May 30, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 80

Chapter 80 A damned woman who owes death

Pan Lei's heart itched as he saw Tian’er smiling. He took him into the elevator, immediately pressed the close button to prevent anyone from entering, kabedoned Tian Yuan against the wall, and kissed him passionately. Tian Yuan was both shy and terrified, fearful that someone would walk in and catch them in the act. Pan Lei's scorching kiss made him dizzy, and he could only kiss him back with his arms around his neck.

Pan Lei was ecstatic. Since when was his family so well-behaved that he could easily kiss him? It was truly a honey-smeared mouth. Pan Lei became engrossed in their kisses, unable to let Tian Yuan go.

Then he kept pressing the elevator's close button until it reached the top floor. He got sidetracked and touched the first level button before returning to the top floor three times.

Everyone in the hospital waiting for the elevator glanced at the indication lights in unison, watching as it traveled up and down for a long time without opening the doors.

What was going on? It piqued everyone's interest.

When the elevator reached the first floor for the fourth time, the doors slammed open, ejecting a man. He rolled on the ground, then triumphantly smiled at the person in the elevator.

"Get lost!"

Tian Yuan was panting heavily. His cheeks were flushed and his lips puffy. As he gasped, a bright red kiss mark appeared on his neck. This bandit was like a monk (monks are vegetarian) who traveled down the mountain and wouldn't let go when he saw meat. Holding him and caressing him, nibbling till his neck was numb, it had to have left a mark! He was so enraged that he kicked Pan Lei out of the elevator after pressing the door open button.

Pan Lei rose from the floor, kneading his waist. He blew a kiss to Tian Yuan in the elevator as he stared at him with his piercing eyes.

"Wait for me to have lunch with you, honey."

Tian Yuan raised his chin.


On the first floor's lobby floor, there was a tall man with a silly smile. That mistress was hardly the most attractive woman in the hospital. His family should be the most attractive. Look at that little face, scarlet with shame and wrath, at that kiss swollen mouth, and at that angry expression. He was so lively.

Dr. Li was terrified and went to the director of surgery in tears. The director of surgery was powerless as he had his chin bandaged. He lacked the fortitude to care. Tian Yuan had a strong support system, and touching him meant you didn't want to survive.

"Don't cause a commotion and don't cry. You stated that he went against you. I did not appoint him as deputy director. It was the dean's decision. If you have the ability, you can seek guidance from the dean."

Dr. Li realized the director of surgery was ignoring her as soon as she heard that. She had a slew of complaints, but nowhere to air them. Because a doctor couldn't run to the dean to talk, her tears flowed once again, and she turned and ran inside her office, intending to cry all day.

The little nurse took care not to provoke her. She had a nasty temper and looked particularly awful today.

The other surgeons were forced to take up all of the work. When women's tempers were aroused, it took time for them to settle down. There was no reason to be concerned about her.

It was up to them to manage the outpatient clinic, a doctor’s visit, a ward round, or a surgery after consulting with multiple doctors. It was pointless to try to reason with the sobbing woman.

Everyone was aware that Dr. Li had a nasty temper. On the one hand, she was the director of surgery's spoiled pet, and on the other, it was the connivance of these surgeons. Someone should have slapped her in the face and admonished her while pointing to her nose, “If you want to cry, go home and cry. You must be committed to your task when you arrive at work. Don’t bring your personal issues to work.” It was certain to be useful.

As a result of her deeds, she deserved to suffer.

All of the doctors were extremely busy that day, and all of the surgeons had to do surgeries. Tian Yuan ate his lunch quickly. Pan Lei had hoped for a “see-you-later” kiss after lunch, but he was let down. He had to gather his belongings and return home. Tian Yuan was scheduled to have surgery in the afternoon. He could only come to pick him up and teach him to drive after he finished work.

Would Tian Yuan be too tired? Should he prepare a dish that nourishes the kidney and spleen for dinner? Pan Lei trudged back dejectedly, pondering about what to make that night. An ambulance approached him at that moment, the door burst open, and a woman in her thirties was pulled out. She was drenched in blood and appeared to be gravely injured. A man clutched her hand hard, his face pallid.

"Wife. Wife, don't leave me. Wife, look at me!"

Pan Lei gazed back at them as he passed by, praying that the god of luck would not separate the couple.

He didn't linger much longer and returned with the lunch box. He needed to begin preparing dinner right away. Cooking soup with large bones was extremely difficult. It would need to boil for a long time before it was ready to eat when Tian Yuan returned home.

The emergency department doctors and nurses all ran out and took over the female patient. An examination revealed that her ribs were shattered and her lungs were perforated. Due to the spleen and liver rupturing as a result of the severe hit, her stomach had become a pool of blood. She needed surgery as soon as possible.

"Inform the surgery department so that they can prepare for the operation."

The doctor in the emergency room quickly directed the young nurse to call the surgical ward. The surgical nurse informed her of the following: "They're all doing surgery. Dr. Tian has been in for half an hour for lymphatic lump surgery. Dr. Wang is doing liver surgery. The other two doctors are treating patients with early-stage esophageal cancer. Nobody can get their hands free."

There were far too many patients today. The physicians and nurses were both racing around. Nobody anticipated seeing another critically ill patient at this time.

The phone was grabbed by the ER doctor. There was no more time to waste. If there was any delay, the patient would be in grave risk.

"Isn't Doctor Li on duty?"

"She has been sobbing all day, from sunrise to afternoon. None of us are brave enough to call her."

The ER doctor blew up. Was it more necessary for her to cry or to save someone's life?

"Go ahead and call her. The patient is being escorted into the surgical operation room. Tell her to be ready for the surgery as soon as possible.  The surgery cannot be delayed."

A yell was directed towards the surgical nurse. In reality, any hospital was always like a battle zone, with death all around. You would lose a lot of lives and leave too many regrets if you didn't race against time.

The nurse hurriedly called Dr. Li's number.

The patient's husband was the one who had been yelling at his wife, "Wife, don't leave me." His nerves were frayed, and he refused to let go of the ER doctor's hand.

"I beg you, save her. I can’t afford to lose her. There is still a two-year-old child in the family. If anything happens to her, our family will be destroyed. We finally got together and swore to love each other for the rest of our lives. Doctor, please, please!"

The ER doctor patted him on the back.

"I’ve already called the doctor to have the operation done on her. Don't worry. Go to the surgery department right away. Your wife is going to be okay."

These kinds of genuine emotions were uncommon, and no one could remain apathetic in the face of this man's begging eyes. For couples who relied on and loved each other, one party's accident was the equivalent of their world collapsing.

The surgical nurse went to Dr. Li's office and knocked.

"Get out of here, don't bother me!"

Doctor Li screamed from within. She was enraged, and whomever called her would be reduced to ashes.

