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IDYTRAA - Chapter 113

Chapter 113 Let’s go back, okay?

Please Note: To avoid confusion, I've used "father" and "mother" when Pan Lei addresses Tian Yuan's parents. When Tian Yuan addresses his parents, I've used "dad" and "mom". 


"You are the one who misled my son! Don't think a smack will be enough to make me forgive you! And you! Instead of liking a good woman, you prefer this type of man you scoundrel! What kind of drug does he give you to make you so fixated on him? You're preoccupied with the happiness in front of you, but what about your future? You must think about us, about your prospects, and about your old age, no matter how taken in you are. Isn't that right? How can you be so confused?"

"Mom, I am very happy with him. Believe me." He was truly very happy. Pan Lei was a good man. He'd done a lot for him. Why couldn't they comprehend this?

"I will continue to treat him the same way I do today. I won't make him regret being with me. If you don't trust me at present, give us some time and I'll prove it to you."

Shouldn't this be fine? They were unable to accept their relationship at this time. Then they could see how he treated Tian Yuan and how happy their lives were. If three or five years was not enough, let them see for ten or fifteen years. They will be in conjugal love every day for the rest of their lives and be as sweet as honey.

"Mom, don't you want me to be happy? He is the one person who can make me happy. Please accept him."

"Mother, I use my integrity as a guarantee. I will make him happy."

Mother Tian cried out as she stared at their eager eyes, then at her husband's enraged expression.

"This is a sin! My good boy, how can you do such a thing?"

What Tian Yuan feared most was his mother's tears, which were a form of heart-wrenching torture. Why did they have to coerce him? Why did they have to be this way? Why must they insist on causing pain to both parties in order to find a way out? All they desired was to be together and happy.

"Take a look at your great deeds! Your parents are already in their sixties, and you continue to anger us to death. You are truly our good son!"

Tian Yuan knelt on the floor with a thud. I beg you, please, your son is unfilial, but he wants to be happy. Your son can't lose him.

Except for the fact that Pan Lei was a man, there was no issue. What did it matter if he was a man? Nobody was harmed by their being together. Why did the joyful occasion of introducing his lover to his parents turn into such a tragedy?

How could Pan Lei stand there and see him kneel and beg? Was that helpful? He couldn't defend him from the wind and rain as his lover; all he could do was watch him get hurt? He took Tian Yuan's hand in his and knelt beside him on the floor.

A man has gold under his knees*, and he only kneels to Heaven and his parents. They knelt to make an earnest appeal to their parents. They would be happy and would not feel regret. They implored their parents to accept their relationship for the sake of their happiness.

Pan Lei got down on one knee. Blast it! I knelt the last time because I wronged Tian'er. But this time, he didn't believe they'd done anything wrong. Let it be. Kneeling in front of his in-laws was the same as kneeling in front of his parents.

"Father and mother, please give us your blessings."

"Please, Dad and Mom, agree. We'll prove to you that we can live a happy life."

Mother Tian stared at Tian Yuan with a look of resentment.

"I won't agree even if I die."

Pan Lei had had enough of it. Why bother remaining in a deadlock? They explained their position, but Tian Yuan's parents maintained their negative attitude. They'd probably have the same attitude even if they coaxed them for a year. You won’t agree even if you die? Then, forget it. We will live happily ever after without your consent. 

Pan Lei rose and helped Tian Yuan.

"Tian'er, get up. Don't kneel any longer. It's pointless to continue pleading. Let them do whatever they want since they are determined. If they want to sever ties with you, I'll go get you registered in the Pan family** right away. My family will welcome us."

Tian Yuan remained on his knees. He bit his lower lip and refused to speak. Pan Lei's parents had accepted him. He couldn't let Pan Lei return without getting what they wanted. Even if he had to implore, even if he had to kowtow[1], his parents had to forgive him. He wanted his parents to accept Pan Lei. He was a good man. Granted, he had a nasty temper, but his excellence more than compensated for his flaws.

He wished for Pan Lei to enjoy the same love and acceptance as he did. He wanted for his mother to treat Pan Lei as if he were her son, just like Dang Hong had done for him.

Tian Yuan was typically gentle and easy to talk to, but when he was obstinate, he gave everyone a headache.

He just knelt there, not saying anything. He refused to stand up. Pan Lei's eyes were stinging. He couldn't stand the thought of someone making life tough for Tian Yuan right in front of him. It was worse than having his heart ripped out. How could he see his cherished little ancestor being servile? He was the one who was not good enough and allowed him to suffer this kind of grievance.

Pan Lei knelt and wrapped his arms around Tian Yuan's waist to hoist him up.

"Let's go back, okay? Let’s go back. Be obedient. Don’t be like this, let's go back."

Tian Yuan pushed him away, not moving an inch.

As his parents disagreed, he would utilize his own methods to persuade them to agree. Didn't Mom Dang Hong say that all parents are defeated by their children? Then he'd gamble once to see who would be the final winner between him and his parents.

Pan Lei was anxious to pick him up and return home.

"You’re threatening us? Will you kneel till we give you our approval? Then kneel. We don't agree. Till you don't break up, till you continue this filthy relationship, I will break your leg if you dare to stand up."

Old man Tian was also bad tempered. He refused to put up with such behavior.

"Tian'er, let's go home."

Tian Yuan bit his lip when Pan Lei yanked at him and hugged him.

"I'll kneel here till I die if they don't accept you."

He was adamant. He would remain on his knees until his parents approved of his relationship with Pan Lei. His parents couldn't force him to end his relationship. He was wondering as to how cruel his parents could be. Would they let him kneel and die for the sake of their face, for his so-called good?

"Ancestor, do you want my life? Let's not stay in a huff any longer; let's go home, okay?"

Tian Yuan’s parents were willing to part with him, but he was not.

Pan Lei wished he could swap places with Tian Yuan. He wished he'd taken him away when he had the opportunity. He tweaked his ears and scratched his cheeks[2] in worry, but he didn't dare to manhandle him. Even his own parents disliked him when he exhibited his true character. If he mistreated Tian'er, his in-laws would surely have a lot more to say. If he was harsh with their son in front of them, they'd question if he hit Tian'er in private, wouldn't they? That would be bad. If he messed around now, wouldn't their disapproval become more serious?

"You'd better get out of my house. It is perfectly justified for me to discipline my son. Who are you? Get lost this instant!"

Father Tian took it all in and determined that their beatings and tongue-lashings were ineffective due to Pan Lei's presence. Every slap and strike landed on this person, and he would retort to every sentence of their reprimand. When you were educating your child, the most taboo thing was someone interrupting the parents and speaking in favor of the child. It gave the child the impression that they had a protective umbrella[3], and they became even more stubborn and disobedient as a result. At the time, the scenario was exactly the same. Whatever they did, Pan Lei would protect and support Tian Yuan, giving him the impression that there would be no trouble with Pan Lei around. He must chase him away and isolate Tian Yuan. He could draw his son back from the edge and save him once he reasoned with Tian Yuan, using beatings and persuasion as needed.

This man was an abyss. If his son leaped, he would perish horrifically. His son had been duped and trapped, right? This man had no sense of decorum or shame. He was utterly disgraceful! If he didn’t teach a lesson to his son properly, he would keep blundering.

