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IDYTRAA - Chapter 105

Chapter 105 Tian Yuan takes a girl to lunch

Tian Yuan slept soundly, while Pan Lei had to use the bathroom three times. He was overly excited after hearing Tian Yuan's words: "Ge, I love you." He wished he could go to Tian Yuan right away, and whether he was sleeping in the guest room with his parents-in-law or not, he wished he could dance the horizontal tango with him and make him repeat his words.

Pan Lei couldn't take it any longer. His family was falling deeper and deeper in love with him, making his little brother stand at attention like a flagpole the entire night as he thought of Tian'er saying I love you. 

Just you wait for me to come back. I’ll confine you in bed for three days.

Tian Yuan took his parents to the hospital the next day for a check-up. It was a thorough physical examination that included blood pressure, blood lipids, blood sugar, heart, liver, spleen, stomach, and kidney tests. He understood that as they grew older, he needed to pay closer attention to their health. Tian Yuan was too preoccupied with bringing his parents to various departments throughout the hospital to pay attention to anything else.

Tian Yuan could finally catch his breath after their examinations were completed. He brought his parents to his office, then went to acquire the results that were already available before conferring with the doctors who examined his parents to determine what needed extra attention.

Father Tian nodded pleased as he looked at the nameplate on Tian Yuan's office that read "Deputy Director of Surgery's Office." It was no surprise that the dean lavished Tian Yuan with exquisite gifts. His son had received a promotion. This kid, who never laughed or cried, may be said to have achieved success and recognition.

When Zhang Yan learned that Dr. Tian had requested leave to take his parents for a checkup, her eyes gleamed with cunning, and she dashed to Tian Yuan's office, holding a medical record folder in her hands and opening the door with a sweet smile on her face.

It was a case of the so-called reaching out but not hitting a smiling person[1]. The girl who had smiled before speaking was quite adorable. She was especially charming.

Mother Tian was taken with this sweet, smiling girl at first glimpse.

"Come in, come in, are you looking for my son? Xiao Yuan has gone to pick up our test results. Wait for him if you need to find him for something."

"Hello, Aunt Tian and Uncle Tian. I'm an intern and  Dr. Tian is my mentor. I want to ask him a question." 

Zhang Yan stood there as obediently as a smart child. She had a lovely appearance and an endearing smile that drew people to her. She was pretty and clever, but she had the lovely demeanor of a young girl. This made Mother Tian, who was desperate for a daughter-in-law, adore her. Her eyes shone as she held Zhang Yan's hand.

"Oh! So you’re Xiao Yuan’s student, child? That means you’ll be working here in the future, correct? Xiao Yuan is too honest and dull, and very serious. Does he criticize you? He’s just like his father. My son is not charming."

"No, Dr. Tian is excellent. I really like him. He is quite good to us. He answers all of my questions, no matter what they are. He is really kind, polite, and modest, and he is devoted to his work. He is a good man."

Mother Tian's eyes brightened up as she heard this. The girl expressed her admiration for him. Was it possible that this girl had a crush on her stupid son?

This was fantastic news. Her stupid son claimed that he was too busy. That, of course, was not at all a reason. This girl was his student, and she would be working with him in the future. Didn’t the situation have great potential for development? The girl was adorable. She had small dimples when she smiled, and appeared quite clever and obedient. Mother Tian desired a daughter-in-law like her, and she liked her right away. 

"What's your name, child? Are you a local? Tell me a little bit about your family. My son is stupid. Don’t dislike him, child."

Zhang Yan obediently let Mother Tian hold her hands.

"I am a local, and 24 years old. I’m an only child. Dr. Tian is not stupid. He is the backbone of the surgical department."

"Do you have a boyfriend?"


Mother Tian was overjoyed.

"My son doesn't have a girlfriend either. Xiao Yan, I wish I had a daughter-in-law like you."

"Please, Aunt Tian, don’t say such things. Doctor Tian doesn't like me."

Zhang Yan lowered her head, her face flushed.

"Who should he like if he doesn't like a great girl like you? You are a good kid. Don't dislike him because he said something dumb. Even if he liked someone, that child wouldn’t dare say it. Others have told me that nowadays, girls take the initiative and accomplish more with less. Please excuse my son's lack of sophistication."

Excellent. My mother-in-law has almost acknowledged me. Zhang Yan's face was flushed.

Mother Tian grew fonder of Zhang Yan the more she looked at her. She seemed to be the perfect match. She was the right age, she looked really nice, and she was cute. She was the ideal daughter-in-law candidate. 

Tian Yuan was uninformed of the incident, and Pan Lei was equally unaware.

Tian Yuan walked into the office with reports in hand. He noticed Zhang Yan and his mother speaking in full flow as soon as he stepped in and thought it was odd.

"Do you have anything on your mind? Today is my day off. You can ask other doctors if you have any questions."

"This child! I think the girl is pretty good, so I just asked her to stay and we talked for a while. You must not rush her in this manner. Don't pay heed to him, Xiao Yan; he's a moron."

Zhang Yan bowed her head and nodded without saying anything. Mother Tian had already made a statement on her behalf. She wasn't required to say anything.

"Some of the results will be ready in the afternoon, Mom and Dad. It's getting late. We had nothing to eat in the morning. Let's head out to lunch. In the afternoon, I'll take you on a walk."

We should make full use of the card that Pan Zhan has given us.

"Come to lunch with us, good child."

Mother Tian gripped Zhang Yan's hands tightly and didn't let go. It was a chance given by fate to share a meal and foster a sense of intimacy.

"Mom..." Tian Yuan was rather dissatisfied. It was a family meal. Was it necessary to welcome an unneeded outsider?

"What are you calling me for? I like this kid. I want her to eat with us today." Mother Tian stated with a glare.

Tian Yuan was helpless. Forget it. Since mom has spoken, let her come with us.

"Go ask for a leave of absence. Let’s go together."

Zhang Yan cheered and trotted away to change her clothes.

Mother Tian gave her son an earful.

"Be nice to girls. Don't be so cold. The little girl likes you. So what if she’s one of your students? There’s no need to put on airs."

Tian Yuan was totally powerless. She was only an intern, and being polite to her should have meant expanding her expertise rather than inviting her to lunch.

Zhang Yan hurried back, dressed in cute and playful attire. Tian Yuan couldn't help but accompany his parents and Zhang Yan to Zhang Hui's restaurant.

This time, Zhang Hui didn't cause much of a stir, but they still received a warm welcome. The lunch buffet was lavish, and they hadn't even begun to eat when Zhang Hui presented them with a fine wine. It was a bottle of French wine worth tens of thousands of dollars.

As soon as Zhang Hui walked in, he noticed a strange woman at the table. What’s going on? Why is there a woman at the table? What kind of situation is this?

"Xiao Yan, try this dish."

Mother Tian was attentive to Zhang Yan and offered her a sea cucumber. Zhang Yan smiled as if she were a flower.

"Thank you, Auntie Tian."

Zhang Hui poured a glass of wine for Tian Yuan.

"What does this mean? Are you going on a blind date without Pan Lei’s knowledge?"