The small nurse was rendered speechless. She'd been crying for a long time, and it appeared that she was still enraged and hadn't calmed down, but now wasn't the moment for her to cry. There were patients waiting for her assistance.

"Dr. Li, there is insufficient personnel; all of the doctors are performing surgeries; a critically ill patient requires immediate surgery; please proceed to the operating room as quickly as possible."

"I'm not going. Isn’t Tian Yuan very capable? He is the deputy director. He should put in more effort since he is so capable. You request that he perform the procedure."

Doctor Li was getting her nails done at the workplace. Doctors were not permitted to have long nails. She took a nail file, buffed her nails, then held out her hand to inspect them before continuing to file them. She cocked her head, yelling at the young nurse outside.

Tian Yuan has the talent, and he was a role model for doctors who cured wounds and saved lives, correct? He would have to work harder to establish his skills now that he had been appointed deputy director. Then send him to the operating room.

"Everyone is really busy right now, and Dr. Tian is also performing surgery."

The little nurse wished she could punch someone. She wished she could grab hold of this shameless woman and smack her across the face.

"Then you should wait for Deputy Director Tian Yuan. If he is unable to do this operation, he may leave the surgical department alone."

The little nurse stomped her feet and despised herself. Why didn't she pursue a career in surgery at the time? Why did she pursue a career in nursing? She would not have come to meet this mistress if she had medical expertise.

"With a life on the line, how can you act like this?"

"Then you go ahead and do it."

The nurse wished she could strangle the woman. She turned around, hoping to find the ER doctor so he could inform the dean of the matter and dismiss this horrible woman.

She ran into the arms of the ER doctor as soon as she turned around. The ER doctor arrived with the injured victim's spouse. The patient had been pushed into the surgery room, along with the inspection report. The nurses were likewise prepared for the procedure. Why wasn't the surgeon present? He dashed over to investigate.

"Dr. Li stated that the patient should wait for Dr. Tian to perform the surgery."

"Nonsense! Can this wait? It's a question of life and death!"

Time was life. Wait? Should the patient wait for death? Could she still be referred to as a doctor? She was a beast disguised in human skin.

He slammed open Dr. Li's door and glared fiercely at her. Did she have the appearance of a doctor? She was buffing her nails with a nail file, looking up at him calmly, and continuing to buff her nails. She was very unconcerned. She didn't appear to be interested in treating or saving people.

"This is a matter of life and death, Doctor Li. The patient is unable to wait much longer. It is your responsibility as a doctor to save the dying and heal the injured. What exactly are you doing? Hurry up and complete the operation."

Doctor Li, as cool as a cucumber, extended her hand to examine her nails. People were yelling at her, and a patient was waiting for her. She, on the other hand, was entirely unconcerned and refused to go.

"Deputy Director Tian's medical abilities are divine. I can't perform this type of surgery; let's delegate it to Deputy Director Tian."

With a plunk, the patient's husband knelt on the floor. If he hadn't been desperate to this point, a grown-up man would not have knelt in front of others.

"Please, I beg you, my wife and I have known each other for more than 30 years. We've been friends since we were about one or two years old, and we've never been apart. We adore one another. She can't have an accident. She is everything to me. There would be no home without her. Doctor, save her and don't let her abandon me."

"Find Deputy Director Tian and make an appointment with him for the surgery. I'm not on call. My boss has given me permission to take the day off."

He wanted to pull her over and slap her big mouth after seeing her total disdain for someone's life.


WTF! I had spinal surgery and had to stay in the hospital for one month. I would have lost my ability to walk if it hadn't been for my neurosurgeon and physiotherapy. It was so serious that, despite the operation, I've been barred from doing anything that puts pressure on my lower spine for the rest of my life.

This portrayal is very off-putting to me. I am sure no doctor will behave like this in real life. I had to remind myself that this is a work of fiction😌 I am probably being oversensitive, but Dr. Li's callous characterization bugs me a lot.  

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 79

Chapter 79 The foolish run into a gun asking for death

Tian Yuan could witness all of Pan Lei's movements. He saw Pan Lei land a strong blow on the director's chin, saw his teeth fly out, saw the director in pain, and took a sharp breath involuntarily.

He was secretly congratulating himself. Pan Lei, fortunately, did not hit him while he was enraged. What amazing strength and speed he exhibited. Not to mention the punch's outcome. He guessed that if Pan Lei had hit him, he would have breathed his last. Pan Lei would sooner fling things around than harm even a single strand of his hair, which was good, very good. He was a decent man, killing and setting fire to the robbers outside and taking good care of him when he returned home.

Pan Lei’s appearance when he punched and behaved like a hooligan was handsome, truly attractive. Look at his arrogant look and the speed with which he beat the director of surgery. Tian Yuan gloated to himself: “Humph, dead fat man, today is the day you shall know pain. I have no power or authority and could only let you bully me, but someone came to my aid.”

However, the fight was too intense. What if the director held a grudge against him? What should he do if he made things difficult for him?

Well, if the director made things difficult for him, he would make things difficult for his mistress. If the mistress cried to the director, he would ask Pan Lei to help him out.

This was bad. He was a kindhearted child from a good home. He now understood how to utilize power for intrigue and to fight against others.

No one dared to approach the director’s crackling and rattling room. Pan Lei straightened his collar and came out.

A man cannot attack a woman. Despite the fact he was itching to beat up that woman, he couldn’t possibly disgrace the tall and imposing image of a soldier.

The rage had subsided, and all animosity in the heart had vanished.

"Tian'er, I'm off to the grocery store. Do you still want to eat meat? Should I go out and get a few more kilos of ribs?"

Tian Yuan examined his hand and saw no wounds or swelling, which relieved him.

"Hitting him was a piece of cake. I didn’t even give it my all. You go to work. I'm leaving."

He called his team and told them how his family had rebelled, how he wanted to enforce the family rules, and how he wanted to accompany his family well. Except for a few days, he hadn't been by his family's side in over a month. He planned to take advantage of the end of the martial arts competition and the end of the training camp. He would accompany his man during this time of no missions.

Laundry, cooking, dish-washing, and housekeeping were all part of his job.

"Go back, go back quickly. If you stay here again, everyone will be scared. They’ll believe bandits have descended the mountain."

Tian Yuan shoved him out, hurried him away, and was unwilling to let him linger for another second.

"By the way, I saw a recipe called ‘fu qi fei pian’ the other day. I’ll go home and prepare it for you. It will be delicious."

Fuqi Feipian. Literal translation is “Married couple lung slices”. It is a popular Sichuan cold dish made of thinly sliced beef and beef offal. Baidu says it’s English name is “Mr. and Mrs. Smith”. 

"Husband and wife lung slices? Not unless you want to split up before getting married. No, eating mandarin duck hot pot is fine."

