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IHSC - Chapter 76

Chapter 76 Explosion

Yi Yan abruptly unlocked Mode: Chatterbox and continued to babble after disclosing that he was a 60 or 70-year-old Uncle Bai, forcing Puppet Xiao Wang to accept his grace.


Uncle, are you a little princess[1] who likes talking with her Barbie doll?

In other words, the uncle who dresses up his doll as Sailor Moon… Wang Xiaomie's mouth corners twitched. Sir, you are far too trendy.

"When Yan Chun and Zhen Bei did not return, I knew they had failed. But it makes no difference. Aside from them, I have many other clients."

Yi Yan rose up, took the luggage, placed it on the table, and opened it. It didn't have any clothing in it. Instead, it was crammed with things Wang Xiaomie couldn't make sense of.

"Actually, I had no intention of doing anything to you at all. Although you and he have been alive for a very long time, I believe it is within the scope of mankind. And I never take a living creature's life."

Wang Xiaomie wanted to punch him in the face when he laughed! You really don't kill! But what you do is even worse than murder!

"It was my puppet who first found you on land," Yi Yan continued, unable to hear Wang Xiaomie's thoughts.

"I left a puppet to protect Bai Yu. That child is extremely gifted. Actually, I don't want him to join the craftsmen's circle, but he keeps researching on his own. I'm powerless to stop it and was forced to protect him in this manner. I didn't anticipate him to provoke you at such an opportune time, and he also forged a fate with you... afterwards, you rescued him from the monster and took him in..."

"At the time, I thought this might be an opportunity." Yi Yan lowered his head and sorted his belongings while adding softly, "Afterwards, the crazy woman and puppet you encountered at Bai Yu's house were all done by me, and I disposed of the monster that broke into your home to have a reason to approach you."

He abruptly tilted his head and grinned at Wang Xiaomie, who was immobile on the chair.

"Your body is truly the most beautiful handicraft in the world, and it is simply the best for making a puppet."


I also find your skull is smooth and round, so why not let me twist it off! Wang Xiaomie gritted his teeth.

So that's why, when they were at Bai Yu's house that day, he was nearly hacked to death by the girl! It's no surprise that they later encountered further zombie attacks and Yi Yan unexpectedly appeared.

It turns out that this man had planned it for quite some time. Wen Fengjin, however, discovered this as soon as possible. Wen Fengjin mentioned seeing an essay in the ancient book carried by Bai Yu that said, "If you meet a monster surnamed Yan, collect his blood."

Wen Fengjin also stated that he noticed the word 'Bai' written in the craftsmen's unique script on the little flag at Yi Yan's shop door.

Yi Yan (Bai Cheng) probably did not expect anyone to identify the craftsmen's script, but after Wang Xiaomie died, Wen Fengjin recruited talents with bizarre means from all over the world, including craftsmen and Taoist priests, in order to resurrect Wang Xiaomie.

Wen Fengjin had also studied their works.

However, Wen Fengjin simply guessed that Bai Yu and Yi Yan were related, probably father and son.

Wang Xiaomie was so shocked that his chin almost hit the floor when Wen Fengjin told him about his hunch, and after learning from Bai Yu that Bai Yu actually liked Yi Yan, Wang Xiaomie's heart only had a row of ellipses...

Surprisingly, Yi Yan now claimed to be Bai Cheng, Bai Yu's grandfather...

Wang Xiaomie: ...What an amazing grandpa! What an awesome twist!

F*ck! Love between father and son was shocking enough. Now you’re f*cking telling me it’s Grandfather-grandson love?

Grandpa-grandson love!!

Thinking that this was probably Bai Yu's first love, Wang Xiaomie: …

Despite being bitterly disappointed that Da Bai had betrayed him, he felt strangely sympathetic.

This is a truly disastrous relationship, Amen.

May there be no Lao Bai in heaven~

Wang Xiaomie's brain suddenly froze after observing three seconds of silence in respect. Right! Given Yi Yan's kindness, it's natural for Bai Yu to misunderstand. After all, Yi Yan was Bai Yu's grandfather, and it seemed reasonable and natural for a grandfather to spoil his grandchild. Yi Yan didn't notice Bai Yu's feelings at first, or perhaps he was simply too old to think about it at all.

What about later on?

If you can't find it after ten or twenty days, how about a month or two?

How could the astute Yi Yan miss Bai Yu's clear desire to be intimate with him?

Wang Xiaomie believed that Yi Yan must have discovered it after hearing what Yi Yan had just stated when he and Bai Yu were to stay in different rooms...


He personally bent his sole heir and broke the burning joss sticks. Wang Xiaomie desperately wanted to interview Yi Yan's current inner feelings if it weren't for the fact that he couldn't say nonsense.

Was it super sour and energizing[2]?

Ahem, I’m not gloating. Wang Xiaomie grinned secretly to himself: I’m really not, hehe...

Yi Yan simply placed the puppet materials in the room's wooden cabinet. Wang Xiaomie was drawn to an unlocked lacquered red mahogany box.

Wang Xiaomie was fortunate enough to get a few looks as Yi Yan opened it and examined its contents.

Inside was a miniature puppet with movable joints and covered in transparent silk threads. Wang Xiaomie's eyes lit up as he realized it was the thing used to manipulate him.

Yi Yan swiftly closed the wooden box and placed it in the cabinet, locking it.

"I’m going to use that thing to control you and make Wen Fengjin deal with the drought demon for me."

Yi Yan's mouth corners were hooked, his brows and eyes slim like a fox’s[3].

"In a few days, I'll travel to Qishan with a group of tomb raiders to kidnap another zombie that the drought demon adores. Tell me, who will win if I use you and that zombie to threaten the drought demon and Wen Fengjin into fighting? Which of you or that zombie will survive, depending on who wins? Hehe~"

F*ck you, insidious uncle! Wang Xiaomie thought that when the time came, Wen Fengjin, in order for him to live, and An Kai, in order for his family's Purple Hair to live, would undoubtedly fight to the death. Neither of them were easy to deal with, and the one who was left behind would almost certainly be gravely wounded. Ultimately, wouldn't it merely give Yi Yan the final say?

Wang Xiaomie gritted his teeth but made no sound. Yi Yan approached him and stroked his hair like a dog.

"Good boy~"

Wang Xiaomie: To hell with your good boy, scumbag!

Someone suddenly called from downstairs.

"Looks like they are here."

This "they" was referring to Yi Yan’s hired tomb raiders. He checked the quartz clock on the wall and mused, "Wen Fengjin will need at least four days to catch up here. That gives me enough time."

Yi Yan was beaming as he headed downstairs after remarking this, certain that Wang Xiaomie couldn’t escape.

And Wang Xiaomie was indeed unable to make any superfluous movements. He could only obediently sit there motionless.

...Won’t my thighs get numb after an hour of sitting like this? Puppets don’t have any human rights. Wang Xiaomie was in tears.

He had no idea what Yi Yan had told this group of people. The wooden building's sound insulation was poor, and Wang Xiaomie's ears were keen, allowing him to detect the presence of several tomb raiders. They were in the dozens and had awful voices. Several of the men spoke aloud, and Wang Xiaomie could even hear Yi Yan handing each of them a golden tool...

