December 6, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 220

Chapter 220 This little thing is sick

Given Tian Yuan's health, it was impossible for him to be OK after the rigors of the previous two days.

Pan Lei awoke in the middle of the night due to the heat. He felt like he was carrying a stove in his arms because he was so hot. He reached out to feel Tian Yuan's brow and discovered that he was burning up. Pan Lei jumped out of bed and started getting dressed.

"Let's go to the hospital, Tian'er. You have a severe fever."

Is he sick as a result of freezing? But he was wrapped in my coat the entire trip. Damn, he did say he spent the night in the woods. Was that when he caught a chill? He looks awful, but I thought it was because he didn't get enough sleep. Pan Lei expected Tian Yuan to recover after a good rest. He had to have been unwell the whole time, didn't he? It's entirely my fault. I just wanted to snuggle him to sleep and completely forgot to give him some medicine beforehand.

Tian Yuan awoke in a stupor and clutched Pan Lei's hand.

"Don’t leave."

"I'm not leaving, baby. I'm not going anywhere. Let's go to the hospital."

Tian Yuan buried his face in Pan Lei's arms, and the breath he exhaled almost caught fire.

"Go get the medical kit. I'll take some antipyretics myself."

"Why are you being so stubborn when you’re like this? See if I still want you if you have a high fever until your meninges get inflamed and you become foolish. Please listen to me, baby. Let's get dressed, get you examined, and come back after the IV drip."

Tian Yuan simply refused to budge. When he opened his eyes, his head spun, and he didn't get up.

"Or, I'll call Lin Mu. If you continue to be disobedient, I'll summon my mother in the middle of the night. Now tell me if you're coming or not."

It was nearly midnight when they arrived home, and it was already early morning. He'd be too inconsiderate if he bothered Lin Mu or his mother-in-law to come here at this ungodly hour.

Tian Yuan hummed in agreement as he buried himself in Pan Lei's arms. Pan Lei dressed him quickly, holding him in his arms, putting on his pants and socks, buckled his belt, piggybacked him, grabbed the keys, and headed downstairs.

He'd let Zhang Hui drive away in the vehicle they'd returned in, and he'd forgotten to retrieve the key to the Guangqi Honda that Eldest Brother sent him. They could only travel on foot now.

Pan Lei ran the entire distance with Tian Yuan on his back, deciding to go to the city's No. 1 Hospital first because taxis were scarce at the time.

Pan Lei pushed Tian Yuan up by cupping his buttocks. He dashed forward on the desolate early morning street, Tian Yuan on his back.

"Tian'er, baby, don't fall asleep. If the cold worsens, it could turn into pneumonia. Please stay alert."

Tian Yuan mn-ed before wrapping his arms around Pan Lei's neck. His breath blasted hot air across Pan Lei's neck, as if scorching him. Pan Lei hurriedly accelerated his pace. His breaths are so hot. I can’t let his fever rise any further. Tian Yuan's health was poor, and Pan Lei was concerned that if he became very ill, he wouldn't be able to restore his strength for a month.

"Talk to me, baby."

"Ge, I can't find you. The woods are so dark, and you won't answer my calls. I asked so many people, but no one knows where you are."

Tian Yuan was woozy from fever and mumbled his complaints into Pan Lei's ear. He was in excruciating discomfort. It was as if he had experienced his entire life in advance over the last two days. He almost died in order to be with Pan Lei.

Pan Lei's nose stung with sadness.

"Ge is piggybacking you, darling. Ge is right here. Talk to me. Did my mother compliment you recently? Do you have a guest list? What type of wedding do you like?"

"Ge, I want to eat ice. It's so hot, my throat is dry."

Pan Lei looked around but saw no car, so he gritted his teeth and kept running.

"We'll get it. Ge will buy it when we arrive at the hospital. I'll get you some scoops of Haagen-Dazs in any flavor you want."

"No, I just want are the large square ice cubes that are freezing cold."

"Done! Baby, don't sleep. I'll prepare whatever you want to eat. What else would you like to eat? Tell me."

Pan Lei's brow was wet with sweat. The city's No. 1 Hospital was only a few bus stops away from their home. He was quite swift, and he made full use of his rapid marching speed from training. He was actually faster than that.

"I also want to eat your spare ribs. I miss the food you make when you’re not home. I want to eat it badly, but if you don't come back, all I can do is crave it. Ge, leave the army and stay by my side, okay? I’m scared you’ll leave and never return. I’m terrified of being informed that you’re missing in action. I don’t know what I should do if I receive this message. I will treat you if you are alive and injured. I'll die with you if you die. But, if your whereabouts are unknown, am I living or dead? I'm sick of living without you. I'm afraid you'll be disappointed. I know you enjoy serving in the military, but I want you to spend the rest of your life with me. I particularly hope you leave the army. Every time you go on an assignment, I get scared. You stay in the army if you don't want to or are unhappy. I support you, but please don't let me get a message that you’re missing. It’s unbearable."

Tian Yuan wept and shed tears. He sobbed in Pan Lei's ear as he gripped his shoulders.

Pan Lei's eyes were teary as well. Tian Yuan had been silently putting up with their separation, putting up with being terrified and on edge the entire time. He, on the other hand, had consistently let Tian'er down and caused him to be anxious about him. He claimed that he knew the score and would not be rash, but when he arrived on the battlefield, he rushed to the front lines. He also wanted to provide Tian Yuan with a stable home, but he had to let him wait.