Pan Lei teased Tian Yuan by holding his hand at the elevator entrance so he could see him off. It was best to say goodbye with a kiss at the elevator. One of them would be inside the elevator, the other would be outside.

“Get lost!”

Tian Yuan blushed and hesitated to look down the corridor to see how many people were in it.

Pan Lei enjoyed watching him blush. He was desperate to kiss him and ask for a reward.

Pan Lei took advantage of Tian Yuan's inattention as they approached the elevator opening. He lowered his head and attacked stealthily. He kissed him hard on the lips and swiftly turned to go. Tian Yuan grabbed his arm and pulled him around.

Pan Lei begged for forgiveness as the elevator door opened, saying, "Baby, baby, I dare not, dare not."

Tian Yuan put in no effort. Pan Lei was simply working with him, causing a commotion. Who would have guessed Dr. Li, who had just arrived at work in a white coat, would emerge from the elevator?

When Dr. Li exited the elevator, she observed Tian Yuan and his ambiguous disagreement with a man. Why had this individual returned? Wasn't he supposed to be going to the country? Wasn't it awful to do such a thing at the elevator entrance? Both of them were men!

She gave a frigid humph and rolled her eyes as she stepped on high heels and passed Tian Yuan and Pan Lei.

"Disgusting, nasty."

Tian Yuan heard it, and Pan Lei heard it as well. Tian Yuan's smile hardened, and Pan Lei's fury flared up again.

He believed that women could not be beaten, and that an adult man and a woman had nothing to fight about. This situation would be resolved as long as he cautioned the director of surgery to take care of this nasty woman.

Unfortunately, she ran into his gun.

He couldn't beat her because he couldn't hit a lady. However, there were plenty other methods to torture her.

This woman was a tyrant. She would never comprehend what it meant to conduct oneself with dignity if she was not taught a lesson. She would remain haughty and pompous, and would walk around with her nose in the air.

Tian Yuan realized something was wrong when Pan Lei's expression sank, so he pushed him into the elevator as fast as possible.

But how could Tian Yuan push Pan Lei away when Pan Lei didn't want to go?

"Stop causing problems. Why do you feel the need to argue with a woman? Go back quickly."

"I don't care about her. It's just that this woman deserves to be thrashed. Give me a minute."

Pan Lei's face was terrifying. Tian Yuan no longer tried to drag him. Pan Lei pushed Tian Yuan aside and strode away.

Tian Yuan was a step behind in pursuing him. Pan Lei followed Doctor Li.

"Hey, you! Turn around."

Pan Lei gave all of his gentle, considerate, and soft-spoken words to Tian Yuan. Don't think it was because he didn’t like women. Even if he liked women, he wouldn’t even look at such women, let alone be polite to them.

Dr. Li was held in the palm of the hand by the director of surgery. No one in the hospital dared to speak to her in such a rude tone. Dr. Li was so angry that she turned around and lifted her hand to slap Pan Lei.

Pan Lei became even more enraged. He was willing regardless of how Tian Yuan kicked him. No one had yet dared to attack him. He avoided the slap by turning his head. He reached out his large hand and grabbed Dr. Li's neck, dragging her toward the window.

On hearing Dr. Li scream, everyone gathered around. Could she, as a woman, stand up to a man with a height of 189 cms[1]Thanks to Pan Lei’s strong arms and muscular build, pinching her neck was like pinching a small cub. He dragged her to the window by her neck.

He opened the window, and pushed Dr. Li out. She screamed, half her body dangling from the window.

He grasped her waist as he drew his hand from her neck. She strained to break free from his grip so she wouldn't fall. Pan Lei simply let her hang on the window, her upper torso hung outside on the window frame.

Doctor Li screamed repeatedly. They were on the fourth floor. She would collapse as soon as he let go. She would not die, but she would break her bones.

Everyone in the corridor was terrified. Pan Lei's move was unquestionably murderous. Did he intend to throw Dr. Li out the window? That was homicide.

Tian Yuan was scared. He dashed over and grabbed Pan Lei. He couldn’t let Pan Lei commit a crime.

"Come on, let her go quickly. She will die if she falls. If she dies, you will be finished!"
He was a member of the special forces. No matter how powerful his family was, he couldn't kill someone. He would be subjected to a court martial. 

Pan Lei released one of his hands and hugged Tian Yuan by his side. He had only one hand to control Dr. Li. Dr. Li's sobs became more ferocious. If she was let go, she would undoubtedly fall.

"I've never beaten a woman in my life, but you really deserve to be thrashed. I wish I could put my abilities to the test on you, but I'm worried I'll be charged with bullying a woman in the end. You fucking pay attention to what I'm saying. If you ever roll your eyes at Tian Yuan again, I'll throw you down from the fourth level. It will not kill you, but it will severely injure you. I'll let you fall face down on the ground. You'll have a shattered nasal bridge as well as a dislocated jaw. Even with plastic surgery, you won't be able to fix it. If you dare to cry at him again, I will take you to Burma and immediately sell you as a female prostitute. Do you believe me or not?”

Pan Lei loosened his hand, allowing the majority of Dr. Li's body to hang out the window. Her scream was identical to that of a pig being slaughtered.

Torturing a woman did not imply beating her. Pan Lei swished the window open and dangled her. She wouldn't die if she fell because it was on the fourth story. But at the very least, her haughty beauty would vanish. Didn't she advertise herself as ‘Lin meimei[2]’? Didn't she consider herself to be Chang'e who had descended to the mortal world? If she fell face down on the ground, her unrivaled beauty would turn into a large pie. She wouldn't be able to flaunt her excellent looks brazenly with her nose collapsed, mouth at a crooked angle, and jaw dislocated.

Chang’e is the Chinese goddess of the moon, best known for stealing an elixir of immortality from her husband, Hou Yi. Her story is celebrated as part of the annual Mid-Autumn Festival.

Only then did Tian Yuan realize that some of their friends were scumbags, but Pan Lei was the biggest scumbag.

"Enough, don't frighten her any longer. What exactly do you mean by "believe me or not"? Bring her in right away!"

Tian Yuan reached out his arms to draw Dr. Li in, but Pan Lei shoved him away.

"Your arms have recently healed. What happens if you strain them? This woman weighs a lot."

He grabbed her shoulders, yanked her away from the window, and tossed her on the ground. Dr. Li sat on the ground, terrified. Her new lease on life caused her to cry uncontrollably. It was a tear-stained beauty's face.

Pan Lei tsked. In the absence of her precious “older brother”, for whom was she impersonating ‘Lin mei mei’? Who was she crying for with this unrelenting sobbing?

"Don’t ever bully Tian Yuan again. Otherwise, I’ll really throw you down from the fourth floor. If I catch you rolling your eyes at him, calling him dirty, or uttering a ‘humph’ at him, I’ll let you stand upside down in a skirt. If you don’t believe me, try it."

