December 24, 2022

IDYTRAA - Chapter 226

Chapter 226 You’re the gift I’ve been waiting for for half my life

Say goodbye to being single - everyone loathed the name given by Huang Kai. Goodbye, my a$$. Pan Lei and Tian Yuan had been a stable couple for a long time, and they didn't merely discuss platonic love before marriage. That was Plato. They were just regular men who had made love countless times. So calling them "single" was absurd!

It was fine to toast it, though.

The party did not meet at Zhang Hui's place because the wedding was to be held there the next day. They gathered at the high-end club Huang Kai had opened, the type with one-stop service.

Eat first, then take a bath and massage, followed by karaoke and a drinking contest in the king-sized private room.

Huang Kai The Stupid had prepared a party popper, and when he saw the two of them enter the private room, he pulled the string, and small strips of colored paper filled the room with a bang.

"You’re late! Drink three in a row!"

The beer bottles were not very large. Pan Lei consumed six bottles in one go, drinking on behalf of his husband.

"Tell us how you feel about ending your single life."

Lin Mu placed the microphone in front of Pan Lei's mouth.

Pan Lei smiled as he grasped Tian Yuan's hand in his.

"Congratulations on winning the battle! Total success!"

Everyone burst out laughing. Yes, the battle had been won, and the lover had been embraced. They will now live happily ever after in a sweet and intimate manner.

"Look at this smug ba$tard! Well, what are you waiting for? Drink up! Make him drunk today, and laoniang will dress up and directly replace him, squeezing him out of the groom’s position tomorrow. Tian Yuan will be my man!"

Pan Yue was still daydreaming about her grandiose impractical fantasy, so Pan Lei shoved a bottle of liquor into her hand.

"Drink a bunch and go pipe dream."

Lin Mu clinked a glass of wine with Tian Yuan.

"Congratulations on getting married. It is said that every married person will receive special treatment at the hospital, and you will be able to enjoy additional holidays on Valentine's Day and the like. Your mother-in-law has really created opportunities for you, huh. Your paper also passed and has been published in the medical journal. A new pillar has been added to our thoracic surgery department. Cheers on your overall triumph!"

"Cheers! Anyone who returns home sober today will not find his better half this year! Drink, drink, drink!"

Huang Kai made a fuss and demanded that everyone drink, claiming that he had arranged for numerous crates of beer. So, drink up!

Bottoms up if you want to find your better half this year and have a sweet love! Drink until you puke blood!

Pan Yue deserved to be referred to as the boss. The most troublesome younger brother was also getting married. His two older brothers no longer had to be concerned about him all day. Here’s to you, the lovely Tian Yuan! Congratulations on receiving the baton and taking command of Pan Lei, who has been a tyrant from childhood.

"I'm giving him over to you, Tian Yuan. You must both have a wonderful life. If he tries to bully you, Eldest Brother and Second Brother will punish him!"

Tian Yuan chuckled and drank.

"He doesn’t stir up trouble anymore. His military rank has now been raised, and I no longer have to worry about his safety all day. This is our best wedding present. He is now the commando chief, therefore he no longer has to go on missions and will no longer cause any confusion. I am quite pleased."

"Hey, this means that you don’t need the wedding gift I’m intending to give you. You said you were going to Canada, didn't you? Fine! I'm not going to give you any plane tickets or anything like that."

Pan Ge rarely played tricks on Tian Yuan.

"We will all be family in the future, Second Brother. Won't you mind if we husbands don't have the red book? I'm going to inform my mother-in-law of this. Why is my dear Second Brother being so stingy? Is it because Pan Lei is his little brother and I'm an outsider that a high-ranking and powerful man is so stingy? Your Pan family is not very thorough."

Pan Ge burst out laughing. This Tian Yuan had always been obedient, but after spending so much time with Pan Lei, he had totally acquired bandit tendencies and had learnt to plunder.

"I’ll give! If I don't give it, I won't earn a good reputation. I'll have a miserable year if Third Aunt learns I'm stingy and didn't sponsor your trip."

In that regard, the couple was the poorest, but their brothers had money to pay. They had to get red envelopes as they were getting married.

"Say 'Eldest Brother is the best.' I'll give you one thousand dollars each time you say it."

Tian Yuan grinned and quickly cooked a little scheme. Pan Zhan was loaded. He'd be insulting Pan Zhan's title as the richest man if he didn't make him bleed money today.

"Eldest Brother is the best."

Pan Zhan nodded and extended his finger to represent a thousand.

Tian Yuan took out his phone and looped a recording. The room was filled with nonstop "Eldest Brother is the best, Eldest Brother is the best, ..."

Pan Zhan was dumbfounded. Pan Lei pulled a credit card from Pan Zhan's wallet and tossed it to Tian Yuan.

"Many thanks, Eldest Brother, for your generosity."

They were a pair that joined forces to rob, and the Pan brothers were their target. Where had their good doctor Tian Yuan vanished? Where was the Tian Yuan who babbled after drinking too much? Why did he end up as a bandit?

