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IDYTRAA - Chapter 93

Chapter 93 Uncle, is this my aunt?

Tian Yuan had a pleasant demeanor. His ‘violence’ towards Pan Lei was the result of his rage at Pan Lei. To be honest, it was because Pan Lei spoiled him. He was usually polite, modest, cordial, and conciliatory in social situations. All of his petty tantrums were directed towards Pan Lei. Naturally, he preserved the most flawless side in front of his mother-in-law. Everyone admires nice people, especially those who smile.

After reacting to his mother-in-law’s words, Tian Yuan was acknowledged as "the most excellent son-in-law" by the family. The more Dean Dang Hong looked at him, the more she liked him. She became increasingly sure that this man was exceptional and had been ruined by her bandit son.

He was an excellent surgeon who, like most doctors, was morally upright. He possessed all the qualities of a great catch. He would never have fallen into Pan Lei's clutches if he were a woman.

The entire Pan family laughed at Tian Yuan's "mother." Pan Lei stepped over and boldly hugged Tian Yuan's shoulders.

"Mom, the daughter-in-law that I found for you is the best. Are you satisfied?"

"Satisfied, extremely satisfied. He’s a good kid. You must treat him well in the future."

There are no flaws whatsoever. My son truly has the greatest vision.

Daughter-in-law? Tian Yuan snuck his hand up to Pan Lei’s waist and pinched him fiercely.

Pan Lei screamed.

"Are you f**king pinching me?"

He acted smart, attempting to use his family’s strength against Tian’er, believing that with so many people on his side, he could be unscrupulous. He rubbed his waist with a complaining expression.

"What's wrong with pinching you? Can't I?"

"Okay, okay, ancestor, with so many people around, could you spare me a little face? If you want to pinch me, you can do so whenever you want when we get home."

He lowered his voice and pleaded for mercy in Tian Yuan's ear, begging for him to save some face because all the elders were present.

"Wife slave."

Pan Zhan flatly spurned.

"Oh? So you're not a wife slave? Don't mock me! You’re not any better!"

Pan Lei retorted. His eldest brother was well-known for his devotion to his wife. When the pair clashed and his wife raised a commotion, he never dared to retaliate. Wasn't this the case of the pot calling the kettle black? What was he so complacent about?

"He is afraid of me because he loves me. Why do you care?"

Sister-in-law Pan stood up and clamored with Pan Lei on Pan Zhan’s behalf.

"I am willing to be pinched by him. It is a little bit of fun between us lovers. Why do you care?"

The brother-in-law and sister-in-law got into an argument on the sofa. For the elders, it was routine. When the family got together, the younger generation would always argue like this.

Sister Pan had a fiery temper. She dashed over, eager to battle Pan Lei once more. Pan Lei was unfazed by her. She couldn't beat him no matter how hard she tried. He would have taught her a lesson if it hadn't been for the protection of his Eldest Brother.

Tian Yuan frowned. He couldn’t ignore the fight between the two.

He cleared his throat.

"Pan Lei."

He yelled in hushed tones. Pan Lei, the tamed tiger, was pushing up his sleeves ready for a fight when he suddenly turned into a kitten.

"Humph! I’ll listen to my hubby. Gentlemen don’t fight with women."

The rolled-up sleeves went down, and he obediently returned to Tian Yuan. Tian Yuan nodded his head. Very well-behaved.

Grandpa Pan burst out laughing.

"Oh? Everything truly has a weakness! Leizi has been a rogue since he was a child. He’ll be obedient now that Xiao Tian is here. That’s good. As they say, a man will not experience misfortune if he has a good woman at home."

"Grandpa, Tian'er is also a man. He dislikes being addressed as wife or daughter-in-law. Since he doesn't like it, I'm also not happy."

Before Tian Yuan could even grimace, he refuted his grandfather's characterization of him as a good wife. Tian Yuan would still pinch him for being disrespectful.

The old lady gave the old guy a stern look.

"Why didn’t you inform us sooner? Xiao Tian, you are our good grandson."

"Okay, stop making trouble. It’s time to eat. Leizi, take Tian Yuan to freshen up. Show him the way to the dining room."

Dang Hong hurriedly summoned everyone to the table. They had important things to do after the meal.

Pan Lei dragged Tian Yuan to the bathroom, caging him between the sink and his body. He turned on the faucet, continuously caressed Tian Yuan's hands, and took advantage of the opportunity to press his head against Tian Yuan's shoulders, tilting his head sideways to kiss Tian Yuan's neck.

"I like your family."

Tian Yuan whispered his confession. Despite the fact that Pan Lei’s pestering to meet his family had made him feel pressured, this pressure catalyzed a family’s happiness and warmth. His parents were caring, his grandparents were gentle, and his uncles and brothers were kind. This display of intense affection made him like them a lot. It was unfortunate that this family was a little unreasonable.

"They like you, too, baby. I'm pleased you like them as well. We are a family. You accepted both myself and my parents. We're a real pair from now on. We'll have minor squabbles and arguments, but we'll be quite happy. Your parents are also my parents, just as my parents are your parents. Just like for straight men and women, our marriage is the union of two people and the fusion of two families. Darling, you have no idea how delighted I am to see you happily conversing with my mother. I am extremely satisfied since my love and my beloved mother get along like mother and son.”

Love was a matter between two people. However, if these two people were to be together, it was a matter of two families. Introducing your lover to your parents was motivated by a desire to be blessed and acknowledged. All comrades[1] wanted to introduce their partner to their parents, but there was too much societal pressure and misunderstandings that made them shy away. They didn’t want their parents to be upset, so they could only wrong themselves.

But this couple was unique. Although Pan Lei’s family was powerful, he had already dealt with everything. The method had been absurd and high-profile, but it had undoubtedly paved the way for Tian Yuan to enter the door. It shielded Tian Yuan from even the faintest suggestion of contempt, derision, or harm. This was also a way Pan Lei showed his love.

Tian Yuan turned around to embrace Pan Lei. He was wedged between the sink and Pan Lei, practically sticking together. They were both unconcerned about their dripping wet hands.

Pan Lei kissed him and held him.

"Me too."

Tian Yuan mumbled. I am overjoyed that you have enlightened parents and a loving family. Thank you for sharing your parents and family with me. Thank you for letting me be a part of it and enjoy your parents’ love and the warmth of family with you.

Pan Lei’s kisses were not fierce, but rather lingering.

Tian Yuan smiled as he teased him with pecking kisses. That's when he invaded, kissing him passionately. He wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan’s waist, and hoisted him so that just his toes were touching the ground. Tian Yuan could only tighten his grip on Pan Lei’s neck. As they kissed, their bodies became entwined.

"Uncle, uncle, third grandma[a] asked that I call you to eat."

The little girl knocked on the door untimely, and kept hitting the door. Pan Lei bit Tian Yuan's neck with reluctance.