Zhang Hui was not blind. He could tell at a glance that the situation was worrying. It was because the scene resembled a mother-in-law who was nice to her daughter-in-law.

"Who knows what's going on? My mother insisted on bringing her to lunch."

Oof! Tian Yuan was clueless, wasn’t he? He felt that it was improper to bring Zhang Yan to lunch, and that his mother was being too nice to Zhang Yan, but he didn't know what was wrong.

"Xiao Yuan, serve some vegetables to Zhang Yan. Don’t eat by yourself."

Tian Yuan raised his head to look at Zhang Yan's shy expression and realized immediately that what Zhang Hui stated was correct.

His mother was behaving as though she were hosting Zhang Yan, her daughter-in-law. There were five individuals in the room, including Zhang Hui, and he was the only one who didn't understand what was going on until that point.

F**k! What did his mother want? This would tell Pan Lei that he had brought his parents, who had in turn brought their prospective daughter-in-law for lunch. Pan Lei had a good friendship with the proprietor of the restaurant, and he specifically requested that Zhang Hui treat them well. If he knew about this, he'd go insane. Given Pan Lei's temper, Tian Yuan could be ripped to shreds.

Tian Yuan's face became blue as he broke out in a cold sweat.

Zhang Hui shook his head and sighed. Tian Yuan is done for. He’s dead. You knew the consequences, didn’t you? Why didn’t you speak up sooner and clarify everything? You should have told your parents about Pan Lei. You’re in big trouble this time. If Pan Lei finds out about this, he’ll go bat-shit crazy.

"Explain the situation clearly and as soon as possible. I warned you that concealing and delaying the truth would only make matters worse. What is the saying? Right! If you’re honest, you’ll be shown leniency. Think about it carefully, alright?"

Pan Lei and Tian Yuan had just mixed like oil and honey. At this time, adding half a jar of chili would definitely make the two of them spicy. Tian Yuan, the person who shares Leizi’s pillow, knows best what type of temper Leizi has. Hiding this from Pan Lei is tantamount to asking for death.

"I, I need to use the restroom."

Tian Yuan abruptly rose up, turned around, and escaped. Mother Tian was stunned, and Zhang Yan was dazed as well. Father Tian's face fell. The guest is here, and you’re heading to the restroom? Did we educate you to be that impolite when you were a kid? What an unfavorable impression this will make on the girl!

"Uncle Tian, ​​try this bottle of wine."

Zhang Hui regarded Pan Lei and Tian Yuan as pals. Naturally, he assisted Tian Yuan in calming things down and began coaxing Tian Yuan's parents.

Tian Yuan's hands shook as he dialed Pan Lei's number. He was terrified that Pan Lei might become enraged. The last time, Pan Lei became furious because he didn't listen to him and went to the countryside. He was so incensed over such a trivial matter that he destroyed the house's furniture. Now that such a major event had occurred, if he didn’t inform him, he would probably nuke the entire building.

Zhang Hui's statements hit the nail on the head. Being honest will result in leniency. It was also the government's stance on inmates. To avert a storm, it was best to notify Pan Lei as soon as possible.

"It's over, Pan Lei, it's over. I, I'm not sure what's going on. My parents had a check-up today. I don’t know how they ended up conversing with the intern and inviting her to lunch. I’ve no idea what’s going on. I’m not here on a blind date, and I didn’t let her get along with my parents. I really don't know what's going on."

Tian Yuan explained, completely flustered. He simply wanted to clarify the matter as quickly as possible so that Pan Lei did not become angered.

"Your parents invited that intern to have lunch with you? Didn’t I say that intern is odd? She must’ve played a trick to deceive your parents. Why are you so stupid?"

"I don't know what's going on. My mother invited her. I was powerless to do anything about it."

"Forget it. I don’t think you’ll fool me merely to have a meal with that woman. However, it makes me feel bad. Stay away from that intern in the future. Let me tell you, there are two kinds of women in this world who are the worst. The first type are women like Dr. Li who are beautiful and lethal to men. Fortunately, they are easy to deal with. Women who appear fresh and pure but are full of trickery are the most difficult to deal with. She is quite intelligent. She understands that in order to catch a thief, you must first catch the king, and she has begun working on your parents. Don't take your parents to the hospital tomorrow. Collect the test results on your own. Aren’t they leaving the day after tomorrow? Everything will be fine. Remember, stay away from that intern. No matter how much your parents pester you, you pretend to be dumb and look blankly. We’ll talk when I come home."


[1] A Chinese proverb that says you can't bear hitting someone who admits their mistakes.


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September 25, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 104

Chapter 104 Ge, I Love You

Tian Yuan found it difficult to eat even a morsel of the scrumptious feast. He couldn't wait to phone Pan Lei and question him about the bizarre situation. He couldn't, however, do so in front of his parents. When it was late at night and his parents were asleep, he would contact Pan Lei and have a "nice" chat. 

Father Tian was enjoying his meal. His son appeared to be doing well and had such excellent friends, and the table was full with exotic delicacies. It was difficult to work alone in the field. If you have friends, they can assist you if you run into any problems.

When they got home, it was late. At the front entrance, a car with a military area license plate was parked. A  guard exited the vehicle on seeing their arrival. Tian Yuan was familiar with him. He'd noticed the guard around Father Pan while living in the military compound for three days and two nights.

"The dean asked me to give the two elders a gift."

The boxes were piled half a person high, not including the ones the guard was holding. When they arrived at the house, the guard smiled and opened his mouth.

"If you need anything, simply let the dean know. If this isn't enough, she'll send more tomorrow."

Tian Yuan was well aware of who this dean was. It was his mother-in-law. Was his mother-in-law aware of his parents' arrival?

"Return and inform them that I do not require anything. Please ask them not to concern themselves any longer."

Mother Tian took up a box and opened it once the guard had left. Oh! This is incredible. It's a mature ginseng that's over half a meter long. It appears to be Changbai Mountain's wild ginseng. It must be over a hundred years old to have grown to such a large size. There were five or six of these boxes. Mother Tian took out another box. It was a box of blood nests[1], the best bird nests available. Another box included a swatch of exquisite silk. Mother Tian looked at the silk embroidery and wondered, Isn't this Su embroidery[2]? One of the four well-known embroideries? The individual who delivered it stated that the dean bestowed these gifts. What was Tian Yuan's status at the hospital? Why had the dean of their hospital bestowed so many good things?

"All of this was given to you by your dean? Xiao Yuan, you appear to be well-known in your hospital. The dean holds you in high regard."

Regard my a**! These were sent by my mother-in-law, your in-law. My dean is an old miser. How could he possibly gift so many valuable items, ah?! This is unquestionably Pan Lei's "good deed"!

"Huh? Yes."

Tian Yuan had no choice but to respond evasively.

"I cleaned up the guest room, Dad. After you've freshened yourself, you can retire to bed. You'll have to go to the doctor's appointment tomorrow on an empty stomach. After your test, we'll head out to eat."

Father Tian was exhausted after running around all day. He took the towel his son had prepared and went to take a bath. Mother Tian dragged her son onto the sofa. They could sit down and talk now that the situation had calmed down.

