March 31, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 56

Chapter 56 I eat meat, you eat bones, divided equally between man and dog

Tian Yuan dozed off, and Pan Lei took a nap before waking up. He had received professional training and was eager to regain his physical strength as soon as possible. Others needed eight hours of sleep, but trained people like him only needed one hour to recover from a day's work. It was a requirement of basic training. He got up and went outside with his phone to call Dean Zhao.

"Look at the front page of today's paper. Tian Yuan was featured in the newspaper. If you continue to say that such a person is not prestigious, Old Zhao, you will immediately need to hire a new doctor. My mother will groom him to be the next dean of the Armed Police Hospital."

Dean Zhao agreed right away. "Enough said. Xiao Tian is a true talent and an excellent candidate for deputy director. Tomorrow, I'll hold a meeting to issue the promotion order. The young man has a promising future ahead of him."

Pan Lei was overjoyed. When he took the newspaper from the mailbox, he noticed the front page headlines. There was a picture of Tian Yuan in a surgical gown, helping the driver's wife get up. 'The angel in white rushed all the way to save people late at night, rescuing the dying and healing the wounded! He is a guardian of life, a civilian hero!'

The headlines made Pan Lei smile. He wondered if he should write a thank-you letter to this newspaper. ‘Forget it; Tian'er deserves this.’ He would withdraw behind the scenes and let Tian'er bask in the glory. He was overjoyed, happier than if this had happened to him.

Pan Lei went downstairs to get some groceries, which included spare ribs, fish, and vegetables. He brought in three large shopping bags, shut the door, and began cooking. Tian Yuan would be able to eat a delicious meal when he awoke.

Tian Yuan was sleeping in a daze, and he smelled food after a while. He squinted half-heartedly, followed the scent, and opened the door. He noticed a table full of delicious food and rice. His stomach grumbled with hunger; he needed to eat.

Pan Lei took the last dish of black soup out and looked at Tian Yuan, who was leaning against the door and touching his stomach. He hadn't opened his eyes, but he was drooling, half-asleep, with a few strands of hair standing up. Pan Lei chuckled and thought this messy, sleepy, and greedy appearance was very cute. He couldn't wait to hug him, rub him, caress him, and kiss him passionately. Pan Lei approached Tian Yuan and kissed him on the forehead.

"I'm starving."

"Hey, hurry up. I'll go serve the meal, and you'll wash up right away. If you're not sitting here waiting to eat when I come out, I'll come and take your pants off, making you take a cold shower to let you wake up completely."

Tian Yuan's sleepy expression vanished after he patted his buttocks. He dashed to the bathroom, took his time brushing his teeth and washing his face, then sat quickly at the table and waited with chopsticks.

When Pan Lei returned with his rice bowl, he noticed Tian Yuan blinking like a puppy, waiting to be fed.

"I made a black soup with wolfberries and rough worm. When I return home, I plan to visit my father's small warehouse. It is said that he has a few boxes of Changbai Mountain ginseng(CMG)[1] that you can use as a supplement."

Pan Lei scooped up the flesh from the fish's belly and placed it in a bowl. He cleaned all of the spines, big and small, and then poked them a few times with chopsticks to make sure there was no fishbone. The fish meat was then placed in Tian Yuan's bowl.

Tian Yuan gave Pan Lei the half-eaten ribs; there was still some meat on them, but it was difficult to bite. It was a shame to throw it away, so let him eat it.

"I am a young and strong man who does not require that type of food as a supplement. It’ll give me nosebleeds."

Pan Lei gave an evil grin. He lifted Tian Yuan's chin with his index finger and kissed his greasy mouth.

"I'll assist you in putting out the fire. We'll do it all night so that you don’t suffer from excess internal heat."

Tian Yuan threw all of the fish bones and rib bones into Pan Lei's bowl.

"Tian'er, I'd like to inform my mother-in-law that you are oppressing me. You eat fish and then give me fish bones; you eat meat and then give me bones. It's a cruel way to treat people. This is not right."

Pan Lei slammed the table; his husband lacked vitality and desired to rebel. Pan Lei wanted to demonstrate his strength. He wanted Tian'er to know that as the head of the household, as the family's pillar, he was sacred and untouchable.

Tian Yuan ate another rib and tossed the bone to him. "Man and dog now share equally."

Pan Lei exploded, yelled loudly, rushed over, and cradled Tian Yuan in his arms, unwilling to beat him, unwilling to scold him, but unable to take that tone. He could only scratch his itch and pretend to wrestle with him.

Tian Yuan screamed and laughed in his arms, struggling like a fish, ecstatic. 'I dare not, dare not anymore, I will never scold you again, never bully you again,' Tian Yuan yelled.

Pan Lei wouldn't let go, clasped his waist, grabbed his side, and as he watched him scream and cry while laughing, the resentment in his heart vanished.

That was his life - cook for him while Tian'er bullied him, and he bullied Tian'er while laughing and smiling. He'd be laughing even in his dreams if he could live every day like this one. He didn't like many people, but he adored this man. When Tian'er laughed, he was overjoyed. If he didn't laugh, he tried to make him laugh. He wanted to give him the best, to give him everything he desired. He just hoped he'd be able to do it every day. He was content.

Pan Lei kissed the corners of Tian Yuan's red eyes, then kissed the corners of his mouth, which was still smiling, before biting and kissing his upper lip.

Tian Yuan slapped him across the face and touched his mouth. Fortunately, he did not bite it all the way through this time. Otherwise, new scars would appear alongside the old scars on his mouth.

"If you want to kiss, then kiss. Why do you bite me all the time?"

"Oh, Tian'er, my baby, how come you're so adorable?"

Did what he said imply that Pan Lei could kiss him if he so desired?

‘What are you waiting for?' Pan Lei asked himself. ‘Go kiss him.'

It had been more than ten days, and they had talked on the phone every day, but the pain of lovesickness had not been alleviated. Only by exchanging long, lingering kisses and hugging could he be certain that Tian Yuan was present and by his side. He had returned for just a few hours, and he wanted to stay, even if it was only for a minute, to give them more time to get along. He didn't want to be apart from him because he missed him so much.

Meanwhile, Tian Yuan mused, 'I miss you. I miss your teasing, your cooking, your support and warmth. Can you not leave? Can you not remain by my side forever?'


[1] CMG is considered to be a ‘buried treasure medicine’ and is priced higher than other types of ginseng. Ginseng is a herbal supplement used in Chinese medicine.

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March 28, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 55

Chapter 55 Singing a Lullaby for my Darling

"Let’s go home. I'll ask for a leave on your behalf. Let's go home and get some rest. I'll leave tomorrow."

Tian Yuan removed his surgical gown. He awoke in the middle of the night and ran all the way to the hospital. He was completely exhausted and couldn't take it anymore.

Pan Lei turned around, squatted, and patted his back. "Come on, I'll piggyback you."

