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IDYTRAA - Chapter 190

Chapter 190 Deputy Instructor, you’re hindering laozi’s business

Pan Lei couldn't get enough of Tian Yuan. He wanted to cheer whenever he saw Tian Yuan. It was sweeter than eating candy just to gaze at Tian'er like this. He held the car door open for Tian Yuan, as if he were a new wife, and invited him to get in. There were far too many folks present. He'd have to wait until they were alone before expressing his happiness.

Tian Yuan beamed. He was not unfamiliar with this location. He had already visited and resided in this area. Despite Chen Ze's evil smile and repeated queries that he couldn't answer, there was a group of the cutest folks here.

And his family's Pan Lei was the cutest.

This idiot was smoking, grinning with glee, and instead of looking in front of him while driving, he'd cocked his head to stare at him. He took his hand, kissed him, kissed him again, then kissed him some more. Pan Lei's eyes were blazing, and it was clear that he couldn't wait to swallow Tian Yuan in one bite. Tian Yuan's face flushed from the joy in his eyes, as well as the eagerness and forbearance. What rest?! He knew he wouldn't be able to sleep tonight when he stayed at the dorm.

He originally had a "surprise dropping into your lap" mentality, so he didn't tell Pan Lei he was returning to China. But he had to admit that it was a fantastic idea that made people go crazy with excitement. The delight of unexpectedly meeting the one you long for was far more thrilling than winning ten million dollars.

"My baby is the Seventh Fairy[1], who always appears when I miss him the most."

"Humph! Who told you not to tell me, I’m not going to tell you either. Were you at all startled? I thought you’d scream ‘ghost’ and run away."

He'd been laughing out loud in his dreams because he'd imagined Pan Lei crying and fleeing in terror.

Pan Lei was unconcerned about this. He leaned forward and kissed Tian Yuan on the cheek.

"Baby, come closer. I miss you so much. Let me kiss you properly."

"Stop making trouble. We’ll discuss it in the dormitory. We’re on the road, so drive safely."

"Just one kiss, please."

Tian Yuan was powerless to stop him. Tian Yuan succumbed to his pathetic appearance and scooted up to kiss him on the lips.

"Come on, drive properly."

Pan Lei was like a child who had got candy. He was bursting with energy. He pushed the gas pedal, oblivious to the speed restriction sign. The vehicle sped away, leaving a cloud of smoke in its wake. He drove back to the commando area and stopped at the dormitory door. He flung open the car door and dashed over, thereby preventing Tian Yuan from exiting the vehicle on his own.

He took him in one hand, hugged him, and walked towards the dorm.

"Hey, isn't this Dr. Tian? What brings Dr. Tian here? You miss us brothers, don’t you? Come in and talk. Hey, hey, Chief Pan, where are you carrying him? He rarely visits; what are you rushing into the dorm for? Come on in for a chat."

They were caught red-handed by the assistant instructor. Pan Lei was preparing to dash to the dormitory while carrying Tian Yuan, but Tian Yuan smacked him across the shoulder.

"Will you please exercise some restraint? Restraint! Put laozi down! Why don't you give me a chance to speak?"

This guy was afflicted with lechery and lived his life as a hooligan. He knew everyone on the special forces squad, and there were a lot of people here. Could he still have any face if Leizi took him straight to the dormitories after getting out of the car and only released him tomorrow? Could you please refrain from completely destroying my image?

Pan Lei was afraid he would fall and so unwillingly placed him on the ground.

"Do what needs to be done."

He'd simply blame the assistant instructor. This idle busybody! Why did you stop to say hello? Couldn't you just walk away and ignore us? You're impeding a couple's reunion, you prick.

Tian Yuan just ignored Pan Lei's agitation. He'd brought a lot of chocolates from the UK, and when he and his father-in-law left for the military district, he bought some fruit. He wanted to deliver some gifts to this group, and the most cost-effective option was food.

He offered the assistant instructor some fruit and chocolates.

With a smile, the assistant instructor accepted it.

"Dr. Tian is the best, in my opinion! You'll be staying for a few more days, right? Everyone misses you terribly."

The deputy instructor ignored Pan Lei's murderous look and bared teeth that screamed, "Stop talking and scram!" Didn't this ba$tard realize he was going insane and wanted to devour Tian'er right away?

Go away, go away, beat it quickly! He desired a two-person world and the opportunity to get sweet with his sweetheart!

Ignored! The assistant instructor smiled pleasantly, pushed open the office door, and welcomed him in.

"Please come in and take a seat, Doctor Tian. I heard you went to study overseas. Tell me why you returned."

Tian Yuan walked inside after seeing him warmly invited.

Pan Lei refused to give up. Hey, laozi finally got to hold the person he hoped would return! He had hardly spoken with him when he finally saw his heart's treasure. Laozi hasn't even properly kissed him yet, and you dare to interfere with laozi's business?!

He gripped Tian Yuan's waist and clung to him, refusing to let go.

He frowned and coughed.

"Well, since I'm not going to the practice field today, you may keep an eye on them. They are still receiving shooting instruction. Get some more bullets from the ammunition depot. The special forces' marksmanship must be exceptional. Don't let them quit practicing until they reach the ninth ring or higher."

The special forces' marksmanship was all practiced with bullets. Others trained with blank bullets, but they used actual bullets.

The assistant instructor could do nothing. The chief instructor issued him an order, which he had to carry out.

"What a shame! Let's chat later, Doctor Tian. I'll have the cafeteria prepare some of your favorite dishes."

"What’s with this endless chatter! Get moving, damn it! The boys are not allowed to return unless they hit at least the eighth ring. Now hurry up and f*ck off for laozi!"

The assistant instructor squinted at Pan Lei when he saw how upset he was.

"Oh~ Devil Pan is angry. Let’s talk again when we get the opportunity."

He guffawed as he ran out.

"Be a little gentle with Dr. Tian, Chief Pan. We'd like to talk to him later tonight."


Pan Lei would have hunted him down and kicked him a few feet away if it hadn't been for the fact that he was holding Tian Yuan in his arms.

Pan Lei grinned as he noticed Tian Yuan scowling at him.

"We're going to the dorms, baby. Let me take a close look to see if my baby has lost weight."

"Be milder. Why are you mad at everyone, huh? Will you yell at me like that one day?"

"Do I dare? You are my direct boss, my leader, and my family’s treasure."

Pan Lei whispered into Tian Yuan's ear and quickly picked him up. He carried him directly back to the dormitory this time because no one stopped him. He hugged Tian Yuan from behind as soon as the door closed and the curtains were drawn.

Tian Yuan chuckled softly as the embrace tightened. Pan Lei's embrace was always tight and secure, but it never hurt him. He couldn't recall where he'd read this phrase: he'll hug you and hold you tight, but never suffocate you; this is the person who loves you and the one you love back.

Yes, he loved him, and his feelings for him were etched in his bones and imprinted in his heart. Pan Lei was the love of his life.

Tian Yuan reached out and touched the buff and powerful arm wrapped around his waist. He had returned, and their lives would return to normal. They didn't have to cross the Pacific Ocean, and neither time nor distance could separate them. They will be very close, and their hearts will be forever connected, regardless of external factors.

