December 24, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 228

Chapter 228 I won’t marry you if you lose money at mahjong

Could he fall asleep? When Pan Lei got home on such an important day, Mama Dang Hong poured a bottle of vinegar into him, the sourness quickly sobering him up. The elderly had already begun to play mahjong. The entire military compound was in a frenzy, no matter how many individuals showed there. They hadn't heard such important news in ages. For a long time, no one in this bunch of monkey cubs married. Finally, one of them was getting married, and in such a magnificent fashion. They all arrived to congratulate the Pans and then stayed to play mahjong.

Every room was full of people, and when you stood outside a room, you could hear the frantic sound of mahjong coming from inside.

The trio were one person short, so they just played "Fight the Landlord."

Pan Lei checked the time every half an hour. When he checked the time again, he realized he'd lost a thousand dollars. No way, if he kept losing like this, their red envelopes would get smaller.

He took out his phone and dialed Tian Yuan's number. Tian Yuan's side was noticeably quieter. He had just gotten out of the shower and was about to fall asleep when he heard snoring coming from the living room. This WoMan, Pan Yue, was a real man. Her snoring was louder than a man's and was fast approaching train whistles.

Tian Yuan couldn't sleep and kept turning over. He beamed as he imagined himself celebrating the wedding anniversary with Pan Lei every year until the silver anniversary, and eventually the golden anniversary. Even though they were both old men, he still made Pan Lei carry him on his back. He guessed he couldn't sleep that night because he was far too happy and excited.

I don't know if he has sobered up. There are a lot of people on his side. The whole family has gathered, and it must be quite noisy. He must be unable to sleep. I wonder what he is doing.

Pan Lei called just as he was thinking about it.

"Honey , I've been robbing my whole life, and someone robbed me today."

Tian Yuan controlled his laughter. Pan Lei was extremely aggrieved and reported to him. How could these two a$$holes team up to beat him?

"Did Grandpa and Grandma rob you?"

"Nah, it’s the two ba$tards, Zhang Hui and Lin Mu. They won a thousand dollars from me. That’s half of your money for getting a driver’s license."

"Hey, how can you say that? Don’t you know the phrase "Proud in love, frustrated in a casino"? It sounds reasonable. You are about to get married, we are two bachelors. Aren’t we allowed to win money for drinks?!"

Lin Mu was super pleased with himself. He won money!

"Did you hear that, Tian'er? Lin Mu won money and is flaunting. Come here. Let's band together and win the money back."

"Pan Lei, if you don't win back the $1000 today, I won't pick you up tomorrow."


Tian Yuan hung up the phone, and what Pan Lei wanted was precisely this order. The money must be won back in order for the wedding to go smoothly tomorrow.

Pan Lei appeared to have been injected with chicken blood (stimulant). Pan Lei demonstrated his battling spirit after the phone call. He went all out and fought them. At five o'clock in the morning, the elders in each room finally quieted down and proceeded to wash, eat breakfast, and prepare.

Pan Lei calculated several times. He lost $1000, won $800, and surreptitiously made up the difference of $200. So, when he handed over the money to his family's boss tonight, he would inform the chief that he had won the $1000 back. He would ask for a reward.

So simple, hehe.

Lin Mu and Zhang Hui had each returned to their respective houses. Their residences were only three or four minutes away on foot. They showered, changed, and tidied up into handsome men before returning to be the best men.

Pan Lei began to dial his partner's number. He was scared Tian Yuan might oversleep at home. On such a crucial day, he couldn't afford to be the tiniest bit sloppy. Even on his first day on the battlefield, he wasn't nervous. But he was nervous now, afraid Tian Yuan wouldn't be able to get up, afraid there would be traffic jams on the road, and afraid something unexpected would happen. Could he have contracted marriage phobia?

It should be anxiety disorder, the worrying about nothing type.

"Tian'er, baby, are you awake?"


Tian Yuan was still in a stupor and hadn't awoken. He had a hard time falling asleep yesterday and was still sleepy. The phone call had woken him up.

"Baby, get up. Go wash your face and change your clothes. I'm ready and worried you won't come to marry me."


Tian Yuan rolled over and continued to sleep after hanging up the phone. It was still early. He only needed to be there before nine o'clock, so getting out of bed at seven was OK. It wasn't that far anyway. It was fine to sleep a little longer, right? Right. Don't disturb him.

Pan Lei hummed a ditty while shaving, looked left and right in the mirror, and then touched his inch-long hair.

"Cool! You’re the most handsome today."

Then he sipped soy milk while continuing to hum the ditty. He wanted to pad his stomach before drinking around midday, as he predicted. Zhang Hui and Lin Mu were dressed more nicely than the groom, and Lin Mu's chest pocket was adorned with a rose.

Lin Mu approached Pan Lei while they were drinking soy milk together. He could hear the chap humming, but not what he was humming. He almost spit up the soy milk in his mouth as he came closer, ruining his new clothes.

Pan Lei was humming: today I will marry you, today I will marry you, and next year you will be a father…

Can you be a little more reserved? Could he stop beaming and being so elated while humming I'll marry you today? Don’t you want any face? How can you be so shameless?

"Shut up and eat! We will not block the wine if you sing this song."

Pan Lei was unfazed about Lin Mu's threat.

"I've already made arrangements. All of the wine we drink will be water. Hehehe, what a cool trick, right? We’ll need to use the restroom, but we won’t become drunk. Also…"

Pan Lei snatched the rose from Lin Mu’s jacket pocket.

