December 8, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 221

Chapter 221 Serving Lord Tian’er

Tian Yuan felt considerably better after a good night's sleep. Xiaji, who was standing next to him, admired him.

"He carried you all the way here on his back. When you came, his brow was bathed in sweat. He never left your bedside, clutching your hand and continually calling you baby. Look at those young nurses' red eyes. It's all because they've been watching you two. "They are such a sweet couple," a little girl said. "Why do I want to cry? It's so touching and enviable." Nowadays, good men prefer men over women, thus they cannot marry."

Tian Yuan pooh-poohed contemptuously.

"Enough of your bullshit. Where is he?"

"Where do you think? He said he was going to get you something to eat because you were about to wake up. Stay for a few days as if you're here to reminisce your previous job."

"Who has so much free time? By the way, we're getting married, so you must come to the wedding banquet."

Xiaji agreed, saying he'd come as long as he didn't have to pay.

These two men had found each other and were getting married. How come a woman hadn’t fallen for him? It’s f*cking pointless to admire, envy, and hate.

Tian Yuan sat up and put on his coat, preparing to get out of bed.

"Don't move!"

Everyone in the emergency room froze in fright when there was a roar at the door. What was going on? Was it the police?

So sorry. It was Pan Lei who hurried over with a bowl of porridge and promptly laid down the ground rules.

"What are you doing getting out of bed? Just let me know if you need anything. Your fever has subsided, but your body is still weak. Don't become dizzy and fall."

"Stop provoking singles so much. This PDA is seriously irritating me."

Xiaji grumbled and gave up.

"Get out of here asap. I don’t want to suffer heartburn from looking at your PDA. What are you so smug about? Who are you flaunting to? You have someone who treats you as if you’re a treasure, but just you wait. I'll be happier and sweeter than you when I have a sweetheart."

"Sure, I'm looking forward to that day."

Pan Lei knelt and assisted Tian Yuan in putting on his shoes.

"Do you want to eat here before we leave, or do you want to go home?"

"Return home."

Tian Yuan spontaneously climbed up on Pan Lei's back when he grinned and turned his back. Tian Yuan was piggybacked to the hospital, and he was piggybacked out as well.

Xiaji took the porridge bowl, sat down, and finished it. He was irritated by the couple. Was it really so difficult not to provoke a (involuntary) loner? It was near the end of spring (season), sigh, but his spring (love) had yet to arrive.

"Why do I feel that you have lost at least five kilos after having a high fever for one night? I can’t feel any meat anywhere. You sweated a lot. Don’t tell me you sweated away the kilos. The world’s beauties will be super envious of you."

There were now more people in the hospital. Pan Lei swaggered along the corridor, Tian Yuan on his back, greeting old acquaintances as he passed. He had no intention of letting Tian Yuan off his back.

"Do the math: how long have we not seen each other? When was the last time you carried me on your back? You have a large living person sleeping next to you and you have no idea if he is fat or slim, yet you still say you love me. Love my ass."

"How do you know I love you more than your ass?"

Tian Yuan slugged him.

"Shut up and go home. My skin’s all cold and clammy. We need to go to your parents' house. You’ve returned, and you must go see them so they stop worrying. We were all so worried about you. Mom almost cried that day. By the way , please help me apologize to your CO. I quarreled with him that day, and I’m feeling a little embarrassed about it. I'll be too embarrassed to meet him the next time I visit your barracks."

"What are you scared of? I kick his door so many times a year, but he never says anything. You're unwell, and Mom isn't going anywhere. We'll go out only after you've recovered."

Tian Yuan was not that delicate. He was not Lin meimei[1], who vomits blood when she has a high temperature. He didn't have the strength, but he was alright walking slowly. But there was someone there to carry him, so why walk? Pan Lei grabbed a taxi with Tian Yuan still on his back when they arrived at the hospital entrance. When the car approached, he lowered Tian Yuan and switched from piggybacking to princess carrying. He opened the door and carried Tian Yuan inside. People who saw the scene were sure to think that Tian Yuan was disabled.

"I'll take you home first, then go get some ribs. Did you hear me? I'm getting some ribs. You were groggy from the fever, yet you were still thinking about your spare ribs. You were gnawing on my fingers. I had no idea you had returned from the refugee camp. Do you still want to eat ice? I’ll buy some ice cream."

"Oh, are we not going to your parents' place?"

"What for? We'll return home to care for your body. You're sick, and nothing is more important than my baby."

When they got home, Pan Lei took Tian Yuan to the bathroom. Pan Lei kissed his brow, cleaned his back, and bathed him. There was absolutely no groping, which piqued Tian Yuan's curiosity. Pan Lei had stopped eating meat? Was he becoming a vegetarian? When they bathed together in the past, this and that was very much a part of the process. Pan Lei didn't miss any chance. How come he was so honest today? It was too strange.

Pan Lei dressed Tian Yuan in pajamas, kissed him, and tucked him into bed.

"Sleep. I'm going to the grocery store."

Then he began to bring stuff inside the bedroom, such as water, snacks, and fruit. The computer was switched on and Jindou’er was brought to the bedroom, but it wasn’t allowed to lie down next to Tian Yuan. He repeatedly asked Tian Yuan what he wanted to eat before leaving. Was he just hungry for spare ribs? Was he in the mood for chicken soup or fish?

