March 25, 2023

IDYTRAA - Extra 20

Extra 20 Pan Lei got a cold

Pan Lei fell ill. He can also become sick, you ask? What a ridiculous question. He was also a human being; how could he not get sick?

It unexpectedly rained when the couple went out together, so Pan Lei pulled off his jacket and wrapped it over Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan didn't catch a cold, but Pan Lei valiantly did.

When a person like him, who is normally healthy, became ill, he acted like a child.

He hugged Tian Yuan and refused to let go, no matter what.

"I'll go to the hospital and get you some medicine."

"No, I won't let you go."

"Then I'll drive you to the hospital for an IV."

"I don't have enough energy to walk."

"Then you lie down while I go grab you some medicine. Why don't you take a nap?"

"Then undress and sleep with me."

Tian Yuan was speechless as he gazed at the sky. Big brother, Pan Lei, you're in your early thirties. Don’t be so childish, okay? My eggs are all broken[1]. A 189 cm tall macho man acting like a small bunny after feeling wronged looks awful no matter how you look at it.

"Sleep by yourself. Come on, lie down."

Tian Yuan stressed "yourself" and pushed him, not allowing Pan Lei to become sticky in his arms.

"You dislike me."

Pan Lei abruptly sat up straight, a grievance on his face.

"I don’t."

"You dislike that I’m sick and can't cook for you."

"Not true. I told you to rest more and stop making trouble."

"You just dislike me. I can't cook for you, and you have to take care of me as well."

Tian Yuan smacked his fist into the mattress.

"F*ck you, Pan Lei, you ba$tard! Laozi said go to sleep! If you keep babbling, laozi will knock you out. You need a beating for wasting time talking crap."

Pan Lei promptly lay down on the pillow, well-behaved.

"So you needed a scolding."

Tian Yuan draped the comforter over him and patted him casually.

"I'm going to make some porridge. Is there anything else you want to eat?"

"You. I just want to eat you."

Tian Yuan laughed angrily at him and leaned in to kiss him. For the first time in his life, Pan Lei turned his face away, avoiding his baby's initiative to kiss him, which is an anecdote for the entire world. He would never have evaded Tian Yuan's kiss if it had been any other moment.

"What the hell? You’re upset because I scolded you?"

"No. I have a cold, and I’m scared I’ll infect you. Your health is not great. I’ll be fine in two days, but you’ll be sick for half a month. I don't want you to go through this. See how hard I kiss you when I recover."

Tian Yuan smiled, lay on his chest, leaned over, and kissed his cheek.

"I’m not going to work, I’m not going anywhere. You’ve caught a cold, so I'll stay at home with you. I won't leave you even a step and will take good care of you."

Pan Lei reached out from beneath the quilt and hugged Tian Yuan. He grinned and laughed quietly, knowing Tian Yuan couldn't see him.

He had to do this. He played dumb, threw a tantrum, acted cute and made trouble unreasonably, and used all the tricks of pretending to be a little wife just to get Tian Yuan to skip work and stay at home with him. Yes! Mission accomplished.

"Then take off your clothes and nap with me, okay?"

Tian Yuan obediently undressed and got into bed. Even though it was noon, he embraced Pan Lei and fell asleep!


[1] I understand the meaning of this Internet term, but I don't know how to express it in English. So, I'm just giving you the Baidu link where you can read the explanation. I thought of using "What a pain in the a$$" but it doesn't feel right.


All this sugar is giving me cavities.

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IDYTRAA - Extra 19

Extra 19 When Tian Yuan drank too much

Pan Lei became a kissing fish when he drank too much.

What if Tian Yuan drank too much?

He was a pesky devil.

Tian Yuan is believed to have gotten magnificently drunk once during a gathering with their brothers, thanks to the group of cunning ba$tards.

Pan Lei was not intoxicated, but he did become a full-time nanny.

Tian Yuan was giggling after consuming too much alcohol. He grabbed Pan Lei and shook him hard. Pan Lei's arms had been lingering beside his body the entire time, fearful that he might accidentally fall.

"Sing a song, Pan Lei!"

Tian Yuan demanded loudly and smilingly.

"I'll sing for you when we get home. Be good, baby, don't bump your head. Let's head home."

Tian Yuan refused to cooperate as Pan Lei carefully bundled him into the car. He squirmed around, with Pan Lei's hand on top of his head to keep him from hitting his head.

"I'm not going home if you don't sing!"

"Alright, ancestor, I'll sing for you. Will 'green flowers in the army' do? Now can you please get in the car?"

Tian Yuan finally obeyed and got into the car. Pan Lei instantly used the seat belt to keep him steady. He didn't want to waste any more time saying farewell to the party, so he jumped in his car and drove away.

He hummed 'green flowers in the army,' but Tian Yuan told him that wasn't enough and that he needed to sing loudly and clearly. Pan Lei was forced to sing loudly.

Tian Yuan was very well-behaved when he sang and listened to him sing by turning on his side. But, their car windows were open, and when they waited at intersections for red lights, the folks in the cars next to them gazed at Pan Lei strangely. You can sing if you want, but why the hell are you yelling? A drunkard belting out songs while driving!

"Song’s over."

"Sing 'Little Poplar.'"

Tian Yuan demanded more songs.

Pan Lei had no choice but to continue singing at the top of his voice.

He sang the entire way home.

"'Return from shooting'."

Tian Yuan continued to pick songs while climbing the stairs.

Well, who made him the little ancestor? Sing!

Tian Yuan was walking very slowly, so Pan Lei simply piggy-backed him. He sang loudly while climbing the stairs, prompting residents on every floor to open their doors and stare at him furiously. What was this ruckus in the middle of the night?

Pan Lei wrestled Tian Yuan's clothes off and stuffed him into pajamas before dumping him on the bed. Alright! This little ancestor will sleep now. But who would have guessed Tian Yuan would be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed, smiling at him.

Seeing him smiling and in an unusually good mood, Pan Lei stroked the corner of his mouth and kissed him.

