Hi! I am Amy. I would like to share a little about myself😊
  • I am a solo translator. I am studying Mandarin and think translating is a good way to practice my vocabulary.
  • Please note neither Mandarin nor English is my native language. I try my best to keep the inconsistencies and grammatical errors to a minimum but some errors are inevitable.
  • I translate as I read - NO SPOILERS PLEASE.
  • Please point out any mistakes and I will correct them.
  • Constructive criticism is appreciated. 
  • For any questions, feel free to contact me on chipoholictranslations@gmail.com
  • I love reading, watching anime, playing action RPGs like Diablo, watching dramas and snacking😁I love to chat with fellow enthusiasts.

DISCLAIMER: I do not own the original work and do not have any copyrights to it. I am a fan translator and only the English translation is my work.


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