February 22, 2021

IDYTRAA - Chapter 46

Chapter 46 Don't you love me

Tian Yuan was lost for words. He was a little panicked when Pan Lei suddenly confessed to him in this manner.

"I'll get you a blanket."

Pan Lei grabbed him and wouldn’t let go. Tian Yuan wanted to flee as soon as Pan Lei reached a crucial point. He wasn’t like this jerk, therefore every time something happened, he shrunk his neck. There was blood in the drip tube as soon as Pan Lei pressed his palm, and Tian Yuan was so terrified that he stopped moving instantly.

"You must not do that."

"I’d like to speak with you."

Pan Lei was a little angry. Actually, he wanted to have a little fun.

"Didn't you say you wouldn’t let me feel wronged or hurt? So, how can you make me feel upset?"

"I won't wrong you, but could you utter one good word?"

Pan Lei was irritated, and as he let go of Tian Yuan’s hand, he was on the verge of turning over. Tian Yuan pressed down on him, immobilizing him.

"If you don't like me, just leave me alone."

Pan Lei was angry and didn’t look at him. He turned his neck the other way, as if he were a child with a temper tantrum. Tian Yuan was taken aback. Grabbing his arm, he stroked Pan Lei's skin slowly so that his arm did not become chilly.

To make Pan Lei more comfortable, he placed another cushion under his arm.

Pan Lei turned his head to look at him. When Tian Yuan glanced at him, he hmphed, and turned his head again. It was awkward to the point of death.

"Do you want to sip some water? Do you need to use the restroom? I’ll hold the bottle for you."

"Do you not care about me?"

Tian Yuan touched his nose in embarrassment. Not care? That would be a lie. If he didn’t care, he wouldn’t be as afraid to hear that Pan Lei was hurt, and he wouldn’t have kept urging him to return safely.

Pan Lei had short hair that was a little spiky to the touch. Tian Yuan had witnessed the strength of Pan Lei’s beard when he rubbed it on his neck - it left small red marks. It was just like Pan Lei - tough, domineering, and unyielding.

"You must pay attention to your safety when you go out on missions in the future. I wanted to tell you for a long time that you must return safely."

"You mentioned it to me three times today."

"Am I being long-winded? Then I won't say anything."

Pan Lei hurriedly turned his head. When did he say he was long-winded? Tian Yuan was speaking a few words of concern; didn’t it imply that he was worried about him?

Tian Yuan didn't look at him and kept touching his hair. The tiny spikes stabbed his palm, making it a little itchy.

"I'm not sure how good your equipment is or whether it can keep you safe. I also know you're physically fit and skilled. However, no matter how well-equipped you are or how skilled you are, the danger is immense. Otherwise, your teammate would not have been involved in an accident. You are your family's lone child. You must consider them and keep safety in mind. Return safely. When you're on the job, don't be reckless. You've been hurt this time, but if you pay closer attention, it won't happen again. You ah, be more cautious in the future; I may annoy you when I bring it up, but remember, you must return safely. You must be protected."

"For my family’s sake? Why don't you worry about yourself? I owe it to you that I return safely."

Pan Lei remained angry.

Tian Yuan carefully drew out the needle for him after seeing that the drip was finished. He then raised his hand to assess the temperature of his arm. It felt a little cold, so he rubbed it repeatedly until his arm recovered to normal body temperature.

"I'm not nagging you. You’re a natural hero, and I can't stop you. Even if you think a bit more carefully and complete duties with greater care in the future, you’ll have a perfect strategy in place. Special forces personnel are also human beings. Do you consider yourself a Superman?"

Tian Yuan examined the back of Pan Lei's hand to ensure there was no bleeding. He was relieved at this point. He couldn't stop nagging him, even if it appeared that his mouth was broken or that he was babbling. He couldn't stop telling him over and over.

Pan Lei remained silent, staring at Tian Yuan, who had wrapped a quilt around him and felt the warmth of his brow.

He then smiled, as if he had realized something.

He was beaming with joy. He reasoned that if Tian’er didn’t like him, he wouldn’t worry about his rage. Moreover, Tian Yuan treated him with care and concern, and no longer quarrelled with him, exactly like a little wife. It felt so lovely to be served from head to toe that his entire body felt at ease. Tian Yuan was very nice to him instead of disregarding him. What did it reveal? It showed that Tian Yuan liked him as well. If he didn’t like him, he would have been dumped on the road a long time ago. How could Tian Yuan be that nice to him?

So he laughed, and laughed very happily, thinking that getting shot was well worth it.

Tian Yuan chastised him and was harsh and awkward, yet he had long admired him. He was certain.

"Why are you laughing? Do you need to use the restroom? Do you still feel dizzy? Do you want me to hold you?"

Pan Lei pretended to be pitiful and nodded. He wanted Tian Yuan to be considerate and caring at this time. That was the typical trend for young couples in love. If it was a headache and brain fever, your partner would be concerned till they were half-dead; if you had a cold, you could ask for warmth. Your partner would wait hand and foot on you while you were sick. That was what he desired as well.

Tian Yuan assisted him in standing up and opening the toilet door.

"Will you be fine? If you don't have the strength, let me support you."

Pan Lei glanced at Tian Yuan’s hand on his arm. I want more.

"Then you help me hold my little brother."

Tian Yuan blushed and slammed the door.

"Follow the toilet all the way down to the sewer."

Why wasn’t Pan Lei serious? He kindly offered his assistance for fear that he would fall, that he would lack the necessary strength. But this rogue was fine; he still planned to tease him.

Pan Lei laughed almost convulsively in the bathroom. ‘Tian’er is wonderful. My family is so great. When he's soft, he'll be an angel, like a fairy sister, tender to the heart and as soothing as water. But he’s totally chili-like and fiery when he gets upset. It’s so fascinating to watch him glare and flush. How can he be so adorable?!'

No matter how long he stared at him, it wasn't enough; no matter how tightly he hugged him, he didn't feel close; and no matter how much love he had, it still didn't feel like enough. Tian Yuan was as vital as air for his survival. Perhaps, more so. Liking him was a way of life. His life revolved around loving him.

Pan Lei wanted to kiss him, hold him, see him happy, learn more about him, share everything with him, give him the nicest things in the world, and give him so much happiness. He only hoped Tian Yuan was happy every day, and seeing him happy brought him the most joy.

‘I want the entire world to know that this is my person. My Tian'er, my baby, my beloved.'


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