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IDYTRAA - Chapter 172

Chapter 172 He’s here; this is home

Tian Yuan had set the alarm. He had only just opened his eyes blearily when the alarm clock went off at 7:30 a.m. Pan Lei reached out and shut it. He turned around and embraced Tian Yuan.

"Go back to bed."

Tian Yuan thought they were still in China, Pan Lei had left the army base on the sly to sneak home in the middle of the night, and he couldn't get out of bed the next day after being harassed all night. He had no recollection of them being abroad now.

He rubbed his nose on Pan Lei's chest, chose the most comfortable position, and held his waist. And he closed his eyes once more.

Pan Lei always coaxed him like this after a wild night. Even if it was time for work, Pan Lei wanted him to rest more.

"You help me ask for a leave of absence."

"Okay, I'll help you ask for a leave. Go to sleep, I'm here."

Pan Lei lowered his head and lovingly kissed his brow, then his hair, pinched his ear, and watched him fall asleep again. Pan Lei smiled and kissed his lover in the early morning light.

What exactly is happiness? Different times have different definitions. For Leizi, happiness at the moment was that in the morning light, his beloved was relying on him, hugging him, and leaning on his chest as he kissed his lover’s brow. For Tian Yuan, happiness came from having a good night's sleep with his beloved by his side, and that was it.

Isn't happiness actually quite simple? Happiness is when you kiss the person beside you in the morning light and it fills your heart with sweetness and ease.

Pan Lei was the one who brought Tian Yuan a large bowl of preserved egg thin meat congee, sat beside the bed, kissed his hand, and stared at him when he finally awoke.

He detected a particularly familiar fragrance while drowsily dozing. His stomach began to growl as his body always reacted faster than his brain. When he opened his eyes, he found Pan Lei sitting in the sun, beside his bed, holding his hand and kissing his palm.

Pan Lei moved in for a good morning kiss when he saw Tian Yuan open his eyes.

"If you go back to sleep, my little lazy pig, it will be night. Oh! Hungry, are we? Get up, sleepyhead. I made your favorite food. It makes me sad to see that you've lost weight during this period of time. I'm determined to fatten you up during my stay here."

Tian Yuan was a little dazed. Is this real? He really ran here?

"Are you suffering from hypoglycemia? How about slowing down a little? Just sit back for a while, rest for half an hour, and then get up again?"

Pan Lei helped him lean on the headboard by supporting him. Tian Yuan, who’d been staring at him, grabbed his hand and bit him.

"Ow!" Pan Lei jumped up and shook his hand.

"Oh, my ancestor, you're grinding your teeth with my finger in the early morning, eh?"

Tian Yuan gave a slight nod as he watched Pan Lei hop up and down.

"Does it hurt?"

Pan Lei waved his finger in front of him, allowing him to see. It had four distinct tooth marks on it.

"What do you think? Even if you want to eat spare ribs, you mustn’t bite me! It’s not as if I can’t make them for you."

Tian Yuan kissed the back of his hand and smiled contentedly.

"If it hurts, it means I’m not dreaming. You are really here."

Pan Lei found it both annoying and amusing, and flicked Tian Yuan's brow. This little ancestor also learnt to be a troublemaker.

"Feel up. Is it hot? If you still don't believe it, I’ll remind you of last night."

Pan Lei undid his belt, determined to leave a lasting impression on him.

Finally, Pan Lei didn't do anything lewd since Tian Yuan's stomach growled again. He assisted Tian Yuan in putting on his pajamas, taking him to the bathroom, and preparing the toothpaste for him.

Tian Yuan shoved him out of the bathroom, cleaned his teeth and washed his face, and then puzzled how he had appeared so unexpectedly. Wasn't it strange? Could he have become a deserter from the army? Or was he here to complete a task? Wasn't this illegal? He was a senior Chinese military officer; could he travel abroad whenever he pleased?

Before allowing him to sit, Pan Lei added a thicker cushion on the chair. The congee was just the right temperature and delicious.

Tian Yuan finally got to taste Pan Lei’s craftsmanship again and drank three bowls in one go, making Pan Lei very happy.

"I know that these foreign things are not good. Look at how thin my baby has become. Have some more; have some more."

Tian Yuan had a good appetite. He looked up after eating a bite of congee and saw Pan Lei's proud chin and smiling at himself. He could eat an extra bowl of congee with Pan Lei's attractive face in front of him. He's such a feast for the eyes!

"Why did you suddenly run over?"

Pan Lei laughed mischievously.

"Oh this! That’s what Mom and Dad did for our sake. I’m a soldier of the special forces. Even if I travel abroad, I must file an application. It will take at least three or four months after the approval of numerous departments, which is still quick. Our great father, however, is far too clever. He dug and dug until he secured me a special pass through the Security Bureau. I'm allowed to travel overseas once a month for a week at a time. That is to say, during your year abroad, I can come to see you every month and stay with you for a few days. We don’t have to wait a year. I'll come to see you as soon as I miss you."

Tian Yuan's eyes glowed. This was even better than winning the ten million dollar lottery! He could come once a month and stay with him for a week each visit? This was similar to what happened in China. They didn't have to endure a year of yearning, and they didn't have to suffer. When he missed Pan Lei, he would fly over to see him as soon as the time was up so they could be reunited.

This was simply fantastic.

"Oh Dear Dad! You’re our patron saint!"

Pan Lei was particularly proud and showed off.

"Of course. He’s my father, therefore he naturally loves his son. I guess he’s worried you'll go crazy because of missing me, so he got me this special pass. There is only one of these passes in the entire country. A special pass for a truly special guy. We don't have to call ourselves Cowherd and Weaver Girl anymore, baby. We can meet once a month."

Tian Yuan desperately wanted to leap on Papa Pan and give him a bear hug. Such a father was too adorable and endearing.

"Living apart in two countries like this is too hard for a couple, and cross-border love is too painful. My father was going through these difficulties at the time, so he was concerned about the two of us and gave us this gift because he was worried we'd go insane. When we were celebrating New Year's Eve, Dad gave me the pass. I never told you because I wanted you to be surprised. You must have been startled when I popped up like that yesterday, didn't you? Are you overjoyed? I knew my baby missed me very, very much, so I just came over."

Tian Yuan's face lit up with joy. It was wonderful; it was amazing; he could see Pan Lei every month, which was better than anything else. He would be abroad and work hard for his future, but the days would not be too difficult.

Tian Yuan kissed him as Pan Lei stroked his hair.

"It's great that you can see me every month. I'm so happy!"

"I'm afraid if I don't come over, you’ll be so skinny that you won’t seem human."

Pan Lei pinched his cheeks. He thought that the pajamas he prepared for Tian Yuan before he went abroad were too big for him to wear anymore. It could be due to his mindset, but he simply thought his husband had become too skinny.

Pan Lei hauled out the large suitcase he'd brought with him the day before, and the two of them sat on the floor, inspecting the goodies he'd brought with him.

