started to enlighten me.

"I want to stay here for the next twenty years."

Tian Yuan sighed in his heart. Yes, you’ll be here for twenty years, and we’ll be apart for these twenty years.

"I’ve wronged you."

Pan Lei raised his head, his eyes gleaming in the dim light. Tian Yuan shook his head and stroked the side of his face.

"As long as you’re happy. I’ll only say this: Come back safe and sound. Don't make me wait in vain."

Waiting another twenty years for Pan Lei meant he'd be with himself 24 hours a day, seven days a week until he was fifty; it meant twenty years of trepidation.

Pan Lei leaned back into Tian Yuan's chest once again. One of his hands began to be dishonest, untying Tian Yuan's pajamas.

"That’s not what I'm sad about. What makes me sad is you saying you won't live if I have an accident. How can you say that? Tian'er, don’t say anything else. I’m not going to have an accident. You still don’t trust my abilities, do you? Despite being the leader of the operation squadron and frequently participating in missions, I am still an instructor. I’m only assigned a mission if it’s extremely vital. You can rest assured about this. Besides, even if something bad happens to me, you can't say something like that. Your parents, my parents, are still counting on you. You must fulfill my filial duty on my behalf. Don’t say such things from now on. It’s scary."

Tian Yuan exhaled a sigh. He believes I can go on living? Pan Lei had indulged him to the utmost, and many of his flaws had surfaced as a result of Pan Lei's pampering. He wasn't the gentle Dr. Tian he used to be. He now desired to "chat" with Pan Lei. His temper was becoming increasingly worse. He was no longer the gentle and tender man he had been. Pan Lei was responsible for all of these changes in his attitude. What the hell did he mean when he said "forget me and find someone else"? Was there another individual like him in the world?

"You are filial, and I am filial, as you stated. I'll be satisfied as long as you work hard and return safely to me when you're on a mission."

Pan Lei finally removed his pajamas and kissed his stomach.

"How about coaxing me like this? Use your body to console me. After all, I'm still down."

This bas*ard can only behave shamelessly! Why can’t he speak seriously for a change?! Sigh. But I can't live without him.

Tian Yuan clutched Pan Lei's hair tightly as he felt his pajamas being slowly removed while Pan Lei's kisses grew hotter and hotter.

Tian Yuan moaned and closed his eyes: "Ge, if you love me, please return to me safely. I will love you for the rest of my life."


[1] All of these are TV serials. You can read more on Baidu if interested. Spring of Kopak, Tears of the daughter-in-law, Romance in the rain.

[2] tiě dǎ de yíng pán liú shuǐ de bīng literally translates as "tough as iron military camp, rushing water like soldiers." In this context, it signifies that as soldiers come and leave, the barracks remain constant. It’s real meaning is something like this phrase in English: "Remember what needs to be remembered, and forget what needs to be forgotten. Change what can be changed and accept what cannot be changed."


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