September 30, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 199

Chapter 199 The first cardiothoracic surgery

Tian Yuan's parents declined to come live with them despite repeated requests. Pan Lei was deeply disappointed. "Mom and Dad, you must phone me if you need anything," he kept urging until they boarded the plane. "If you are weary or sick, you must come live with us. The house is ready to move into as soon as we finish the furnishings. I won't have to worry about Tian'er if you're there helping me care for him."

The more Mother Tian and Father Tian heard this rhetoric, the more they realized it sounded wrong. Tian Yuan was their own son, but they, his parents, were being asked by the other side to look after him. How ironic!

They saw how loving the young couple was and how good their bond was, and they saw how the young man was also incredibly good and true to their son, and they let it be.

Their hands would always be clasped when the two of them stood together. They'd be holding hands the entire time they walked. When there were a lot of people around, Pan Lei would undoubtedly stretch his arms and embrace Tian Yuan to protect him. That kind of care, that kind of cherishing, came naturally to him. They weren't bothered by anyone's attention and were deeply in love. They were thrilled as parents, but they also felt a sense of loss when they witnessed this.

Sigh. Why isn't he a girl? No, if he had been a girl, it would have been their son who would have been exhausted. Their son would not be pampered in this manner.

Wasn't the current scenario also quite satisfactory? So be it.

Parents are partial to their own children. Although they felt a little odd witnessing their son being cared for and loved as if he were a treasure, they believed it was not a bad thing. "Look at the young son of our neighbor's family," Mother Tian would say whenever the subject came up. "He holds their daughter-in-law like candy in his mouth*. They're becoming old, but the daughter-in-law is coquettish, and the son isn't taking his parents to live with them even if they're seventy. He isn't as good as our kids. Take a look at our son. We definitely get more attention from him than they get from that daughter-in-law. Leizi is also filial, and he has repeatedly requested that we live with them. It's a blessing that our son hasn't suffered a loss." {T/n: Treats her as if she were a fragile flower.}

"Your son is being cared for like an ancestor, which is better than anyone else," Father Tian replied simply.

This was a fact that was plain to see. Everyone had sharp eyes and saw it clearly.

Pan Lei was a good man. Tian Yuan didn't need to do anything by himself as long as he was at home. When Tian Yuan returned to China, Pan Lei told Dang Hong that there was no need to refurbish the new house because Tian Yuan wanted to concentrate on his studies. Pan Lei also told Dang Hong to get Tian Yuan to an operating table as soon as possible. He joked that Tian Yuan hadn't operated in so long that his fingers were itchy.

"My son-in-law is such a good child," Dang Hong said happily.

Tian Yuan was on the scene to see the procedure when Dang Hong did it, and he gained far more training than the others. He had already begun to assist Dang Hong when he did the procedure now. After all, he used to be a superb surgeon. It is said that if you grasp the essential point, everything else will fall into place. Laymen believe heart surgery is difficult, which it is, but Tian Yuan had an excellent professor to guide him, and his mother-in-law went above and beyond to train him, which was supplemented by his own efforts. He was now capable of doing simple heart procedures on his own.

Dang Hong would tell him to pay more attention to a certain section if necessary, as she watched from the side. It is a matter of course to become an expert when theory is combined with practice.

Tian Yuan had spent a long time preparing for this operation. He was performing a heart procedure for the first time. Lin Mu came over to cheer him on, while Dang Hong stood by his side to guide him. There were many people watching, so much so that the head nurse personally assisted the hand scrubbing nurses. They were all there to see his first cardiothoracic operation.

Don't be nervous. You must be steady, fast, accurate, and ruthless, as if you were killing people…bah! No, this is surgery, not murder.

Pan Lei waited outside. He sat outside with the patient's family and waited. To congratulate his husband, he also prepared a bouquet of roses for him.

The operation was not carried out very smoothly. After all, it was his first time performing this type of procedure. His motions were a little slow, but he worked steadily and carefully. Dang Hong's eyes shone with appreciation. It was a meticulous operation that demanded exceptional psychological endurance, first-rate skills, and extreme patience. Otherwise, he'd be tense and his hands would be shaky. Tian Yuan's movements remained methodical despite the fact that the operation had been going on for six hours. Although he was sweating and his face was a touch pale, he was still the same as at the beginning - sure and steady.

This operation was also a bit tricky. After studying the operation plan and opening the chest, it was discovered that the patient's fat layer was a little thick, and the heart was nearly congested. Diabetic patients have rather fragile blood vessels, and even the slightest carelessness can result in heavy bleeding. He was completely immersed and focused for six hours.

He carried out the entire operation himself, from opening the chest to suturing.

Dang Hong only said a few words, instructing him to pay attention to the adjacent blood arteries, how much epinephrine to inject into the muscle, and to monitor his blood pressure.

Lin Mu was a good friend from the start to the finish. Lin Mu gave Tian Yuan a thumbs up and danced and gesticulated for excitement when he put down the scissors and glanced up at his mother-in-law. Tian Yuan's progress was apparent. He'd made even more progress since returning to China to study. Dang Hong had to change her plans again. Originally, she intended to give him time to observe, but when he returned from his hometown, he could assist in the operation. Within a week, he was doing his own procedures.

Dang Hong was overjoyed as well, as though she was seeing her son finally grow up. His movements were a tad slow, but his fundamental skills were solid. This level of serenity and earnestness was characteristic of the best doctors.

It was fine for him to move slowly. With more practice, the psychological pressure would be reduced and his speed would improve as he conducted more surgeries in the future.

It was a one-year curriculum, but Tian Yuan could complete it in eight or nine months at this speed and become an amazing doctor.

"In the future, practice more and prepare thoroughly. Don't be nervous or overly stressed. I have faith in my son's medical skills. In roughly a half-year, I shouldn't have to stand at the side and guide you. You are capable of doing it on your own."

Dang Hong ordered people to take the patient out, and pointed out his flaws in her capacity as his teacher. "If you correct it the next time, you'll gradually grow into a good doctor and an authority."

"You cut incredibly quickly, and the incisions were beautiful."

Lin Mu praised him.

"I’m using the scalpel you gave me. It’s really effective."

"I just like collecting scalpels. I think those white coat-wearing doctors in foreign horror films who slaughter people with scalpels are really cool. Without anesthetic, they just place them on the dissecting table and tie them up for dissection. That feeling~~~”

Dang Hong smacked Lin Mu on the head.

"Stop watching messy movies. Are you trying to cultivate yourself into a medical monster?"

Lin Mu walked alongside Tian Yuan, sticking out his tongue. Tian Yuan's legs had long been numb when he shifted his footsteps. His legs were numb before he knew it after standing for so long and being absorbed in the procedure.

Dang Hong stepped ahead, talking to the nurse as she went. The chief nurse was a 40-year-old woman. She commended Dang Hong on having such a good son, a son who was qualified to be her successor and continue her work, and so on. Mama Dang Hong gave a small smile. Every mother, whether she is a high-ranking figure or a country housewife, likes having her son complimented. Listening to others compliment your son is the happiest thing for a mother.