"Sing the national anthem, sing 'moon on the 15th', sing '1234', sing 'learn from Lei Feng's good example'. Sing, sing!"

"Are you going to sleep after I sing?"

"I want to hear, I want to hear!"

Tian Yuan began to act shamelessly, and Pan Lei was forced to sit by the bedside and sing to him one by one.

He became more bitter as he sang more. He'd been singing for nearly two hours and still needed to shout. It was too much for his voice. Yet his family's little ancestor just wouldn't sleep. His eyes were perfectly round, like glass balls, and he refused to close them and go to sleep. He would cause trouble the moment he stopped singing.

What could Pan Lei do? Sing.

Almost all of the military songs were sung once. Pan Lei reckoned that he had been singing for four hours before the little ancestor gradually closed his eyes.

Tian Yuan awoke the next day.

"Pan Lei!"

Pan Lei dashed in, gesticulating instead of speaking.

Tian Yuan had a peculiar expression on his face as he gazed at him.

"What’s the matter with you?"

Pan Lei spoke in a croaky, nearly inaudible voice.

"My throat is hoarse."

"How did it happen? Excessive internal heat? Do you want me to examine you?"

Tian Yuan had forgotten how much he had tormented Pan Lei after a night of excessive drinking.

"I'm hoarse from singing you songs for four hours."

Tian Yuan looked apologetic.

"Hey, it's nothing. I'll sing for you if you want to listen. I'll sing for you for the rest of my life. I'll be OK after resting for a few days. Don't be like that, baby, give me a smile."

Tian Yuan hugged him and stroked his neck tenderly.

"Ge, I love you."


All of the songs requested by TY are genuine military tunes.

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March 21, 2023

IDYTRAA - Extra 17&18

Extra 17 About Jealousy

Tian Yuan got off work. Pan Lei said he'd go early today and asked Tian Yuan to meet him at the gate. Tian Yuan had barely reached the gate when he noticed Pan Lei's car pull in. Pan Lei jumped out of the car and embraced Tian Yuan.

"Have you been waiting a long time?"

"No, I just got here."

Tian Yuan cocked his head and noticed a girl in the front passenger seat.

Tian Yuan narrowed his eyes and smiled at Pan Lei.

"Someone's lucky." {T/N: TY says "yan fu bu qian" which means "(your) luck with women is good."}

"Oh her; she's our military region's female military doctor. As I was leaving, I ran into her and offered her a ride. Get in the car. We’ll drop her off at her house first, then go grocery shopping for dinner..."

Tian Yuan had no choice but to sit in the back seat because the female military doctor was riding shotgun.

"Commander Pan has been praising you the entire journey, Doctor Tian. You two are so affectionate."

Tian Yuan smiled but said nothing, instead becoming angry and staring at the front passenger seat. That was his spot. He was the only one in the passenger seat as long as Pan Lei was driving. Why was it someone else today? Alright, he was petty. Okay, okay, he admitted, he was jealous.

Pan Lei handed Tian Yuan a snack pack.

The female military doctor began chatting with Pan Lei, telling him how such-and-such company (of troops) caused trouble and became a joke, how she delivered Black Lady's pups, and how the young man in a certain company was wooing the female nurse in the hospital and came to look for her sixteen times a day.

These were all interesting barracks-related anecdotes. The two of them were engrossed in conversation, and Tian Yuan couldn't join in at all. He simply bit into the food, not saying anything.

"What's wrong? Are you tired or hungry, baby?"

Something wasn't right with Tian Yuan. Pan Lei peered in the rearview mirror at him.

"I had surgery, and I'm exhausted."

Pan Lei hurriedly handed Tian Yuan his military jacket.

"Take a nap and put on this jacket to avoid getting a cold."

Tian Yuan draped the jacket over himself and leaned back in the seat, closing his eyes to rest.

The female military doctor wanted to keep chatting, but Pan Lei hushed her.

"My husband is weak and needs a lot of rest after finishing an operation. Don't disturb him; let him rest."

Tian Yuan had a smile on the corner of his mouth since he had heard everything. Not bad, really not bad.

He didn't lose his cool, accompanying Pan Lei to see off the female military doctor, then going grocery shopping with him and watching him cook when they returned home.

However, the female military doctor called Pan Lei the next day and asked if he could give her a lift home.

Tian Yuan had a slight scowl on his face. Pan Lei called again in the afternoon, saying he would leave early today. He was going to pick him up from work.

"Is that female military doctor riding with you today?"

"Yeah, I might give her a ride for a few days. Her family is pressuring her to go on a blind date, and she has requested that I drop her off at the meeting location before coming to pick you up."

Tian Yuan gave a nod.

When Pan Lei rushed to the Armed Police Hospital, he saw Tian Yuan standing on the curb, talking and laughing with a girl. He looked cheerful and was smiling happily.

When the girl saw his car approaching from a distance, she waved goodbye at Tian Yuan.

When Pan Lei got out of the car, he noticed Tian Yuan's still-present smile.

"Who’s that?"

Pan Lei was irritated. Who was so blind that they didn't know Tian Yuan was Dean Dang Hong’s son-in-law?

"A young nurse in the department. She was looking for suggestions on what to buy her boyfriend."

"Why doesn’t she ask someone else..."

"We're coworkers, and she inquired in passing. Are you upset?"

Pan Lei nodded firmly.

"How can I not be upset? People who are unaware will mistake you for boyfriend and girlfriend, but you are mine."

Tian Yuan was torn between laughing and crying.

"You take a female military doctor back and forth all day, so won't some people suspect you and her of being a couple? I guess it’s pretty good commuting together to and from the military base."

Pan Lei smacked his lips. A little sour.

"Honey, you're jealous."

Tian Yuan's little scheme had been revealed. He felt enraged due to his embarrassment and kicked Pan Lei's leg.

"Scram, you ba$tard. So what if I hate it?"