"My mother asked me to bring this to you, claiming that it will improve your health. Mom took some coarse worms and said to make tea or toss in one or two when making soup to make it a tonic after I told her you had lost too much weight during this time. Dad sent you this box of ginseng. I knew you couldn't eat well here, so I brought you some local food. These are the nuts and beef jerky that you like."

Pan Lei looked pleased with himself as he took out a large bag of nuts, including walnuts, chestnuts, pistachios, and pine nuts. Tian Yuan had a habit of snacking on nuts.

"You can’t get used to sleeping on foreign pillows, can you? I brought you your pillow when I went home."

Pan Lei also took out a pillow. It was really Tian Yuan’s pillow from their home.

Tian Yuan looked at it.

"This is your pillow, not mine."

Pan Lei squeezed Tian Yuan in his arms.

"When I'm not by your side, just hold my pillow in your arms and treat it as if it were me."

"I don't hold anything when I sleep. Why would I want to hold your pillow?"

Pan Lei spoke confidently.

"You must sleep on my pillow. I've already taken your pillow to the army, so this is just perfect."

As he thought of his pillow, he envisioned Pan Lei holding his pillow in his arms and calling baby, baby when he was half-asleep and felt quite uncomfortable for some reason. He remembered Pan Lei holding a pillow in his arms and squeezing it till it was entirely misshapen. His poor pillow! He guessed his pillow will have vanished by the time he returned to China.

"I also brought my pajamas and clothes. Put them here, and it'll be like two people living together. You’ll no longer feel alone."

Pan Lei placed his towel, toothpaste, toothbrush, slippers and what not next to his gear.

Tian Yuan wondered: Are these actions similar to a puppy peeing and drawing circles? Exhibiting your own things to prove that this piece is my territory?

This property was too large for a single person, and he always felt it echoed with emptiness. However, when Pan Lei had organized his belongings here, he no longer had simply his own pair of slippers on the shoe cabinet, but he felt it was filled with sleepiness[1].

It was his heart that reverberated with emptiness, not this place. He felt hollow because that person was not present. Despite being crammed with stuff, it seemed meaningless. But when Pan Lei was present, he could instantly dispel any loneliness. He was the one who made his heart sing. Even the farthest reaches of the world would provide him with a warm sense of belonging when he was with Pan Lei.

A house was simply a house without the man who warmed it. The same as England. He never considered it his home. Their family was in China, and their home was a small two-bedroom, one-living-room apartment. But it had been lively since Pan Lei arrived. There were signs of him everywhere, both upstairs and downstairs, and he had the impression that his home had relocated here.

Some people are born with the ability to drive away loneliness and emptiness. He could talk a mile a minute, fill the house with the noises of pots and pans, and yell "baby!" at any moment and from any place. He was such a passionate man. Even if he was a touch noisy, he gave him warmth and comfort. He gave him a home.

Pan Lei said, my home is where you are.

Tian Yuan smiled. His home was wherever Pan Lei was. He would have a home if he was there, even if it was a crumbling house or a decaying temple, or even if it was the ends of the earth.


[1] This doesn’t make sense to me. Author used 睡意 which means sleepiness.


I released only 2 chapters in May, so I'll post 9 chapters(or more)/month till I make it up.

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IHSC - Chapter 61

Chapter 61 Zombies also pay a visit

"Return to the tomb palace?!"

"Why?! Don't we live well!"

Why do you wish to live in the underground palace? There is no electricity, Internet, other people, or tasty food. Whatever you consider, being on the ground is better, right?

Wang Xiaomie clenched his fists and stared in disbelief at Wen Fengjin.

Wen Fengjin remained silent for a minute before asking, "Aren't you willing to accompany me back to the tomb palace?"

I'm willing to accompany you to the ground, but you're unwilling to accompany me back?

Wang Xiaomie appeared to see this sentence in Wen Fengjin's eyes. He stiffened, and then, like a deflated balloon, the incredible eagerness in his heart to refute Wen Fengjin was entirely shattered.

He didn't even dare to look Wen Fengjin in the eyes.

"I- I don't- not want to go back. But can you tell me why?"

Wang Xiaomie squatted on the ground, his dismayed head about to fall to the floor.

When Wen Fengjin saw him like this, the smile on his face vanished at once.

The exquisite beauty under the moon transformed into an Asura[1] devil who wanted to eat people once his face grew gloomy.

With a single tug, he hauled the squatting Wang Xiaomie over. Wang Xiaomie cut a miserable figure as he tumbled into Wen Fengjin's arms because Wen Fengjin's strength was great and Wang Xiaomie didn't react. For a long time, he waved his hands furiously before being restrained and having his wrists crushed against Wen Fengjin's chest.

In the summer, the thin fabric couldn't keep out the soft tactile sensation of the skin. Wang Xiaomie was in a complex mood since he had been startled, which was accompanied by emotions such as guilt, anxiety, unease, and so on—

In a nutshell, his hair had exploded[2].

"Did you hit me?!" He asked, his eyes wide with anger, and without waiting even a second for Wen Fengjin to respond, he swiftly convicted the man, "You hit me! You hit me!"

He promptly escalated the offense after condemning the man.

"You domestic violenced[3] me!"

Wen Fengjin: "..."

"I didn't..."

"You did! You domestic violenced me!!" Wang Xiaomie's face flushed red, his eyes filled with glistening teardrops, and he yelled, sounding both aggrieved and asking for a beating: "I want to domestic violence you too!"

Wen Fengjin: "..."

He awoo-ed and jumped at Wen Fengjin when he finished speaking, twisting back and forth when he couldn't free his hands, and even wanted to give Wen Fengjin a headbutt with his forehead.

He had the appearance of a girlfriend who was far more brutal than a terrorist. A terrorist could at the very least communicate, but an angry little zongzi was entirely incapable of communicating.

Wang Xiaomie almost hit Wen Fengjin's chin with his headbutt several times, forcing Wen Fengjin to tilt his head back. Then, when Wang Xiaomie used dishonest means to wriggle free, Wen Fengjin tilted backwards more and more, almost toppling.

Boss Wen, whom no one had ever tried to disobey, was likewise enraged in this way.

When Wang Xiaomie rushed over, he let go of Wang Xiaomie's hand and pushed his head with a finger.

Wen Fengjin had slender limbs and was taller than Wang Xiaomie, so when he pressed one finger against Wang Xiaomie's forehead, Wang Xiaomie howled and yelled, "I'll kill you, I'll kill you!" He brandished his clenched fists in front of Wen Fengjin, his arms swinging like a propeller, but he didn't even touch Wen Fengjin. Instead, his "fried hair" appearance while howling was both clumsy and adorable.

When Boss. 'Beauty is in the eye of the beholder' million filter lenses preloaded. Wen saw this scene, the anger that had surged up in his chest dissipated a lot.

However, it was time to straighten out a certain someone.

Wang Xiaomie was lifted up by his armpits and turned upside down before he could react to what was going on. He turned into a figure whose stomach was resting on Wen Fengjin's legs and his upper body on the floor.

"You—! Fu*k! Don't pull my pants! What are you doing! Ah, ah, ah, domestic violence, ah! You're a hooligan!"