"This proves I can't raise a child. Right now, all I want to do is grab her and throw her out on the street. Baby, I’ll support you instead and consider you my son."

Pan Lei's words utterly destroyed the romantic ambiance created by the long and gently lingering kisses. Tian Yuan couldn't take it anymore. This jerk! How did he become his son all of a sudden?

With the new strawberry mark on his neck, he lifted his foot to kick Pan Lei's leg, glared at him, and opened the door.

He knelt down and scooped up Pan Zhan's daughter.

"Can you tell me your name, little darling?"

He knew the names of the big figures in the Pan family, but he still didn’t know much about others.

"Pan Shiji[2]. My nickname is Ling Si'er."

When the little girl smiled, her two missing front teeth were visible. She was at the age of losing baby teeth. It looked a bit funny. Her hair was styled with two bows. The girl had inherited her mother's legacy. She was lovely and exuded the unmistakable Wonder Woman aura.

Tian Yuan stumbled and nearly fell. He gaped at the little girl who was beaming like a flower.

Pan Shiji? Her father's nickname was Po[3]si'er, so his daughter's nickname became Ling Si[4]'er? Was this also an inheritance?

Who came up with this name? It… it was… too awesome, okay? It was enough to leave everyone stunned.

Pan Lei wrapped his hand around Tian Yuan’s waist and walked towards the dining room. Naturally, he was used to it.

"She was born in the new century, which is very commemorative, so she is called Shiji. As it happened, she was born in 2004, so her nickname also followed her father's, and she was called Ling Si'er. Although she is the family's eldest granddaughter, we all call her son. When her father hears it, his face stiffens."

Tian Yuan gazed at the child, thought about Pan Zhan, and finally looked at Pan Lei.

"Your name is much more appealing."

Pan Lei was overjoyed and kissed Tian Yuan in front of the little girl. Even though he was chastised for being brainless, he enjoyed listening to it.

"Don't play around. Be careful of teaching her bad things."

Who would have guessed that Ling Si'er was fearless? She stared at them with two big watery eyes, as adorable as Bambi. What horrible individual gave her that outrageous name?

"Uncle, my father said, this uncle is your lover. Are you going to get married?"

The little girl, with her large Bambi eyes, voiced a naïve question in her childish innocence.

"Yes, as long as he agrees, we'll marry, and Ling Si'er will surely be a flower girl for her uncle?"

Pan Lei stroked the child's hair. He couldn't rear children, but that didn't mean he despised them. He was quite good at playing with other people's children.

Ling Si'er heard something intriguing and bounced in Tian Yuan’s arms, asking excitedly, "Then, uncle, he is my aunt, right?"

Such a sweet child - How come she questioned as if she were a little devil?

"Auntie, I’ll call you auntie. Shouldn’t you give Ling Si’er a red envelope?"

Tian Yuan glanced at Ling Si'er's innocent eyes and wanted to tell her that if she had wings, she could fool everyone into thinking she was an angel. However, the Pan family did not have angels. The Pan family was a wacky bunch of jerks. From the old to the young, they were all different kinds of crazy.

Pan Lei grinned, thinking Ling Si'er was too cute. Tian Yuan’s expression as he stared at her was even cuter. He was stumped by the question of who was more adorable.

Pan Lei took out his wallet, counted 500 mint one yuan notes, presented them to Ling Si’er, and said pompously.

"Honey, buy yourself some candy, okay?"


[1] Homosexual in slang.

[2] Century.

[3] Po means broken.

[4] Ling means zero or naught. Si means four. So the nickname is “No four”.

[a]Pan Lei’s mother.


What a family! 😂

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 92

Chapter 92 Son-in-law, call me mom

Dean Dang Hong's hands were typical of a surgeon's - white, delicate, and dexterous.

In two strokes, she peeled a thin layer of skin from the apple in her palm, cut it into little pieces, and pushed it to Tian Yuan.

"His father dislikes seeing me wielding a kitchen knife or a fruit knife for fear of injuring my hand."

Tian Yuan grinned. Pan Lei appeared to have adopted his father's good behavior.

"He's in the same boat. At home, he never allows me to use a kitchen knife. He claims that a surgeon's hands are used to cure diseases and save people, not to conduct laborious tasks such as cutting meat."

Dang Hong possessed all of the qualities of a fantastic mother. She was nice and compassionate. The most attractive woman in her son's eyes was his mother.

Dang Hong rubbed a little dust off Tian Yuan's shirt as he patted him on the shoulder.

"Leizi has a short fuse. When he gets upset, neither I nor his father can keep him in check. You must have been through a lot, my dear boy."

"No. He will not harm me, no matter how angry he is."

Tian Yuan turned around and observed Pan Lei talking with the male family members about something. A gang of uniformed men was bound to debate something. He was a good man. He was really nice to him, despite his irritability. He was certain of it from the bottom of his heart.

"He doesn't allow me to cook on my own. When he is not at home, he requests that Zhang Hui deliver food to me. When he’s at home, I don’t have to worry about anything in the house. He takes care of even the most insignificant details, such as bathing. He has a nasty temper, but he never gets mad at me. We had a fight a few days ago. He was so enraged that he broke everything in the house while not even touching my finger. He is a good man. He's really nice to me."

He was well aware of what Pan Lei had done for him. He remembered even the trivial details, such as sharing dumplings and peeling garlic for him. Not to add that he went out of his way to defend him despite his own safety. Pan Lei had a loud voice, as if it had an amplifier built in, but he never disturbed his sleep. He was irritable and impatient, constantly looking for a confrontation. He was similarly abrasive with Doctor Li, but he bowed his head and tried his hardest to please him. He never responded, whether it was Tian Yuan laughing and kicking him or fighting.

He was harsh to others, but gentle with him. Pan Lei was true to his words: All my tenderness is for you. No one else will have it.

Dang Hong grinned, clearly pleased. My son is a bandit, but he met someone who could like a bandit. Even though he’s a jerk, this man likes him and accompanies him. This is enough. Besides, even if my son is a bandit, he is also a Liangshan hero[1], right?

"Leizi has a one track mind. His love will be for a lifetime. Since you are together, you must live a good life. If he bullies you or provokes you, you must tell us, okay? Your parents will support you. Your father’s military rules aren’t just for show. He’ll be severely punished. Don’t let him fool you. He is an immature child. He has to get whatever he desires. He must have tricked you too. Posi’er said that he stalked you. You must have gotten the short end of the stick. Am I correct?"

Tian Yuan flushed slightly. He recalled Pan Lei carrying him up for the first time.

"Our family is so busy that no one ever stays at home for more than a few days. When there are too many people, they eventually start fooling around. When Pan Lei, Pan Zhan, or Pan Ge return home, they are all tested in this manner. Make yourself at home and don't be concerned. It will become second nature to you. Allow them to cause havoc. You can just enter the house the next time you come home, no matter how fierce they are, whether it's like a martial arts movie or a war movie. It was not easy for Leizi to have met you. There will be no objections from anyone in the family. I consider you to be my son. You and Leizi must lead a happy life. Don't argue and split up. Things like that are not tolerated by the elders."