"Hehe, jealousy is good, jealousy is wonderful, I love seeing you be jealous. But don't worry, the heavens can attest to my love for you."

"F*ck off! Copy the house rules a hundred times when we get home. Sound the alarm in advance." {T/N: I believe TY means "I'm going to nip this in the bud."}

The female military doctor called Pan Lei again the next day, wanting to leave together. Pan Lei, on the other hand, gripped Tian Yuan hard.

"No, I'm spending the day at home with my man. I want to help him with his spring cleaning. I'm not going to ride with you today, and I'm not going to ride with you in the future. You can ask someone else."

Tian Yuan peppered kisses on Pan Lei's face, completely satisfied.

"Are you happy now, baby? I swear I'll never be alone with a woman other than our mothers again. I'll be good to you."

"Very kind of you."

"You’re happy, so let me be happy as well. Come, let’s have an early morning workout. Exercise, exercise!"

The quilt was lifted, Pan Lei got in, and after a while, there were moans and groans.

The so-called jealousy came to nothing.

Extra 18 About Jindou'er

Their family’s Jindou'er was in love, and the girl he liked was the little golden retriever from the home across the hall. It's a shame they were minors.

Every day, Jindou'er desperately hoped that his fathers would open the door, and then he would rush out to guard the door of the house across from them. If the other door was closed, he scratched it with his paws.

Jindou'er would save some of everything, frisbee, meatball, or bone, and then give it to the small golden retriever across the hall with exceptional politeness.

It was raising a white-eyed wolf{aka ingrate} that bit the hand that fed it! He even dared to carry his Little Dad's wallet in his teeth and hand it over to the little golden retriever from the opposite door.

Today, the couple had dinner and took Jindou'er for a walk. Coincidentally, the family across the hall had also taken their little golden retriever for a walk.

They had simply left earlier. As the couple opened the door, they were already on the next story.

Jindou'er cocked his head and pricked his ears to listen as soon as he walked out the door, and the little golden retriever on the next floor barked.

Jindou'er went crazy. He didn't give a damn about anything and dashed downstairs.

Tian Yuan had just closed the door when he noticed Jindou'er racing downstairs. Tian Yuan was fearful Jindou'er would flee or get hit by a car in the neighborhood, so he dashed downstairs, chasing Jindou'er.

Pan Lei waited a few steps down for Tian Yuan to accompany him. Jindou'er had just passed him and he was going to grab Jindou'er when he noticed Tian Yuan running down as well. Pan Lei turned pale in fear.

He no longer cared about Jindou'er and took a couple large strides up.

He immediately hugged Tian Yuan, who was rushing down, and the tremendous momentum caused Pan Lei to wrap one arm around Tian Yuan's waist and grip the handrail with the other. He firmly stabilized both of their bodies.

"What are you running for?! What if you’re unable to stop and roll down the stairs?"

"Jindou'er, Jindou'er!"

Tian Yuan was anxious. Jindou'er bolted and disappeared.

"We're not going to lose him. Because of him, you don't care about your own safety! Slow down."

Pan Lei firmly held Tian Yuan's waist before daring to let him go by himself. This was no laughing matter. If he tumbled down the steps, he'd be gravely hurt. They had to walk slowly, no matter how anxious Tian Yuan was.

When they eventually arrived downstairs, they spotted their family's Jindou'er, the heartless thing, circling the small golden retriever.

Pan Lei was furious at the little prick who nearly made Tian Yuan roll down the stairs. See how I deal with you.

When they brought Jindou'er home, he huddled into a ball in fear when he noticed his Big Dad's glum expression.

"You cannot hit him. I’m warning you, you must not abuse animals."

Tian Yuan feared Pan Lei would kick Jindou'er in rage.

Pan Lei, however, simply squatted in front of Jindou'er.

"You harmed your Little Dad by nearly causing him to fall down the steps. This is inexcusable. Turn around and face the wall. Ponder your behavior."

Jindou'er obediently crawled to the corner, lifted his front feet, and squatted in the corner. Sticking out his tongue and panting, he acted cute and pitiful.

Tian Yuan's heart ached, but Pan Lei ignored him and dragged Tian Yuan to watch TV.

Jindou'er whined coquettishly.

Tian Yuan pushed Pan Lei, who grabbed his hand. He didn’t budge.

After a while, Jindou'er fell silent.

When the two of them turned their heads, they noticed Jindou'er leaning against the wall, front legs raised, squatting in the corner, and falling asleep.

The couple was torn between laughing and crying. They'd never seen such an outrageous puppy before! He could still fall asleep in this position during his punishment.

Awesome dog.


Jealously is wonderful~

Jindou'er takes after his Big DadπŸ•

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IDYTRAA - Extra 16

Extra 16 About wedding photos

Pan Lei was greatly stimulated by the wedding photo curtain at Pan Ge and Huang Kai's home.

He went online as soon as he got home. There were countless photographs of them, all of which had been organized into folders. Pictures taken overseas when Tian Yuan went to study abroad, photos of the two of them when they had nothing to do in China, photos of them getting married in Canada. In short, they had a plethora of couple photos.

Pan Lei finally decided on one after going over their pictures and selecting and dismissing them several times.

"Come here, baby."

Pan Lei called for Tian Yuan to come over while he was watching TV. Pan Lei took Tian Yuan in his arms and pointed at the computer monitor when he approached.

"Shall we use this as a curtain?"

Tian Yuan almost vomited blood when he saw the photo.

This pervert, this scoundrel. I really want to kick him to death.

It was a recent shot of the two of them.

He'd been tossed to drowsiness by Pan Lei early in the morning. Pan Lei opened the curtains, hugged him in the blanket wrapped around him, stretched out his arm, and with the quilt covering Tian Yuan's shoulders, raised his camera and said to Tian Yuan. Baby, smile.

Pan Lei took advantage of Tian Yuan's dazed smile to kiss his forehead.

Then, with a click, this photo was created.

