December 4, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 219

Chapter 219 Baby, I’ll sleep beside you

It was time to leave camp and go home. Except for Huang Kai, all of them had previously served in the army, albeit the length of their service varied. Huang Kai made it abundantly clear that he wished to return with Pan Lei's men. Pan Lei would return to the barracks to organize his team before taking a leave to marry.

Pan Ge dragged Huang Kai by his shirt collar into the car, forcing him to be the driver and drive the car back.

Zhang Hui and Lin Mu were the ones who traveled with the commandos. They flew back and followed them to the barracks, animatedly recalling their days in the service.

Pan Lei was responsible for this massive blunder, which made the entire military sector tense. As soon as the special forces arrived at the barracks, Chen Ze from the logistics department came over to express his sympathies. They’d been working together for many years, and he was also the one who informed Tian Yuan. He dashed over when he heard Tian Yuan had already arrived.

Lin Mu and Zhang Hui were having a conversation. They didn't have as many armored vehicles while they were in the army. They were eager to get behind the wheel of an armored truck.

Lin Mu drew Tian Yuan away when he saw Chen Ze approaching from a distance.

"This is killing me. Leizi will be gone for at least two hours. I'm going to his dorm and taking a nap."

Lin Mu received the key from Pan Lei.

"Honey, you should take a rest as well. I won't be able to leave until I make the necessary arrangements."

Tian Yuan shook his head and followed him. He was not going to let Pan Lei out of his sight.

Chen Ze came over and punched Pan Lei.

"You scared us too much. There had been no news concerning you, and everything was in disarray. You're fine, right? Any injuries?"

"Ain’t I back in one piece."

Chen Ze caught a glimpse of Lin Mu and grabbed him as he was going to depart.

"Isn't this Blind Date Dr. Lin? Have you taken a fancy to that young man in our army? It's difficult to come here, so let's chat. Come on over to my office and we can talk. Don’t any of your young nurses wish to marry our officers? Why are you here with them? Do you want to take the lead? Inquire about what sort of men they like. Our officers are all outstanding."

Lin Mu threw his arm out.

"They don't want a man who prattles like a woman and runs his mouth."

Chen Ze chuckled, not angered in the least.

"So, Dr. Lin, what type do you like? If a couple does not communicate, it is wiser to marry a mute."

Lin Mu threw him a dirty look.

"I'll go to your dorm for a bit, Leizi. When it's time to go, please come get me."

"What are you going to do in the wedding room of the young couple? My dorm is larger than this one. Let's sit down and have a good chat."

What's the situation? Everyone, including Tian Yuan, was taken aback. Lin Mu completely ignored him, shoved open Pan Lei's dormitory door, and slammed it shut.

"What a terrible temper."

"Don't forget about this pal when planning your wedding banquet. I'll serve as your best man."

Chen Ze walked away slowly, his hands clasped behind his back, creating the impression that he had a small tail on his ass and was wagging his head and tail with joy.

"What's going on?"

Tian Yuan was totally confused.

"My mother appears to have organized a blind date some time ago. I'm not sure about the specifics."

Do all women have a matchmaker's mindset? Mom was no exception; she wanted to find a partner for the hospital's nurses and female doctors. This had nothing to do with them, and they took it lightly.

"I'll go tell my superiors about the battle situation. I'll use this occasion to request leave and stay at home with you. We'll carry out our plan. You and Zhang Hui wait for me in my office. You can walk around when you're bored. I think something is wrong with Lin Mu, so don't bother him. That guy can’t be provoked. He always keeps a scalpel in his pocket, and you never know what he’ll do if he gets angry."

Pan Lei then walked to the CO's office. This incident had gotten too far out of hand, so he had to go and humbly report on the combat situation.

Zhang Hui hesitated for a moment before asking.

"Will you invite Xiaji to your wedding, Tian Yuan?"

What was going on with these people?

"Pan Lei is dead set on getting married, and he's making such a huge deal about it, so of course I'll invite him."

Zhang Hui grinned.

"Give me the list you and Aunt made. I'm preparing the banquet for you, so don't you think it'll be simple for me to arrange the seats as well? I know certain people better than you and know who would be better sitting at the same table with a glass of wine and chatting."

"All right, I'll send you the guest list when I return."

With their brothers and buddies help, there wouldn’t be any big problem.

Tian Yuan had fallen asleep with his upper body reclining on his work desk when Pan Lei returned. Zhang Hui leaned silently against the door frame, smoking. Lin Mu appeared to be dead asleep in his dormitory and had not emerged.

Pan Lei's heart broke as he noticed the sleep marks on Tian Yuan's face. He took off his coat and wrapped it over him. Lin Mu, you are truly shameless. Isn’t it said that a dove occupies a magpie's nest; look how you chased my hubby out. Why don't you know to leave after butting in as an outsider in our couple's room?

Zhang Hui threw a statement out of the blue.

"The long-winded officer came three times."

"I don’t care if he likes to come over. We’re leaving."

Pan Lei wrapped Tian Yuan in his coat and carried him.

"We're going home, baby. Go to sleep. We'll be there when you wake up."

Tian Yuan was exhausted. He hadn't closed his eyes since learning that Pan Lei had gone missing until now. He was unable to eat or sleep. He felt exhausted now that his heart had been relieved. He fell asleep with his arms around Pan Lei's neck, staring at him in a daze.