"Is your work going well, Xiao Yuan? You're no longer young. Are you in a relationship?"

Tian Yuan rubbed his chin. He wanted to inform his mother that he loved someone and desired to spend the rest of his life with him. He was a decent man, his family had accepted their relationship, and they were madly in love with each other. There was only one issue. His lover was a man.

"No, not yet. I don't have time because I'm too busy at work."

"This child! Take a look around and observe how many people your age are already married. Your cousin[3] is already a parent. I ran into your classmate the last time I went shopping. He's not married but he has a girlfriend. Oh, Xiao Yuan, mom understands how difficult it is for you to make a life here, but you're almost thirty. You should consider these points as well."

"There is no one acceptable in the hospital," Tian Yuan murmured, lowering his head.

Mother Tian wondered if she had dimmed vision. She believed she saw a light pink mark on her son's neck. Is that a mosquito bite? But now that it's autumn, are mosquitoes still as vicious? Something wasn't right, but her thoughts were interrupted by her son's words.

"Every day, you interact with a large number of people, including nurses, doctors, and patients. Do none of these pique your interest?"

There is one. He loved that someone despite himself. That person also loved him and treated him very well. But he didn't dare to say anything at the moment. He was terrified of his parents. It would have been ideal if Pan Lei had been present. He would have assisted him in getting through the crisis. 

"They don't. I'm preoccupied."

He was busy and so was his man. Every time he returns home, he is in a rush. Every time he leaves, I get nervous. I didn't get enough tenderness and sweetness from him, but he left again. I think about him every day, all the time. I think about his cooking, about how he relieves loneliness, about how he cuddles me to sleep.

"Yes, I understand. However, you should hurry up and think about it. Every parent hopes to be able to hold their grandson. Your father and I feel envious of how other people cuddle their grandchildren."

"I will absolutely allow you to hold your grandson, Mom."

It was just a matter of waiting a few years. They would adopt one once his and Pan Lei's work was settled and they had free time. His mother-in-law had said it, and now his mother was saying it as well. Didn't they just want to have a grandchild? He and Pan Lei would adopt one; it would undoubtedly fulfill their needs.

Mother Tian smiled contentedly. Her son's words regarding her grandchild had made her feel better.

However, what the two mothers thought was not at all the same.

"Why do you have two razors and two sets of bathing items, Xiao Yuan?"

Father Tian emerged from the bathroom, wiping his hair. In the bathroom, there were two pairs of slippers, two toothbrushes, and two razors. Tian Yuan was a solitary person. Those items should not have been in pairs. 

Shoot! Pan Lei owned the Philips razor, as well as the toothbrush and slippers. He had gone around the house, removing any evidence of Pan Lei, to keep his parents from finding out about them, but he had forgotten to check the bathroom.

"Ah? Um, uh, the razor didn't work very well, so I went out and bought another one. I couldn't find my toothbrush, so I went out and bought another one, but when I got the new one, I discovered the lost one in the kitchen." Tian Yuan had reached his wit's end. "As for the slippers, I bought them ahead of time for you. I figured since you and mom were coming over, I'd go out and get them in case you forgot to bring them."

Tian Yuan's explanation was stuttering. He rarely lied, so when he did, he stammered a lot.

Father Tian seemed unconcerned and stated, "The slippers you purchased are too large. Who has such massive feet?"

Father Tian was wearing Pan Lei's slippers and smiled as he thought how his son had purchased the wrong slipper size.

Pan Lei had large feet. His feet were pretty big, most likely in direct proportion to his height. He stood 189[4] cm tall.

"Old man, Xiao Yuan only comes home a few times a year. Is he able to recall your shoe size? You bought slippers for your father, Xiao Yuan, therefore you must have bought a pair for your mother as well, right?"

Tian Yuan's back was covered in cold sweat.

"I, I, I didn’t purchase it. I didn't buy it because I was concerned I'd get the wrong size and you would be uncomfortable wearing them. You can wear my slippers, Mom."

"This child! All you can think about is your father. I've loved you in vain."

Naturally, Mother Tian was cheerfully taunting her son. She didn't seem to mind.

The elderly couple, who felt their son was a good and honest boy, had no idea he was concealing a major secret from them.

Finally, the elderly couple retired to bed. Tian Yuan flexed his muscles to relax them. Exhausted, he took a deep breath. He thought lying was excessively tiring, as well as a technical activity that requires a lot of mental and physical energy.

Tian Yuan climbed onto the bed, wrapped himself in a quilt, and dialed Pan Lei's number after verifying that his parents were sound asleep.

"Are my parents-in-laws asleep, baby?"

Pan Lei spoke in a husky voice.

"I'm sooo tired."

Tian Yuan acted spoiled. He was completely exhausted, not to mention suffering from a severe backache and headache.

"I've let you suffer. When I get back, I'll give you a full-body massage. Did everything go okay today, darling?"

Everyone had received orders from him. Had his instructions been carried out?

"I say, can you please stop causing such a commotion! Zhang Hui's reception style almost scared me to death. He acted as if my parents were Ci Xi[5]! My father slammed the table on the spot. Tell him to stop making such a spectacle. It's really too frightening. Oh! Also, don't let Mom send anything else here. Aren't those supplements all Dad's? What should he do if his warehouse is emptied?"

"It is to show respect to your parents and should be done. You don't care about these things; simply accept them. I'll call Zhang Hui tomorrow and speak with him. They'll be staying for a few days, won't they? Otherwise, I'll return tomorrow."

Pan Lei has just arrived back at the military camp. If he asked for departure right now, the commander in charge of the military region would almost certainly object. The old guy was tepid, and if he refused Pan Lei's leave, his office door would be kicked again.

"They will have a physical examination tomorrow, and the results will be ready the following day. They will return the day after tomorrow. You don't need to return. I'm capable of doing it myself."

"Then we'll go to your hometown to see them the next time I'm on vacation."

"Um, I'm sorry. I didn't dare to tell my parents about you."

Tian Yuan felt terrible about it. Pan Lei introduced him to all of his family members, but he never mentioned him.

"It's not a big deal. If you bring up my name, I'm scared you'll get beaten up. I got smacked and beaten up, but it didn't bother me since I'm rough and tough. But you're so thin. Won't I be worried to death if you get a couple smacks on the face? You're obstinate and won't tell me if you get beaten up. I can't be by your side; I'm afraid you'll become depressed. If you are depressed, you will have difficulties. Don't tell them anything for the time being. Wait for me to return."

He had vowed to protect Tian'er. No one was allowed to hurt him, and no one was allowed to do anything that would harm him. He was not by his baby’s side. Tian Yuan was awkward, and he buried his hurt in his heart. If something went wrong, there would be no one to help him. How could he let it happen? It was fine if Tian'er didn't mention him. He was more concerned about his darling's health than Tian'er talking about him. 

Tian Yuan's heart was warmed by Pan Lei's words. How could he not fall in love with such a wonderful man?

"It's getting late, baby. Go to bed early. Don’t think about it. I’ll take care of everything. Baby, give me a kiss."