Tian Yuan shrank his neck, but remembered that the jerk had already put them in place from the start. The military rules of Pan Lei were still posted on the wall. Article 10: Love is forever. No breakups permitted. The elder generations found it easy to follow, but they must persevere and remain together for the rest of their lives.

Dang Hong was overjoyed when she noticed Tian Yuan nodding his head slightly. She patted Tian Yuan's hand, smiling more and more lovingly at him.

"Leizi is extremely fortunate to have you spent his entire life with. I'm at a loss for words when it comes to that little monster. From childhood to adulthood, he has been a bad thing. Which kid in the military facility hasn't been beaten by him? Even today, some individuals run away when they see him. When he gets into a fight, we usually go over and apologize. He's in his thirties now, and he's still causing havoc. Please assist mum in caring for him now that you're together. Simply beat him up if he is disobedient and causes trouble. I'll let your father thrash him to death if he tries to lift a hand at you."

It looked like violence was a family trait. Dean Dang Hong had spent too much time with this band of soldiers and rogues. On the exterior, she appeared soft and compassionate, but she also believed that a clenched fist raised a filial son.

"He doesn't cause trouble. He listens."

Tian Yuan was a little worried. He couldn't stand by and watch them beat Pan Lei. Wouldn't it harm his back if they whipped him? His line of work was inherently dangerous. How could they possibly consider employing a whip? What should he do if something went wrong?

Dang Hong was ecstatic and couldn't quit grinning. Her son and his partner were madly in love. As a mother, she felt relieved.

"Tian Yuan, what about your family?"

"I’m an only child, and my family consists of just my parents."

"Why don't you invite them over? If you have parents at home, don't travel far,[2] as the old adage goes. Bring them over here, ah. You live with Leizi and either leave your existing residence to your parents or relocate to Leizi's residence together. If the house is too little for you, we will purchase a larger one."

Dang Hong was also an activist, and wanted to implement her proposal immediately.

"Old Pan, let's get a bigger house for the kids. Pan Zhan, is there a three-bedroom and two-living room house in the recently developed real estate? Pay attention and see if you can spot one."

When Pan Lei's father heard Dang Hong speak, he agreed without any hesitation.

"All the cheque books and passbooks are in your hands. You are free to use them however you see fit."

"My father is wise."

Pan Lei quickly backed him up. For a long time, he had longed to shift his residence. He wished to purchase a larger home with a separate study so that Tian Yuan would be able to read and work in peace.

"No, no, no need. There are only the two of us. My house is big enough. Besides, my parents don't want to come. They’re getting old and nostalgic. All of their relatives and friends live in their hometown, so they are reluctant to leave. I return on a regular basis and pick them up twice a year for their physical examinations."

He didn't come to snatch any of the family's belongings. How could he allow his mother-in-law to purchase a home for them? This present was far too large. Tian Yuan nervously waved his hand and glared at Pan Lei. This jerk just knew how to add fuel to the fire and make things worse.

"Good. You must stick with it. Regular examinations are required as people age. Some diseases have a long period of incubation. Regular exams should be performed just in case."

Dang Hong supported this approach from a medical standpoint.

"Your parents aren't aware of Leizi yet, correct?"

Tian Yuan nodded, feeling a little sorry for Pan Lei. Pan Lei brought him home to meet all of his relatives, but he remained hidden from his parents. He felt sad for Pan Lei, but his parents had always been stern and severe. He didn't dare to behave rashly for fear of causing difficulties. Not everyone was brave enough to come out. Pan Lei came out from the closet with great fanfare. His mother, however, would beat him up and sweep him out if he dared to bring Pan Lei home.

Dang Hong didn’t criticize him either. As a son, he knew best how to deal with such a situation.

"If they really don't understand, just tell us. It might be useful if we as parents talk about it."

"Don't worry. There are no parents who enjoy beating their children. They may think it is wrong at first, but as long as you are happy, they will gradually understand and accept it. When Leizi declared in front of everyone that he liked men, his father was angered to death. But he knew it was pointless to beat him. Instead, he accepted it. It’s fine as long as you stick together. We parents don’t mind."

Her son was living his own life. Was it necessary to criticize and beat him? Even if he was forced to surrender, he would be miserable for the rest of his life. Was it possible to be happy while their son was depressed?

"Tian Yuan, I heard from Leizi that you’re the deputy director? The deputy director of surgery, right? You have a lot of talent. What do you specialize in?"

As a mother-in-law, she naturally cared about the future of her son-in-law. If her son-in-law was happy at work, her son wouldn’t be too concerned. There was no shortage of military personnel in the Pan family, but they were lacking talents in other areas. She was the dean of a hospital. Naturally, she hoped her son-in-law was an authority figure as well.

"I’d like to study further and specialize in cardiothoracic surgery."

"Oh! Come to me if that's what you're looking for. I'll take you in. You look up to me as a teacher and you’ll be a good son and a good student for me. I hope to be able to pass on my expertise to someone. Leizi requested me to find you a job a while back. I'd previously planned it, but he also mentioned that you don't want to work on nepotism. I also admire your perseverance. It is, nonetheless, natural for people to aspire to greater positions. Tian Yuan, Lin Mu works at the Armed Police Hospital. He is also a rising talent in medicine. I considered it, and Mom really wants you to come over. It will bring us closer together, and I will retire after passing on all of my medical knowledge to you. When you do great things and people ask, "Isn't that your son-in-law and student?", Mom's face will glow, won't it?”

Dang Hong was a cardiothoracic surgery expert whose surgery had a success rate of more than 98 percent, and her medical talents were acclaimed as divine. If he went to the Armed Police Hospital and accepted his mother-in-law as a teacher, he'd study from one of the greatest in the field, publish a few articles, and then go on to enhance his education. In the near future, he would undoubtedly become a rising star in the medical field.

"Auntie, I really don't want to leave my job right now. Despite certain disappointments, I will continue to say the same thing. I don't want to rely on nepotism."

"You have the same temper as our family, child. You're so upright. Leizi has been a special forces soldier for three years, and no one knows that he is the military region commander's son. You and Leizi are a perfect match. Neither of you want to rely on family."

Dang Hong patted Tian Yuan on the shoulder, liking him even more. After a brief moment of thought, she recognized that something was amiss.

"Hey! I addressed you as ‘child’ and also stated that you are now our son. Why are you still referring to me as aunt rather than mother? Hurry up and call me mother."

"Come on now. You’ve accepted every one of your mother's meeting gifts. You won’t be able to back out now."