Pan Lei hugged him with one arm and reached in from the hem of his shirt with the other, nibbling his ear, his breath fiery hot.

"I need to check closely to see if my baby is thinner."

Tian Yuan cocked his head slightly. Pan Lei's kiss was so intense that it made his whole body shiver.

Pan Lei's hand had its own line. It rubbed all over Tian Yuan's chest, pinched the small fruit standing at attention with calloused fingers, and then inched down, groping back and forth on his lower abdomen.

Pan Lei’s mouth was likewise busy. He nipped his ear, traced the ear bone with his tongue, sucked on his earlobe, and kissed his neck, the kisses increasingly stronger and hotter. The strength of his hand increased as well, stroking and rubbing everywhere while his kisses rained down on his neck relentlessly.

Tian Yuan slumped and leaned into his arms. He could only close his eyes and feel his lips, his touch with all his heart. He tilted his neck, trying to reveal more skin so Pan Lei could kiss him more, gripped the arm around his waist, moaning shallowly, and humming softly.

His breath was thick with Pan Lei's smell. He was wrapped in Pan Lei's arms, unable to move and unwilling to struggle. He only desired to become a puddle of water and be swallowed by him.

"Ge, ge, I missed you. I missed you so much."

Tian Yuan stated this softly. He was emotional and all he wanted was more love. He expressed himself without holding back. I missed you so much that I returned home immediately and requested Dad to bring me to visit you as soon as possible.

When they were finally alone, they hugged and kissed each other, expressing their longing via their bodies.

Pan Lei's kisses slid down his neck to his shoulder, bit him, and then kissed him on his shoulder blade back and forth.

Pan Lei was moved and hugged Tian Yuan even tighter after hearing him voice his longing.

"Ge loves you, baby."

Tian Yuan raised his arms, tilted his head in his arms, looped one arm over Pan Lei's neck, held his head with the other, and drew closer to him, lips to lips.


The distance between them was negligible. Their lips were against each other's lips, the tips of their noses were touching, their eyes were full of love as they peered at each other and saw themselves in the other party's misty eyes. Their eyes teared yet refused to look away. Tian Yuan's wet yet firm eyes emanated suppleness from the bones. Pan Lei's body tightened as he saw the charm that only he had the pleasure of seeing.

Tian Yuan wrapped his arms over his head and stared him in the eyes.

"Ge, I love you."

It was the joy that dropped from the sky, the reunion after a long absence, and the fact that when he expressed his honest sentiments, Pan Lei couldn't stop himself. He kissed Tian Yuan with the ferocity of a primitive beast, the kind of ferocity that bites and won't let go.

He twisted Tian Yuan around to face him, grasped his hips, and lifted him up, letting his legs wrap around his waist. He moved closer to the bed and then placed him on it.

He kissed and bit Tian Yuan, his actions resembling pillage. His possessive desire made him want to devour Tian Tuan in one bite, but this stupid layer of clothing was too obstructive, hiding their burning bodies. Pan Lei's motions were aggressive, tearing and peeling the clothes off, unwilling to separate even an itch, unwilling to leave Tian Yuan's lips for a second. Tian Yuan pounced at Pan Lei, wrapped his arms around his neck, and kissed his shoulder as he had no choice but to move away when he removed his vest. Seeing Tian Yuan’s action, Pan Lei relinquished control and let Tian Yuan lead him.

I missed you so much. Your name is engraved in my brain, my flesh, and even my bones. It's you in my dreams, and it's you when I wake up. You are my love, my life.


[1] The Weaver Girl from the story The Cowherd and the Weaver Girl.


Deputy Instructor, don't be a cockblocker~ 

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 189

Chapter 189 His family’s darling dropped from the sky

When the CO of the military sector received word that General Pan was arriving for an inspection, he promptly assembled a line to greet him.

Tian Yuan followed Papa Pan out of the car and stood behind his father-in-law. Nobody had said anything yet, but someone in the receiving party burst out in snickers. Everyone turned around, and Tian Yuan recognized the individual who was laughing.

Who could it possibly be? He was the head of the logistics department, the gossipy guy surnamed Chen who almost kidnapped him the first time he came to the military region and kept asking him how he and Pan Lei fell in love.

"Chen Ze! What are you doing?"

The gossipy guy, uh, no, Chen Ze, coughed and winked at Tian Yuan as everyone looked at him.

"Sorry, I ran into an old acquaintance. Dr. Tian, we've known one other for a long time, right?"

Tian Yuan remembered this gossip guy banging on the window of the car parked at the gate and asking them to be a little more restrained. Tian Yuan's face flushed slightly.

"My son is thin-skinned. Stop teasing him."

In one sentence, Papa Pan shielded Tian Yuan.

Chen Ze took a step back as everyone entered and approached Tian Yuan.

"Doctor Tian, you and Lieutenant Colonel Pan get along so well. How do you love each other so much that your relationship feels new every day? I'm this old, but I'm simply an idiot in the army, so I'm very unskilled in this people-chasing business. Please provide me with some suggestions."

Tian Yuan bowed his head, still wary of this gossipy guy. General Pan laughed. The inspection was one reason he came here, but the primary one was to bring his son-in-law to see his son. Tian Yuan simply trailed Papa Pan. After all, he was unfamiliar with these officials, and the only person he knew continued making fun of him.

His father-in-law couldn't take it any longer as he watched Tian Yuan's face turn redder and redder. He swiftly summoned Pan Lei so that the young couple might be reunited.

"I haven't seen my son in quite some time. Once he comes here, this little ba$tard forgets to return home. Summon him. I'll see him as well."

"Call the special team and ask Lieutenant Colonel Pan to come over, Chen Ze."

Chen Ze nodded, winking at Tian Yuan.

"I'll invite him over. It'll allow me to see how long you guys keep making public shows of devotion following a chance reunion after a long period of separation, hehe."

Tian Yuan put up with the taunting for a while before exploding.

"You! Aren't you worried he'll kick you? Just you wait."

"Yoyoyo, Dr. Tian is not a bashful girl, eh?" joked Chen Ze. "You will not stand by and allow yourself to be harassed in every way."

Pan Lei was training when he received a phone call instructing him to immediately report to the administration building. Apparently, General Pan had come over for an inspection.

That's odd. Since when did his father show such concern for him? It wasn't that he hadn't expressed worry before. It was merely that his father rarely visited his military base, let alone summoned him to meet him. That had never happened before. Why did he come here this time on purpose, and why did he want him to come over?

Pan Lei drove over and noticed Chen Ze standing at the door. God alone knew what was wrong with Chen Ze, but he was looking at him and grinning strangely. What had become of these people? They were all acting weird. Overseas, his family's beloved kept giggling stupidly. When he returned, it was Chen Ze who was strangely laughing and smiling at him.

After yelling "Reporting!" a voice from within asked him to come in. His superiors and higher-level officials were all seated here. He was standing with his back straight. He saw his father with a sweep of his gaze, and then his family's baby sat behind his father.