Everyone on the scene burst out laughing. Standing upside down in a skirt? What a great idea!

Dr. Li was busy crying and didn't hear anything.

Pan Lei realized that bullying a woman was unsatisfying. Then, he felt a little ashamed of his thoughts.

He remembered something and turned back.

"You stated that you come from a good family. Why did you get involved with a married man instead of finding a well-matched young man to fall in love with and get married? Did you think you were the only attractive woman in the hospital? You are simply a beauty who walks proudly with your chin high. Is there anyone else in your eyes? Keep an eye on your feet while you walk. Don't break your feet by wearing high heels. If your foot sprains, you will almost certainly break your neck."

"Pan Lei, are you going to leave? I'll get angry if you play a trick again."

Tian Yuan's expression was solemn. Every day, Pan Lei hunted for someone to fight, without taking a break. Seeing Dr. Li cry, he felt relieved, even if he believed she deserved it. After all, they still had to work together. To keep up appearances, he had to chastise Pan Lei.

"I'm leaving right now. At noon, I'll bring you some lunch."

"I’ll just eat in the cafeteria."

"Didn't you mention the food is bad? You can eat more if I prepare a few dishes that you enjoy. I don't want to dine alone at home. Let's meet for lunch at twelve."

Pan Lei returned to the sunshine and grinned brightly after the blast of wind and rain faded. It was a shame that his smile was limited to Tian Yuan. No one else was interesting enough to warrant a peek. Even with this mundane lunch conversation, he was still in a good mood.

"I have surgery."

Pan Lei’s hand stealthily went up his waist.

"I’ll meet you in the office for lunch."

Tian Yuan smiled and nodded solemnly. Yes, they should dine together. They didn't have many days together. They had to dash against the clock to spend time together.


[1] Around 6.2 feet. Average male height in China is 5 ft 9 in while average female height is 5 ft 5 in.

[2] younger sister; young woman. It means she flaunts herself as a woman who looks younger than her actual age.


Please don't come at me with pitchforks about the Burma thing. It's something the author wrote.😓
Whoa! Tian Yuan inner monologues in this chapter are hilarious. He's been influenced by Pan Lei~
A visual treat followed by a little mythology lesson. Hope you like it!

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 78

Chapter 78 To have so-called propriety

"Please tell me. What exactly is going on? If you have something to say, please say it. Sanshao, let’s talk calmly. Don’t turn it into a big issue."

"Dean Zhao, I think you don't want to be the head anymore. If you want to step down as dean, just let me know. I’ll let you go ahead and retire."

Dean Zhao trembled.

"Why are you saying such things? Sanshao, please tell me what happened."

"Tian Yuan is mine, and he has the backing of the Pan family. You should be aware of this."

"Sanshao, Tian Yuan possesses great professional abilities and a sense of responsibility. I am proud to have such a great doctor in our hospital. Didn't I just promote him to deputy director a few days ago? I didn't mistreat him."

Dean Zhao was perplexed. Didn't Pan Lei previously remind him of Xiao Tian's promotion to deputy director? Why was he causing such a ruckus after Xiao Tian’s promotion?

"You indulge your director of surgery and allow Tian’er to be bullied. You did a great job there. He went to the countryside last year; why did he have to return this year? Why not send the director of surgery’s junior there? That dead woman was crying and making trouble. How do you go about your work? ‘If you don’t go to the countryside, you must resign’. Is this your hospital’s policy? Okay, Dean Zhao, since you can’t get all of your doctors to work honestly, I’ll help you. I’ll notify the Health Bureau and suggest that you be laid off as quickly as possible. This way, you can be replaced as dean by someone more competent."

"Isn't this what Tian Yuan requested? The director of surgery said that Tian Yuan took the initiative to go to the countryside."

Dean Zhao was also displeased. He simply signed the list and dispatched the medical team to the countryside. Who knew there were so many tricks involved?

"I'll meet with them in person. I'll only say one thing to you. Tian Yuan wishes to work in this hospital, and I will allow him to do so. He refuses to join the Armed Police Hospital, and I shall respect his wishes. I cannot allow my man to be mistreated. Something like this cannot happen again in the future. Someone rushed up to him, weeping and creating a scene. It had an impact on his daily work. I'm not going to spare that doctor. You, as dean, cannot be ignorant! Don't think I'm speaking in vain. You'd best think I'm capable of replacing you. Be fair to him. I won't bother you if he's content. If not, just wait and see how I take care of you!"

Pan Lei kicked his desk once more. In a single blow, he knocked down the sturdy wood table. Dean Zhao gave a brief flattering grin.

"I will undoubtedly look after all of the doctors and do my best to ensure stability and harmony."

Tian Yuan had the backing of the entire Pan family. This time, Pan Lei issued a severe warning: who would dare to offend him again? He did not want to lose the position of dean. If Pan Lei's mother talked to the Health Bureau, and pulled some strings, the dean would most certainly be laid off. It wasn’t anything new. Such things had happened in the past. It appeared the director of surgery was really confused that he dared to provoke this devil. He over indulged his little mistress. He spoiled his junior, but he forgot that the Pan family spoiled Pan Lei as well. Tian Yuan was Pan Lei’s raw nerve. To go against the Pan family, the director of surgery clearly didn’t want to live any longer. He didn’t want to be dragged down, but it seemed he had been messed with. He really wanted to find an opportunity to “chat” with the director of surgery.

"Pan Lei? Why are you still here? Go back quickly."

Tian Yuan was quite concerned about Pan Lei's presence in the office. Tian Yuan was terrified that his rage would cause him to do something inappropriate. So he went in search of him.

Pan Lei turned around and smiled at Tian Yuan.

"I am almost done. I'll leave right away."

"I don't care how you manage your doctors; all I ask is that no one bully him. You better remember this."

When he turned to face the dean, he appeared menacing. The dean quickly nodded, assuring that such things would never happen again.

Pan Lei turned around, took Tian Yuan's hand, and smiled innocently at him.

"You’re talking nonsense again. Go home quickly."

"I’d like to spend a little more time with you."

Tian Yuan didn’t know what he said to the dean, but the dean's face was very ugly. Tian Yuan was worried Pan Lei, this jerk who didn’t play by the rules, would cause trouble.

"Let's go, let's go. I will go get the groceries now and pick you up later in the afternoon. I still need to teach you to drive.”

This was a hospital. Could this guy stop being arrogant?! This jerk was like a bandit descending the mountain to loot. It would affect his regular work.

"I'll leave as soon as my work is done. Would you like to eat candied apples? It’s a new recipe I’ve learned."

Pan Lei looked around for the director of surgery, a balding man in his fifties with a beer belly.

"Yes! I want to eat them."

Pan Lei blinked when he saw the director of surgery's office and smiled.

"I’ll show you my skills in the evening."