Tian Yuan couldn't help but blush when he heard Pan Lei speak. Everyone stopped talking and gazed at him, waiting to see if he changed his words. Once he changed his way of address, he would genuinely become a member of the Pan family.

"Mo… Mother."


[1] Refers to the outlaws in Water Margin. Read more at Wikipedia.

[2] One of the Confucius teachings. It means, don’t go away from home if you have parents. Stay and look after them. One can leave home only for a great undertaking.


Mama Pan is the culprit! Pan "pushy" Lei must have learned from her!

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 91

Chapter 91 The whole family gives their blessings

Tian Yuan finally met his mother-in-law after overcoming all obstacles. It hadn't been easy, and those people had terrified Tian Yuan. His face was still pale when he sat next to the little old lady.

"Look at this child, he’s scared. Third daughter-in-law, go and make a cup of ginseng tea for this child to help him cope with the shock."

Grandma turned to face her grandson and his wife. Despite the fact that 'she' was a man, the more she looked at him, the more she liked him.

Just as Dean Dang Hong was about to get up, Pan Lei went to the kitchen, brought a tea set, and poured a cup of tea for Tian Yuan. He reached out to hold his hand as he worriedly looked at his pale face.

"Are you all right, baby? We're just fooling around. It's all a ruse. Don't be afraid, ah!"

This shameless jerk was brazen and groped his hand in the presence of so many elders. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, had a thin face and avoided touching his hands.

"It's just that it's a little difficult to accept. This is more exciting than watching a movie."

It was too harrowing to watch a martial arts film turn into an American gunfight movie in the blink of an eye.

Pan Lei poured him a cup of tea, but with so many elders in the room, he shouldn't have given him the first cup. Tian Yuan gave it to the little elderly lady.

"Grandma, have some tea."

The old lady’s small face bloomed like a flower, her wrinkled face full of smiles. She patted Tian Yuan's hand, but she was upset.

"Yo yo, look at this child. He’s better than all of you. Leizi ah, this child is far better than you. Granddaughter-in-law gave his tea to grandma."

Granddaughter-in-law? Tian Yuan raised his brows and threw Pan Lei a super big eye roll. He was a grandson-in-law, all right?

The old lady drank a sip of tea before pulling out a red packet and stuffing it into Tian Yuan's hand.

"It's a present from Grandma. Purchase some clothes that you like."

Pan Lei snatched it from Tian Yuan's grasp and stuffed it into his pocket the moment he noticed Tian Yuan's desire to return it.

"I'll keep his money for him, Grandma."

Grandpa and Grandma came from well-to-do families. It was just a small red envelope, but it could contain a rare Hetian jade or an heirloom. It would undoubtedly be worth a lot of money. When Pan Zhan married, his grandmother gave him and his wife a pair of jadeite glass[1] jade rings, which were very valuable ah!

They were both grandchildren-in-law. Tian Yuan would not be treated badly by Grandma either.

Pan Zhan laughed and shrugged his shoulders. The beautiful woman who stood beside him in a heroic stance smiled at them as well.

"Aren't you too careless, Big Brother? Tian'er has never been in a situation like this before, but you let them scare him. Can you afford to have him scared?"

Pan Zhan couldn't help himself any longer. He laughed as he wrapped his arm around his wife's shoulders.

"I'm glad I married your sister-in-law after I got out of the army; otherwise, your sister-in-law would have been treated the same way."

"I would have fought alongside you, honey. I wouldn’t have backed down."

Pan Lei and his sister-in-law had a similar temper, and she enjoyed fighting. After getting into a fight, she and Pan Zhan got to know each other. She'd wanted to play a real CS[2] with these uncles for a long time. It'd be awesome to fight with real guns.

"As a result, you are the least successful of the three brothers. It was a waste of our family's hard work. You and Pan Ge are identical. You both have no idea how to serve your country. I have let down my military uniform."

The dignified old man who had just played tricks on Pan Lei stood at the door. When he looked at Pan Zhan, he had a heavy expression on his face. He was angry with his eldest grandson for leaving the army after only a few years. He gave up his uniform, and became a businessman. He was the Pan family's only businessman for three generations. Nobody knew who was to blame.

Pan Zhan coughed and lowered his head. The whole family still had opinions about his private decision to retire from the army.

Pan Lei's uncles and father entered the room as soon as the old man entered. They were all formally dressed in pine-green military uniforms. The ironed uniforms looked majestic, causing the room's happy atmosphere to abruptly turn serious.

Tian Yuan had no idea what the stars on their shoulders meant, but seeing eight or nine guards with live ammunition standing at the door made him gulp nervously. He was at a loss for words.

The guards had live ammunition in their guns, and these elders also had pistols on them. Shit! If things get hairy, will they pull out their guns and start shooting each other like in TV dramas?

Pan Lei took his hand and squeezed it. When Tian Yuan looked over, Pan Lei turned towards him and grimaced, making Tian Yuan smile and relax.

The old man carried his sword and the three elders in military uniforms carried guns as they sat down with a sullen face, as if holding a military meeting. The main topic of the meeting was how to resist the attacks from South Korea and the United States.

Pan Zhan's wife took the little beauty away. The room was big and it was full of people but no one dared to speak anymore.

"What are you standing for? Sit down."

When the old man spoke, everyone took their position. Dean Dang Hong sat beside Pan Lei's father. His second aunt sat next to his second uncle, the eldest aunt sat beside eldest uncle, and granny sat beside the old man. Pan Zhan sat a little farther away with his wife and daughter. Pan Zhan was rebuked and sat out of the way to avoid harm from any unexpected explosions.

"Leizi, take a seat across from us. If there is anything shameful, sit across from us and let the whole family know about it."

Tian Yuan tightened his grip on Pan Lei's hand. No way! Was the scene he imagined really going to happen? Would the entire family unite in opposition, forcing them to break up?

Pan Lei didn't hesitate. He dragged a small sofa over, let Tian Yuan sit down first, and then sat.

"Tian'er, this is grandpa and grandma."

Tian Yuan wanted to stand up and greet them when Pan Lei introduced him, but Pan Lei pressed down and stopped him.

"Grandpa, Tian'er was kidnapped two days ago and was frightened. He is still a little shocked, and will not stand up."

"Sit down; there is no need for such formality at home."

The old man nodded calmly as the old lady poked him with her arm. The old man remained unmoved.

"Eldest uncle and eldest aunt."

Tian Yuan nodded and smiled, and the eldest aunt returned his smile.

"Second uncle and second aunt."

Second uncle was not very serious, and nodded with a smile.

"My dad and mom."

Dean Dang Hong was ecstatic, but his father had no expression on his face. Were all soldiers truly selfless? Did they all have stiff faces? These faces suffering from facial paralysis… were they hereditary?

"Leizi, is he the one you’ll spend the rest of your life with? Can you promise to treat him well for the rest of your life?"

Pan Lei faced his parents and responded solemnly in front of the entire family.

"I promise."