Pan Lei rubbed his eyes, unable to believe it. Tian Yuan? Impossible! How could he be in the military area when he should be studying in the UK? But he was seated right there! He was sitting behind his father, smiling at him.

Pan Lei couldn't stop himself from pinching himself. Was it all a dream? He'd been thinking about Tian'er all day and missing him like mad, so he was hallucinating, right? In reality, that person was just similar to his darling, right? But what was he doing waving at him?

Papa Pan laughed, then coughed to cover it up.

Look at him! Useless son! His eyes are on the verge of popping out from gaping at Tian Yuan! What about a soldier's image, eh? Can't you be a little promising?

"Pan Lei, I'm here to see some old friends, so you can take Tian Yuan with you. This kid stepped off the plane at noon today and told me he wanted to come over with me."

Tian Yuan stood up and walked towards Pan Lei.

Pan Lei rushed over and embraced Tian Yuan.

"It's truly you, my darling. If you missed me so much, why didn't you tell me before you showed up? What a pleasant surprise you gave me!"

His father's words verified that this was the true treasure he had been thinking about all the time. Who cared about the CO, his father, the political commissar, or the other people in the room? He raced over to hug his sweetheart, holding his waist and lifting him high, turning him around several times, and kissing him numerous times.

Talk about a major gift; Tian Yuan appearing out of the blue was the best gift for Pan Lei. The person he longed for all hours of the day and night, the treasure he held in his arms in his dreams, the treasure that was his sweetheart, the one he believed he'd have to wait a month to see again; who could have predicted that he'd appear in front of him?

He had often heard that someone had won 10 million yuan and another had won 200 million yuan, but in comparison to Tian Yuan, such gains were insignificant. Money is inanimate, but his baby was alive.

Hugging and hoisting him up to twirl a few times wasn't enough for Pan Lei to express his happiness, so he kept kissing Tian Yuan.

Everyone in the military district knew that the previous time his sweetheart arrived for a family visit, Pan Lei kicked open the person in charge's office door and made him sign. However, only Chen Ze had witnessed their intimacy. Nobody had ever seen them so close.

All of the leaders were staring wide-eyed. Could this Pan Lei, who had always been like a bandit descending the mountain to loot and had even dared to kick the CO's door, be so sweet and passionate? He could twirl and hold someone high? They imagined a parent seeing his son and scooping him up.

"Stop it, stop it, Pan Lei, stop it."

Tian Yuan struggled desperately. Don’t! There are so many people here; don't make me lose face, okay?

Chen Ze erupted with laughter. Wow, I've finally seen how much Lieutenant Colonel Pan adores him. This kind of enthusiasm and pampering makes people super envious, you know?

Tian Yuan urgently pushed Pan Lei's shoulders, attempting to stop him. His father-in-law, the CO, and a slew of others were onlookers. Tian Yuan struggled to break free from Pan Lei's hug and keep Pan Lei from kissing his face. Pan Lei, on the other hand, was unconcerned. He persisted in kissing and clutching his family's treasure in his arms. He’s really back!

"Ahem, Pan Lei, take Tian Yuan to your place."

Papa Pan couldn't take it any longer. He didn't mind if his son did whatever he wanted at home, and didn't care even if he saw his son and son-in-law cuddling and kissing each other. However, because this was happening outside, Leizi had to be more reserved. He couldn't frighten this crowd.

Pan Lei giggled. Now it was his turn to laugh foolishly. Pan Lei's wide grin revealed his small tongue but concealed his eyes when he saw his beloved and was able to hold him in his arms. Could you please give a thought for your image, handsome?

He intended to leave the room while holding his beloved, but Tian Yuan pinched him viciously.

"Act decently!"

"Ouch!" Pan Lei grunted but continued to smile. He let go, but kept Tian Yuan's hand in his. He could truly feel his baby right there in front of him only when holding hands like this.

"I'll go for a ride with him, Dad. We'll return later."

"Tian'er will not return today, Dad. Return on your own and let him join me. We haven't seen one other in a long time, and there's a lot to talk about."

"Absolutely! A short separation is better than being newlyweds. When a couple reunites after a long separation, they will naturally make love."

Pan Lei stepped forward and kicked Chen Ze, who moved away. Tian Yuan's face was the color of a tomato.

Papa Pan simply nodded. He had anticipated that Tian Yuan would not leave once he arrived. It was hard for his son to leave his lover.

Pan Lei strolled out the door, his arm around Tian Yuan's shoulder.

He took up Tian Yuan, wrapped his arms around his waist, and raised him up like a child before approaching and kissing him.

"My darling, you are an immortal who has dropped to Earth, and you have unexpectedly materialized in front of me. Please pinch me. I believe I'm having a dream."

There weren't as many eyes on them anymore. Tian Yuan wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's shoulders and looked at him condescendingly, but his eyes were filled with joy.

He was happy, so very happy.

"Actually, I found out about it while you were in the UK. My professor mentioned a collaboration project with Mom's hospital, and the country for the remainder of the advanced course was transferred to China. I kept my joy to myself for a few days since I didn't want to tell you. Who asked you to get a special pass from your father that allows you to meet me once a month without telling me! So I'm not going to tell you about this happy occasion either. I wanted to appear unexpectedly and spring out at you. I've been dreaming all day that when you see me, you'll think you're seeing a ghost, scream, and flee. Of course, I'm not going to tell you. I was waiting to see you make a fool of yourself."

Pan Lei squeezed his waist.

"You made me worried, little rascal. I thought you were being duped. Why didn't you tell me sooner? You've turned bad."

Tian Yuan smiled proudly.

"But I didn't get to see you fleeing in fright."

"Why would I do that? I'll hurry up to kiss my baby when I see him. I'll bite you and eat you up even if it's a female ghost who has transformed into you."

"Bah! You should have seen your idiotic expression right now."

Pan Lei was itching to kiss him hard till he passed out.

"Don't leave today. Sleep in my dorm room. I'll give up the quilt for you. Are you tired? Let’s go to the dorm and rest."

Go to the dormitory, close the door, then embrace each other like the young couple who had been apart for a long time, and talk about how difficult it was to separate. Kiss, hold each other, exchange words of love, or make love. Use their bodies’ lingering to express the depth of their emotions.

"Doctor Tian, ​​I haven't finished all of my questions. I've been observing couples, but I don't have much experience in dating. Would you like to come to my place first and tell me about your love story? Tell me how a romance can be kept fresh, and how you two can be so loving? I'm really interested in acquiring knowledge about love management, so I can find someone to practice it on."

They had no idea when Chen Ze sneaked out, nor did they know how long he had been watching the billing and cooing between the two of them.

"Get lost! Don't disturb us. We haven't seen each other in nearly a month. You, someone who has never loved someone, will be unable to understand our yearning. We’re etched in each other’s memory. I wish I could fuse with him right now and tell him I missed him so much that it hurt."

"I got it, I got it. Ah love, you’re such a mystery. Oh my love, my darling, when will you come?"


Together again!