"Please, Tian'er, let's go."

Mother Tian rushed forward and shoved Pan Lei away, effectively obstructing her son's path.

"Get out of here, get out of here!"

Pan Lei took a step forward. He couldn't be separated from Tian Yuan. What if he left and Tian Yuan was beaten?

The elderly lady moved forward and stood akimbo. She squared her shoulders and faced Pan Lei.

"Beat it! Did you hear me? Get out of my house right now!"

"Please, Mother, don't be like this."

At that point, Pan Lei really wanted to smack away his mother-in-law. She was too ferocious. He couldn't, however, employ force on an elderly lady. She might need to be admitted to the hospital if he didn't control his strength appropriately. He could only take a helpless step back, but he was still concerned about Tian Yuan.

"Get out! Our house will be peaceful once you get out of here."

"Tian'er, Tian'er, we're going back. Mother, you let me take Tian'er away. We’ll leave right away, okay?"

Pan Lei reluctantly took a step back as the old lady took another step forward.

"My son has returned to live at home and won't go anywhere. You're not welcome in our home, so get out! Our family will be peaceful without you, and my son will be normal."

"Pan Lei, find a hotel nearby to stay for the time being. Don't worry about me."

Tian Yuan spoke in hushed tones. He was certain that Pan Lei would not depart. When Pan Lei left, he would lose his backbone. But this was a Tian family issue. As a lover, he would do everything in his power to ensure that Pan Lei was not wronged.

"Let's go together, Tian'er. I'll contact my parents. Let them handle this, please. Let's get out of here quickly. I'm afraid they'll beat you up. You can't take it."

"There’s no need to bother your parents. Besides, they are my mom and dad, so it's okay for them to hit me. There is a guesthouse outside the community. Go there. I’ll find you later."

Pan Lei's mother-in-law forced him backwards step by step. He was unwilling to leave on his own and extended a hand, facing his mother-in-law.

"Father and mother, talk it over. But please, please don’t beat him. If you become too angry, I'll kneel here and let you beat me up, okay? Please don't hurt him."

"In that case, I beg you to spare my son. Don’t involve him in such a shameful thing, alright?"

"Mother, these are two quite different things. We have the freedom to love whomever we desire. Our love is deep and strong. Why do you want to split us up?"

Mother Tian abruptly shoved Pan Lei out of the security door.

"Mother, mother, don't hit him."

Mother Tian slammed the door shut and clicked the lock while Pan Lei was still trying to persuade his mother-in-law. Pan Lei pushed on the door and knocked many times.

"Tian'er, I'll stay at the guesthouse outside the neighborhood. I'll return once I've settled down. Mother and father don't do anything to him. He's frail and can't take much of a beating. He's been kneeling for quite some time. Please allow him to get up as soon as possible. The floor is so cold! He’ll fall sick."

All the next door neighbors poked their heads out to see what was going on. They'd been yelling for quite some time. Who was this man who was constantly exhorting?

A tall man stood at the door of Teacher Tian's house. They heard something crashing on the door from inside the house, followed by it shattering into pieces on the floor.

"Get lost!"

They heard old man Tian roar.

Pan Lei sighed. These in-laws were a nightmare to meet. They were far too aggressive. Tian Yuan would be fine at home on his own, right? His parents were really harsh. If those slaps and fists had landed on Tian Yuan's body... Pan Lei shivered. That was not an option. He needed to find a way to trick these in-laws as quickly as possible.


[1] A traditional greeting, involving kneeling and pressing one's forehead to the ground.

[2] Idiom: as an expression of anxiety, frustration etc.

[3] A person affording protection. Generally used for a corrupt person.

*I explained "gold under the knees" in detail in chapter 77. In case you forgot, kneeling before anyone other than Heaven and parents is beneath a man's dignity and indicates a complete loss of one's pride.

**This should be self-explanatory. A household register lists the names of all immediate family members. If Tian Yuan's name is officially removed by his parents(i.e. they sever ties legally), Pan Lei will request that Tian Yuan's name be included in the Pan household registry.


This is a sad chapter. But the image of Mother Tian forcing Pan Lei back step by step made me snicker.  

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 112

Chapter 112 Parents-in-law are difficult to breach

Alert! Please remember that the characters are Asian. Don't read the following chapters through a Western-culture lens. You'll most likely be disgusted. You have been warned.


Father Tian was the first to react. He inhaled deeply. It was obvious that this was not a ruse. His son did not bring some random person to deceive them. The clasped hands, solemn tone, and his confession said it all. His honest and dutiful son, who had always been well-behaved until the age of twenty-eight, had truly presented a man for them to accept.

Tian Yuan's parents had always disciplined him strictly. His parents, as Tian Yuan stated, were serious and conservative individuals, particularly his father.

Father Tian reached out and grabbed the teapot. Mother Tian had just made hot tea, washed and cut the fruit, and set everything on the tea table.

The old man acted quickly, grabbing the teapot and hurling it at his son, Tian Yuan.

"I'm going to kill you! Unfilial son!"

Tian Yuan was unguarded. He had no idea his parents would respond in such a ferocious manner.

Pan Lei, on the other hand, had been on high alert for quite some time. He watched their faces turn pale when Tian Yuan introduced him as his lover. He was vigilant in case something unexpected happened. When Father Tian flung the hot teapot over, he quickly stood up and grabbed Tian Yuan in his arms before turning aside, avoiding the hot teapot. This old man is far too agitated. The water is so hot! How can he simply throw it? What if Tian'er had been burned?

The teapot brushed past Tin Yuan's hair as a result of Pan Lei's rapid response before falling to the ground and smashing into pieces.

Pan Lei's brows twitched, indicating that he was about to become enraged. No one was permitted to harm Tian Yuan. Furthermore, Tian Yuan was attacked while he was present. But that was his father-in-law. Otherwise, with his bad temper, he would have taken swift action. They were Tian Yuan's parents, and he had pledged not to be furious about anything. As a result, he merely held Tian Yuan and touched his face.

"Don't worry. It'll be OK."

A teacup flew over Tian Yuan as he was about to speak. Pan Lei was preoccupied by Tian Yuan's well-being, and was caught off guard. The teacup landed on his head with a thud. The teacup shattered, but Pan Lei's head was unharmed.

Tian Yuan was so terrified that he nearly screamed. He trembled as he gripped Pan Lei's arm: "If you've got anything to say, say it. What if you burn him?"

Pan Lei couldn't take it any longer. They could hit him as much as they wanted and in whatever way they wanted. If they wanted to blame Tian Yuan, he'd take it. They must, however, refrain from acting against Tian Yuan.

"You beast! I raised you! How dare you be annoyed with me! Have all the books you've read ended up in the stomach of a dog? What are you thinking? You've been a doctor for a long time; don't you see this is a disease? This is a perversion. Do you want to get poked in the back for the rest of your life?"

Old man Tian pointed at his son and verbally abused him.

Tian Yuan bowed his head. He had been expecting to be scolded like this for a long time, so he listened. But he also wanted his parents to realize that he would not succumb since the person he loved was Pan Lei. He was unconcerned about society's stares or condemnation.

"And you! I'm reprimanding my son. What is it got to do with you? Get out of my house right now! Get out of my house, get out!"