At this moment, Bai Yu, who had most likely been awakened by the noise, opened the door sleepily, "What's the matter Xiaomie... what time is it... what a fu*king thrill!"

When he spotted Wen Fengjin had yanked Wang Xiaomie's pants, he gave a nasty smile and said, "Hehe, I know everything, everything~ Sorry to bother you; please continue."

Bang! He slammed the door shut after speaking.

Wang Xiaomie: ...You don’t know shit! Help me!

The sweatpants down to the knee were ripped off. Wen Fengjin held Wang Xiaomie's waist firmly with one hand, raised his head to avoid Wang Xiaomie's wildly kicking legs, and then raised his palm high—



"My a$$—!"

This smack was merciless. Wang Xiaomie screamed, feeling that his tailbone had been broken.

"Speak, are you willing to accompany me back to the tomb palace or not? Huh?" Wen Fengjin frowned and asked him in a low voice.

Wang Xiaomie struggled, tears in his eyes, but he kept his mouth shut.


"Ouch! Wen Fengjin, your uncle! Wait for me to go upstairs and burn you to death with Kai Ming!"

"Answer me! Are you ready or not!"

Wang Xiaomie lay straining on the ground, like a small turtle unable to turn over. While fighting back tears, he managed to send a greeting to Wen Fengjin's relatives. Wen Fengjin frowned, but he didn't have the heart to slap Wang Xiaomie hard, so he spanked him lightly.

He struck him a few times, but Wang Xiaomie refused to submit. The two snowy mounds were completely red. Wen Fengjin's raised hand was lowered again, and after a few moments of silence, he released him.

He said, "You don't have a conscience."

Wang Xiaomie was enraged by this sentence, and he simply stopped getting up. He rubbed his swollen a$$, turned to face Wen Fengjin, and shouted, "I have no conscience?! I have safeguarded you so much in my past life, carried a knife for you, and worried about you because I don’t have a conscience? I have no conscience, so the first thing I do when I regain my memories is forgive you?"

"If other people had encountered a two-faced big pervert like you, they would have run away!"

After Wang Xiaomie finished yelling, he sniffled and his voice weakened, "Besides, even if I don't want to go back, hate to give up a modern and comfortable life, and can't bear to part with a mobile phone, computer, WiFi, air conditioner, takeaway fried chicken and coke BBQ, Marvel animation and games, and..."

"..." Wen Fengjin’s forehead vein was cross-popping, his face getting darker and darker. He was going to say something when he heard Wang Xiaomie say—

"As much as I hate to give those up, if you want to go back, I will absolutely follow you." He reached back with his hand to cover his hurting a$$. Although his voice was low and his mouth was full of reluctance, he still said: "...I’ll naturally go wherever you go, and about you claiming I have no conscience— I’m going to call the police to arrest you!"

When Wen Fengjin heard this, the low air pressure around him gradually dissipated, and his brows smoothed out.

"Ouch! It’s killing me..." Wang Xiaomie’s a$$ was burning with pain, and he glowered angrily at Wen Fengjin.

Wen Fengjin, on the other hand, showed a smile, "So you are not unwilling to return with me?"

"Of course I don't want to return!" Wang Xiaomie mumbled, "But there's no way...if you go, I'll go too..."

Although he preferred a modern and convenient lifestyle, he did not want to be apart from Wen Fengjin. Wang Xiaomie was very clear about this point.

Wen Fengjin chuckled.

He then drew Wang Xiaomie's pants up and massaged his buttocks for him. In a flash of rage, Wang Xiaomie pushed his hand away and remained still on the ground like a salted fish, refusing to turn over.

"...When are we leaving?"

Wang Xiaomie raised his head and inquired after some time.

"We'll be gone for tomorrow and the day after tomorrow." Wen Fengjin, who was waiting for the inquiry, remarked at the time, "But it's not like we're not coming back."

"What?! We're coming back?!" Wang Xiaomie was stunned.

"Yes." Wen Fengjin nodded and added, "I mentioned that I wanted to return since in a few days it will be 40 years since my old friend and I agreed to reunite for drinks. A person's word must be kept. I'm not going to betray my promise."

"So we’ll come back later?"

Wen Fengjin nodded again.

Wang Xiaomie: "..."

"Why didn't you say so earlier!!!" Wang Xiaomie cried out loud. Why the hell did I get this beating?! Ah, my a$$!

Wait a minute!

Wang Xiaomie stood up from the floor, looking suspiciously at Wen Fengjin.

"When did you have a close friend?"

Wen Fengjin having a close friend was almost as miraculous as a rooster laying eggs!

Others were unaware, but how could Wang Xiaomie be unaware? Boss Wen had never had any close friends since he took up duty as a 'Demon Lord' in his previous life. In regards to his 'taking your dog life' cruel off the charts index, practically everyone would turn around and flee when they heard his name.

Could it be a modern-day friendship?

That was even more impossible! They were both 'newly unearthed' cultural relics. He had seen everyone Wen Fengjin had met. How could he have a friend who promised to drink with Wen Fengjin in 40 years?

Is it possible that… Wang Xiaomie struggled to put it into words, "That friend of yours isn’t a zombie as well, is he?"

Wen Fengjin: "He is."

Wang Xiaomie: "..." Great. Nowadays, zombies couldn't slumber peacefully in their own graves; they had to stroll to other people's graves and knock on their door.

"His way of dealing with things is very similar to mine." Speaking of this friend, Boss Wen actually showed some admiration in his eyes. "Although the age difference between him and us is 200 years, his strength is greater than yours."

"What does this have..." Wang Xiaomie pouted, "Even Yi Yan’s 'Sailor Moon' is more powerful than me."

"But the way of doing things is similar to yours..." Wang Xiaomie tutted and sighed, "It looks like another scum."

Wen Fengjin: "..."

"All right, let's go back." Wang Xiaomie rose to his feet, groaning and moaning while clutching his buttocks. The more it hurt, the more he felt that it wasn't worth being inexplicably beaten. It was all because Wen Fengjin didn’t explain things clearly to him. Humph!

"...I’m curious how Sister Lei’s temple repair is coming along. When I return, I’ll take a look."

As Wang Xiaomie wondered about the temple repair, Wen Fengjin went up behind Wang Xiaomie and reached out to embrace his shoulders, but was rebuffed by Wang Xiaomie's glaring eyes.

"Don't touch me! Look at the spanking you gave me!" Wang Xiaomie yelled, like an angry soft and cute puppy. "There is no good end to a domestic abuser! I want to get divorced from a man like you! We’re breaking up!"

"Drink? Bah!"

"..." Wen Fengjin cocked his brows and was about to say something.

Wang Xiaomie realized that it was not good and turned around to flee after that "bah!" His supple movements as he escaped made Wen Fengjin see there weren’t any injuries on his buttocks at all.

All of that miserable shouting just now appeared to be a ruse.

Wen Fengjin followed him to the second story, smiling and shaking his head.

The next morning, Wen Fengjin handed a box to Bai Yu, and said with some deep meaning: "If he proposes something, remember to promise him."

