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IDYTRAA - Chapter 137

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Chapter 137 Doctor Tian, ​​are you alright?

Tian Yuan left the dorm room after four o'clock in the afternoon, but he had actually awoken at midday and lay on the bed. Pan Lei took his food into the room, gave him a massage, and rambled on for what seemed like an eternity. Tian Yuan came up to the window after Pan Lei had left to observe the commando training.

Aren’t many of them about to retire? Why is the training still so intense?

He struggled to fold the blanket into tofu cubes. He'd learnt it during his college's mandatory military training, but he thought that the quilt he was folding now was not square in shape. He examined the quilt's corners several times, fattening it up, but couldn't figure out why it didn't feel right. Forget it.

The bedsheets had been changed. Pan Lei stated yesterday that they would not get out of bed if the bedsheets were not soiled. When they eventually came to a halt, the sheets were drenched. Pan Lei's actions were always quick, and he'd changed the linens the night before. That pair of sheets was now put in the bathroom's small laundry basket, along with their dirty underwear.

Tian Yuan crouched down while supporting his waist to see if there were any stinky socks or shoes under the bed. It was spotless.

He'd gone through the wardrobe the day before and found no filthy clothes. Let's wash the sheets and underwear then.

What a shame he had to wash the bedsheets the next day after being pushed down for half the night and acting as a mattress the night before. Pan Lei had assured Tian Yuan that he didn't need to do it and that he'd wash the linens once he got back to the dorm in the evening. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, believed that Pan Lei was extremely busy every day and that he even had meetings after supper, leaving him with little free time. He'd wash the linens because he was idle. Tian Yuan soaked the sheets in a basin of water and rubbed them between his palms.

Underwear and other clothing could be hung to dry on the balcony. The bed sheets, however, were a touch too large to dry on the small balcony. Tian Yuan exited his dorm room to see where other people's clothes were drying.

White Head appeared to have returned to fetch something, and he was super excited on meeting Tian Yuan.

"Doctor Tian, are you alright?"

Looks like his spirit is not bad, and his complexion is also okay. But his movements are a little slow. In fact, his entire body looks sluggish. Those who'd been around the block could see and understand the three or four thumb-sized red marks on Tian Yuan's neck at a glance. They were, of course, hickeys.

Tian Yuan smiled and nodded at him: "I'm fine. What's going on?"

I believed you were devoured, gnawed, and torn apart by that wild wolf and couldn't get out of the room for three or four days, so I wanted to convey my condolences, White Head coughed a couple of times while silently cursing in his heart.

"Nothing, I didn't see you come into the cafeteria at noon to eat. Squadron Leader Pan mentioned that you weren't feeling well, so I asked."

I'm talking nonsense here but I'm afraid I won't be able to keep my mouth shut.

"Thank you for asking, Bai dage, but I'm fine. Oh, by the way, Pan Lei informed me that Bai dasao is ill. What's the matter with her? I'm a doctor. If I know anything about the patient's condition, I might be able to assist you."

"Oh, yeah! How could I have forgotten about this?! I was in a rush, and forgot this fact. She has stomach bleeding. I've been here a long time, and I'm just too tired to keep doing this. Do you have any suggestions, Doctor Tian?"

Tian Yuan frowned: "Has Bai dasao done a gastric angiography? Let me check the diagnosis, symptoms, and so on. Whether the ulcer is deep or shallow, this condition must be treated. Otherwise, please allow me to refer you to a specialist. We have a good friendship. You take saozi there for testing."

White Head felt very grateful. Dr. Tian is a decent man and a good doctor. He's a gentleman, which sets him apart from bandit soldiers like us. Squadron Leader Pan is a lucky b*sta*d to have duped him into getting together.

Tian Yuan went to dry the bed linens in a basket after finding a place where he could do so, and ran right into the deputy instructors who'd eavesdropped the night before. Tian Yuan smiled and nodded at them. They had weird expressions as they hurriedly said hello and fled at lightning speed.

What the hell happened? He wasn't some awful scourge. Why on earth were they avoiding him?

What did Pan Lei warn them about? Forget it. I'll wait for Pan Lei to come back and ask him.

"Motherf**ker, why did I recall last night’s affair as soon as I saw Dr. Tian?! How can a gentle and elegant doctor turn Squadron Leader Pan into a wild animal?"

One of the deputy instructors felt his wilding beating heart and thought it was unfathomable. He remembered how Tian Yuan was gasping and groaning last night, and his sultry voice that titillated the heart and soul, as soon as he saw him. No wonder Squadron Leader Pan adores him and hates parting with him! He is unquestionably top quality.

"Squadron Leader Pan, have a fulfilling sex life!"

This blessing was well received by the others. One eavesdropping session was enough for them to infer that he had a terrific sex life.

It was merely that they would have to walk with their necks lifted and their noses squeezed the next time they saw Dr. Tian. They would remember Dr. Tian's charming and seductive voice as long as they saw him after that night. It was too much for them to endure, and it caused them to experience severe internal heat!

Pan Lei walked over to Tian Yuan and rubbed his waist as he untied the belt around his waist in the dorm room.

"Does it still hurt?"

"It's okay. You’re done?"

"Yes, the day's training is over. I’m soooo tired."

Pan Lei sat at Tian Yuan's side, arching into his arms. Tian Yuan smiled and extended his arms to embrace him. Pan Lei was like a big kid in front of him, acting like a spoiled brat.

"I want to ask you, why won't the training stop as some people are retiring from the army and others wish to leave?"

"Because missions can occur at any time. It is just too risky to let up on the training. They must battle till the very end. They are commandos and must receive training as long as they do not remove their uniform, collar insignia, cap, and badge."

"It's just a few days."

"The veterans will be honored with a discharge ceremony the day after tomorrow. The new recruits will arrive in three days. I'll show you how I train the newly arrived commandos."

It turned out that the recruits would replace the veterans so fast. The soldiers were as tough as iron and as fluid as water, so the military camp was always in its youth. The old was replaced by the new. It was just that it was difficult to let go of battle companions. They were all the same, whether old or new: comrades-in-arms.

"In that case, I'm going to have an expert examine White Head's wife. Didn't you mention his wife is in bad shape? Besides, he has worked with you for a long time. I also know you have a sharp tongue but a tender heart, so you're just as concerned about him as I am. I believe his wife's ailment is grave. It is better to have a subtotal gastrectomy. The operation fee is a little high. I referred him to a doctor who specializes in this type of surgery. Can you assist him in any way? Just a little? He stays in the military camp all year and does not have much money saved."

Pan Lei rested his head on Tian Yuan's leg while they talked, and Tian Yuan stroked Pan Lei's hair. There was no one in the entire military camp who could compare to Pan Lei in terms of background. Although veterans received a discharge pay, it was insufficient to support a family with a seriously ill wife and a school-aged child.

"Why not, I've considered it myself. But I'm at a loss on what to do. Every man has dignity, you know. White Head would not have requested discharge from duty if he had not been obliged to do so by circumstances. If you give him money, he’ll undoubtedly end our friendship."