"You have no idea how good he is, Dad. He is a wonderful man. He is extremely nice to me. We are sincere. We're not playing around. We want to be together for the rest of our lives. Why must you separate us?"

"I don't care if you're real or fake. It's not going to work. Get out there and find a woman to marry and have children with. I swear to you, as long as I live, I will not allow such a scandal to occur in my family."

Enraged, old man Tian slammed the table. Of course, he objected. There was no way he was going to give his consent. How could such a filthy thing have appeared in their erudite family?! It was a disgrace! It was a moral decay! His son was possessed, right? How could he be so vile?!

"We've been together for quite some time. It's not that I'm unfilial or don't listen to you; it's just that I love him. He is very good to me. There is no one else in the world who treats me as well as he does, not even you. He is genuine with me. He is a military officer with exemplary moral character. His family has also been incredibly gracious to me. Why are you constrained by conventional thinking? You will also grow to like him as you interact with him more."

Mother Tian's patience had run out. Who could possibly treat him better than his parents? Did his parents neglect his food and clothing? They raised him to adulthood and sent him to college. Now that he was an adult and self-sufficient, he claimed his parents did not treat him well. How were they, his parents, bad? Was he willing to sever ties with them for the sake of this man?

When Mother Tian raised her hand to slap Tian Yuan’s face, Pan Lei quickly extended his arm to block it. No one could hurt Tian Yuan, not even a little. They couldn't hurt him even if they were his parents.

"Please calm down."

"Go away! I’m teaching my son a lesson. Who are you to step in? Tian Yuan, did you find such a guy to infuriate us to death? It’s impossible. Tian Yuan, we will never accept him. If you want to be with him, you must break relations with us!"

Tian Yuan's eyes were wet. Please don't use your parental authority to compel me. He didn’t want to lose anyone; neither his parents nor Pan Lei. He didn’t want to be without either of them. On the one hand, he had his closest relatives, and on the other, he had his beloved. Losing either of them would be worse than death for him.

"Please don't force me, Mom. I love him. I can't break up with him. Do you want me to be miserable for the rest of my life? I will never forget him, even if I break up with him, listen to you and marry a woman. This is the man I love deeply, and he will be on my mind for the rest of my life. Can you bear the thought of me always thinking of someone till the day I die?"

"I'll kill you before you make me lose face so publicly!"

Father Tian had never imagined that his son would threaten them in this manner. He had matured, he was an adult, and now that he was self-sufficient, he dared to threaten his parents? He would beat him to death in order to prevent him from making a spectacle of himself. He looked around, dashed into the kitchen, ripped a mop down, and emerged with a wooden stick.

"Please, Papa Tian, calm down. Tian Yuan's health is poor. He will fall ill if you hit him. Mama Tian, please persuade Papa Tian. Even if it's incorrect, it's my fault. I should not have let myself fall in love with him. But now we're in love and happy. He's met my parents. We want to spend the rest of our lives together. Except for the fact that I am a man, our lives are identical to those of other married couples. Why are you unable to accept it? Please, Papa Tian, let go of your rage. You must not beat Tian'er; he really can't take it!"

Pan Lei was intercepting Mother Tian's slaps, making sure they didn't hit Tian Tuan in the face, while Father Tian hurried over with a wooden stick. He was unable to withstand the dual onslaught. To counter the twin strikes, he could only hold Tian Yuan in his arms and guard his left and right sides as much as he could. It made no difference if they hit him. He couldn't let Tian Yuan suffer any harm. These in-laws are too vicious. He was a little scared.

He was protecting Tian Yuan by hugging him. He held him close and tightly to protect him, yet their actions were inappropriate in the eyes of the old couple. It was only more fuel on the fire. It was this man! This man had led their son astray! Without him, their son would have stayed obedient and clever.

Father Tian was puffing furiously and pointing at his son.

"Speak! Will you end your relationship with him?"

Tian Yuan stood unflinchingly in front of his father.

"I'm not going to break up with him. We love each other. Please, Dad and Mom, let us be together."

Their romantic journey had always been uneventful. Everything had gone smoothly, whether it was their first meeting, their romance, or Pan Lei's family's acceptance. All of them were roads that Pan Lei had paved for him since he had sworn not to let him endure even the least grievance. He would not compromise now, as he stood in front of his parents. He had to work hard for his happiness. They adored one other and couldn't face the thought of losing their lover. Why must couples like them be forcibly separated? Wasn’t that too cruel? Why must the outcome of this conflict be determined by choosing between one’s parents and one’s beloved?

"Very well. What a good son! You don't want to break up, right? You want to humiliate me, don't you? Then I'll just beat you to death so your mother and I don't lose face when we go out!"

The wooden stick was lifted high and quickly dropped. Pan Lei drew Tian Yuan into his arms with one hand while stretching his other arm out to block it. The mop stick hit his arm and snapped. He'd been trained to shatter ten of these sticks in a row. Naturally, he was OK. He had been trained, but Tian Yuan had not. If this stick landed on Tian Yuan's head, wouldn't he be knocked out right away? Why were parents so cruel to their children? Despite the fact that he was frequently beaten by his father, he had been disciplined since he was a child. He was tough and had grown accustomed to it. Tian Yuan, on the other hand, couldn't handle it. His physique was too poor. He's too weak! Do you truly intend to murder him?

"Uncle, I shouldn't meddle because you're disciplining your child. But Tian Yuan is your son. You’re being so cruel! Do you want his life? We love each other. This was originally a matter of our feelings for each other. Why are you escalating it to the point of bodily harm? My parents are unconcerned about who I have fallen in love with. They are really nice to Tian Yuan and do not feel humiliated. Nowadays, everyone has the liberty to love. Why are you still stuck in old feudal thoughts? Please don't be so obstinate. Why can’t you go out if we love each other? You cannot pressurize us under the guise of your face. Have we violated the law? Have we caused any harm? If you use force to separate us, that’s really breaking the law. If he does marry a woman, that's causing harm to someone. How come you can't figure this out?"

He really couldn't take it anymore. How pedantic were they to be like this? Why didn't they think about Tian Yuan? This matter concerned Tian Yuan's future life, and it was possibly the most important point in his life.

"I’m disciplining my son! It has nothing to do with you! Get out of here!"

Pan Lei's rage erupted.

"Your son is my lover. If you want to force him, sever your ties immediately. We, the Pan family, will promptly carry him into the house in an eight-person big sedan chair[1]! You want to beat him? Not while I'm still living! I said no one can hurt him. If you even touch his finger again, I..."

I won’t be polite! He hadn’t uttered these words yet, but Tian Yuan's brows had already creased.

"Pan Lei, they are my parents."

Pan Lei was indignant, but he could only endure it. What could he do? They were Tian Yuan’s parents. He would have used his fists long ago if they were regular insignificant folks. He put up with it because they were Tian Yuan's folks. He couldn't, however, forgive them for striking Tian Yuan.

"I’m sorry. I didn't speak properly. But if you have something to say, say it. If you want to fight, just beat me."

"B*st**d! Don't think I won't hit you, son of a b***h!"

Mother Tian slapped Pan Lei across the face, causing him to "Sss!" as his face turned to the side. The old lady's hand was quite strong.