Bai Yu was startled and confused.

But because Wen Fengjin didn't intend to explain, Bai Yu was forced to carry the small box and return to Yi Yan's shop by the route they took yesterday.

And he soon understood what Wen Fengjin meant…

[1] Malevolent spirits in Indian mythology.

[2] "Fried hair" is a word used to describe "hair standing on end" to signify shock, anger, etc. I think this includes hair on one’s head.

[3] Sorry for using incorrect grammar. I wanted it to sound a little amusing. "You abused me" sounds far too serious. WXM is obviously messing around, and in most C-novels, "domestic abuse" has a humorous connotation.


Only "pa!" No "papapa"...


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IDYTRAA - Chapter 171

Chapter 171 Reunion naturally leads to lovemaking

The movement was quick, as if waiting even one more second would kill him from hunger and thirst.

Tian Yuan was no longer as shy this time. The person he yearned for all hours of the day and night was right here, kissing him just above his body. Pan Lei was half-leaning on the bed and continued the action that had been interrupted just now, grabbing the cuff of his trousers and pulling it down hard, flinging it on the floor.

Tian Yuan was dressed in the black briefs that Pan Lei had packed for him. Pan Lei raised his brows in delight and laughed as he kissed his small head through the briefs.

Tian Yuan did not fight back either. He pursed his lips and his eyes were bright, fearless, like a newborn tiger cub. He undid Pan Lei's belt, pushed up his shirt, yanked his sleeve, and assisted him in taking off his shirt and throwing it on the floor, together with his(TY) pants.

Tian Yuan then rose up and pressed Pan Lei under him, straddled his belly, imitated Pan Lei's actions, and took off his trousers. But he couldn't get it off, so he stood up and yanked his trousers down, making it bunch around Pan Lei’s feet.

Pan Lei rolled around on the bed, kissing the corner of his mouth and pressing Tian Yuan under him. Then he stood up, removed his pants, and tossed them into the pile of garments.

"Ge, hug me."

Tian Yuan extended his arms to him, and Pan Lei took his hand in his, kissing the inside of his arm. Then he kissed him from the tips of his fingers up, past the back of his hand, past the wrist, past the inside of his arm, to the shoulder, neck, cheek, and lips.

The lingering kiss, the heated kiss, the French kiss, the shallow peck, the sucking, the hard biting couldn't fully communicate all. He had so much longing, so many grievances, that seeing him again, being in his arms, he wanted to express himself as much as he could.

Just like two wild animals mating, Tian Yuan began to bite back, perhaps his shoulder, perhaps his arm, biting wherever he grabbed, his body writhing under his fingers, twisting and rubbing against him, as if this was the only way he could ignite a broad area. Tian Yuan wished to combust with Pan Lei from his heart to his bones.

Pan Lei nibbled on the fruit on his chest while holding his head. Tian Yuan arched his back and pressed his chest into Pan Lei's mouth as he pulled and sucked on them, eager for more.

In an unthinking action, he lifted a leg and stroked it along Pan Lei's leg, as if every inch of his body was burning with Pan Lei. He yelled out, ge, ge, while rubbing and grinding and biting his lower lip.

Pan Lei clasped his waist with both hands and stroked his lower abdomen with his beard stubble. It pricked and itched, causing Tian Yuan to jerk and curl up like a jumping shrimp.

Tian Yuan yelled, but instead of shrinking, he wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's shoulders and tried to lean on him.

"Ge, ge, you, you hurry up!"

These were most likely his most brazen words: hurry up, stop teasing me, and come in. He'd been missing Pan Lei so much that his body had almost dried up from hunger and thirst. He couldn't wait to get his hands on him. He desired to be coated in Pan Lei's scent from head to toe.

Pan Lei pinched his little head and rubbed and touched it constantly.

Heavy kisses landed on his body one by one.

"Lube is downstairs in the luggage."

It was impossible for one of them to leave the other person even a millimeter away at this point. He'd rupture his blood vessels if you asked him to go downstairs to find that stuff.

Tian Yuan was even less likely to have something like this here. Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan passionately in order to make him relax as much as possible and accept himself.

"Don't go, you're not allowed to take even a single step away from me."

Pan Lei slipped down and swallowed his erect small head when Tian Yuan held his arm to keep him from going. Tian Yuan raised his head and began groaning.

It was far too exciting. The sensation zipped across his scalp, causing his brain to go blank. All of his blood was concentrated in his c0ck, and the most sensitive areas were meticulously served, just like how he was held in this man's palms and treasured by him. He could feel Pan Lei's tongue moving on him and the depth of his mouth. It was too sensitive, too arousing for him to tolerate. Tian Yuan's body froze and burst as he licked and kissed back and forth a few times before swallowing.

Pan Lei spit the cloudy liquid out and started exploring with his fingers. For the time being, this was the only option.

One finger, two fingers, three fingers… Tian Yuan’s body was relaxed, and he could easily move his fingers.


Tian Yuan twisted his body, his face red and sweating as if he’d been thrown into a hot stove. He was uncomfortably hot, like a fever burning through his mind and destroying his sanity.

"Ge! I can't bear it any longer; ge, come in; ge, come in!"

His voice was hoarse as he moaned and sobbed. He'd gotten carried away and could only spread his arms and bring Pan Lei towards himself at the end. He was scared that this was just another of his dreams, as he had had many of them. Pan Lei loved him in every way imaginable in his dreams, yet he'd wake up in a trance with a start, leaving just a pair of sticky underwear behind.

He was scared. He wanted to hold this man and invite him in. He wanted to cling and linger, cumming until he died, just like he did before he left the country.

Pan Lei gripped his fingers, weaved them together, kissed his lips deeply, and then entered slowly.

Unwavering, painfully slow, and inching in.

Pan Lei altered his angle and kissed Tian Yuan when he frowned and made a pained sound.

"Darling, ge loves you, baby, ge loves you, okay? Bear it, it will soon stop hurting. Darling, baby, you’re so good; ge adores you."

Pan Lei kissed the tip of his nose, the corner of his lips, bit his tongue and sucked, held his earlobe, and repeatedly called him baby. He didn't dare to push in hard till he relaxed and the grip was no longer so tight. Tian Yuan groaned, threw his hand away, and wrapped his arms around his shoulder.

Pan Lei kissed him on the lips, then pushed himself up, wrapped his arms around his waist, and tucked a pillow under his lower back.

Pan Lei couldn't take it any longer. He pushed in with all his might, brushing across the most sensitive nerves in Tian Yuan's body. Tian Yuan tightened every time Pan Lei thrust in, but he couldn't hold him in. Pan Lei would pull back, only to thrust again the next second. Tian Yuan could only keep up with his ferocious pounding.

Tian Yuan was left mumbling incoherently. Pan Lei slammed into him before he could utter a word, the impact shattering his words. Pan Lei's ramming was so intense that the entire bed seemed to rock. Tian Yuan could only put out his hand and grip Pan Lei's arm, open his lips wide and mumble nonsense, gasping for breath. He himself had no idea what he was saying.