Tian Yuan remained silent. He felt sweet in his heart as he listened to Pan Lei's coaxing.

"Be good. Come on, give me a kiss."

Tian Yuan remained silent, which amused Pan Lei.

"Why are you so shy, baby? We're married. Just say that you have a toothache. Tsk, tsk, tsk, toothache, booboo toothache. Come on."

Pan Lei waited three seconds, but Tian Yuan remained silent.

"I'm going to kiss you. Listen."

Pan Lei made funny kissing noises with his mouth close to the microphone.

"Come on, follow my lead and kiss me. My baby is the best. You’re ge’s darling. Be good."

Pan Lei, you see, never got angry even when Tian Yuan played tricks, pretended to be spoiled, or purposefully made things difficult. He would continue to coax him.


Tian Yuan finally spoke up, softly saying “ge”, and it was the first time he was entirely in his right mind when he did so. The other occasion was when Pan Lei drove him insane. This time, Tian Yuan's "ge" was a sweet, private, and absolute nickname.

Pan Lei was shocked. He was stunned for a few seconds before agreeing quickly.

"Yes! Yes!"

"Ge, I love you."

Only you. Only you are my ge. Whether it is the “gege” I cry when in that sort of situation, or because I want to call you “ge”, you’re the only one. I love you. I love everything you do for me, I love you as a person, and I’ll love you forever.


[1] Edible bird’s nests are created by swiftlets using solidified saliva, which are harvested for human consumption. They are particularly prized in Chinese culture due to their rarity, high nutritional value in nutrients such as protein, and rich flavor. It is usually white in color, but there also exists a red version that is sometimes called "blood" nest. According to traditional Chinese medicine, it promotes good health, especially for the skin. Source: Wikipedia.

[2] Su embroidery is one of the oldest embroidery techniques in the world and is the most representative type of art in Chinese embroidery. It has a history of more than 2,000 years and is an important form of handicraft in the history of Chinese art and folk custom, representative of Chinese traditional folk arts. It is famous for its variety of stitches, beautiful patterns, elegant colors, and consummate craftsmanship. Source: Wikipedia.

[3] Tian Yuan’s maternal aunt’s son who is younger than TY to be exact.

[4] 6 feet 2 inches. Average Chinese males are 172 cm tall. I.e. around 5 feet 7-8 inches.

[5] Ci Xi was a Chinese empress dowager and regent who effectively controlled the Chinese government in the late Qing dynasty for 47 years, from 1861 until her death in 1908. Source: Wikipedia.


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September 23, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 103

Chapter 103 Help me serve my parents-in-law properly

Pan Lei stroked his chin in thought. He wasn’t at home and couldn’t do anything personally, but he needed to do something to please his mother-in-law.

"Zhang Hui, my in-laws are here. Serve some fine wine and good food on my behalf. I am in the army and can't cook for them. You help me serve my parents-in-laws properly."

"Leizi, are they my in-laws?"

"Let me also mention that if my in-laws are unsatisfied, just you wait. You joker, you won't get married, got it? When you fall in love with someone, don't fall into my hands. Be careful of me spreading rumors about you."

Zhang Hui pounded on the table. Just how did he become acquainted with this guy when he was a child?

"Fine. I promise to provide excellent service to your parents-in-law, alright? I’ll prepare a sumptuous fresh seafood banquet for them. I’ll make them eat till they get diarrhea."

"Then I’ll put a laxative in your father-in-law’s wine."

"F**k! You conceited braggart! You win!"

Zhang Hui's matter is settled. What else is there? Oh, that’s right! Shopping. Since my mother-in-law is here, she needs to buy some nice clothes to take home, and as her son-in-law, I must buy them for her.

"Eldest brother, Tian'er's parents are arriving later today. Send a car to assist him in picking them up. He hasn't got his driver's license yet. By the way, can you get Tian'er some shopping coupons? Let him take my mother-in-law shopping. He is usually quite stingy. I ripped one of his shirts the other day, and he quarreled with me for a long time. I’m reluctant to force him to spend money."

"Oh? So it’s okay to spend my money?"

"Who made you my brother?"

Pan Lei spoke boldly and confidently, as if he had justice on his side. If you’re my brother and I'm not at home, you must assist me in taking care of my in-laws.

"Don't worry, I’ll try my best."

There was nothing that could be done about this type of younger brother. Pan Zhan had helped him fight when he was younger, and when he was older, he helped him deal with the aftermath and kept him out of the police station. Now that he was in love, he had to assist him in serving his in-laws. Ah, what exactly do I owe him?!

"Mom, my mother-in-law has arrived. Do you think I should get her a nice present?"

Pan Lei dialed another number from the military camp. Tian Yuan's parents arrived, and he wanted to annoy everyone. He wasn't at home, but he wanted to make a good impression on his parents-in-law.

Dang Hong was equally concerned when she received the news.

"Oh! Should your father and I go meet them and have a meal with them to discuss the two of you? But I haven't made any plans. Your father's storehouse contains many supplements. Should I send some?"

"This time, they've come for a physical. Tian'er said he'd find a time when we could all sit down and talk about it. His parents are unaware of our relationship. What will I do if you go to meet them when I'm not at home and Tian'er is thrashed by his parents? Don't meet them on this visit. However, supplements from my dad’s warehouse can be delivered."

"Okay, we'll do as you say. Tian Yuan has told me that his parents are quite serious. Not everyone is as open-minded about this issue as we are. It's difficult to predict whether they'll truly beat him up. Unfortunately, you children cannot comprehend the feelings of your parents. Do you believe we would have been so accepting if we hadn't been helpless? It's understandable if his parents are unable to accept it. You said you’re back at the barracks? That's fine; don't annoy them and wait for a better opportunity. I'll have someone deliver the supplements. Have you made any plans for their accommodation? Do you want me to book a room in a five-star hotel for you?"

"I’ve taken care of everything, Mom. You pick out some good things from the storeroom. The more, the better. Send them to Tian Yuan."

Father Pan snorted: "Little bandit. He’s robbing my warehouse again."

A luxurious extended Rolls-Royce drove to the entrance of the hospital. A driver ran over and saluted when he saw Tian Yuan.

"Mr. Tian, President Pan dispatched me. I will pick you up and drop you off as long as madam is in town. You must also accept this card. President Pan has sent it to you."

Tian Yuan was speechless. Before receiving it, he grumbled that it was probably another of Pan Lei's insane ideas. He contacted Pan Zhan to express his gratitude for whatever reason. After all, the city didn't have many extended Rolls Royces.

"Feel free to use it. I don’t need to attend any high-end parties during this time so I don't need to put up a show. Leizi ordered me to serve your parents well. That card is a mall shopping card. Spend as much as you want. It’s not a big deal. Damn! I just want to know why I have to work harder than serving my mother-in-law when Leizi’s mother-in-law is here."

Pan Zhan rambled for a long time.

Tian Yuan had just hung up on Pan Zhan when Zhang Hui phoned.

"Hey, brother! After you receive uncle and auntie, come to my place for a meal, okay? I’ve already been exhorted. Is there anything that your parents avoid or are allergic to? Let me know so that I can instruct my staff to take appropriate precautions."

