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IDYTRAA - Chapter 161

Chapter 161 Grabbing the red packets on New Year's

This is a wonderful surprise, but I must keep it from Tian Yuan for the time being. How romantic it will be if I materialize in front of him just when he misses me the most! Pan Lei excitedly tucked the piece of paper away. This was a one-of-a-kind pass. It served as a bridge for their love and was necessary for them to deepen their feelings.

Pan Lei pretended nothing had happened and went about his business as usual.

However, in the middle of the night, Tian Yuan was startled awake by a series of strange laughs. God alone knows what kind of sweet dreams Pan Lei was having. He was fast asleep, yet he couldn't stop giggling. Tian Yuan thought it was amusing. What is he dreaming about in the middle of the night that makes him laugh like this?

It was the New Year, and everyone was dressed in new attire. Tian Yuan and Pan Lei awoke early morning to see the four gorgeous sisters in the family dressed identically, draped in different colored shawls, newly permed hair, and heels, receiving guests.

People in the military facility visited one another, and Grandpa Pan, the Pan family's senior, was no exception. It didn't matter that he'd retired for a long time. People came to pay a New Year's call to him because he was a senior revolutionary. People from Pan Lei's generation also visited Pan Lei's uncles and cousins to wish them a happy new year.

It was a very lively atmosphere. In the case of Huang Kai, calling him stupid did not wrong him in the least. He was a rose salesman. On New Year's Day, he arrived with a large bundle of roses in his arms to wish them a Happy New Year.

Zhang Hui and Lin Mu arrived with gifts and noticed this old boy with such a large bunch of roses.

Huang Kai proceeded to deliver flowers as soon as he walked through the door. Every Pan woman, from the eldest Grandma Pan to the youngest Little LingSi'er, received a bouquet of roses.

He only said a New Year's greeting after handing out the roses, but it was enough to win the approval of the female elders. Pan Ge smiled lightly and ignored him while drinking tea.

When Huang Kai was handing the roses to Second Aunt Pan, this brainless chap whose mental condition occasionally short-circuited, actually looked a little…embarrassed?

Unlikely. Why would he be embarrassed?

People who were paying attention could tell that Second Aunt Pan's bouquet contained the most roses and was the largest bundle.

Huang Kai glanced at Pan Ge but did not approach him. He joked with Pan Lei and Tian Yuan before leaving.

They couldn't shake the feeling that something wasn't quite right. But who cared about him? It was the New Year, and everyone was having a good time. The impression that "something is fishy" had long since faded.

The dumplings had not been fished out by late evening. Grandpa and Grandma Pan sat in the middle, with pillows on the ground in front of them. They were holding a stack of red envelopes.

Tian Yuan had no idea what this meant.

Pan Lei explained in hushed tones.

"It is the Pan family's tradition. Seniors are the most important, so the ancient practices must be followed. On New Year's Day, we kowtow to our elders and say auspicious words, and the elders will present us with red envelopes. The first round is for grandparents, next for parents, and last for the few of us. However, it is unsatisfying. After all, only LingSi’er kowtows to us."

Eh? Tian Yuan expected this military family to make a military salute and say, "Happy New Year Sir!" and then leave. He had no idea there were so many customs in the family.

The eldest uncle and aunt, the second uncle and aunt, Papa and Mama Pan all bowed one after the other. The Pan men had changed out of their military uniforms and into civilian clothes. Eldest Uncle Pan's hair had grayed, but he still knelt, kowtowed, and said auspicious words. Huh? How come my parents have followed suit?

Tian Yuan thought it was excellent. No matter how powerful you are, you need a family, and no matter how old you are, you must have a mother. Isn't it a blessing to be able to kowtow to your parents for the New Year, even if you're 80? He hoped that when he and Pan Lei reached their parents' age, they would be able to kowtow to them and wish them a happy new year.

Pan Lei laughed when he saw Grandpa and Grandma Pan handing them red packages. You're in your 60s and you're still getting red envelopes? You haven't grown up yet hehehe~

Pan Zhan and his wife, Pan Ge, Tian Yuan, and Pan Lei followed next. They all knelt there as well.

They kowtowed and said auspicious words, and Grandma handed out red envelopes one by one, remarking that they were all good grandchildren; all were good kids.

Pan Zhan and his wife stood up, as did Pan Ge and Tian Yuan, making room for LingSi'er.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, pulled Tian Yuan and forced him to remain kneeling. He smiled as he looked at the red envelopes in grandma's hands.

"I wish Grandpa and Grandma a long and healthy life."

He kowtowed once again. Tian Yuan gave him a blank stare. Didn't he kowtow just now? Pan Lei extended his hand and put his hand against Tian Yuan's nape, forcing him to kowtow with him. Tian Yuan couldn't get rid of his brute might, so he had to kowtow again like Pan Lei.

Grandma Pan smiled and pulled out two more red envelopes, which she shoved into Tian Yuan's hands.

"Good boy, Grandma will give you an additional red envelope."

Pan Lei's eyes glowed.

"I wish my grandparents to be younger and younger, and their bodies to be better and better."

He forced Tian Yuan to kowtow once again.

Pan Ge smiled as he stroked his chin.

"Have you seen Iron Pear[1], Eldest Brother? That TV show about a soldier bandit and the Third Concubine digging a grave and robbing a tomb?"

Pan Zhan was laughing so hard that he couldn't stand.

"I've seen it, I've seen it, that's how the handsome guy forced Tie Lihua to worship heaven and earth and marry! He pushed his hand against the woman's neck and simply kowtowed three times, as though paying respects to heaven and earth. Our Leizi is identical to the one on the TV show. Even the way his palm presses on Tian Yuan's neck is the same."

Pan Ge couldn't take it any longer and burst out laughing. There was also a bandit in their family who looked exactly like that handsome man. How could somebody kowtow to such an extent? The only thing missing was red clothing, otherwise it could be a bride kidnapping scene!