Tian Yuan was baffled. Seriously. He'd been sick before, and Pan Lei had been by his side to serve him, but he wasn't as cautious. Pan Lei acted as if he were carrying a baby on the top of his head, fearful that the baby would fall if he moved even slightly further. He was being awfully attentive.

Pan Lei was usually incredibly good to him, but now his kindness was the bustling, somewhat bewildered kind. Tian Yuan had the impression that Pan Lei was considering how to better treat him. Did something happen last night? So weird.

Pan Lei was busy in the kitchen, while Tian Yuan lay in bed with a sore waist and back. It wasn't a major disease; it was simply a fever and a cold.

Pan Lei raced over to wipe his nose as he sneezed, but Tian Yuan booted him out.

"Get out of the way! I have a cold, not broken limbs. What’s up with you? Why are you being so cautious?"

"Isn’t it because I’m worried you’ll be tired? I'm at home, so you can just relax. I'll do everything. All you have to do is look for me."

"No need. Will you return to your cooking after wiping my nose? That's revolting!"

"We're going to eat together regardless."

Tian Yuan leaped down and started chasing and hitting him. He still wants me to dine with him, disgusting or not?! Tian Yuan lay on the sofa, panting heavily after moving just now, while Pan Lei raced away laughing.

"Xiao Panzi, water." {T/n: Similar to Leizi.}

"Yes, sir."

Pan Lei made him honey water and brought it over for him to drink.

"I'm going to make you work hard today. I want to eat cherry tomatoes."

"I bought it. I'll wash them for you to eat."

Pan Lei put Tian Yuan’s legs on his own and held a plate for him. Pan Lei kneaded Tian Yuan's legs while he ate.

"Please don’t do this. I'm not some fragile porcelain. Are you hiding something from me? You’ve let me down, which is why you're being so attentive and fawning on me."

"What kind of bullshit are you on about? I saw you so sick yesterday and wanted to do everything I could to help you, you heartless little thing."

"We'll be together for the rest of our lives. Won't you be bored of treating me this way all day? Do whatever you want. I'm a grown man, no matter how sick I am. Am I not perfectly fine when you’re not home? It's just a cold, but look how scared you are."

"I'm thinking of applying to my superiors, baby. Instead of captaining the action squadron, I want to work in administration. You're anxious and worried when I go on a mission. You won't have to worry as much if I switch to admin work."

Tian Yuan sat next to him after being surprised for a moment. It was the first time Pan Lei and he had a serious chat about work.

"Did I… I said something yesterday, didn’t I. Pan Lei, I’m not asking you to leave the army. You love the army, and I support you. You like carrying guns and acting as a commando, and you have my support. You were born to be a soldier, and as you said, you protect the country. Don’t change your work solely because of a family matter. I'll stay at home and wait for you as long as you're on missions. I was confused from the high fever and raving, so don't take it to heart."

Tian Yuan was a little uneasy. Did he say something? Pan Lei was a man who enjoyed carrying weapons and leading soldiers into battle, therefore he couldn't modify his beliefs because of him. Tian Yuan didn't mind waiting in loneliness or anything else as long as he was unharmed. Pan Lei couldn’t have any regrets because of what he said.

Pan Lei wrapped his arms around him.

"No, I've given it careful thought. I now have a husband and a family. I have to look after you. Besides, commandos only serve for a few years before being promoted or become professional. I still love the army, and I don't want to be a professional, but I do want to provide you with a stable life. I just won’t lead the action squadron anymore. I’ll still work in the special forces, so it’s the same thing."

"I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. Pan Lei, I honestly don't care about anything as long as you return safely. Don't wrong yourself for me."

"Oh my love, I simply don't want you to be wronged. I guess I’ll be assigned to other jobs. I can't be selfish all the time, regardless. We’re together, and it’s always been you who has been waiting for me. I can't let you be with me in fear anymore."

"But these are all things I’m happy to do. You love your job, and I don’t want you to give up the satisfaction and thrill of carrying a gun because of me."

"Why do you make me fall in love with you so much? My baby is simply too sweet, thinking of me with all his heart. But I, too, can't help thinking about you. Don't worry, I want you to live a comfortable life."

The couple kissed and cuddled. With such strong feelings for each other, how could the couple ever quarrel or split up? The sweetness seemed boundless.

"Don't wrong yourself."

"Then let me kiss you."

You can kiss as many times as you want, dear, as long as you don't wrong yourself. Pan Lei was a man with an unbreakable spirit who was born to defend the homeland. He was a gun-toting person, and Tian Yuan wished he would always be so joyful, laughing and joking with him all their lives. That would be a wonderful life.

Tian Yuan was kissing Pan Lei while sitting on his lap. Pan Lei's palms itched from all the kissing. He wanted to do naughty things.

"Pan Lei, I think the spare ribs are burning."

Tian Yuan muttered something to ruin the fun just as he was ready to do something. Pan Lei cursed as he dashed into the kitchen. Yep, the spare ribs were charred.

"Redo. I must eat ribs today."


[1] This refers to Lin Daiyu, one of the main characters of Dream of the Red Chamber, one of China's Four Great Classical Novels. She is physically frail. Read about Lin Daiyu here.


Just when things were getting intriguing... Oh well, TY is sick anyway.

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