"Mom, what are you doing? Why are you hitting him? Pan Lei, does it hurt?"

Tian Yuan didn't expect his parents would start beating Pan Lei. In any case, this was a child born to someone else's family. They couldn't possibly reprimand him like an elder. Were they dizzy from rage as a result of this matter? Even if Pan Lei was wrong, even if he made a thousand blunders, only his parents could chastise him. They had no right!

"Forget it. My mother-in-law hit me. It's not that big of a deal."


[1] Pan Lei is saying that Tian Yuan will marry into the Pan family with a lot of pomp.


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October 26, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 111

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Chapter 111 Aunt, I'm your son’s boyfriend

Pan Lei was torn between military and casual attire. He was concerned that wearing his pine green uniform would make him appear too solemn, but he was also concerned that dressing casually would make his mother-in-law think he was frivolous.

Tian Yuan assisted him in making his decision. He told him to wear the jeans he had purchased for him, as well as the long brown boots, a V-neck long-sleeved T-shirt, and a jacket. Pan Lei was a handsome man who looked good no matter what he wore. He was even more attractive when he was unclothed. Ahem! I mean, he looks good in everything.

Tian Yuan, like two peas in a pod, donned the identical pair of jeans, casual shoes, and a jacket with a similar style. Pan Lei raided his father's small storeroom once more, taking 500 grams of coarse worms and going to see his in-laws. 

{T/N: I've literally translated the word for coarse worms because TCM uses some really weird stuff. I have no interest in finding which bug or worm or whatever it refers to.}

Father Pan despised the fact that he had raised his son for nothing. Damn! That 500 grams of coarse worms costs more than 300,000 yuan. He reared an ungrateful son who robbed him to honor his in-laws. This was indeed exactly what the adage says. You lose your son when you gain a daughter-in-law. It was better to have a daughter.

Dang Hong repeatedly warned Pan Lei that Tian Yuan's parents would not comprehend his twisted logic and that he should not lose his temper in front of them. He must put up with it even if they hit him a few times. If they chastised him, he should simply listen. He had to be careful because they were Tian Yuan's parents, and he couldn't be upset with them. If they didn't accept them as a couple, they should leave right away. She requested that he inform Tian Yuan not to become upset. Dad Pan and she would go over and talk to them if required. They were Pan Lei's elders. He must keep in mind that they were his seniors. He must not enrage them.

Pan Lei nodded obediently. They were his in-laws, so he promised his mother that he would be careful not to provoke them. He'd let them reprimand and beat him if they wanted to. He would definitely not fight back.

Tian Yuan grew up in a small county. When he returned to his hometown, he was pleased. He took Pan Lei on a tour of the city to show him around. "Look! This is where I spent my high school years. I didn't live in the dorms in school. Every day, I rode my bike to school. It took me around 30 minutes to get home. I was accompanied by two girls as I walked home. I occasionally escorted them home."

Pan Lei was sour. You've never seen me off. This will not do! You will visit the family when I go to the army in the future.[1]

Tian Yuan ignored him and directed his attention to a side street. "The food is delicious there. If I get the chance, I'll bring you here for skewers."

“Will it suffice? Can skewers fill our stomachs?”

Tian Yuan patted his chest and said, "Of course they can. Eat as much as you want."

Pan Lei guessed that he would consume 100 yuan in skewers at that stall.

They took another turn and traveled for a few kilometres. "That's my maternal uncle's house," Tian Yuan said, pointing to a building.

Pan Lei examined the coarse worms in his hand. This was to demonstrate his filial piety to his in-laws. When he went to Tian Yuan's uncle's place, he'd buy something else.

Finally, their car came to a halt in front of a building from the nineties. It appeared to be outdated, its exterior walls covered with Boston ivy. It was a building that appeared to have seen a lot.

"Both of my parents are teachers. The unit[2] provided this apartment. My home is located on the fifth floor. There is no elevator, so we need to climb. I used to be able to run up all five floors at once, but I no longer have the physical strength."

Pan Lei glanced at the building before bending his body in half and patting his back.

"Come on up. I'll run up with you and let you see my incredible physical strength."

He could climb the stairs in a single breath, without even puffing. He was physically strong.

Tian Yuan smacked him and dragged him upstairs.

"Don’t mess around and don't talk nonsense when we get home. I’ll talk to them about us. I can't let you be wronged."

He wanted everyone to approve of their relationship now that they were together. Despite the fact that his partner was a man, he wanted his parents to understand that they wanted to be together regardless of everything because they loved each other. No one in the world would treat him better than they would treat themselves like Pan Lei did. He wished to spend the rest of his life with Pan Lei and wanted to request his parents to support him in this endeavor.

"It’s fine as long as you don’t feel wronged. Tian'er, if your parents say something offensive or hit me, don’t become angry or meet force with force. I’m tough, so it’s okay for me to take a few hits. Don't rush up to assist me. I'm worried about you becoming sick with this body of yours."

His in-laws may find him unpleasant to the eye and wish to fix him up. He mentally braced himself for a few slaps. He may submit for the sake of his in-laws and let them beat him. But not Tian Yuan. Never Tian Yuan. Hitting Tian’er was the same as hitting him. He was narrow-minded and could split hairs if he believed he had been wronged. If Tian’er really fell ill, he’d lose it.

You see, regardless of the circumstances, even when facing his parents to come out of the closet, his Tian’er was still defending him. How could he possibly break up with such a man?

Tian Yuan took a deep breath as they stood at the door, and then another, his face becoming a little pale. Pan Lei gave him a troubled glance: Don't scare yourself first.

Dad's heart ailment is minor, while Mom only has arthritis. Even if they become enraged, I'm a doctor. I'm confident that I can manage any emergency. Tian Yuan girded his loins and knocked on the door.

What ought to come will always come. What was the use of dragging his feet? Hadn’t they boarded an airplane and traveled all the way to his hometown for this matter?

Pan Lei stood behind Tian Yuan, looking at him as he knocked on the door.

The door swung open. Mother Tian was astonished and delighted to see her son waiting at the entrance.

"Oh, my child, how come you’ve returned home? Come in quickly. Yuan’s dad, Xiao Yuan is back."

It wasn’t the new year, and they’d visited Xiao Yuan just a few days ago, so why had he abruptly come home? Unless it was the new year, he rarely came home in the past.

Of course, a mother is happy when her child comes home. Mother Tian joyously called her husband to tell him that their son had come home so that he'd come on over and take a look.

Father Tian came out of the study and smiled when he spotted his son.

"It's only been a few days since we parted. Are you homesick, or are you on vacation?"

Tian Yuan changed into slippers at the door.

"How can I not miss you? I just came back to take a look."

Mother Tian welcomed her son into the house and discovered a wide-shouldered tall young man behind her son. The tall young man was built tough and stocky. He smiled brightly as he stood ramrod straight. He stood obediently by her son's side, resembling a lion being led by her son.

The young man appeared rough and bright. It was merely that his expression seemed a little funny. He stood a full head taller than her son. His stature and strength were genuinely intimidating.

Naturally, none of the slippers at home could fit Pan Lei's large feet. Tian Yuan had no choice but to allow him to enter the house in this manner.[3]

"Oh! Xiao Yuan brought a friend. Come in, come in, sit down."