Pan Lei was unconcerned about them. He and Tian'er spend a lot of money on family gifts, so they had to get something back no matter what. Tian Yuan was going abroad after the New Year, and the expenses were fairly significant, so he needed to plan ahead of time for their lives. After all, Tian'er would be alone in a foreign country, and what was he to do if he couldn't eat and live well? This New Year's Eve presented an opportunity to make a fortune.

He had no qualms about kowtowing. He was happy to say the new year wishes and kowtow till dawn as long as it got them red envelopes.

"I wish my grandparents to live another hundred years."

As Grandma continued to hand out red envelopes, Grandpa raised his eyebrows. They now had four red envelopes each, three more than Pan Zhan and the rest.

"Is there an end in sight? You want to kowtow until morning, don't you, brat? I'm not going to let you take all the money, you b*stard!"

When Grandpa slapped the table, Pan Lei pretended to be dumb.

"Grandpa, you are mistaken. Eldest Brother owns a business and lives a worry free life. Second brother is the bureau chief. God knows how many gifts(bribes) he receives every year. Even if he does not accept them, he is still single. He won’t go hungry even if he eats his fill. But the two of us have just begun a significant task. I'm in the army; how much military pay can I expect each year? My Tian'er works so hard, doing the night shift for surgery, and despite working so hard, he needs to take out a mortgage to buy a house. He'll be traveling abroad soon. If I don't provide him with enough living expenses for a year, should I send him abroad to study and wash dishes for others to earn a living? We're impoverished, and all I'm asking for is a little more of the lucky money. At the very least, my Tian'er will not suffer abroad ah!"

Pan Lei acted justly and firmly. I feel awful for my husband; I can't let him go without money; I have to find a method to get him some.

It was simply a matter of explaining that I'm quite reasonable, and persistent pestering has never been my style. What about erroneous reasoning, you might ask? That is also reasonable. They were together, they had to live a good life, and he wanted to give his baby the best life possible. At the very least, Tian'er needed to live in a bachelor apartment when he traveled abroad for further studies, there should be a restaurant that delivered three meals a day to him, and he should have a thousand dollars in pocket money per month. Overall, it was essential to obtain some red envelopes.

"You just want to grab it, bandit!"

Pan Lei's back was straight, and he was still acting righteous.

"Don't keep calling me by my nickname, Grandpa; I'll be embarrassed."

Grandpa Pan's mustache almost exploded in rage. This rogue youngster! How did such a scoundrel emerge from their disciplined family?!

Tian Yuan was trying to drag Pan Lei. Why was he looting all of his relatives?! It's not like he had no idea how much money they had. They had enough money saved up. There would be no problems if he went abroad for a year.

"Pan Zhan, you have money, so you give it to him. Don't let him rob me and your grandmother again; we're old and don't have money!"

Pan Zhan was the most exaggerated in his laughter. Who would have guessed that Grandpa's comments would transfer the target to him? Pan Zhan roared in his heart: Grandpa, even if I had a mountain of riches, your youngest grandson will hollow it out. He's a thief who spends his days dreaming out new ways to rob people.

"I'll find Tian Yuan a house where he can live comfortably, travel easily, and there are no bad people in the neighborhood, okay?"

Pan Lei pondered for a moment.

"It should have two bedrooms, one living room, and a separate bathroom, preferably in a modern apartment building. It's better to have a modest two-story western-style house with a garden downstairs if it's an independent property."

Can you have some shame, Pan Lei? You should quit while you're ahead.

Pan Zhan was helpless. After all, he was the eldest brother, and he would handle it as requested.

Pan Lei turned to face Pan Ge.

Pan Ge grinned. Pan Lei had robbed Eldest Brother and couldn't bear the thought of letting Second Brother go. This was Pan Lei's style.

"I'll give you a red envelope if you kowtow to me. I guarantee that the pocket money will be significantly more than what he'll spend in a year."

People of the same generation will not bow down to one another. Pan Ge was taking advantage of the situation.

Pan Lei was resourceful. He turned around and kowtowed again.

"Grandma, I wish you to be like a pine on the top of Mount Tai and live for a thousand years."

Grandpa Pan was preparing to get his cane in order to beat Pan Ge.

Grandma Pan was someone who would be happy and give red envelopes as long as he kowtowed.

Only two of the large stack of red envelopes remained. LingSi'er had the impression that things were not going well. Her little uncle and aunt would grab all the red envelopes, leaving none for her.

"Wah~~" LingSi'er burst into tears.

"Little Uncle is a baddie; he stole all the red envelopes!"

Everyone was caught between laughter and tears as the child sobbed. Is this a case of Pan Lei robbing a child?

"Pan Ge, hurry up and give these two little bandits your red envelope!"

Who could defy Grandpa Pan's command? "Okay, okay, grandpa, at once," Pan Ge promised readily. "I'll hand over the bank card right away."

Tian Yuan was dragged to his feet by Pan Lei. Everything's fixed. Living expenses, accommodation, food and drink. Everything was in order.

"Wow! After a long time of following a bandit, no matter how decent a person is, he will become a bandit. Tian Yuan is such a good guy yet he now refuses to stop Pan Lei. He'll rob alongside him."

This was necessary. The purpose of robbing was to obtain benefits for their small family.


[1] A 2010 drama about the trials and tribulations of protagonist Tie Lihua, who is forced to marry a Kuomintang aka national party general.


It looks like the next arc will have TY going abroad. Also, side CP alert!

I hope you liked reading this month's 12 chapters. I've gotten back on track! Yay!

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 160

Chapter 160 Dad’s gift is the best

What a backache-inducing shopping mall visit this was! Tian Yuan admired women's purchasing power greatly. He couldn't believe Dean Dang Hong and Mother Tian were trying to grab peanut oil from a crowd of middle-aged and elderly women.