"You don't need to spend so much money. My parents visit every year, and we can eat at home."

Just how many people had Pan Lei put to work? That jerk couldn't be happy unless he was causing trouble, right?

"I won't be spared by the one in your family. Please come to my restaurant, okay? I'm in charge of every meal your folks eat while they're here. In any case, arrive early. I'll make your father a nice drink."

Everything was in order. Tian Yuan only had to pick up his parents.

Tian Yuan's eyes welled up as he ran to the airport and noticed his mother's hair graying at the temples. It was indeed as the expression goes. Those who have parents at home should avoid traveling far. If his parents did not reject Pan Lei, he planned to bring them to live with him and Pan Lei.

"Xiao Yuan, how long have you had this kind of car?"

Mother Tian could not accept the black gleaming ultra expensive extended automobile. Her son had taken out a loan to purchase his home. However, that car was sufficient to purchase two residences.

"It belongs to a friend of mine. When my friend found out I was coming to pick you up, he asked me to use his car."

"Your friend is quite generous."

Mother Tian may be considered close to her son. Father Tian didn't crack a smile. He looked sullen and solemn. He just smiled slightly, despite the fact that he was overjoyed to see his son. Tian Yuan couldn't help but notice his scalp becoming numb. Pan Lei's parents and family appeared solemn, yet they all turned out to be really laid-back. His father, however, had always been inexpressive.

"Since I'm here, Mom and Dad, you should remain for a while. My place has been thoroughly cleaned. It is best if you stay for an extended period of time. I haven't seen you in a long time. I miss you terribly."

"It is better for people to remain in familiar surroundings. You're preoccupied with work. Won’t staying here give you problems?"

The warm atmosphere disappeared in an instant when Father Tian spoke, and everything became awkward.

Tian Yuan was used to it and said with a smile, "I'll take leave for a few days. I've scheduled a physical examination for you for tomorrow. I'm available to stay with you for a few days."

"It's not good to put off work."

Mother Tian patted her son's hand, "We’ll stay for a few days before heading back home. You can come home to see us when you have a holiday. Your father is right. Don't put off your work."

"Mom, let's eat and then go home."

Tian Yuan had a close relationship with his mother and was respectful of his father. Father Tian sat alongside them in silence, merely uttering "En" in response to Tian Yuan's suggestion to convey his approval.

Zhang Hui's restaurant was the best in city, and it was frequented by a large number of people. There was a constant flow of individuals coming and going. The decor, service, food, and even the waiters were all first-rate. When the car arrived, a valet opened the door, and six lovely women in cheongsams greeted them with warm smiles.

"Welcome, Sir and Madam. Please, this way."

Tian Yuan's heart was sobbing. Oh my goodness! Was there any need to go overboard, BOSS Zhang Hui? Do you want to terrify my parents? Damn it! Pan Lei, you scoundrel, you simply want to have fun, don't you? You enjoy tormenting others, don't you? Go ahead. This will eventually let the cat out of the bag.

The lobby manager greeted them personally, smiling with softness and courtesy.

"Please accompany me, Sir and Madam. Everything is prepared for your arrival."

The elevator went higher and higher until it reached the top floor, where the top VIPs were received. A waiter walked over and saluted them as soon as they stepped onto the carpet. Tian Yuan gulped nervously. What are you doing, Zhang Hui? They entered a super luxurious private room once the waiter pulled the door open. Genuine antiques, mahogany furniture, and crystal lamps were used to decorate the space. It was extravagant and breathtaking.

A beautiful waitress brought lemonade, making Mother Tian feel uneasy and turn her gaze to Tian Yuan. What is this?

Tian Yuan didn’t know either. Were they supposed to drink it?

"Please wash your hands first with this lemonade so you can enjoy your meal."

The lobby manager extended his hand and started serving Mother Tian.

"Why did you choose this place for dinner, Tian Yuan? Do you have any idea what this is? It exemplifies a typical capitalist atmosphere. What have your mother and I become?"

Tian Yuan shrank his neck in fear when Father Tian slammed the table, and waved his hand to the lobby manager, signaling that he tone it down quickly. Zhang Hui, brother, you made a big deal out of nothing. We're just a regular family. They are unable to accept such a hoopla.

"Serve the food quickly. Don't make a fuss."

The lobby manager clapped his hands, and the attendants started bringing out the dishes. More than a kilogram of lobster, abalones which were bigger than a fist, and groupers stuffed to the brim in a bowl. Each dish was more gorgeous than the last, and the table for twenty people was filled in the blink of an eye.

"Sir and madam, please enjoy your meal. Our president is here."

Tian Yuan jumped up with a whoosh and blocked Zhang Hui as soon as he walked through the door.

"Are you insane, Big Brother? Are you attempting to frighten my parents to death?! My father is enraged. Take a look at his expression! Why did you go so overboard?"

"I'm assisting Leizi in serving your folks. I can only carry out the instructions he gave me. What are you afraid of? This is how high-quality hospitality should be."

Zhang Hui pushed Tian Yuan aside, the smile on his face devoid of irritation. He appeared to be a very successful person.

"I'm truly sorry, Uncle and Auntie. I heard Tian Yuan mention you were coming today, but your nephew did not welcome you personally. Because Tian Yuan, my brothers, and I are dear friends, I will look after you. Please don't be embarrassed. We entertain our brothers' parents in this manner whenever they come around. Uncle, this is an old Moutai from the 1980s. It is unquestionably a good thing, and it is priceless in the market. Do you want to try it?"

Moutai from the 1980s was excellent. A bottle of Moutai like that might easily fetch a million dollars today.[1]

Zhang Hui was unquestionably an expert at conversing with others. Tian Yuan's parents' rage was soothed by a few words. He poured the old man a drink of Moutai. Father Tian finally smiled as he inhaled the wonderful aroma.

"Since when did my son have friends like you? This kid dislikes competition. He doesn't have a lot of friends. They are all his classmates and coworkers. How did so many nice buddies appear out of nowhere?"

"We got to know each other through Pan..."

"Dad, Zhang Hui was unwell once, and I happened to be the one who took care of him in the hospital. That’s how I met this group of friends."

Tian Yuan hurriedly interjected and diverted the conversation away from Pan Lei just as Zhang Hui was ready to open his mouth and speak about him.

Zhang Hui raised his eyebrows at Tian Yuan, who blinked back. Zhang Hui smiled in understanding. I see. Tian Yuan's parents don't know about Pan Lei yet.

Why don't you explain it plainly now, you moron? I'll see how it ends if you wait until the beans are spilled.


[1] This was mentioned in a previous chapter. Moutai is a Chinese distilled liquor with a high alcohol content. To clarify, the author is not exaggerating. A 500ml bottle can easily fetch a million dollars at auction, especially if it is in pristine condition.


As a member of a "regular" family, I can totally relate to TY's parents. Some of the extravagances 💸💸I see at work make my eyes pop out of my head and I'm sure it shows.😅

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September 22, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 102

Chapter 102 Tian Yuan’s parents pay him a visit

"I'm sorry, baby. I received a call from the army, and I must depart. I can't bring you lunch anymore, and I can't give you my kiss. For the time being, we'll have to put the evening workout on hold. When I return, let's use our bodies to get in touch with one other thoroughly."