It was too deep and too heavy. Pan Lei drove in so hard that the violent impact made him unable to remember anything, leaving him with only the ability to hold him, touch his legs, touch his arms, shake his head, and shout.

"Ge, ah! I, I can't take it anymore!"

It was exhilarating, but it was far too intense. This passion and pleasure would shatter him, causing him to fall apart.

Pan Lei hugged him before turning over, allowing him to be on top, buckled his waist, and bent his legs as a backrest to keep him from falling.

He straightened his waist.

"Baby, do you want to cum?"

Tian Yuan laid on his chest and panted, attempting to recover from the bout's fast break. When he looked up, he noticed Pan Lei's wicked smile. He leaned over, bit his lower lip, and held his arm to sit up straight on his body.

Pan Lei freed a hand and stroked his leg, from ankle to knee, to the scorching heat, before returning to squeeze his a$$. He has lost too much weight. It wasn't particularly meaty, so when Pan Lei squeezed it, it didn't feel good.

How much work did he put in, stewing soup and making tea with ginseng and reishi mushrooms, and finally managed to fatten him up a tad, but after tossing and turning in these recent days, he’d lost it all and then some.

Tian Yuan was like a little tiger cub. Who was scared of whom? Wasn’t it just, wasn’t it just being dominant? He, he could be too.

He straightened his back, lifted his waist, and raised up. When he sat down again, Pan Lei pushed up and went deeper, so deep that Tian Yuan couldn't handle it, and his waist softened with just one movement.

Pan Lei clutched his waist, assisted him in rising, and pumped between his legs. Pan Lei pushed up when he fell. After Pan Lei thrust and withdrew several times, he slumped on Pan Lei’s chest, unable to rise up no matter what. His body trembled involuntarily as a result of the deep and forceful pounding. It was too intense for him to tolerate.


Tian Yuan protested softly, acting coquettishly. I don't want to cum, I don't want to cum. He didn’t want to be on top. Pan Lei was able to enter too deeply in this position, as if his soul was being driven out. He was panting and acting like a spoiled child, but his panting voice just aroused the fiercely hungry wolf. Pan Lei held his waist, forbade him to move, and then furiously went in and out from bottom to top. Tian Yuan pleaded for mercy, shook his head, and said, "Don't, don't" but he didn't stop. He went faster and faster, more and more intensely.

Pan Lei pulled out a little, put him in a kneeling position on the bed with his lower back sunken and his butt cocked, and rammed in.

Tian Yuan was gripping the bedsheet and pillow hard, but he couldn't withstand the onslaught. His head was buried in the cushion, and his voice was muffled. Pan Lei leaned behind him and kissed his shoulder, butterfly bone, and spine.

Tian Yuan didn’t like this position, so they rarely used it. He wouldn't be in this kneeling posture if Pan Lei hadn't lost his head today.

Tian Yuan begged for mercy pitifully.

"Ge, not like this, I can't take it any longer. Ge, I want to see, ah!, see you."

Pan Lei flexed his legs, changed his position, and didn’t even think about pulling out. He simply rolled around while staying in Tian Yuan’s body. Tian Yuan exploded once more as a result of this stimulation. He was not sure how many times he came.

Tian Yuan scratched marks on his back and bit him on the shoulder viciously, yet this hungry beast never stopped.

He only remembered being unable to make a sound and being unable to beg for mercy. It was as though his body didn't belong to him. Pan Lei was still in his own body, going in and out. He only remembered that it was dark before his eyes the last time he exploded, and that face, that sweaty face, was unexpectedly so handsome and manly.

He thought so and simply passed out.

Pan Lei kissed him on the cheek, went to the bathroom, cleaned himself roughly, and brought hot water to clean his lover’s body.

He just laid there like this after ripping off his pants, his body covered in all types of marks he left just now. His body was splattered with a whitish liquid, the corners of his eyes were crimson, and his lips were swollen from kisses. Tian Yuan had a disheveled and poignant appearance after being ravaged by him, no matter how he looked.

He was, however, extremely skinny. Pan Lei got a towel and gently wiped his body, stopping at his ribs. Pan Lei's eyes welled up with tears as he kissed his ribs repeatedly and carefully.

"Baby, you have been wronged."


Wild reunion🙈

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June 22, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 170

Chapter 170 Baby, it's me

Tian Yuan was anxious about his college life these days. Every day, he had to go in and out of the autopsy room and accompany his professor to Cloud Hospital. It was sometimes pretty late towards the end of his day. He Lian had picked him up a few times, but it wasn't good to bother others all the time. He didn't believe it was necessary. The community had become more peaceful these days, and even Mrs. Jennifer no longer warned him nervously that there were masked robbers or murdering burglars.

Tian Yuan assumed it was merely a fugitive who had fled to their neighborhood and had since left.

Once again, it was beyond nine o'clock when he returned from the hospital. He Lian stated that he had stuff to do today and continuously advised him to take a taxi back and not return alone.

He, too, was afraid. He was fearful of walking down a dark street alone, and he constantly had the eerie impression that he was being followed.

Tian Yuan returned home in a taxi.

He exited the cab with his computer bag in hand after paying the fare. He Lian's house next door had no lights on, indicating that he had not yet returned. Whew, what a long day! I'm exhausted. His neck hurt horribly, but he was almost to the entrance, so he wasn't concerned. He walked slowly and retrieved the key from his pocket.

He became conscious of someone's rough and heavy breathing behind him the minute the key entered the keyhole.

That kind of oppression and fear scared him witless, his mind chaotic as he thought: No way! Was the thief eyeing me? Is he going to attack me?! Was he going to be assaulted just outside his own door?

What should I do? Right! In his backpack was the high-voltage stun baton that He Lian had given him. Pan Lei, predictably, urged that he take it for self-defense. He'd been lugging it around all the time, and now it seemed like the right time to put it to use.

Don't panic, don't panic; Pan Lei said that the first thing to do when confronted with danger was to not panic. Pan Lei had taught him a few evasion techniques. How should they be used? Shit! What were those military boxing moves?

Blast it! The more critical the need was, the more blank his mind was.

As the person behind him grew closer, Tian Yuan took out his black high-voltage stun baton from his backpack and slammed it at him without even thinking about it.

He even forgot to turn on the switch. He merely hurled the stun baton at the man before turning around and fleeing.

He reasoned that even if he couldn't hit the thief, it would buy him some time, and he'd take advantage of the opportunity to flee quickly and shout for help loudly.

The man behind him had fast reflexes and dodged the high-voltage stun baton that was aimed at him. When Tian Yuan was going to yell, he wrapped one arm around his waist and raised his other hand to cover Tian Yuan's mouth.

Tian Yuan's eyes widened, and he went insane from fear. His brain was blank, and all he could think of was getting away. He thought he was doomed the moment he was restrained. He was certain he would be killed by the robber.

But his body was faster than his mind. He shuddered as soon as the familiar breath, temperature, and warmth approached his body. It was a shiver generated by a sudden surprise, and his body was the first to react. Slowly, his brain responded; the man holding him was someone he would never forget, even in the next life.