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August 25, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 188

Chapter 188 Father-in-law gifts a whip

When it came to returning, time flew by. After handing over his work in the UK, the professor flew into the embrace of Tian Yuan's motherland with his students.

Tian Yuan was desperate to return home. He had already vacated the rental residence and packed his belongings three days before the departure. He Lian was sad to see him go and kept wondering that maybe it was time for him to move to China as well. He had been overseas for much too long, yet he was concerned that he would be unable to find work when he returned. Tian Yuan promised him that he would monitor the situation in China and speak with Pan Zhan. He Lian hoped that he would be able to settle down in China and get busy with work as soon as he returned.

Tian Yuan was counting down the hours. He wished he could speed up time and stared at the calendar eagerly. Pan Lei had packed five large suitcases for him and crammed them with all kinds of things. He packed everything in a daze and lost track of what and how much he’d brought. He tidied up the house, got his computer bag, and waited for a word from the professor honestly. It is anticipated that if the professor declared "we're not going" at this point, Tian Yuan would vomit blood in order to return.

Fortunately, the professor did not use such words. He Lian drove Tian Yuan to the airport to say goodbye, but Tian Yuan kept looking at his watch.

He Lian's heart broke.

"Tian Yuan, we've been neighbors for two or three months, we're also distant relatives, and we get along well. You're leaving, so why not express your concern to me as well? You're so reluctant to let go of Pan Lei, but you're so eager to get away from me."

Tian Yuan smiled.

"You're my big brother, and he's my boyfriend. When I return, I'll contact Pan Zhan right away and ask him to find you a job, talk to my mother-in-law, and get you back. Everything is fine at home, and the treatment you will receive will be excellent."

Tian Yuan hugged He Lian as the professor prompted him to board the plane.

"Thank you for looking after me during this time. Thank you very much, big brother."

He Lian felt a little self-conscious. Tian Yuan was a good man and he liked this friend. He patted Tian Yuan's shoulder.

"I’ll see you in China."

Tian Yuan skipped and hopped his way into the airplane.

He was beyond overjoyed. It was nothing like the sense of loss he felt when he first arrived in the UK. He was on his way home! He would soon see his loved ones and be able to resume his prior routine life. He wore a sleep mask on the flight to the UK to cover the tears he shed. On the other hand, on this flight to China, he was clutching to the window and peering out.

He felt a bit nauseated after staring out for a long time. He was slightly terrified of heights.

To regain his calm, he swiftly withdrew his head, put on earbuds, and closed his eyes. The lullaby that Pan Lei had recorded for him, "green flowers in the army," was playing over the earbuds. He looped it and listened to the lullaby the entire journey.

It was still noon in China when they arrived at the airport. Tian Yuan examined his multiple bags and realized he was worried. Shit! What am I going to do with all of this stuff? He had no idea how he was going to get out of the airport and back home.

He spotted his mother-in-law energetically waving at him from a distance, dressed in a dark gray woolen skirt and a large crimson shawl.

"Son, son, here, mom is here!"

Tian Yuan was ecstatic. What a joy to see his family as soon as he stepped off the plane! He sped up his steps and threw himself at his mother-in-law, firmly embracing her.

"Mom! I missed you so much!"

Dang Hong couldn't wait to kiss her son furiously after hearing that crisp "mom." What a sweet and kind kid he was! He was far superior to her own son.

"Oh, my dear boy, Mom missed you as well."

She stroked Tian Yuan's hair and face.

"Take a look at yourself! You’ve lost so much weight, I feel sorry when I look at you. Let’s go home and ask Auntie to fatten you up nicely."

The professor and the other students walked over at this point.

Dang Hong and the professor exchanged hugs. Her smile changed from that of a mother meeting her son to that of a dean greeting an honored guest; a courteous polite smile.

"Everything has been arranged, professor, and someone from the hospital is waiting for you. Thank you for taking such good care of my son during this time. I hope my son did not give you any trouble."

"No, he is a hard worker and an excellent student."

The professor was rather fond of Tian Yuan. He was a good and hard-working student.

Dang Hong patted Tian Yuan's arm. Her son had been praised, which made her delighted as his mother.

"Let's go now, let's go home."

Dang Hong turned to one side, and a guard came up to carry Tian Yuan's luggage.

"You've been on a long flight. Please go to your accommodation to rest first. I'll invite you to dinner once you've settled in."

The professor quickly consented, stating that a visitor is a guest, and guests adhere to the host's wishes.

Dang Hong seized Tian Yuan's hand, as if she couldn't get enough of him.

"Come home with mum first; your father is waiting. He didn't go out on purpose because he heard you were returning today. We've been waiting for you to join us for a meal. Don't rush back to your place; just stay at home for a few days. Leizi has been in the barracks for the last several days. We haven't notified him of your return, so it'll be a pleasant surprise for him. If you have any free time these days, consider decorating the house first. I intended to decorate it after you returned. Now that you're home, you may start with the interior decoration. Then invite your parents to live with you. Then you can work with peace of mind."

"I’ll listen to my mom."

"My son is the most obedient."

Dang Hong drew Tian Yuan into the car after the guard had placed the bags in the boot. Only then did some classmates discover Tian Yuan came from a prestigious family and had a noble mother.

Papa Pan was indeed waiting at home. He enthusiastically slapped his son-in-law's shoulder when Tian Yuan returned home.

"This child has lost so much weight in such a short period of time overseas. It must have been difficult for you."

"Dad, Leizi pays me frequent visits. He takes excellent care of me."

"Can that little ba$tard look after anyone properly? Look at yourself, this isn't good. Come on, let's eat, and then you may nap for a while. Dad will take you to the barracks tomorrow and surprise Leizi. Their commander has asked me to go and take a look by chance, so I'll take you there. We’ll go scare that little ba$tard."

Tian Yuan smiled as he bit his lower lip. His in-laws were really nice.

But when he realized he wouldn't be able to meet Pan Lei until the next day, he became agitated and couldn't sleep. He was eager to visit Pan Lei right away.

Pan Lei had been gone for seventeen days when he returned to China today. They talked on the phone every day, but he never told Pan Lei he was returning. What was the point of calling each day? It didn't compare to seeing and hugging him. Only then would he be able to relax.

Dang Hong had specifically requested that the cook make fish soup and urged her son to eat more. He could compensate for his weight loss if he ate more. She felt bad when she saw Tian Yuan's smiling face, which she thought was the size of a palm. It was not acceptable to have a kitten's appetite! She must fill him out! So the mother-in-law served her darling son-in-law a bowl of soup, the father-in-law a piece of delicious meat, the mother-in-law a bowl of fish balls, and the father-in-law a piece of fish. Tian Yuan had the feeling that his stomach was going to burst.

Dang Hong asked him to rest after dinner. In the room, Tian Yuan tossed and turned. He was always obedient and listened to his mother-in-law. She couldn't, however, ask him to wait half a day and a night to see Pan Lei. He couldn't possibly wait that long!

Why can't I see Pan Lei sooner? He was impatient to see him and surprise him. He sorely wanted to tell him, "I am back. Our lives have returned to normal."