Tian Yuan rummaged through his pockets and pulled out a bank card with the password scribbled on the back.

"Your salary for four months. My salary alone can cover all of the family's expenses, and there is still money left over. I haven't touched your paycheck. Work out a plan to push this card onto him. Once he's on the train, phone him and tell him that even if he wants to repay you, there's nothing he can do."

"Oh, my sweetheart, how thoughtful you are, you are my sweet little angel. We were made for each other. I'm the boss on the outside, you're the boss on the inside, we cooperate tacitly, you understand my thoughts, worry about what I worry about, you're my confidant, my lover, my baby."

Pan Lei hugged and kissed him repeatedly. How could he possibly love him enough? He considered everything for him. How could Tian Yuan know what he was thinking as soon as he thought it? He was practically his small heart, a roundworm inside his gut. How lucky that he'd been able to dupe him.

"Knowing you so well has its drawbacks. If you dare to have even a smidgeon of intention toward others, I'll find it, and you'll have to suffer as a result of your actions."

"It's impossible, it's absolutely impossible. I don't have enough time to love you since you're so charming. How can I look at others?"

"Don’t sweet-talk me. Get up and wash your face. I'm hungry, let's eat."

The main benefit of staying in the barracks was that they didn't have to cook their own meals or do the dishes or clean the sink. They could eat and then simply leave.

Pan Lei accompanied Tian Yuan to dinner with pride. In the perspective of all the instructors, he was just showing off with his beloved little lover, like ostentatiously parading himself through town.

During this dinner, there was no wacky behavior. They sat properly and ate their food while conversing in hushed tones. White Head sat at Tian Yuan's table once more. Tian Yuan smiled at him and told him in detail about his wife's sickness, as well as how stomach problems had to be handled. The patient couldn't be tired and couldn't consume anything stimulating. The patient's state of mind was also crucial.

"I've prescribed some typical medications for saozi, but they only address the symptoms, not the underlying problem. It is better to go to a large hospital for a thorough checkup. I believe that an operation is required for saozi. You must be extra cautious after the procedure."

"Do any precautions need to be taken?"

Every soldier will feel obligated to his family and lover. They are not present all year, and all matters must be carried by the partner alone, causing them to grow tired. White Head had been thinking about where he should live after being discharged from the military so that he could look after his family and care for his wife and child. Squadron Leader Pan's lover had excellent medical expertise, which he had demonstrated numerous times. Such a good doctor would undoubtedly give sound advice.

"Yes, there are. I'll write you a note and some commonly used specialized medicine at night. I'll hand it over to you tomorrow."

"Thanks a lot, Dr. Tian."

Dr. Tian was a million times better than their Squadron Leader. How considerate, attentive, and patient. If it had been Pan Lei, he would have kicked him and yelled, "Screw it! Is she my wife, or yours? Why should I be concerned?"

What a nice man! How could he be swindled by Squadron Leader Pan?

"It's not good for him to be tired."

White Head despised Squadron Leader Pan: why don’t you say what you did last night to make Dr. Tian tired.

Tian Yuan gave Pan Lei a meaningful look as they finished their meal. Pan Lei coughed and exited, his arm over White Head's shoulder.

"Come on, let's go to your room and have a few drinks."

Huh? Aren't you in a hurry to return tonight? No more rushing to close the door and getting busy? Why did you decide to have a drink with me? Was it because he was leaving the army? They had been brothers in arms for many years, and no one was pleased to be released from the army. Having drinks sounded great. They yelled and summoned the other deputy instructors, then went to White Head's room after grabbing beer, shelled peanuts, and chicken feet from the cafeteria.

"Don't bother waiting for me. If you're tired, go to bed."

Pan Lei remembered shouting instructions to Tian Yuan from a distance. Everyone turned to gaze at Tian Yuan. Dr. Tian is such a wonderful wife...bah! such a wonderful lover. He waits for the Squadron Leader to sleep with him.


I'm assuming you've heard of words like dage, dasao, and saozi. Let me know if you need any explanation on these terms.

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 136

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Chapter 136 White Head is depressed

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were tangled and having a good time. Pan Lei had tossed Tian Yuan and devoured him thoroughly. They kept at it, the separation intensifying their reunion. Meanwhile, the four deputy instructors gathered in White Head's room were in discomfort. They all pinched their noses and lifted their heads, refusing to miss any sound from next door. They were still clinging to the wall.

"Hey, how about I keep track of how many times Squadron Leader Pan has tormented Dr. Tian? Shh, listen! Did you hear it? Dr. Tian has been begging for mercy."

"Ge, don't, don't, let me go," they heard through the wall at that moment. This eavesdropping business was eye-opening for them, allowing them to comprehend Pan Lei's incredible physical power. Dr. Tian was in tears. He was a warm and graceful man. Imagine how tormented he must have been to cry in this way!

White Head glanced at his wrist watch, and expressed his approval.

"The captain is worthy of being the captain. He is the best combatant, and his marksmanship is also number one. He’s the best at everything. He’s also number one in stamina. It’s been an hour and a half. I can’t keep on for so long; it’ll kill me. He’s too manly."

"He's too strong. It's been an hour and a half, and the pounding and groaning has not stopped."

"Do you think they’re in a casual relationship? People who have never married don't understand anything."

"Doctor Tian has been pleading for mercy. He keeps saying, "Let me go, don't!, it's too deep, I can't take it anymore." Squadron Leader loves and obeys Dr. Tian. Why isn't he listening this time?"

"You don't grasp these small pleasures because you aren't married. The more your partner cries, the faster you must move to satisfy them. When you get a wife, you'll understand. It's no surprise that the captain adores Dr. Tian. Who wouldn't submit to the bones after listening to such delicate coquetry?"

White Head, the experienced instructor, generously shared his wisdom with the three single persons. Do you get what I'm saying? This is a little delight between husband and wife.

It is unknown whether the trio understood or not, but it is known that they grasped that their trousers felt a little snug. Fortunately, they were dressed comfortably. The pants were tucked into the boots, but they were roomy. They were young and full of vigor. Their reaction was understandable given that they had been listening in on a loving couple.

They overheard a loud groan and a hoarse cry all of a sudden. They couldn't hear it very clearly, but it made them fantasize about the wildest things.

"Baby, let's switch places."

Pan Lei was still in a lustful mood. He rolled over, wrapped his arms over Tian Yuan, adjusted the quilt, and then made Tian Yuan sit between his thighs. Tian Yuan was on the verge of passing out. His brain had stopped working as a result of the excitement, and his thoughts had gone blank.

Pan Lei draped the quilt around Tian Yuan's shoulders and pulled on the quilt's sides to ensure he could move securely on his lap without swaying. With this position, he was able to thrust into Tian Yuan and move deeper than ever before into the tight channel.

Tian Yuan desperately shook his head. He'd die, he'd die, he'd definitely die on him.

He didn't want to play this way, and he couldn't bully himself in this manner. Pan Lei was feverishly squeezing him dry as if there would be no next time. He felt hollowed out in the front, and stuffed to the brim at the back. He couldn't accept more, and even more importantly, he couldn't do this again. Tian Yuan believed he'd hit his limit, but Pan Lei swept him away to the skies once more. He overcame his tolerance as Pan Lei shoved into him once more.