When Mother Tian peeked out the door, she didn't see Zhang Yan, the girl she liked. My son came home without his girlfriend?

Father Tian sat down and welcomed Tian Yuan and Pan Lei, asking them to take a seat. Pan Lei remained silent. He merely smiled at his father-in-law and continued to smile, hoping to earn some brownie points.

Father Tian asked, "Did you come to attend a meeting?"

It was really strange for his son to visit suddenly.

"No. I came home for a specific reason."

Mother Tian washed and sliced some fruit before serving it to her son and his friend. The couple exchanged glances. What was going on? Their son looked quite serious and nervous.

Tian Yuan reached out and clasped Pan Lei’s hand, intertwining their fingers.

"Mom and Dad, let me introduce him to you. He’s my lover. His name is Pan Lei. He was in the army when you came to see me a few days ago. He came back yesterday to meet both of you."

Tian Yuan's parents stared at their son, at the hands clasped tightly together, making it difficult to discern between the two hands, and at the so-called son's lover, who smiled brightly alongside him. They had no idea how to react at that point.

Pan Lei rose to his feet and saluted Tian Yuan’s parents.

"Hello, uncle and aunt. I am your son's boyfriend."

Pan Lei beamed brightly, openly confessing his feelings in front of Tian Yuan's parents. He was a little embarrassed, but he was determined to persuade the elderly couple to approve of their relationship.

"He’s not my boyfriend. He’s my lover. I love him. Mom and dad, the last time we met, I promised to bring my lover home for you to see. He is the person I love. He’s a good man who treats me really well. His parents and family know about us and have given their approval. I also can’t keep it hidden. I hope you approve of our relationship as well."

Tian Yuan gripped Pan Lei's hand. He had nothing to hide now that he had taken Pan Lei to meet his parents. If it needed to be said, he would say it. He loved Pan Lei, and Pan Lei loved him even more. Therefore, they wanted to be together. They would not accept any hindrance or dissent. All they wished for was to be together.

"Dad and mom, although I’m being a little presumptuous in addressing you as such without your permission, his parents are also my parents. We love each other very much. I serve in the army. Although I can't be by his side every day to care for him, I promise to be by his side when I return, and I will give him all the attention he deserves. I will not change my heart. I love him as much as I love my motherland, and I’ll always be faithful to him. I don’t have much money saved up, but I’ll work hard to provide him with the best life possible. I’ll give him what others have, as well as what others don’t have. I wish for him to be the happiest person in the world. I will never make him regret getting together with me. I'll always cherish him as though he were a treasure. He is my treasure, and I’ll adore him year after year, day after day just as much as I do now."

Tian Yuan continued to persuade.

"Mom, dad, did you know he called and made sure you got the best care? He had to return to the army the day you arrived, so he couldn’t rush back, no matter how badly he wanted to. He asked his eldest brother to send us a car and one of his buddies to entertain us well. He also requested that his mother send you supplements. Everything was arranged by him. He is really a good person. He loves me and cherishes me. There is no one in this world who can treat me better than him. Although our feelings are not the normal love between men and women, our love may be more genuine than theirs. We have a nice life together and want to spend the rest of our days together. Isn’t it true that we want someone who will treat us sincerely and wholeheartedly for the rest of our lives? He has the ability to treat me nicely for the rest of my life. Our jobs are secure and promising. If the circumstances allow, we can also adopt children. Mom and dad, when we get together, we won’t be lacking in anything, whether it’s a child or genuine feelings. We will have a wonderful life together. Mom and dad, please agree, okay? Accept him, please."

He knew that if he told his parents about the situation, they would end their relationship with him. But he still wanted to tell his parents how wonderful this man he had fallen in love with was. He was so good that he would always follow him no matter what.

Do not refer to them as perverts, disgusting, or lacking in ethical values. They were in love with one other, and their relationship didn’t affect anyone. So, they were free to love. They only needed their parents’ approval. It was as simple as that. They didn’t care about others. As long as their parents acknowledged their relationship, they would be perfectly satisfied.

Please agree. Please accept him. He really is a good man. I’ll never regret spending the rest of my life with him.


[1] Pan Lei’s family lives in the military compound. He’s basically saying next time he leaves for the barracks, Tian Yuan should come to the base to see him off.

[2] dān wèi. Think of it as a housing complex provided by the government for people working in the area. 

[3] This is a Asian culture thing. It's a big no-no to come inside the house wearing shoes you've worn outside. The author hasn't specified what she means by "in this manner." Pan Lei most likely entered barefoot or in socks.


What do you guys think? Will Tian Yuan's parents agree? 🤔

Now for the wonderful news. I'm so happy and proud because... I finished translating This Omega is Sweet and Wild! It tells the story of an omega (MC) who aims to win a speed swimming championship, a sport dominated by alphas. The ML is a study god alpha who yearns for independence and aspires to be a painter. It appears to be a typical aloof gong x wild shou narrative, but it's much more than that. The author has provided them with unique backstories that explain why they are the way they are. Yes, there is a logical explanation. It's not perfect, but it's a true gem in the genre. The best part is that there is no cliché "marking due to out of control hormones." The side characters are also amusing. Overall, it's a "sweet with poignant hints" campus ABO romance. If you're interested, click here for the NU link. 

Even if this isn't of interest to you, it's still good news. Why, you might ask? Obviously, because I'll be devoting more time to IDYTRAA! See ya soon~

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October 16, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 110

Chapter 110 Did you buy me clothes so you could help me in taking them off?

When Pan Lei eventually stopped, the sun had already risen high in the sky, and Tian Yuan had lost consciousness completely. His mother was damn right - lovers who are apart for a short period of time are clingier than newlyweds.

Pan Lei bathed Tian Yuan and stuffed him into the quilt. Tian Yuan could only snap one word in his daze: beast.

Pan Lei took a shower after kissing him, threw his clothing in the washing machine, and went to bed. He intended to get a good night's sleep by holding his husband.

He called Dean Zhao before going to bed.

"I'd like to request a leave of absence on Tian Yuan's behalf. He will not be visiting the hospital today. Why? How can you possibly not understand why? I'm back, and he wants to stay at home with me."

Pan Lei placed his cellphone aside. This dean was truly getting on in years. He didn’t grasp young people’s feelings for one another. They were a young couple who hadn’t seen each other in quite some time. It was normal for them to be clingy when they met. Who would go to work rather than indulge unless they lacked romantic cells?

Pan Lei took a nap. He’d received special training and didn’t need eight hours to recover his spirits. He could run about for twenty-four hours on three hours of sleep. In short, he wished to foster husband and husband affection through physical activity. He was eager to try new things.

Pan Lei awoke about eleven o'clock to find Tian Yuan still sleeping. He kissed him on the lips as he raised his body. Tian Yuan's lips were reddened from being nibbled and kissed by Pan Lei the night before. Pan Lei thought they looked delectable.

Pan Lei got out of bed silently and went to the kitchen to cook. Tian Yuan had delighted him last night by allowing him to do whatever he wanted. Pan Lei wanted to serve him as an ancestor.

Washing, cooking, and tidying up the house was a must.

Tian Yuan lacked physical strength. He fainted twice after fighting for half a night. How could this be acceptable? He ought to help improve Tian Yuan’s fitness. He remembered that his mother had brought them a lot of good things and opened the kitchen cabinet. Huh? Why is there only one box remaining?