An orange comforter, a sunny morning, a large bed, and two men who appeared to be naked at first glance, hugging lovingly and shooting a seductive photo.

Wouldn't this snapshot be magnified if the curtain was put over the window? Did that suggest they were shameless pervs, or did they want to be photographed by the young girl on the opposite floor and become a viral post on the Internet, humiliating themselves? Could you please have some shame? Did he want everyone on the planet to know what they did first thing in the morning?

There had been a nude photo leak incident, and he didn't want to make the same mistake.

"Absolutely not! I don’t want to be embarrassed. You're becoming more and more of a degenerate. Is this something to show off? These kinds of intimate photos should only be seen by us under the quilt."

"Why not? Why can't we use our morning sex pics as curtains if they can use their wedding kissing photos? Look at the angle and expression. I think you are the most natural and handsome. Don't you think you’re attractive? Wow, it’s so good-looking. Everyone should know how happy we are, and happiness begins in the bedroom. What's the problem?"

"This is the Yanzhaomen incident waiting to happen; you’re inviting trouble! When I say no, I mean no."

"It's our home; who’ll know?"

"You think you live in a vacuum. Don’t make an exhibition of yourself. No way, not gonna happen."

Pan Lei tutted.

"I’m not. I like it. I'm going to enlarge it and hang it in our bedroom as a curtain. Imagine; when we draw the curtain at night, you’re in bed and there is such a curtain. I think it’ll be so beautiful that it’ll put me in the mood."

"I dare you to hang it on the window. Just try it."

Tian Yuan was becoming angry with Pan Lei.

"What are you scared of? At worst, we’ll hang a gauze curtain outside this one. No one will see it."

Tian Yuan snorted in fury.

"Listen up. If you dare to use this photo as a curtain, I will divorce you. I can't afford to lose this face."

Pan Lei was fearless, yet feared his husband saying he didn’t want him anymore. How could he possibly let that happen? He’d finally married and got his beloved.

"Okay, okay, I won't make the curtains. Don't be angry, darling, listen to me."

Pan Lei quickly stroked his husband's puffy fur and promised not to do it.

Tian Yuan was now content and no longer argued with him.

"Why don’t you pick another? Do you remember when we were sitting hand in hand on a bench abroad, wearing the same jeans, and requested someone to take a picture of us? Why not use that shot?"

In the snapshot Tian Yuan mentioned, the two of them were sitting together, holding hands and gazing into each other’s eyes. They were both wearing the same jeans and smiling lightly, yet you could see the love in their eyes at a glance. The picture was lovely, but Pan Lei insisted on using this nude after-morning sex shot instead.


Pan Lei compromised, feeling wronged.

"I'll then enlarge this photo, frame it, and display it on our bedside table as a wedding photo."

Tian Yuan was speechless. Why do you have to have this picture?

"I'm going to shrink this photo and put it in my wallet. I just love your indolence when you wake up early."

Mwah; he kissed Tian Yuan.

"I love all your expressions, no matter when or what, even if it's you pooping."

"Go to hell!"



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March 15, 2023

IDYTRAA - Extra 15

Extra 15 About learning to drive

Tian Yuan's greatest desire was to obtain his driver's license. Consider this. They still had two cars parked in their garage. Pan Lei's Toyota Prado and his GAC Honda. He felt very itchy in his heart every time he saw the automobiles. Others washed their cars, and he did as well; but, whereas others washed their cars because they went out and drove around, splashing mud stains on the car, he washed the car because it had been parked for too long and was full of dust. Think about it. He'd had his GAC Honda for more than three years, but the odometer reading was less than 100 kilometers, indicating that it hadn't even completed the break-in period.

Pan Lei strictly forbade him from learning to drive on his own and from attending a driving school. What he dreaded the most was that those driving instructors would be foul-mouthed and irritable while teaching him to drive. He couldn't face the thought of his precious baby being chastised by others.

Pan Lei was rarely at home, and when he was, his focus was on being intimate and spending time with his husband, so teaching Tian Yuan to drive was pushed out of sight. Tian Yuan's attempts to learn to drive had constantly run aground.

He couldn't help but envy people who drove themselves to work. Lin Mu drove to work in a really stylish manner. With a drift, the car would come to a halt, the door would open, and Lin Mu would climb out, eliciting squeals of "Dr. Lin is so handsome!" from numerous nurses every time.

He wanted it as well!

Enough already. He had to try it himself today.

Pan Lei's Prado had an automatic gearbox, which meant that if you pressed the accelerator, the car would drive away. It's a lot easier without the clutch. To quote Lin Mu, "anyone with hands can drive it."

Tian Yuan boldly took the car keys, turned on the ignition to start the car, took a deep breath, gripped the steering wheel, shifted gears, and stepped on the pedal, regardless of whether Pan Lei was home or not.

Yes! It’s moving, it’s moving!

Tian Yuan kept his inner excitement in check and stepped on the throttle carefully. He drove around the community area downstairs at the speed of a turtle crawling and braked smoothly.

Tian Yuan jumped out of the car and cheered! Oh yeah, oh yeah, I can also drive!

I’m driving to work tomorrow!

Tian Yuan was so daring that he truly drove himself to work the next day.

Every morning, the hospital held a meeting to discuss the patients' treatment plans, and so on. Today, everyone was waiting for their director, but it had been an hour and their director had still not arrived. The work has to be handled by the deputy director.

Could something have happened to the director? The deputy director went in search of Dr. Lin. Lin Mu oversaw the oncology department.

"He hasn’t come to work yet?"

Lin Mu was totally baffled. Has Pan Lei returned? Had he harassed Tian Yuan again till late at night? He called Pan Lei's number, who was busy training his soldiers.

"I'm not at home. Is he ill? Lin Mu, hurry up and go to my house to check on him."

Pan Lei was anxious, so he hurriedly called home, but no one answered. Lin Mu was also a little panicked. Did something really happen?

He didn't even bother taking off his white coat before running downstairs.