Pan Lei couldn't stand it any longer as he stood outside the supermarket. Could someone possibly tell him what drove these women to battle so ferociously for small gains? They all ran up, just short of shouting and killing, to grab a few bottles, whether she was the dean of the Armed Police Hospital or an old retired teacher at home. How much money can they possibly save?!

We should let these women run over to the Japs like this. They'll scare the shit out of them, and we'll defeat the Japanese devils exactly like Grandpa wishes.

"We should walk outside and wait. This is far too thrilling."

All of the men had retreated a long distance. No one dared to enter the fray after seeing this bunch of middle-aged and elderly women battling with glinting eyes.

Tian Yuan wanted to go out and wait in the car as well, but the group of middle-aged and older women was too intimidating. He was concerned that they would shove their mothers out of the way, resulting in sprained ankles.

Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei after seeing his mother-in-law, who didn't go to the market very often, being pushed out.

"Go get them out."

Pan Lei's mouth dropped open wider than if he had choked on an egg. I have to go in?! He, a young and vigorous special forces instructor, tall and strong, had to fight over something with a bunch of middle-aged and old women? Someone, please kill me. This devaluation is too much! Everyone is going to despise me.

"Just go, will you. Grab two barrels of peanut oil with your left hand, and drag the two old ladies out with your right hand."

It was no problem to ask him to go to the battlefield. There was no issue apprehending drug lords in Myanmar's drug zone. But there was a difficulty here. He'd be cursed at by a gathering of middle-aged and old women, and he'd have to cover his head and scurry like a rat!

Tian Yuan suppressed a smile. His face looked solemn, but the corners of his mouth twitched slightly.

"Go quickly and complete the glorious task that has been assigned to you. Do it in thirty seconds, then quickly turn around and drive home."

Kill me! God, oh god, this mission is so hard to do!

"Oh, baby, at the very least get me some headgear. The sort that can be used to conceal the nose and face."

"Hurry up and go! And see that our mothers are not hurt."

Pan Lei had little option as Tian Yuan shoved him in. His eyes narrowed as he thought, Forget it. His face was so thick that even a drill bit couldn't get through.

He dashed over, grabbed two barrels of peanut oil in one hand, reached over and grabbed his mother-in-law, and hauled her out before dragging his mother. He rushed up and ran before this gathering of middle-aged and older women could rage.

Pity him, a special forces instructor who had to compete with a swarm of aunties for promotional goods.

Tian Yuan hurried up to meet him and took the peanut oil to check out, while Pan Lei dragged his two mothers into the car swiftly so he didn't make an exhibition of himself. Or, if the two husbands worked well together, even if he lost face, he'd be losing face jointly.

Tian Yuan returned, huffing and puffing as he held the oil in his hands.

"Run for it! An old lady is chasing after me, scolding us for not knowing how to cherish the elderly and respect the worthy."

Everyone burst into loud laughter. This shopping trip was a lot of fun. The two mothers-in-law may be thought to have found a common topic: buy so and so to save so and so, and suggestions on how many test samples were required for skin care products.

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan glanced at each other, helplessly smiling. They were powerless to stop it. Sons should be filial to their mothers in this manner. Shopping with them and hearing their mothers happily remark about how they saved a few bucks.

Tian Yuan's bank card had maxed out. This shopping trip was quite damaging. QAQ

Let it be. I was able to buy gifts for everyone, including LingSi'er. I can't miss buying a gift for the youngest family member just because the child keeps calling me little aunt all day.

Grandma Pan received an especially lovely brooch. Dang Hong liked a light tan cashmere dress, so they purchased four pairs at once. Mother Tian and the amazing ladies were all the same. If the four ladies wore the same outfit, they would appear to be four sisters.

Tian Yuan gave each of the four female seniors a magnificent brooch with a unique shape.

When Pan Zhan arrived with his wife and daughter and saw his four elders wearing the same clothing and competing for beauty, he hastily took his wife to the mall and purchased four shawls of different colors. The female elders praised him for giving Grandma Pan a mink fur shawl.

Pan Ge arrived late and noticed that, with the exception of him, all of the juniors had presented gifts. Okay, then! I'd better get a pair of shoes for each female elder.

As a result, Pan Ge accompanied them back to the mall, where they each chose a pair of shoes as his New Year's gift to express his filial piety.

These older charming beauties looked stunning after changing into the same outfit, adding a shawl, a brooch, and matching shoes. They even went out to show off once, which drew a lot of jealousy and resentment.

In the military compound, the Pans became the family with the most laughter, the most people, and the most happiness.

Isn't the year coming to an end as well? Come on everyone, get some loose change, and let's play some mahjong.

They even neglected to eat. Father and Mother Tian gladly joined them, calling on the neighboring political commissar's family and so on, playing mahjong, and enjoying dinner before retiring late at night.

Tian Yuan was finally free of all anxieties. He went to work cheerfully, knowing that when the time came, Pan Lei would pick him up and bring him back to the courtyard. The old and the young gathered around, and as he saw their happy family laugh and play, he would foolishly smile and grip the hand of the man next him tightly. Everything is great. Please let our family be joyful like this forever.

Tian Yuan looked at Pan Lei, who grinned back.

It's all good.

Every day was a blur of noise and excitement. Despite the fact that there was less time for the two to be alone, it felt fantastic.

When they got back to their room, they'd hug each other tight and whisper in the quilt. Tian Yuan nestled on Pan Lei's arm and listened to his heartbeat. Even if he had to jog every morning, he hoped their days would be like this forever.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, seemed a bit downcast. Tian Yuan planned to travel abroad after the New Year. In the last few days, he went to the hospital to finish the last bit of work, filed his resignation letter, and had it approved by the hospital.

Sigh. A year is such a long time. He hasn’t left yet, but I'm missing him already. This is bad.

There is a connection between a father and his son. With Pan Lei's gaze fixed on Tian Yuan and pursuing him all day, how could Papa Pan miss what that meant?

Papa Pan summoned Pan Lei to the study discreetly.

"What's the matter, son? Why do you appear to be unhappy when the rest of the family appears to be having a good time?"