"I heard that you quarreled the other day? Xiao Tian, can you stand Leizi's temper?"

Now that they were together, he accepted Pan Lei's strengths and weaknesses. No matter how enraged, Pan Lei wouldn’t dare hurt him.

Tian Yuan gave a nod.

"He is not sensible. I’ll teach him."

Pan Zhan chuckled, and so did all the other serious seniors. Leizi now had another parent to discipline him.

The old lady nudged the old man again, and he coughed.

"This child is good. It is a blessing for Leizi to have such a child accompany him for the rest of his life. Today, the entire family has gathered here. As their elders, do you have anything to say?"

At first glance, it appeared that the old man was the final authority figure in this large family. The real power, however, was in the hands of the old lady. She poked him twice and jumped to Tian Yuan's side without saying anything. The old man's words were as authoritative as a military directive. No one dared to have another opinion after the old couple had agreed.

"Have you given them our red packet, old lady?"

The old man asked in hushed tones, which made the old lady laugh.

"Yes, I did. It was the first one. This child is wonderful, and he has a good temper. He is more filial than these three children. He even offered me tea. It’s not easy for someone like Leizi, our family’s little devil, to meet this child."

The old man finally stopped grumbling. He now looked at Tian Yuan as if he were looking at his own grandson. Since he was a child, Pan Lei had been a bad thing. Meeting Tian Yuan, this gentle and elegant person, was a blessing for him.

Tian Yuan was embarrassed by the two aunties' red envelopes. Pan Lei, on the other hand, eagerly accepted all of the red envelopes handed to him before Tian Yuan could properly thank them. Pan Lei's mother presented them with a pair of rings, prompting Pan Zhan's wife to exclaim in awe.

"Wow! This is fantastic. It's a pair of limited edition foreign couple wedding rings. Third aunt, your gift is the best."

Pan Lei grabbed it and placed it on Tian Yuan's finger. He swung it left and right, thinking it looked good from every angle.

"Tian'er, will you agree to marry me if I kneel down and propose?"

He lowered his voice and whispered in Tian Yuan's ear that the wedding ring was ready. Even though there were no roses, wouldn’t a cauliflower from the kitchen suffice?

"If you dare to do something like this, I'll leave right away. Do you understand what it means to have shame? Just be honest and sit there."

Pan Lei was reluctant, but he didn't dare to provoke Tian Yuan. He wanted to get down on one knee and propose, ah! When was Tian'er going to nod his head?

"Third daughter-in-law, ask the kitchen to hurry up and prepare food. Leizi, call your second brother back. Let's eat quickly, so we can play a few rounds."

When the old man saw how crowded the place was, he didn't want to linger with a few drinks at the banquet, but instead wanted to eat quickly and play a few rounds afterward. Play what? Mahjong.

"Xiao Tian'er, do you know, your grandmother and I are so old, and we don’t even have entertainment. The nanny at home doesn’t play with us. If we go out, there is no one of our age to accompany us. The younger generation is busy, and they don’t want to accompany us. There are so many people today, just enough to play. Hurry up, and have a good meal.”

The old man was full of bitterness. The solemnity and majesty had just vanished all at once. It is said that the elderly are similar to children. The older they get, the more they have to be coaxed.

The men were no longer sullen as they sat together. In fact, they were not actually sullen and solemn, but they were used to acting solemn in the army. They couldn't forget who they were while wearing uniforms. They sat for tea in their unbuttoned military uniforms. Brothers, fathers, and sons sat together, having forgotten who their commander-in-chief was. It had devolved into a routine family gathering.

The topics they discussed were all about the military. They discussed the deployment of the military area, foreign warfare, the arrogance of the Americans, the situation in Iran, Saddam's downfall, Obama's re-election, and Ma Ying-jeou's attitude.

They were all soldiers who talked in speculative tones. Pan Zhan also joined in. Tian Yuan didn't say anything. He was preoccupied with his work. He didn't have the opportunity to be interested in news or politics, and he knew nothing about the military.

Dean Dang Hong, his mother-in-law, drew Tian Yuan aside. They were both of the same mind. They were both doctors, so there were bound to be plenty of topics for this mother-in-law and son-in-law to discuss.

In other words, the mother-in-law liked the son-in-law, and the son-in-law liked her son. She had always been very curious about Tian Yuan. She'd been eager to meet him ever since Leizi told her he'd found such a doctor as a partner. Now that she’d seen him, she thought that Leizi’s description of him was too one-sided. This child was better than she had expected.


[1] It’s the best grade of jade. A finger-sized ring can be auctioned for a price of 10 million yuan.

[2] CS in raws. I think it refers to Counter Strike, a shooter video game.


It's great to read stories where the family supports MC and ML getting together. (*^▽^*)

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July 12, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 90

Chapter 90 Surmount all difficulties to meet mother-in-law

The little devil of the Pan family was returning to the military area compound, and the military compound and his family members were beginning to take action.

Pan Lei parked his car outside the military area's compound, stretched his neck, and examined the scene inside. Everything appeared to be normal - there were security personnel at the door who appeared to be on high alert.

Pan Lei dialed Pan Zhan's number.

"Brother, we’re here. What's the situation inside?"

Pan Zhan burst out laughing.

"Everything is business as usual. But this time there are a few more stumbling blocks. You should not walk past Political Commissar Wang's door. The Wang family's eldest daughter is still waiting for you. Grandpa is doing Tai Chi swordplay, Grandma is holding my daughter, the second and third uncles are playing chess on the grape trellis outside the door, and the aunts are discussing something. Your sister-in-law, by the way, is at the first door. Let me be clear. That’s my wife. You better be careful. Got it?"

Pan Lei hung up the phone and took a deep breath.

Tian Yuan became even more concerned when he noticed he was no longer smiling.

"What's the problem? Isn't it obvious that this isn't going to work? Let's go back okay? Don't irritate them."

"This occurs every time I return home, darling. I want you to understand why I don't enjoy returning. It's not that I don't love my family; it's just that I can't stand these monsters sometimes. You have nothing to be concerned about. Just hide behind me, please. When I tell you to run, you go fast. Even though the bullets are fake, they cause pain when they strike your body."

Ah? He was there for the first time, but he would have to deal with bullets? And how did you overcome the obstacles? Tian Yuan's face became pallid.

"They actually picked you up right? You’re not their own."

Pan Lei couldn't take it any longer. He embraced Tian Yuan and kissed him passionately.

"Oh, why are you so adorable, my dear? Don't worry, this is only one of the many ways they show their affection for me. Only after completing their test will I be able to demonstrate that I did not disgrace the old Pan family. When I say run, you don't have to do anything; just run."