Pan Lei gently pushed Tian Yuan away and dashed towards the office of the director of surgery. Tian Yuan grabbed him and told him to stop making trouble and to return home. What exactly did he want to do? Murder?

"Tian'er, be obedient. I'll be out in a minute."

"Hurry up and go home. Don't mess around."

"I won’t make trouble. I just want to make him remember something for the rest of his life."

Tian Yuan was powerless to stop him. This time, Pan Lei didn’t kick the door. He knocked. Tian Yuan didn’t dare to follow. Pan Lei would be the channel for his rage. He could only find a spot where the director couldn’t see him, but he could still observe the situation inside.

Pan Lei smiled. He had to double-check, lest he struck the wrong person.

"Are you the director of surgery?"

"Who are you? What’s the matter?"

The director of surgery exuded the chilly estrangement that doctors typically had. It was how people felt when they were in a hospital - cold and without warmth.

Pan Lei rotated his wrist.

"There is a problem. A serious problem."

Pan Lei's fist was strong enough to crush ten huge pots and puncture five-centimetre thick wooden planks. He could crush twelve bricks with a hand knife. His knuckles and hands had all been honed with iron and sand. You could only adequately defend yourself if you had a solid basis in kungfu. He'd shattered a slew of sandbags, and he'd developed calluses on the joints of his fingers from intense training. He punched sandbags, practiced boxing, abraded his flesh, bled, and formed scabs repeatedly during his soldier training. The calluses had gradually eroded as a result of the continual workout.

The director of surgery grasped his chin and waited for him to speak. Pan Lei moved quickly and arrived at his side in a flash. He raised his fist and smacked the director on the chin. The fist that could break planks, could easily break his chin.

The director’s body fell out, smacked to the ground with a thud, and his teeth spewed far away. He wailed on the floor, clutching his chin.

Pan Lei followed with a kick to his waist, and smacked the director around.

The director scrambled, screaming and shivering, with a mouthful of blood.

"You, who are you? You dare to commit murder? I’m going to call the police."

Pan Lei pulled out his phone and shook it at him.

"I'll call the police for you."

A call was placed to his second brother's cell phone. He also activated the hands-free feature so that the director could hear clearly.

"Brother, I hit someone at the No.1 Hospital. It was the director who indulged his mistress to bully Tian Yuan. He wants to call the police. Send someone over. By the way, inform Lin Mu and let him go to the Health Bureau. I want this son-of-a-b***h to be unable to practice medicine in this life!"

Pan Ge's voice was steady, with no ups and downs.

"Beat hard. If he wants to call the police, I will make sure no cop in the city will handle his case. There are only a few of our people in the Health Bureau. Should I contact the prosecutor’s office and have them check this son-of-a-b***h’s property?"

Pan Lei smiled at the director.

"Make sure he is treated on time. Because the pharmacists and doctors are colluding, the investigation is now quite tight. Just make an example of him. That's all there is to it."

"Just ensure he stays alive. He is a doctor who can cure himself after breaking his arm and leg. As long as he doesn't die, I can guarantee they’ll (the procuratorate) sue him."

Pan Ge gritted his teeth. Bullying the Pan family? He should have opened his eyes to see who he was bullying.

Pan Lei shook his head at the director as he hung up the phone. He was enraged when he saw this fat man’s sluggish and bloody face.

"Oh, I almost forgot to mention that the city’s police chief is my brother. The head of the Health Bureau is my father's best friend, and the Chief Prosecutor[1] is my relative. Are you going to sue me or get me arrested?"

The director finally realized that he seemed to have provoked someone who should not have been offended.

"You, who are you?"

Pan Lei stood beside him and stroked his chin.

"I am Tian Yuan's lover. You trampled on him, bullied him because of his honesty, and duped him into going to the countryside. I am very unhappy that you indulged your little mistress and allowed her to cry at him. You thought he had no backing, didn’t you? You thought you could bully him and get away with it, right? You thought he had no choice but to swallow his anger right? I'm unhappy because you made him miserable. Now I'm going to make you unhappy. You fucking believe you can support your little idiot's misconduct and no one can stop you, don't you? Let Laozi tell you, I have contacts at the public security bureau and the district attorney's office. Murdering you is equivalent to killing an ant. Keep yourself on a short leash. Don't let your little mistress misbehave. You keep your tail tucked for me as well. I will destroy you if you dare to scare him with resignation if he does not do what you desire. Remember, no one is allowed to bully him in this hospital. If I hear you misbehaving again, take care of your dog life and future."

Only then did the director of surgery realize that Tian Yuan and this man were a pair, and his lover was someone he couldn't afford to offend. He had stroked the tiger's beard and had been swatted by its paw. This loss was beyond his power to bear.

Pan Lei noticed that he was sufficiently frightened and realized that he was completely awed. He was in his fifties and lacked dignity. This hospital's atmosphere was deplorable.

"Hey, I'm telling you, don't indulge your little mistress. You and your little mistress shouldn’t be too ostentatious. Make her behave a little. Don't let her think she is the queen of the hospital with you as a backer. I don't want your wife or children to know about your activities. Let me ask you something. You’re so old and have everything, why bother with such a mistress? If your wife finds out, you’ll be beaten to death."

A man should bear the entire responsibility for his emotions. His wife had been by his side for half of his life, and had seen him through thick and thin. He had a mistress in their old age. How could he be so unscrupulous?

He would never be seduced by anyone other than Tian Yuan. He would never let Tian Yuan down, just as he would never let the military uniform on his body down. His love and passion for Tian'er were as unshakable as his allegiance to the homeland.


[1] Known as DA in America. 


Check out this silly little historical short story(3 chapters only) translated by me: The General and his "Little Cauliflower". I love historical genre but they are so difficult to translate😭 

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May 19, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 77

Chapter 77 Dear, forgive me. Dear, marry me

Tian Yuan went over to help him up. What was Pan Lei up to?! A man has gold under his knees[1], and only kneels down to heaven and his parents. Tian Yuan was at a loss when he saw Pan Lei in this state. A commanding man like Pan Lei couldn’t just kneel down nonchalantly. After all, it was not a marriage proposal… ‘Ahhh! Bah! What proposal? What am I thinking?!’

"Get up quickly, why are you making trouble again? You are shortening my life[2]. If you have something to say, stand up and talk."

Pan Lei shook his head, grasped Tian Yuan's hand, and squeezed it hard.

"Tian'er, I'm sorry. I'm really sorry. I have a nasty temper and have caused you to suffer and be afraid."

"Okay, you have apologized. I'm not a little girl who won't let go of my grudge even after receiving an apology.”

"You are right. I am the jerk. I keep saying that no one will ever hurt you, yet it appears that I am hurting you. But don't worry, I will avenge you. I promise you; from now on, I will treat you twice as well as my ancestors. Don’t hate me. I lost my temper, smashed things and ruined the home you built.”