Lin Mu headed out for business, mumbling to himself as he walked. He genuinely enjoyed those types of scary films and will probably never find a girlfriend in his life. He could enjoy and laugh even while watching horrible things that would make his girlfriend cry, and there would be no common language.

Tian Yuan emerged from the OR, leaning against the wall. His legs hurt every time he moved.

Pan Lei had been pacing outside, his impatience at max. He was more nervous than the patient's relatives. He stood up and walked around, looked at the OR door, sat down, stood up, went to the stairwell to smoke, and then returned, squeezing the rose petals. Tian’er is performing his first solo cardiac surgery. Isn't this gone on for too long? Is there something wrong? Is he nervous? His hands won't tremble, will they? Can he handle the psychological strain?

He fidgeted like crazy as he checked the time again and again. Fortunately, the nurses knew he was Dean Dang Hong's son, and those who didn't assumed he was a patient's family member.

Finally the OR light went out. Pan Lei promptly occupied the door, hoping that his baby would come out next.

He waited and waited some more. The patient emerged, the nurses emerged, his mother emerged, Lin Mu emerged while humming a tune... What about my hubby, ah?

He grabbed Lin Mu with a worried look on his face.

"Where’s my family?"

Lin Mu tsk-ed and pointed to the inside.

"He’s at the back. Say Leizi, let's have a chat. Your physical strength is impressive, but don't toss him all night, okay? A few hours of surgery and his face is all wrong. You’ve hollowed out his body, you know? You’ve sucked him dry. Our ancestors taught us that one drop of semen equals ten drops of blood[1]. You chew and eat him all day long. He used to be King Kong[2], but you’ve tormented him into a sick Xishi[3]."

Pan Lei wished he could slap him to death.

Pushing open the OR door, he found his baby walking out with the help of the wall, and Pan Lei's anger erupted in a flash.

What's the matter with you people, Mom?! You have no idea how to care about him. At least one of you should have stayed behind to help him. You also mentioned that he's not in good health, so you should be aware that he won't be able to walk out on his own after a few hours of surgery. Why didn't you ask someone to aid him? And Lin Mu, you bastard, you’re a failure of a friend. Why the hell didn’t you assist him?!

He was going to find his mother. He needed to chat with all of the nurses. When his baby had surgery in the future, they had to look after him a little. They should've at least sent him back to his office and brought him a drink of water.

Pan Lei took a large step forward, wrapping his arms around Tian Yuan's waist.

"You look pale. You can’t tolerate standing so long, can you?"

"What? No! My legs are simply numb from standing for so long. I completely forgot to move."

Pan Lei still believed he was being bullied and was not being taken seriously, so he stated that it would be ridiculous for him to be bullied in his mother-in-law's domain.

Pan Lei knelt and lifted him up, letting him put his arms around his neck and piggybacked him.

"That’s it. I’m going to have you do more jogging."

"I was tense. It was my first cardiothoracic operation as the primary surgeon, and there were so many people watching. I was nervous, and so focused on the procedure that I forgot to move my legs. Oh, it hurts now. It's like a bunch of ants are biting me."

"Let's first return to your office. I'll massage them for you. Next time, ask a nurse to prepare a chair in the OR. If you're tired, you can sit down and rest for a few moments." Pan Lei rushed up, overtaking Lin Mu and dashing ahead of his mother, hastening away with Tian Yuan on his back.

[1] Semen is extremely precious and ejaculation leads to a loss of vitality. Damn, TCM views are seriously bizarre.

[2] The author has used ι‡‘εˆš which means both Vajrapani, Buddha's warrior attendant, and King Kong. Baidu says ι‡‘εˆš is Lee Hsin Chiao, stage name King Kong Lee, a Taiwanese actor and comedian. I'm not sure which one the author intended. Given the context, I believe Lin Mu is saying, "He used to be a healthy dude, but all that fucking has rendered him weak."

[3] Famous Chinese beauty, foremost of the Four legendary beauties.


Let's be honest. We would have cried foul if Dang Hong's "successor" had not been our dear MC. The nepotism portrayed here makes meπŸ™…πŸ˜ πŸ˜’πŸ˜‘ 

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 198

Chapter 198 Mother Tian is actually quite gullible

It's simple to understand what Pan Lei was trying to do. You'll know the instant they walk into Tian Yuan's room.

Tian Yuan went to the kitchen to prepare a glass of honey water for Pan Lei. Pan Lei didn't drink much and was only tipsy. He was seventy percent inebriated, which was the most comfortable for him. However, Tian Yuan was still concerned that he would have a headache the next day, so he forced him to drink it.

Mother Tian looked for a spare quilt.

"The bed in Xiao Yuan's room is a bit narrow. Will you two be able to sleep well?"

"Don't worry, Mom. I'll cuddle him to sleep. I'll make sure he doesn't fall."

"My!" Mother Tian exclaimed, her old face flushed. Oh, to be young again! Their feelings were still quite strong. This was very understandable.

Tian Yuan twisted his arm.

"Can you not act like a hooligan in front of my mother?"

"Look, Mom, he pinched me."

Pan Lei The Opportunist spared no effort to show how well-behaved he was. He lifted his arm, a bitter expression on his face, and acted like a spoiled child to his mother-in-law. He was like a young married woman who had been admonished by her husband and turned to her mother-in-law for justice.

Mother Tian rubbed his arm, amused.

"Do you want any face, Pan Lei? Can't you stop being so embarrassing? How old are you? It's pathetic of you to act like a spoiled brat in front of my mother! Stop acting cute!"

This shameless thing! He feigned to be pitiful to him whenever he had the opportunity at home and insisted on kisses until he resigned himself to it. But how could he do the same old stuff in front of his mother?! You stand 189 cm tall, friend. It's really too embarrassing!

Pan Lei, on the other hand, was devoted to acting coquettishly and did it with zeal.

"Mom, you have no idea. My parents back him up at home, and I'm simply the picked-up child. My parents haven't cared about me since I was a child, and I've been raised free-range like herding cows. They all liked Tian'er when he came to my house. My father is the most hateful. He gave Tian'er his horse whip and told him that he may whip me as long as I was disobedient. You have to give me justice, Mom."

Tian Yuan wished he could grab him by the ear and curse him. Don't think you can sell misery and act pitiful after a few glasses of booze!

"Tian Yuan, this is not right. How can you whip someone."

"No... Mom, I don't!"

Tian Yuan found it difficult to argue. He thrashed the comforter the only time he used the so-called whip. Would he be willing to beat someone he cared about just because it was told? Who would do that?

"Humph! So what if you have my parents’ backing. I have support too."

Tian Yuan charged at him, pulling and twisting his cheeks.

"Let me see how many faces you have. You’re so cheeky. You rip the left face off and stick it on the right. Shamelessness on one side, cheekiness on the other."

"Ow! Ow! Ow!" Pan Lei wailed and yelled, "Mommy, help me! Mom, Tian'er has gone crazy. He's bullying me!"

"Okay, okay, don't make trouble. The weather is still a little chilly, so go take a shower. I'll make your bed for you."