Pan Lei drove in a circle after going through the gate, avoiding the Wang house. Miss Wang was the bride he brought up the mountain as a child while playing bandit games. Perhaps she'd had too many games, but she was determined to wait for Pan Lei. She was expecting him to drag her up the mountain so she could marry the robber Pan Lei. Miss Wang requested leave and waited at home when she learned that Pan Lei was coming to visit. She wore a snow-white gown and stood at the entrance, eager to see Pan Lei.

What a joke. If he brought Tian Yuan home and let him meet Miss Wang, he’d surely be thrown into a vinegar tank for three days. Their honeymoon period had barely begun, so anything that could induce jealousy was out of the question.

Pan Lei cranked up the engine and drove through the junction. Damn, Miss Wang was really waiting there!

He discreetly exhaled a sigh of relief and dashed to the house.

It was completely quiet.

Pan Lei softly opened the car door and drew Tian Yuan in with him. Something wasn't right. It was unusually silent.

Pan Lei quietly pushed open the door. The military area's compound was developed in the Siheyuan architectural style. The wings were arranged in a square, enclosing a vegetable garden in the center. You could enter the entrance and gain access to the left and right wings, as well as the main home.

Siheyuan, also known as Sihefang, is a traditional courtyard-style building in China. Its layout is a courtyard with houses on all sides, enclosing the courtyard from all sides in the middle.

A sword sprang at Pan Lei as soon as he opened the door.

Seeing it stab towards Pan Lei's throat, Tian Yuan didn't even think about it, and threw a gift box in his hand.

Fortunately, he had a gift bag with him when he got out of the car. He was embarrassed by the fact that his hands were empty, but he didn't expect it to be useful.

Pan Lei snatched Tian Yuan's arm and forced him through the door.

"Stay behind the closed door and don't come out."

The sharp sword did not come to a halt. It rushed at breakneck speed, slamming towards Pan Lei's throat, chest, and belly, leaving after images in its path like the tiny sparkles from firecrackers. To avoid the attacks, Pan Lei leaped and dodged. When he saw the blade approaching at a low angle, he took a couple quick steps back.

"Grandpa, this is about your grandson's happiness for the rest of his life. You can't ruin it."

"Little brat, looks like your husband attaches great importance to you. Your fate is pretty good ah! You managed to swindle such a good child."

The old man was about 90 years old, but his skills were agile. Pan Lei didn't dare to face his grandfather head-on, so he had to dodge.

"Grandpa, I really love him okay?"

"I don't mind. How long have you not honed your sword skills? Your bones are quite hard, and your flexibility is poor. The white crane spreads its wings! The celestial being gives direction! Fetch the moon from the seabed!"[1]

The greatest joy of the old man was to parry a few moves with his grandson and give him pointers.

Pan Lei followed his moves and counterattacked, grabbing his grandfather's wrist.

"Grandpa, who uses these in modern warfare? They use only guns to talk."

"Kung Fu is the most important thing when it comes to fighting hand-to-hand. How are you going to talk with a gun?"

The old man was lively and his hair was almost all silvery white. Age had not bent his back, nor had his eyes lost their radiance. He winked at his three sons, who were standing behind him.

Pan Lei pulled Tian Yuan out and patted his clothes.

"Scared? My grandfather used a machete when he fought the Japanese, but now he uses a sword."

"Does he treat you like a Japanese devil[2] that needs to be cut down?"

Tian Yuan was once again convinced that Pan Lei must have been picked up as a baby.

A gunshot was fired, followed by a snap, before Pan Lei could say anything. It left a small imprint on the door. If it had been a solid bullet, it would have passed through the door.

"I'm not going to warn you again before shooting ah."

Pan Lei bellowed, his lower body arched like a cat, and drew Tian Yuan away from him by wrapping him around his waist and hiding. Finally, they hid behind a large water tank used for raising fish.

"Boy, didn't you say that modern combat uses guns to talk? Then try your marksmanship. Then put your marksmanship to the test. Behind the flowerpot is a type 95 automatic weapon. If you have the ability, kill three of us before entering the house!"

"Hide in this place. Don't crane your neck to peek out."

The martial arts film had evolved into a gunfighter film. Who were these individuals, ah?!

Pan Lei sprinted and rolled swiftly. Tian Yuan felt his heart squeeze as he raced, seeing bullets hit his feet. Empty bullets can't kill people, but they hurt, don't they?

Pan Lei picked the type 95 automatic rifle behind the flowerpot. His motions were swift and precise. He drew the safety, aimed, loaded the bullet, and fired. The bullet flew out in the blink of an eye. Someone yelled because of getting shot.

Pan Lei's muzzle turned, and the battle ended after two straight shots.

In the midst of the scent of gunpowder smoke, Pan Lei threw the gun away. Three guys in their 50s and 60s wearing military uniforms approached Pan Lei under the grape vine, smiling.

"How can you do this, Uncle, Second Uncle, and Dad? When I returned, you greeted us like way, ah! Can you really afford to frighten my family's Tian'er?"

"Oh! Take a look at this little brat. He forgot about his father after marrying. That's fine; your abilities are adequate. Come on in, all the ladies are waiting for you."

Tian Yuan was ready to meet the three elders when Pan Lei yanked him away. A lovely woman flew over and exchanged blows with Pan Lei as he was ready to enter the house. She was swift on her feet and had terrific balance. Pan Lei became irritated and threw a fist at her.

"Pan Lei, that's my wife!"

Pan Lei's motions came to a halt when he heard Pan Zhan's roar, his fist stopping an inch from the beauty's pink cheek. The beauty took advantage of Pan Lei's pause and turned around to touch Tian Yuan’s cheek.

"This young man is so handsome."

"Sister-in-law, don't molest him!"

Do you want to put your hand on Tian Yuan's face? Dream on!

Tian Yuan was rendered speechless. Oh my god! Who are these individuals? Just who are they, ah?

An elderly lady sat on the sofa, dressed in a black silk cheongsam with a design of large peony blossoms in full bloom and a green hairpin on her head, holding her snow-white hair. Next to the little old lady was a small beauty.

The little elderly lady smiled at Tian Yuan, and Tian Yuan returned the grin. However, the muscles on his face were tense since this collection of family members who were all so singular had made him feel a little overwhelmed.

Who would have guessed that the small old lady, who appeared sweet and delicate, would raise her hand and fling something that shone silver in the light? Pan Lei immediately evaded it and escaped the attack. Tian Yuan regarded it with apprehension - it was a fruit knife that was nailed to the door frame.

Nobody in Pan Lei's house, from top to bottom, from elderly to young, was simple to deal with; there was no regular person. He truly wanted to leave after seeing such a family. It was too frightening, okay? Were all military families' get-togethers like this? It was even more terrifying than societal criminal groups.

"Come, Xiao Tian, and take a seat. We hadn't had such a large family gathering in a long time, so we were all a little excited and let you get scared. Mom will cut the fruit for you. Have a seat."