Tian Yuan was not courteous. Since Pan Lei wanted to piggyback him, so be it. He was too tired to care. Tian Yuan gladly hugged Pan Lei’s back.

Pan Lei stood up and considered the weight on his back.

"You’ve lost weight. Look! Oh no, there's no meat on your butt. Isn't this wronging me? Plump is adorable."

Tian Yuan slapped him on the back of the head and snapped. "You just want to play with me every time you see me? Take me home as soon as possible. I’m tired to the bone."

Pan Lei laughed mischievously, remembering how much he enjoyed teasing him, tricking him, and watching him get angry, blushing, laughing and cursing happily. He was the happiest staying at home with this guy. He felt good just looking at him.

"Let's go, let's go, Marshal Tianpeng[1] is carrying his wife!"

"You filthy pig! Take it easy! Take it easy!"

Pan Lei was very fast, and he did not use the elevator. He dashed down the stairs, making Tian Yuan scream in terror, and hurriedly hug his neck.

"What do you want to eat, darling? Go to bed when we get home. I'll prepare a tasty meal for you."

Pan Lei had made light of Tian Yuan's weight, but he really needed to compensate for his face's thinness. It wouldn't be fun to pinch Tian Yuan's face if there was no meat on it, he reasoned.

Tian Yuan checked the time as he changed into his pajamas.

"Isn’t it too late to cook? You also completed the mission and stayed awake all night. Let's just sleep."

“Roger!” said Pan Lei and began to remove his clothes one by one, smiling.

Was Tian Yuan’s “sleep” a verb or a noun? Was it just sleeping, or did he want to do something before going to bed?

Tian Yuan squinted beneath the quilt. Pan Lei was only wearing his underwear when he kissed Tian Yuan on the cheek and patted him on the back.

"Wait for me to return and rock you to sleep, honey."

Tian Yuan kicked him.

"Get out of here and take a bath."

Pan Lei smiled and walked into the bathroom to take a bath. He was almost in the midst of a battle bath, emerging within five minutes.

Tian Yuan was engrossed in a book. He squinted his eyes as he saw Pan Lei emerge from the steam.

"Do you believe you're washing potatoes, ah? Did you really take a shower?"

Pan Lei flaunted his perfect physique.

"Do your potatoes have a similar figure to mine? Sleep, sleep, you have no idea how much I missed you during this time. Every night, I want to cuddle you to sleep. I'm leaving tomorrow, and you still want me to take a long shower."

Pan Lei jumped onto the bed, wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan, and hugged him to his chest. He snatched the book from Tian Yuan's grasp and kissed him on the cheek a few times, sighing contentedly. Sleeping with the person you cared about was also a source of happiness.

So, what was the happiest thing? It wasn't the kind of situation where "you have me and I have you" or "you love me and I love you" were said while looking into each other's eyes. It was when after being tired at night, he slept in a big bed beneath a quilt with his wife, hugging together.

Tian Yuan, however, rolled over from his arms, fiddled with the phone, and then quietly set it aside.

"What are you doing? Go to sleep."

"I'm unable to sleep." Tian Yuan sighed and rolled his eyes.

Pan Lei turned over and glomped on to him as soon as he heard something interesting, smiling wickedly like a rogue.

"You can't sleep? That's fine; let's do some exercise to help you sleep."

Their lower bodies were in close proximity to one another. He straightened his waist slightly. Tian Yuan's face flushed immediately after the semi-hard thing rubbed him.

He grabbed Pan Lei's arm, saying, "Old rules. Sing me a song."

Pan Lei shook his head, bowed and nuzzled Tian Yuan's neck incessantly. He leaned against his neck without kissing him, sprinkled all his heat and breath on his skin, and looked at Tian Yuan's neck turning a little red with one puff which pleased him.

Their lips were very close together. If he were to pout his lips would touch Tian Yuan’s lips.

"Tian'er, didn't your parents sing you a lullaby when you were a kid to get you to sleep?"

Tian Yuan shrank his neck to prevent himself from becoming numb. His thoughts were a little hazy. When Pan Lei inquired, he reacted somewhat slowly.

"When I was a kid, if I didn't sleep, my mother would scold and beat me. I sobbed and fell asleep. After that, I was always well-behaved when I went to bed. Nobody wants to be beaten before bed."

Pan Lei's nose slid down his ears and back and forth on his neck. The sun shone through the curtains and reflected on his skin in the morning. Tian Yuan's white and tender skin had a warm glow and appeared as warm and soft as a lustrous pearl.

Pan Lei smiled and kissed Tian Yuan on the neck, revealing a pale pink mark, when he heard what Tian Yuan said. Pan Lei turned over and leaned on the bed's head, holding the man who had been beaten to sleep since he was a child in his arms, and raised the quilt to cover his shoulders, not teasing him any further.

"I'll be nicer to you than your parents. I'm going to sing another lullaby. Sleep well."

Tian Yuan took the phone close to Pan Lei’s mouth and signaled Pan Lei to begin singing.

‘Green flowers in the army’ was the best for hypnosis. Pan Lei's low and hoarse voice fell on Tian Yuan’s ears, and his humming moved Tian Yuan’s heart.

Tian Yuan closed his eyes as he sang, and by the time he finished, Tian Yuan had fallen asleep. He even forgot to put away the phone.

"Have sweet dreams, baby."

Pan Lei kissed him on the lips and took away his phone. Something didn't feel right to him. What was the purpose of the recording?

'Oh, I see! This little thing recorded my singing. Did Tian’er want to hear it every day? Then I'll say something nice so he can listen to it every day.'

Pan Lei created an audio recording - Tian'er, my baby, when are you going to agree to marry me? Let's get married. Nod your head quickly, alright?

Thus, Tian Yuan was left with a one-of-a-kind recording.


[1] Marshal Tianpeng refers to a 2020 movie. It means 'The Pig King'. He's Pigsy from the famous 'Journey to the West'.

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March 24, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 54

Chapter 54 Who is the cutest person

"I'll wait for you to come home with me."

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan's mouth through the mask while buttoning Tian Yuan's surgical gown. Tian Yuan’s eyes bent in a smile.

"I have a bed in my office; why don't you sleep there first?"

Tian Yuan needed to operate. Pan Lei was concerned about his wife's situation. He remembered Tian'er telling him that Dean Zhao wanted to promote him to deputy director, but how many days had passed since then? He should get what he deserved right away because he was such a steadfast person.

It was quite late at night when Dean Zhao received a call. He answered the call in a sleepy voice. "How can I help you, Pan Sanshao[1]?"

"I want to know, what’s the holdup? Dean Zhao, I heard you wanted to appoint Tian Yuan as deputy director; why hasn't there been any word? If you don't want him, I'll poach him from you. My mother has mentioned countless times that she wants Tian Yuan to work with her. Don't consider yuanbao[2] to be a treasure. Tian Yuan is circumspect and conscientious. Tell me honestly, why have you not promoted him?"