Pan Lei glanced at the bedroom.

"You little b**t**d, you know how to take care of your parents and gave them all the good things at home. How can this daughter-in-law take such good care of his birth family? Wait for me to teach you a lesson.[1]"

They were in their own little world. How could Tian'er give away everything they had previously? See! There were no ingredients available to prepare something scrumptious for him at this time.

Fortunately, there looked to be one last box of ginseng. Dang Hong had actually delivered that box to her son-in-law the previous Saturday when he went to observe the surgery. Dang Hong had handed him the ginseng box and urged him to take it home with him to slice and prepare tea. Tian Yuan was a healthy young man. He would get nosebleeds if he drank ginseng tea all day without Pan Lei at home[2].

Pan Lei went downstairs to do some grocery shopping. He went to the store on purpose and walked three times around the family planning items. "Bring me a box," he urged to the salesperson as he rubbed his chin and pointed to a lubricant

They really needed a box, damn it! This item must not be missing at a critical moment. Tian Yuan grimaced and bit his lower lip when he entered last night. He bore the discomfort patiently, yet such an occurrence could not happen again. They must always have a box on hand in order to avoid running out at a critical moment.

Then he swaggered upstairs with the newly purchased veggies, chicken, and fish in his left hand and a box of that item under his right arm.

He was utterly unconcerned by the looks of passers-by. You understand ‘that look’, don't you? That expression.

After all, the packaging stated, "XX KY lubricant, followed by the line, provides the most natural feeling."

Pan Lei defiantly held the package as he walked past the community and the lobby, ignoring those people.

It wasn't that big of a deal. Why should they be sneaky? This was an absolute requirement! It was claimed that eating and drinking were the basis for survival. However, this was also a necessity.

Pan Lei carried the lube box to the guest room, placed two tubes in the bedside drawer, caressed Tian Yuan's hair, and kissed him.

Then he walked to the kitchen to start cooking.

He prepared a chicken stew and let it simmer slowly, then added a few slices of ginseng, a handful of wolfberries, and a few red dates... It was an absolutely necessary tonic for confinement[3].

He prepared a light (in flavor) fish porridge. It was thick, with preserved eggs and shredded meat on top. After waking up, Tian Yuan could devour the dishes. In the afternoon, he'd eat chicken soup, and in the evening, he'd eat fish porridge. Pan Lei had carefully analyzed his nutritional requirements.

Tian Yuan slept until two o'clock in the afternoon, feeling as though his bones had been disassembled and reconstructed. It was impossible for him to stand up on his own.

"Pan Lei."

Tian Yuan spoke softly. His throat was dry, and he lacked strength.

Pan Lei emerged from the bathroom, his hands wet with water as he wiped them on his apron. He was doing their laundry. He had removed his field uniform the night before, and because Tian Yuan had been working the night shift for the past few days, the clothes were piled up. While the bedsheets were being laundered in the washing machine, he began washing Tian Yuan's shirts and underwear by hand.

He kissed Tian Yuan's brow, lifted him up by the waist, and helped him lean against the headboard of the bed.

"Are you hungry? Wait, I'll bring you porridge."

"Please give me my clothes. I need to use the restroom. Don't wear these clothes, by the way. Two shopping bags are stashed in the closet. Those are the clothing I purchased for you while shopping with my mother. Examine them to see if they fit."

Pan Lei's eyes were virtually invisible above his big smile. Aiya! Aiya! Tian’er went out and bought clothes for me. This is proof of love!

"My baby loves me more and more. Did you buy me clothes so you could help me in taking them off?"

Tian Yuan pushed away the body on which he was leaning. Who knew what Pan Lei meant by what he said. He definitely didn't understand. Men gifting garments to women meant, 'I'm gifting you these clothes because I'd love to pull them off your body.' Tian Yuan had no idea, but Pan Lei did. He would hold Tian Yuan to it.

"Take them off, take them off, I will let you take them off. I’ll lie down and let you take them off."

"Stop fooling around. Try and see if it fits."

Tian Yuan did not allow him to remain in his arms. Pan Lei leapt to his feet in order to find clothing for Tian Yuan. He simply tucked Tian Yuan inside the quilt without dressing him when he bathed him in the morning. So he found a pair of pajamas and a pair of underwear, turned around, walked to the bed, squatted down, and assisted Tian Yuan in getting his legs in before lifting the briefs all the way up. In the same way, he helped Tian Yuan into his pajamas. He then helped Tian Yuan rise up by placing his arms around his waist and began assisting him in putting on the pajama shirt.

"Alright! I can do it on my own. To go this far, do you consider me to be Lin Daiyu[4] or the national treasure jade[5]? While I go to the restroom, you try on the outfit."

There was no need to be so cautious. He wasn't made of blue and white porcelain, nor was he a national treasure. He was a mature man. Although his waist ached, he didn't need such precise care for anything like this. This kind of care, however, warmed his heart.

"I'm not interested in those things. You’re my family’s treasure. Naturally, I want to value you."

Tian Yuan held his waist and gave him a bright glance, but he still smiled and walked to the bathroom on his own.

Pan Lei hurriedly searched the closet and saw the two bags hidden within. He laughed as he took a peek. His family had a good eye. The jeans he bought matched his preferences.

He hastily removed his garments and put on the newly purchased jeans. It was a perfect fit at the waist, with just enough room for a finger. It was the most comfortable waist fit. The length of the jeans was also adequate, so he raced to find the mirror happily. He examined himself from the front, back, left, and right. The more he gazed, the more attractive he became. He rubbed his chin as he looked in the mirror at himself.

"Handsome guy."

"Bah! Don’t be shameful. How can you compliment yourself?"

Tian Yuan laughed as he clung to the wall. Pan Lei approached Tian Yuan and raised Tian Yuan's chin with one hand while leaning against the wall with the other. In web dramas, the dandy lad employed a classic pose to take liberties with the young girl from a good home. Pan Lei molested Tian Yuan in the same pose.

He lowered his head and moved in close enough for their lips to brush with a tiny pout.

"Darling, don't you think I'm handsome?"

Tian Yuan felt pressured because of his height and proximity. He couldn't help but look away since he wanted to laugh so hard at his coquettish glances.

"Alright, alright, handsome. You’re very handsome."

"How can I not be handsome in the jeans you bought me? Baby, can I conquer your mother with this handsomeness? For the sake of having such a handsome daughter-in-law, can she marry you to me?"

Tian Yuan's smile became stiff. Alas! What should come will undoubtedly come. That was a foregone conclusion. They had talked about it a while ago. When Pan Lei returned home, they would visit Tian Yuan's hometown and introduce him to his parents. He had to clarify the situation, whether they agreed or disagreed. Even if it made them angry, they couldn't hide it.

"Are your parents' physical examination results all normal?"

Pan Lei stooped to pick up Tian Yuan, placed him back on the bed, gleefully wore his jeans, and walked to the kitchen to serve the porridge.

"Fortunately, there are only a few old issues."

Pan Lei presented him with a bowl of porridge.