Mother Tian enjoyed watching them laugh and play.

Tian Yuan finally let go of Pan Lei.

"Go take a shower."

Pan Lei hugged him tightly and wouldn't let go. He wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist, nibbled his ear, and intimately lowered his voice when he noticed his parents were not in the living room.

"You help me bathe."

Tian Yuan elbowed him and headed to his room to find pajamas. The Tians were unlikely to have clothing that would fit Pan Lei. It was pointless to try given his height and body shape.

Not to mention he had a set of sportswear. Pan Lei could wear the track pants, but the quality was poor and he'd look like he was wearing shorts. He hadn't worn them since they were supplied by the school back in the day. They were just lying there in the closet and were ideal for Pan Lei.

Mother Tian prepared the bed and exited, noticing Pan Lei putting his arm around Tian Yuan's shoulders and whispering something into his ear. They pushed open the bathroom door, then closed it, and two figures appeared on the frosted glass.

Mother Tian sighed. If only he was a woman.

But I can't insist on it anymore. Look at their intimacy. Forget it; it doesn’t matter.

Mother Tian returned to her bedroom after closing the door.

In fact, Pan Lei was quite honest when taking a shower. After all, his in-laws' room was close to the bathroom. What could he possibly do? He had to go to Tian Yuan's room if he wanted to do it, right?

Tian Yuan wiped his body after cleaning everything back and forth.

"Go ahead. I'll clean up here. Otherwise, whoever comes in will take a fall."

Don't assume Pan Lei had lost his mind because he was seventy percent drunk. He was well aware that this was his in-laws home, not theirs. Even if they didn't clean things up straight away, they'd have to do it the next day.

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan on the shoulder before pushing him out of the bathroom and beginning to clean.

Tian Yuan saw him wearing his own white sports "shorts" and thought he looked ridiculous. Fortunately, his parents were asleep, so they couldn't see his ugly appearance.

He'd been reading a book for a while when Pan Lei returned. He gently shut the door, and as he threw himself on the bed, he pinned Tian Yuan beneath him.

"Stop it. You drank a lot, do you have a headache?"

Tian Yuan lifted the quilt to let him in. Pan Lei sighed as he wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan. He hung outside the opposite window the last time he visited. This house was on the fifth story, and he hung outside, unable to enter and powerless to do anything but watch helplessly while Tian'er was battered. But things were different today. He came in, slept here, and hugged him. Nobody could wrong his Tian’er.

"What is it? What are you sighing about?"

Pan Lei held Tian Yuan in his arms. The bed was a little small, and it was naturally crowded with two grown-up men sleeping on it. Even if it was a queen bed, neither of them would fall out. Do you know why? It was due to the fact that one person slept on the mattress while the other was the quilt. Capeesh?

"I was thinking, eighteen or nineteen-year-old Tian'er, my baby, maturing normally at that time, was in this bed, covered with a quilt, reading Playboy magazines with a flashlight, and then…"

Pan Lei’s hand snaked down and squeezed Little Tian’er.

"Jerked off under the blanket cover."

Tian Yuan's face turned red, and he slapped him.

"You think everyone is like you, always eager to be a hooligan? I had a lot of coursework at the time, and I had to attend cram school and Math Olympiad classes. I was slogging every single day. I went to bed at one and got up at six to go to class. How could I have so much energy? It’s not like you’re unaware of my poor health."

Yes, he was frail. He would not have this physique if he wasn't weak. He wore himself out when he was growing up. He worked too hard, and nutrition couldn’t compensate, thus he was weak.

Pan Lei smiled wickedly and squeezed his a$$.

"I'm going to search under your bed and under your pillow. You must have those magazines stashed somewhere. Big boobs, big a$$, thin waist, hot and sexy magazine women. My baby hadn’t met me yet and must have foolishly thought he liked women. So he must have bullied his little head and made him cry. Hmm, your scent would be all over the quilt and clothes. No way, I'm going to sniff it carefully to see whether it still smells like you."

Pan Lei pulled the quilt and draped it over the two of them. He scratched him on the right and groped him on the left. Tian Yuan chuckled and twisted his body around on Pan Lei. It seemed like he was scratching himself into tickles, which made him giggle even harder.

Pan Lei laughed and used the opportunity to start peeling Tian Yuan's garments off. Tian Yuan grasped his hand and laughed till his eyes welled up and his breath became wobbly.

"Stop it, my parents are in the next room."

"Your scent has vanished from the quilt. I want to fill the quilt with your scent again. Baby, their room is far enough away that it won't be a problem."

Pan Lei gripped the thickest part of his flesh, his fingers explored, they began moving in and out as he kissed Tian Yuan's small fruit. Those ridiculous-looking track pants had long since been discarded on the floor.

Tian Yuan fought hard not to gasp, chanting to himself: Don't let Mom and Dad hear. Tian Yuan sat on Pan Lei's body and slowly took in Little Leizi. He put his hand on Pan Lei's shoulder and let him pump up. Pan Lei would kiss him when he couldn't take it any longer.

He was absolutely stuffed every time Pan Lei thrust in. This kind of silent endurance of stimulation, this kind of suppressed craziness, made Tian Yuan's cum faster.

Using Pan Lei's words, the smell of the two guys permeated the quilt, their bodies, and the air.

Tian Yuan buried his face in Pan Lei's shoulders, gasping for air. Pan Lei continued to caress his back, whispering endearments and eating his tofu[1] and such. He kissed Tian Yuan's brow and shoulder before moving on to his lips and French kissing him.

"Don't... no more."

Tian Yuan couldn't take it anymore. Pan Lei always wished to use all of his strength upon him. There was another impact every time he couldn't bear it anymore and thought he'd hit his limit. The cries in his throat, the frenzy, were enough to drive him insane. But Pan Lei kept kissing him, and all he could do was force this excitement down into his body, making it more sensitive.

"I'll take you to the shower."

They hadn't intended to stay the night this time, and they overlooked condoms and lubricant. Pan Lei disliked condoms anyway, saying that they were pointless and unsatisfying. But every time, Pan Lei made it a point to clean him up before putting him to bed, fearful that leaving the cum in his body would harm his health.

Tian Yuan gave a nod. Pan Lei scooped him up and carried him into the bathroom. He gently cradled him in his arms, and the little stream of warm water made Tian Yuan sleepy.

Pan Lei was always careful with him, and he was much more careful when he washed his body.

"Don't fall asleep here; be careful of catching a cold. Be obedient."

Tian Yuan nodded absent-mindedly. Without any strength in his body, he could do whatever he wanted.

Mother Tian was baffled. Why did these two kids get up in the middle of the night to take a shower? Hadn’t they already had a bath?

Mother Tian wore her sleep robe and knocked on the bathroom door.

"Xiao Yuan, do you have mysophobia? Why are you bathing twice a night?"

Pan Lei snickered. Yes, he bathes twice, and sometimes he even does it thrice.

Tian Yuan was startled.

"Um, Mom, I, I was hungry, so I made some instant noodles. The noodle soup spilled on me. It felt very oily, so I decided to take a quick bath."