Pan Lei abruptly called, and the instant he opened his mouth, he announced that he was going, leaving Tian Yuan bewildered.

"How come you're in such a rush to leave?"

"It's nothing special. I’ve been on leave for quite long this time. Those soldiers need to be trained. As their instructor, I can't be absent indefinitely."

Tian Yuan felt relieved when he heard this. At the very least, he wasn't going on a mission.

"When are you going to return?"

Pan Lei smiled and lowered his voice, as if he were speaking directly into Tian Yuan's ear.

"Baby, you hate parting with me, don’t you? Come on, cry ge. You only need to speak one line: “Ge, I hate to part with you.” I’ll turn around right away and come to the hospital to kiss you goodbye before leaving."

Tian Yuan's ears turned bright red.

"F**k you! Can’t you be serious?! Pay attention to safety, return early, and return safely."

"Baby, I can't bear to leave you."

Pan Lei voiced his dissatisfaction over the phone. As he stared at their instructor, the car driver's face was filled with horror. Devil Pan, who bent forward and slung people around like sacks while cursing loudly in the squadron, was acting coquettishly?

"I know. You must notify me if you are required to go out on a mission."

Tian Yuan let out a sigh. When he mentioned going on a mission, he was reminded of the scenario in which Pan Lei was holding a detonator, which made him nervous.

"You'd better be careful about your safety. Remember, your life is mine in this lifetime. You are not permitted to have an accident as long as I am alive."

Pan Lei grinned. His baby was not very skilled at acting. His darling's heart was overflowing with him. His every move had the potential to impact his heart, and his missions were the thing he was most concerned about. He was terrified to state he wanted to live to a ripe old age in wedded bliss since he would be alone for a lifetime if he died. Pan Lei felt bad because of his concern. How was that even possible? He had sworn not to abandon him for the rest of his life.

"Baby, our simple life has just begun, and happy days are on their way. Don't worry! Come on, be obedient and give me a kiss."

"Stop joking. We're speaking on the phone."

"So what if we're talking on the phone? Kiss me, be good, kiss me quickly."

Tian Yuan took a look around. While he was in a nook talking on the phone, the interns were gossiping and making a racket. There were a lot of people, but this guy wanted to kiss him over the phone. Was  there anything more shameful?

"There is someone around you. We’ll talk about it when you get home."

When he got home, they could kiss whenever he pleased. That would be nice.

Pan Lei glared at the driver, who drove intently, pretending to be serious about not hearing anything and focusing his gaze outside the windscreen. I didn’t hear or see anything.

"Baby, no one can hear you. Come on! Give me a kiss, okay? Hurry up, hurry up."


"You’ve got such a childish temper. If you’re embarrassed, simply state that you have a toothache: “Sss, sss, sss, toothache, booboo, baby has a toothache.” Say it.”

Huh? Could it work? Shouldn't a toothache be accompanied by a “Sss!” sound? How did it become a “Booboo baby” sound?

Tian Yuan found it both amusing and extremely embarrassing. This guy is not at all serious.

"Ouch! Toothache. Good? Now, pay attention to safety. Come back soon."

He hung up the phone with a snap. His face was flushed from the little interlude, which had made him feel a little ashamed.

Pan Lei took a look at his phone. This little ancestor was attempting to muddle through it in such a silly manner. When I return, I'll toss him from the living room to the bedroom, to the bathroom, and back to the living room. I'm going to eat him whole. I'll make him unable to get up the next day and request a leave of absence.

Just you wait till I come back.

Zhang Yan saw Tian Yuan's eyes bright with happiness after the phone call.

"Doctor Tian, ​​you look very happy."

Tian Yuan coughed and hid his joy entirely. Yes, he was overjoyed. There was someone who adored him, which made him quite happy.

"I will take you to the next ward."

Let's get to work. He's left, yet life must continue on.

Tian Yuan promised himself that when Pan Lei got home, he would not be as busy. When Pan Lei was around, there was a really vibrant atmosphere at home. That guy was a chatterbox. The other walked into the kitchen as soon as he opened the refrigerator. Even when he was reading a book and had nothing to say to him, he would make a lot of noise, saying things like, "Baby, look at this line", "Are you hungry, baby?", "Come here, baby. Let me kiss you."

He never felt lonely when he was with Pan Lei.

Someone brought lunch to the office at midday.

"Dean Dang Hong requested that I send it."

Great. It used to be Zhang Hui, or Pan Lei instigating Pan Ge, but now it was even better. That guy simply called his mother-in-law. He couldn’t stop his shenanigans for even a second. It was just lunch. He'd been eating in the cafeteria for a long time. Did Pan Lei believe he would go hungry if he wasn’t there? Could he not treat him like a child? He was twenty-eight years old. He had been living independently for many years. He was delighted to receive three homemade meals every day, but asking his working mother-in-law to let someone deliver food to him? What was this? What?

"Dr. Tian has someone special to deliver meals." Zhang Yan raised her head to peek at him and asked, "Girlfriend?"

Tian Yuan was irritated by the girl. Every time she opened her mouth, she asked about his girlfriend. She was too preoccupied with him.

"My mother."

He was a little overwhelmed by his mother-in-law’s kindness.

When the phone rang, he sighed when he saw the caller id. It read, "Mom." Was his mother-in-law calling him on the phone?


The person on the other end of the phone burst out laughing the moment he uttered "mom."

"Did you miss your mother? Mom misses you, too, good son."

Tian Yuan then recognized that this "mom" was his mother, not his mother-in-law. His misunderstanding stemmed from the fact that he had saved both of their cell phone numbers as "MOM."

"What made you decide to call me today, Mom?"

Tian Yuan inquired, a smile on his face. He hadn't seen his parents for the last six months, and he missed them terribly.

"Isn't it almost time for the semi-annual physical? I miss you terribly. Your father stated that since we aren't too busy these days, we may come and see you ahead of time."

"That's fantastic. I'll meet you at the airport. When are you going to arrive?"

"We're at the airport now. We'll arrive there later today."

"Okay. I'll leave early to meet you at the airport."

It was for the best that Pan Lei had to leave. He envisioned what would happen if his parents came to visit one day, and when they arrived home after their flight, Pan Lei opened the door and ran into his parents. His folks would not be the least bit pleased unlike Pan Lei's parents. He would almost certainly be killed if they found out about his relationship with Pan Lei. There would undoubtedly be a quarrel. His parents were the ones who knew him the best. It was a good thing Pan Lei had gone. They had averted a catastrophe.

He'd go home first and hide Pan Lei's clothes and any other traces he could find. Otherwise, his parents would discover that it was a residence they shared as soon as they came in.

Pan Lei had stated that as long as he brought him to his parents, he would be responsible for them. Tian Yuan’s only job was to stand with him, and everything would be okay.