Wow! One per person... It's too bad for An Kai and Little Purple Hair.

The clock was ticking. Yi Yan had considered everything, and after calculating the time it would take Wen Fengjin to catch up, he decided to set off immediately. Yi Yan came upstairs late at night to force Xiaomie to attend to nature's call and made him sit on the chair.

The group's chaotic sounds faded away, and Wang Xiaomie never saw Yi Yan again.

Wang Xiaomie had been given a blood sacrifice for the last time before Yi Yan made his move. As a result, he could move his fingers and body slightly, but he stayed put to avoid getting caught by any surveillance monitor or whatever was in the room.

Meanwhile, Bai Yu appeared the next morning with a suitcase.

Wang Xiaomie, who had sat all night, was convinced he now had a herniated lumbar disc, frozen shoulder, and cervical spondylosis.

Bai Yu used the little key to unlock the cabinet door and remove the wooden box. He used the inside puppet to make Wang Xiaomie rise up. Wang Xiaomie could clearly hear the 'creak creak creak' whining from his joints the instant he got up.


Fortunately, he couldn't feel the area below the neck too well because of the drug. Otherwise, how sour and energizing it’d be!

Bai Yu's abilities were not as honed as Yi Yan's. Wang Xiaomie had to perform a number of convulsive stances before he could manipulate Xiaomie properly. Wang Xiaomie, who had cleansed his face, was helped back to his chair after using the toilet.

Wang Xiaomie: ….. You’re indeed grandfather and grandson! Can’t you just let me lie down for a while?! Even standing for a while will do!

What a pity Bai Yu was oblivious to Wang Xiaomie's inner voice. He knelt on the floor, organizing the suitcase. There were many Mandarin jackets in cyan or light blue, as well as some personal accessories. It's no surprise that Wang Xiaomie didn't see any toiletries in Yi Yan's suitcase yesterday! They were all here.

Wang Xiaomie sighed in his heart as he sneaked a peek at Bai Yu's serious profile as he tidied Yi Yan's clothes.

Oh Da Bai, do you like him that much?

Abandoning friends, sensing the other party's alienation yet following him without hesitation...

In the eyes of Wang Xiaomie, who had experienced love in two lifetimes (Shura Field[4]), Bai Yu's first relationship was truly a clean and strong love, but it was later twisted by Yi Yan and mixed with a lot of other things.

For example, sadness after being estranged from the person you like, and obstinacy toward the initial feelings. It must be difficult to let go if you really love deeply. There would not have been as many stupid men and resentful women[5] since ancient times if this had not been the case.

This is understandable, but... Wang Xiaomie wanted to cover his face.

Yi Yan is your grandfather, Da Bai!

Your own (flesh and blood) grandpa!

He simply didn't dare to think about what would happen when Bai Yu discovered the truth. Wang Xiaomie imagined a conversation between the two following Bai Yu's confession someday.

The content was as follows:

Da Bai: Yi Yan, I like you. Let's be together!

Yi Yan: Impossible.

Da Bai: Why?

Yi Yan: Because I’m your grandfather, grandson.

Da Bai: ......

Wang Xiaomie, who had finished fantasizing: Too scary, it’s really too scary. I want to shed a few sad tears for the terrifying love story of Lao Bai and Da Bai.

Something made a tinkling sound just as Xiaomie was thinking about this.

Wang Xiaomie stealthily looked over and found that when Bai Yu lifted a piece of clothing, a pocket watch fell out of the inner pocket, and the round silver watch spinned about on the floor a few times before settling flat.

Bai Yu stared blankly, then picked up the pocket watch. The pocket watch's surface felt smooth to the touch. It appeared to be frequently played with in the person's hand. It was clearly a personal item. Something with such a sense of time still fell from Yi Yan's pocket, so it couldn't have come from anywhere else.

Perhaps it was inadvertently left in the inner pocket while changing clothes.

Bai Yu brushed the surface of the pocket watch with a faint smile on his face before opening it. A clock hand that was no longer moving was inside the pocket watch, and on the other side was a circular photograph.

Because men's pocket watches are relatively large, the picture was a miniature photo of two people.

The photo was already fuzzy, and it was only vaguely visible that it was of Yi Yan and a woman.

In the black and white image, the woman appeared somewhat darker than the male next to her. She had round eyes, a small and delicate nose, naturally curled corners of her mouth, pouty lips, a face full of boundless vitality, and she looked beautiful. At first glance, it was evident that she was the cute and playful type.

Wang Xiaomie took a closer look and discovered that this woman resembled Bai Yu!

Bai Yu examined it for a moment, and his smile suddenly froze.

With an expression of disbelief, he flipped over the photo.

The location of the photo on this pocket watch was definitely custom-made, and the small round frame could still be opened. It was the reverse side of the photo after opening, with a few tiny characters scribbled on it.

[To my wife.]


Wang Xiaomie: Oh no, it's all over.

"How is this possible?!" Bai Yu murmured to himself, then raced out the door, as if recalling something.

Wang Xiaomie heard him running up the stairs a few minutes later, holding a wrinkled photo in his hand. He arranged the photo and the pocket watch next to each other on the ground.

A playful smile, a delicate and lovely appearance...

The woman in the photo and the woman on the pocket watch were obviously the same person!


Bai Yu sagged to the ground, his eyes blank.

"How is this possible...how is this possible!?"

The author has something to say: 

Yi Yan avoided approaching his family because he does not want his family to walk on his path. Back then, it took him a long time to recover from his injuries. People from the same trade or some of the tomb raider clans, as well as the monsters Yi Yan had dealt with, could have come to the door.

So he simply feigned death.

As for Yi Yan's feelings for Wang Xiaomie, they’re similar to when we play card games and draw the best hand.

There are no other feelings. He simply feels that Xiaomie’s body is a good material with which to create his best masterpiece.


[1] A moniker given to some men by netizens. The most distinguishing quality of this type of man is that he has a girlish heart (not sissy).

[2] "This is sour and refreshing," has become an interjection to express an unexpected emotion, such as ecstasy, or to be mildly satirical. WXM is naturally mocking YY.

[3] Obvious but still. "fox" refers to a sly and treacherous individual.

[4] Originally interpreted as "tragic battlefield." It is now used to describe complex interpersonal relationships. People involved have multiple connections or have unequal identities. Source: Baidu

[5] chī nán yuàn nǚ(idiom) refers to men and women who are deeply in love but are not emotionally fulfilled.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 208

Chapter 208 Defending the country

He’s so cute when he pounds on the table, roaring and yelling. How spirited! Tian Yuan's eyes were especially bright when he was angry, making Pan Lei want to kiss him.

"Baby, I want to kiss you."

Tian Yuan was in the middle of cursing him as an a$$hole, an a$$hole who misled children.

He paused for three seconds after Pan Lei abruptly said such a sentence.

"Then you return early. You can kiss me however you want when you get home."

Pan Lei was immediately interested.

"Kissing you from head to toe as I strip you nude, back to front, without missing an inch?"

Tian Yuan blushed as he remembered their passionate entanglement, entwined limbs, and chests clinging together as he was hugged and kissed every night Pan Lei was at home.


"Ge misses you like crazy, baby. Ge loves you so much."