"Hungry? Let me make something for you to eat. Child, why has your appetite suddenly increased?"

"Don't worry about it, Mom. I'm full. Go to bed. I'll sleep after showering."

"Really? We should have dined at home. You'd had your fill then."

"Really. I'm going to sleep now, so you should also go to bed. Goodnight."

Mother Tian returned to her room. Pan Lei pinched his a$$ and bit his ear when he heard the door close.

"Did I not satisfy you? Is it full here? Oh, what I just fed in slid out. Do you want to eat it again?"

"Go to hell!"

Pervert! He was growing increasingly roguish.


[1] Taking advantage of someone, often with a sexual implication.


Mother Tian is truly gullible. Mysophobia, instant noodles…hahaha

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September 25, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 197

Chapter 197 Cheers, Dad!

The dinner was quite pleasant. Pan Lei displayed the qualities of an absolutely good man. The dishes he ordered were all Tian Yuan's favorites. He naturally understood all of his likes and dislikes thoroughly after living with him for so long.

"He was wronged abroad, and his poor stomach suffered as a result. He was so pitiful at the time that I felt sorry for him. He’s a picky eater and couldn't stand eating those half-cooked things. But that’s also my fault. I normally prepare meals for him that he likes. He couldn't get used to the food and drinks available there. I couldn't take care of him, so in the few days I was with him, I had to prepare him some dumplings. At the very least, he could cook and eat those whenever he wanted. He's been very busy since returning to China. I've been trying to strengthen him, but it's not working."

Pan Lei chattered away while ordering dinner.

"Do you want to eat spare ribs?"

While chatting with his in-laws, he turned his head and asked Tian Yuan if he wanted spare ribs.

He conversed with his in-laws while serving food to Tian Yuan.

"I'd like you two to come there and help me in caring for him. He always claims that Mom's cooking is better than mine."

Pan Lei stroked Tian Yuan's hair with a loving and pampering expression.

Tian Yuan cocked his neck, wondering to himself: Did I say that?

Mother Tian was overjoyed to hear this. She immediately served her son a chunk of spare ribs. She was so touched that she nearly burst into tears.

"Good son, stay for a few days and mum will cook for you. I'll make anything you like."

"Come live with us, Mom. Tian'er can enjoy the food you cook every day this way. I'll also be relieved to have you join me in looking after him."

Mother Tian continued to shake her head in refusal. She offered Pan Lei the spare ribs as well, a gratified look on her face.

"I know you two are filial and want us to live with you so you can care for us, but we truly can't. All of our relatives and friends live here. We're not too old to look after ourselves, so there's no need to bother you two. Let us wait a couple more years. Your jobs will be secure, and we may have difficulties moving around, so we'll move in with you then."

"Please come right now. My mother stated that you two sisters can accompany each other if you live nearby."

Frankly, going to a place like the military compound once in a while was alright, but they wouldn't feel free if they were there all the time. After all, they had honestly carried out their duties their entire lives. They'd never been to the Public Security Bureau's gate. They couldn't accept the guards(they had live ammunition!) at the gate, let alone the neighbors, one of whom was a political commissar and the other a minister. It was far too uncomfortable.

"A gold and silver den is not as good as your own kennel. Your father and I won't go. Let's discuss this when we're older."

Pan Lei felt a little embarrassed.

"Tian'er and I sincerely hope that you will reside with us, Mom."

"Tian'er, tell them."

Tian Yuan looked up from his rice bowl when Pan Lei nudged him.

"We need to decorate the house before we move in. It's better to live at my place. He doesn't often stay home, and I'm also working. That house is pretty large, and even if we all live together, we won't have much free time. We won't decorate it if you don't want to live with us. Let's put this off for a few years."

Tian Yuan spoke the truth. It would make things easier if his parents did not move in with them. They didn't need to renovate, and they were content to live in his house.

"Hey! Is that how you say it? It sounds like you don't welcome them. Tian'er didn't mean that, Mom and Dad. He also wants you to move in with us in our new home."

Pan Lei acted as a go-between, shielding Tian Yuan from all sides.

"It is better to renovate it in a few years. We're not going. Work is just as important as studying. We'll come to see you if we miss you. Leizi, when we were celebrating the New Year, your mother and I discussed the possibility of you adopting a kid. If you adopt a child, we will come over and aid you in caring for the kid."

The more they chatted, the crazier it grew. Tian Yuan hid his face in his bowl. He didn't want to become involved in this specific discussion. He intended to adopt a child within the next few years. He would have settled into his career and specialized in cardiothoracic surgery by then. The surgeries would be scheduled ahead of time, and he would be less busy than previously. He should have time to look after the child. He could, at worst, employ a nanny. This was a minor issue that could be easily fixed.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, was adamantly opposed to it. He was certain that once you have a child, you can no longer be a young married couple. He believed that they already spent less time together, and that having a kid would further diminish their time together.

"We don't need children. Tian'er is my child in my heart, and I have given him all of my feelings and love. I'm not particularly good-tempered, and I have little patience with children. If the kid irritates me, I will most likely beat the child. There is no way to provide the child with a loving childhood, so simply don't have one."

But this was a mishap. The smile on Mother Tian's face was a touch stiff. Wasn't this decided a long time ago?

Pan Lei rubbed Tian Yuan's hair.

"I don't have patience for anyone; only he can get all of my tenderness and love. We're both working and have never had a decent opportunity to be together. We don't spend much time together, and I don't allow anyone else to take up our time. Besides, I'm busy. In the army, there is a lot to keep track of. I can't go home very often, and I can't even look after him. Won't adopting a child place an additional strain on him? When he did two surgeries in a row, he required someone to help him out of the operating room. I was alarmed when I saw him looking all pale and sweating. He doesn't have much energy, so it's better not to increase his burden."

Tian Yuan smiled at him. They didn't spend much time together, it was true. They were only together for three months or at most four months in a year. He was busy handling the myriad things in the army. Even if they were together for 50 or 60 years, let's say 60, they would only have spent 20 years together. After all, they only spent four months a year together. Saying they'd been together for XX years sounded nice, but when you looked into the details, you'd understand the truth. And the truth was that they didn't spend nearly enough time together. With four months a year, they'd only be actually together for eighty months in the next 20 years, for a total of only six and a half years. It would be too much if another person occupied this meager 6.5 years.

We estimated sixty years, but given that the couple was around thirty, the realistic time frame was at best 40/41 years, which was a lot less. They truly didn't spend much time together and Pan Lei refused to reduce it further.

"I’ll take him as my child to raise. It is enough for me to have him in my life. If we truly desire a child to care for us in our old age, we will simply sponsor a youngster. We'll visit an orphanage to sponsor some children, help them attend school, give them pocket money, and let our parents take them on vacation. Just don't disturb our days."

Oh, dear. The Tian couple sighed. One of the main reasons they were opposed to their son marrying a man was because of children. They've always been averse to it, but felt it was acceptable as long as their son was happy. Initially, they assumed that the couple would adopt an orphan. If a child was raised by adoptive parents since childhood, they would naturally develop a close attachment with them. They had no idea someone might want to be alone so much.