Dean Zhao felt a pang of embarrassment.

"I've been contacted by the director of surgery. Doctor Li is a formidable rival for Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan is still slightly inferior in terms of qualifications, time in charge of the job, age, and prestige."

It was truly a situation that caused people to lose their cool. The director of surgery was powerless to stop someone like Pan Lei, who was from a powerful family,  and tracked down the dean. The director of surgery still carried some clout. The dean was forced to choose between two options.

"It's all fucking nonsense. Who, in the entire hospital, is more steadfast than Tian Yuan? He has good medical skills, is conscientious, and does not fear the knock in the night. You are blind if you let such a doctor suffer a loss. Since you don’t appreciate such a great doctor, I'll ask him to resign tomorrow."

Pan Lei snapped and hung up the phone, convinced that his family's Tian Yuan was being bullied. He didn't want Tian Yuan to come into contact with this filthy society and these dirty tricks. Since someone dared to bully his family, don't blame him for being rude.

He returned to Tian Yuan's office and began to write a letter of resignation. He wished to transfer Tian Yuan to the Armed Police Hospital, make him deputy director, allow his mother to provide more opportunities for him to further his education, and allow Tian Yuan to write more research papers. He wanted to take advantage of his mother's status, and when Tian Yuan was 40 years old, he wanted Tian Yuan to be the dean of the Armed Police Hospital.

Who knew that just as he was about to begin writing, a chorus of sobbing voices would interrupt him? A woman knelt as soon as the door was opened. Pan Lei was so terrified that he jumped to his feet and grabbed the woman, who appeared to be in her forties.

"Many thanks to all of you People's Liberation Army soldiers. My husband would have been in danger if you hadn't been there and rescued him as soon as possible."

Pan Lei recognized the woman as the person who had been at the scene of the car accident. They were returning after a mission at the time when they noticed a car accident ahead. A woman was sobbing alongside an injured person. They loaded the seriously injured man who was lying by the side of the road into the car and drove him straight to the hospital. They left the woman to work with the cops. That woman rushed to the hospital after reporting to the police.

"This is what we should do; don't get too worked up about it."

Pan Lei was a little concerned about this sort of thing. He had no qualms about speaking in front of a member of the military. It was okay for him to go rogue in front of his friends, and it was also okay for him to pull pranks on three generations of soldiers in his family. But he was afraid of women's tears, particularly grateful tears.

"The patient is in the process of being rescued. Please go and complete the paperwork."

Who knew that a group of people would break in at that time? A short-skirted girl held up a microphone, while a man carried a camera and pointed it at him.

‘This is bad. I can’t appear in the news.' Pan Lei took a quick step forward, blocking the camera lens with his hand.

"Sorry, this is against army rules. Photographs and interviews are strictly prohibited in order to protect the personal safety of our team members."

Special forces were not permitted to take photographs or give interviews. They were a mysterious army force, and they must remain so. The missions they carried out were all classified, and the people they imprisoned were all criminals—major criminals and dangerous people. It would be a serious loss if the personal information of the special forces was leaked.

"Allow us to conduct an interview with you. You did a good deed by assisting others and buying time for the injured. The members of the family wish to express their heartfelt gratitude to you."

Pan Lei was slightly dissatisfied. This military rule was not insignificant. Nobody was allowed to reveal the secrets. Pan Lei went over to the camera, opened the case, and removed the video tape with one hand.

"It's best if you don't make me break any military rules. If this information spreads, I will most likely be forced to surrender my military uniform."

The host felt a little self-conscious. When Pan Lei appeared cold, he was terrifying. The interview was in violation of military regulations. They couldn't report this handsome man's good deed.

‘This is a good opportunity,' Pan Lei's mind quickly came up with a win-win solution. Didn't Dean Zhao say Tian Yuan's reputation wasn’t as good as Doctor Li's? Then he would use this opportunity to promote Tian Yuan. It was worth noting that his family’s wife went out of the way and rushed to the hospital late at night for surgery. He dashed all the way here to save lives and heal the injured.

"I can't give an interview, but I can find you a protagonist. The doctor is currently performing surgery. He was not supposed to be on duty today, but as soon as he learned that the patient was in critical condition, he dashed to the hospital and ran to save the patient. He was exhausted, but he insisted on performing surgery. We rescued the patient, but who is truly saving lives?"

The reporter burst out laughing as soon as she heard it. It was also firsthand knowledge. The special forces rescued people during their mission, which was breaking news. But because the news contradicted military regulations, there was no way to report it. But there had to be a hero in this story, and this doctor just happened to be one. It was great material for front-page headlines.

Everyone gathered around the operating room's door. The reporter and cameraman were prepared and eagerly awaiting first-hand information.

Tian Yuan pushed open the operating room door, and when he saw the crowd, he took a step backwards. ‘What exactly is this situation?!’

Pan Lei, who was standing behind the crowd with folded arms, burst out laughing. Tian Yuan's position as deputy director was now secure.

The woman immediately knelt in front of Tian Yuan. He rushed over to help her up.

"Isn't this shortening my life[3]? Get up quickly. The patient has been transferred to the intensive care unit and is expected to awaken this afternoon. The emergency has been averted."

All of the cameras, video recorders, and microphones were trained on Tian Yuan. The reporters had many questions and spoke quickly. Tian Yuan could only respond that the patient had been transferred to the intensive care unit and that the green channel[4] had been opened. The operation was carried out first. There was no holdup despite the lack of a deposit. It was the doctor's responsibility to save the injured and heal the sick.

He couldn't take it any longer; he'd never seen anything like this before, and he'd never given an interview. He looked to Pan Lei for assistance. Pan Lei coughed. His family was crying for help, thus he couldn't ignore him. He was cute when he was dazed, like a milk cat messing with the yarn and getting trapped inside.

"Go see the patient or inquire about the situation."

The reporters and the patient's family quickly left, and Tian Yuan breathed a sigh of relief. This was more exhausting than surgery, ah!


[1] Third young master.

[2] Yuanbao are mock ingots of silver/gold burnt as offerings in worship. Not real gold or silver.

[3] The woman is older than Tian Yuan. The Chinese revere their elders. It’s a taboo to kneel for someone younger.

[4] Green channel refers to expedited action where the standard procedures are skipped to save someone.


Pan Lei's trick. OMG. Lets see how Tian Yuan will react?!

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March 21, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 53

Chapter 53 I'm back

Oh, no! Oh, no! Tian Yuan despised the fact that he couldn't drive at the time. It was the middle of the night, past two a.m., and there were no taxis on the road.

‘I can't wait any longer, Pan Lei is waiting for me. Perhaps he is waiting for me covered in blood. Time is life. I can't afford to waste time waiting for the bus.'

If something bad happened to Pan Lei, he would regret it until the day he died.