The four men next door took a big breath and exhaled when they only heard heavy breathing. Whew, it's finally over. Dr. Tian didn't make much sounds in the end. He occasionally uttered a few sounds like a small milk cat, the sweet mewls tickling their hearts.

These four men appeared to be more weary than the pair in the adjacent room by the time the sounds of the bed rocking and crying for mercy ceased. They mourned for Doctor Tian. He'd worked extremely hard. It was not easy to be Squadron Leader Pan's sweetheart!

The trio had strange looks on their faces. What now? Let's go back to the room.

Swish! The trio dashed back to their own rooms.

Hey! They were all unmarried, energetic young men who were aroused. Naturally, they returned and took care of their own needs. Squadron Leader Pan had overstimulated the trio that night, so they worked extra hard.

White Head, on the other hand, had just gotten out of the shower, made his bed, and lay down when the sounds from next door resumed.

White Head couldn't wait to hammer the wall. Damn, Squadron Leader Pan, please give Doctor Tian a break and let me get some rest. Please stop playing! You just fought bravely for more than two hours and now you're starting over? Your physical strength has recovered far too quickly!

Will Dr. Tian be able to live until tomorrow? You'll really tear him apart.

When the "get out of bed" whistle blew at 6 a.m., Pan Lei's body instinctively wanted to sit up. He quickly realized that his upper body was weighted down and relaxed his body. He couldn't move too much because he didn't want to wake Tian Yuan up. He'd been a little ruthless the night before.

Tian Yuan frowned as he spread his arm over Pan Lei when he heard the whistle. His arm was covered in traces of cyan, purple, and red, both large and small. Pan Lei had clasped him in the blue-green ones, sucked in the purple ones, and kissed in the red ones.

You can imagine the state of his body based on the number of marks on his arm alone.

His face was pale, and his lips were a deep red color. Pan Lei had sucked and bitten his lips the night before, so they were obviously swollen.

Tian Yuan had almost passed out by the end of last night. Because he couldn't stand still, Pan Lei had to hold him and assist him in bathing. He was paralyzed on the bed and felt pain throughout his body regardless of how he lay down. He fell into a deep sleep as soon as Pan Lei hugged him in his arms and let him sleep on his body.

Pan Lei didn't want to wake Tian Yuan up after only a few hours of sleep. He wanted Tian Yuan to rest well.

Because the double quilt was quite large, Pan Lei used half of it as a bed-cover and covered Tian Yuan's body with the other half to prevent Tian Yuan from feeling that the bed was too hard.

Pan Lei pushed Tian Yuan's hair aside and kissed his forehead before pulling the quilt up, leaving his mouth and nose exposed so he could breathe freely. Pan Lei got up without letting outside noises bother him, carefully put on his clothes without even opening the curtains, opened the door, and then closed the door with his breath held, locking it. From beginning to end, he was as quiet as a mouse.

When he got outside the door and locked it, he exhaled a sigh of relief. He couldn't risk having someone come into his dorm room. His husband was sleeping naked beneath the quilt. Others couldn't see his body.

Pan Lei stood on the observation stand with his hands clasped behind his back, and looked majestic. White Head, who had enormous dark circles, glared at him resentfully. His heart was filled with unspeakable bitter suffering. He wanted to say, “Devil Pan, I beg you, don't harass Doctor Tian too much at night, it’s too stimulating. The bed board shook until two in the wee hours of the morning! Do you not want him to live? Do you not want me to live? I couldn’t get to bed until two o'clock and had to start a fresh day of training with only a few hours of sleep. I'm too miserable. Having fun while collectively punishing others is criminal torture! We live in a civilized society, so be a little civil, alright? Be a little considerate of neighbors.”

How could a person who fought fiercely till late night have more vigor than everybody else? He’s beaming with happiness. Peach blossoms are still smiling in the spring breeze[1], eh?

I’m sure Doctor Tian can't get up. He probably won’t be able to leave the dorm room for two or three days. Poor Doctor Tian is such a nice and elegant man, but he encountered a wild wolf and was eaten clean and squeezed dry.

I’m not the one who is pitiful. It’s actually Doctor Tian.

"Today, we’ll train in the artillery company’s practice field. Turn left, and start running!"

Every morning, the commandos ran 10 km, followed by an hour of counter-insurgency training before breakfast. During training, they were required to yell slogans. The mood of the day was conveyed by these loud and clear phrases; the louder and clearer, the better. Pan Lei, however, thought the loud slogans were too lively and would disturb the rest of his family's hubby, who was sleeping in his dorm room.

Training had to continue, so Pan Lei chose to practice at the artillery company location, which was 2 km distant. Tian Yuan couldn't hear the soldiers no matter how loud they were and his rest wouldn't be disturbed.

"The artillery company commander will be furious if we go there to drill."

"The purpose of going to train there is to show the artillery company soldiers how our special forces are trained. We're letting them see our abilities, so they should cordially welcome us. Our training is not something that random people can see."

Pan Lei's rationale sounded so pompous that White Head couldn't help but rub his nose in embarrassment. He took the entire team, double marched, and proceeded to the artillery company. It would be bad if the two companies (of troops) fought. Wasn't it evident that the commando company was strutting their stuff? Take a look at our abilities, then at our training, and last at you all. All you can do is run back and forth with ammunition crates.

Pan Lei trailed behind and cast a distant glance towards his dorm room. Sleep well, baby. I'm not going to let any noise bother you.

The artillery company commander stomped over to Pan Lei, hurled his jacket, and declared he had to fight with Pan Lei or he wouldn't be able to let go of his rage. Why was Pan Lei training commandos on his land? Was he planning to invade and occupy his territory? However Pan Lei tried to justify, it was still a dove occupying a magpie's nest.[2] Pan Lei was bullying people in their own nests. He had to fight if he didn't want to be bullied.

The barracks were, in fact, partitioned and ruled by warlord-like company commanders - This area is my domain, and that hilltop is yours. Going to another commander's area for training without being invited was considered odious.

Did Pan Lei think he was afraid of him because one of them was on the front lines, and one of them sat in the office? In that case, let’s fight.

The artillery company's training site was a modest place. The special forces were extremely popular. When they dropped to the artillery company's training grounds to practice counter-attack, no one dared to disagree. Why, you might ask? Because the company commander had lost the fight, had a black eye from being punched by Squadron Leader Pan, and the magpie was now smoking with the dove.

What else could they say when the company commander was defeated? They could only look on in admiration and envy as they watched the commando training. That expertise, strength, and imposing manner were all so enviable. Every soldier desired to join the special forces. That was the highest honor for any soldier. It was simply that only the best soldiers were allowed to join the special forces.

Pan Lei put a cigarette in his mouth and patted his pockets to get the lighter, but then he realized it was in his sweetheart's pocket. Oh, right! My baby's been lighting my cigarettes for me ever since he arrived.

"What are you looking for?"

