January 4, 2023

IDYTRAA - Chapter 229

Chapter 229 WoMan dresses up

Huang Kai arrived in a flower-adorned carfleet. Absolute braggart and arrogant. The city's most stunning cars were almost all present. The Audi Q7 was the worst. A scarlet Ferrari 575M covered in white lilies served as the wedding car with a large red flower on it.

There were around 20 or 30 cars in the fleet, and practically every one was worth more than a million dollars.

Pan Ge wore no police uniform today and did not travel to the military compound, instead following Huang Kai to Tian Yuan's house. He went upstairs and found Mother Tian, whom he addressed as auntie. He then handed Pan Yue a dress.

"Aunt requested that I deliver it to you. She stated that you are dressing like a woman today. Don't open your mouth, and stop with the laoniang nonsense. Aunt will beat you up if you dare say the word laoniang once. I've brought along a makeup artist who will prim you up before we depart."

"I'm excited to wear the indigenous tribe's bridal dress that I brought back from Africa. Damn it! Making laoniang wear a dress; just kill me."

Pan Ge presented her with another box.

"High heels."

Pan Yue wailed.

"Fix her up for me."

Two makeup artists popped out behind Pan Ge and drove Pan Yue to the spare room.

"That's fantastic, dude! Ferrari, you're so awesome."

Huang Kai swaggered over, cocky to the extreme. Was there anyone in the entire city who could use a Ferrari as a festooned celebration car?

Men like cars just like they like guns. Tian Yuan's hands itched at the sight of that gorgeous Ferrari, which seemed like a wild prickly rose.

"Whose car is this?"

"It's Pan Zhan's. He just bought it, hehe, it arrived yesterday, and I'm driving it today to your wedding. I'm the driver, buddy. We've all given it our all for your wedding. Thinking back, this gege of yours was also the all-powerful Grandpa Huang when I was on the road. You’re making the city's most powerful gang leader drive for you. You’re too awesome."

Oh, it’s Eldest Brother’s? That’s great. His palms were itchy despite the fact that he was a rookie with no driver's license.

"I'll drive, and you'll be the co-pilot."

Huang Kai was taken aback.

"Um, don't tell me you want me to marry Pan Lei. He'll beat me to death."

"As if I'd allow it! I just want to test drive the new car. I've heard that this type of car accelerates quickly and that driving it feels like flying at low altitude. I'd love to give it a shot."

Pan Ge smiled.

"Driving without a license is a serious offense, Tian Yuan. You don't want to be squatting in a jail cell on your wedding day, do you? Listen to Second Brother. Don’t make trouble. Leizi is hopping with anxiety as it is."

Why did Tian Yuan have the impression that, despite Pan Ge's smile, he was threatening him? He obediently stopped thinking about driving. He'd be a proper groom and wouldn't mess about.

Soon, the makeup artist walked out enchantingly as the spare room door opened.

The makeup artist was stunning, with a slim waist and perky buttocks. She was both graceful and tough. Pan Yue was a WoMan, but when she was held by them, they could hear her sobbing and screaming, which was worse than slaughtering a pig.

The makeup artists emerged after much tossing.

"Presenting a Beauty."

Pan Yue, in reality, was quite stunning. Everyone disregarded her natural character since she always terrified people to death when she opened her mouth. Even though she was darker, she was still a black rose.

It was a form-fitting white sheath dress with a plunging neckline that ended just above the knee. High heels, done hair, curled eyelashes, lipstick, and makeup. Her figure was also fantastic; what should have been perky was perky, and what should have been bouncy was bouncy. Her figure was enhanced by the fitting clothing, and she looked like a supermodel.

Huang Kai whistled as she exited the door.

"Big sis, you are stunning! I, too, want to date you."

Pan Ge whacked him on the head and smiled at Pan Yue.

"Isn't this beautiful? You look lovely. Let Eldest Brother find you a women’s school to attend for a few months, and you will graduate as a noble lady."

"This kid is always so casual. Look at how good-looking she is now."

Mother Tian was effusive in her appreciation.

Pan Yue reached for the bra and drew up the low-cut dress. She was particularly crude when she pulled up the dress. She grabbed the underarm fabric and yanked it up.

Black lines appeared on everyone's heads as a result of this action. Please, Big Sis, you are a classy lady now, not a careless female bandit. This conduct is too harmful to one’s sense of beauty.

"Your grandma, this is too f*cking low! People will undoubtedly see laoniang revealing her ditch once I bend over. The skirt is so short that people will be able to see my butt cheeks. I feel like it keeps slipping down. It’s not gonna slide and reveal laoniang’s nipples, is it?"

No one spoke, and Mother Tian appeared to have swallowed a fly.

Huang Kai’s face was flushed from restrained laughter.

Tian Yuan planned to ignore her. It wasn't the first or second time he'd seen this Big Sister's boldness. He knew it was impossible that she'd become a lady just by changing her attire.

"Shut up, Pan Yue! You are not permitted to speak today. It's too harmful to one's sense of beauty."

Pan Ge had a headache. This girl was a big pain in the neck. Was there anyone who wouldn't make him worry? Alas! Pan Ge let out a sigh. It's just too difficult. He figured they'd raise Pan Yue till they were old. Who could possibly ask for such a woman? He was certain she couldn't marry. They would just raise her since she was family.