Lin Mu spotted a car pulling up to the hospital's entrance. It crept in slowly, like a snail, making people anxious to death. Lin Mu narrowed his eyes to get a better look. Isn't that Pan Lei's Toyota Prado? He took another look at it. Damn! Tian Yuan was behind the wheel.

Tian Yuan didn’t have a driver's license. This was driving without a license! Even if there's a bureau chief in their family, they should not deliberately break the rules. Did he want to squat in prison?

"Lin Mu, hurry up and help me find a parking spot."

Lin Mu had no choice but to find him a parking spot first. There was a spacious parking place in the middle, between a little QQ on the left and a Beijing Hyundai on the right. Tian Yuan only had to turn the steering wheel to the left leaving enough room, then turn the steering wheel to slide in, then pull on the handbrake, and he'd be done.

Tian Yuan moved, retreated, advanced, and retreated again. He'd been going back and forth for ten minutes and hadn't even gotten the front of the car in.

Lin Mu helped him by directing him.

"Turn the wheel to the left and press the accelerator. Stop, reverse, and steer."

Lin Mu began to sweat, but Tian Yuan's car still did not enter.

The longer he couldn't get in, the more anxious he became, and the more anxious he became, the more panicked he became.

"Don't panic, don't panic, a little less throttle, left, to the left."

The more Lin Mu told Tian Yuan not to panic, the more he panicked. He pressed on the gas hard, and the automobile shot out like an arrow, right towards the flower bed. Lin Mu was terrified when he heard a bang and nearly lost his soul. Please, God, let him be okay.

He dashed over and saw that the bumper was broken, which was trivial. The airbag had popped, which was also minor. He pulled Tian Yuan out in a shambles. Tian Yuan escaped unscathed.

"Oh no! The car."

"It's nothing as long as you're okay. You scared me to death. Are you alright?"

Tian Yuan walked around the car several times in distress. Lin Mu noticed that he was moving about freely, which indicated that he was fine. At this point, Pan Lei called.

"Lin Mu, have you seen my husband? What's going on?"

"It's nothing; he drove himself to work and had a little accident."

"Accident? Is it serious? Is he alright? Is he bleeding? F*ck! I'll be there right away!"

Lin Mu heard a chair fall to the floor over the phone as Pan Lei dashed out the door.

"He hasn’t even broken any skin. Driving without a license, seriously?! You’d better control him. He can barely drive and dares to go on the road. Thankfully, he’s fine. It’ll be too late if something happens. Don't worry, he is feeling sorry about the car right now."

Pan Lei was genuinely angry this time.

"Hand over the phone to him."

Tian Yuan received the phone and was going to say, Pan Lei, I crashed the car.

"Tian Yuan, let me warn you; the next time you dare to secretly touch a car without my consent or company, just wait for me. Do you believe me when I say I'll set fire to both cars in front of you?"

Tian Yuan was well aware that he had made a mistake. He really should not be driving without a license, especially alone.

"I won't do it again."

"If you dare to do something like this again, I’ll break your legs. I’d rather handicap you than watch you leave me in a tragic accident."


Pan Lei sighed heavily after a seconds pause.

"How can I live if you leave before me, baby? Please don't do such things."

"Absolutely not, I’ll never touch a car in my life."


What's the use of purchasing Tian'er a car and then not teaching him to drive or allowing him to attend a driving school, Pan Lei? That's not cool.

I just translated the parts on driving and parking word for word. I don't know how to drive, so please let me know if there are any faults in the translation.

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IDYTRAA - Extra 14

Extra 14 About exercise

Pan Lei was most concerned about Tian Yuan's health, which had always been bad. Tian Yuan needed assistance getting out of the operating room after two consecutive surgeries. Thoracic surgeries can take a long time, even up to eight or nine hours in a row. Pan Lei was constantly worried that Tian Yuan would pass out at the operation table one day.

Tian Yuan also thought that he needed to exercise more, so as long as he woke up in the early morning, he would be obedient and go for a run.

But getting up early is a challenging task, you know. Pan Lei could travel deep into enemy territory and strangle the enemy, but when it came to his dear husband, he was at a loss. Tian Yuan had agreed last night to go for a run early in the morning. If five kilometers was an impossibility, two kilometers... Oh well, forget it. He should be able to run one kilometer, right?

When Tian Yuan awoke at last, he saw Pan Lei had already dressed, but he believed it was still too dark outside for a jog.

"Wake up, baby, we agreed to go for a run."

Tian Yuan ignored him and went back to sleep.

Tian Yuan continued to sleep despite Pan Lei's nudge on his shoulder. Tian Yuan was still asleep after Pan Lei pinched his nose and French kissed him. Pan Lei frowned and stopped trying to rouse him. He just pushed his hands beneath Tian Yuan's waist and shoulder, digging him out from under the blanket.

Tian Yuan snored as he nestled into the hollow of his shoulder.

Pan Lei held the little ancestor in his arms and helped him put on his pants. Because he couldn't lift them all the way up, the pants became caught at his knees. Where's the sweatshirt? Pan Lei reached out and grabbed it, bunching it up and stuffing Tian Yuan's head into it. He held his shoulders, let the sweatshirt go down, pulling up his arms and stuffing them in one by one, then tugging down the sweatshirt's hem. Viola! The sweatshirt had been put on.

"My baby is so obedient. You're done. I'll get you some socks. Don't sleep any longer. I know you’re not really sleeping; you’ve merely closed your eyes to fool me. Wakey, wakey, rise and shine~ You agreed to jog, so don’t be a rascal. Sit still and don't fall."

Tian Yuan made no apologies for ignoring him. Pan Lei hurriedly wrapped him in the quilt and went to find some socks.

He opened one eye a chink, shook his head, slumped back, and drilled deeper into the quilt, continuing to sleep.

Pan Lei turned to look for socks, but his little ancestor burrowed like a groundhog. Hugging the pillow and the quilt, it was like sleeping in the pitch-dark.