Pan Lei took out a cigarette and searched his pockets for a lighter for quite some time. He yelled to the outside as he opened the couplet plastered door.

"Tian'er, baby..."

LingSi'er came prancing over. Her great grandparents, as well as all the other grandpas and grandmas, referred to her as "baby." She raced over, her pigtails bouncing, thinking Pan Lei was beckoning her.

"Why did you call me, Little Uncle?"

"Go play on the side. Don't come running the next time I yell out "baby." I'm calling your Little Aunt."

Tian Yuan was indeed standing outside the door. Pan Lei raising his neck and shouting "Baby!" could only imply one thing: he wanted to smoke but couldn't find his lighter.

Pan Lei could now say whatever cheesy things he pleased, regardless of who was there. He was still shouting, 'baby', even when his mother-in-law, aunts, mother, and sister-in-law were all present. Tian Yuan flushed the first few times and felt embarrassed, but was it of any use? After Pan Lei called him baby five or six times a day in front of everyone, his face thickened over time.

When Pan Lei called him baby, he would occasionally respond involuntarily. Those that are close to cinnabar turn red, while those that are close to ink turn black[1]. After spending so much time with such a thick-skinned man, his own skin had also thickened.

"Isn’t it better to have the lighter yourself?"

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan as he lit him up.

"I call you whenever I want to smoke so you know how many times a day I want to smoke. Don't you know I enjoy listening to you nag me about smoking less?"

Tian Yuan didn't have the heart to reprimand him any longer, so he accompanied LingSi'er to play. Little LingSi'er was hurt. Seriously injured.

"Little Aunt, am I not a baby? Dad said that I’m also a baby."

"Don't listen to your little uncle; he's shameless. LingSi’er is the best baby ever."

Papa Pan chuckled. My son and son-in-law's feelings are quite good. They keep playing around. It’s really a bit cruel to separate such an affectionate young couple.

"How can I be happy when I think about him studying overseas for a year? Dad, being an army family member, my mother followed you around all the time. We are different. He wants to be a good doctor, which is wonderful, but we don't have much time together to begin with. I hate the thought of being separated for another year."

Papa Pan was in the same boat. They were apart for a long period when Dang Hong went to school. He couldn't join his wife because there were a lot of things to take off in the military region at the time.

"If I were an ordinary person, if I didn't wear this uniform, I'd go abroad with him for a year and then return together. But I'm not Zhang Hui, Lin Mu, or Huang Kai, so I can't just leave whenever I want."

When soldiers traveled abroad, they had to submit their applications ahead of time, which were then reviewed and authorized at all levels. The final approval took several months to obtain. This document required time, but missing your loved one did not.

Pan Lei's head drooped. He was dejected and helpless, and he even considered removing his military uniform and joining Tian Yuan right away. Alas, love blinds people.

Papa Pan smiled, looking like a thief.

"You must thank your mom and me for this, son. We understand the misery of missing and being apart from your lover, therefore I discussed it with your mother and gave you a little back door."

Papa Pan pulled open a drawer and displayed a piece of paper. His demeanor was mysterious and flamboyant, as if he were teasing a child.

Pan Lei's eyes glowed. Is it a special amnesty? A gold medal to clear customs?

"I know being separated in two places will be difficult for you as a couple this year. Your feelings are strong, and a year apart will be agony for both of you. So, I discussed this with the leaders of your military zone and obtained this piece of paper from the chief of the logistical department. You can travel overseas once a month with the signatures of these individuals. You can remain for up to a week at a time. This is a particular exception for the special forces; otherwise, if you want to go overseas for a week, you must request for permission at least three to four months in advance, and you may still be denied. This is a one-of-a-kind pass for you. Are you happy now? He'll be gone for a year, and you'll be able to see him twelve times, just like now."

Ordinarily, he might not be able to return every month, and each time he did, he stayed for a week. This pass was similar to a special waist tag in ancient times, a waist tag for entering and leaving the palace at will!

He was a special forces instructor. Could he freely travel abroad given his extraordinary identity?

There is a saying that having an elder in your home is like having a treasure[2]. There were a lot of seniors in the Pan family, which meant there were a lot of riches! This was, without a doubt, the biggest surprise. Tian Yuan would be away for a year, but he could see him twelve times, each time for a week!

Pan Lei whooped and rushed over to his father, tightly hugging him.

"I love you so much, Dad."


[1] Idiom: nurture shapes a person's character; different environments provide different influences.

[2] Living with your parents/elders can provide benefits, not financially, but because they have more experience and can advise you on certain aspects of life. Pan Lei, however, appears to have taken it literally.😆


Poor LingSi’er!😂

It's good to be wealthy. Twelve international trips in a year?! 😵Wow

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IHSC - Chapter 53

Chapter 53 Sailor Moon

The man outside the door continued to ring the doorbell. It appeared he would keep pressing it until they opened the door.

The shrill doorbell sounded repeatedly.

The two scum with barely five combat power[1] trembled and huddled together inside the door.

"Brother, brother...Do you think this looks like The Ring[2]?" Bai Yu’s teeth clattered.

Wang Xiaomie was silent for a minute as he peered out the window at the pitch-black night and the doorbell ringing ceaselessly at the door.

Stop talking! Shit, it's really quite similar.

"...Let's go upstairs and hide. We just need to hold out until Fengjin comes back!" Wang Xiaomie lowered his voice and murmured to Bai Yu, "Go, be quiet."

Bai Yu nodded fervently, and the two crouched behind the sofa, cautiously moving towards the stairs. The harsh doorbell abruptly ceased ringing at this point.

When the large room suddenly quieted down, Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu froze in place and glanced at each other.

Da Bai swallowed and turned to face Wang Xiaomie, asking, "Why didn't he keep pressing it...is it possible that he left?"

"I don't think that’s possible." Wang Xiaomie straightened up slightly and glanced at the porch, "Wait a minute! This thing won’t come in, right?!"