Tian Yuan was still terrified until a sweet voice materialized alongside him, causing him to quiver in terror. He was concerned that someone would attack Pan Lei again. He spun abruptly around to see a middle-aged woman wearing a light pink cardigan with her hair pushed up, spectacles, and a kind smile. On her body, there was a faint odor of disinfection.

Nothing needed to be explained. Tian Yuan comprehended everything with the sentence "mom will cut the fruit for you." All these people were relatives, and this was Pan Lei's mother, Dang Hong, the dean of the Armed Police Hospital.

She was a legendary figure, a cardiothoracic authority, and a leading talent in the medical world. She turned out to have a pleasant and beautiful smile on her face. Despite having creases at the corners of her eyes, she had beautiful skin and a well maintained figure. Her temperament was serene and demure, and her smile was kind.

His mother-in-law turned out to be a lovely lady.

Dean Dang Hong held Tian Yuan's hand.

"Good boy, don’t be afraid. It’s just that our house is never occupied. Leizi does not return all year, and his father and I don't always stay at home. It's not easy for us to get together, so we just want to have some fun. Give Leizi some trouble and see if he can handle it. After all, his work is special. They’re just making a scene and letting you see a joke. They don't usually do that. I asked Leizi several times to bring you home, but he said you were too busy with work. I, too, am a doctor. I understand how hectic things are."

Tian Yuan grinned and turned to face Pan Lei. He was at a loss for words. His in-mother-in-law law's was far too nice. She didn't appear as ferocious as he had imagined. This bunch of individuals had terrified him, but it appeared that he had a caring mother-in-law. And the more she stared at her son-in-law, the happier she seemed to get.

"So it's this child."

The little elderly lady finally spoke up and called out to Tian Yuan, her voice soft and southern-accented.

Dang Hong pulled Tian Yuan to take a seat close to the elderly lady.

"You've been through a lot, my child. I know my grandson very well. Since he was a child, this brat has been a jerk. He must have bullied you a lot. Leizi, now that you have someone willing to follow you, you must treat him nicely. Look at this kid, he's so handsome."

"Xiao Tian'er, call me grandma. When you walked into this house, you became a member of the Pan family. Don't be nervous or restrained. This is your home."

What a good young man. So good-looking, calm, and dependent on Pan Lei. From the time he walked in, he did his best to safeguard Pan Lei, and it was evident that his affections were strong. Such a good child was ruined by their family’s Demon King. They must do their best to make it up to him for willing to put up with that little bastard.


[1] These are all Tai chi moves.

[2] Japanese devil is a common term of abuse in wartime China and in subsequent writing.


Well! Now we know why Pan Lei is so...everything.

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July 7, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 89

Chapter 89 Racking brains for an excuse

The first time a daughter-in-law encountered her mother-in-law, she was normally very frightened, thus Tian Yuan's fear was reasonable.

On the first day, he feigned he wasn't feeling well. Pan Lei served him tea and water, massaged his waist and thighs, chopped a fruit, brought him a plate of nuts, and bought him some pastries.

The second day, Tian Yuan complained about his sore body. Pan Lei believed he had exerted too much energy. His physical strength was far superior to Tian Yuan's. A special forces instructor's physical health and that of a doctor who did not exercise were worlds apart. Pan Lei took Tian Yuan's hand in his and apologized for losing control and hurting him, promising to be more careful 'next time.' He continued, "Because your muscles are sore, I'll massage them for you."

On the third day, Tian Yuan refused to get up claiming he had a sore waist and backache. He said it was because Pan Lei held him too strongly the night before. When Pan Lei expressed uncertainty, he demonstrated his point by displaying the bruises on his waist. Pan Lei, in fact, gripped Tian Yuan's waist last night to keep him from fidgeting. Pan Lei had been successfully duped and was distraught to death.

“OK, we're not going today.” Pan Lei relented. We won't go if you don't want to. There are four days left on the one-week leave. I don't believe you'll be in poor health over the next four days.

On the fourth day, Tian Yuan hid under the comforter, pondering what fresh reason he could make to avoid going to Pan Lei’s house.

Pan Lei cautiously climbed onto the bed, lifted the quilt, and peered inside, allowing them both to converse inside the dark tiny tent made by the quilt.

"Do you feel better today, honey? If you continue to lie on the bed, you will become uncomfortable. Let's go for a walk downstairs."

Tian Yuan shrank his head and refused to come out of the quilt.

Pan Lei lowered his face deeper under the quilt, which was covering their heads.

"I don't have the energy to run with you for five kilometers."

"I'll run; you just keep an eye on me, okay? Come on, stand up! Get up, please. Get some fresh air instead of staying buried like a bean. Otherwise, your body will quickly develop bean sprouts."

Pan Lei had always dreamed that Tian Yuan would join him in his workouts. Even if it was merely a quick morning run, it was preferable to not exercising at all.

Tian Yuan slowly emerged from the quilt, and Pan Lei assisted him in retrieving his clothes. He'd be OK after three days of rest, no matter how uncomfortable he was. Furthermore, no matter how fierce Pan Lei was, he never bled. It was his muscles which were a little strained. Pan "first-class masseuse" Lei had massaged him till he was at ease, and he was already feeling better. He was merely playing tricks because he didn’t want to see Pan Lei's parents.

Pan Lei stretched out and began running around the community's small jogging track. His daily exercise regimen was strenuous. He couldn't, however, train at home. He would have come down and done a few laps even if it wasn't for Tian Yuan's sake.

Every time he ran a lap and passed Tian Yuan, he would pause and kiss Tian Yuan's cheek with a loud muah. Tian Yuan's face was hot, but he smiled as he stared at him. How many people entered and exited this community? Pan Lei ran a dozen laps, kissing Tian Yuan over ten times. A few people were already standing nearby, staring at the two of them.

When Pan Lei came by, his face was not heated or panting, and there was no evidence of sweat on his brow. He drew Tian Yuan along with him.

"I can't run."

Jogging was definitely Tian Yuan's least favorite activity. It made him so fatigued that he thought his heart and lungs were about to explode. As a result, he never ran.

Pan Lei grasped his hand in his and moved forward slowly.

"Just run one lap okay? One lap is fine. It's just a kilometer. It will be done soon."

Tian Yuan was dragged and forced to run. He appeared to have returned to the university campus. A girl was holding his hand and dragging him around the jogging track at the time. He was a mature man now. In this world, things are constantly changing, and no one can predict the future. He had always thought he liked ladies, but suddenly he was in love with such a bandit-like man.

It's no surprise that some individuals believe that all guys think they like women until they meet their better half. They realize they are gay only after meeting their better half.

Forgive Tian Yuan for not working out okay? He couldn't complete the lap despite the fact that it was only a thousand meters. Pan Lei had to slow down and accompany him around the short jogging track.

"Tian'er, let's go home tomorrow. My mother has repeatedly called. Everyone is looking forward to seeing you."

Tian Yuan bowed his head and quickly thought of an excuse.