Pan Lei changed his booming voice and spoke sweet nothings to the phone. At this point, the small light bulb[1] or whoever, could simply f*ck off.

The little boy felt that adults were really boring. With simply a phone call, this big guy could change his expression. Wasn't he a vicious bandit moments ago? How come he was tender and sweet now? The little guy couldn’t stand it anymore.

He ran around catching grasshoppers and bugs and then went off to play by himself.

"Tian'er, baby, how many relatives did you and mom put down on the list?"

Tian Yuan was troubled about this. His mother-in-law intended to invite all of his relatives. Pan Lei was in charge of booking plane tickets and hotel arrangements. It had to be a large event because it was a Pan family wedding. So what if it wasn't a traditional wedding between a man and a woman? The Pans were open-minded, and their son was getting married, which was a joyous occasion. There were so many relatives and friends, as well as comrades in arms and former subordinates, all of whom would be invited to the wedding. The Pans' idea was to be open and aboveboard.

There’s nothing to hide. On the contrary, we want everyone to see that my son has met a good man, and that we, this old couple, have qualified successors. This is a large joyous event that everyone should participate in.

That's how his mother-in-law consoled Tian Yuan, telling him to invite all his uncles and aunts and their families. The more, the merrier. Mama Dang Hong also wished Pan Zhan to make the Pan family's joyous event the front page headline in the press.

Her son wanted to get married, so it would be a big event. The larger the setting, the better.

It wasn’t easy, you know. The bandit-like Pan Lei was actually getting married. It was really not easy.

In comparison to the Pan family's open democracy, the Tian family was less tolerant. Father Tian and Mother Tian were both taken aback when Tian Yuan called them. They had no idea their sons would desire to get married. It was enough for them to be together. Why did they feel the need to show off?

"Don't be upset, elder sister. It's wonderful that they're getting married. When people see Tian Yuan, they will recognize him as Pan Lei's family. Similarly, when people see Pan Lei, they will know he is Dr. Tian's family. There will be no more relatives and the like who will tell them they are so old but yet unmarried and will introduce them to a partner. Isn't that causing them both problems? Please accept. Please bring your whole family and let them attend. We'll be prepared. Everything will be carefully organized."

Mama Dang Hong persuaded the Tian couple like this, and they agreed. Tian Yuan worriedly examined the list of his relatives.

"Mom’s right. Anyway, it is an old etiquette that families must meet, so it must be followed. We'll have my uncles drink with your uncles to get to know each other when the time comes. I'll toast them as well. Simply follow my mother's instructions and list whatever relative she tells you to write. By the way, tell mom that all of the soldiers and instructors from my commando unit will be there, so set up a few tables for them."

He’d better listen to Pan Lei about this, right? In fact, there was really no need to make such a big deal out of it. It would’ve been fine if the two families had gathered for dinner. They would’ve gone to Canada quietly, obtained a marriage certificate, and handed themselves over to the other party for the rest of their lives.

Could it be that prominent families, such as the Pans, thought differently?

"Please just do as I say. All you need to do is to study hard, work hard, and complete the course credits as soon as possible. But don't stay up late; don't abuse your body. Then go and get wedding suits for both of us. I think you should prepare some extra clothes in case they play tricks on us. The situation will be chaotic if they throw eggs or spray Coke on us, and our clothes will be ruined. When I return, I'll take care of things like getting the house painted and so on. Make a list for mom, and your goal will be completed. You simply have to wait until I get home."

Tian Yuan made a sincere promise. It was preferable to let the Pans have fun with this kind of thing. To him, it was all Greek. Lin Mu had begun to press him to buy candy, claiming that he would enjoy their wedding candy in advance.

Pan Lei went on rambling. In his opinion, others could assist with wedding preparations and so on. What Tian Yuan needed to do was take care of himself. He kept urging Tian Yuan, like a broken record, not to eat cold food[2], miss meals, drink unboiled[3] water, or kick the quilt.

In the end, Tian Yuan’s only response was, "yeah, yeah, got it, okay, okay, I promise you." Tian Yuan jokingly called him the neighborhood committee auntie, but Pan Lei refused to admit it. He should really consider a career change.

Who else elaborates on a series of mundane topics like this? Normally, everyone was perfunctory.

This sickly-sweet phone call lasted over an hour. It would most certainly continue if it weren't for someone looking for Tian Yuan. Pan Lei stretched his waist, satisfied that his family's hubby was still steady and calmly waiting for him to return home.

The correspondent greeted Pan Lei with a tense expression on his face as he escorted the little kid back to the encampment leisurely.

"Team Leader Pan, we have a situation."

Pan Lei frowned.

"Our spy arrived and informed us that the robbers would be raiding tonight. A border SWAT unit conducted a siege a few days ago, but the robbers fled. Recently, the gangs on the Myanmar border united for the first time to clear the village and then open up a drug trafficking route from here. They have a large number of people."

"I was worried that those sonsabi!ches wouldn't show up. Gather everyone and arrange strategic deployment."

Pan Lei started issuing orders. Let them come. It was so nice of them to take the initiative to attack.

It was wonderful that all arrangements could be moved to an earlier date. After winning this war, they would assist these regular people in settling down, train them in self-defense, and then turn over the operation to the local border police. They could then return.

Three months was too long. It would be good to return even a day sooner. He had family and a wedding waiting for him back home.

After this mission, he planned to take a one-month marriage leave of absence to properly cherish his Tian'er at home, hug his dog son, and accompany their parents to Canada to obtain the marriage certificate.

Pan Lei was unconcerned about the approaching robbers. He was more concerned that they might become tortoises[4], withdrawing their heads and hiding in their shells, never coming out.

He had taken 20 commandos with him, all of whom he had trained. They were all incredibly talented. Even if the robbers were in the top ten, they couldn't compete with the commandos.

Pan Lei spread out the area map and everyone gathered around.

"We will fight a tough battle tonight and then prevail. When we return, you will all come to drink at my wedding banquet. Tonight, the twenty of you will be divided into four groups. We must not be negligent because the enemy has numbers on their side. We set a trap in the shape of a pocket, as I suggested. They're numerous; if they outflank us, we'll bide our time. After they come in, we’ll adopt a turkey shoot to cut off their escape route before launching an assault jointly. Strike their vanguard, attack their middle, and cut off their escape route.

Each trail contains explosives deployed by the blasting squad. Explosives similar to those used to blow up Japs have been placed on every road; the kind that can detonate five or six explosive packets with a single pull. It's best to bide our time and let the enemy in; it'd be ideal if they all came in. Detonate the explosives as soon as nearly all of them arrive. Catch them off guard and cut off their retreat path first.

The sniper team will lie in wait in the middle. Once the blasting team starts fighting, the sniper team will attack from the middle. Keep in mind to stay hidden and hit them in such a way that they can’t figure out where we are or how many people we have. Shoot them through the head. The more headshots there are, the better.

The third group will follow me. I'll lead an attack from near the stockade, taking them head-on. The three groups will work together, taking care of each other.

The fourth group will be in charge of ensuring civilian safety. Ask that they retire to the cave in the rear mountain and not come out. The local government will compensate for all damages. Tell them not to worry or be afraid. There is a government that will keep them alive."

Pan Lei’s gaze passed over each soldier.