Tian Yuan began running desperately, stomping his feet. His house was just a few stops from the hospital. Pan Lei stated that he would arrive in 20 minutes so he had to rush to the hospital within those 20 minutes.

Tian Yuan was not diligent about working out. He did not run long distances after graduating from university because he did not have time to exercise. When he finally had a weekend off after a long week, he took advantage of it by sleeping in. But at this point, even with a few stops, it was a long distance, and he ran it all in one breath. It was an emergency, but his feet were filled with lead and he was gasping with his mouth open. He leaned on his waist, took a breath, puffed up, and continued to run, his gaze fixed on the distant hospital.

Damn him for making him run all the way to the hospital at two or three a.m. He would not have done such a stupid thing if it hadn't been for Pan Lei. He had only one thought. Get to the hospital as soon as possible. He couldn't stand it any longer. Tian Yuan wished he could sprout wings and fly the rest of the way.

A car came to a halt outside the hospital's main entrance, and the nurse and doctor in the emergency room ran out. As soon as the car door opened, the special team jumped out and carried out a bloodied individual.

"This person was seriously injured in a car accident. Is Tian Yuan here?"

Pan Lei looked around, but his wife was nowhere to be found. The entrance door slammed open as he said it, and Tian Yuan dashed in like a whirlwind.

"Pan Lei!" Tian Yuan yelled.

It appeared to be a repeat of the previous two situations. Tian Yuan's heart was left hanging once more as special soldiers in camouflage field uniforms surrounded the area. He shoved those people aside and stormed in.

When he heard his family's Tian'er call him, Pan Lei turned around. "I'm here, Tian'er. I'm here."

He turned around and hugged Tian Yuan, who was on his way over. Tian Yuan couldn't care less about the thrill of not seeing Pan Lei in a long time. He patted Pan Lei’s arms and legs up and down and checked his chest several times. Although he had blood on his body, it was not his own.

"Don't worry, Tian'er. We saw a car accident on our way back from our mission. The driver, who was seriously injured, is this man. We had no choice but to take him to the hospital. We conducted a preliminary examination. He's lost a lot of blood, is in a coma, has fractured ribs, and a broken leg. The surgery required is extensive. I called you because I believe in you."

Tian Yuan repeatedly confirmed that Pan Lei was unharmed and had not broken anything. His mental tension abruptly dissipated. The sudden long-distance running and relaxation following the tension made Tian Yuan's feet soften. He squatted on the ground, clutching his stomach and sweat dripping down his brow. He couldn't get up and he had a pale face.

Pan Lei was so terrified that he rushed to pick him up, placed him on the bed next door, and pressed his hand against his stomach. Tian Yuan snorted and drew his legs to his stomach. Pan Lei didn't dare to move him any longer, and he stared at him panicked. He wanted to touch him but was afraid Tian Yuan would get hurt again.

"What's wrong? What's the matter with you? Doctor, doctor, come over and take a look at him. What’s wrong with him?"

Pan Lei screamed out loudly. The emergency room was initially quite noisy, but when he yelled, everyone's attention was drawn to his side.

Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei to keep him from causing a commotion. He took a deep breath. His abdomen muscles were cramped and felt painful.

"I ran, I ran too fast. I'm out of breath."

He began to feel pain in his abdomen about halfway through. It had to be because he hadn't exercised in a long time, and suddenly his movements were too violent, making him breathless. He clenched his teeth until he saw Pan Lei was unharmed, at which point he couldn't ignore the pain any longer.

", my Tian'er, you always make me feel so bad."

Pan Lei gently placed his hand on his stomach and added some strength, rubbing the knotted and painful area for him.

"Boy, oh boy, it's exactly this manner." With staring eyes, a young nurse muttered to herself.

Pan Lei sat on the bed, wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan, and rubbed his stomach slowly. ‘I'm so annoyed ah, it won't hurt if you slow down.'

"I assumed you were in an accident. Because I couldn't call a taxi, I had to run over."

"So I'm hoping you work out twice a week. I’ll be more at ease if you take care of your own health. Is it any better? Is it still painful?"

"Are you all right? You are not hurt?"

"I'm fine; the mission went off without a hitch. I came across an accident on my way back and felt compelled to assist."

"Are you then returning to the army?"

Tian Yuan tugged Pan Lei's shirt. He was dressed in a camouflage suit, with his face covered in camouflage paint in green and black. His strength as a man was undeniably revealed. Everyone had at least a little uniform fetish. In a military uniform, this man exuded majesty and strength. He appeared taller and more powerful.

Pan Lei turned to face his teammates, then Tian Yuan. His eyes were filled with apprehension; how could he be willing to leave at the time?

"I'll let them go first, and then I'll leave tomorrow."

Tian Yuan sat up, a little relieved that his stomach no longer hurt. He couldn't let the patient wait any longer now that he was here.

"I'm going to see the patient."

Pan Lei took command of his men, removed his camouflage uniform, bulletproof vest, and gun, and handed over all of his gear to his teammates.

"You return, and there will be no need for training tomorrow morning. We'll resume training the day after tomorrow. Get a good night's sleep."

The special forces team looked at the busy Doctor Tian, then at the captain, whose eyes were locked on Doctor Tian, immediately followed the order, and left with an ambiguous smile.

The SWAT team members had left, and the emergency room doctor had informed Tian Yuan of the preliminary examination results. Blood pneumothorax[1], low vital signs, multiple fractures, and significant blood loss.

"Prepare for the procedure. Is the patient’s family here? Get their sign before we begin."

Tian Yuan started undressing and putting on a surgical gown. The patient was pushed into the operating room by the nurse, and a young nurse went to the patient's family. The doctor in the emergency room paused for a moment.

"There is a doctor on duty in the surgery department. You can return home and let the doctor on duty perform the operation. Today, Dr. Li is on duty."

The ER doctor gave a bitter smile.

"Then the director must be on duty as well. I’m not returning. Don’t bother them."

Dr. Li, a lovely surgeon, and director of surgery were well-known throughout the hospital. The director of surgery did not go home as long as Dr. Li was on duty. Instead, they “dated” in the hospital. Who dared to call her?


[1] Pneumothorax refers to a collapsed lung.


Pan Lei is back! Lets see what he's up to this time

Today marks the one-month anniversary of this blog! 9 chapters of IDYTRAA and 6 chapters of the novella. I translated 15 chapters in a month. Not bad, right?

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March 17, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 52

Chapter 52 Is it great not to call?

Pan Lei's song before going to bed became Tian Yuan's lullaby from then on. Pan Lei called Tian Yuan after he took a bath and went to bed.

"Darling, let me sing a song for you," Pan Lei would offer whenever he heard Tian Yuan's voice sounding a little lazy and tired. Tian Yuan would usually fall asleep before Pan Lei had finished singing a song.