Pan Lei lowered his head. Because his brothers were not present this time, he dropped the corny wording and resumed his simple but sincere apologies.

"Is Huang Kai crazy? I discovered that the new cabinet is made of solid wood, which is a great deal for us. This solid wood cabinet costs a lot of money."

Tian Yuan thought they had taken undue advantage of the situation. It was a terrific deal for him to replace his old furniture with solid wood furniture.

"I am sorry. How did the topic turn to money? Listen to me. I, this genius, have mulled over modest words of morality. Listen to me honestly."

Pan Lei couldn't stand Tian Yuan's erratic thoughts. How could he profit by apologizing?

Tian Yuan knelt down, grabbed his arm, and yanked him up. But as he yanked hard, his arm ached.

Pan Lei sat next to him and stroked his arm, sighing. He was at a loss for words.

"Is the pain excruciating? Is it a misalignment? Let’s go to the hospital and get it examined."

"Examine what exactly? It was given an “all clear” by two doctors. It was twisted and will require rest for a few days. If you don't get up, it'll hurt if I try to pull you up"

Pan Lei stroked his arm distressingly, thinking that this would help him relieve his discomfort. Look at how purple his wrists were. He had tied him up too tightly since he didn't want him to break free.

"Next time I go out, I will definitely tell you. But you have to be considerate of my difficulties. Going to the countryside is not surprising. This is also a way to help patients. You have to understand that you cannot monopolize power. Besides, I am not a caged bird. I am a man. You must have faith in me."

"Can I trust you with this body of yours? I'm also concerned that you won't be able to eat properly. I fear you can’t bear that environment or eat food that is barely palatable. You hate being unwell. Who will look after you while you are away?"

Pan Lei was saying that he had gone too far, but he had a reason for it. It was because he loved Tian Yuan too much. Why didn't he show concern for the other members of the medical team? This was due to the fact that the others were not his family.

Tian Yuan's remaining grudges vanished. Pan Lei genuinely cared about him. This man's tenderness was hidden under a harsh demeanor. He just didn't like to speak it openly, and he tried to regulate it in the way he believed was proper. So, what should he call it? Sweet control? Although it was too intense, and the process was rough; but in the final analysis, it was this man's reluctance and love. No one would be harsh on someone who treated them sincerely. He was concerned and took action out of love.

He simply expressed himself incorrectly and could be forgiven.

Tian Yuan smiled, took Pan Lei's hand in his, and examined the back of his hand. On the back of his hand, there was a scratch. The blood had been cleaned away, but the little wound on the back of the hand remained visible. Pan Lei's machismo believed that a man's skin was thick and that a small wound didn't matter, therefore he didn't care. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, was concerned. A wound, no matter how tiny, could get infected.

"Go and get the first aid kit."

Pan Lei instantly went to collect it. Tian Yuan carefully took his hand, cleaned it first, and then examined for wood splinters. He applied bandages after checking that the lesion was clean.

Pan Lei's heart was warm when he gazed at the back of his bandaged hand. His Tian Yuan would not say anything specific to him, nor would he discuss his feelings for him, but everything he did was for his own welfare. A small touch given in care brought a lot of happiness. His joy made him love this softly smiling man all the more and treat him well.

Pan Lei cuddled Tian Yuan. It was difficult not to hug and kiss him again and again.

"Tian'er, let's get married."

Tian Yuan had barely gotten into this man's generous embrace to enjoy tenderness, when this moron blurted out such words. Tian Yuan clenched his teeth and kicked him.

"What nonsense! We are both men. What do you mean ‘get married’, eh?!"

Pan Lei was very upset. He strode around the room, clutching his hair.

I'm such a moron. I'm down on one knee. Typically, this is a marriage proposal. Why didn't I get a ring and a red rose ready? With these two items, I am confident that I will be able to make a successful proposal. No, Tian'er, you must wait for me. I'll go out and buy the rings and roses right away. I'll propose again, and you'll have to vow to marry me.

Shit! What a squandering of resources. He knelt twice and didn't even consider proposing. He was a moron. Today, he would kneel for the third time and ask his mother to help him plan the wedding.

What do they say? Ah yes, if you have money, you can have a wife to celebrate the New Year[3]. That’s it.

When Pan Lei raced into the living room, he noticed a large bouquet of roses purchased by Huang Kai. He chose one at random and rushed excitedly back to his bedroom.

With a racing pulse, he knelt on one knee and held Tian Yuan's hand. "I'm sorry for hurting you, darling. Please accept my apology. Please marry me, my beloved."

He held the rose up to Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan was embarrassed and enraged. He took up the rose and hurled it towards Pan Lei's forehead, oblivious to the expectation on his face. The red petals strewn about added to the beauty of the setting.

"Pan Lei, you die for me. Go to bed immediately. If you dare to make a scene again, I will not talk to you any more."

"You haven't yet accepted my marriage proposal."

He was kneeling there without rising; couldn't Tian Yuan say something about what he desired? Couldn’t he consent to marry him?

"No more nonsense. You sleep on the couch!"

Pan Lei leapt to his feet in an instant. Even if he were slain, he would not go to the living room. Why sleep on the cold sofa instead of caressing Tian Yuan's white and soft body? That was an unequivocal no.

"Didn't I just not buy the ring? Why won't you promise to marry me? I’ll buy one right now. If I buy it, will you marry me?"

Tian Yuan stared at him fiercely without saying a word.

Pan Lei was now obedient. He didn't dare not listen even though he wanted to buy a ring to propose. He positioned the pillows and spread the bedsheet. Pan Lei was still muttering when Tian Yuan lay down.

They got together for half an hour, Pan Lei proposed ten minutes later, and wanted to have a wedding a year ago[4]. Wasn’t that the plan? Tian Yuan rolled his eyes. Pan Lei didn't dare to mumble, instead wrapping his arms around Tian’er and falling asleep.

Pan Zhan was right, Tian Yuan was right, he was right, who was wrong? Naturally, it was the dean of the city's No.1 hospital, the director of surgery, and the mistress.

He didn’t dare hurt Tian Yuan again. However, these three people seemed to be waiting for him to let out all of his rage.

He treated Tian Yuan as an ancestor at home in order for him to recover quickly. Pan Lei took care of all the big and small chores since Tian Yuan’s arms hurt. He was also a better man after removing his military uniform and putting on an apron. He had a lot of charisma.

Tian Yuan's arms healed in two days as a consequence. On the third day, everything was good thanks to medication and hot compresses. His cold was fine, and he had been fed by Pan Lei all day, so his face was healthy and smooth. The nanny did an excellent job.

Tian Yuan was preparing to leave for work on the fourth day. Pan Lei nodded, dressed, and dropped him at the hospital. All of their complaints were addressed.