The artillery company commander threw him a lighter. Pan Lei had no choice but to utilize it.

"I’m thinking about my hubby. When he’s by my side, I don't need to use a lighter at all. As long as I touch a cigarette, he will light it for me promptly."

"Tut! So you’ve come here to show off that someone wants you."

"My hubby is absolutely top-notch. Yup, I have someone who wants me. Alas! Someone who is a bachelor will not comprehend just how lovely it is when you have a lover to sleep with at night."

Pan Lei was cocky and arrogant.

The artillery company commander almost gave him the middle finger. He’d never seen such a person. Not only did he flaunt his husband around but also provoked bachelors like him stating how amazing it was to have someone hug you to sleep, and awesome it was to have your spouse visit you at the barracks.

Just you wait. When I marry, I’ll also show off. It was not like others couldn’t marry and get a wife.

"I wonder if he’s awake. You know, I tossed him a bit hard last night. He was still asleep when I left. If it wasn't for the concern of waking him up, I wouldn't bring my boys to you for training. You know what, he’s going to be here for more than a month. How about you lend this training ground to me? I'll bring the boys over for training every day."

"F*ck! Pan Lei, you want to be stationed here, don’t you? Let’s fight again."


[1] It's a line from a poem. I'm assuming the author meant it literally to depict a beautiful sight, because this is the poem's final line, and it actually implies "the girl is no longer there, only the peach flowers." In short, it's a sad poem.

[2] Idiom: forcibly occupying someone else's house, land, property, etc.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 135

Chapter 135 Gathering to eavesdrop

White Head's dorm room was just next to Pan Lei's. They'd finished training and had also finished eating. It was now late in the evening. The barracks were bathed in lights that had been turned on all throughout the area. Tian Yuan headed to the dormitory while Pan Lei and the deputy instructors talked about business in the office. There were veterans who were about to be discharged, and they needed to take new recruits. There were many things to do, but Pan Lei kept checking the time. Within a half-hour, he checked his watch twenty times.

He didn't want to talk about official affairs any longer, even though it was only half past eight o'clock.

Pan Lei stretched his body and said, "Okay, we'll call it a day here. Let's discuss this tomorrow. I'm going back to my dorm."

White Head, Flat Head, and the others looked at the clock. It was still early. They normally stayed until ten o'clock before going back to their dorms and showering. Why were they dispersing this early? Oh~~ got it.

Hehe, they all got it.

"Yes, sir. I'm guessing your family is hoping for you to return sooner rather than later?"

Pan Lei got to his feet, grabbed a file folder, and smacked his head.

"Tut! You're asking a question when you already know the answer. Pay attention to what I'm saying. Don't squat outside my dorm room door. If I find you, I'll make you turn the horizontal bar 1000 times. Then you can spend the rest of the day dizzy. Disperse."

Finally, with a glint in their eyes, they all returned to the dormitory.

Pan Lei could finally get down to proper business now that it was dark. He couldn't endure any longer.

His sweetheart and he hadn't seen each other in a long time. They were in their honeymoon period, okay? Lovers who are separated briefly cling to each other more than newlyweds, okay? Please understand, okay?

Pan Lei walked away, and the four deputy instructors exchanged mischievous laughs.

"Well, it's still early. Let’s go to my room and play a round of Fight the Landlord?" White Head made the suggestion, and the other instructors all nodded eagerly.

"Let’s go, let’s go, I haven't played in ages. Hurry up!"

In this way, four big guys pushed and shoved, hastened their pace, and marched towards White Head's room. They were starting to go completely bad from the bottom of their hearts but were still mighty and unyielding on the surface.

They craned their necks and looked at the room next door, which was Squadron Leader Pan's. The curtains were closed tightly, the lights remained on, and the door was securely locked. Would they be able to catch anything? They entered the room quickly.

They held their breaths and strained their ears to the wall, hearing faint sounds of the inside conversation.

Just kidding. It was a wall, no matter how thin it was. How could it not be soundproof? The couple's room door was firmly shut, the curtains were drawn, and they weren't arguing. Pan Lei had a booming voice, but he always spoke softly to his husband. How much could they possibly hear?

"What are they talking about?"

These four big guy's stances were a sight to behold. They all looked like geckos, with their ears pressed against the wall, necks cocked, and buttocks jutting. Their necks would undoubtedly hurt after a while.

Heh! It was thrilling to come there instead of sleeping at night to eavesdrop on the pair.

"The bugs are at the warehouse. If I had known earlier, I would have planted one in their room."

White Head knew it was too late to have regrets. What could they do? Plaster their ears like gum to the wall of course. What a pity they could only hear faint sounds.

"We're screwed if Squadron Leader Pan finds out."

They envisioned Squadron Leader Pan roaring at them to leapfrog 10,000 times with a load, complete with a furious visage and a loud voice. They'd die from exhaustion. They were listening in on the wall and even contemplating the installation of bugs. They were determinedly seeking death.

"Don't be noisy. Speak softly. There’s some movement over there."

White Head and Flat Head again pressed their ears on the wall and listened in with pricked up ears. Their human ear was pricked so long that it resembled a rabbit ear.

"You're back? Have you finished discussing work?"

Tian Yuan was resting on the bed. He'd showered, changed into pajamas, and sat on the bed to play computer games.

Pan Lei shut and locked the door, glanced out the window to make sure no one was lurking, then drew the curtains to ensure there was no gap, and sat by the bed, caressing Tian Yuan's cheek.

"Did you eat your fill at dinner? I noticed you ate a little less than usual."

"I ate my fill. See? My belly is bulging. Now get up and take a shower. You're completely covered in dust. Don't go near the bed and get it dirty."

Pan Lei turned his head to the side and kissed him once again. He kissed him repeatedly, pecking him all the way to his ear.

"I won't allow you out of bed unless we dirty the bedsheets today. They'll get soiled sooner or later. Instead of fretting about the bedsheets, you should be concerned about whether or not you will be able to get out of bed tomorrow."

Tian Yuan's face flushed bright red in an instant. He blushed and his ears heated up every time Pan Lei lowered his voice to tease him in his ear. He pushed him away and handed him the change of clothes that was lying on the bed.

"Go take a shower. Hurry up."

"Be good and wait for me in bed, baby."

Pan Lei pinched his cheek, then took his clothing and grinned as he went to the bathroom. When he passed the closet, he opened it and brought out the newly purchased double quilt, which he wrapped around Tian Yuan.

"Don't freeze. Drill in and wait for me."

Tian Yuan was wrapped in a quilt, and his face was flushed. He had to admit that he missed Pan Lei as well. Those passionate nights, those collisions, those gasps for breath, his kisses, his breaths, his strong and muscular body, and those continuously surging feelings... Tian Yuan buried his face in the quilt, his entire body radiating heat.

He wriggled silently in the quilt, removed his pajamas and tossed them out, then removed his briefs and tossed them out as well, before covering his head with the quilt and rolling himself into a pupa. His head was within, and his feet were as well.

He was being so bold for the first time.