Pan Lei dug him out of the quilt again, caught between laughter and tears, and pinched Tian Yuan's face.

"Baby, put on your socks and let's go for a run downstairs."

Pan Lei placed Tian Yuan's feet on his lap face to face, covered his lower body with the quilt, and put socks on him.

He saw Tian Yuan squirm about (quilt mysteriously pulled up), left and right. Pan Lei was so terrified that he swiftly hugged him with his hands, afraid he'd wiggle himself down the bed with a thud.

But Tian Yuan shook a few times, lifted his chin, leaned his head back, and then fell back with a thump.

The snoring began in less than two seconds.

Pan Lei stood next to the bed, hands on his hips. What am I going to do with this ancestor? God help me! He was wearing a sweatshirt, but his pants were caught on his knees and he was only wearing one sock, and despite all of his antics, he didn't wake up. He was still sound asleep!

"Baby, why are you like a little pig?"

"Thanks to you."

Tian Yuan, who had been snoring, unexpectedly uttered something, and Pan Lei was thrilled. He excitedly approached the bed and began shaking Tian Yuan.

"Get up, get up; let's go for a run when you wake up."

Tian Yuan grabbed his hand and this time he opened his eyes fully. His hair was a total mess, and his quilt was drawn up to his neck, but his eyes sparkled. Pan Lei's heart moved like ripples on the surface of a calm lake when he blinked at him.


Tian Yuan softly called out ge.

"Ge, accompany me to bed for a while. I can't sleep without you."

Pan Lei vigorously nodded.


He hastily removed his clothes, climbed into bed, and embraced Tian Yuan. Screw working out and running! Nothing matched his hubby behaving sweet and coquettish with him. Go to sleep, go to sleep. They could exercise once the lights were turned off at night. As for which exercise, I’m sure everyone knows.

Tian Yuan smiled smugly. Complete victory!


Tian’er, you’ll regret not going for that run~

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March 10, 2023

IDYTRAA - Extra 13

Extra 13 Slowly walking to old age

Little Three was ultimately brought to the city. The child fell in love with Tian Yuan after undergoing heart surgery.

Tian Yuan was also suffering from a headache. Return the child? He couldn't face the notion of returning Little Three to his half-collapsed home and the situation in which he frequently missed meals. Pan Lei had a stinky expression and would not let Little Three enter their door no matter what.

"Both of the family's Boss Mothers want us to adopt a child."

Pan Lei was unmoved and said nothing.

"He can also be my companion when you’re not at home."

Pan Lei hugged Jindou'er, no, it was Jindouer's son. Yup, Jindou'er had become a dad a long time ago.

Tian Yuan clutched his hair; Pan Lei was getting worked up.

"How about letting our mother raise him?"

Pan Lei's reaction came only after hearing this.

"Obviously. Mom has retired and being at home is boring, so leaving this blasted kid to them is perfect. That will have no effect on our daily lives. And what do you mean I'm not at home to accompany you? When did I not return? I come home every day. I know you’re softhearted, and that child is very pitiful, but I only have one son, Jindouer. I raise you as my son, and I'm more than content looking after you and Jindou'er. As if I'd let that damned boy disturb our lives! Can I undress you on the sofa or take a shower with you if he's home? Jindou'er can't talk, so he can just watch it if he likes, but that damned kid will ruin my fun. Resolutely send him away; he must be sent away."

Tian Yuan kicked him. This old ba$tard, this old rascal, can’t think of anything good.

"We'll have to pay for all of his expenses, such as school, boarding, and extracurricular activities. We may also have to send him overseas. Do you think that just providing him with food and water will suffice? Let me tell you, my parents' pensions combined are more than our income, so we should leave child-rearing to them. You instruct Little Three to call them grandpa and grandma sweetly, and our parents will undoubtedly spoil him rotten. You're busy with surgery and research. You have a lot on your plate, and I don't have time either. It's better not to take him in if we can't properly care for him. It's not the same for my parents. The old man is in good shape and can teach him the qualities of a soldier. My mum has extensive knowledge and can teach him a great deal. It's preferable to us raising him, ergo let's give him to our parents to raise."

Tian Yuan had been swayed. They were both truly unsuitable for parenting children. Raising a dog was plenty. When they went on business trips, Jindou'er had to be sent to the military compound.

They couldn't both go to work and leave Little Three to eat instant noodles at home, could they.

"Otherwise, send him to Eldest Brother. He already has a daughter and a baby, so it's only natural for him to have another Little Three."

Eldest Sister-in-law forcing him to learn martial arts all day? It would be better to send the child to his old mother-in-law.

"Okay, let's take him to the military compound."

Pan Lei cheered in his heart. Home defense battle: Success!

It was simply not acceptable for them to add another member to their family. Pan Lei's heart was already full with Tian'er, and there was no room for another.

Pan Lei was self-centered and ruthless. He was just interested in one person, his Tian'er. He didn't want any new family member to disrupt their peaceful and comfortable life.

Little Three was packed and delivered to the military compound.

Pan Ge employed trickery to add Little Three's name to the couple's household registration. Little Three was the couple’s nominal son. In fact, Little Three was eighteen or nineteen years old when he first visited the home of his two irresponsible fathers.

He'd been living with his grandparents over the years, and his two fathers hadn’t paid him a visit in ten to fifteen days.

If you want to know whose father is the most irresponsible in the world, go no farther than this pair of husbands.

Afterwards, when he eventually went to his fathers' house for the first time, he was sent on a plane the next day to study abroad. He studied fighter jet manufacturing before returning to serve his motherland.

His grandfather stated that in the present world, it was critical to pay attention to high-tech combat, and that knowledge was the final word. Foreign technology must be learned and brought back to China in order for the Chinese to build new fighters, stealth aircraft, and unmanned spy planes.

Eldest Uncle stated that the Pans now had a qualified successor to carry on their family's profession. The Pan family's military tradition would be passed down to the next generation.

"Study hard, boy!" said his two fathers. "Your father is now a major general. If you are capable, you can reach this rank when you reach your father's age."