But Tian Yuan couldn't sleep at times, causing Pan Lei to be miserable, singing song after song until his voice was hoarse and pitifully saying, "Why don't you sleep, honey? Do you want me to go back and pat you on the back?"

"Go to the military doctor and get a box of pàng dà hai[1]," Tian Yuan said lightly.

Pan Lei, on the orders of his family's wife, stopped smoking and began eating Malva nuts while training those brats. The team members were perplexed. Their captain usually smoked ferociously. Why wasn't the captain smoking anymore?!

Pan Lei stood with his hands on his hips and one foot on the chair. Pan Lei boasted, with the arrogant appearance of Da Ma Jindao[2], "My family's wife ordered a sore throat suck Malva nuts. Every night, I have to sing a lullaby to my family's wife. How can I sing if my voice is hoarse?"

Oh! Oh! This little gossip was obviously on the lookout for jealousy. He wanted them to be envious, didn't he? To hate him, correct? This was meant to enrage them to the point of death! To demonstrate that - Laozi has someone to be concerned about, Laozi has someone to love and care about. Laozi has fallen in love, the spring of love has arrived, and the air is filled with pink bubbles. You can only be a family of two chopsticks, just a bunch of bachelors.

[T/N: two chopsticks per person, so I’m assuming it means being single.]

Pan Lei walked on foot, carrying the medicine kit Tian Yuan had prepared for him, just to show off. Pan Lei boasted in front of the entire team, "Look at this waterproof bandage my wife gave me, this anti-inflammatory medication my wife gave me, and this thermometer my wife gave me. My wife provided all of these. Take your paws off! My wife gave them to me. You are not allowed to touch them. Do you dare to touch? Do you still dare to touch?! I'm going to kill you! Put fifty kilograms of stone in your backpack and run twenty laps around the drill field."

Tian Yuan returned home after work and checked his phone several times. That day, he had the impression that something was wrong. It had been an entire day and Pan Lei had not called once. What was the problem?

Tian Yuan sat on the bed, still fiddling with his phone. Was Pan Lei on some sort of mission? He had stated that calling on assignments was inconvenient. When attempting to contact him, the other party disconnected. Tian Yuan let out a deep sigh.

Damn. He’d gotten used to talking on the phone every day, and he'd also gotten used to falling asleep while listening to Pan Lei sing a song.

‘Pan Lei, why didn't you call today?’ It was extremely unsettling. Tian Yuan pondered, 'What should I do now?' He was filled with emptiness.

Tian Yuan rolled over and took a book, but after a few pages, he couldn't continue. He checked his phone and tried calling Pan Lei again, but he couldn't get through.

‘Scoundrel! Do you believe I couldn't live without you? I’m going to bed.’ Tian Yuan smashed the book, set aside the phone, turned off the light, and went to bed.

‘Didn't he just not call for one day? Forget it. He didn’t call. So what? Why am I fussing about it? Go to bed, go to bed; there will be an operation tomorrow morning and the patients will be treated in the afternoon. There are many things to do.'

'The intern is coming, right?' he thought as he rolled over. ‘I'm not sure how many interns will attend. What was Pan Lei's mission? Is it hazardous? Ugh! I don't care. I'm going to bed.’

Tian Yuan remained silent for a while, his eyes closed, and he felt uneasy. He rolled over again, thinking he hadn't received any phone calls all day. Was the mission this time dangerous? He rolled over and laid flat once more. ‘I haven't heard from him in a day. It's not something I'm used to.' Tian Yuan rolled over and picked up the phone to call Pan Lei again, but it didn't connect.

‘Wait until you return, you jerk. I will properly torment you. Think of a way to bully. Right! I’ll make him learn how to make egg dumplings with meat filling from Zhang Hui's restaurant. They're delectable. The car is still parked in this spot. I haven't yet learned to drive. Do you remember this jerk? Heh, I knew he couldn't sing to me every night to get me to sleep. I should have recorded him singing. It works well as a lullaby.'

Tian Yuan nodded off in a daze. Even after taking a bath, he had the uneasy feeling that the bloody odor on his body had not been completely washed away. He may have had bloody dreams that night as a result of this. Tian Yuan had a dream that he was operating on a bloodied Pan Lei who was lying on the operating table. Pan Lei was covered in blood, and it flowed like a river.

Tian Yuan awoke with a start. He lay motionless on the bed, gasping for air. He witnessed Pan Lei being shot in the chest and dying in front of him. Tian Yuan, terrified, swallowed a mouthful of water and continued to console himself. 'It was all a dream, not reality. It was just a dream.'

Tian Yuan touched his face, only to discover that he was sweating profusely. He noticed his pajamas were soaked. He'd broken out in a cold sweat because he'd been scared. He was extremely terrified. He took a deep breath in and tried to relax.

'Pan Lei is fine,' he told himself over and over. ‘He is well-equipped and skilled at his job. So he must be all right. There is nothing wrong. He's all right.' Tian Yuan believed he was under pressure at work recently and since Pan Lei did not call today, his anxiety caused him to have nightmares. He soothed himself with this explanation.

The phone rang loudly as Tian Yuan was getting up to change his pajamas and go back to sleep. Tian Yuan picked up the phone, saw Pan Lei's number, and quickly accepted the call.

"Tian'er, I have a problem; could you please get to the hospital as soon as possible?"

Tian Yuan felt his heart pounding in his throat. He couldn't stop himself from jumping out of bed and quickly putting on clothes.

"Can you tell me what happened to you?" Pan Lei's voice was less relaxed and faster than usual, and he sounded a little depressed and anxious. Tian Yuan became extremely agitated when he realized the sound was incorrect.

"Don't worry, it's not me; there's a seriously injured patient on my side. I'm afraid there isn't a doctor in the hospital who can perform this operation, so I'd like you to come here."

"I'll be there shortly."

Tian Yuan dashed downstairs after changing his shoes.

"We estimate that we will arrive in 20 minutes. Don't worry; just take a taxi."

The more Pan Lei told him not to worry, the more Tian Yuan worried that if nothing happened, Pan Lei would not summon him to the hospital in the middle of the night. He said it was fine again and again, just to console him. ‘Has something happened to Pan Lei?’ Tian Yuan could only use his fastest speed to help him first, no longer daring to think about it, no longer daring to remember his bloody appearance in his dream.

"Captain, he's still bleeding."

"Hurry up and apply pressure to the wound."

When Tian Yuan heard such a sentence as he was about to hang up, his feet went soft and he almost tumbled down the stairs.

The bleeding continued unabated, but who was bleeding?

Was it Pan Lei? Please don't let his nightmare come true.


[1] Malva nuts, which are used to treat coughs in traditional Chinese medicine.

[2] A Chinese idiom to describe a bold and grandiose speech.


Poor Tian Yuan is having a bad night. Hope everything is ok.

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March 13, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 51

Chapter 51 Baby, say you miss me

Pan Lai called at least once a day. When Tian Yuan went to surgery, he turned off the phone so Pan Lei called every five minutes until the call was answered.