Pan Lei took a super quick shower. Wet, soap, clean, and done! He was in a rush because his long-lost love was waiting in bed, ah. How could he have the thought to take a bath with care? There was proper business to attend to. He needed to get out of the shower as fast as possible.

He walked out flippantly without any clothes on after casually wiping his body.

He turned off all of the lights in the room, except for a small lamp on the desk. The orange double quilt bulged in the shape of a human figure.

Pan Lei grinned contentedly, turned off the small desk lamp, and yanked on the quilt.

"The air inside isn't good, baby. Don't cover your face."

"I want you to take care of it."

Tian Yuan didn't say anything else.

Pan Lei yanked open a little gap, inserted a head and a hand, and touched him. Wow! My baby is in his birthday suit. Great, truly fantastic. He didn't need to remove his pajamas any longer. The small space grew somewhat, he got halfway in, Tian Yuan pushed him hard, Pan Lei grabbed his hand, the quilt trembled, and they both slid into the quilt.

"Let's see where this is...oh! It's the small back of my baby. So, if I do down...there's your little bottom. What if I go a little lower?"

Pan Lei pretended it was too dark to see and groped aimlessly. He was more familiar with Tian Yuan's body than his own. He could determine which part of his body he was touching even with his eyes closed. Before reaching out to explore, he lowered his hand and pinched his butt cheeks.

Tian Yuan's body tensed and twisted beneath him. When Pan Lei's other paw reached his waist, Tian Yuan instantly relaxed, and he let Pan Lei do what he loved.

"My baby is so good that gege can't bear to part with you. Darling, ge’s good baby, ge misses you terribly."

Pan Lei pressed Tian Yuan under his body. His hungry and thirsty body was like a beast bursting free from a cage as soon as he touched Tian Yuan. He couldn't keep it in any longer. The body he caressed with his palm was his man, and he always made him feel as though he hadn't loved him enough.

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan's neck, stroked his waist and abdomen, and touched him from head to toe, as if patrolling his own territory.

"I miss you too."

He missed him greatly, especially when he came home from work, especially when he couldn't fall asleep.

Pan Lei kissed him fiercely. How could he not fall deeply in love with someone like Tian’er? He made him fall for him harder and harder. No matter how deep his love was, he felt it was insufficient; no matter how much he treasured him, he felt it was insufficient. He could only affirm that Tian'er was his by thoroughly possessing him.

He gathered Tian Yuan's legs around his waist. Tian Yuan panted as a result of his French kiss.

"It’s, it’s under the pillow," Tian Yuan mumbled.

There was no need to elaborate. Pan Lei realized the lubricant was hidden beneath the pillow. It didn't matter how gently he kissed or caressed him; it would still hurt. But Pan Lei didn't want him to suffer through it. He wanted Tian’er to enjoy it with him.

"Ge’s good boy, good boy."

Pan Lei smothered him in kisses. Pan Lei kissed him regardless of where it fell or whether it would leave a mark. Tian Yuan whimpered and grabbed his shoulders as his palm glided across Tian Yuan's arm. Pan Lei's body was scorching hot, and the heat scalded him. His body's heat erupted and burst into flames. He wished to burn with him; burn with fervor.

Pan Lei squeezed out a large glob, rubbed it over Tian Yuan's behind, and entered shallowly. Tian Yuan wrapped his arms about Pan Lei's shoulders as his body trembled. Only his shoulders and head were pressed against the pillow, and his back was straight. His body made a beautiful arc. Pan Lei wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist and slowly squeezed his heroic general in.

He licked Tian Yuan's small fruit and lightly bit it with his teeth, sucking it repeatedly before suddenly entering fully. Tian Yuan groaned. It was too intense, and the stimulation caused darkness to flash in front of his eyes for a split second.

"Ge loves you so much, baby, my good baby, sweetheart, darling, my good baby. I’m crazy about you."

Tian Yuan gasped violently, his chest furiously undulating. Excitement, pain, numbness, and other sensations mingled, transforming into hunger and thirst. He needed to move. His body desired to respond to the most primitive rhythm.

He took a long breath and relaxed, taking it even deeper. This was an invitation. Pan Lei clutched his waist and slammed forward, brushing up against the most sensitive spot. Tian Yuan let out a cry, feeling as if Pan Lei was about to thrust his heart out.


Pan Lei pulled away and slammed in again. His pace was slow, and Tian Yuan could clearly feel the pulsating blood vessels and enlarged shape of his c*ck.

"Does it hurt?"

Pan Lei clenched his teeth and restrained himself. He couldn't let Tian'er suffer. He rocked slowly. Every time he pulled out, he exposed a section of the most sensitive nerves. He pushed them back in when he thrust in.

"No, it doesn't hurt. Faster, ge, move faster!"

Tian Yuan couldn't take it any longer. His intense desire caused him to sob and beg to move faster and with more ferocity.

Pan Lei clenched his fists around his hip bones. His movements were wild, like a piston moving in and out. He charged in, running over the sensitive point, then rapidly withdrawing before plunging deeply again.

Tian Yuan bit his lips at first to prevent himself from making a sound. The closer he got to climax, the less he could control it. He scratched Pan Lei's back, leaving deep traces on it. He made a choking sound every time he groaned.

"Ge, it's too much; ge, it's too deep; ahhh, ge, slow down, please slow down!"

"More, shout more, let me hear it. I like to hear it!"

Call, call harder, call me ge. He loved it when Tian Yuan called him ge as he moved. It drove him crazy every time.

Tian Yuan let go of his restraint. He shouted out "ge" with each thrust, every impact, his body quivering as he begged his ge to spare him, pleading "don't" "slow down" "hold me tight" and "kiss me".


Hello, sweethearts. You may have/will come across translators who lock/restrict access to/take down their work. I'm not going to delve into the ongoing JJWXC drama. I hastened to release this chapter in order to reassure you that IDYTRAA will be translated till the end. IDYTRAA is hosted by LC read and has nothing to do with JJWXC. So don't be concerned that IDYTRAA will suddenly go poof! or that I will stop translating. Translators (including myself) are nervous right now since we don't know how the JJWXC scenario will play out. Go finish reading the JJWXC novels on your list so you don't regret missing out on them later.

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January 18, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 134

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Chapter 134 Can’t walk; get piggybacked

What kind of fun could a wild, mountainous area provide?

Could he conjure a wonderland from the midst of this forest? It was fine as long as Pan Lei didn't abandon him there or let him survive in the wild for seven days before bringing him back.

Even the trail had vanished after they passed a little brook, walked past a tree with a crooked trunk, and wandered for half an hour. Tian Yuan couldn't stand it any longer.

He pulled Pan Lei's arm off and sat panting on a boulder. He felt as if he were dying. His physical strength was lacking. He'd die of exhaustion if he had to trek out of this hundred acres of forest.

"No more walking."

Pan Lei took a look around and asked, "Sure? You can’t walk any longer?"

"I can’t. Why in the world did you bring me here? I'm completely exhausted."