Lovesickness is vexing, and all deeply in love couples can't bear the agony of not being able to see each other.

Mama Dang Hong was fumbling around in the living room, sorting documents. When Tian Yuan arrived, she felt it was odd.

"You need to rest more, child. What brings you here?"

Tian Yuan spoke with a somewhat embarrassed smile. He didn't appear to have made any of his own demands.

"I'd like to see Pan Lei, Mom."

Dang Hong burst out laughing. Oh, this young couple; it was difficult for them to be apart for a single day. As their elders, they should be considerate of the couple's desire to spend the entire day together.

"Your father is in his study. Go talk to him and tell him to take you right to the military area. Go on."

"Is that possible? Is Dad not occupied with anything?"

"Go ahead, he's only studying WWII. What would he be doing? Go speak with him."

Tian Yuan gave a nod. His mother-in-law was encouraging him, and he was eager to visit Pan Lei. He couldn't stop himself just because he felt embarrassed, could he? It was difficult to hold himself back, as if a mouse had snatched his heart.

He heard Papa Pan say "come in" after knocking on the door. Tian Yuan regarded his mother-in-law and dared to enter only when Dang Hong smiled at him.

To be honest, it was the first time he had made a request in front of his father-in-law alone. He was tense. His father-in-law was quite kind, as nice as, if not better than, his own father, yet he still felt uneasy.

"Tian Yuan? Is there a problem? Do you have something to say to your dad?"

Tian Yuan hurriedly lit a cigarette for his father-in-law as Papa Pan took out a cigarette. Papa Pan squinted his eyes and smiled. His son-in-law was quite good. He was a fine young man.

Tian Yuan looked up and noticed a whip hanging on the wall. He heard Pan Zhan mention that when Pan Lei came out of the closet openly at the age of eighteen, Papa Pan beat him half to death with a whip. Grandpa Pan liked to carry this whip around with him to encourage the Pan men to run and exercise. According to his mother-in-law, Papa Pan whipped Pan Lei whenever he was in the wrong. He could now see the fabled whip with his own eyes.

"Children your age have never seen anything like it, right? When your grandfather went to battle, he used a whip like this. When I was facing wars, I also wielded a whip like this. At my age, I enjoy collecting antiques. I used to hit Leizi with this whip when I was younger. Leizi was a mischievous child who, even as an adult, caused us concern, so I beat him mercilessly."

When Papa Pan noticed his son-in-law staring at the whip, he took it down and let Tian Yuan examine it thoroughly. Tian Yuan looked over and over, and when he thought that the whip had beaten Pan Lei, he was both disturbed and amused. What in the world did this bandit do to deserve to be thrashed all the time?

"Dad, Leizi is in his thirties. Please don't beat him in the future. I’ll talk to him. If he is disobedient or rude, I’ll teach him. He has a special job after all. I'm concerned something will happen to him during missions if the whip hurts him."

When Papa Pan heard it, he laughed. This young couple gets along really well.

"OK! I'll give you this whip. If he's not obedient, you’ll help me in teaching him a lesson."

Tian Yuan happily accepted it. Cool! He liked this gift.

"Um, Dad, can we go to the barracks today? I…I got some gifts for Leizi. He still doesn't know I’m back and I want to surprise him, so let's go now?"

Papa Pan burst out laughing. This young couple was too sticky! They had a wonderful relationship. Tian Yuan's face grew rosy red when Papa Pan laughed. He had let his parents see a joke, hadn’t he? He was like a child looking for his mother, insisting on seeing Pan Lei.

"Damn old man! Just go with him, will you! What are you laughing about? Your teasing has made the child’s face turn red. Don’t you know Tian Yuan is thin-skinned? Go change your clothes and take your son there quickly."

Dang Hong stood by her son's side and laughed when she observed Tian Yuan stuttering and flushing. Her son was still quite thin-skinned.

"Okay, Okay, we'll leave right away. Let's get ready. We'll head to the military district and surprise Leizi."


Tian Yuan smiled and returned to his room to retrieve his jacket and the chocolates he had brought back from abroad. He was on his way to see Pan Lei.


TY with a whip…

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August 22, 2022

IHSC - Chapter 68

Chapter 68 The end of gentleness

It was early summer, and the sun had just begun to rise. The refreshingly cool wind swept in through the gauze drapes.

Bai Yu rose from the soft bed, dressed in a white vest and hot pants. "Xiao Bai, it's time to eat," a dull-eyed and blank-faced girl whispered as she opened the door slightly and stuck her head in.

"Uh, Xiao An, can you please stop calling me Xiao Bai? That was the name of the hamster I used to keep." Bai Yu couldn’t decide whether to laugh or cry as he walked to the door and rubbed her head.

Xiao An was the 'Sailor Moon' who had previously accompanied Yi Yan. Yi Yan had already told him that Xiao An was a puppet[1] he had created, but even knowing this, Bai Yu couldn't treat such a real Xiao An as a robot.

Xiao An swiftly nodded in response to Bai Yu's comments, "Da Bai, it's time to eat." She turned and hurried to the dining room after releasing the door handle.

Bai Yu skilfully opened the door and strolled to the dining table, again trapped between laughter and tears. The neatly dressed Yi Yan curled his finger and flicked Xiao An's forehead, who was circling him, with a smile on his face.

He took a cup of hot milk and placed it in front of Bai Yu.

"Drink it. I don't have an appetite in the morning, so I went downstairs and purchased some porridge and pickles. If you get hungry, you can eat something from the store's refrigerator."


Bai Yu bowed his head to drink the porridge, but his eyes carefully peeked at Yi Yan, who was eating quietly with a spoon.

It had been three days since their last conversation, and he had also stayed three days in Yi Yan's house, where the other party had taken care of him as well as before.

So much so that their interactions had become much too familiar—he almost felt like he was becoming a relative.

It wasn’t bad; it was just...

There was a sense that he was being treated as if he were a child, similar to Xiao An. Bai Yu ate the porridge silently, always feeling something was wrong. Was this the love that everyone was so hung up on?

Are you making fun of my lack of dating experience?


"Bai Yu." Yi Yan suddenly called out.

Bai Yu, who was deep in thought, raised his head and stared blankly.

Yi Yan couldn't help but laugh and shook his head at his silly appearance. "In a couple of days, I'll be in Qishan. There is a particularly powerful creature there; a drought demon."

"Drought demon!?" Bai Yu was so scared by this explosive news that he nearly knocked his bowl to the ground. "Isn't the drought demon just folklore?! How could it appear in this world?"

Although there were zombies, some undead, and walking corpses deliberately refined by humans, but a drought demon? Don’t be ridiculous!

What hard criteria, how stringent the appropriate time and place, in addition to ten thousand people's blood sacrifice and deep resentment... How did all of these conditions come about if there really was a drought demon?

"War..." muttered Bai Yu to himself.

"Yes, it was indeed a war." Yi Yan’s face showed admiration.

He clasped his hands on the dining table, his typical smile vanished, and Bai Yu saw a never seen before apathetic and cold expression on his face, "I've viewed him as the most difficult obstacle under the rules ever since I discovered him. I will not let up until I have gotten rid of him, whether it takes ten or twenty years."