"It used to be on a small scale, but now it's a full-fledged conflict. Let them witness our special forces' valor in battle. I've trained you all. You are the tiger pack descending the mountain. Tear up at those useless ba$tards."

They were a group of commandos who could execute impossible missions in dangerous situations with minimal casualties. They had all been raised with bullets. They were all magical weapons that had been trained dozens of times more than ordinary people. Now was the time to be unsheathed and go all out.

"A thousand deaths will not deter me from defending my country!"

The team yelled this slogan. They took up their weapons and fought whenever they were needed.

"This war can only end in victory. Failure is not an option. Follow the plan, act, and finish all deployments before it becomes dark!"

Pan Lei liked these soldiers. His subordinates, like him, were all fierce men willing to give everything, including their lives, to safeguard the country. They were undaunted by danger.

The villagers began to evacuate, and everyone began to follow the plan. All medicines and medical equipment were prepared, as were light and heavy weapons. Needless to say, the special troop had first-class equipment. The latest domestic sniper rifles, German-made GR9C machine guns, and the M4 assault rifles used by the Navy SEALs. The team had them all, not to mention hand grenades and portable rocket thrusters.

Pan Lei couldn't believe they couldn't kill those filthy Burmese devils with the commandos' equipment. You will be destroyed if you dare to come over. We'll annihilate every last one of you. It makes no difference if you are a robbers' alliance or a terrorist organization.

Come give it a shot if you're not frightened of dying.

Everything went rapidly, and the villagers were also transported quickly. They even had to drag cows inside the cave because it was all the property the families had.

There weren’t many people in this stockaded village in the first place. The village was devoid of life now that the people had been evacuated.

Everyone got into position. Pan Lei linked the signals of the other two teams, which had all been pre-arranged.

Pan Lei sent Tian Yuan a text message before turning off the phone.

Plan ahead, baby. I might come back sooner. Wait for me. We’ll marry when I return. I love you.

He kissed the screen of his phone, which had his baby’s smiling face on it.

He turned off the phone.


[1] third-wheel.

[2] This, I believe, relates to cold food as defined by TCM rather than cold food as defined by temperature. Some foods (heaty foods) boost internal body heat while cold foods do the opposite.

[3] Tap water is not safe to drink in all countries...

[4] 王八 translates to tortoise, but in slang it means sonofabi!ch/ba$tard.


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 207

Chapter 207 Pan Lei leads a child astray

Want to go back? It's not gonna be easy. Given the current state of affairs, it would take at least three months.

Pan Lei just needed two days to set up camp. There were hidden sentries within five miles and surveillance cameras within ten miles of the stockaded village arranged in these two days. The border was barely twenty miles away, and it was an area of rugged mountains and impenetrable forests, so defense had to be strict.

Pan Lei brought men with him to clean up the cave in the rear mountain, which would be used as an air-raid shelter. If there was a real fight, bullets don’t have eyes and may injure civilians, which had to be avoided at all costs.

Myanmar's situation had been tense in recent years. Every year, artillery bombardment occurred, the Myanmar authorities officially apologized, and some people crossed the border illegally. Many Myanmar citizens were fed up with the country's poverty and backwardness and decided to flee to China. The Chinese government also set up temporary shelters and deported some people back to Myanmar. Because there were so many people coming over, the effect was minimal.

Bandits are created in this manner. They believe it is simply a means of making money, but it is not legal. The drug trade had to be cleaned up at home.

They couldn’t allow any drug channel to form.

Some of the special forces brought in were legal experts. The commandos were all talented in any case. Simply calling out any commando's name at random guaranteed that they were a talent. They were subjected to rigorous training, including classes in international law.

Pan Lei organized for personnel to promote the law among the community, with an interpreter on hand to explain matters. These locals were also honest and generous. When the reality became clear, they all acknowledged it.

Pan Lei and his men resided on the fringes of the fortified village. They were self-sufficient and did not disturb civilians. They would cook on their own after the military supplies were delivered. They strictly followed the Eight Great Disciplines, not taking a grain of rice from the common people or taking advantage of them in any way.

The sentry patrolled around the clock. They could only patrol on foot because there was no vehicle. The signal was poor. They needed to find at least one high ground to make a call.

When the military supplies arrived, they included a large bag of candy. Pan Lei, who had a cold face while smoking a cigarette, grabbed a handful of candies and handed it to a child.

"For you."

The child looked at the candies, then at Pan Lei, who was frowning and smoking a cigarette, burst into tears, and fled in terror.

Pan Lei extinguished his cigarette under his heel.

"Damn it! Laozi will never raise a child! They’re too f*cking hard to serve. They’re not even as good as my hubby’s fingernail. No wonder some people say that children are alien lifeforms, the scariest things!"

The interpreter quickly grabbed the sweets and rushed to coax the child.

In fact, it’s not the child’s fault. Why don't you look in the mirror, Pan Lei? You're wearing combat boots, smoking a cigarette, carrying a gun, and your face is covered in dark brown and green camo paint. Based on that frowning and gloomy face of yours, those in the know will recognize you as the commander of the special forces squad. Those who don’t will suspect you of being a human trafficker. That height, that scary appearance… how could the bright yet timid child not cry?

Tian Yuan likes me like this. He likes it so much that he fondles me admiringly. But Pan Lei, if you test it on someone else, they will be scared away.

Speaking of my family’s baby… Pan Lei took out his phone and discovered that there was no reception at all.

F*ck! I miss my baby. I need to find a high point to look for a signal. The current situation was worse than it had been while Tian Yuan was overseas.

This was a genuine 'mobile' phone call. Pan Lei held the phone high, moving it to the left and right in an attempt to pick up the signal. He took a step back and nearly tripped over someone. When he turned around, he saw a boy standing behind him. He was staring at him with big black eyes.

"What are you doing following me?"

Weren't these terrifying creatures scared of him? Didn't he just scare a kid into crying? Why was this small brat following him so fearlessly? Pan Lei's voice was harsh. His attentiveness and patience had all been given to Tian Yuan, and there was nothing left. You couldn't get him to be patient even as a child.

Pan Lei inquired impatiently, his tone unpleasant and annoyed.

"Candy, I want candy."

Whoa, this little brat has a lot of guts to eat.

"You bring me to the back mountain, and I'll give you candy."

The little boy gazed at Pan Lei and began walking in front of him. Pan Lei gave a devilish grin. Hurt your body for the sake of your mouth, and revere your father-in-law for the sake of your wife[1]. This was an excellent argument. For candy, this little brat wasn't scared of him.

Pan Lei was led to the back mountain by the child. It was labeled as the back mountain, but it was basically just a modest soil slope. A large mountain with pristine forest stood behind the soil slope.

Pan Lei took out his mobile phone and saw a full signal bar. Nice! This is a good place. He phoned Tian Yuan right away.

"Is my baby there? Call my baby and say his lover is looking for him."

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were laughing and exchanging jokes. Tian Yuan had just taken a break when he received Pan Lei’s call. He was overjoyed.

"Your family’s baby is wondering what you’re busy with these days, you ba$tard."

"You know I can't disclose anything. Ge misses you so much, baby. You have no idea how difficult these last few days have been for me. I had to walk about ten minutes to find a location where I could make a phone call. I really want to go home and wrap my arms around my baby and sleep peacefully. Have you been busy, honey? Did Mom bring you dinner?"