But now that his parents were on their way, Pan Lei was nowhere to be found. He lacked the guts to tell his parents "I have a lover, and we plan to spend the rest of our lives together. My partner is a man." He was timid and didn't dare to say anything. He would definitely be beaten to death by his parents without Pan Lei.

Well, as the saying goes, when the sky falls, the tall man holds it up. In their house, Pan Lei was that tall man. He stated he would hold it up, so let him return and do so. He didn't have the guts to say it without his support.

Pan Lei was in the middle of eating when his phone rang. He slurped the soup gleefully when he noticed the caller ID.

"Darling, do you miss me? I knew you did! Come on, give me a kiss."

"Pan Lei, um, I’ve to tell you something." Tian Yuan stated as he took a deep breath.

Pan Lei smiled and sipped the soup. What could be making him sound so solemn?

"My parents are flying in today, and I’ll meet them up at the airport in the afternoon."

When Pan Lei heard the unexpected news, he spat out the soup.

"Ah, what? My mother-in-law is coming? Damn! Wait for me. I'll take a leave of absence and return right away."

Did they have to pick today out of all days? Couldn’t they have arrived a few days earlier or later? He had been at home for a few days and would have discussed the matter with his parents-in-law. Wouldn’t that have been fantastic? Tian Yuan was at home alone at the time. Could he handle it on his own?

No, that won’t do. His parents-in-law had arrived, and he, as their son-in-law, had to greet them. He would have to pick them up at the airport with Tian Yuan to make a good impression on them.

"Don't come back. How can you request leave as soon as you return to work? I doubt you’ll be allowed to return. My parents will be staying with me for two or three days. They will return after the check-up. Why are you tossing about? We’ll wait until you return the next time. I’ll also ask for leave from the hospital, and we’ll travel to my hometown together."

Pan Lei drove him home to see his parents and other relatives. He couldn't keep Pan Lei hidden. But once their relationship was revealed, it would be a bloodbath. His parents would erupt. For the time being, he had to keep it hidden. He felt obligated to apologize to Pan Lei. He was twenty-eight years old this year, and he was essentially married. But his parents didn't know, so they'd undoubtedly bring it up, knowingly or unwittingly. This issue needed to be clarified in order to avoid unneeded complications. If his parents planned a blind date for him, if he went on a blind date behind Pan Lei's back, according to Pan Lei’s personality, he would dare to demolish the entire building.

They needed to find a time when Pan Lei was at home, and then he would take Pan Lei to his hometown and tell his parents, "I love this man, I want to live with him for the rest of my life." Pan Lei would be entirely behind him and he would not be concerned.

"Can you handle it alone?"

Tian Yuan smiled. This guy really regarded himself as a child.

"My parents come to see me twice a year for a physical examination. Why can't I handle it on my own? It's not that big of a deal. I'll tell you one thing. Because my parents are here, try to phone me in the middle of the night, and don't talk rubbish."

"We’re a legitimate couple, we’re not just messing around. Why the f**k should we be sneaky?"

Pan Lei was quite dissatisfied with Tian Yuan’s directive. Why should he call in the dead of night? He would think about his Tian’er anytime he felt like it. And whenever he thought of Tian’er, he would call him. He was happy to be scolded by him. Wouldn't it be cruel to avoid calling him until midnight? Tian Yuan worked long hours. If he called Tian’er in the middle of the night, he wouldn’t be able to sleep well.

Legitimate? Their numerous comrades[1] would rejoice if their relationship was lawful. They would be the first pair to register for marriage if the country made same-sex marriage legal. It was pointless to argue with him. He was an annoying troublemaker who believed that by acting shamelessly and making a ridiculous spectacle, he could accomplish anything—even come out of the closet.

"It's best to be careful."


[1] Comrades is used to refer to the LGBT community in general. Of course, for our story, it refers to the gay community.


Uh-oh! Do dark and difficult times lie ahead? Albus says they do.

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September 20, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 101

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Chapter 101: The Appearance of a False Love Rival

Pan Lei grabbed Tian Yuan's knee and raised his head to kiss him. He flattened his mouth as if he had been wronged.

"There's a girl on your internship team, baby. You should keep your distance from her. That girl is so adorable that I'm afraid you'll fall in love with her and abandon me."

Pan Lei believed that this preventive injection should be administered ahead of time. He'd remain in the barracks for a long time and wouldn't be able to return home for months. Around his family, who was the most attractive in the hospital, would be a woman. He was agitated. His Tian'er was a great catch. He had a beautiful appearance, a good temper, and treated others with respect and kindness. What if other people liked him?

"Nonsense. I want to spend the rest of my life with you. What difference does it make whether she's cute or not?"

He was a mature man and yet so petty. Couldn't this tough guy be a little more generous?

"Good! I like your response. Let me kiss you again, darling."

"Get out! I have to go to work. Step aside and take a seat. Don't bother me."

With a smile, he pushed Pan Lei aside. Pan Lei stole a kiss and sat on the office couch with a smile.

He took a seat on the couch and browsed magazines, occasionally looking up at Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan was focused on his task. He had a narrow back and hair that reached the coat collar. Pan Lei could see Tian Yuan's ears, white and tender, when he looked over from the back. A portion of his neck was exposed from his white coat when he lowered his head to write. He'd left a purple mark a few days ago, but it had faded. Pan Lei's eyes narrowed and he could only see a sliver of a trace. The sun shone down on him, turning his skin white and soft. It looked inviting, which made Pan Lei wonder if it was better to kiss, nibble, and leave a mark.

Pan Lei rubbed his chin and pondered. Since the idea had appeared, he felt it had to be implemented.

There was no one in the office when Tian Yuan was writing. Pan Lei rose from the couch and hugged Tian Yuan around the waist from behind. He buried his head in Tian Yuan's shoulder and tucked his head in his neck. He took a deep breath and smelled Tian Yuan's shower gel, which he found very aromatic.

Tian Yuan laughed, slightly tilting his neck.

"What are you up to?"

Was this the so-called “very close relationship”? It was intimate and sweet.

Pan Lei remained silent. He rubbed his five o'clock shadow a few times on Tian Yuan's neck, then stretched out his tongue to lick it and nibble it a few times before kissing it heavily until a strawberry mark appeared.

"Hey, it's bright out! What exactly do you want, eh?"

Please, brother, there are still people outside coming and going. The door is not shut. Isn't he embarrassed by this kind of public intimacy?

Pan Lei quickly released Tian Yuan when he pinched him on the arm.

"Ouch, ouch, it hurts. Honey, why did you pinch me, hmm?"

Tian Yuan's face flushed: "You should go home right now. If you stay here, you will cause me to be late for work. Return home."

Pan Lei stretched his arms out again, this time with the intention of holding him. Tian Yuan reached for a bulky medical record folder. He would sever his claws if he dared to reach out and paw him. That was the most effective way to deal with a wolf.

"Are you sure you won't miss me?"

Pan Lei was extremely dissatisfied. Didn't he just want to be hugged? It had been a week since they had returned home, and Pan Lei had devoured Tian Yuan from head to toe. Tian Yuan had taken a week off from work to rest. Pan Lei was ready for something else after seeing Tian Yuan recuperate.

"Return home."