Pan Lei rubbed his nose. Why did I bring you here? Do I even need to say it? He was looking for a deserted location where he could kiss him and do bad things. He had been at the barracks for almost a day, swaying and moving around in front of him, acting coquettishly to him, consoling him, and worshiping him... He'd done so many adorable things. Naturally, he wanted to find a spot where they could develop their emotions further. If he took Tian'er back to the dormitory during training, everyone would guffaw and say that Squadron Leader Pan was hungry and thirsty, so he took his hubby back to the room to make out. Tian Yuan had thin skin and would certainly throw him out with a kick. He made up a convincing reason to show Tian'er around the special forces encampment and brought him into the forest to find an uninhabited area in order to do this and that. His intent should have been clear even if he didn't say anything.

Tian'er had just stroked his shoulder, and he realized that his sweetheart was silently consoling and supporting him. Because their hearts were linked, he understood. His baobei was so cute! He desperately wanted to disregard the soldiers around them and hug and kiss him.

The Chief of Logistics, however, was correct. These were hot-blooded, energetic young men who had been in closed training for at least a year. They would spray blood from their nostrils if they saw them kissing passionately, and Tian Yuan would undoubtedly strangle him.

In that case, all he could do was take Tian'er away...

... and drag him into this woodland, looking for a place where no one was around, where they could engage in a certain activity.

"Be good. Let’s walk a little further."

Pan Lei kneaded Tian Yuan's legs as he crouched in front of him. What a lack of endurance. This is not good. He needs to exercise.

"I won’t. I'm not going anywhere unless and until you explain it fully. What lies ahead? Paradise on Earth?"

"I want to kiss you well."

Tian Yuan laughed helplessly as Pan Lei muttered.

"Can I count on you to be a little promising?"

If Pan Lei saw him, he wanted to chew on him right away, and if he could, he wanted to kiss him. Why can't he get bored with it for just one day? It's not like he needs to kiss me in order to live. Why can't he be a little more restrained and wait until evening?

"It's been almost a day since you arrived, and I haven't had a chance to properly kiss you. Count how long we haven't seen one other. What's wrong in wanting to kiss you? I'd also like to..."

Pan Lei was convinced that he was correct. They were a couple, so what was wrong in wishing for a kiss?

Tian Yuan covered Pan Lei's mouth to keep him from saying any more nonsense. He was certain that whatever he said next would be indecent.

Tian Yuan blushed as the tip of Pan Lei's tongue licked the palm of his hand.


Pan Lei had a tendency of kissing him wherever he could catch him. If he seized his hand, he kissed it; if he touched his face, he kissed it; and his neck was also subjected to surprise attacks. He kissed him all over his body while he was truly "touching."

Tian Yuan wrapped his arms over Pan Lei's shoulders for a kiss. There was no need for him to walk any further because he wanted to kiss him. He'd kiss him straightaway.

Pan Lei raised his head slightly as Tian Yuan approached, refusing to let him get close.

What the hell? You want to flee because Laozi took the initiative to kiss you? What exactly do you mean by this?

Pan Lei swiftly surrendered as Tian Yuan's eyes widened in a glare.

"I'm not saying I don't want to kiss you; I'm just wondering whether you're sure you want to do it here?"

Why not? There is no one in sight, not even a ghost, in this silent woodland. Isn't this the ideal location? You claimed you were going to take me into the woods to kiss me. Aren’t we in the forest? We’re so deep in the forest, what are you waiting for?

"I don't mind if people watch us love. I'm scared you have thin skin and will pinch me out of embarrassment."

Whoosh! Tian Yuan abruptly stood up. Was there anyone here? Where? Why didn't he find it out? Tian Yuan raised his eyes to the branches. Is there anyone inside hiding? Or perhaps someone hiding behind a tree?

Pan Lei shrugged, thinking Tian Yuan was unqualified with his level of intelligence. He thought his baby was especially cute when he was being foolish.

He reached over and picked up a handful of small stones, tossing them in various directions. With each stone that dropped, a thud was heard, followed by a person standing up in the area where the stones had attacked.

Swish! Tian Yuan quickly moved behind Pan Lei. Where did all of these people come from?

Seven or eight persons jumped to their feet at the same time, camouflaged from head to toe as if they were covered in leaves. They held a long spear in their hands, their faces were painted in various colors, and showed a row of little white teeth as they smiled.

"I thought I could see Squadron Leader Pan and his partner French kissing enthusiastically. Too bad I can't."

"The sniper team is training here today," Pan Lei explained to his family's Tian'er, noting that a sniper required extreme endurance. They could lie in the same spot for two or three days and would not move even if bird droppings fell on their heads.

"It looks like your commando encampment is riddled with traps."

Pan Lei nodded in accord with his husband's statements. Despite the fact that it was a forest, it served as a training ground for them.

"Let us not go any further. I'm tired and want to go back."

He had a sudden realization that this forest was just too terrifying. The silence was deceiving, and he had no idea where individuals might appear. There were a lot of people and a lot of training activities. He was frightened and believed that strangers were still watching them from the woods.

"It's not a problem. We'll arrive at a quiet river after another two kilometers of walking. I'll take you to a fishing spot."

"Reporting to Squadron Leader. The task force is practicing amphibious operations on the riverbank today."

That's great; nowhere is safe today. People are eavesdropping in the dormitories; people are hiding in the woods; and if we go to the river, there will be observers as well. There isn't a single good place in the barracks.

Pan Lei felt helpless and wronged. Did they have to wait until all of these b**ta*ds were asleep before launching Operation: Conjugal Love? This was just too aggravating. Please remember that we're newlyweds, that this is our little reunion, and that I'm a hot-blooded man, okay?

He was missing their home dearly at the time. Although it was modest, it was only the two of them, and they could go wild on the sofa, master bed, or bathroom. There were too many people and eyes here, all of which were fixated on the couple.

The feeling of being watched was too uncomfortable, especially because they were all observing their love play.

He had no choice but to turn around and walk away.

Tian Yuan lacked stamina. He wasn't someone who worked out on a regular basis. His physical strength had been depleted by walking such a long distance.

He trailed after Pan Lei, retracing their steps. He couldn't see the hiding snipers disguised as greenery after turning a bend. He came to a halt and stated, "I'm tired. I can't walk any longer."

I've dragged you all the way here, and I'm bringing you back, but you haven't said anything. Do you think I'm still clueless about your little scheme, baby? Pan Lei crouched down and patted his back. "Come on, let's go." Pigsy had a lot of experience carrying his wife[1].

Tian Yuan dashed forward, climbed atop his back, and grinned joyously.

"Hurry up! Don’t wait until it's dark and we can't get out."

"Then we'll spend the night in the woods. We haven't tried this and that out in the open. Let me tell you, everyone will be back at the dormitory at night, and no one will hear us making noise in the woods."

Pan Lei had a broad and muscular back. Carrying Tian Yuan was as effortless as carrying a big backpack. His steps were solid, and he moved at a steady pace. His boots made cracking noises when they stomped on dead branches. Tian Yuan bit his neck while he lay on his back. You're talking rubbish! Why couldn't he be a little more decent? Wouldn't it be shameful if others heard this?

"Hey, hey, hey, don't bite solely on one side! There must be symmetry."