"It's business as usual."

The child on the side started tugging on Pan Lei's jacket. Pan Lei would immediately forget everything else once he called his baby. He wouldn’t care even if a bullet came at him. He was completely absorbed in his conversation with his beloved. He stretched out and pushed the boy away when he tugged on his jacket.

The child staggered but continued to pull on Pan Lei, unyielding.

"If you make any more noise, I'll throw you up on the mountain to feed the wolves!"

Pan Lei yelled at the child while covering the phone's microphone.

The child gawked at him blankly, neither crying nor making a fuss.

"What are you doing? Who are you tossing up the mountain? How can you say that! Are you exploding at your subordinates again? They're your comrades in arms, so can't you keep your cool a little?"

He was always cursing at others in a loud voice. Could he not be a little milder? A dutiful son is not always found under the stick. There would be rebellion if the high-handed policy was too severe.

"It’s nothing. By the way, where's our son, dear?"

"He's dozing off at my feet. Today, Lin Mu gave him a chicken leg. This little rascal fell in love with Lin Mu and followed him around all the time."

Tian Yuan remarked as he stroked Jindouer's fur. There was now one more topic the couple discussed. Their phone calls used to be rambling and endless, but now they talked a lot about Jindou’er. Because they couldn't call each other whenever and wherever they wanted like previously, and they couldn't video chat like before, the call time was extremely long. Pan Lei now had a long-life battery, and he would hang up only when the phone became too hot.

The little boy suddenly screamed into Pan Lei's ear.

"I will toss you up the mountain to feed the wolves, you son[2]!"

Pan Lei smirked as he bared his teeth. He was lucky he was still a child, since Pan Lei would have really booted him down the hill. You need a spanking, you little ba$tard.

"Get lost, you little gangster!"

"Give me candy!"

Tian Yuan believed he had finally grasped what was going on. There was a young foodie at Pan Lei’s side, and Pan Lei, this mature a$$hole, was arguing with a kid.

"Pan Lei, can you have some shame? What are you quarreling with a child for? I believe the two of us should never adopt a child. If our family has a child, I think you will beat it up and toss it out on the street. There's no way to provide him/her with a happy childhood. You have such a bad temper! Quick now. Coax him and give him some candy. Don't yell at him again."

Tian Yuan was at a loss for words when it came to Pan Lei. He was loud, drank, and kicked up a racket with his men like rogue bandits all day. He was now causing trouble with a child. Why was a big guy like him getting into an argument with a kid? They were clearly unsuitable for adopting children. They were doomed to disappoint Mama Dang Hong. It wasn't so much that they didn't want to adopt a child as their temperaments were unsuitable. Tian Yuan reasoned that if there was a child, he or she would have to deal with domestic violence.

If Pan Lei was a ferocious lion capable of eating people, Tian Yuan was an animal trainer who could subdue him in one sentence.

Pan Lei groped around, looking through his pockets while holding the phone between his ear and shoulder.

"Crap! Laozi can’t possibly have candy on him."

The little boy grew enraged when he heard this. Adults are liars. They deceive children. The boy puffed up, and despite how scary Pan Lei was, and regardless of the fact that he'd scared a little friend to tears, the boy raised his foot and kicked Pan Lei.

"Grownups are liars!"

While glaring at Pan Lei fiercely, the lad tightened his fists and waited for his reaction. Pan Lei rubbed his lower back, where this little brat had kicked him.

"Baby, this kid is just like an alien product. Damn it! Laozi is dying to beat him up."

Tian Yuan couldn't help but touch Jindou'er as he heard the kid shout that adults are all liars. In comparison, their dog son was better. At the very least, it would not become angry with them.

"Coax him."

"I’ll only coax you, never others."

Pan Lei patted his pockets, fished out a pack of cigarettes, pulled one out, and placed it in the child's mouth.

"Give it a shot. It’s fantastic stuff. It can make you forget unhappy things."

The child was skeptical, but he accepted it. Pan Lei personally lit it for him, then took another one out and lit it for himself. He took a huge drag and expelled a smoke ring to demonstrate. The kid similarly took a deep drag and promptly began coughing.

Pan Lei rocked with laughter. He’d never seen such a silly child. He was too amusing.

"Pan Lei! What great deed did you do this time? You’re an adult. Even if you usually make fun of me, you’re not allowed to mock a kid."

"I'll send you a photo to show you, baby."

The child's coughing had stopped. Pan Lei reinserted the cigarette in the child's mouth, took a drag and exhaled in the boy's face, snapped a photo, and sent it to Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan phoned him two minutes later and abused him roundly.

"How dare you do such mean things, you rascal! See how I beat you if you dare to teach the child messy things again. The whip Dad gave me is still in my hand, you hear? I'll thrash you when you come back, and if you dare to do such an a$$hole thing again, laozi won’t spare you."

Pan Lei laughed heartily. He hadn't heard his hubby scolding him in some days and was feeling uneasy all over. He felt relieved after being lectured like this by Tian Yuan. Listen, his family’s little hot pepper had caught fire. He felt he was making chili oil. The aroma had spread with a sizzle. He was the only one who could hear his darling’s angry yelling as his hair exploded. Tian Yuan reprimanded him and cursed him, making this dull day - a day when he could only hear but not see his man - exciting and causing him to mobilize all of his emotions. He imagined the expression on Tian Yuan’s face and entertained himself.


[1] Obvious, but here you go. This expression implies that you are willing to suffer in order to get something you desperately want. For example, eating something unhealthy because you appreciate the taste of it. In this context, PL is hinting that the kid is brave since he wants to eat candy and is ready to overlook PL's scariness.

[2] You know how the Chinese use grandpa, laozi, and other words to express arrogance. The kid refers to PL as "son" to show that he (the kid) is the boss. lol


OMG! (☞゚∀゚)☞ Pan Lei

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October 24, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 206

Chapter 206 Jindou’er, kiss your dad

In a daze, Tian Yuan received a phone call from his mother-in-law. Mama Dang Hong chastised her son as soon as she heard his rather scratchy and listless voice. Pan Lei, how much did you play last night, you ba$tard? Take a look at this poor child. He lacks the strength to even talk. What's the point of drinking so many tonics? He finally had some physical strength that had been completely sapped by her son.

"Don't come today, Xiao Yuan. Take a good rest, okay. Mom is going to give you the day off."

Tian Yuan, who was dozing and cocooned in the comforter, replied muddleheaded, "Thank you Mom."

He hung up the phone and returned to sleep.

Being a mother requires you to adore your children. Could she possibly allow Tian Yuan to come to work and study with this voice? Certainly not! He was in urgent need of rest. Leizi must have tossed him badly last night. Her son was not present, so she, the mother-in-law, would look after him. To put it another way, meeting Pan Lei was the result of those buddies and friends being careless in making friends. This was also an old lady's worry and effort.

It was already midday when Tian Yuan finally awoke. He sat on the bed for a long time, grabbing his hair, before recovering a little. Oh, right. Pan Lei left. He's been dispatched on a mission. He was only half-awake in the early morning when he felt Pan Lei kissing him and saying to him, "Baby, take care of yourself."