Tian Yuan bore all of his complaints and hardships. The farce this time shook him.

"Ge will never let you worry about him again. Don't worry, I carry all of my family's hopes on my back. I will definitely not worry you anymore. I owe you, and when I am released from the army, I will slowly make it up to you."

"I just want you to be safe."

Tian Yuan's voice became chokingly emotional. Because he was confused from the fever, he uttered things he wouldn't typically say. He wanted Pan Lei to retire, but Pan Lei liked the army, so he would back him up. But, please, could he not scare him like this. He really couldn’t take it.

They burst into No. 1 Hospital and discovered that Xiaji was on duty today. The nurses all recognized Pan Lei and were startled to see him enter with a man dressed like a ball of wool on his back.

Xiaji had a sharp tongue, but his medical talents were superb. He rushed over and assisted Tian Yuan in lying down on the hospital bed.

"A nasty cold. How can he catch a cold in this weather? It's not that cold."

"I didn't look after him."

"Of course you're at fault! How could he have a high fever if you had done your job and taken care of him? Remember that lovers should be treasured like ancestors, not simply when they are sick. It's not a major issue; just a cold and a high fever. He'll be OK after a few days of drip. However, emotional turmoil can be quite draining. His body is weak, and even if he recovers, he will be listless for a few days. Prepare some delicious supplements for him."

Xiaji used his stethoscope to listen to Tian Yuan's lungs and found no abnormalities before taking his temperature.

"F*ck, it's almost 104 degrees! We must cool him down. Quick! Begin the drip."

The young nurses rushed to get the medication and pierced the needle. Pan Lei wiped his face, sat down, took Tian Yuan's hand, and kissed him lightly on the lips.

"Did you do anything that would let him down? You look so regretful. I heard a few days ago that you two are getting married in a high-profile manner. What did you do?"

"I just made him anxious. Is he in need of hospitalization? Then he should be transferred to the ward."

"Why spend that money? There’s no need. You can take him home after the IV drip. You can bring him back if he still has a fever tomorrow. Can I still enjoy the wedding wine?"

"You are indispensable. Go ahead. I’ll stay with him."

Xiaji shrugged.

"Actually, the best way to bring down a high fever is to eat ice. As long as the fever is less than 102 degrees, give him around three pints of ice cream, and the temperature will drop."

"He has a weak stomach. He’ll hurt even more when he gets a stomach ache."

Xiaji got a blanket and covered Tian Yuan. The relationship between them is still so good; so good that outsiders feel all kinds of envy and hate.

Pan Lei rubbed his arm and kissed his cold little arm after two bottles of medicine had entered his body. He requested a thermometer from the nurse and took Tian Yuan's temperature in half an hour. Xiaji administered a big dose of medicine. Tian Yuan's temperature lowered to 99.5 degrees after two bottles of medicine.

Pan Lei was afraid to move him. He was wrapped in two blankets and began to sweat at the end. Pan Lei clutched his hands to keep him from moving, and eventually half-laid on him to keep him from kicking the blankets off.

Pan Lei drew the curtain around the hospital bed to make it private. Nobody would bother the young couple with this.

"I'll never let you worry again, baby. I will absolutely defend myself for you. We have a lifetime deal, baby, and neither of us will let go halfway. We'll live long, as long as Grandpa and Grandma have. Baby, you always make me fall in love with you more and more. I'm sorry for failing you. I swear I'll never let you go through this again. Baby, wait a few years for me. My job will not always be dangerous. I've requested the top brass if I may come back every day and stay at our home on weekends. I'll be home for the holidays, and we'll be together forever by then."

Once he reached the rank of senior colonel, he would no longer be required to accompany the men on operations. His pay and position would both increase if he was promoted to a higher rank. He would be in charge of the commandos at that point, and the operations squadron would be handed over to others. He only had to command and monitor the day-to-day working. They wouldn't have to live apart at that juncture, and he wouldn't have to go on missions. He would drive home after concluding the day's work. Despite the fact that the commute was more than an hour long, he could come home every day and cook for him, wash the laundry, sleep with him in his arms, and accompany him to take their dog son downstairs for a walk. Their lives would be extremely tranquil at that time, and Tian Yuan would not have to worry about him.

To love to excess is to fear. The fear of losing. You're worried that something will go wrong and harm your loved one, whether it's a man-made or natural calamity. That is why Tian Yuan was terrified. It just shows how much he adored Pan Lei.

Pan Lei vowed to himself that he would provide Tian Yuan with a stable life, a secure job, a lover who would help him deal with life's ups and downs as they grew old together, and a warm home.

Tian Yuan took his hand and fell into a deep sleep. Pan Lei leaned in and kissed the corner of his mouth.

"I love you, baby."

He was the world's luckiest man. He fell in love at first sight, he found a good companion, he had the purest love, he had a lover who adored him and would live and die with him.

Pan Lei caressed Tian Yuan's face, his eyes filled with palpable tenderness.

Behind the curtain, a young nurse peered out.

"So beautiful. Dr. Tian doesn't work here, so we can only fantasize about Dr. Xiaji. But he just can't have such a poignant romance with a certain man."


Miss Nurse, I know which man you’re talking about~

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