Little Three secretly clenched his fist. Just wait and see. I shall be as capable as my irresponsible father, bringing honor and glory to the Pan family.

Such was their life. The couple led a simple life and were unable to accept others. Two men and a dog lived together just like this.

Little Three thought he was the same as everyone else. He didn't have a mother, and his two fathers didn't care much about him, but he had grandparents, so he made something of himself. When he saw his fathers a few times a month, Pan Lei would put his skills to the test, and Tian Yuan would assess his academic progress. This boy, like the small sapling in the rock fissure, thrived and grew into a man deserving of respect!

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan were overjoyed when they saw this.

The couple went slowly through their days and lived in this calm, sweet, and warm setting.

Time passed slowly, with a few ups and downs, but their life inevitably returned to beautiful days. They wanted to savor every moment they had together because they had been apart for far too long and had far too little time to get together and not be apart. As they enjoyed themselves, they only hoped that time would slow down, crawl at a snail’s pace, and inch slowly until they reached old age.

I lavish you with love and happiness because you are the only one for me, my beloved.

I will cherish, pamper, love, and adore you. All I want is for you to not have any regrets about being with me.

Perhaps it is selfishness that prevents someone else from integrating into our lives, but I have given you all of my feelings, and there is no way to give them to the second person.

Life is short, and I don't have much time to spend with you, so allowing irrelevant people to divert your attention is absolutely impossible. You are mine, my beloved, the one and only, my darling, the one more precious than life, my sweetheart.

The more you spoil your lover, the bolder they'll be; the more you love, the deeper your relationship will be.


It's a lot of fun translating these tidbits from our crazy couple's life! Are you enjoying reading the extras?

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IDYTRAA - Extra 12

Extra 12 Child

They did, in fact, have a child.

You may be wondering where the child came from. Tian Yuan gave birth; he was in labor on a dark and windy night, and then "Waah-" a boy was born.

Alright, you guys can lash Pan Lei to death; this was his nightmare.

He had this dream for some reason and sat up in terror. He peeled the blanket from Tian Yuan's torso and felt all around his lower tummy to make sure nothing was there. He lost his strength when he saw that it remained flat and slumped on Tian Yuan's body.

What a nightmare.

Was he having such a nightmare because their two Boss Mothers had been pressing them to have children lately?

Yi Yuan[1] would organize a medical team. This time, the medical team answered the country's call and traveled to remote areas to treat children with congenital heart disease who could not afford medical treatment. If the patient's condition was serious, these youngsters would be transferred to the Armed Police Hospital for treatment.

Tian Yuan, despite becoming Deputy Dean Tian, was still a surgeon in the hospital's cardiothoracic department. He led the group out into the countryside.

Despite his dissatisfaction, Pan Lei did not intervene this time. It was a good thing, so he just let Tian Yuan go. Anyway, he could also go on vacation and follow Tian Yuan, hehe.

It wasn't that he wasn't worried; he was so concerned that the conditions in the remote areas would be difficult and Tian Yuan's body would be unable to endure it that he purposefully waited on him with large and small bags, followed Deputy Dean Tian, and sneaked into the medical team.

When the medical team arrived at the location, the villagers informed them that there was another settlement on the mountain. This mountain settlement had only about 20 families and couldn't be reached by road. The only way to get there was on foot, which entailed trekking up and down the mountain. There was a child there who had heart trouble. The child's family circumstances were uncommon. He'd lost both of his parents and was living with his grandmother. The grandmother died last month, and the child fainted at the funeral. Upon examination, it was determined that he had a heart condition. None of his uncles wanted him since they understood that treating a heart disease patient was prohibitively expensive, and a family with an average yearly income of barely 2,400 yuan could not afford to treat the child.

Tian Yuan slung the medical bag over his back. Even if he had to climb one step at a time, he would go look, carry the kid down the mountain, and take him to the hospital.

How could Pan Lei let his baby undertake such a dangerous task? He took the medicine bag and placed it on his back before taking Tian Yuan's hand.

"I'll go with you."

Pan Lei struck a young tree to make Tian Yuan a walking stick. Pan Lei marched ahead, pulling and grabbing Tian Yuan as needed, and when walking became tough, he simply put Tian Yuan on his back and went around.

It was supposed to be an eight-kilometer mountain path, but it zigzagged, and after more than an hour of trekking, the settlement was still far away.

Pan Lei gazed down at Tian Yuan's sweat, which trickled down his face like water drops until his entire face was almost translucent. Pan Lei looked at him, heartbroken.

He placed Tian Yuan on a large rock and handed him the electrolyte drink.

"Don't worry, just drink some water to stay hydrated and have a bite to eat to keep up your strength. Don’t tire yourself out. You’ve been overworked and haven’t had time to rest or eat properly. You look tired."

He took a cap and feverishly fanned Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan sipped his drink, and Pan Lei quickly handed him a slice of bread.

Tian Yuan ripped a piece of bread and placed it in Pan Lei's mouth.

Pan Lei ate it while kissing his fingers in passing.

"Eat quickly. We'll leave once we've had enough rest."

"I opened this mountain, and I planted this tree. Leave the bread if you want to get past here!"

A boy jumped out of the trees before they could say anything. He was probably eight or nine years old, with large eyes and bandit manners. He leaped up to them like a wild monkey that had scampered down the mountain. He arrogantly barred the path with a stick.

Tian Yuan burst out laughing. Pan Lei, too, couldn’t resist laughing.

"Laozi has been robbing all his life. I never expected to be robbed by this little ba$tard."

Tian Yuan gazed at the kid and noticed him swallowing quickly. The child was swallowing his saliva while staring at the bread.

A closer look revealed that the child's lips were a pale blue.

"You are Little Three[2]?"

"How do you know that?"

Tian Yuan patted Pan Lei.

"We don't need to go any further. This kid, Little Three, should be eleven years old this year. You have no one in your family, right, which is why you came here to steal food?"