"That's fantastic. It's a good thing their hearts are in decent shape. Seeing a male daughter-in-law come home will not cause them to have a heart attack. That's OK. Don't worry about anything, darling. I'll take care of it. You don't have to worry about anything as long as I'm present. Even if you are beaten out of the house, my family will welcome you with open arms."

Tian Yuan couldn't eat anything after Pan Lei said that. In his heart, he realized there was only a slim chance his parents would accept Pan Lei. In this situation, he couldn't do much.

"Okay, okay, I didn't say it to cause you concern. We will not go if you believe it is not the right time. I'll be your little mistress for the rest of my life."

Pan Lei held the bowl and enticed and duped Tian Yuan while scooping a spoonful of porridge to his lips. Pan Lei hurriedly poured the mouthful of porridge into his mouth after Tian Yuan chuckled at his nonsense.

"Just eat this small bowl of porridge for now. I’ve stewed some chicken soup with ginseng. It’s a good supplement to drink. Did you give all of the good stuff we brought back from our family to my in-laws? They’re old and have a greater need for these things to nourish their bodies."

He wanted to be an extremely filial daughter-in-law in front of his lover. He hadn't bought any ginseng for his own folks, you know.

"Yes, they took everything. I need to introduce you to my parents, Pan Lei. I want everyone to know how happy I am because the person I love is such a wonderful man."

Tian Yuan ate the porridge and resolved to take Pan Lei home with him. He knew there was no one in the world who could treat him better than Pan Lei. Pan Lei was so good to him. He had to take him home.

"Good! It’s time to have some chicken soup."

Pan Lei kissed him on the lips. His family's Tian Yuan was exceptionally well-behaved. He loved him so much that he couldn't bear the thought of losing him.


[1] I'm not sure my translation conveys Pan Lei's meaning. He's basically complaining that Tian Yuan, the daughter-in-law, is giving all of his husband's family's nice things to his parents, which is kinda scummy. In this case, it's also like giving away a present that was gifted to Tian Yuan.

[2] Ginseng raises the body's internal heat. So, if Tian Yuan doesn't have Pan Lei to help him “blow off steam”, he'd develop nose bleeds from the excessive internal heat. lol

[3] A convalescence period of one month after childbirth.

[4] One of the principal characters of the classic Chinese novel “Dream of the Red Chamber”. She is portrayed as a young woman of physical frailness.

[5] There are 4(I think) jade artifacts considered as a national treasure in China.


Let's hope Pan Lei is able to "conquer" his in-laws!🤞

Do you guys watch Kimetsu no Yaiba?😍 They started the new season with Rengoku😭

MDZS's third and final season has also aired! I'm going to binge watch all three seasons~~

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IDYTRAA - Chapter 109

Chapter 109 Baby, don’t go to work tomorrow. Stay with me, okay?

Tian Yuan felt it was pointless to keep a regular work schedule when Pan Lei was not around.

He had just concluded a night shift and ward rounds, and the next day he went to work and performed an operation. He also assisted a coworker by working a night shift that week because his colleague’s child was unwell. He reasoned that since he had nothing to do at home, he may as well be on duty. He stayed up late several nights that week. Pan Lei was visibly upset every time he watched him in the video.

"Take a look at yourself! But you’ll keep enduring, right? You’ve dark circles under your eyes and a dull complexion." He won’t be able to handle any more of these exhausting night shifts.

"I’ll be fine. This isn’t the first time I’ve worked night shifts."

When it was time to leave work without staying up late, he was so tired that he went to bed before nine o'clock.

Pan Lei urged him to sleep on the bed. He didn't try to make him laugh or nag him for a kiss. He was relieved to see him fall asleep.

He hoped Tian'er wouldn't have to stay up all night the next few days. He wished Tian Yuan could rest for a couple of days and recuperate his body.

When Tian Yuan returned home from work the next day, he had a feeling that something was amiss. Pan Lei did not call and request a video call. When he dialed Pan Lei's phone number, it was switched off. Is he on a mission?

All of his missions were strictly confidential. Pan Lei kept in touch with him on a regular basis. He called every morning, afternoon and evening. His phone calls were scheduled around three meals a day. Not to mention the bedtime call. He occasionally dozed off while on the phone. He was frequently curious as to whether Pan Lei's relatives had an interest in the mobile network company. They could support a mobile firm branch if there were ten more persons like Pan Lei. This long-distance relationship was too expensive in terms of phone costs.

It was perfectly fine not to call. He could only pray that Pan Lei returned safely from his mission.

Tian Yuan placed his phone on the bedside table before going to bed. Pan Lei might call when he returned from his mission.

He'd spent much too much time that week staying up all night, and he fell asleep as soon as he climbed into bed.

Pan Lei motioned for his squad members to return to the military base. He got out of the car at the entrance to their apartment complex. It was late at night, and no one had noticed the armored vehicle parked at the gate.

He could smell the gunpowder smoke on his body from the combat, but he didn't want to travel back to the army base to have a wash before heading home. He missed his family terribly, in his heart, mind, and even more so in his body.

So, as they traveled through this area, he asked his squad to pull over and let him out, explaining that he wanted to surprise his family. He'd open the door quietly in the middle of the night and hug his darling while he was sleeping.

Pan Lei cautiously opened the door, taking care not to make any noise with the key, then took a deep breath and walked in. He pulled off his shoes and clothes without switching on a light for fear of waking Tian Yuan. His Tian'er had been up late for a week and had worked the night shift twice, so he was exhausted.

Pan Lei slowly pushed open the bedroom door and spotted Tian Yuan sleeping comfortably. As he listened to Tian Yuan's quiet snores, he pricked his ears. Why is he so cute? Even his snoring made him happy.

He tiptoed to the bed, lifted the quilt, and crept in from the bottom of the bed.

Pan Lei grasped Tian Yuan's calf, kissed it, and then slid in. When he got to his underwear, he removed it and kissed Little Tian'er. He reached his arms out and tightly gripped Tian Yuan's waist. He lay inside the quilt, his face pressed against Tian Yuan's lower abdomen. When he dropped his sight, he could see Little Tian Yuan's shape. He was quite satisfied with this position.

If Tian Yuan did not wake up even after such large motions by Pan Lei, he was no longer sleeping but in a deep coma. He awoke instantaneously, and the panic he had felt when he felt his body being embraced vanished as soon as he inhaled Pan Lei's scent.

Tian Yuan reached down and stroked Pan Lei's crew cut, neck, face, and mouth… Ouch! The rascal bit his finger!

Tian Yuan reached out and yanked on Pan Lei's arm. Pan Lei shifted up and pulled up the quilt, which covered them both.

He returned from the mission and just appeared in the middle of the night, catching him off guard, just as he had previously stated. He returned unexpectedly, showed up unexpectedly, and hugged him unexpectedly.

Pan Lei could see Tian Yuan's joyful face through the dark quilt. To be honest, it was complete rubbish. Tian Yuan's smile was palpable to him. How could he have seen it? He wasn't wearing night vision goggles or anything.

"What brought you home?"

They had a video call last night and watched each other fall asleep across the computer screen. Pan Lei appeared to have crawled out of the computer screen in the blink of an eye. Bah! Bah! Bah! Pan Lei is not Sadako[1]. That was a poor analogy.