A loving and intimate pair, their sons were attached at the hip. They'd been together for a long time, but their relationship was still unbreakable. This level of intimacy and commitment was unusual even in a heterosexual relationship. Tian Yuan's parents admitted this honestly.

"Take me as your son? Can I then raise you as my daughter?"

Tian Yuan and Pan Lei burst out laughing.

"Like Pan Yue? You'll be suffering from the same headache as Big Brother."

Thinking of Pan Zhan, the poor man who was worried that his family's Ling Si'er would become the next Pan Yue, they raised their glasses in toast.

"I'm glad we don't have any children. We will not squander our free time."

The elderly couple exchanged glances. Alas, if you do not raise a child, you will never know your parents' kindness.

These two morons completely ignored their parents' anxious expressions and drank one glass after another in joy.

Pan Lei grinned as he lifted his glass to his father-in-law.

"Thank you for making us happy, Mom and Dad."

Pan Lei finished the wine and poured another.

"Thank you, Mom and Dad, for giving me such a wonderful partner."

Pan Lei poured his third glass of booze.

"Please don't worry, Mom and Dad. We will not disappoint your expectations. We'll keep loving one other and grow old together."

Leaving aside the issue of children, these two children were extremely filial. There was no reason not to drink when their son proposed a toast.

Father Tian had met his drinking buddy, Pan Lei, and they had clinked glasses. This young man impressed him. He was honest and truthful, had an indomitable spirit, and lavished his lover with affection. He was a real man, a manly man!

Tian Yuan was eating and spoke with his mother in low voices.

"Is it all right for him to drink so much?"

Tian Yuan examined the bottle of wine. They were both sharing a bottle of Jiannanchun Wine. Mn, shouldn’t be a problem. Pan Lei was unlikely to transform into a kissing fish and keep kissing him.

"Don’t worry, he can hold his liquor. Mom, you’re really not going to live with us? Please come. When I return home from work, I won't be alone anymore."

"And who’s to blame for being lonely? If you’d married and had children, you…"

Mother Tian bit down on the second half of the sentence.

"We're not going. We'll discuss it in a few years. Your uncle and the others are all here, and we all look out for one another. You don't have to be worried about me or your father. You don't stay with us all year. Isn't this how we live? Are you nervous about your studies? Stay for a few days, then return. Pay a visit to your uncle and aunt."

Tian Yuan shook his head.

"He'll leave as soon as his unit calls, so there's no way for us to stay any longer. We'll spend the night here and fly back tomorrow afternoon."

"Okay, I'll clean your room. When we return, go to bed early."

Tian Yuan noticed Pan Lei asking the waitress for another bottle of baiju. He appeared to intend to continue drinking.

Tian Yuan quickly reached for his wine glass. He was well aware of the awesome virtue that excessive drinking was. His chap dared to drink so much alcohol in front of his father-in-law. How shameless.

"Forget about getting any more. No more drinking."

"Hey kid, we two men are having a good time drinking. Why are you stopping us? How about you join us? Come on, Leizi; let's keep talking about the Russian election."

Pan Lei hastily stopped drinking as Tian Yuan's eyes widened. This guy in his family was going to display his power. No more drinking! No, sir!

"Dad, you have a heart condition. Let’s drink again when we get a chance."

Tian Yuan was satisfied to hear this. That’s more like it.

"I'm going to pay the bill. You are not allowed to drink any more. We won't be leaving tonight; we'll return tomorrow."

"That's great! I’ll sleep in your room and feel the breath of your youth. The young Tian'er must also be a beautiful boy."

Tian Yuan punched him. What plan are you hatching now, Big Hooligan?



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September 24, 2022

IHSC - Chapter 72

Chapter 72 Dalang, it's time to take your medicine

Bai Yu returned on Thursday. With a secret, he felt like a bigtime traitor, therefore he was overcautious when he entered the door.

But this time, the first thing he saw when he returned was Wen Fengjin, who was going to take water upstairs, not Wang Xiaomie, who was sitting on the sofa playing games or watching a drama.

He wasn't sure if it was his imagination. He felt as if all the oxygen had been sucked out of him in an instant after entering the door, transforming him into cooked food in a vacuum-packed bag.

An ice-cold something skated across his neck, pausing on the carotid artery, causing Bai Yu's arms to erupt in goosebumps.

He trembled, and just as he was about to catch the unfathomable coldness, it vanished.

So he didn't realize that within a hundredth of a second after he entered the door, Wen Fengjin intended to strangle him, then remembered Wang Xiaomie's remark, 'There is much trouble in front of a widower's door; love is a light,' and chose to guard against him for the time being.

Bai Yu, who was wandering around the death line with nothing but goosebumps, thought big-heartedly: Today's air-conditioning is excessively cold.

"Mr. Wen."

Bai Yu said hello quietly. Wen Fengjin's scary eyes made him nervous in Wang Xiaomie's absence.


Wen Fengjin replied indifferently, those weird long and narrow eyes staring at him silently.

Bai Yu held his breath like a frog marked by a snake. The intense pressure caused cold sweat to drip down his brow, and he had the illusion that what he had done had been found a long time ago.

But how is that even possible?!

Would he still be alive if it was discovered that he poisoned Wang Xiaomie? He reasoned that if such were the case, Boss Wen would have wrung his head off by now.

"He's resting."

Wen Fengjin spoke up abruptly. Even though the god-like indifferent and gorgeous silver-haired man didn't raise his head even slightly, his glance skimmed across Bai Yu's face as if he was looking down at him. When the other side became increasingly desperate to flee, he took the water glass and walked upstairs.

"Don't bother him today."

The final sound was mingled with ice shards and drifted through the air.

The footsteps sounded distant as Bai Yu gasped, raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his brow, and ran back to his own downstairs room.

Wen Fengjin entered the bedroom, shut the door, and placed the water glass on the bedside table.

He sat on the bed's edge, and the enormous soft bed sank and bounced.

Wang Xiaomie, who didn't seem well, opened his eyes and was taken aback by Wen Fengjin's expression. He promptly touched his chest and felt relieved to feel his heartbeat, which was slow but still strong.

"Hey, aren't I still alive? What's with the expression? Are you going to turn into a huge monster and destroy the world to add to Ultraman's burden, buddy?!"

That’s the victim's family's expression! You scared me into thinking I’m dying when I opened my eyes.

The strange long and narrow eyes were half-closed, their black lashes thick and lengthy. Wang Xiaomie always imagined himself plunging into his eyelashes, which threw a shadow over his already dark eyes.

Oh, my goodness! Wang Xiaomie smacked his lips and cautiously asked Wen Fengjin, "Are you blackening?"


Wen Fengjin snorted with a faint smile, pinched Wang Xiaomie's cheek, and pulled the soft flesh in his hand.

"He's here."

He? Wang Xiaomie stared blankly for a moment, then realized, and his face turned bitter. He saved his pinched cheek and said carelessly: "Oh, Bai Yu has returned. It looks like I'll have to drink poison again."