"Pan Lei."

Despite the fact that his mouth was blocked by that large hand, he yelled out instantly, Pan Lei. It's him! He's here!

His eyes were damp, and his body shook. When the man who was holding Tian Yuan noticed how much he was shaking, he squeezed Tian Yuan's back against his chest and pressed them tightly together.

It's him, it's him, there’s no one else like him, I’m not imagining him.

"It's me."

Pan Lei buried his nose in Tian Yuan’s neck and took a deep breath, hugged him tightly, pressed his mouth to Tian Yuan’s ear, and suppressed the surging emotions in his heart, telling him: It's me, it's me, I'm here, I'm here to see you. There’s no bad guy; there’s no bad guy with me here.

Deep breathes and a deep embrace, as if this was the only way he could believe Tian'er was in his arms. Oh my darling, you've been through a lot. I know you miss me dearly, but it doesn't matter because I am here. Nobody will dare to even think of doing anything nasty to you because I will be by your side. I'll look after you. I know you miss me, and I miss you terribly as well. I'm here, baby.

Tian Yuan abruptly removed Pan Lei's hand from his mouth, turned around in his arms, and reassured himself using the street light that it was true; he was not someone he imagined, he was indeed by his side.

Pan Lei was smiling at him and caressing his face, standing there like a bandit as usual and staring at him greedily as if he were the most valuable treasure, his gaze scorching yet emotional, and his attitude laid-back and natural.

"You ba$tard!"

Tian Yuan cursed loudly before throwing himself into his arms and punching him in the back.

"You scared me to death."

His voice was coquettish, and the hand hammering on Pan Lei's back weakened.

"I miss you so much, baby."

Pan Lei bowed his head and kissed Tian Yuan's hair while clutching this treasure. He realized how much he'd missed him only after seeing him. He couldn't wait to kiss him all over again and bite him from head to toe. He needed to thoroughly love him.

Tian Yuan was acting coquettishly in his eyes. He'd jumped him from behind without making a sound, hoping to give him a pleasant surprise. He didn't expect to scare Tian’er instead.

Tian Yuan put his arms around Pan Lei’s waist and embraced him. Just hugging Pan Lei made him feel as if this mountain-like man was the safest place in the world.

Pan Lei rained kisses on Tian Yuan's lips, thinking it was time they went home. They were right outside the door but hadn't entered the house. Why are we standing at the door, ah?

Pan Lei took Tian Yuan's hand and used the key that was still hanging in the keyhole to unlock the main door, turning on the light in the room. He was fairly familiar with the layout because Tian Yuan had filmed it using the V8 and emailed it to him.

The switches were all located on the wall near the shoe cabinet. He set the key down and turned on the light.

"I arrived at six o'clock. I didn't inform you because I assumed you'd be home. I had no idea I'd have to wait three hours. I'm hungry. I'll bring my luggage in and whip up something."

Tian Yuan was sent into the room by Pan Lei, who pinched his cheek and went to carry in his bags. It was a large suitcase. With a 'thump,' the oversized bag slammed on the floor.

Tian Yuan turned to face Pan Lei, who had removed his coat and rolled up his sleeves.

I really miss him. Those nights when he couldn't sleep, when he could only stand and smoke against the window sill, when he was rambling over the phone about his grievances, when he couldn't catch a wink and asked him to sing 'green flowers in the army'... He missed him all the time, as if he'd penetrated deep into his bones. Missing him had become like breathing, something that had to be done every minute of every day.

And suddenly he was right there in front of him. The lover he expected to meet after a year was literally right in front of him.

Was he moved? Excited? Perhaps it should be said that he was dying to hug him.

Tian Yuan was in a daze, terrified that this man was a fabrication of his imagination created by his yearning. Even though he was there by his side, he felt terrified. He was worried that this Pan Lei would vanish, that he was a fake, that he was still thousands of miles away, and that everything was a daydream.

This was more stunning than suddenly hitting the jackpot. It would not be surprising if Pan Lei was an ordinary man and appeared in front of him suddenly. He did, however, have a special job, and his whereabouts were kept hidden. So how could he have come here? Why did he appear out of nowhere? This perplexed Tian Yuan, but it was certainly a super shocking surprise.

Tian Yuan noticed that he'd dropped a lot of weight after borrowing the light to see the 'reality.' His body remained tall and straight, but his eyes were deeper.

Tian Yuan wanted to touch him and kiss him.

So, Tian Yuan pounced on him. He'd been standing obediently and honestly until he suddenly moved, pressing him against the wall, gripping his head, and biting his lips.

Pan Lei grasped him with both hands and let him push himself against the wall. Tian Yuan had wanted to do this action, this move for a long time. He jumped on him, forced him against the wall, bit him hard, and then kissed him passionately, pouring all his longing into the kiss.

Pan Lei expected their night to begin after dinner. But Tian'er had plainly missed him too much and didn't want to waste time on something as mundane as eating dinner. Looks like he’d rather eat me.

His sweetheart had also surprised him when he jumped on him and bit him hard.

Tian Yuan took a cue from Pan Lei and bit his upper lip, causing it to bleed. He then licked the blood bead with the tip of his tongue and pushed it into his mouth before entwining their tongues and sucking hard.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, was like a three-month-hungry wolf who had finally spotted meat. He grabbed Tian Yuan's buttocks and wouldn't let go.

He held Tian Yuan's waist with one hand and stroked his back with the other, groping up and down as if patrolling his own territory and ensuring that his treasure was safe before reaching inside his clothes and ripping apart his shirt and sweater.

Tian Yuan ignored his torn garments for once and let Pan Lei do whatever he pleased. He simply wrapped his arms around his neck tightly and kissed him repeatedly. Sucking had made the tip of his tongue numb, his lips swollen, and his mouth full with Pan Lei's flavor. However, it was insufficient. He moved in closer and kissed him again.

Pan Lei's potency had always been unrivaled. He drew his lips back, kissed Tian Yuan's ear, and licked it, his tongue tip following the contour of his ear. When his hot breaths brushed Tian Yuan's ears, he moaned and twisted his body, holding his face and seeking a kiss.

Pan Lei continued to lift Tian Yuan with one hand while undoing his belt with the other. The belt was tossed aside, and the zipper was damaged owing to too much force, but he didn't care. He removed his pants and his underwear simultaneously.

Tian Yuan, who was moaning and panting, took deep breaths and tried not to go insane. They couldn't let loose in the foyer or the living room. They had to find their way to the bedroom. {Amy: WHY? Go wild in the foyer, living room, stairs, bedroom, bathroom, kitchen... Ahem, have you bought a bike yet, Tian'er ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Just asking...}

Pan Lei growled impatiently as Tian Yuan pushed on the arm wrapped around him. As though currying favor, he showered kisses on Tian Yuan's bare chest, which was exposed after he’d ripped off his clothes.

"Bedroom, go to the bedroom."