Pan Yue took a forward step. It was her first time wearing seven centimeter high heels, and she couldn't walk. When she took a stride forward, she landed barefoot on the floor with a thump.

Tian Yuan and the others were taken aback and rushed over to assist her. Her lovely hairdo had come undone, resembling a chicken coop.

"Are you okay, Big Sis? Is your foot okay? Did the fall hurt you?"

Tian Yuan pinched her leg. High heels are attractive, but they are extremely harmful to women. Ankle sprains are fairly common.

Pan Yue rubbed her face and pushed back her hair.

"Thankfully, I have a buffer."

She tugged on her bra once more and patted her chest. This is the safety airbag.

Pan Ge put up with it again and again, but he couldn't help himself and whacked her head, making the chicken coop even messier.

"You should go touch up your makeup. You don't have to say anything today. Don't say anything, don't laugh, and don't move. You can simply be a decorative flower on the chair. Don't make the Pans look bad."

Beat her to death, beat her to death, such a woman is not a woman.

"Damn those high heels, they're a weapon for killing people! Walking down the stairs while wearing those? Why don't I just tumble down the stairs?"

Pan Yue removed her high-heeled shoes, trembling with horror as she saw the delicate heels. She snapped off the heel with a crisp click, and the other heel was also broken in the same way. The high-heeled shoes were transformed into flat-heeled shoes that were more pleasant to wear.

Huang Kai laughed and thumped the floor. This Big Sis is adorable.

"Tian Yuan, you should also put on a coat. Leizi has often urged me."

Tian Yuan walked over to his coat. Mother Tian brushed his clothes from behind, stroked his shoulders, and pinned the groom tag corsage on her son. Her boy was usually handsome and gentle. He was much more attractive now that he was dressed formally.

My son is about to get married. Every mother wishes for her sons and daughters to marry, settle down, and have children of their own someday. If you married a woman…hey, don't think that! Leizi is really good.

"Mom, we will be very happy."

Tian Yuan put his arms around his mother's shoulders. When he watched his mother bow her head, his eyes turned red. He was unfilial, yet he couldn’t give up his love. It was not easy for the couple to come to this point. The couple's journey to this point was not smooth. They had to be together, be happy, and live a fulfilling life.

"Mom thinks Leizi is a good man. He has a nasty temper, but he treats you really well. Mom sees it all. Mom…Mom is happy."

"Mom, you will have another son who will be filial to you. He really likes both of you. We will not renovate the house for the next few years. When you reach the age of 60, we will refurbish the house and invite you and Dad to live with us. Leizi is very good to me. We are madly in love with each other."

"Mom knows. Our son is married, so your father and I don't have to worry about you. Leizi can also come home to accompany you every day. Your happiness is just getting started. Mom feels you will be together forever. Live a good life, be filial to both parents, and adopt a child when you’re older. Your mother-in-law and I will be relieved as long as you both live well. Don't quarrel, don't bicker, and change your temper. Don’t rely on him to spoil you. You kick him as soon as you raise your foot. Leizi indeed indulges you. If you tried it on someone else, they would’ve already beaten you."

Mother Tian continued to ramble. She felt as if she was marrying off her daughter for some reason. She might forget to tell her something, which would cause her to argue with her husband.

"He doesn't dare because he loves me. He promised to spoil me and treat me as his ancestor. Don't worry, he won't fight back even if I kick him. Even if you give him courage, he will not dare to fight back."

"That doesn’t mean you can act temperamentally. Be happy, harmonious and beautiful."

Tian Yuan assured her that they would live happily ever after, laughing and joking all day. There is always joy where there is Pan Lei. It will definitely not be boring.

Pan Ge approached, holding the phone.

"Leizi is going crazy."

"Why aren’t you here yet? What time is it? Do you want me to run over there? Ancestor, I beg you, please just marry me. Don't show your temper at this time."

Tian Yuan suppressed a smile. He’s in a hurry, huh. Is he suffering from newlywed phobia and thinks I don’t want him? Just sit tight!

"Your mother-in-law is teaching me the Tian family’s rules. We must follow our ancestors’ advice. What are you anxious about? Just wait."

Pan Lei slapped his butt. Please, Mother-in-law, be considerate of this poor man. Don't say anything strange to him.

"Mom! Please keep this long story short. Hold on to it. When I enter your door, we will kneel in front of you. Are you explaining the family rules? Then shouldn’t you let me marry into the house sooner?!"

Mother Tian burst out laughing.

"Let's get going, let's get going now, hurry up. Are you ready, Pan Yue? My son is in a hurry. Be quick and don't waste time. It's unlucky to miss the auspicious time. Leizi, wait, I told them to drive quickly. We’ll be there soon."

"Mom, your son's happiness is in your capable hands. Please hurry."

"What's the rush? If you keep pressing, I really won't marry you."

Tian Yuan was still making fun of him. Pan Lei had always played tricks on him, and now it was his chance to do so.

"Ancestor, I beseech you. My mother's water basin is already ready. She’s just waiting for me to get inside the car before spilling the water."

A married daughter is like split water[1]. Dang Hong truly treated her son as though he were a daughter. She intended to spill this water once he was married off.


[1] Something that cannot be recovered.


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