"F*ck, don't scare me!" Bai Yu's usually dark complexion turned pale with fear as he glanced back and forth with wide black eyes after hearing what was spoken. He could likely scare himself to death without even waiting for the monster to come in.

While checking the room, Wang Xiaomie consoled him: "Don't you know how to refine weapons? You've also tracked others. You have no need to be terrified of a monster!"

"I wasn't scared before because I thought I could beat him," Bai Yu muttered.

Wang Xiaomie, who had looked around but had not found anyone, heard this and shrank back to inquire, "What about now?"

The dark and swarthy Bai Yu admitted honestly, "Now I think I thought too much."


Wang Xiaomie was speechless. The corners of his mouth twitched as he sat with his back to the sofa, not daring to move. Bai Yu huddled up to the side as well.

'Knock, knock, knock.'

'Knock, knock, knock.'

"Da Bai, can you stop trembling? Your feet are shaking like pile driving," Wang Xiaomie said, turning his head.

"I'm not trembling," Bai Yu said, perplexed.

Wang Xiaomie: "You say you're not trembling, so what's that pounding sound?"

Bai Yu: "You are trembling?"

Wang Xiaomie glared at him: "Nonsense! Even if I tremble, my slippers can't create this sound."

"But, I'm also wearing slippers!"


When they looked at one another, they could see the panic in each other's eyes. "If it's not you or me, who is it? Could it be..."

'Knock, knock, knock.'

'Knock, knock, knock.'

When he heard the sound so close by, Bai Yu almost burst into tears. Wang Xiaomie's expression changed dramatically as well. He listened intently for a time and discovered that the sound was coming from the French window opposite the sofa in the living room.

Wang Xiaomie extended his hand and poked Bai Yu next to him, gesturing, 'It's the French window over there - let's take a look together-'

Bai Yu nodded with pallid lips; Wang Xiaomie counted softly, "1~2~3!"

Two heads, one black and one white, popped out from behind the sofa to peer out the French window. When they noticed a grinning man in home-wear staring at them and knocking on the glass with a bent finger, their hair 'raised' and a film of cold sweat appeared on their backs!

"F*ck, f*ck, f*ck!!!"

Bai Yu screamed and drew Wang Xiaomie behind the sofa. Wang Xiaomie's heart was pounding as he gasped in shock.

"Why hasn't Boss Wen returned yet——!" Bai Yu wanted to cry but had no tears as he stared at Wang Xiaomie. "Brother, you are a good person. The other party is out to get me. I'll open the door and rush out in a moment. You, you flee to the second floor and hide. I'll eat the steak you cooked in the next life."

Wang Xiaomie had not expected the cowardly Bai Yu to be courageous at this moment. His loyalty touched him, but when he heard that despite his anxiety, this chap didn't forget they were eating steak tonight, he couldn't help but laugh.

Wang Xiaomie had this problem. The more nervous he was, the more terrified he was, the lower his bar for humor would be, so he couldn't help but laugh out loud. The pressure was relieved significantly after laughing.

He patted Da Bai on the shoulder: "Don't worry, we're not going to die. Think of what happened to that girl's affair yesterday. Didn't we come out on top? So, your weapon is on the first floor, and my dagger is on the second. Let's rush to our rooms and then come downstairs to kill this sonofabit*h!"

Moreover, Wen Fengjin would return in five minutes. No matter how, they had to brace themselves until that moment.

Bai Yu wiped the cold sweat from his brow and nodded emphatically: "OK!"

They quietly changed their positions after nodding at each other, ready to leap out at any minute, but then a blood-curdling screech erupted from outside the window!

Then came the dull and violent sound of combat!

Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu's eyes lit up as they heard the sound: could it be that Wen Fengjin had returned?

The two slowly stretched their heads outside, only to discover that the man outside the French window had vanished. Wang Xiaomie hesitated before saying, "Wait for me here, I'll take a look."

After speaking, he picked up the little teapot next to the sofa and was about to go over, but Bai Yu grabbed him and said, "Brother, don't go, I'll go first! If there is anything, I can run faster than you."

But I'm immortal! Do you have an endless 'save file'? You will be thoroughly dead once you die.

However, sensing Da Bai's determination, Wang Xiaomie could only answer, "Let's go together, it'll be safer."


So the two of them, one holding a teapot and the other a vase, walked softly towards the French window, twisting their 'weapons' in their hands. The sound of the struggle progressively became clearer, while at the position outside the window where the man had stood a minute before was a pool of a black paint-like substance, most likely blood.

The battle appeared to be taking place in the villa's courtyard. Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu were almost dumbfounded when they stuck their noses to the French window and gazed over at the people fighting together.

 After a while.

Wang Xiaomie rubbed his eyes and questioned Bai Yu blankly: "Is it possible that I'm going blind? Why do I think I've seen Sailor Moon?"

Bai Yu's throat bobbed as he foolishly stated, "I haven't seen the Sailor Moon animated series... But if you call the girl wearing a blue and white short skirt with golden double ponytails, a moon headband on her head, and a blood-stained magic wand in her hand knocking hard on people's heads Sailor Moon, then yeah..."



Wang Xiaomie buried his face in his hands. It’s really Sailor Moon! What a strange Sailor Moon! What Day is it today? Tandem Play?

Shouldn't it be some Lin Daozhang[3] or Mao Daozhang who defeats this type of zongzi? I know costumes are expensive, but did you have to cosplay as Sailor Moon to tease us?

And it's a f*cking manic version, too? Is it fun to have blood flying into the air with the ponytail? Are you using Sailor Moon's magic wand as a brick wheel?!

That ferocious-looking man had been beaten and had vomited blood!

"Ahhh - I'm going to kill you - ah ah ah!" The ferocious-looking man on the ground, his skin and meridians exposed, struggled frantically. The man had scarcely finished threatening when he was repeatedly pounded into miserable shrieks by 'Sailor Moon's' staff, who was expressionless yet was unusually savage.