Bai Yu: "…"

"Can’t you understand? It doesn’t matter if you don’t understand," Yi Yan smiled and shook his head. "After all, it’s my long-cherished wish."

"There was that drought demon twenty years ago, but... hehe. Let's not mention that. To be honest, the two people you lived with before are monsters that are even rarer than a drought demon. A drought demon is actually slightly inferior compared to them."


Bai Yu remembered Wang Xiaomie, who made a lot of food every day and was like a college roommate, and Wen Fengjin, who was icy arrogant and didn't get close to people much, but never appeared savage.

"Perhaps there's a mistake somewhere…," he laughed dryly.

"Bai Yu!"

Bai Yu shivered from head to toe as he noticed Yi Yan frowning at him in disapproval.

The black pupils flickered with a certain emotion, but it was fleeting. Before Bai Yu could determine what it was, Yi Yan went on to say:

"Not only that, but according to my investigation, they have some kind of relationship." Yi Yan’s lips curved in a half-smile, "Don't tell me they haven’t told you?"

He laughed when he saw Bai Yu's blank expression.

"Hehe, it appears they don't trust you~"

This sentence was delivered with a light teasing tone but with a hint of sarcasm.

Bai Yu's fingers twitched slightly on the dining table. "It's not like that. They’re really nice to me!"

"Hehe… Monsters like them will not be so friendly to ordinary humans unless it's profitable or just for fun. That's all."

Bai Yu frowned, "But..."

"There’s no need to say anything else." Yi Yan interrupted him, unclasped his hands, supported his chin with one hand, and continued to exert invisible pressure on Bai Yu.

"I have another piece of bad news for you. It’s also where Teacher Bai Cheng was last seen before disappearing, and the other craftsmen I hired a few days ago also replied to me..."

"Actually, Bai Yu, I don't want to tell you."

"Teacher Bai Cheng, he might have...died at the hands of that drought demon."


The young, upright, and honest face was immediately covered in cold perspiration and panic, and the falling beads of water contained deep anguish.

Xiao An sat in the chair and stared at them incomprehensibly.

The air gradually condensed into an awkward atmosphere, and Yi Yan looked at him silently with a frigid expression for a long time.

The young man on the opposite side cried more and more sadly.

Yi Yan sighed suddenly, and the coldness and pressure he exuded crumbled and disappeared.

He reached across the dining table and stroked Bai Yu's cheek.

The skin that was darker than average people was healthy and full of youthful elasticity. The wet water marks vanished as the white palm stroked and wiped it clean, the wet water spots adhering to the fingers before fading.

"Forget it..."

Yi Yan didn't know who he was talking to, and powerlessly sighed in a low voice, "Forget it..."

He stood up and came to Bai Yu's side, comforting him by pressing the quietly crying young man to his breast, a slight smile on his face again, mixed with some unfathomable frustration.

"Is my grandfather truly not going to return?" Bai Yu choked on his sobs as he grasped Yi Yan's garments tightly.

Yi Yan shut his eyes.

"No, he will not return, nor can he return."


"Don't think about it. I will handle those things, and I should do them alone." Yi Yan muttered: "I’m the one who lost my head to tell you this. As long as you live the life you want… My only..."

"Only what?" Bai Yu raised his head from his arms, failing to hear Yi Yan clearly.

But Yi Yan just shook his head and hugged him again.

"No, it's nothing."

… … …

Deep in the mausoleum, Wang Xiaomie was squatting alongside the man-made underground river, holding a cloth towel, while Wen Fengjin stood behind him.

The blood-colored large lizard and the other big freaks were tearing at each other in the river, growling and howling loudly, baring their fangs and flashing their claws. Because of their movements, the entire underground river was constantly overflowing and smacking against the stone slabs.

The scene appeared terrifying, but it was actually lion cubs making threatening gestures while under the protection of the pride. It was pure fun.

God alone knows who rolled up Mu Shi, who was as soft as jelly, and threw it into the air, causing it to soar towards the shore. Water droplets sprayed in the air as Wen Fengjin expressionlessly lifted his arm to grab it.

‘Boing~’ Due to inertia, the soft jelly bounced a few times in the sharpened five fingers before being tossed down. Wang Xiaomie, who was squatting, scooped it up without even looking back. He wiped the soft jelly with the cloth towel while holding it in his arms.


Mu Shi laughed strangely as he rolled around softly on his knees like a pampered child.

A small monster was flicked out of the water the following second. Wen Fengjin seized it and tossed it to Wang Xiaomie, who was squatting on the ground, with chilly disdain.

Wang. Mama. Xiaomie twitched his lips, put Mu Shi on the ground, opened the cloth towel to pick up the other small monster, and wiped it. Mu Shi turned around and scampered off towards the water with its "jijiji," diving back into the river.

Wang Xiaomie, whose face had been doused with water: "..."

Unfilial son!


Wen Fengjin burst out laughing, overjoyed by his appearance. In the next second, a water saturated cloth towel smacked his face with a loud "pa," which sounded painful simply hearing it!

Wen Fengjin: "..."

Wang Xiaomie sighed and stood up after placing the little monster on his knees on the ground and saw it rejoin the play as he had predicted. Wang Xiaomie closed his eyes and leaned back as the bitter and astringent medicinal aroma behind him approached.

Oh yeah, these pecs are perfect: strong and wide.

"What happened to you recently? Why is your expression so ugly?"

Wang Xiaomie could feel the man behind him sniffing his hair with the tip of his nose. His expression must be delighted, right? After all, the top of his hair repeatedly felt the touch of soft lips.

Mischievous 'kids,' a troublesome partner, and friends to talk to.

Wang Xiaomie, who had experienced two lives, had been relentlessly chasing all of this. Wang Xiaomie had been thinking about Yi Yan ever since he heard An Kai and Wen Fengjin discussing him the other day.

Are humans born greedy?

You will be happy when you obtain what you desire. To preserve your happiness, you will cling to what you like with everything you have. To keep it, you'll continue to plunder and fight, uncaring about even hurting others.

It was similar to how Yi Yan felt about 'other beings,' how Wen Fengjin felt about him, and how he felt about — all this happiness in front of him.

When a gentleman with a stately and jade-like appearance wears a crimson robe with black hair hanging down, he looks extremely gorgeous. Wen Fengjin was fascinated and immersed in this look, yet when the gentle spirit, whose face had always worn a soft smile in his memory, revealed a dark side, he found it equally heart-pounding.

"I keep having the feeling that something bad is going to happen."

"This is the first time in a long time that I've got such a strong portent that we’re mortal."

Wen Fengjin's kissing movement came to a halt, and the corners of his lips hooked slightly, his long and narrow peculiar eyes containing the same smile as he said, "Shixiong, are you worried about me? I'm overjoyed."

Wang Xiaomie shook his head and cast a sidelong glance at him.



"Are you going to die?"


Wang Xiaomie half-closed his eyes and lowered his head, his fingers catching Wen Fengjin’s silver hair falling from his shoulders, and he twisted it around his slender finger a few times.