"Don't get into a fight with them in the hospital. Don't be offensive if you have something to say, you know? After all, they are my coworkers and my boss. Dr. Li will come crying to me immediately. I will undoubtedly place her in a tough predicament."

"I have a sense of measure. Don't bother following me. Go to work. I’ll stop by to say hello before I leave. Be good, go to work."

He was very good and obedient when he touched Tian Yuan's hair, and he listened to whatever Tian Yuan said. Tian Yuan was reassured and left for work.

Pan Lei's face fell as soon as he turned around, and Devil Pan took over, scaring a young nurse into fleeing. It was a hospital, not a battleground.

Pan Lei found Dean Zhao's office, raised his foot, and kicked open the door. The door panel was wretched; the poor thing suddenly dislodged from the door frame, spreading throughout the office like chopped wood.

Dean Zhao jumped to his feet in terror.

"Who, who, what is this? Making trouble for no reason. Security guard!"

Nobody had ever ventured to kick down the dean's door. While bluffing, the dean roared at him.

Pan Lei strolled into his office and gave him a harsh stare.

"I, Pan Lei, Pan Sanshao[5] dared to kick down your door. If you have a problem, call the security guard. If you want to call the police, I will call them for you."

Dean Zhao immediately smiled when he spotted Pan Lei. How did he manage to irritate this overlord again? Why was he here going wild?

"Is there some sort of misunderstanding? Sanshao, tell me quickly. What is the problem? If you have something to say, please say it. Why would I bother calling the police? Isn't helping you my duty?"

He swiftly poured water and served the tea. Pan Lei didn't even glance at it before slamming the table with a 'boom,' causing the tea cup to jump.

Dean Zhao paled. The Pan family had members in every area and department, from military to business. There were members of the Pan family in the military from the northwest, north, and southwest. His uncles were all stationed on this side of the country, not to mention the other places where their relations were stationed. Nobody dared to anger the Pans. And Pan Lei was the most difficult to provoke.

He was the old man Pan's grandson. He was Commander Pan's only son. He also had two uncles with military prowess. He had the Pan family standing behind him as he slapped the table. Who dared to confront them? To provoke them was to seek death! Only Pan Lei's mother, Dean Dang Hong, a powerful and well-known doctor, was not afraid of death and dared to mess with Pan Lei.


[1] When a man kneels, it is as precious as gold. A man of integrity does not kneel casually. Kneeling to someone symbolizes that you have lost your pride and dignity. One can only kneel to heaven(God) and one’s parents. The raw said mother but I think parents sounds more appropriate. After all, father and mother are equally worthy of respect.

[2] It is said that a person’s longevity reduces due to too many blessings. Tian Yuan is saying he cannot afford the “blessing” of Pan Lei kneeling to him.

[3] I think it means you can get married only if you are well-off. Remember, in ancient times, women usually did not leave the house. So the man was the sole breadwinner. If anyone knows about this saying, please comment.

[4] What this line means is Pan Lei was in a hurry to establish their relationship and wished they had already been married. Kinda like getting the person first, and then wooing him.

[5] Third Young Master.

Pan Lei's proposal sucked! hahaha

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May 16, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Stupid Pan Lei

Pan Lei wanted to continue appeasing Tian Yuan. However, at this critical juncture, words failed him. He felt awkward. He had wronged Tian’er and had no idea how to coax him.

Pan Lei had a silly look on his face as he monotonously apologized to a frowning Tian Yuan. The others were struggling to keep a straight face when they saw this sight.

Pan Zhan let out a sigh. Being Pan Lei's brother was extremely exhausting. He had repeatedly caused his family to be concerned about him since he was a toddler.

"Say, from now on, I will definitely treat you like a treasure. I will take excellent care of you. I won’t let you shed a single tear, and I won’t make you sad again. I won’t let you regret getting together with me. We will live our lives well, and I will do my best to spoil you. I won’t give other people a second look, I won’t be tempted by another woman. You’re my family and making you happy is the goal of my life. Both of us have the determination to work hard. I simply have one purpose in mind - to make you the happiest man in the world. A joyful life, where each day will be filled with laughter. I’ll make everyone envy you. I’ll buy anything that will make others envy you. Even if I die, my feelings for you will not change. I love you. You’re the only one I’ll ever love."

Pan Lei grasped Tian Yuan's hand and repeated Pan Zhan's passionate words very seriously.

What a headache! Why did he have this jerk for a brother? He was really too stupid. How could Tian Yuan stand him?! Even the mushy words required to entice his sweetheart had to be taught to him by his elder brother? Fortunately, he was used to enticing his wife on a regular basis, so it came naturally to him.

Lin Mu listened to the speech and felt something was wrong - what did he mean by “not being tempted by another woman”? These were words typically spoken to a woman.

"Pan Zhan, is this what you said to your wife? You coaxed your wife by using just these emotional words? Did you look at another woman? Why didn’t your wife thrash you? So disappointing."

Pan Zhan coughed uncomfortably and remained silent. The ugliness of the family should not be publicized.

Pan Lei waved his hand and motioned to them not to quarrel. He was still talking! Why were they interrupting him?

"I will make you happy, fill your days with laughter, and make others envy you. Even if I..."

Pan Lei scratched his head, unable to recall the rest. The blame lay with these jerks who interrupted him.

"Brother, what's the sentence after ‘even if I die’?"

Pan Ge slapped him on the back of the head. Pan Lei was an utter disappointment. What a fool! He didn’t even know how to say some coaxing words. Was he still a man?

Everyone laughed, pointing at Pan Lei and scolding him.


Tian Yuan laughed angrily. This group of talents made him angry. He was upset and dumbfounded. He quickly helped up Pan Lei and patted him on the knee.

"Stop messing around. Go and clean up the house. Invite them to stay at home for dinner."

Pan Lei was relieved that Tian Yuan was no longer sad. He stood up and took Tian Yuan's hand, obeyed the order of his man, and kissed Tian Yuan on the cheek with a smile.

"You want to eat spare ribs, don’t you? I'll get them. What else would you like to eat? You've been starving these days. Your face is thinner."

"Fried prawns. I want them hot and spicy."

Pan Lei took out his wallet and prepared to go grocery shopping. He pointed at the few people before leaving.

"Don't idle around here, you guys. My family still has a fever and is unable to perform physical labor. If you wish to eat at my house, please clean up as soon as possible."

Huang Kai sprang to his feet. Eh? Did they have to work so hard just to eat?!

"Pan Lei, your uncle! How dare you order us!"

Pan Zhan kicked Huang Kai.

"His uncle is my father. If you are not satisfied, let's go out and have a little chat."

Huang Kai was about to scold Pan Lei with ‘your second uncle’ when he noticed Pan Ge smiling at him. He swallowed his words about Pan Lei and his second uncle. Pan Ge snorted at him, and Huang Kai remembered that the three brothers of the Pan family had identical views. If the three brothers banded together, they would definitely kick him to death.