A small pool of blood had formed on the ground.

The dull thumping sound made one feel the same pain.

Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu couldn't help but frown. They couldn't bear looking straight at the sight and covered their eyes with their palms, peeking between their fingers.

And it was clear that it was a one-sided thrashing.

The strange and beautiful girl was clearly far more powerful than the freakish man. The man or monster on the ground soon ceased to move, and she shook off the blood on the magic wand. Her sweet face and her entirely indifferent demeanor as she stood up did not match at all. Her attractive eyes met Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu coldly, and she moved over without saying anything.

When Wang Xiaomie noticed the viscous black liquid running down from the somewhat childish magic wand, he quickly pulled Bai Yu and took a step back.

Ghosts knew what this strangely dressed but ruthless 'Sailor Moon' who appeared at the house door in the middle of the night would do!

Bai Yu recovered his senses as he glanced at the girl who was slowly approaching them, backing away uneasily while warning with complete lack of confidence.

"What, what are you doing?! I warn you: don't think because you're a girl that I won't strike you!"

'Sailor Moon' on the opposite side froze for a moment and then stopped, just as Wang Xiaomie was about to say, 'It would be great if they didn't beat us up.'

Wang Xiaomie: Huh?! Did it really work?!

"F*ck, is my domineering aura already so awesome?" Bai Yu was clearly surprised as well, and he laughed a bit smugly.

The puppet-like blank 'Sailor Moon' opposite them shuddered from head to toe before he could finish being complacent.

Her appearance startled Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu. Wang Xiaomie frowned and hesitantly called out to her: "Hey, little girl, are you alright? Hello?"

"She can't be hurt or sick, can she?" Bai Yu was nervous as well: "You know what? Even touching porcelain[4] don’t play like this!"

"Why don't we go see her?" Wang Xiaomie expressed this.

"But, what if she's a bad person?" An ordinary human couldn't possibly have beaten that monster into this state, could they? Bai Yu looked at Wang Xiaomie with some hesitation.

But before they could reach a decision, the lovely girl collapsed to her knees with a thud, right in front of Wang Xiaomie.

Wang Xiaomie: ...Aiqing[5], please rise. I don't have a red envelope.

They noticed Wen Fengjin standing behind the 'beautiful girl' and lightly raising his right hand when she half-knelt down.

Wen Fengjin grasped the shopping bag in one hand, the fingertips of the other slightly curled, and the red pattern on his glabella became even more vivid due to his black attire and silver hair, while his deep pupils flashed crimson and gloomy.

The pretty girl on the ground embraced her body even harder in pain when his lifted hand moved slightly. The unseen wind stirred, and the difficult-to-breathe atmosphere reminded Wang Xiaomie of Wen Fengjin's dealings with Yan Chun and the others in the underground palace.

"Xiao Wenzi!"

"Boss Wen!"

When Wang Xiaomie spotted Wen Fengjin, he immediately felt relieved, and his face brightened up with joy. Wen Fengjin, on the other hand, shook his head just as Bai Yu was ready to go outside.

"Is the thing on the ground yours?" he asked, turning his head to look at the corner where the darkness was not illuminated by the dim light.

Something moved in the shadows and gradually materialized in their line of sight.

It was a man with a long braid and jacket in his early years. He appeared to be under thirty years old, with a young and attractive appearance, like a gentle scholar from a distinguished family. His dark hair, however, was peppered with gray, like people in their 50s and 60s.

With his hands clasped behind his back, the corners of his mouth perked up slightly. His long, narrow eyes should have given him the appearance of a fox, but he looked gentle.

"I'm sorry, I'm sorry. Guys, don't be angry. I'm also a 'craftsman,' and this foolish child in my family has been following this zombie for quite some time." He cupped his hands in greeting to Wen Fengjin: "For the sake of saving those two, please spare my child."

This man possessed a maturity and stability that belied his appearance, like an aloof self-cultivating elderly sage. His smile appeared genuine, and his voice was sincere enough that it was difficult to be upset by him.

A great pressure and powerful force slammed past him just as he finished speaking. It could instantly crush a person's internal organs and send him to the hospital, yet the man standing opposite did not even change his smile, remaining in the hands cupped posture.

"Save?" Wen Fengjin gave him a half-smile and let go of the hand that was controlling the strange female on the ground. "You can take her away, but the only thing you can bring back the next time I see her 'saving' anything from here is her head."

"I will absolutely keep it in mind," the man nodded and said as he straightened up, his demeanor unaffected.

The man lowered his hands after speaking, the smile on his serene and intelligent face faded, and he walked to the girl's side. With one hand, he picked up the girl who was lying still on the ground and held her in his arms as if she were his daughter.

He also tapped the tip of the young lady's nose. "Let's see if you're still naughty and proud. You've been taught a lesson, haven’t you?"

He appeared to be reprimanding, but his tone was quite soft. He straightened up and was about to leave with the child in his arms when he caught sight of the person on the other side of the glass window.

The man's face seemed astonished, and his slender eyes widened slightly. He seemed to take two unintentional steps forward, his forehead brushing against the glass.

He instantly came to a halt, however, as a slow-moving line of blood emerged on his white neck, a little scarlet oozing out from the inside and staining the jacket's collar.

"Take your eyes off him," Wen Fengjin said from behind him. "That belongs to me," his eerie voice crept into the two men's ears.

"I've truly—offended." The man curled his fingers, took a step back, and resumed his friendly and cheerful demeanor.

"However, you have a really good collection. That is to say, he may run into a little trouble. I've dealt with similar situations before, so you can come to me at any time if you need help."

The man carefully placed a business card on the ground after tapping his shoulder with his finger.

"Then, see you later."

The man in the jacket who was holding the strange girl disappeared outside the villa.

Sharpened fingers twirled the card on the ground after finally regaining calm.