"I'm hungry, but no one gives me food; I can only do this kind of thing."

The boy had an unruly expression, but they were saddened by what he said.

"Come with Uncle; Uncle will cure you. Then I’ll find you a family so you can eat and dress well and go to school. OK?"

Little Three looked stunned before turning around and fleeing.

"Ah– Child traffickers! Somebody, help!"

[1] δΈ€ε…ƒιƒ½δΌšη»„η»‡εŒ»η–—ι˜Ÿηš„. δΈ€ε…ƒ means "unary," or "one yuan" if the characters are separated. Neither makes sense, so I used pinyin.

[2] Xiao Sanzi means "little third child." Children in China are often nicknamed based on their birth order. This kid is most likely the third child in the family with two older siblings/cousins.


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March 6, 2023

IDYTRAA - Extra 11

Extra 11 Dr. Tian became Deputy Dean Tian

When Dr. Tian was no longer Dr. Tian ​​but Director[1] Tian, the couple was in their thirties.

When Dr. Tian was appointed Deputy Dean Tian, the couple was middle-aged.

The old Dean's husband's family name was Pan, but Deputy Dean Tian was said to be her son. Many new staff didn't understand why Deputy Dean Tian called the old dean mom. Why was there usually a man in a well ironed military uniform picking up Deputy Dean Tian? Why did Deputy Dean Tian consistently state he had a spouse, but no one had ever seen his wife, and no one had ever seen his child? Still, whether it was Valentine's Day or Qixi Festival (Chinese Valentine's Day), he was always given a large bouquet of roses.

Many people have flings and mistresses. Director Lin once claimed that anyone can be unfaithful, but Doctor Tian and his spouse will always love and be devoted to each other until death.

Deputy Dean Tian was in his forties, but he still smiled innocently, as if he were a young man unaffected by the world.

Others in this filthy world were suffering from a variety of hardships, while he simply lived in a vacuum, joyful and free.

Deputy Dean Tian didn’t know how to drive. At most, he drove around the hospital compound a few times when he was bored, but he was afraid to hit the road.

Director Lin laughed at him, remarking that the car at home was only for looking, not driving.

A man in a well-ironed military uniform frequently came to pick up Deputy Dean Tian. He would occasionally drop him off in the morning and pick him up in the evening. Sometimes, the man was replaced by a young soldier to bring Deputy Dean Tian to the hospital.

Whenever the man in the well-ironed military uniform appeared at the hospital, Deputy Dean Tian would be overjoyed and in an unusually cheerful mood. Even if the doctor made a mistake during ward rounds, he would simply discipline the doctor and not deduct the department's bonus.

The hospital's year-end party was held in a five-star hotel. Several of the doctors and nurses who had been there for five or six years were quite curious. Everyone decided to bring their families this time, but Deputy Dean Tian's wife and children were nowhere to be seen.

The students led by Deputy Dean Tian had now become doctors in the hospital and had come over to mock Deputy Dean Tian.

"Shifu[2], where has shimu gone?"

Deputy Dean Tian smiled as he glanced at the time.

"He'll be late tonight since he has a meeting."

Shimu? I gotta tell Pan Lei later to see his expression.

"Shifu, do you and shimu have any children? Why have I never heard you complain about your kids? How old are they?"

Deputy Dean Tian was a little embarrassed.

"Oh, we haven’t had any children. We didn't want one because we are both busy and don't have time to care for them."

"But, Deputy Dean Tian, you'll be forty-three this year. Won't you be too old later if you don't have a child with shimu now? You will almost certainly have a child with a congenital disorder."

Deputy Dean Tian smiled.

"He doesn't like children. We are unlikely to have children in our lives, so a child who has a congenital condition has nothing to do with us."

They didn't have to be troubled about this unless, by some miracle, they could give birth themselves.

Everyone's eyes were filled with sympathy. Deputy Dean Tian's wife supported the DINK lifestyle, and the couple had no children. What were they going to do with their days? Deputy Dean Tian had it hard. If his wife didn’t give birth, no one would ever call him dad.

Director Lin nearly spewed out his wine.

"He still pampers you as if you were his son."

Deputy Dean Tian shot him a cold look.

"Doesn’t your man also treat you like a spoiled brat? Why haven't they arrived yet? I informed him about the celebration in plenty of time, as well as that a lot of great food had been planned for today."

Director Lin's and Deputy Dean Tian's spouses were in the same military region and occasionally appeared together.

"Shifu, is shimu a good cook?"

"The best, even better than this kitchen’s chef."

"Really! Can it not be tasty after all these years of you eating from his hand?"

Director Lin said jokingly.

The apprentices grew interested.

"Shifu, isn’t shimu a really busy person? She has to work, cook for you, and look after you. It's quite exhausting. So, shifu, have you ever cooked a loving dinner for shimu?"

Deputy Dean Tian became even more embarrassed, and his face reddened a bit.

"My cooking gave him three days of diarrhea."

The students he’d mentored burst out laughing. Their shifu was truly a cute uncle.

With some embarrassment, Deputy Dean Tian picked up his wine glass and drank it. He had degenerated; degraded as a result of being pampered.

Two men in military uniforms walked in the door and hurried towards them. Many of the older employees recognized and greeted them.

A tall guy approached Deputy Dean Tian, frowned, and took away his wine glass.

"You complained about a stomach upset just last night, and now you're drinking?"

"Then go get some fruit juice for me."

"I'll get you a hot drink."

The tall man in military uniform smiled as Deputy Dean Tian nodded. He cupped Deputy Dean Tian's face in his hand.

"My baby is so good."

He tilted his head and kissed Deputy Dean Tian's cheek. Deputy Dean Tian blushed but did not retort. The tall man drew him away, and they walked away hand in hand.

The students let out a scream five seconds later.


[1] Department Head.

[2] Shifu = teacher; shimu = teacher’s wife. Sir and ma'am don't have the same nuance, so I used the original form of address.



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