"I almost died the day before yesterday. I haven't totally recovered yet, but I'll drink it again today."

Tragic and solemn, Wang Xiaomie swatted away Wen Fengjin's paws that were rubbing his face, turned his head, and shrank under the covers, "It's too cruel. Yi Yan is really too cruel."

"Regret it?"

Wen Fengjin spoke casually, but a sinister light flashed in his eyes, as though the instant Wang Xiaomie expressed regret, he would snap Bai Yu's neck!

The next instant, Wang Xiaomie turned back without warning and caught Wen Fengjin's expression.

"I knew it!" Wang Xiaomie rolled his eyes, "What are you thinking about!?"

"Nothing." Wen Fengjin was not at all nervous about getting caught. The malice vanished in the blink of an eye. Rather, he smiled warmly and whispered, "I'm thinking of you."

Wang Xiaomie didn't become irritated because he didn't admit it, but instead laughed exposing his small tiger teeth.

He said: "Widower~"


 Wen Fengjin's smile stiffened.

Wang Xiaomie smirked again: "Love is a light~"


Wen Fengjin was silent.

Wang Xiaomie: "Green..."

"Shut up!"

"Pfft! Hahaha!"

Wen Fengjin gritted his teeth and raised his slender brows high, ready to lash out at the little ba$tard who was rolling on the bed laughing, but he showed a helpless smile in less than three seconds.

Leaning forward to push down on the twisting figure, the brightly smiling peach blossom eyes were as clear as the sky after a storm, and the warm face smiled.

Xiaomie's lips were pale, as if something had taken a heavy toll on him. His vigor had been depleted by the blood sacrifice. He was seriously weakened after the near-death experience, and his eyes had lost their luster.

Wen Fengjin’s heart ached.

Shixiong didn't want him to be too aggressive, so he was joking despite his pain. His shixiong, his Mian Deng, his Xiaomie…never made inappropriate jokes.

He will only attempt to make people happy and warm.

From the Millennium Northland's greed to the putrid tumultuous era, he sought to like everyone in the academy.

Be it the insignificant lady who served him extra vegetables in the academy's dining hall; be it the unfortunate him he'd given his life to...

Sir Demon Lord had been merciless his entire existence, having felt all of the world's anguish and loss, as well as bestowing pain and despair on countless people, but that didn't mean he wouldn't feel sorry for anyone.

He did.

His heart was quivering and twitching right now, and it hurt so much that he wanted to keep the person who was working hard to jest in the mausoleum's coffin, or eat the person directly into his stomach, so he couldn't escape and no one could harm him.

And also let himself be free from this agony.

But it was impossible. Sir Demon Lord had failed in the past. He forced himself to imprison the love in front of him, engrave it on his soul, etch it in his bones, and even become a person who had been obsessed with it for thousands of years.

However, his previous life was bleak; it was the end when he desired to start anew.

Wen Fengjin bent his head and suckled and kissed Wang Xiaomie's lips. Xiaomie's lips were dry and his mouth tasted bitter.

Wang Xiaomie, still a little shy, raised his head and closed his eyes.

Wen Fengjin eventually let him go. The deathly pale face that stung his eyes had finally dyed crimson. He hooked his lips and said, feeling a little better:

"I told Bai Yu that you needed to rest today so he will find you tomorrow. I'll give you twice as much blood today and lie down with you, okay?"

Wen Fengjin laid on his side on the bed, supported his head with one hand and dropped his head to stare at the guy gasping on the bed, while using the other hand to smooth the tangled hair on Wang Xiaomie's cheeks and tuck it behind his ears. His lanky form was emphasized by his black fitting trousers and gray V-neck shirt.

Wen Fengjin is so beautiful...

Wang Xiaomie covered half of his face with the quilt as he gasped slowly from the kiss. His cheeks were flushed as he smacked his lips a few times.

"Fengjin, hehe."

Boss Wen could tell his lover was going to be foolish by his giggling. He was silent for a second before responding.


Wang Xiaomie hehe-ed in a low voice.

"Um, I want to papapa."


Wen Fengjin’s lips twitched: "No, your body can't take it."

"I know, I'm only thinking. Just let me satisfy my mouth addiction, hehe." Wang Xiaomie hid his face behind his hands and mumbled shyly, "papapa."


"Papapa, hehehe, papapa."


"Hehehe, pa..."


Wen Fengjin quietly unzipped his trousers: "You said you just want to satisfy your mouth addiction?"

{T/n: Depending on context, mouth addiction/craving can mean different things. Here, WXM just wants to talk dirty but WFJ takes it literally to shut him up.}



I suspect you want to drive[1], and I have proof!

When Wang Xiaomie noticed Wen Fengjin's strong desire to remove his pants, he panicked and hurriedly shouted: "Don't want to, don't want to! Goodnight!"

Sleep is critical for a dog’s life! {T/n: Not sure I got this right.}

Wen Fengjin softly chuckled as he noticed Wang Xiaomie wrapping himself into a dumpling on the bed. After being assaulted by that hoarse bass, the tips of Wang Xiaomie's ears turned red, and he was hugged by the man behind him.

'Little Sweet Dumpling' squirmed, and he was softly spanked. Wen Fengjin whispered: "I'm not going to touch you. I'll hold you while you sleep. Go to bed."

Little Sweet Dumpling rolled, went into the man's arms, adjusted his posture to seek a comfortable position, nestled securely on the strong chest, and closed his eyes.

Wen Fengjin closed his eyes and tightened his arms to slumber after admiring the sleeping face of the shy little sweet dumpling.

The two large dumplings that didn't need to eat spent the day sleeping.

Bai Yu was seated on the sofa with an awful look when they went downstairs the next day. The dark face that could absorb light appeared to be 'white.'

It was clear that his mood was quite agitated and restless at the time. The sound of his heartbeats was so strong that Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin could hear it, as if he were a rookie spy.

Wang Xiaomie's heart felt much less dissatisfaction with Bai Yu after seeing him like this. Bai Yu had no idea he'd revealed every day that he was scared and on edge, and he already knew and had calculated everything. This feeling...

...was a pleasure.

It was like a TV show hero who was extremely smart.

Wang Xiaomei pursed his lips to keep his laughter in check.

Bai Yu sensed footsteps and hurriedly turned to look over when he went downstairs.

Bai Yu's heart shook as he noticed the unhealthy look on Xiaomie’s formerly fair face.

It was undoubtedly the drug's effect. The foul stench of long-term illness reminded him of his mother, who died of illness at the time. The smell of 'death' emanated from the bones.

Bai Yu was all too familiar with it, and Boss Wen had also mentioned yesterday that Xiaomie was unwell...

It's entirely my fault... Bai Yu's nose stung, and he almost wept. He hung his head and approached Wang Xiaomie. Wen Fengjin sneered silently as he passed by his side, the corners of his eyes sweeping across his reddish eyes.

What a hypocrite...

"Xiaomie… Are you feeling unwell?" Bai Yu tried holding back but failed. "Why don't you go to the hospital for a checkup?" he mumbled.