Pan Lei chuckled happily, not taking his bite seriously at all. So what if there was a hickey? So what if clothes couldn't conceal it? What was there to hide? He'd show up at training the next day with a circle of love bites and see who dared to say anything. The more hickeys his family's beloved left, the more he adored him. Just consider him. He enjoyed nipping and biting Tian Yuan, leaving hickeys all over his body. It was like scrambling to lay claim to new territory. Leaving traces on him indicated that Tian’er was his man.

Getting mad at a shameless person was the same as getting furious at yourself. Tian Yuan stopped his biting and leaned against his shoulder, listening to his breathing. He was in a good mood.

"We have a kennel here, baby. Do you have a fear of dogs? I'll take you to view the little dog."

Tian Yuan was intrigued when he mentioned this. There are lovely creatures here?! Puppy? What is its age? Is it adorable? He liked small animals, but he was concerned that due to his lifestyle, he wouldn't be able to raise a puppy. His working hours were uncertain, and he sometimes stayed at the hospital all day. He couldn't care for a pet, so he didn't have one. There were stray dogs in the neighborhood, and when mischievous children hurled stones at them, he would sometimes bandage them.

"Its eyes are black and alive. Its innocent and foolish appearance reminds me a lot of you. This small stuff is not kept by the special forces. Another company has it. I'll take you to see it."

"What do you mean it's like me?" Tian Yuan smacked him across the back of the head.

"This is domestic violence! I'll inform your mother-in-law that you abuse me."

"Then go to the Women's Federation and sue me."

Tian Yuan was confident in the knowledge that he had support. He wasn't afraid of Pan Lei, let alone hitting him, so he slammed his fist into Pan Lei's shoulder. Pan Lei cocked his head and bit the back of his hand. Tian Yuan cried out in pain as Pan Lei accelerated and began sprinting with Tian Yuan on his back.

When Pan Lei was walking, he didn't feel like a burden, but when he sprinted like this, Tian Yuan was startled. Pan Lei yelled joyfully and dashed out of the woods, howling like a wolf...

...to see the entire special forces unit staring at Squadron Leader Pan as if he were a strange beast.

What…what the hell? What thrilling event prompted Squadron Leader Pan to run out of the woods, carrying his lover on his back? Or was Dr. Tian thought to be amusing by Squadron Leader Pan? Or was there something dreadful lurking in the woods?

Squadron Leader Pan had long been known to be completely submissive to his lover. As it turned out, it wasn't as simple as becoming entirely obedient. This sweet enthusiasm and this kind of loving affection made people admire and envy him.

"What are you looking at? Have you never seen a couple having fun? Leap-frog 10 km with a 50 kg load. Get going!"

Has no one informed Squadron Leader Pan that since his family arrived, he's gotten more severe, his training has also escalated to the next level, and he has truly become Devil Pan? QAQ


[1] Pigsy is a Journey to the West character. Pigsy takes a fancy to a woman named Gao Cuilan from a good family and transforms into a handsome boy, winning her parents' approval. Pigsy's actual form is revealed in drunkenness on the day of the marriage. The girl's family is terrified. The Monkey King is escorting the Tang monk through this area at this time. The Monkey King transforms into the woman and requests Pigsy to carry him back, while playing tricks on Pigsy along the way. I suppose the author is implying that Pan Lei, like Pigsy, has duped Tian Yuan numerous times.


Hey guys, did you not find the last few chapters humorous? I was hoping for some sorta reaction from you, my dear readers. Oh well.

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January 13, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 133

Chapter 133 Training ground’s handsome guy

It was two o'clock in the afternoon and the day’s training continued. It didn’t matter if there was a mission or not, or whether or not colleagues were taking release from duty. Training wouldn’t ever cease.

Pan Lei moved over a chair and put it on the viewing platform.

"Sit here and look at me. Let me know if you want to go anywhere. Don’t sneak out."

Pan Lei had said that he would be with Tian Yuan for 24 hours and he genuinely achieved it. After seating Tian Yuan and ordering him not to wander off, Pan Lei stood diagonally below him. Pan Lei had also taken a plastic bag containing a water bottle, biscuits, and fruits in addition to a heavy coat for concern that Tian Yuan would be cold if he sat for too long. He got everything ready - water to drink when he was thirsty and biscuits to eat when he was hungry - and informed Tian Yuan he was not allowed to move anywhere; he should just sit and observe.

“In this way, my work won’t be delayed and I can turn my head to look after my family.”

Tian Yuan rolled his eyes at him. I’ve never seen somebody more ** than him.

The afternoon drill was target practice with live ammo, and there was absolutely no such thing as blank bullets. The rationale behind the unusually accurate marksmanship of the special forces was precisely this target practice.

Everyone performed admirably on the directed flying target[1]. Pan Lei handed Tian Yuan a set of binoculars so he could see targets in the distance. Essentially, everyone stayed in the ninth ring[2].

Following that, the training focused on moving target practice. Someone tossed a beer bottle from a great height, while a soldier raised his gun to take aim and shoot quickly. Bang! The next two wine bottles were also shot and smashed. Next, despite the fact that three wine bottles were thrown at the same moment, the soldier remained systematic. The three wine bottles were shattered when he turned around.

Excellent shot! Tian Yuan was amazed and applauded loudly.

Pan Lei smiled, jumped down the observing platform, grabbed the soldier's sniper rifle, and winked at his subordinates. Four wine bottles were thrown at the same moment. Pan Lei aimed and fired. He squeezed the trigger in the split second when two wine bottles overlapped in the air, shattering both. Before the splintered fragments could strike the ground, he pivoted and fired two more shots, bang, bang. Three gunshots were used to destroy four wine bottles in this manner.

Then he triumphantly smiled at Tian Yuan. He appeared haughty and as though he was waiting to be praised. Tian Yuan did not hold back and clapped.

Killing two birds with one stone, it turns out, can also be applied here! It's awesome. It's incredible how exact the marksmanship is!

On receiving Tian Yuan’s adoration, Pan Lei raised his chin arrogantly, feeling himself unexcelled in the world. Look! I, your man and their leader, am better than each of them! So mighty, so talented, do you think I'm more attractive?

"Actually, there are many commandos with good marksmanship who can kill two birds with one stone exactly like the Squadron Leader. He’s showing off."

White Head didn't waste any chance to malign Pan Lei. He came close to Tian Yuan and broke the news in a quiet voice.

"He’s a natural soldier. The way he looked when he carried the gun, aimed, and pulled the trigger was so cool! He’s incredibly skilled."

White Head sought to counterattack and tried to slander Squadron Leader Pan, but in a certain someone’s heart, the most handsome man was precisely this Squadron Leader Pan. No one could compare to him.

Pan Lei, who was pleased as punch, walked over to Tian Yuan. Everyone was training, and all the instructors were watching them with their hands clasped behind their backs. No one was sitting except for Tian Yuan, who was sitting on the observation stand. He was surrounded by instructors all around, and appeared like a senior military figure being safeguarded. He sat there full of style.

Pan Lei poured him a glass of water and Tian Yuan drank it. Pan Lei sat down at his feet and took out the cigarette pack in his pocket.