Tian Yuan leaned back a little and panted, looking up. His clothing was already a mess, his shirt and sweater ripped, his face reddened, and he was gasping for air. He was snugly wrapped against Pan Lei's body below the waist, and as he leaned back slightly, his back made an exceptionally attractive curve.

Pan Lei kissed him on the collarbone and up his neck.

"Fondle it."

Tian Yuan tightened his grip on his neck.


Pan Lei kissed him while holding his buttocks and letting him wrap his legs around his waist. He kissed him as he walked up the stairs slowly.

Tian Yuan became acutely aware of how hot he was at that spot. He couldn't wait any longer. Tian Yuan smirked, rubbed his body, gripped his neck tightly, and kissed him repeatedly with his head tilted to one side.

Pan Lei wished he could f*ck him right there on the stairway. He summoned his willpower, held him, and kissed him deeply, ruthlessly, and a little desperately. He didn't let him go until there was saliva smeared at the corner of his mouth, he gasped for air, and his tongue went numb.

He kicked the door open and threw Tian Yuan on the bed.


papapa coming up~

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June 19, 2022

IHSC - Chapter 60

Chapter 60 What did you say?!

When they departed to return home, it started to rain again. Yi Yan's purple smoke was quite potent. Wang Xiaomie didn't wake up until after midnight.

When he awoke, he immediately tore off his clothing and examined his chest.

Wen Fengjin, who was resting near him, sat up quietly as well.

Except for a tiny red mole, the white and delicate skin was as spotless as tofu.

Although the feather pattern was normally invisible, Wang Xiaomie could sense that it had vanished.

To verify it, he decided to tell a lie and try it out.

But what should he say?

After a brief period of thought, Wang Xiaomie whispered to the air, "Bai Yu is exceedingly fair."

Wang Xiaomie didn't feel any pain after a minute. Click! His eyes instantly glowed like two light bulbs in the dark night!

"Xiao Wenzi, Xiao Wenzi! Look, that thing on me is gone!" He quickly turned on the small night lamp next to the coffin, drew his collar open, and leaned in front of Wen Fengjin.


"It’s vanished!"

Wen Fengjin's face was tinged with indolence, and his gorgeous face was cast in a circle of shadows cast by the warm light, making his deep eyes appear even darker.

He leaned up close to Wang Xiaomie's chest, opened his palm, and smoothed his tangled silver hair back.

"How is it? Is it gone?"

Wang Xiaomie was overjoyed that the unlucky thing had finally disappeared. Due to his excitement, his face was flushed, and he didn't notice that the tip of Wen Fengjin's nose was too close to him, puffing the mildly frosty breath from his nose on him.

And he was getting closer...

Closer and closer~ closer and closer~

A few seconds later, Wang Xiaomie suddenly quivered from head to toe, dully stared down at the silver-haired roguish head, and realized only then that Wen Fengjin had two hair whorls. The older generation folks often said that people with one hair whorl were good and those with two hair whorls were bad.

...The ancients did not deceive me.

Wang Xiaomie's smile faded as he raised his palm and ruthlessly slammed it down. With a low chuckle, Wen Fengjin drew back in time, his already moist and full lips becoming even glossier!

"I'll kill you, stinky rogue!"

Wang Xiaomie reddened and pounced on Wen Fengjin in the coffin to 'beat' him.

Simply put, Wen Fengjin was holding back the laughter that threatened to escape from his lips as he was pummeled arbitrarily. He encircled Wang Xiaomie with his arms and let him bite and hammer while hugging him.

Wang Xiaomie was so tired after beating him for a long time that he wanted to stick his tongue out, and his hands hurt a little, but Boss Wen looked like it was fun.

Wang Xiaomie: ...

I'm pissed off, but I can't do anything about him.

Wang Xiaomie huffed his way out of the coffin to get himself something to eat.

"What are you going to do, hmm?"

An arm tightened around Wang Xiaomie from behind as Wen Fengjin asked in a deep voice, "You're angry?"

"No, let me go. I'm starving to death. I’m going to make myself something to eat!" Wang Xiaomie slapped him on the arm. Wen Fengjin's arm strength was so enormous that he struggled for a long time without breaking free.

Wen Fengjin ultimately let him go when he finished speaking.

Wang Xiaomie flipped over the coffin and escaped. Taking advantage of the fact that Wen Fengjin, who was ready to stand up and follow him, hadn't done so yet, Wang Xiaomie showed him his middle finger before swiftly opening the door and slipping away before Boss Wen could catch him and beat his a$$.

Behind him, Wen Feng laughed softly.

Wang Xiaomie's back felt chilly when he heard that chuckle, and he nearly stepped on air and flew out, face planting on the stairs.

A faint sound floated in the air as he walked past the sofa into the kitchen.

"...Are you planning on cooking?"

"Fu*k! Ghost!" Wang Xiaomie leapt three feet in the air, shivering.

"Are you going to cook..." The feeble voice persisted.

Then, from their living room sofa, there was a rustling sound of fabric, and a white shirt hung in the air like in horror movies. Wang Xiaomie abruptly realized at that moment that his slow heartbeat could one day sprint so fast!

The lights flickered on.

Wen Fengjin had walked down swiftly after hearing Wang Xiaomie's shriek and turned on the light with a frown.

Only then did Wang Xiaomie understand that the clothing was not floating in the air, but rather that Bai Yu was there in front of him dressed in white!

Wang Xiaomie covered his palpitating heart: "...Brother, didn’t I say that you should whiten your skin, ah? I'll pay whatever it costs, but you need to buy some facial masks for your use."

"...Are you going to cook?" Bai Yu stared at Wang Xiaomie with empty eyes and said the same thing.

Bai Yu's eyes welled up as soon as Wang Xiaomie nodded.

"Please, Big Brother, cook quickly! I'm starving! I'm dying of hunger. Everything in our refrigerator is raw, and don't get me started about ordering takeout! The delivery rates that those delivery services charge to deliver food at this location are totally ridiculous!"

"Ying ying ying, I've almost finished all the fruits."

Bai Yu hadn't eaten lunch or dinner that night, and he was a big eater to begin with. His stomach hurt because of acidity when he was hungry. Unfortunately, his cooking skills could cause a kitchen explosion, thus the only thing he could safely make was boiled eggs.

However, Big Boss Wen did not eat after returning home, and Bai Yu did not dare to eat alone. Furthermore, Wen Fengjin had strictly warned him not to go to the second floor.

Bai Yu, who didn’t have enough intellectual capacity in the first place, sat on the sofa blankly, tearfully eating grapes because he was too hungry, and debating whether to go upstairs and call Wen Fengjin.

He sat like this till late at night...

After listening to Bai Yu whining and complaining tearfully, Wang Xiaomie’s mouth twitched as he patted Bai Yu on the shoulder, an old father’s fondness named 'I have a dumb son' surfaced in his heart.

"Clean up the peels on the table, I'll cook." Wang Xiaomie looked at Wen Fengjin, "Fengjin, do you want to eat?"

Wen Fengjin nodded slightly as he leaned against the wall, arms folded.

"Okay." Wang Xiaomie sighed, "Just wait for me; we'll eat delicious food right away!"