Wang Xiaomie jumped atop Wen Fengjin after opening the French window. He hurriedly recounted the thrilling scenario that had just occurred, while Bai Yu breathed a sigh of relief and replaced the vase.

The other side.

A handsome man with graying hair in a braid and wearing a jacket strolled down the silent road, holding a girl in his arms.

He supported the girl who was slipping again, smiled affectionately at the person in his arms, and asked, "Isn't he wonderful? Even better than the visitor we had?"

"Did you also disobey my orders because of him?"


"You can't do this again. We can’t afford to offend the person beside him."


"Okay, okay, don't be grumpy. Soon..."

The man raised his head to gaze at the moon hanging in the dark night sky.

"He’ll definitely come looking for me..."


[1] A Dragon Ball reference. It means they're terrible at fighting.

[2] A 1998 Japanese suspense thriller film based on Suzuki Koji's suspenseful science fiction novel "The Ring."

[3] Daoist/Taoist priest.

[4] Refers to a widespread fraud in PRC involving deliberately crashing cars and then demanding compensation.

[5] The Emperor's term for his subjects. It basically means, "My dear officials." During the Song dynasty, aiqing was a word used to describe a brothel woman. I'll leave it up to you to figure out which one Xiaomie means. Personally, I feel he is using "dear official."


A new character! What do you think, guys? Friend or foe? He's a craftsman, so perhaps he's Bai Yu's future shifu?🤔


April 23, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 159

Chapter 159 Making the two mothers happy

Tian Yuan was depressed, really depressed; so depressed that he couldn't sleep.

The elders were all asleep, and the lights in every room were turned off, because the older generation had spent the entire night playing mahjong the night before. Only this young pair had not yet drawn the curtains or shut off the lights.

Tian Yuan's stomach was a little queasy, and the prospect of having to run the next day gave him a stomachache. His stomach hurt even more when he remembered his mother's and mother-in-law's fighting abilities. He almost dashed out the door, thinking about his hill-like dinner bowl.

Pan Lei was also uneasy. He sat next to Tian Yuan and touched his cheek, very concerned by the bitterness on his face. Damn, he's suffering. It's the New Year, and I've allowed him to be unhappy. Maybe we should just go back to the barracks and celebrate the New Year there.

"I'm going to take you to the hospital. I don't want a sudden flare-up of gastritis. You've always been conscious of what, when, and how much you eat. You can't handle eating so much all at once, and it'll be bad if it creates any problems. Let's go right away."

When Pan Lei observed Tian Yuan's bitter expression, his too rich imagination took flight, praying that he would stop hurting right away. He stood up to change his clothing and get his car keys.

Tian Yuan knew himself and understood that this was a mental issue. It was simply a reflex of his own body. He grabbed Pan Lei's arm and wouldn't let go.

"Come back. I'm not in pain anymore. Let’s go to sleep. We have to go jogging tomorrow."

"I'd better ask my mother to examine you. There must be a wide range of medications available at home. Let my mother administer an injection to you."

"Have you seen the time?! Come here and relax. Let’s go to bed, alright?"

What he needed was relaxation and comfort. No drugs would be of any assistance.

Pan Lei had no choice but to listen to him. He stripped naked, climbed into bed, rested against the headboard, and held Tian Yuan in his arms. Tian Yuan leaned lazily in his arms, his back on Pan Lei's chest. Pan Lei unbuttoned Tian Yuan’s pajamas, placed his hand on his stomach, and gently rubbed it.

"Isn't tomorrow simply jogging? Don't get out of bed in the morning. I'll inform Grandpa that you have a stomach ache and are unable to get up. Grandpa isn't going to whip you."

"Who dares to resist grandpa, eh?"

"Actually, it's okay to go. You run half a lap first, and I'll finish the rest for you. It’ll be fine as long as you don't goof off in front of Grandpa."

Pan Lei nipped his ear and patted him on the head.

"All right, this is settled. Then there's the issue of our two lovely and mighty mothers."

Tian Yuan groaned. He was powerless to stop those two ladies.

"It's simple to do. I'll accompany your mother in the morning, and you'll accompany mine; we'll go with them on a stroll. You'll talk to your mother in the afternoon, and I'll talk to mine. We'll do something together in the evening. Just don't leave them alone with each other. They're both educated. It's not like they're going to tear each other's clothes or grab each other's hair and fight like shrews. Oh, that's right! Let's take them to the mall. We'll purchase new clothes for the New Year, and we'll buy identical outfits to avoid bias. Tian'er, it's just that you'll have to spend a lot of money as a son. Do you have your bank card with you? I gifted you money for the new year and transferred it to your bank card. With this money, we can make the entire family happy. We'll go all out on New Year's Eve to wish Grandpa and Grandma a happy new year. When they’re happy, the red envelopes will naturally be generous, and we’ll be able to recover some of our losses."

Tian Yuan couldn’t think of a better idea and could only agree with Pan Lei’s plan.

After talking and knowing the countermeasures, Tian Yuan's stomach didn't hurt as much anymore. He leaned back against Pan Lei and began to doze off.

Pan Lei extended his arm and switched off the lights. The last lamp in the military compound had gone out.

However, this did not imply that everyone had fallen asleep. Tian Yuan's parents were staying in a wing room, and they couldn't sleep after a long night of tossing and turning. The elderly couple sighed in unison: forget it, forget it. Their son was grown and they were staying with their in-laws. What could they possibly say? It is what it is.

Grandpa Pan blew a short whistle in good spirits at six o'clock, before the sun had even risen. The lights in all of the rooms suddenly turned on, and everyone in the rooms began to move. Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan outside and ran. He buttoned his shirt and tied his shoelaces. When the cold wind blew, Tian Yuan shivered and awoke.

The last time he was a spectator. The Pan men ran and he followed the old man as a supervisor. When he arrived at the military complex this time, Grandpa Pan informed him that he would also have to jog. That is to say, he was unlucky this time and couldn't merely saunter.