"Simply state that I am suffering from a headache and will be unable to attend. Let's go back, I've got a headache."

Pan Lei sighed and rubbed his brow.

"Why do you resemble Lin Daiyu[1]? A truly beautiful jade-like beauty with a melancholy and frail body ah~"

Pan Lei made an orchid gesture with his fingers. Tian Yuan was so enraged that he grabbed a finger and bit it. With his height, he still dared to do the orchid gesture?! He didn't know any better, did he? Pan Lei laughed and tugged him along as they continued their trek. 

{T/n: Orchid gesture is where the tip of the thumb gently touches the distal part of the middle finger and the remaining fingers are slightly flexed, making the hand resembling the petals of an orchid flower. It is considered a sign of grace and femininity.}

"In other words, you still don't want to go?"

Tian Yuan was a man with strong convictions.

"I'm suffering from a headache."

He yelled at Pan Lei, completely unaware that he was a ‘patient’. He should at least pretend to have a headache if he claims to have one. His face was ruddy and his voice was loud. In what manner did he resemble a person suffering from a headache?!

Pan Lei was well aware that it was a blatant lie. But he didn't say anything about it.

"You were in pain on the first day. It's fine that we didn't go. You didn't want to go the next day since you were still sore. You refused to relocate on the third day. It's fine; it's just a little unreasonable. You say you have a headache and don't want to go on the fourth day. Tian'er, they are not tigers, but my parents. If you're afraid, I'll take you to the zoo to view the tigers and help you develop your courage, okay? They don't eat people, you will like them."

They're all excuses, and each one is worse than the one before it. He isn't even imaginative. Besides, regardless of how inventive he is, I will bring him home this week and introduce him to the entire family.

The whole family was curious about Tian Yuan, including his grandparents who were 80 or 90 years old.

I’d rather see the tigers at the zoo than his house.

Even the most unattractive wife has to see her in-laws. Are you unattractive? You are flawless in my view, more gorgeous than a fairy."

"Get lost. I'm a guy. Don't make a comparison between me and a woman."

"My grandfather supports us, and my elder brother and second brother will also be there. What are you afraid of? How about this? I’ll call Zhang Hui and the others. Let them accompany us."

"We're not planning a robbery. Why are we bringing so many people?"

This was a visit to receive recognition from the family. It wasn't a robbery, but a family gathering. But there were so many people, and they all wielded so much power.

“So, what's the issue? That's it. We'll go tomorrow. Your objection is without merit. Even if the sky falls tomorrow and you are unable to get out of bed due to illness, I will carry you to my place. In any case, a new bride is always carried into the house. I casually mentioned to my brother that we were officially together and had married.”

Tian Yuan was deafeningly silent. He realized he couldn't put it off any longer.

"Let's head to the grocery store. We can prepare for tomorrow now that we're downstairs. I'd like to get some money."

Pan Lei appeared to recall something, but luckily he had his wallet with him. You need money to swap money, ah.

They went shopping for gifts at the supermarket. It was the first time this new son-in-law would see his mother-in-law, so he had to make a good impression. Tian Yuan questioned aloud in the wine aisle if it was appropriate to present Maotai [2]as a gift. They could return to the mall and purchase a coat for his mother.

"Tian'er, don't look at these. There aren’t many dishes in the house. Let's go there and select some dishes you like."

"Aren’t we here to prepare gifts for your parents?"

"They've been prepared by my eldest brother. This afternoon, someone will bring them over. He is always responsible for gifts and the like. I don’t understand anything about gift giving, and I'm not sure what my parents prefer. My eldest brother knows it better than me."

Tian Yuan couldn't help but wonder whose parents were they. He had no idea what his parents loved! Poor Pan Zhan was forced to deal with everything.

During checkout, Pan Lei purposefully gave over 500 yuan in cash and received a bundle of ten yuan notes in change, making his wallet bulge.

"Ah, why do you need so much change?"

"For the purpose of playing mahjong. When the family gathers, the primary focus is on playing mahjong. Let me tell you there’s a spacious living room with three or four tables. Everyone - men, women, young and old, enjoys playing mahjong. They even forget to eat."

Tian Yuan was taken aback. This… Ah, what type of family was this? What brings together men and women, young and old, to play mahjong? They met at a military complex to gamble?

"Shit, 500 yuan is too little. You will undoubtedly be coerced into playing mahjong. Do you know how to play mahjong, Tian'er? I'd better get more prepared, or you won't have any money to lose."

He brought out another 500 yuan and exchanged it for small change, emptying up the supermarket change, which caused the cashier girl to continue rolling her eyes at Pan Lei.

Pan Lei placed eight hundred yuan worth of change into Tian Yuan's wallet when they returned home.

"My gambling luck is quite good. We'll be playing against my granddad jointly this time. The old man is quite wealthy. Because we are newlyweds, we need to save more money. Carry some food with you, by the way. It’s not that my family has no food, but no one bothers to cook. It’s impossible to keep waiting for them before eating. You can cushion your stomach when you are hungry."

Tian Yuan grabbed Pan Lei.

"Tell me everything I need to know about your family. Why do I have the impression they are not like any other family? Nothing you say will frighten me."

Tian Yuan assumed that his family was a traditional household. With so many soldiers, it was evident that this was a military family that had been passed down for generations. Shouldn't a general's family be very severe and have militarized management? He didn't dare to go because he assumed everyone would be glum. He was terrified that a certain military officer would shoot him to death for the crime of stealing his son.

Contrary to expectations, the family turned out to be one in which everyone neglected to eat while playing mahjong together. No one could accept such a chasm between imagination and reality. He was already terrified of confronting the severity of the military personnel strewn about the home, with the authority to deploy the soldiers. His adaptation was not particularly strong. What sort of superhero family was this, with a son profiting from his father and a grandson triumphing over his grandfather? It was far too unusual. Would they jointly hurl mahjong tiles at a male son-in-law returning home?

"I told you that the moment you see my family, you will fall in love with them. Don't worry, you'll see what I mean tomorrow."

Pan Lei was adamant about his family. Although they were serious when confronted with important issues, they all came together for pleasure, and everyone enjoyed playing mahjong. Some agreements were made more effectively at the mahjong table.

He was overjoyed when he realized Tian Yuan would be receiving a large number of red envelopes the next day. After so many years, he might finally be able to recoup some of his losses.


[1] Lin Daiyu is a female character in The Dream of Red Mansions, cousin and thwarted lover of Jia Baoyu. The Dream of Red Mansions is one of the four Great Classics in Chinese literature.

[2] Maotai or Moutai is a style of baijiu, a distilled Chinese liquor. The liquor is one of the most universally popular in China. Buyers regularly spend about up to $127 for a bottle of Moutai but the price can rise dramatically for rare and good vintages. Some bottles sell for up to $20,000. Alcohol by volume: 38.0%, 43.0%, 53.0%.


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