Tian Yuan was occasionally irritated by him and would call and chastise him, but every time they talked, Tian Yuan could always hear a throng of people laughing, some shouting, and some crying "Captain, you're acting too sweet! It's hateful to abuse us bachelors in this way, ah!"

One day, he worked until ten o'clock at night, and he was so exhausted that he was simply laying on the bed in a daze when Pan Lei called.

"Don't mess with me. I'm so tired, I just want to sleep." Tian Yuan pressed the phone to his ear. He was exhausted and lacked the energy to listen to Pan Lei's nonsense.

"Tian'er, if I was by your side, you wouldn’t have suffered. I would’ve massaged your muscles, washed your feet, and made sure you sleep well."

Pan Lei felt extremely upset. Tian Yuan's voice sounded sluggish, indicating that he was fatigued. The hospital appeared to be a fantastic place to work, but he was well aware of how difficult it was. His mother didn't leave work on time while he was a child, whether for advanced studies, surgery, or writing a thesis. His family's wife did not know how to refuse people. He would not complain even if he operated two days in a row as long as the hospital arranged for them.

"Since you're not here, aren't you making me even angrier by saying this?"

This kind of isolation between them was really inconvenient. Pan Lei would not be able to come to him even if he was exhausted, lonely, and depressed, or if he had difficulties.

"You miss me, right? Do you miss me, Tian'er?"

Tian Yuan remained silent, thinking ‘Why won’t I?’. Especially when he came home late from work and sat alone on the last bus home. The house felt frigid the instant he entered the door, which made him miss Pan Lei even more. The home would be alive with enthusiasm if Pan Lei were present. The sound of pots and pans, his sloppy jokes, and his cheekily acting cute and coquettish were all excellent methods to relieve Tian Yuan's fatigue.

"I miss you so terribly, especially now, when you're pitifully whimpering about being exhausted to me. I can't wait to rush over to you, take care of you, and serve you a bowl of hot beef silk noodles. However, I must request leave a week in advance. If I sneak out now to find you, I will be punished the next day. I don't think I can see you right now, Tian'er."

Pan Lei was likewise full of complaints. He worked in a unique field. He had to report to his bosses for leave and other things. Even though the military district commander was an old subordinate of his grandfather, whom he addressed as "uncle," he couldn't take the lead in making blunders. Pan Lei was confident that if his grandfather discovered that he had left the barracks in breach of military order, he would let him run a hundred kilometers with a heavy load.

"Stay there honestly. Don't screw around."

"I miss you terribly, but you don't even think about me. Do you genuinely not miss me, Tian'er? Do you not miss me at all?"

Tian Yuan paused again, pondering his words; he didn't know how to convey them. He couldn't express all of his emotions like Pan Lei.

"Just tell me you miss me, baby. That I'm not the only one who feels this way."

Tian Yuan reddened but remained silent.

"Tell me, baby, tell me you miss me too. I'll finish the training as soon as feasible and return to you as soon as possible. When I go home, I'll treat you like an ancestor and take excellent care of you. You also want me to return early, correct? Do you want me to return soon?"

‘I hope he returns soon, to be at my side, to laugh and quarrel and converse with me; all will be OK; with him, loneliness and coldness will go away.'

"En." Tian Yuan spoke quietly, hoping that Pan Lei would return soon. That was their one and only wish.

Pan Lei was immediately uplifted. "Then tell me you miss me. Darling, tell me you miss me."

Everyone experiences insomnia from time to time, especially in the middle of the night. A lonely night, when the entire world fell asleep, and you see it shrouded in darkness, only yourself having your eyes wide open. At the time, all of the depressed loneliness breaks through the shackles, quickly sweeps through, and causes you to suffer. Tian Yuan, in particular, desired someone to speak to him; even if he simply hugged and accompanied him, he would feel more at ease.

That is the period, the time of loneliness, when people are most vulnerable.

'I miss him. I want to listen to him, and I want to do everything I never dared to do before. I want him to know that I am exhausted, that I am working hard, and that I require his care and support.'

"I miss you." [T/N: at long last]

In this lonely, dark night, I miss you.

I miss you and really need your support.

I miss you, I miss you terribly, and I want you to come right away, to help me get rid of my loneliness.

Pan Lei let out a sigh of relief. That was a challenging task to do. His family was awkward, and he had a hard mouth. He never said anything that made him want to jump up and down. His heart felt as if it suddenly sprouted wings and took flight. His blood pressure rose as a result of his excitement. He wished he could rush out of the barracks, drive to Tian Yuan’s house, break in, hold him tightly, and kiss him. It didn't matter when it was unspoken, but when Tian Yuan admitted it, Pan Lei felt as if he had been struck by lightning. He was numb and trembling uncontrollably.

‘Yay! My Tian'er, my darling, you make me love you too much to give you up. I want to lift you on top of my head [show off] and proclaim to the world - This is my Tian'er, the one who drives me insane.'

"Baby, you are tired, so go to bed. I will try my best to meet you as soon as possible. We won’t be separated for long."

Pan Lei kept his cool and didn't yell out loud. This was a joyous occasion for him. He was so excited that he wanted to stand on the command platform and scream out to everyone in the barracks, saying, ‘Tian Yuan said he missed me! He is missing me, and he likes me!’

It was midnight, and Pan Lei couldn't disobey military rules out of enthusiasm. He could only keep himself in check. Although excitement filled his heart to overflowing, even dancing could not properly show how pleased he felt. He really wanted to run ten laps around the drill grounds while shouting.

"I'm having trouble sleeping. Sing a song for me."

Everyone who has served in the military can sing quite well. It was an old custom to sing a song before dinner. Tian Yuan, on a whim, requested that Pan Lei sing a song.

"All right, I'll sing for you and you can listen to it as a lullaby."

Pan Lei cleared his throat and dropped his voice. He couldn't sing The Internationale, he couldn't sing and learn from Lei Feng's proper example, and he couldn't sing a little white poplar at the moment. The green flower in the army was the most appropriate.[1]

The melody was delicate, and the singer's voice was purposefully low. Tian Yuan's gentle snoring sounded through the phone before the song ended.

"Good night, baby."

Pan Lei put down the phone, unable to contain his excitement, and screamed out loudly.

A dog barked in response to Pan Lei's wolf-like howl.


[1] The Internationale is a left-wing anthem. It has been a standard of the socialist movement since the late 19th century. Lei Feng was made into a model of altruism and dedication to the Chinese Communist Party by propaganda. Little White Poplar is a song and album. 'Green flower in the army' is also a song.


Tian Yuan misses Pan Lei😉 Progress!

I just finished Legend of Fei. I was ecstatic since I adore Zhao Liying and was intrigued by Wang Yibo after watching him in The Untamed. However, it was just so-so. Maybe I had too high of an expectation?