Bai Yu cheered and shouted, "Xiaomie, you’re like a second parent[1] to me!"

"No way!" Wang Xiaomie was terrified: "I can't have a son like you!"

Bai Yu: …[heart congestion[2]].jpg

… …

When he got to the kitchen, Wang Xiaomie opened the refrigerator and took out a bunch of ingredients to celebrate—whatever he wanted to celebrate. In short, there will be a hundred ways for foodies to rejoice and eat delicious food.

Wang Xiaomie spread poison[3] in the middle of the night and prepared a variety of dishes.

As soon as Wang Xiaomie started stir-frying in the wok, Bai Yu sniffed the aroma and drooled as he gripped the kitchen door and peered inside. Wang Xiaomie was amused by the eager little eyes.

After over an hour, the food was finally brought to the table.

Wang Xiaomie preferred highly seasoned foods, whether spicy, sour, or salty. The more stimulating the taste, the better. This was in line with the preferences of most modern teenagers, and Bai Yu was no exception.

However, Wen Fengjin disliked seasonings such as onion, ginger, and garlic, which left an aftertaste in the mouth, as well as oily and salty cuisine. As a result, Wang Xiaomie went overboard and made two versions of everything.

One large and one small serving.

Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu ate from the large portion, while Wen Fengjin ate the small one.

Bai Yu, his eyes burning red with hunger, grabbed a small ceramic bowl with cherry blossoms painted on it and filled it with rice. He took up the chopsticks and started stuffing himself.

He made time to offer Wang Xiaomie a thumbs up while he was busy eating.

Bai Yu: Like[4]!

Nom nom nom. Bai Yu was overjoyed to eat, his dark face was filled with pleasure, and little flowers danced on the top of his head.

To be honest, watching him eat gave Wang Xiaomie a sense of contentment, and he could eat a bowl of rice more than usual. With such a feast, Wang Xiaomie picked up his chopsticks and shoved the delicious food into his mouth as well.

Only Wen Fengjin's table manners were elegant among these three individuals. Even when he used chopsticks, he carried himself with a blend of dignity and recklessness.

It was almost as if a leader and two small pigs were eating at the same table.

Wang Xiaomie sat opposite Bai Yu on the sofa after finishing his meal and stroked his tummy comfortably. Wen Fengjin referred to it as "Ge You’s paralysis."

Xiaomie was sitting like this actor called Ge You.

Wen Fengjin and Wang Xiaomie didn't require sleep, whereas Bai Yu frequently went to bed in the early morning hours after playing with his phone or fiddling with his research. Wang Xiaomie went to the refrigerator to grab three popsicles because none of them wanted to sleep right after eating.

Because Bai Yu had consumed all of the fruit, they could only eat popsicles for dessert.

As a result, the three of them opened the French windows, sat on the small platform beneath said windows, and began sucking popsicles while gazing at the moon.

The moon: ...

The cool breeze after the rain was really refreshing at night. Naturally, it was impossible for Wen Fengjin to lick a popsicle. Even if he wanted to, he’d find a deserted spot and face Wang Fengjin to...ahem!

In short, Wen Fengjin only took a few frowning nibbles, and the rest of the popsicle went into Wang Xioamie's stomach, who leaned on Wen Fengjin's shoulder and slowly licked it, dribbling on Boss Wen's arm. Fortunately, he was not beaten.

The two whispered sweet nothings. Wang Xiaomie would giggle whenever he said something, whilst Wen Fengjin remained expressionless, but the atmosphere around them could drown anyone.

Bai Yu sucked on his popsicle while getting stuffed on dog food, almost singing to the moon: 'This hatred will never end[5].'

After he finished sucking the popsicle, Bai Yu exclaimed with the popsicle stick in his hand: "Sigh, thank you again for your patronage."

"When you look in the mirror, you should be able to see how dark your face is." Wang Xiaomie earnestly advised him, "If you want to get out of Africa and into Europe, you still need to buy a lot of facial masks."

"...What you said is somewhat reasonable," Bai Yu nodded silently. "Then the question is, who will pay for the facial masks?"

"Of course, the organization will provide it!" Wang Xiaomie patted him on the shoulder, "Don't worry! I'll order two boxes of the best facial masks today!"

Bai Yu was moved to tears: "Big brother~"

Wang Xiaomie held his hand: "Second brother!"

Wen Fengjin, who was sitting nearby and watching their antics[6]: "..."


Boss Wen’s face sank, "Hand!"

Wang Xiaomie and Bai Yu's expressions changed, and they let go swiftly. Wen Fengjin frightened them both.

Wang Xiaomie promptly returned his hand to Wen Fengjin's, while Bai Yu grasped the popsicle stick timidly, not daring to be mischievous.

At this point, Wen Fengjin stated to Bai Yu, "I'll give you a box tomorrow. Bring it to Yi Yan and tell him it's his payment."

He never expected to be able to run errands for Boss Wen, and Bai Yu was stunned for a second before nodding and agreeing, feeling elated.

He'd only said a few words to Boss Wen since arriving, and Bai Yu was awestruck by the presumably all-powerful Wen Fengjin.

Furthermore, even if it was a minor affair, being able to assist others gave Bai Yu a small sense of happiness.

I’m such a good guy, right...

Bai Yu acted as a profound thinker, sighing deeply at the moon. I am so exceptional and perfect.

How is it possible that someone as good as me exists in the world?


Bai Yu was sleepy after another half-hour of sitting. He went to his room after saying goodnight to Wang Xiaomie and Wen Fengjin.

"Let's go to sleep too." Wang Xiaomie inquired of Wen Fengjin.

Wen Fengjin uttered a 'mn' but did not rise. He instead raised his head to face Wang Xiaomie. His deep eyes were studded with light spots by the moonlight, and his wonderfully flowing silver hair looked stunning in the cool light.

The handsome man who looked down on the world smiled, and he stunned the moonlight as well as Wang Xiaomie.

In a trance, Wang Xiaomie stared blankly at his face.

"Xiaomie," Wen Fengjin called out, his smile deepening.


"Let's return to the tomb palace."



Wang Xiaomie's eyes widened: "What did you say?!"


[1] Like a second parent is an idiom which means "my great benefactor."

[2] The word used here is xinse. It's an Internet word used to express distress, and translates to "my heart feels stuffy".

[3] It refers to late-night uploading of mouth-watering food photos on Moments, which can easily result in stomach cramps, excessive drooling, and poor sleep quality among friends, family, and foes. It is particularly lethal in the middle of the night, when its killing power is at its peak. In Moments, this and PDA are referred to as the 2 key cancers.

What a funny explanation! I found it on Baidu.

[4] as in a Facebook post, for example.

[5] A line from "Song of Everlasting Sorrow." It was composed by the poet Bai Juyi and describes Emperor Xuanzong's love for Yang Guifei (one of the Four Beauties of Ancient China) and his perpetual grief over her death.

[6] chōu fēng: spasm; convulsion. It is used in netspeak when a person behaves abnormally, making it difficult to understand them. Frequently used to insult/roast others.


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