Pan Lei sighed as he straightened his back and leaned against Tian Yuan's chest. He'd just finished a gunfight, and the tension and thrill had left him exhausted. Nothing made him happier than laying in the arms of his beloved.

Tian Yuan had awoken from a heavy sleep, so his voice was husky. Pan Lei had the sensation that a paw had gently scratched his heart. It was itchy, numb, and extremely pleasurable.

"I miss you."

Tian Yuan was really smiling but unfortunately, Pan Lei couldn't see it. He could only feel Tian Yuan’s gentle strokes. If Pan Lei could see Tian Yuan’s eyes, he'd find they were filled with incredible tenderness and joy.

When he awoke from his sleep, the person he had been thinking about before going to bed was in his arms. This kind of surprise made him more thrilled than his acceptance into medical school. It was simply incomparable. He was right beside him, in his arms, and his breaths were full of his scent as he stroked his warm body. Tian Yuan detested the computer screen as well because he could only see but not touch Pan Lei. He was now content. He was free to touch Pan Lei, and the more he touched him, the happier he became.

Pan Lei smiled roguishly. The man he had been thinking about was now under his palms, and he could do whatever he wanted with him. He could kiss, touch, or get a little flirtatious. Everything was fine. There was no frigid computer screen between them. If he wanted to show his adoration, he didn’t have to hold back.

Pan Lei caressed Tian Yuan's cheek with his fingers, hooked his neck, and lowered his head while lifting Tian Yuan's head and kissing him with that notion in mind. He couldn't kiss him across the screen no matter how hard he tried. But things were different at this time. He was free to kiss anytime he pleased.

As Tian Yuan hugged Pan Lei's neck, Pan Lei's palm slipped and lingered on Tian Yuan's waist. Breathing was more difficult while kissing under the quilt. Tian Yuan almost collapsed from Pan Lei's kiss when he eventually let go.

Pan Lei's breathing was heavy as he bit lightly on Tian Yuan's earlobe.

"Baby, don't go to work tomorrow. Stay at home with me, okay?"

Tian Yuan's chest was violently heaving. When Tian Yuan heard Pan Lei's words, he went into a trance. ‘Don’t go to work. Stay with me’ was a hint. It was like a declaration, telling him that they would make love till dawn. He wouldn't be able to go to work and do surgery the next day.

Pan Lei clinched his teeth and lay there waiting. If he insisted on going to work, he would do it once. If he nodded, he would toss him until dawn. He was dissatisfied, and his starving body needed Tian Yuan.

Tian Yuan took a deep breath, leaned forward, and hugged him.


Alright. I won't go to work tomorrow. I’ll stay with you. I haven’t seen you in much too long. I miss you so much. Tian Yuan felt that the time they spent together was too short these days. He didn’t want to be separated from him at all. Not even for a second.

Tian Yuan's body was pressed against Pan Lei's searing body. He was aware of how much he had missed him. These bodily responses were not misleading.

Why should he disappoint Pan Lei? Why should he make him endure? He loved Pan Lei so much that he was willing to do anything for him.

Pan Lei kissed Tian Yuan deeply, then slid down his body, licked his small fruit, and slid all the way from his chest to his belly, sprinkling numerous kisses one after the other, before swallowing his little brother in one breath.

Tian Yuan became overwhelmed as a result of this passionate and infrequent stimulus, causing his body to flap like a fish out of water. He moaned and groaned in response to Pan Lei's kisses. Tian Yuan twisted his body and tore open the quilt as a result of Pan Lei's actions. He thought it was excessively stuffy. He would surely suffocate and pass out because of Pan Lei.

Pan Lei reached out and pulled out the nightstand drawer. He remembered there was some aloe vera gel left over.

"I’ll buy a box of lubricant in the morning and keep it at home."

Pan Lei was a little annoyed. He tucked Tian Yuan's arm and body back into the quilt for fear that he would catch a cold. He got up to get the gel. But when he grabbed it, there was only a little portion left. Blast it! Why was this thing missing at this critical juncture?

Pan Lei slid down Little Tian’er, held his tight little sac, and licked every wrinkle before moving on. Tian Yuan raised his head and screamed. This kiss was far too exciting. He felt a little embarrassed in his heart, and he quickly grabbed Pan Lei's arm.

"Don't, don't! Just, just do it. You, you come in."

Pan Lei's fingers were rubbing against it because it was so tight. Following Pan Lei's motions, it gradually extended to accommodate three fingers. This was sufficient. There was no need to continue kissing. He...he couldn't take it anymore.

There was soft moonlight steam pouring through the drapes. Tian Yuan laid beneath Pan Lei with watery eyes, his body hot from head to toe. He held on to Pan Lei without letting go and entreated him despite his embarrassment.

Tian Yuan's legs were wrapped around Pan Lei's waist, slightly trembling from his stimulation. Pan Lei lifted his leg and kissed the most tender portion of it.

"I'm worried you'll get hurt."

Tian Yuan covered his face and gasped violently. Pan Lei's kiss was like a soldering iron, and it made him tremble every time it dropped on his body.

Pan Lei bent his head and sucked his little brother. He didn't care if it was proper or not; all he wanted was to 'do it'. He sucked hard, causing Tian Yuan to scream and explode. Pan Lei painted his hand, the tight place, and his little general.

He grasped the eager-to-love general and entered, the feeling of being wrapped tightly driving him insane once more.

Tian Yuan felt he was stretched to the breaking point, and that even a millimetre more would rip him apart. As Pan Lei attacked, he couldn't breathe. He noticed that Pan Lei's gaze was much more intense and that he was stronger than the last time. He was a little overwhelmed. Pan Lei kissed him, forcing him to take a few deep breaths and soothing his breathing. Tian Yuan couldn't help but shout out when he withdrew to attack fiercely again.

It didn’t matter if he screamed, chanted ‘ge’, or begged for mercy. He had been smashed into pieces by his attack before he could say anything. He felt as if he were caught in a vortex and would be torn apart. Pan Lei would shatter him into bits, which he would swallow into his stomach.

"No more, no more... Ahh, ge, no more... I can't take it anymore..."

He couldn’t keep up with the rhythm and response of his body. He didn’t own either his body or his mind. Pan Lei had occupied him from the inside out. He could only plead for mercy, and if Pan Lei persisted, he would really crumble.

Possess Tian Yuan from the inside out, filling him with his breaths and essence, and letting him to be the only person in Tian Yuan's thoughts, heart, and body. Pan Lei was this type of arrogant, overbearing man. He wanted Tian Yuan to be covered in his scent and stare at the hickeys he'd left behind. When he got to work, everyone would know he had a lover. Nobody could take him away. Sovereignty could only be established via thorough possession.

Tian Yuan's cries for mercy were dismissed by Pan Lei. He didn't mind the scratches on his back or if Tian'er passed out. Tian'er would be on leave the next day; he could be Pan Lei's ancestor at home. He would devote the rest of his life to him. But the time had come to take action. He didn't want to suppress his appetite any longer.

Speaking of which, hehe, he wanted to go on a trip to Chengdu in April. Do you have a dear from Chengdu? Can you insist on driving?


[1] Sadako is the ghost from The Ring horror series. She often emerges from a TV screen.


The last paragraph is basically Pan Lei’s nonsense about fooling around on a vacation.

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