Go to the hospital? What if it’s exposed, silly boy.

Wang Xiaomie's lips twitched. He never expected that one day he’d be poisoned and he would have to lie for the poisoner criminal.

He lied, "No need. It must be a bad stomach from eating black donkey hooves at the tomb palace."

Bai Yu tightened his fist: "Still..."

"I really don't need it." Wang Xiaomie was scared that Bai Yu would reveal everything. In that scenario, their plan with An Kai would be futile, so he swiftly changed the subject.

"Are you hungry? I haven't eaten anything delicious in a long time, you know? Are there any ingredients in the refrigerator that you purchased, Da Bai?"

"Ah? Buy, I actually bought..." Bai Yu was interrupted and unable to handle this curve.

"That'll do."

"You and Wen Fengjin wait here for me to cook," Wang Xiaomie remarked with a smile, patting him on the shoulder and pushing him to the sofa. He turned around and rushed away after speaking.

"I..." Bai Yu was ready to say something when Wen Fengjin shot him a fleeting glance.

Bai Yu, who saw the words "shut up" in the look: "..."

The refrigerator was opened and closed, and the kitchen was filled with the noises of pots and pans, meat and vegetables being chopped, seasoning bottles clinking, and stirring. The aroma of stirfry wafted over after a while.

It warmed up the living room's chilly atmosphere.

Wen Fengjin ceased behaving like an air conditioner, and Bai Yu's tense back relaxed as well.

These familiar sounds and scents represented everyday life and the comfort of home.

Bai Yu began to choke again as he ate the familiar food at the dinner table. He walked to the kitchen by himself and served Wang Xiaomie a bowl of soup. The ‘special ingredient’ added to it was obvious.

However, he looked at the soup for a moment before looking at Wang Xiaomie.

He looked at the soup again, and looked at Wang Xiaomie again.

He looked...


Tsk! Wang Xiaomie was worried for him.

Isn't it a joke for Yi Yan to let this little idiot poison me? Wang Xiaomie glanced at Wen Fengjin.

Perhaps it's 'your own kind looks good no matter how you look at it.' Wen Fengjin returned a light glance.

'What a pain in the ass,' Wang Xiaomie's eyes said. Finally, Bai Yu handed Wang Xiaomie the bowl of soup that had gone cold.

"Xiaomie, you should drink some soup..."

Bai Yu's expression was tragic and touching, as if he were the one about to swallow poison.

So much so that Wang Xiaomie had a feeling of "Dalang, it's time to take the medicine..."

(He’s that f*cking Pan Jinlian[2]!)

The author has something to say: [Small theater]

Bai Yu: I’m not Dalang!

Wang Xiaomie: If I’m Pan Jinlian, who is Wen Fengjin? Oh! He’s Ximen Qing, hahaha…

Wen Fengjin: ……


[1] Driving is euphemism for sex.

[2] Here’s the story: Pan Jinlian is married to Wu Dalang, who is short and ugly, while Pan Jinlian is renowned for her beauty. As a result, many people feel that the couple are a mismatch. Pan Jinlian, dissatisfied with her marriage, has an extramarital affair with Ximen Qing, a handsome womanizer in town. Wu Dalang eventually discovers the affair, but Pan Jinlian and Ximen Qing murder him by adding poison to his food. Read the full Wikipedia entry.


Do you hate Bai Yu?


September 23, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 196

Chapter 196 The Tians also adore their son-in-law

You won't be beaten up this time when you see your in-laws, right? This is exactly what Dang Hong remarked. Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were on their way to Tian Yuan's parents' house to ask them whether they wanted to live with the couple. It could also be considered a formal visit. Their previous visit had been less than nice. During the Chinese New Year, though, the tone was quite harmonious. Tian Yuan had returned to China, therefore it was only natural for him to want to see his parents, right? Nope! In actuality, it was Dang Hong who insisted on paying them a formal visit as soon as possible. As a result, Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were standing at the Tian family's door, big and small gift bags in hand.

Pan Lei scratched his ears and then felt his waist. Essentially, he was fidgeting due to anxiousness. The stinky daughter-in-law had arrived to see her in-laws. Despite the fact that he had met his in-laws numerous times, he was still nervous.

Tian Yuan, on the other hand, appeared unconcerned. They should have no problems because they had already met and spent the New Year together.

Mother Tian opened the door, surprised to see her son. Her son should be overseas; why did he return so unexpectedly?

Pan Lei's nerves were at their peak, but he smiled confidently.

"Your two sons have come to see you, Mom."

Mother Tian was overjoyed. She drew her son close and yelled for Father Tian to hurry up.

"Old man, our Tian Yuan is back!"

Pan Lei exhaled a sigh of relief; everything appeared to be fine.

Father Tian appeared to be cheerful. Tian Yuan had been gone for half a year, and he was overjoyed to see his son.

"How come you've returned? Is it a holiday over there?"

"Tian'er has returned to China to finish his studies. He is now learning and interning at my mother's hospital. Every day, he follows my mother to the ward and the operating room. He hasn't stopped working since returning to China. Take a look at him. Everyone says he's slimmer. We all told him to take it easy for a few days, but he just can't stop himself. He is concerned about being behind the others. Please, Dad and Mom, help me in persuading him not to work so hard. When I see him like this, it makes me sad."

Pan Lei didn't want to appear to be a bandit in front of his in-laws. He was cheerful and upbeat, and he was protecting Tian Yuan with every move, word, and gesture.

Mother Tian could see Pan Lei's love and care in his eyes as he stared at her son. They looked like a young couple in love, and their deep feelings were obvious.

She only hoped that the two of them would have a happy life and grow old together by this point. She couldn't care less about the rest of it.

"Don't neglect your health."

Tian Yuan chuckled.

"Don't listen to his nonsense. My schedule is packed, and I don't have much time to spend with him. He's complaining about me."

Pan Lei took his hand and squeezed it in front of his in-laws, then clasped their fingers.

"I'm just concerned your body won't be able to handle it."

Father Tian coughed. Small intimacies like these… the elders should leave it alone.

"I'm going to cook something. You must be hungry after traveling all this distance."

"We won't eat at home. We've finally gathered as a family, and we've reserved a table outside. The truth is that we came here to invite you two to live with us. Tian'er also returned, therefore all arrangements have been preponed. The house was bought and now needs to be decorated. We wanted to know what kind of style you prefer. We are, after all, too young. If the decoration is excessively modern, you will not feel at ease living there. I'm usually at the barracks and can't really help. I'd like to invite you to live with us. You can help Tian'er with decorating. He is worried about his studies. I’m afraid that he will be too tired. Interior decorating is sometimes like studying, and he will undoubtedly be fatigued. If you live with us, you will be able to assist us in making judgments."

Pan Lei's words were beautiful. You must be tactful if you want to be a good daughter-in-law. They came to ask Tian Yuan's parents if they wanted to live with them and conveniently turned it into a formal visit as well. But the way Pan Lei phrased it, it sounded like he was wishing his in-laws would come over and assist him in caring for Tian Yuan. He was not only a great son-in-law, but he was also making Tian Yuan happy.