The Pan men, with the exception of Pan Zhan and Pan Ge, were all present. The activities in the courtyard jolted the Tian couple awake. When they got up to see what was going on, they noticed that everyone was standing at attention. It was merely that their son stood a bit awkwardly...

Grandpa Pan was very pleased.

"In consideration of Tian Yuan, you’ll run five kilometers today and won't carry any weight."

The Pan men saluted, turned around, and began running.

Running five kilometers is a piece of cake. The old man is quite gentle today ah.

"Grandpa, Tian'er had stomach problems due to overeating yesterday, so let him run one kilometer today and I'll run the remainder for him, okay?"

"Okay. Let’s go! The young man should get more exercise. Tian Yuan, you can return after running a kilometer."

Tian Yuan readily agreed. Hehe, Grandpa loves this grandson the most.

He'd run with the recruits before, so he figured he'd be able to finish the run easily and went for a run gleefully.

This time, Grandpa replaced him with Father Tian as the supervisor.

Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan in a circle after evading the old man's surveillance range.

"You sneak home from here by the back door, and when Grandpa returns, you pretend you've finished running."

Wow, he loves me so much. Tian Yuan had barely begun when he realized he didn’t need to run anymore. He realized they were alone and wrapped his arms around Pan Lei’s neck to give a big, loud kiss.

He waved his hand and sneaked away.

It's nice to have someone to cover for you.

Grandpa Pan and Father Tian chatted while walking, and Tian Yuan went around them in a circle, coming home through the back door.

Tian Yuan laughed mischievously when Dang Hong booped his nose.

"Let's go shopping after breakfast, Mom. Yesterday, I had a discussion with Pan Lei. It's the New Year, so we should buy some New Year's gifts for our elders as sons."

Dang Hong gave a nod.

"Okay. I promised to get you some new clothes, so let's go shopping today."

Everyone got ready to head out after breakfast. The males, of course, were not going. Pan Lei was, because, as his mother put it, "you're such a tall, grown-up man! Do you want us old ladies to carry things? Come with us and carry our bags."

The young couple proceeded to change their clothing in their room. Tian Yuan put on a white turtleneck sweater, while Pan Lei put on a black turtleneck sweater. They were both dressed in the same short jacket and jeans. Tian Yuan appeared very gentle in white. In Pan Lei's eyes, he was like the teddy bears that girls liked. So cute! Pan Lei hugged and kissed him several times before letting go.

Couple outfits! They wore couple outfits and just swaggered into the shopping mall.

Dang Hong took her in-law's hand in hers and readily addressed her as "Elder sister."

Pan Lei clasped Tian Yuan's hand in his and followed after them. There were a lot of people, but they walked hand-in-hand into the mall with their mothers. Anyone who wished to watch them was welcome to do so.

"Look at these two youngsters, elder sister, they are so sweet. In fact, love is a private matter between the two of them. But because they want to be together for the rest of their lives, it becomes an issue of two families uniting. Our two families have reached an agreement, and the children are also free and happy. Look how Tian Yuan is smiling with delight. My Leizi is more than just a bandit; he is really good to Tian Yuan."

Finally, Mother Tian nodded.

"As long as the children are loving."

Dang Hong smiled and patted Mother Tian's hand.

"That's correct. Come, let's go get some clothes."

Mother Tian's heart's sore spots had all been soothed, and there was no longer any need to compete. Mothers are all the same, and their way of loving their children is likewise the same; the only difference is the style of teaching. The Pan family's parenting approach was free-range, whereas the Tian family’s was confined.

Dang Hong had promised to buy Tian Yuan clothes, and stated that she would dress up her son-in-law.

The gang arrived at a store selling men's apparel. Dang Hong chose a knee-length beige coat with a belt.

Tian Yuan was slender, and black made him appear cold and gloomy. The beige one was popular and also made him appear warm, which suited his nature.

Tian Yuan had no choice but to go in with his clothing when Mama Pan told him to try it.

Mother Tian picked a long black coat and handed it to Pan Lei. Her gaze was no longer hostile or evasive. She looked at Pan Lei with the expression of a mother.

"Try this."

Pan Lei was a little bewildered. Is it possible that my mother-in-law is going to give me a gift for the first time?

Dang Hong nodded at him, and Pan Lei grabbed his clothing and entered the changing room, the same place Tian Yuan had entered. Tian Yuan was undressing when he went in and quickly shut the door.

How large can a dressing room be? It was naturally cramped with two men standing in it.

"Get out! Why are you huddling and changing clothes here?"

Pan Lei couldn't contain his excitement and hugged Tian Yuan tightly.

"Baby, pinch me. I want to see if I'm dreaming. My mother-in-law, my mother-in-law wants to buy me clothes! I can't believe it!"

For a brief moment, Tian Yuan was stunned. He stopped struggling and hugged Pan Lei fiercely, his heart completely relieved. His parents would not argue or be unhappy. His parents had truly forgiven them and accepted the fact that they were together. Treating the man he loved as though he were their own son was a subtle way of expressing their acceptance.

This is fantastic. Our relationship is now complete. Your parents agree, as do my parents; your relatives agree, as do mine. There is no discrimination, and no one is upset. It was a hard-won mutual love.

There was no impediment that couldn't be overcome, and even the most difficult-to-agree parents were no longer an issue.

Someone was carrying clothes to the dressing room from outside. Dang Hong and Mother Tian reached out to block that person's approach to the dressing room before the attendant could even open their mouth to stop him.

"Sorry, mister. My sons are changing inside. Please go to the dressing room next door."

That man seemed baffled.

"Whose son is he? One person has two mothers?!"

Yes, he has two mothers. Both mother and mother-in-law are mothers, aren’t they? {T/N: aww}

Finally, the lovey-dovey couple emerged from the room.

Mother Tian straightened her son's collar and tugged Pan Lei's sleeves as they stood in front of the mirror together.

"My sons are so handsome."


I cried happy tears at the end of the chapter. Mother Tian has come a long way.

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