"Then allow me to kiss again."

Tian Yuan threw the file folder down, placed his hands in his coat pockets, gave Pan Lei the stink eye, and walked out. As he walked away, the hem of his white coat created an arc.

Pan Lei smiled as he caressed his chin. When his little ancestor was in a bad mood, he was incredibly endearing. He twisted his waist, pounded his feet, and gazed at him with venom. Why is he so adorable?

Since his boss at home told him he should go home, he would have to leave. Pan Lei took a piece of paper and a pen, scribbled a few words, and walked away. He made a point of greeting the ER doctor as he passed by.

Tian Yuan went to the ward for another round. He inquired about the patients one by one, examined them, and gave nursing staff instructions about their recovery. He said hello to the other doctors and exchanged a few words with them. It had been more than an hour when he returned to his office, and Pan Lei was no longer there.

Tian Yuan felt a little lost. This scoundrel! So he actually left after I asked him to? Take a look at how I deal with you.

A piece of paper was on the table. The handwriting was unsightly, and the words were huge. It said: Baby, ge will make you lunch.  Wait for ge to bring you your food. We'll talk about how to give a meeting kiss, a thank-you kiss, and a goodbye kiss. Can we do some exercise tonight?

There was a small figure doing push-ups on the paper. Tian Yuan's face was flushed with rage. Bah! Certainly not! I'm not going to exercise with you. Your endurance is exceptional. After doing it once, Laozi will need to rest for two days. My waist will ache, and my back will be sore. You'll wring me dry and numb me from the waist down. It will hurt and go numb. Also…bah! bah! bah! What on earth am I thinking?!

Why was he considering how to send himself to that famished beast for such intense and passionate stimulation?

He balled up the paper, but as he was about to throw it away, he spread it out, folded it neatly, and placed it in his pocket. A**h**e. Tian Yuan reprimanded, but the corners of his mouth raised in a smile.

"Someone is looking for you, Dr. Tian."

From outside the office, the young nurse spoke loudly. Tian Yuan dashed out the door, only to collide with a girl. She appeared out of nowhere, causing Tian Yuan to take a few steps back and nearly fall to the ground. Who is she? Her strength is incredible.

Tian Yuan regained his equilibrium by holding the door frame. He noticed a girl staring at him with her tongue stuck out in consternation. She was absolutely adorable.

"This girl is looking for you, Dr. Tian."

The little nurse gave him a wink. His tall and powerful boyfriend would be envious if he saw a girl looking for Dr. Tian. When they got home, he'd punish Dr. Tian in this way and that way. Dr. Tian would undoubtedly be punished all night. He would have to support his waist the next day at work.

"I apologize for inadvertently colliding with you. I'm an intern for this year. My name is  Zhang Yan. I wanted to come earlier and look, so I dashed here. You will be my teacher from now on."

Tian Yuan smiled. She was a lovely young lady, as lively and cheerful as their little nurse. She was adorable.

"Don't be so polite. You came by yourself? Aren't there four boys interning with you?"

"They dragged their feet, so I dashed here without waiting for them."

"I see. Then I'll accompany you to complete the formalities. You can follow me for the next few months to gain clinical experience and become a better doctor."

Zhang Yan grinned. When she smiled, she had two small dimples and her big eyes bent into crescents.

"Dr. Tian, thank you so much. I've been concerned that we'll be mentored by an elderly man. I was feeling a little let down. But now that I've seen you, I feel confident. Dr. Tian, you're the most attractive doctor in the hospital. Are you married? Do you have  a girlfriend?"

Tian Yuan couldn't help but respond to such a direct question. He wondered if all girls these days were so straightforward.

"I'm not married, and I don't have a girlfriend."

At home, he had a boyfriend who was cooking for him, but he didn't say anything. There was no need to discuss his personal matters.

"Shall I be Dr. Tian's girlfriend?" said Zhang Yan, bouncing after him.

Tian Yuan ignored the question and did not respond. Pan Lei would be angry if he found out someone wanted to be his girlfriend within five minutes of meeting him.

"You are not permitted to be late for work. You must report to work every day at 8 o'clock. When you accompany me to the ward, you must follow me on the night shift as well. During the night shift, you must go to the ward for inspection two or three times. Patients who are critically ill should be closely monitored. Your phone cannot be turned off, and you must always be reachable by phone. Whether you are on leave or not, you must rush to the hospital to assist in an emergency. You should enjoy your job because you chose it. Being a good doctor entails being worthy of one's conscience as well as one's patients."

"Dr. Tian, you're fantastic. You are the most qualified physician. We'll all graduate with distinction thanks to you. What is your standard for girlfriends, Dr. Tian?"

Zhang Yan dashed over to Tian Yuan and inquired.

Tian Yuan gave her a friendly smile: "You should follow and observe me as I perform surgery. The surgical ward is staffed by four doctors. You can ask them if you don't know something. Each doctor is an excellent teacher."

Zhang Yan took a step back, waving her fingers at Tian Yuan as she listed facts about herself.

"Dr. Tian, I'm 24 years old and I don't have a boyfriend. I'm looking for a gentle male doctor to be my boyfriend. This city is where my family lives. I'm the only child in my family. I don't have any bad habits. I don't smoke, drink, or frequent bars. I'm just a tad carefree. When I see someone I like, I make a bold move. I may sound a little brazen, but Dr. Tian, I fell in love with you at first sight. So, how about this? I can chase you if you don't want to chase me."

Tian Yuan cleared his throat. He was confessed to by a girl for the first time. He would have considered it if he hadn't met Pan Lei, if they hadn't promised their entire lives and love to each other. IF he hadn't met Pan Lei. But things were different now. He had Pan Lei, whom he had entrusted his life to. They had agreed to spend the rest of their lives together. Pan Lei's parents had high expectations for them. Breakups couldn't happen and were unlikely to ever be contemplated.

"Work and romance can't go hand in hand. I don't agree with office love because it can have a negative impact on patients, and I have someone in my heart. I'm sorry."

Pan Lei had taken up residence in his heart and soul. Never in his life would he be moved by anyone.

For a few seconds, Zhang Yan was stunned. Tian Yuan lifted his feet and continued forward. Zhang Yan bit her lower lip and dashed after him. She smiled cheerfully as she walked backwards, continuing to face Tian Yuan.

"But you're not married, right? Then I have a chance; gradually you'll discover if I'm right for you. I won't give up."

Tian Yuan smiled. The girl was far too outspoken and direct. He was about to say something about how he didn't want to do this when he noticed that as soon as the elevator door opened, a stretcher was pushed out, and Zhang Yan was still walking backwards. Tian Yuan reached out and pulled her away from the stretcher as it was about to hit her. She would have undoubtedly bruised her leg if it had collided into her.

"Be careful. You can't be so careless in the hospital. Watch where you're going."

Tian Yuan stepped back and walked away. Zhang Yan bit her lips. Her eyes were no longer naïve as they were a moment ago. Biting her lips was a type of determination to win.


Is Tian Yuan destined to meet shameless people?🤔 Let's see how long this fly buzzes around before being swatted to death by Pan Lei😏

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