Tian Yuan couldn't help but look at him. This ba$tard’s glib tongue was even better than his singing.

Pan Lei squeezed his hand and didn't let him speak. He wanted to make the finest impression despite the rough start. He and Tian Yuan would be lifelong partners. They were together, and their families were also merged.

Didn’t getting along well with his in-laws also reduce trouble for Tian Yuan? Tian’er was a son and a lover, and he couldn’t be caught in the crossfire and suffer.

This conversation delighted the Tian couple. It's more accurate to say that they had experienced life and understood what Pan Lei meant, and were relieved to find that he knew how to be polite.

They were also glad to have such a person caring for their son. They would have a son and this, ahem, male daughter-in-law's filial piety in the second half of their lives, and they were content.

"We’re not going. Your mother and I are fine, so we won’t bother you."

Pan Lei squeezed Tian Yuan's hand again just as he was about to speak.

He spoke a little anxiously.

"Please come, Mom and dad. Please come and help me take care of Tian'er."

Pan Lei pinched Tian Yuan's cheek and squeezed his waist, completely at ease. It was like going to a store and telling the salesperson, "Look, it's split at the seam here; you'll give me a discount, right?"

He spoke to his mother-in-law.

"Look, Mom! Take a look at this thin face and slim waist. This guy can be carried away by a strong wind. I'm concerned that he'll be blown away. I'm not at home most of the time. When you come over, you can assist me in looking after him."

He also took Tian Yuan's face and thrust it in front of his mother-in-law.

"Look, look, this face is so tiny it's pitiful."

Tian Yuan moved his head left and right but couldn't break free of Pan Lei's fingers. This ba$tard's fingers are like pliers. He couldn't get his chin free from his grip.

For a brief moment, Mother Tian was stunned. Pan Lei was still trying to prove his claims. He insisted on her wearing reading glasses and taking a close look. Her son had lost weight. His partner was correct. He was really skinny. He wasn't faking.

Tian Yuan slapped his arm, and he eventually let go.

"You jerk, that killed me!"

His chin must have turned red for sure. Tian Yuan flexed his jaw from side to side, checking to see whether Pan Lei hadn't smashed his chin. He hit him again, irritated.

"Look here! It’s red, isn’t it?!"

Mother Tian stared blankly for a second before laughing. These kids were so happy flirtatiously bantering with each other.

Pan Lei hastily cupped Tian Yuan's face and peered at him, distressed. Shit! It's truly red. Tian Yuan had fair and delicate skin. Pan Lei was concerned that his red chin would soon become blue.

"I'm really sorry, baby. I'll have my mother look into it. It hurts, doesn't it? If I kiss it, it won't hurt."

Chu~ Regardless of the presence of his in-laws, Pan Lei aimed at Tian Yuan’s mouth and gave him a resounding kiss. The edges of Father Tian's brows twitched. Because this young man was in love, he ignored everything and kissed in public, being loving even in front of his elders?

Tian Yuan wanted his face, but Pan Lei didn't care, so he raised his foot and kicked him.

"F*ck your uncle! Taking advantage of laozi? Get the hell out of here!"

Father Tian's brows almost rose to his hairline. His son had always been polite. He'd never fought and had cursed people even less. What happened today? He kicked when he moved his foot and cursed when he opened his mouth, just like a little punk. What was he up to? Was this how he'd been raised? When he was a kid, how did they educate him?

"My fault, my fault, darling, don't be upset. Is it still painful?"

"F*ck off!"

Tian Yuan had become accustomed to it. They fought and caused a commotion whenever they were together. Essentially, he acted out, and Pan Lei was in charge of coaxing, kissing, and speaking a few lovely things before the situation was resolved. Pan Lei spoiled him. He used to believe that he never lost his temper. He wouldn't become upset as long as he didn't irritate him. Pan Lei, on the other hand, pampered Tian Yuan endlessly. The more Pan Lei spoiled him, the worse his temper became. Pan Lei treated his occasional outbursts as little delights. He would make fun of Tian Yuan if he was well-behaved. Pan Lei felt at ease whenever he saw Tian Yuan glare at him, roll his eyes at him, disdain him, and scold him.

It's similar to a child. A sapling cannot grow straight without trimming, and a kid will become spoiled if he or she is not disciplined. You can talk about plucking stars and moons, but to create a temper, you must like it when your partner is grumpy. What a unique love!

Pan Lei leaned in to kiss him and massage his chin, but Tian Yuan didn't want him to get close.

Father Tian slammed his fist against the table.

Pan Lei jumped in fright. What's the matter? Was the old man trying to show his prestige? Did he intend to kick them out? But what set the old man off?

Father Tian pointed at Tian Yuan before Pan Lei could say anything.

"You brat! How can you bully people like this, even beating and scolding them? Is that how your mother and I brought you up?"

Exactly! That’s how you raised him. Wasn’t this how you and my dear mother-in-law educated my baby over half a year ago?

But he didn't dare to say this. Would he dare to contradict his father-in-law as a junior?

"He just has a child's temper, Dad. And I hurt him. Don't blame him; it's my fault. Tian'er, go find your mother's coat. Let's go out to eat."

Tian Yuan gave Pan Lei a dirty look. Humph! Pretending to be a good guy.

Tian Yuan hurriedly jumped up and ran to bring his mother a coat after Father Tian coughed.

Father Tian thought: a married daughter is spilled water[1]. The child they brought up had always been docile and obedient. Who would have guessed he had such a nasty temper? All along, his thoughts had been: Tian Yuan was well-behaved; Pan Lei was a bandit who had kidnapped him. But he could see it clearly now. It was, in fact, his own son. He was grumpy, and the other side was currying favor in whatever way he could.

"This child…"

Father Tian felt a pang of sympathy for Pan Lei. Tian Yuan admonished a big guy like him like a puppy. As a father, he was to blame. He did not properly educate his son.

"Tian'er is extremely good, Dad. He is only upset because I hurt him. He's normally not like this. Besides, I... I like it when he loses his cool. I'm just worried about him being bullied. You know your son better than I do. He is soft-tempered and has a mild personality. He can only stand it when he is being bullied. I'm not around very much. He'll keep anything that happened to himself. I don't want him to hold back if a situation arises. If he's furious, I want him to express it. Just enough aggression to keep him from being bullied. We cannot bully others and cannot be bullied ourselves."

Father Tian had nothing to say. He thought his son was being utterly stubborn and difficult, but in the perspective of the other person, everything about his son was good. His son liked losing his temper, and the other person liked him losing it. What could he possibly do?

"It’s hard for you."

Pan Lei scratched his hair and smiled happily.

"We love each other. We love not only our strengths but also our shortcomings. But in my heart, he is perfect and has no flaws at all. Since he’s with me, I will make him happier than everyone else."

Spoken like a man! Father Tian fell completely in love with Pan Lei. It was an honor to have such a son.


[1] This phrase indicates "once a daughter marries, she cannot be reclaimed." Back in the day, this was true. It now means that something is beyond your control.


Father Tian has been successfully bamboozledπŸ˜€

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