"What do you mean by dressing so handsomely? Do you want to compete against me? Let me inform you two that it's my wedding, and none of you can steal the limelight from me. Get out of the way and don't let anyone exclaim, "Oh, the best man is more handsome than the two grooms!""

He then placed the rose in his own jacket pocket. He'll wait for Tian Yuan and present him with this flower. He was getting married at long last. He finally had a ring and a rose, and could get married[1].

Hey, wait a minute. Did his husband wake up? It was already six o'clock.

"Baby, you must’ve changed your clothes, right? I’ll urge Huang Kai to take the car to pick you up as soon as possible, and then you can pick me up."

"Eh? Yeah, good."

Tian Yuan still sounded groggy which meant he hadn't woken up yet!

"You're still sleeping; get up quickly, get up. You can sleep soundly tonight. Oh baby, I can't wait. I'm ready and waiting for you."

"Okay, okay, I'll get up now."

"Tian Yuan, he's fooling you. He said, "sleep soundly tonight," but that's impossible! Won't he harass you on your wedding night until you have a sore waist and back and only then think he has loved you enough? Go to sleep, go to sleep, it's fine to oversleep a bit."

Lin Mu played dirty tricks and continued yelling into the phone.

"That’s good."

Someone told him to keep sleeping, so he must keep sleeping.

"Hey! No, baby, don't listen to them. This is the most crucial day of a couple's life. Don't sleep; get up quickly. Ancestor, please get up."

"Stop being noisy. If you keep being noisy, I won't marry you!"

Tian Yuan roared and then hung up the phone.

Pan Lei was almost in tears. "The anxious wind hits the slow doctor[2]" indeed. He was going insane with anxiety, but his husband was still lazing in bed.

"Look, your man said he won't marry you. He said the same thing yesterday when you drank too much. He also stated that if you did not win the $1000, he would not marry you. He has made up his mind not to marry you anymore, so go ahead and cry."

Lin Mu displayed the video he captured yesterday, where Pan Lei was intoxicated and brazenly refused to leave, and Tian Yuan was upset at him, in schadenfreude.

Pan Lei brandished his fists. If it were not for being concerned that Lin Mu was his best man and he needed him to block the drinks, he would truly have beat him up.

No, this was simply not feasible. Tian Yuan had better be ready or they would miss the auspicious hour.

Pan Lei dialed Huang Kai's phone number. Huang Kai was likewise asleep in a daze. F*ck, none of these ba$tards are reliable! They were so careless and didn't take his affairs seriously because it wasn’t their wedding, right?

"Huang Kai, you deserve a beating, don't you! Get up this instant! Laozi is getting married and is waiting for the wedding car. If you don't leave now, laozi will have to hold the wedding in the afternoon. Who knows if there’s a traffic jam; don’t you know how horrible it gets! It takes an hour or two to resolve. When you get married someday, I'm messing up your wedding!"

"I know, I know."

Huang Kai was confused and perfunctory. The phone was then picked up by someone else.

"Don't worry, I've instructed the traffic control team to reroute traffic ahead of time. The road we take has traffic police to keep the traffic flowing smoothly. We’ll arrive at Tian Yuan’s place at eight o'clock, and then pick you up. You guys will arrive at the hotel before ten. Everything will be on time."

Pan Lei gazed at his phone screen. He'd called Huang Kai. Why was he hearing Second Brother's voice?

"I'm in a hurry. Get up! I'm getting married today."

"There’s still time. He’ll be up soon."

He heard his second brother remark just before Pan Lei hung up the phone.

"Still sore? Sleep a little longer."

Pan Lei felt as though he had been struck by lightning. When did his second brother have such a soft voice? Was he possessed by something?

The phone call was then terminated.

Dang Hong, dressed in a brilliant red cheongsam, entered the room to present Pan Lei with a corsage with the groom's name tag[3].

This drew his attention away from the jumbled ideas racing through his mind.

Pan Lei was dressed formally. A black suit and a white silk shirt.

He dressed heroically in military clothing. Whether it was field dress, camouflage outfit, or uniform dress, he could interpret all the characteristics of a soldier. He was a natural soldier. Resolute, ramrod straight, and unyielding. But when he put on a suit, he was also rather attractive. A hunk.

It was a given. He'd fastened only one button. Without a king's commanding aura, but with a little of toughness added, and this kind of strength was wrapped in a suit, giving him a particularly formidable feeling.

Was the man handsome? Check out the crew cut. Men with crew cuts are the most handsome. He'd just put on a suit jacket with a rose pinned in the pocket, which could tempt any number of women.

Miss Wang, from Political Commissar Wang's residence, peered at Pan Lei through the door, till her eyes grew red, and then she rushed away.

Zhang Hui whistled. This guy’s really a hunk. He’s so f*cking handsome.

But this handsome fella simply didn’t have time to worry about all this. He was busy calling.

"Baby, are you awake?"

"I’m up, I’m up."

There was a gargling sound.

"I'm getting ready."

Tian Yuan was quite helpless. No girl has ever been so eager to get into a marriage sedan since ancient times. Why was this rough and tough wifey of his so anxious?


[1] I don't remember which chapter it was, but this alludes to PL's first proposal after the fight. He knelt and apologized to TY in this chapter.

[2] A metaphor for someone hunting for something urgent but encountering a slow-witted person.

[3] Something like this:


Wanted to finish IDYTRAA this year,

To bring you some holiday cheer,

Was as busy as a bee,

On a translation spree,

Then saw many extras to go,

And cried "Oh no!"

So, see you in ‘23,

With extras 33.

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