How are you guys finding the story? Chapters will now be released every Wednesday and Sunday. Bonus chapter for every donation!

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March 11, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 50

Chapter 50 Mobilize brothers to help him take care of his wife

Who wouldn't want to be cradled in someone's palm? To be loved by them? Someone was concerned if he even frowned. To ensure that his stomach was full and that he did not have to worry about eating. Tian Yuan was captivated by the feeling of being treasured as he relied on the affection Pan Lei gave and enjoyed his pampering.

Even when Pan Lei was not by his side, he took good care of him.

Tian Yuan intended to go to the hospital cafeteria for breakfast, but the doorbell rang as he was finishing washing up. It was the waiter who delivered the previous night’s meal. He arrived early this time to deliver breakfast.

Pan Lei's call came again around lunchtime, while he was dining in the hospital cafeteria.

"Have you eaten anything? What did you have for lunch? Is it delectable? Is there anything in particular you wish to eat?"

Those were all normal greetings, the type of call that anyone may receive—greetings between colleagues, queries between relatives, and concern between loving partners. The most usual call, Pan Lei's, went straight to Tian Yuan's heart. Caring and taking care of others, loving and indulging in love were not just words; they were actions. Only then did he realize how much Pan Lei looked after him and how much he cared.

"I'm having braised eggplant in soy sauce, which isn't really tasty."

"No wonder you’re slim. The food in the cafeteria is not only unsatisfying, but it also harms the body. If it doesn't taste good, baby, eat less of it. I'll request that my brother send you some munchies. Zhang Hui will prepare something delectable for you to eat at night. Let me know what you want to eat."

"Spare ribs." Tian Yuan expressed his desire greedily.

"Stir-fry or soup? Would you like to eat fish? Forget it; don't eat fish. What if the bones get stuck? I'll cook it for you when I get home. I'll pick the fish bones for you."

"I'm not without hands. I can live without others, you moron."

A young nurse on one side whispered, "Doctor Tian is acting like a baby, did you see?!"

"Seeing him like this makes me want to fall in love. If a man treats me like this, I will give him a baby right away."

Pan Lei went on to confirm the menu - braised spare ribs, stir-fried cabbage, and fish ball soup. Only then did he cheerfully end the phone call.

Tian Yuan's ears were bright red. He was eating while remembering Pan Lei’s last words to him, ‘Tian'er, I miss you.’

Pan Lei's emotions were never hidden from him. He expressed all of his feelings. Pan Lei called him anytime he thought of him, making Tian Yuan miss him as well.

"Hey, the rice is going up your nose." An ER doctor walked in and smacked Tian Yuan on the shoulder. He was curious as to what Tian Yuan was thinking as he smiled so broadly while eating.

It was a common love syndrome—everyone who fell in love, including Tian Yuan, giggled without reason and grinned like fools. People were no longer normal.

Those pink bubbles in the cafeteria… were they allowing them to mingle with bachelors? Wasn’t annoying single people a crime? He was in love, but there were others out there who weren’t. Didn’t it make people envy and hate him?

"Come to my house in the evening for dinner. The food at the five-star hotel will undoubtedly appeal to you."

Tian Yuan could no longer ignore it. Who wanted to eat sticky roasted eggplants with rotten tomatoes? The eggplants were tasteless, and they didn’t even look appealing.

"Oh! If you fall in love, I, too, have benefits?! You want me to join you? Are you certain you can invite me to your house for dinner? Your special soldier won't shoot me, right? I’ll be shot if I mess with his wife."

"He dares?! Who gave him the courage?"

The ER doctor smiled. Dr. Tian’s demeanor had always been gentle and elegant, modest and generous. When did he get this stinky temper? Sure enough, people who fell in love would become spoiled.

Before Tian Yuan went upstairs to his office, a police car pulled up to the gate, and a young police officer emerged carrying two enormous bags of goodies.

"You’re Dr. Tian, right? Our chief has requested that I bring you some snacks."

The ER doctor laughed so hard that he almost passed out. This was too much concern. Even if the partner was a girl and all the girls in the hospital were considered, no one could match the way Dr. Tian was being pampered. This level of concern simply made people envious to death, ah!

Tian Yuan was on the verge of exploding with rage. Pan Lei had the audacity to make everyone from his family look after him. What difference did it make if he wasn't there? He drew his brothers and friends out to help him. Was he under the impression that he was intellectually disabled? Wouldn't he look for himself?

"Pan Lei, you jerk, you're about to make me lose my face. You're a little bit exaggerated, don't you think? Your second brother has also invited me out. If I'm late going home at night, will you make your father send someone to get me?" Tian Yuan scolded over the phone.

"I truly want my father to come forward if you come across something that can't be fixed." If Tian Yuan became lost, if he returned home after work and was robbed, or if he was bullied by someone, his father would undoubtedly be called upon to seek justice for him and assist him in resolving the matter.

Pan Lei believed he was right. He had done everything correctly.

"Go to hell, bastard!"

Tian Yuan hung up the phone with a snap, angrily handed the two bags of snacks to the nurse in the emergency room, and stormed upstairs.

"Captain, the one in your family has lost his temper again. I believe your little wife needs tidying up."

"Buzz off! My guy yelled at me, acting like a baby in front of me. He was conveying a message to me, asking me to return promptly and, without relying on the help of others, to take care of him directly. Who doesn't have a short fuse? His temper, I tell you, when he loses his temper, he is really radiant. His eyes are round, his face is flushed, and his cheeks bulge. I enjoy making him mad. I just want to kiss him when he pouts. Hey! I'm missing him again. When will this dreadful training be over? Don't you realize it's unethical for a couple to live apart? I'm not sure if it will harm our feelings. My Tian'er, I... I miss you terribly."

The soldier who took the opportunity to taunt, looked at Pan Lei with the look of seeing a deity. Then, numbed by Pan Lei to speechlessness, he covered his mouth and rushed to the toilet. He was so disgusted. Pan Lei, don’t look so forlorn okay? He was a special forces soldier, not a bloody poet. There was no need to trick people like this.

"It's disgusting to you, huh? Just wait till I hear you when they force us to battle. I’ll shove you down the toilet and flush you down the drain. Hey, isn't this what my family's man said? Tian'er, I really miss you."


Pan Lei is such a one-track guy. lol

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March 8, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 49

Chapter 49 Pan Lei's family is calling

Tian Yuan missed Pan Lei so much that when he returned home he couldn’t move. He simply laid on the bed, unable to stretch his fingers. He was tired and starving to death.

If Pan Lei had been present, he would have stated that Tian Yuan was not the only doctor and he could ask the hospital to assign another surgeon. Why was he working so hard? Then he would serve a delicious meal, and would assist him in taking a bath, and possibly washing his feet.

Looking around the room, he wondered why it felt so empty without him.