As the saying went, a wise man submitted to circumstances. There were four members of the Pan family in their group. He was unable to resist and was obliged to flatter.

"I will find someone to clean it up. I’ll pay for everything that’s broken. I guarantee to restore them exactly as they were."

Pan Zhan and Pan Ge no longer looked at him coldly.

Huang Kai bore a bellyful of complaints. The couple fought, smashed things, and destroyed the decorations. He was just a friend and was forced to cover up the losses. Who behaved this way? This was too much.

Pan Zhan and Pan Ge remained in the bedroom, conversing with Tian Yuan. Their younger brother was the one who had wronged their younger sister-in-law. How should they comfort him?

“Tian Yuan, Pan Lei is foul tempered. Don't mind him. If he’s angry with you again, don’t wait for death, okay? Kick him if he makes trouble. Be more fierce than him. If he wrongs you, chop him with a kitchen knife.” Tian Yuan’s face was riddled with black lines. They were instigating him to murder!

Huang Kai, Lin Mu and Zhang Hui were instructing people to renovate in the shortest possible time. The house needed repairs and the furniture needed replacement. The broken items were promptly thrown away. Many workers were called in, and the mess was swiftly cleaned up. Huang Kai also asked people to buy a large number of roses to help his friend in pleasing his wife. He was full of energy.

Pan Lei bought a lot of food. Since Tian Yuan wanted to eat something fried, hot and spicy, he directly made hot pot. He also prepared the braised pork ribs and fried prawns that Tian Yuan requested.

Tian Yuan had been craving meat for a few days. Everyone gathered around, sipping beer and eating hot pot. Tian Yuan lowered his head and gobbled up the spare ribs. Pan Lei shelled the prawns for him. The others kept eyeing Tian Yuan's behind. Could Tian Yuan eat such greasy things? Wasn’t his butt injured? He would be uncomfortable later if he ate this kind of food.

Pan Zhan got a bottle of beer while cooking and questioned Pan Lei: "You are both right in this situation. But someone is wrong. Leizi, what are you going to do?"

"I won't spare them easily."

Pan Ge gave a nod. How could they be called the old Pan family if they let the guilty go so easily? A member of their family had been bullied. This was not the end of the story.

“It's not enough for you to get Tian Yuan back. He was bullied. You must help him solve this problem. Otherwise, they will walk all over Tian Yuan. Leizi, what is your plan? Whatever it is, we don’t care. As long as it doesn’t kill anyone, it’s fine.”

“Would you like me to bring this to the attention of the Health Bureau and cancel their medical license?”

Lin Mu ate lamb meat and joined in on the talk. He considered himself a gentleman and desired a more refined approach. He intended to go through the legal process and find one of their flaws in order to directly withdraw their license. They would then be unable to practice as a doctor for the rest of their lives. That would be preferable.

"I know what to do. Their acts caused us to disagree and have different points of view. This situation cannot be ignored. I don't require anyone's assistance. I can handle it on my own."

"If you wish, I can locate someone to photograph their adulterous affair and publish it in the press. They will lose face and be embarrassed!"

"Find someone to toss rotten eggs at them both."

"Don't mess around, I still have to go to work." Tian Yuan felt that among the people at the table, only he was a good person. A few of them gathered together, and came up with ideas that would kill people. He just wanted to teach a lesson to Dr. Li and the director of surgery so that they would no longer run rampant in the hospital and bully the doctors. These guys were determined to make things worse.

Pan Lei removed the bones, placed the meat directly in Tian Yuan's bowl, and kissed him comfortingly on the forehead.

"Don't worry, I have a sense of measure."

He had a sense of measure?! Tian Yuan didn't think much, and continued to drink and eat happily.

Everyone cheered, and got themselves a bottle of beer. They knew about Pan Lei's so-called sense of measure. You can do whatever you want as long as no one dies - this was Pan Lei’s measure.

So they all rejoiced, anticipating Pan Lei's vengeance on behalf of Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan watched them drinking bottle after bottle stupidly, not understanding why they were all so happy. What made them so happy all of a sudden?

Pan Lei added more meat to Tian Yuan’s bowl and stroked his hair.

"Eat. Eat some more."

All he needed to do was eat well. He didn't have to consider anything else. He would back Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan stopped musing and let it go. It didn't matter if he didn't comprehend. These individuals were strange, and he couldn't comprehend what made them happy. Let them make trouble.

Tian Yuan enthusiastically ate the meat. He resolved to eat only meat from now on. He never ever wanted to eat cornmeal dumplings and pickled veggies again. Eating meat was preferable. The prawns were also excellent. Pan Lei's cooking skills were pretty good.

Pan Lei compared Tian Yuan's smile to that of a contented kitten as he glanced at him. He fought the temptation to kiss him. Tian Yuan had a greasy mouth and curved eyes. How could he be so endearing? Pan Lei believed he would never grow tired of looking at his smile. He drank the rest of the bottle of beer.

"Drink less."

"I’m happy. Looking at you makes me want to smile."

Everyone burst out laughing. Tian Yuan bowed his head, his ears turning a bright red. The words were corny, yet hearing those intriguing words always made him feel shy.

This group of folks kept drinking. They drank from noon till late at night, when the empty bottles piled up. As they prepared to go, they swayed.

Tian Yuan couldn't raise his arm, so Pan Lei held the anti-inflammatory medicine he needed to take. Pan Lei held the water cup to his mouth and slowly fed him water.

"Drink slowly. Don’t choke."

Tian Yuan touched his full tummy after taking the medicine. He thought he had a good life. He felt satisfied and enjoyed a restful night's sleep. He was nearly as content as a Little Pig. His heart's grievances were gone, he'd eaten and drunk enough, he was unwell, and there were people waiting for him and taking care of him. Wasn't this bliss? He was beaming with joy.

He saw Pan Lei walk into the kitchen to clean up. He wanted to read a book, but then decided he wanted to be lazy. Having a chat would be enough.

Pan Lei assisted him in wiping his hands and escorted him to his bedroom. He scooped him up and placed him on the bed before kneeling on one knee. His two brothers had pressed him to his knees the last time. He readily kneeled in front of Tian Yuan this time. He knelt on the ground, dropped his head, and grasped Tian Yuan's hand in his.

He had to own up to his mistakes. His brother was correct. He was the guilty person from start to finish. He was the knucklehead. Tian Yuan was not one of his subordinates. He was his life's love. He couldn't utilize militarized management to impose stringent rules. He had harmed Tian Yuan by using a strong and powerful approach to harm him. He'd plead for his forgiveness.

He wasn't going to let this blunder cause them to drift apart.


There is hope for Pan Lei yet. Let's hope he doesn't act like a jerk (to Tian'er) again.

IDYTRAA will resume the earlier schedule--Sunday and Wednesday.

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