"I've been thinking lately that if you knew Yi Yan's true identity, knew that his actions were premeditated, and knew An Kai... So you and An Kai came to an agreement but didn't tell me?"

"Hehehe..." Wen Fengjin laughed in a muffled voice as he bent down and nipped Wang Xiaomie's ear. "You are so sharp today that you scare me, shixiong."

"Don't try to fool me!"

Wang Xiaomie's expression darkened. He turned around and grabbed Wen Fengjin's long hair, stating word by word in the man's wide-eyed and surprised gaze:

"No matter how weak and ordinary people are, when their bottom line, which cannot be crossed, is touched, they will become fierce and unyielding!"

"I’m the same, you know!"

"Fengjin, kill Yi Yan."

"..." The pupils of the long, narrow eyes constricted.

Wang Xiaomie continued with an indifference on his face that he didn’t even notice: "If he really wants us to die, then we can only kill him."

He had everything including a 'family' in the underground palace. He did not wish to die.

He also insisted that if others do not offend him, he will not offend others. But if the other party had long planned to deprive him of his happiness, all he can say is "Go to hell!"

The strange pupils in the long and narrow eyes burned scarlet as if a flame had lit when the cold and cruel words were pronounced, reflecting the figure that seemed to have shed its scabbard to display its sword light—

The end of gentleness was actually so cruel and beautiful—

Wen Fengjin was out of breath as he lifted his trembling hand, then violently crushed Wang Xiaomie into his chest the next second!

"Oof!" His hold caused Wang Xiaomie pain. He scowled and shoved him. "Hey! What are you doing?"

"Let me hug you for a while— Shixiong— Mian Deng Shixiong—"

He was too excited. He could only hold Wang Xiaomie's head firmly on his shoulder since the gentle mask could no longer hide his madly morbid eyes and the corners of his mouth that were constantly curving up.


He took a sniff of the scent on the black hair.

Finally got dyed...

He’d dyed his shixiong into a look that belonged exclusively to him!


[1] This actually translates to a doll, a humanoid toy puppet to be exact.


Mian Deng literally means "sleeping lamp," or "night lamp." I had entirely forgotten this name and couldn't understand what WFJ was saying. Mian Deng struck me as slang for something. lol. A kind soul on CG pointed out that it was WXM's name in the previous life, which was mentioned in chapter one itself! I'm in awe of that person's recollection.🙇 The funny thing is I faced this Mian Deng problem in chapter 54 as well and actually made a footnote saying I don't know what it meant! I've fixed it of course...

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August 20, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 187

Chapter 187 A strange separation

Pan Lei had been in the United Kingdom for several days. Seven days of vacation and an additional eight days for recuperation. Tian Yuan had been spoiled rotten for the past half month, and all of his fantasies had come true. Pan Lei followed him to class, dozed under the shade of trees, shared books in the library, strolled hand in hand along the street, and played with the neighborhood kids. Mrs. Jennifer would bring cookies, they would deny all evening company, have candlelight dinners, or watch movies on the sofa. Despite the fact that the season was incorrect, Pan Lei lit the fireplace and drew the curtains. Pan Lei wished to be 'tired' with Tian Yuan when he was tired of reading and conversing on the sofa. He would light the fireplace to keep it warm and sit on the sofa with Tian Yuan. He got close and intimate, unwilling to move his gaze away from Tian Yuan's warm jade-like skin that reflected the light of the fire.

They made out on the sofa in the dark, lingering, stroking, kissing, and undressing.

Every day was happy like a stay in paradise.

He got a good morning kiss when he opened his eyes, and the water for brushing his teeth was ready. Pan Lei would call him from downstairs, and he'd come downstairs for breakfast.

Pan Lei was by his side all day.

At night, they talked while leaning against each other, did a certain exercise between lovers, then he rested his head on Pan Lei’s shoulder, falling asleep while listening to his heartbeats.

Pan Lei's wound healed rapidly. He was stabbed and lost a lot of blood, yet these issues were not a problem for him. The wound had already turned into a pink scar on the tenth day. Tian Yuan licked the scar every time they made out. When things got too heated, he'd take a bite.

Tian Yuan was well fed, healthy, and had a good complexion. He had regained all of the weight he had lost after moving to the UK. Pan Lei pinched his cheek and sighed contentedly. Look at how well fed he is, and how beautiful his complexion and hair are.

He Lian witnessed the couple's lovey-dovey lifestyle and realized for the first time what true sweetness was.

This couple ate even a piece of chocolate together, and at every meal, the scene was "You take a bite, I take a bite," smiling and laughing, then kissing. Tian Yuan acted like a spoiled child with zeal, whereas Pan Lei was full of doting. When Tian Yuan did anything bad, such as refusing to eat or decline to be picked up from college, Pan Lei glared, and Tian Yuan instantly cried out "Ge," causing Pan Lei to smile so wide that you could see his teeth but not his eyes, as if he'd swallowed a Xiaoyao Pill[1].

It's no surprise that everyone said the pair had a fantastic relationship! Look at this enthusiastic intimacy, sweet day after day as though first love, and He Lian guessed that this was how the couple will be for the rest of their lives.

This time, though, there was no sadness in saying goodbye to Pan Lei.

Tian Yuan's smile persisted, making Pan Lei very unhappy.

"Are you waiting for me to leave, baby? You were reluctant to part from me the last time. You're so eager to see me off this time? Do you no longer love me? Do you have another person in your heart? Do you keep a gigolo here? Even if you act, you must pretend to be unhappy and reluctant to part in order to show to me that you cannot live without me."

Tian Yuan shook his head. It was nothing major. He would start wrapping things up in the UK the moment Pan Lei left. He needed to arrange plane tickets and pack his belongings because he was also returning. How could he possibly feel upset over such a happy event? Pan Lei was departing now, but they would reunite and resume their previous lives in a few days. In contrast, he didn't feel too bad about Pan Lei's return to China this time.

"Even though the scab has fallen off, avoid strenuous exercise. Be wary about infection from within. Call me and let me know when you're on a mission so I can be sure you're safe and sound."

Pan Lei gave a nod. He nodded obediently as soon as Tian Yuan stated it.

He was still nodding constantly, but Tian Yuan remained silent. Pan Lei turned to face him.

"That’s it?"

Tian Yuan mn-ed.

"That’s it."

"Shit, you've got to have someone else in your heart! You went on and on and nagged me to death the last time, but this time it's just a few words and you're anxious for me to leave."

Every time they separated, it felt as though they couldn't finish what they were saying. They were rambling and had a lot to say. They thought their words of care were insufficient, whether it was as simple as reminding him to sip hot water or remembering to dress warmly when he went out. But now, a few simple words like this will be the end of the matter? That was not an option! If Tian Yuan couldn't say anything else, if he didn't want to be long-winded in expressing his feelings, he had to communicate them by actions! Pan Lei tugged Tian Yuan and played a rogue.

"Tell me ten times you love me, baby."

"Are you crazy?! Stop making trouble and let others see a joke."