Tian Yuan promptly took out the lighter, and as Pan Lei put the cigarette in his mouth, it had already been lit for him.

Pan Lei was immensely joyful. He touched Tian Yuan’s hand, got near, took a puff, and glanced up at Tian Yuan's face. Tian Yuan’s expression was filled with excitement. It was the first time he’d stretched his horizons like this. Their skills are outstanding! Everyone is extremely talented!

"Baby, my subordinates are all good, right?"

"First-class soldiers, top-notch skills."

This was a sincere praise. They were all superb soldiers, and the motto "protect home, defend the country" was the most suited for them. This team was top-notch. They had to do difficult feats and therefore everyone of them needed to have the best skills and the best kung fu. Whether it was firearms, cold weapons, fighting, or endurance, they all had undergone training that ordinary people couldn’t bear. They were the most brilliant and strongest people. Each and every one of them was a hero!

"But in a few days, they will be discharged from service and once that happens, less than half of the individuals here will be here. We’ll train new commandos again. Strong like an iron military camp, rushing water like soldiers. Although this line is true, what troubles me the most is precisely this period when certain comrades in arms take off their military uniforms and leave the army. It is hard to let go."

It was only then that Tian Yuan recalled Pan Lei mentioning that some people were going to be discharged from the army and he had to take recruits which meant a lot of work for Pan Lei.

"White Head is departing, and those three or four who are training now, will also all be discharged from the army."


White Head was now a deputy military instructor, which was not a bad rank in the military.

"There are several reasons for this. After all, the special forces must have greater psychological endurance than the general public, and they must embrace any duty. They will sometimes sleep on a mound of corpses for a few days, smell the stink of those bodies, and watch the corpses slowly decay, putting everyone's psychological fortitude to the test. Some people can't take it anymore and want to give up, while others want to go out and make their mark on the world. They are, after all, in their early twenties and under 30. This is the best time for men to explore possibilities[3]. White Head has no other choice. His wife is ill, and the child is young. His mother is paralyzed as well. He is removing his military uniform and relocating to care for his family. You know what? Nobody wants to take this uniform off after you've put it on. They're like me. I love the military camp and refuse to retire for the rest of my life. It'd feel like extracting a piece of my soul. I just can't let it go. Every year at this time, I am saddened by the fact that someone has left again. This... October-November period."

He considered his men to be his brothers. Living and dying together, sharing difficulty, breathing gunpowder smoke, enduring arduous training and facing victory together, eating and living together, practicing together...this was a genuine sincerity among men. They collaborated to keep the motherland's peace and protect the people's property. It was truly a case of sharing life and death.

While on a mission together, a teammate could become a savior. They have faith in one another. Going on a mission requires you to trust and value one another. A blood and life-forged brotherhood is tenacious.

He loved the barracks, the green (uniform), and these simple brothers with bright smiles.

"It's nothing, and it's not a bad thing for White Head to change professions and go to a city. He's going to be a captain of the Criminal Police at the local city bureau, according to what I've heard. Let me tell you, there are a few bastards who have demonstrated military prowess. They've gotten a promotion. What will I say if we meet again in the future? I'll say that everyone I coach is a flaming hero, and any of them is the best fighter in the world."

Tian Yuan silently comforted him by touching his shoulder. Pan Lei was casual, but he placed a high value on relationships. This was true for both himself and his teammates. He was Pan Lei's unforgettable love, and he had a fraternity with his comrades that treated each other with absolute sincerity. Separation did not imply that they had lost contact with one another. Comrades in arms are said to have the deepest bond in the world. They could still communicate with one another.

Since he enjoys it, let him stay at the barracks at all times. So what if they had to live apart? He could handle it. I don't care how long we are apart as long as you're happy. I'll be patient. Pan Lei adored the barracks and refused to resign from the army for the rest of his life. Let him wear this uniform all the time if he wants to. When they reach the age of their parents, perhaps Pan Lei will also become a general and win the prize. He'll be pleased.

Didn't fulfilling his wish mean recognizing his love for the army and his desire to serve for the rest of his life? As his lover, I can assist him in bearing anything. He could accept responsibility for anything, including hardship, separation, waiting, and living apart. He would wait for Pan Lei for twenty or thirty years, no matter how long it took.

Let him work until he retires, or until he no longer wants to work. Even if he was old and gray-haired by the time Pan Lei returned to him, he would welcome him home with a smile.

Loving someone entailed loving them deeply all the way through and providing them with unconditional support.

He could handle the rest.

Pan Lei smiled at Tian Yuan, turned his head, and kissed the back of Tian Yuan's hand and shoulder.

Tian'er, with whom he fell in love, deserved his undivided attention for the rest of his life. He felt guilty and sorry, but he will come up with other solutions. He'd be content as long as his Tian'er was always by his side.

"Come on, let’s go for a walk. I'll give you a good look at the commandos' camp."

Pan Lei rose up, patted his pants, drew Tian Yuan, jumped off the viewing platform, and walked away into the woods.

Everyone was training in the afternoon. What was Pan Lei up to?

Pan Lei took him past tanks and armored vehicles before dragging him into the woods without allowing Tian Yuan to come near enough to touch them.

Tian Yuan's neck was turned as he continued to glance back. It was his first encounter with an armored vehicle. He wanted to see what it was all about. Every man is fascinated by this type of machine. He wanted to get his hands on it. He was eager to get to know that big guy.

"Let's go, let's go, let's go. You'll have plenty of chances to check it out. If you want, I can teach you how to drive an armored vehicle."

"Really? Is driving it difficult?"

"It's just like driving a car."

"Then I'm not going to drive. You drive me around and let me experience what it's like to be in an armored car."

What's the big deal about it? Pan Lei drew him deeper into the woods.

The distant noises of training and shouting were no longer audible. The little groove grew into a large forest over time. When one entered, it was impossible to tell how many evergreen plants were spread out in all directions. The foliage had gone yellow by the end of October, and some of the trees were about to shed their leaves. However, the woodland was dense and overgrown with weeds in general, and the trail was becoming increasingly difficult to traverse. Tian Yuan had no idea why they had come here. To go on a commando encampment tour? What is there to see in this area? Trees? Who hasn't seen trees?

"This forest covers an area of ​​more than 100 acres. There's also a mountain nearby. We bring recruits here to train them to survive in the wild. For 7-8 days, they wander about within. We give them a canteen of water and a box of compressed biscuits before throwing them here."

"You're not planning on forcing me to survive in the wilderness, are you? I'll die if you leave me here for 7 days with a canteen of water and a pack of biscuits."

Would Pan Lei bring him in and then sneak away to train him?

"How can I possibly be willing to let you go? Let's go, let's go, I'll take you to have a good time."

Can I trust him? Why on earth does he appear so thrilled?


[1] One of the sports of shotgun and target shooting. You can read this Baidu entry for details.

[2] FYI. 9, 10 & inner 10 (X) are the innermost rings.

[3] chuǎng dàng: to leave home to make one's way in the world; to leave the life one knows to seek success.


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