Tian Yuan seized his neck and refused to let go. Pan Lei threw the key to Zhang Hui because he was worried of waking up his Tian'er. Lin Mu was still glum when he got inside the vehicle.

Tian Yuan's head was pillowed on Pan Lei's legs in the backseat. He was fast asleep. He was finally relaxed, no matter how uneasy he had been. He could feel Pan Lei by his side, and it was only after that that he fell asleep soundly.

Pan Lei stroked his hair and gripped his hand, without lifting his gaze from his sweetheart. Zhang Hui was also silent while Lin Mu looked out the window. Who thought Chen Ze would jump out when they got to the front gate.

When he knocked on the car window, Pan Lei tightened his coat around Tian Yuan. It was eight or nine o'clock at night, and Chen Ze had nothing to do. He was bored, so he came to the gate to annoy them.

"Dr. Lin, leaving already? Come again when you have the chance. By the way, please leave your phone number. We have an officer here who fell in love with a little nurse in your hospital at first sight and really wants to get to know her. Please help me introduce him."

Lin Mu pulled a scalpel from his pocket without saying anything. A cold light flashed. Seeing him take out a scalpel in the dark night was enough to make people panic.

Chen Ze, however, didn't change his expression and simply laughed softly.

"Very nice knife. It's a bit worse than mine. I'll give you one."

Chen Ze tossed a dagger at him, a small blade in a black scabbard.

"What on earth are you doing? Robbing? Who do you want to rob? You can kidnap anyone except for my husband. Do you want ransom or not? Isn’t it just a phone number? I'll give it to you later. Now get out of the way quickly. Don’t you see that my darling is fast asleep? What if he catches a cold from the open car window? Chen Ze, get the hell out of here. Zhang Hui, drive. Let’s go home. These past few days have tired laozi to death."

Chen Ze beamed when he heard him say this.

"Okay, I'll call you later. Tell me the number. Good night, Dr. Lin~"

As soon as Zhang Hui drove out of the military base, he began snickering. He hastily retracted his smile after Lin Mu gave him a murderous glare.

Pan Lei's thoughts were entirely focused on Tian Yuan. He didn't care if they were behaving strangely. On arriving at the community gate, Pan Lei carried Tian Yuan on his back and went upstairs. They were free to be weird by themselves.

"If you want to be dismembered by me, go ahead and laugh at me. If you dare to say one more word, I’ll stop caring about our childhood friendship."

Zhang Hui quickly covered his mouth and didn't say a word.

If they were being quirky, it was their business. Pan Lei opened the door with Tian Yuan on his back. Tian Yuan opened his eyes as he heard the key ring.

"We’re home?"

"We’re home. Go to sleep, baby, I'm right here."

They were back home, and Pan Lei remained by his side. Tian Yuan was completely exhausted. In a stupor, he felt Pan Lei pull off his clothing and swayed as he walked a few steps to the bathroom for a shower. Pan Lei scooped him up and tucked him into bed.

"I'll wipe you down, baby. Go to bed."

Tian Yuan nodded absentmindedly after a kiss. Pan Lei went to the bathroom to draw hot water, wrung a towel, and came over to find Jindou'er on the opposite side of the bed, blinking pitifully at him and barking when it saw him come in.

"Get the hell out of here. If you dare to invade my territory, you will be cooked into a dog meat hot pot. Don't bark. Believe it or not, if you dare to bark again, I will give you a bottle of sleeping pills and you’ll sleep right away."

Jindou'er leaped down, feeling wronged, and laid on the floor in response to its owner's threat.

Pan Lei lifted the quilt and wiped Tian Yuan's entire body clean. He dared not lift the quilt all the way because he was afraid he might freeze. He saw how awful his complexion was after wiping the dirt off his face. He was sleeping, yet he had two large dark circles under his eyes like a panda. He kissed his stomach, turned on the air conditioner, and went to get food for Jindou'er.

Jindou'er was extremely pitiful. Its father grabbed the suitcase and bolted, and its Second Uncle closed the door and followed. It had been starving for two days. Fortunately, there was dog food and water in the dog bowls, so it was well despite being cooped up for a couple of days.

As Jindouer snarfed its food, Pan Lei petted its head.

Pan Lei grabbed a change of clothes and went to take a shower. To avoid disturbing Tian Yuan's slumber, the lights were dimmed down low. He'd barely wiped the water off his body when he heard Tian Yuan’s voice.

"Pan Lei, Pan Lei..."

Pan Lei ran out, nude. Sleep had befuddled Tian Yuan. Perhaps he had a nightmare, for he sat there calling Pan Lei with half-open eyes and a panicked expression on his face.

Pan Lei rushed over to embrace him.

"I was just getting out of the shower. Go to sleep. Come and lie down; don't freeze."

Tian Yuan breathed a sigh of relief and wrapped his arms around Pan Lei's waist to keep him from leaving. Pan Lei kissed his brow. This little devil was acting coquettish.

He lifted the quilt and entered, taking Tian Yuan in his arms. They were both naked, skin to skin. They were closer without the impediment of clothing.

Pan Lei gently patted and coaxed Tian Yuan, whispering sweet nothings into his ear and called, "Baby, baby, sleep, I'm right here." Tian Yuan closed his eyes slowly. Only when Pan Lei was at his side did he fall asleep the fastest and most peacefully.


All of the couple's friends desire their own lover after eating a ton of dog food.

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