With people passing by, Pan Lei, this tall chap, put his head on Tian Yuan's shoulder, refusing to act decently. He shamelessly shook Tian Yuan and acted coquettishly, saying he needed to be comforted and that he would board the plane only after receiving enough words of care and concern.

Tian Yuan patted his shoulder and touched his cheek.

He was likewise reluctant, but this was nothing compared to being able to return to China to study in just a few days.

"You went on a mission after a long time, so let's talk about self-care. Don't be rash, even if you're on a mission. Don't fight the robbers hand to hand; just shoot them to death, okay? You consider how sad it is for me to be without your news, knowing that you are injured. We must live well. You promised to retire and return home when you turned fifty. I'm still hoping to live in harmony with you. You cook and do the housework for me while I go to work to support you. Ge, don't make me wait in vain. You must be in good health. I can only be well if you are well."

Pan Lei was satisfied.

"That sounds more like it."

Although it wasn't as emotional as the last time, it was at least reassuring that he(TY) didn't make him(PL) as concerned as the previous time. And Tian'er still cared about him. The problem was that he had no idea why his family's hubby had been acting strangely recently.

"He Lian."

This time, He Lian was wiser. While the husbands were making public displays of affection at the airport, he moved to converse with the flight staff on the side early on, pretending that he didn't know the couple in order to avoid feelings of admiration, jealousy, and hate.

When he saw the couple put up a show of an emotional farewell for the first time, he was moved. However, watching it twice was just asking to be upset.

As a result, He Lian simply turned away and did not look, thinking: out of sight, out of mind.

Who knew that they would only spend three minutes saying goodbye this time before Pan Lei called him?

Pan Lei slung his arm across He Lian's shoulder, took a diagonal step, and lowered his voice so that his husband wouldn’t hear him.

"My family's husband has suddenly been acting strangely. I've been attached to him at the hip and haven't found a love rival. I also believe he will not fall in love with anybody else besides me. There is no one in this world who can match with me. I am confident that he will not two-time me. But I think he's being strange. Keep an eye on him and take good care of him. See what he's up to and give me a call if he's up to any little tricks. Don't let him do anything wrong. I’m handing over my darling to you, so protect him well for me. Tell me what he's doing. Don’t let him do anything dangerous. My husband occasionally acts brainless which doesn’t let me feel at ease. Don’t let him be fooled by anyone."

He Lian turned to look at Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan was acting strange? But weren’t they billing and cooing the entire time?

"Isn't he very obedient?"

"He’s very obedient, but there’s something he’s keeping from me. He's giggling for no apparent reason these days. I'm quite worried."

"Doesn't your college have a business school? There must be business grads there. This husband of mine just wants to live a peaceful life, make some money, and have a happy family. If a businessman deceives him into investing money and promises that his earnings would double, he will believe it and hand over all of his assets. I am afraid that he will be duped. My baby is so innocent that I'm frightened he'll be scammed."

After thinking about it for a few days, Pan Lei concluded that this was the only possibility. Tian Yuan had been chuckling and laughing like a fool lately, and Pan Lei was terrified that he had been conned by someone.

"No problem, I'll look after him for you."

Pan Lei patted him on the shoulder, relieved at last.

He reached out his arms to Tian Yuan.

"Give me another kiss, baby. I won't be able to see you until the following month."

Tian Yuan's eyes bent in laughter when he heard this. There was no trace of grief. He clearly wasn't feeling as horrible as he did the last time Pan Lei left.

"I'll come to see you."

"Alas, this kid in my family is really a little fool. Silly baby, not unless your teacher gives you a vacation. Didn’t you say that studying is very intense? You won’t have time to visit."

Pan Lei wanted to say something like "my dumb wife," but if he did, Tian Yuan would immediately kick him into the plane.

Pan Lei bit Tian Yuan's lips, and no matter how many people watched, he held Tian Yuan's head and kissed him hard and deeply until he was out of breath, and then parted reluctantly.

"Baby, wait for me."

They were reluctant to part. Whatever they said, the fact was that they wouldn't see each other for several days. Tian Yuan grabbed his sleeve and gripped on tight, unwilling to let go.

"Wait for me, sweetheart," Pan Lei said as he touched his cheek. "Next month, I'll see you again. I'll bring you something tasty and look after you. When the weather permits, I'll take you for a tandem cycling ride."

He waved as he picked up his luggage.

Tian Yuan took a few steps forward, thinking that this airport was not a nice site, especially for this type of separation, which often upset people. Even if they would see each other again in a few days, he would miss Pan Lei.

In the check-in line, there was a person ahead of Pan Lei. He returned his gaze and noticed Tian Yuan staring at him. Pan Lei felt sorry for him since he looked pitiful. He returned, hugged and kissed him once more. After all, they wouldn't be able to meet for a long time. Don't show this expression, I will be much more reluctant to leave. Baby, please smile, even just a little. Don't make me feel like I'm abandoning my lover by looking at me so eagerly.

Pan Lei didn't care about anything, including going through security.

He simply tossed his stuff aside and dashed over. Tian Yuan hurried up to Pan Lei, arms spread, and hugged him fiercely.

Pan Lei bowed his head, Tian Yuan embraced Pan Lei's neck to meet him, one asked, one gave, hugging and kissing.

They didn't care if their lips were torn, their tongues were numb, and their nostrils hurt. They simply desired to imprint the other party's taste in their subconscious.

"I love you, baby. Wait until I see you again."

Tian Yuan trembled and nodded in his palm.

Pan Lei let go of him, turned to leave, and took the luggage from He Lian's hand.

He didn't dare to look back for fear of being unable to leave. He passed through the security checkpoint and headed to the waiting lounge without looking back.

He Lian scratched his hair. Alas! He was stimulated every time he drove them to the airport.

"How about I take you for a walk around the plaza?"

Tian Yuan smirked. His lips were swollen and like red cherries, his face was flushed, and he emitted a charming flavor on his body.

"No, let's go home. I want to cancel my lease and pack my belongings. I’m going back to China."

He Lian yelled.

"Hey! Why do you take things so hard? It's only been two or three months. Why don't you continue your studies? Nobody will agree with you if you do this. Even if you miss him like crazy, you shouldn't give up your studies."

"I'm returning to China for further studies. Teacher decided half a month ago to go to China for work and bring all of his students with him. It will not interfere with my schoolwork, but it will allow me to study at home. I've been rejoicing about this for quite a while. Now that Pan Lei has left, I need to quickly organize my stuff. I’ll be going back home in ten or twenty days."


[1] The Xiaoyao Pill is real. It calms the liver and spleen, nourishes the blood, and regulates menstruation. It is used to treat depression and discomfort produced by spleen deficiency and liver stagnation, as well as chest pain, dizziness, loss of appetite, and irregular menstruation. However, I'm confident the author meant the literal meaning of "Xiaoyao" in this context, which is "free and unfettered." Pan Lei is basically coaxed into happiness anytime TY calls him ge.


I'm not sure what the point of this arc is. Was it solely for the purpose of introducing He Lian and Pan Yue? Perhaps the author was stumped for ideas for this arc and chose to simply return the action to China.

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