Alas; the days of meeting less and parting more! When they did meet, it was just for a few days. Twenty years, damn it! They had no choice but to go this way no matter how hard it was.

Jindou'er, who had been trained by Pan Lei, did not dare to jump up on the bed and stood there wagging his tail.

Tian Yuan looked at the phone and remembered that his mother-in-law had told him that he would have the day off today.

Tian Yuan slumped back onto the pillow. Because Pan Lei expected this mission to take a long time, the rascal didn't hesitate to torment him mercilessly. Tian Yuan saw the hickeys on his wrist when he lifted the sleeves of his pajamas. He guessed(correctly) that Pan Lei had left traces all over his body.

He patted the bed on the other side.

"Come up here, Jindou'er, and sleep with Dad."

Pan Lei had learned the practice of keeping the room immaculate and the bedding folded into perfect squares while in the army. He wouldn't let Jindou'er jump on their bed. This army guy's quilt, once folded, stayed folded the entire day, constantly maintaining that exact square shape. Pan Lei despised untidy quilts. The puppy would undoubtedly stain and mess the bed if it jumped on it. As a result, Pan Lei insisted that the dog may play however it pleased on the floor, but was not allowed to jump onto the bed.

Jindou'er hesitated for a second before springing up when Tian Yuan patted the bed. With a light plop, it sat near Tian Yuan, licked Tian Yuan's mouth, and joyfully laid on its stomach on the soft bed, a look of excitement on its face.

If Pan Lei saw Jindou'er licking Tian Yuan's mouth, I'm sure he'd make a family rule about it, something along the lines of 'Personal possessions and valuables are not to be touched.'

Tian Yuan wrapped his hand over Jindou'er to cuddle it, smiled bitterly, and hugged it to sleep soundly.

Tian Yuan's sleeping posture was actually poor. When he slept, he liked to roll and ball the quilt. Before getting together with Pan Lei, he was frequently woken up by the cold at night, and he would grasp the quilt again. Pan Lei, on the other hand, followed him when he rolled over, and when he kicked the quilt, Pan Lei covered him. Pan Lei simply gripped him tightly, holding him in his arms like a little cage if he rolled too much. Pan Lei would cuddle him while holding his hands and feet down, and he slept like so all night. Pan Lei had apparently cured him of his terrible sleeping posture.

Tian Yuan flicked Jindouer's nose, causing it to sneeze and shake its head. Tian Yuan laughed.

"I'm also your dad. How come you don’t sneeze when he flicks your nose?"

The phone rang. Tian Yuan took it and lazily placed it on his ear.

"You've arrived?"

"Yeah, I just stepped off the plane. Oh my god, it’s really f*cking poor here, and network coverage is terrible. Are you up?"

Tian Yuan rolled over, and Pan Lei smiled as he heard the rustle of the quilt.

"You haven't woken up yet, darling. You insisted on wearing pajamas after taking a shower yesterday. I undid your pajamas and kissed you all over again before I left today. Take a look. Aren't there a few more marks on your chest?"

Tian Yuan looked down and discovered a few large red marks on his ribcage.

"You stinky rogue, molesting me while I sleep."

"You unfastened your pajamas? Then remove them and don't bother wearing them. Nobody can see you going around naked at home since the curtains are drawn."

"Bah, I'm not as rogue as you are. What if you’ve installed a pinhole camera at home and linked it to your laptop? Won’t you see me in all my glory?"

"What's the big deal? Is there any spot I haven't seen on your body? I've not only seen it, but I've also kissed it. Where's our son?"

Tian Yuan petted Jindou’er.

"Say hello to your dad."

Jindou’er gave a bark.

"Son, help your dad look after your little dad. Dad will reward you on returning. I made porridge for you, baby. If you're awake, heat it up and eat it hot. I placed the insulating mittens in the kitchen's left corner. Wear them when picking up hot plates to avoid burning your hands. The pickled vegetables are all in the fridge. I've washed all of the fruits in the fridge, so you can just grab one and eat it. The weather is getting warmer, so I've sent our winter clothes to be dry cleaned; remember to pick them up. Wear a jacket when you go out, and don’t stay up late. You’re not allowed to stay up all night writing your paper instead of sleeping. Don’t let your smoking addiction worsen. Take a look at your fingers! They’re nearly smoked yellow. Those beautiful white and tender hands are becoming ugly."

"Pan Lei, you should leave the army and become the neighborhood committee auntie. You’re so very qualified for it."

His nagging never stopped. He wasn't a three-year-old kid, so why did he have to do so much accounting?

"You are the only person in the world who has the ability to make me babble. I don't have the spare time to nag others. The signal is not good here. I'm just worried that if there’s no signal where I go, you won’t take care of yourself. Be obedient, baby, and remember everything I said. Don't worry if you can't reach me when you call. This lousy place is really backward. I'll call you when I get a chance."

On the other end of the phone, Tian Yuan heard someone calling Team Leader Pan. Pan Lei appeared to be busy.

"Baby, give me a kiss; I gotta rush."

Tian Yuan didn't feel awkward this time. He grabbed the phone and pointed it towards Jindou'er.

"Kiss your dad."

Jindou’er lived up to expectations by barking.

"Tell your mother to take over and kiss me."

Tian Yuan didn't hear this line, otherwise he would’ve never given a generous kiss over the phone. Pan Lei was happy.

"Look after yourself."

"You, too. Come back early."

Pan Lei smiled as he hung up the phone and told his troops to get things moving quickly.

They landed in a settlement 50 miles from the nearest town, and a mile further inside was a virgin forest. In the pattern of stockaded villages, there were just a few scant and fractured dwellings, and the local dialect made no sense. Fortunately, they arrived with an interpreter. The majority was made up of the elderly and the young, and there were few strong laborers.

"The strong workers think it's too poor here, and nearly all of them have left. Nobody wants to return. The area is too backward. A single cow is a family's entire property in this region. There are no factories or jobs, and the only way to cure oneself when sick is to go up the mountain and dig herbs. Because the per capita income is less than $500 per year, the locals will do any work for anyone willing to pay a few thousand dollars. This region is rife with drug trafficking. Those who cross the border want to establish a drug trafficking road here and buy it off with money, but the village chief here refuses to let them approach for fear of endangering the children and the area’s stability. The robbers proceeded to sweep, with the thought that if they can acquire narcotics, they will help them sell them, and if they can't, they will drive them away."

This time, Pan Lei brought a squadron of 20 soldiers and left a portion of them in the military area, where they could go on missions if needed.

Pan Lei spit the straw out of his mouth. This place was really quite backward. Thatched cottages, wooden fences, large water buffaloes, only nighttime electricity, and the children had never seen Golden monkey toffee. The old men smoked hookahs.

Golden monkey toffee

It was backward but comfortable. Except for the fact that it was too outdated, the place was a small utopia. The surroundings were magnificent, and you could smell the earth as you breathed.

"Set up the communication equipment first, techs. Notify headquarters that we have arrived at the designated location. We need military goods such as rice and flour, as well as iron wire, wood, and tarpaulin. By the way, tell them to send five kilos of toffee as well."

Pan Lei turned his head and noticed a kid with large eyes blinking at him. Pan Lei thought he resembled his family's Jindou'er a little.