After Pan Lei left, he knew what it was like to pine for someone. What a burden it was to yearn.

He missed Pan Lei, especially when he didn't want to move.

‘Bastard, couldn’t you wait for at least another night before leaving.’

Why wasn’t he cooking a meal for him on the evening he was starving to death?!

At that moment, the doorbell rang. Could it be that Pan Lei had returned? Tian Yuan dashed to the door. He realized as soon as he opened the door that it couldn’t be Pan Lei because he had the key.

A young man in a hotel uniform stood at the door, holding a large food box.

"Mr. Tian, ​​I'm a hotel waiter. Our president has ordered me to bring you food."

Tian Yuan examined the food box, which was identical to Zhang Hui's food box at the hospital that day.

"Is it Zhang Hui?"

"Yes, our president came to the rear kitchen and personally commanded. Please eat while it is hot."

Tian Yuan accepted it and opened the food container. It was stuffed with stir-fry and soup. Tian Yuan wanted to eat it right away after taking a look at the piping hot dishes. He retrieved a pair of chopsticks, snatched a shrimp dumpling, and ate it. It was delectable. After recalling the phone call, he realized Pan Lei must have intended for Zhang Hui to deliver him food. He must call Pan Lei and console him.

Pan Lei was having a game of cards with his brothers [his fellow soldiers]. When the phone rang, he looked up to see if it was his family's number. That was his baby's phone call, which he held out in front of everyone, allowing them to see plainly.

"Look, look, my family's wife contacted me; he must have missed me. You all tried to trick me by claiming that he is revolting. He must be phoning to tell me how much he misses me, ah. I am not the same as you. You don't get any phone calls, and you don't have a girlfriend, so you're helpless. Nobody is as happy and in love as I am. My family’s wife is calling me!"

"Show off! Take a look at yourself! Why don't you go back and choke?"

His remarks caused many people to roll their eyes at him. It showed that it was a true friendship.

"We’re envious, jealous, and hate you."

Pan Lei took the phone and swaggered away. He couldn't allow the group to hear what the two of them were saying.  

"Tian'er, did Zhang Hui deliver the meal? Did it go smoothly? Is there anything you don't like? Tell me if it doesn't taste good. Next time, I won't let him send it to you."

Tian Yuan gulped another pancake.

"Everything is delicious. Won’t he find it troublesome?"

"You should not be concerned about eating it. I can't cook for you at home, so don't even think about touching those knives. You must protect your hands so that you do not injure them. Simply go eat anything you want. Don’t move if you are ashamed. Tell me, and I'll have Zhang Hui send someone. If you're exhausted, Tian'er, take a decent rest after you're full. Don't strain your eyes by reading before going to bed. There has been rain and snow in recent days, so bring an extra coat."

Tian Yuan sipped the soup and sighed contentedly. It was very cozy - he was full, and it was so tasty.

"Don't tease me, what's the deal with that sound? How can you make that sound? Isn't this purposefully making my little brother stand up? You're not at my side anymore, if he gets up, I’ll have to use my left and right hands. I don't want to utilize anything except you. Why are you trying to get it to stand like a flagpole?"

Tian Yuan laughed at Pan Lei’s shameless behavior, teasing him, "Isn’t it preferable to rub it out with your hands?"

"I don't require them. My hands are ready to embrace you and caress your skin. I'll hold back and use them all on you when we meet. I’ll make you cry and beg me to spare you."

Tian Yuan blushed; he never imagined himself talking like that to a man over the phone, and quickly changed the subject.

"Hey, how's your wound doing? Have you taken your medication? Don't forget to change your dressing tomorrow."

"Who is to argue that my family is not virtuous? I'm going to kill him. Look how much my Tian'er adores me. Don't you miss me, Tian'er? I'm missing you. I love you with all of my heart. Tian'er ah, I discovered that one of the trainees has a face that is strikingly similar to yours. I had been staring at him for a long time when I noticed that child looking at me."

"Then you jumped on him and bit him?"

It appeared Pan Lei was the one who owed him. He was still staring at others? Staring at their faces? Wasn’t this wronging him?

When Pan Lei heard the implied threat, his bright eyes almost disappeared because of his broad smile. Didn’t it sound like he was jealous? Was he really sour?

"No matter how he resembles you, he is not you. I’m not going to kiss him. I want to return and kiss you. Tian'er, give me a kiss. Come on, kiss me."

"Screw you."

Tian Yuan began to pick up the dishes while yelling angrily.

"If you don't kiss me, I will kiss you. Listen."

Pan Lei was on the other end of the phone, looking at the back of his hand and kissing it.

"Can’t you be serious for a second?!"

Tian Yuan chuckled, and his exhaustion dissipated. ‘I’ve never seen such a jerk before. If I hadn’t been certain there was no one around him, I would’ve assumed he was holding someone to kiss.’

"Oh no! I’m done for!"

Pan Lei cried, making Tian Yuan quiver, and hastily put down the plate in his hand.

"What's wrong? Is the wound painful? Has it reopened?"

Pan Lei nearly burst into tears when he saw the purple marks on the back of his hand.

"Tian'er, I kissed the back of my hand imagining its you, so there remain traces of the kiss. It's exactly the same as the hickey I left on your neck. It’s purple! What am I supposed to do? I'll be the instructor tomorrow. They'll want to know where this mark came from. How I'm going to explain it to them?!"

Tian Yuan's rage erupted. Tian Yuan was expected to hurry up to kick the bastard to death if Pan Lei was by his side at the time. He couldn't help but make these things happen because it always made him nervous, right? He was an idiot, both shameful and conspicuous. It was necessary to tell him how to conceal the marks on his hand without delay.

"Wrap a gauze around your hand and claim that you woke up in the middle of the night and cut the back of your hand. You moron. If I don't get off the phone now, I won't be able to sleep tonight. I don’t want to talk to you again."

Pan Lei exclaimed as Tian Yuan was ready to hang up the phone after speaking. "Tian'er, Tian'er, sweetie, allow me to say one final thing."

Tian Yuan was about to hang up when he heard Pan Lei's ghost-like crying and howling, which he couldn’t stop.

"En. If you have anything to say, say it quickly."

"You’re my baobei[1]. Tian'er, go to bed after taking a shower. You must be tired. You don’t need to get up early tomorrow, I’ll request leave from your dean. Tian'er, pay heed to your body, ah. I miss you. I miss you terribly. I’ll finish the training as soon as possible and return to accompany you. Let the flies, mosquitoes and bees leave you alone[2]; you’re mine."

Tian Yuan hung up the phone, his lips unable to conceal his smile.



[1] Baby, darling, treasure.

[2] Attracting bees and butterflies means attracting the opposite sex or flirting. Pan Lei is referring to these folks as pests. Hahaha .


Fluff has begun. Are you smiling like me reading this?!

Have you checked out the short story I translated yet? If not, give it a try. Its as sweet as candy.

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