"The rest of you divide into three groups. One group patrols around the clock. One group will follow me to the enemy's location to investigate the situation, bringing cameras and sensors. The third group will remain behind to hide our weapons and supplies, arrange for lodging, and pitch tents."

Pan Lei stowed a gun on the back of his waist and prepared for action. They would do a fantastic job now that they were here.

However, this location was extremely remote and backward, and the computers lacked network connectivity. Great, I can't even video chat with my hubby. Fu*king hell! Will I really be able to see my baby only in three or four months? This was the first time they would be separated for so long after they fell in love, no, after they met.

Pan Lei was damn annoyed.

He had only barely arrived but was already considering returning. Leizi, relax. You can go back after killing the bandits. The state required that they help clean up the dregs of this area, educate the locals about the law, and that local production begin. I need a drink. Pan Lei wanted to roar, "Laozi is a killer who executes missions to neutralize danger, not the 7+ years production team captain."

Forget it! Pan Lei recalled how he might request tens of millions of dollars in weapons and become the most lethal commandos who were as tough as nails; this hard job appeared unavoidable. He would simply swallow his longing. So what if he missed Tian Yuan? Anyway, when he returned, they would marry, which was also something to look forward to.

Pan Lei couldn't wait to get back home and enjoy his wedding night before the ceremony. He wanted to do this and that repeatedly, spending the night in rapture.

I'm hoping my baby takes good care of his health while I'm away and can fight me all night.

Pan Lei laughed foolishly while walking. He was thinking of beautiful things and laughing happily. The assistant instructor leaned in and whispered.

"Team Leader Pan, are you going to invite us to drink your wedding wine?"

"Yes, you must all attend my wedding when we return."

All of the brothers cheered. This was fantastic news. They were all looking forward to returning even more.


PL: Jindou'er, you're not allowed on the bed.

PL departs on a mission.

TY: To hell with your rules! Jindou’er, come on up and sleep with Dad.

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October 21, 2022

IHSC - Chapter 75

Chapter 75 The truth is terrifying

The car zoomed the entire journey. It did not stop except to restock food and water and to take care of physiological needs.

Wang Xiaomie fought to hold back when he needed to use the restroom the entire ride. After all, he was now an obedient puppet. Who knew if he could or couldn't speak? It would be disastrous if he unintentionally exposed himself.

Yi Yan, thankfully, did not ignore him. Bai Yu assisted Wang Xiaomie in going down to take care of bodily needs whenever they took a break.

Their group was highly noticeable. Wang Xiaomie had a kind and attractive appearance. He was plainly a male, yet he sported long black hair and a dead expression...

Furthermore, Yi Yan appeared to have just left the Republic of China Theater.

Yi Yan explained to the curious, without panic, with a smile, "This is my younger brother. He was born with a brain problem."

Wang Xiaomie: "......" YOU have a brain problem! Your whole family was born with brain problems!

Passers-by averted their gaze in embarrassment.

They dragged Wang Xiaomie back into the automobile after easily resolving the suspicious passers-by. The car finally exited the highway after stopping at who knows how many rest stops.

The roadside scenery got progressively overgrown, and the vehicle jolted slowly. Wang Xiaomie surreptitiously gazed out the window and noticed that their current location resembled a barren mountain.

The roads were all dirt, there were rocks everywhere, and the leaves of the weeds that had been cut off on both sides of the road were still fresh, indicating that this road had only just been constructed.

For half an hour, the car bounced along the road, scattering dry loess everywhere, and the white car was covered in dust and ash as it swayed by a stele.

The stele should have had such-and-such village or so-and-so site inscribed on it, but this section of country they drove through was desolate, and even the new worn stele appeared to have been recently cut from a quarry.

The car came to a halt as they approached the village. Bai Yu drew Wang Xiaomie from the vehicle and followed Yi Yan and Xiao An.

The black eyes were expressionless, yet when no one was looking, a spark of light shot through them.

Wang Xiaomie rapidly scanned the village's layout.

The houses were built in a random pattern, with little regard for their proximity to one another. They were all two-story wooden log structures.

The four people strutted into the village, and the sound of their activities was audible, but no one came out to see. The doors remained securely closed, as were the windows.

A desert mountain, new roads, a desolate village... Uh, this place isn’t haunted, right?

A shudder ran down little zongzi Wang’s spine.

Although he was a zombie, he was a fake!

Who said he wasn’t afraid of ghosts?!

The teary-eyed Wang Xiaomie: I miss my wild man the day after I left, boo-hoo.

Yi Yan approached the gate of a small wooden building, took out the key, and opened the door. "We live separately and stand watch separately," he said, turning his head and smiling at Bai Yu.

He handed Bai Yu another key and tilted his head, indicating that Bai Yu should go to the two-story wooden house next to them: "This is where Xiaomie and I will be staying. The 'puppet silk' must be refined in a timely manner. Others will be here in a few days to accompany me into Qishan. I'll hand this over to you at that time."

"You want to avoid me?"

Bai Yu glanced at the key in Yi Yan’s hand and looked up with a calm expression.

"Why? Because I’ve already lost my exploit worth in your eyes?"

Wang Xiaomie, who was standing behind them, twitched his lips: ...Da Bai, your question is too direct!

When confronted with such a straightforward question, ordinary people show some of their true sentiments, regardless of whether they have a guilty conscience or harbor ill intent, yet Yi Yan's smile remained unchanged.

He stated, "Whether you believe it or not, I will never harm you, let alone assess your worth. You are and will always be my closest person."

Bai Yu bowed his head in silence.

And Yi Yan pulled Wang Xiaomie, who was acting stupid, and stepped into the house. The wooden door was closed, keeping outsiders' prying eyes at bay. Bai Yu's palms clenched slowly and he exhaled. He instantly turned around with a cold expression and walked into the cabin next door, grasping Xiao An's hand.

Yi Yan took Wang Xiaomie's hand in his and led him to the stairs. Yi Yan's palm was unlike Wen Fengjin's, which was ice-cold and slender. Yi Yan's hand looked beautiful, but it had several hard scars on the palm. Wang Xiaomie wanted to rip the warm and dry palm apart.

"Watch the steps," he whispered as he turned to see if Wang Xiaomie would fall.

His voice was light and soft, and his facial features were tender and loving to the point of dripping, as if he were tending to his incomparably precious frail flower vase or his most treasured baby daughter who was prone to falling down.

Wang Xiaomie felt sick at the bottom of his heart while pretending to be an idiot.

He'd never been fond of this Yi Yan guy.

Although the other party appeared gentle and kind, as if he were an older generation teacher who treats people well, once such a person recognizes his own 'path,' he will do whatever it takes to persevere to the end, rejecting all other 'paths.'

He who desires nothing has few friends.

The more aloof people, such as Yi Yan, are, the more terrifying they are.

Take the dagger KaiMing for example. Wang Xiaomei's enlightened artifact could sense people's malice and murderous intent towards its holder, and it would also radiate heat to warn of those who commit the most terrible crimes.

Despite being so near to Yi Yan, KaiMing had not overheated.

What did this imply?

It suggested that even though Yi Yan poisoned him to obliterate his awareness and turned him into a puppet, Yi Yan believed in his heart that he was doing it for Wang Xiaomie's good, not evil, but good!

So much so that even if his hands were stained with monster blood, it was to protect mankind, which was also virtuous!

This type of person...is too scary...

The man led Wang Xiaomie upstairs, who was becoming increasingly terrified. Yi Yan draped dark blue flannel over the chair and sat Wang Xiaomie on it.

Wang Xiaomie was dressed casually in light gray trousers and a short shirt. His eyes were large and sparkling, his brows were thin, and his eyelashes were thick. Plump pale pink lips sat below his high, straight nose. Because his facial contours were not sharp, he looked like a gentleman.

He sat obediently in the chair covered in dark blue flannel at this time, like an expensive luxury item in a glass cabinet - exquisite and lovely.

Yi Yan, it seemed, agreed.

His feelings for Wang Xiaomie, however, were significantly more.

Yi Yan crouched in front of Wang Xiaomie on one knee, his narrow eyes flashing, and he stretched out with both hands to inspect.

Wang Xiaomie struggled to keep his eyes open due to anxiousness. Those hands didn't do anything to him, but they spooned the back of his head. Xiaomie's scalp moved slightly when the rubber band that held his hair in place untied, and his long ink-black hair cascaded down like a waterfall.

Yi Yan's lips curved up as he grasped a strand of hair.

He abruptly stated: "I shall be able to possess you once I have allowed the puppet silk in your body to grow and refine thoroughly. I know what traits you 'people' have, hehe."

"Neither old nor dead, appears human but is inhuman, seems stiff but isn't stiff." Yi Yan lowered his gaze and twisted Xiaomie's black hair with his fingertips. "When it comes to the reason why I can create the most flawless masterpiece of my life with you, I want to thank my former client Yan Chun. Did I mention I met Yan Chun 20 years ago while collecting herbs?"

"Twenty years ago... I was the central figure in the craftsmen's circle. I am proficient at refining tools and creating puppets, and I have the ability... even without a puppet like Xiao An, I have the power to battle a drought demon!"

Wang Xiaomie's face was expressionless, but his heart was pounding with horror. Yi Yan could combat Drought Demon An Kai while unarmed and defenseless?! Is this guy still human?!

He processed this fact while listening as Yi Yan continued, "When I met Yan Chun that year, he recognized that I had the capacity to kill him as well as save him, so he wanted to strike a bargain with me..."

"How dare a walking corpse who cannot even control the power in his own blood dare to talk to me like that?" he sneered.

"Heh~ I made a show of promising him to extract his blood for long-term research. The feather pattern— is actually just the first version of puppet silk. A monster who thinks highly of himself and only seeks vengeance, he had long been under my control but was unaware of it. Truly stupid!"


"Later, in order to solicit my help, he told me a story from a thousand years ago..."

Yi Yan brought his face close to Wang Xiaomie's, causing their breaths to blend. His voice was clear as he added, smothering his laughter: "So, Wen Fengjin and Mian Deng… I already knew about your existence— Did you ever think your burial place was a secret back then, and Yan Chun became a living dead and crawled out of the earth for so many years without finding your tomb location, so why Yan Chun suddenly find out?"

"It’s naturally since I told him~"

Yi Yan smiled, his affectionate face tinged with a touch a lunacy that made people shiver.

This pervert!

Wang Xiaomie was terribly frightened, wishing to shout and cry for help from Wen Fengjin, but he could only sit on a chair like a puppet in the end.

"...When I was cleaning up those filthy monsters in Qishan after I met Yan Chun and collected the blood, I came upon the drought demon." Yi Yan's smile faded as he stated this, as if he were caught in a flashback. "The drought demon and I were fighting to the death," he mumbled involuntarily. "I badly hurt him, and he seriously hurt me... I drank a tube of Yan Chun's blood out of desperation..."

"I knew Yan Chun's blood had the power of resurrecting the dead, but I didn't anticipate it— to make me look like this."

He let go of Wang Xiaomie's hair strand and reached out to touch his own face.

"Who can believe that my body and time have actually returned to my youth?"

"I couldn’t use my ID card. Who would believe that a man in his forties, on the verge of old age, had become a resentful silly boy aged less than 20? I couldn’t go home, and my son and my grandson could no longer recognize me!"

"Do you know that kind of pain?!"

Yi Yan's face got increasingly hideous, and he yelled at Wang Xiaomie!

"I am Bai Cheng! Yes, me!"

"But I could only become a homeless and aimless vagabond watching my son rush about to find me! See my son die at the hands of monsters due to an accident! See my daughter-in-law die of illness! See my poor grandson grow up alone and without support!"

"I couldn’t even pretend to help them as their relatives! I could only send them money in the dark!"

"My wife was also killed by monsters... She was a good woman, and I loved her more than a craftsman loves refined tools— but that day, I brought back the corpse of a baby who had been turned into a demon, intending to save[1] it out of good intentions... but it instead confused and killed my wife!"

"Damn it all! Monsters don’t deserve mercy; they must all die!"

Yi Yan, or rather Bai Cheng, was gasping for air. His pupils were blood-red from hatred and anger, and his gentle face and temperament were distorted and menacing!

Wang Xiaomie was scared enough to pee.

Why are you yelling so loudly! Roar at my family’s Xiao Wenzi if you dare!

Wang Xiaomie, who was about to bawl, saw Yi Yan finish venting his rage, panting and gradually calming down. His expression and breathing finally eased after a long time.

"Did I scare you? Sorry."

He forced a smile, but it was even scarier than the devil's smile in Wang Xiaomie's eyes.

"I won't get upset at you like this again."

Yi Yan extended his hand and stroked Wang Xiaomie's cheek.

"I lost track of the drought demon after I was hurt in combat with it and this happened. He changed his dwelling place, but I can't forget that he’s the reason I’ve fallen to this point, so I vowed to kill him!"

"I began by spending a lot of materials to produce golden tools, and then I distributed these monster-restraining items to the tomb raiders, who frequently went to the underground tomb. They were greedy for money, and my goal was simple: locate the drought demon! It could even eliminate the zombies in the grave with minimal effort."

"I looked for a long time. I have visited your tomb palace as well. I entered your underground palace and saw the inscription with the records. Only then did I realize how close your legend was to what Yan Chun had told me."

"I didn't know what you were capable of, so I retreated to be safe. I planned to sell this information to Yan Chun and let that moron find the way."

When Wang Xiaomie heard this, he yelled in his heart, "F*ck!"

He’d wondered how Yan Chun discovered them; he even had the map of the underground palace in his hand! It turned out to be you, dog thief[2]!

[The author has something to say: Yi Yan is Bai Yu's grandfather, Bai Cheng, who was severely hurt in a battle with the drought demon An Kai and drank a lot of Yan Chun's blood. As a result, he changed from an old man to a youth, and no one in his family recognized him.]


[1] as in help in transcending; perform a religious ceremony to help the soul find peace.

[2] Gǒuzéi refers to individuals who are worse than pigs and dogs. They're really hypocritical and corrupt. It's similar to calling someone a swindler/brigand as an insult, but not as ‘satisfying’ as dog thief, don’t you think?


The title of the chapter directly translates as "The truth is like thunder." Quite apt, huh⚡

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