"Great! This money will be used to buy gifts for our trip to Canada. Don't worry, we'll bring you delicious Canadian food."

The couple triumphantly smiled. The burglary was a success!

Pan Yue was honest, pulling a diamond the size of a small fingernail from her pocket. It dazzled in a brocade box.

"Tian Yuan, why don't you let this older sister give you a kiss, a deep French kiss, and I’ll give you this?"

Tian Yuan started looking for Pan Lei's phone. He was certain he had the phone number for the deputy instructor.

"I'll contact the deputy instructor on your behalf. He's a man of great strength. I'll give you the money if you get a hotel room tonight. You can not only have a deep French kiss, but also roll the sheets. You only need to give me the diamond."

Huang Kai laughed heartily.

"F*ck me! Isn’t Tian Yuan highly educated? How can a cultured person like him talk dirty?"

"I've spent a long time with a band of bandits, and I've learned everything."

"Hey, hey, hey! He's berating us, pals. Why are you all staring dazedly? Punish him!"

Everyone hurried over when Lin Mu gave the order, forcing him to down one bottle after another.

"Hey, don't make him drunk! He won't be able to marry me if he can't wake up. I'll drink, I'll drink, don't force him!"

Pan Lei had no way of stopping them. Tonight was the night to get the two of them to drink. Nobody knows how much they drank. As soon as they emptied one bottle, another was ready for them.

Lin Mu's eyes twinkled and he said, "Bái tóu xié lǎo[1]." Drink a bottle for this blessing.

"Ēn ài bái tóu,[2]" wished Zhang Hui, laughing. Another bottle emptied.

Huang Kai, the jester, thought of "zǎo shēng guì zǐ[3]."

Bah, get the hell outta here! Laozi’s son is the hubby in my family in this life. Whether lover or son, I only want him.

"Go envy, go hate, laozi is getting married. Laozi is taken; laozi’s lover is the best in the world. He supports me, he loves me, he wants to live and die with me. I shall continue to love him in my next life because this life isn't long enough. Baby, open your mouth and show them how loving we are."

Needless to say, Pan Lei's kissing fish problem had resurfaced, which meant he'd drank too much once more.

"There are so many people here; please be a little more restrained."

"No! Kiss me, kiss me, I'm going home today and won't be able to hug you yet. Please wait for me. Tomorrow night will be our wedding festivities. I want to strip you nude, take your clothes off with my mouth, kiss your chest,,,"

Pan Lei had consumed too much alcohol and was spouting nonsense.

Tian Yuan grabbed his shoulders and kissed him to silence him. You can talk about anything, a$$hole. Is our wedding night something you discuss openly?

Pan Lei wrapped his arms around his waist and passionately kissed him. "Ohhhhh, kiss, kiss!" cried Huang Kai, Lin Mu, and Zhang Hui as they knocked on the table.

"Let's get them both drunk tomorrow and listen to the wall."

Pan Yue's eyes sparkled. She'd simply refuse to leave the next day and eavesdrop. She'd make her bed on the living room floor, and then, hehehe.

"Wench, you're this old and so dumb. Keep an eye out for the duo's retaliation against you. Go to the military compound tomorrow. Everyone is expecting you."

Pan Zhan had a lot of challenges as the eldest brother. Why else would the adage "An elder brother is like a father" exist? Someone was finally in charge of Pan Lei, but Pan Yue remained a source of worry.

"I’m not going. I'm Tian Yuan's bridesmaid. I'll be there for him tomorrow. We agreed that I would represent his side of the family. I want to stand up and cheer for him so that he is not put at a disadvantage."

"Hey! They’re getting married, not getting in a gang fight."

Tian Yuan's face was heated after a hot kiss. He'd never made a PDA in front of so many people before.

Pan Yue hatched a devious plan and handed Pan Lei a bottle of wine.

"Leizi, you use your mouth to express your sentiments to him. You must kiss him there. From the top to the bottom, or from front to rear."

Tian Yuan bared his teeth at her. This woman couldn’t be called a woman. She was practically a man, a WoMan.

"I can't wait to see how the assistant instructor handles you tomorrow."

"Sing, sing, you've got to have some fun today."

Huang Kai handed a microphone to Pan Lei. They had already been let down by Tian Yuan. They couldn't expect a man capable of kidnapping the band to sing.[4]

Pan Lei saw that a love song, Victor Wong's "Unopened Gift[5]," was now playing.

I’m not sure that I can listen to love songs and not cry,

Even though I once promised that I wouldn’t be touched once I had you.

I can’t be sure how hard it will be to interact differently.

I miss the uncertainty of the chase, and imagine the contentment of being settled.

I do, I have no desire to turn back.

But smiling with worries goes against the blessings of Heaven.

You are the unopened gift which I have waited for my whole life.

This love is too precious, and there are no more ifs once it’s in my hands.

I’m not afraid of carrying you on my back, walking our entire lives with you on my shoulders.

I’m just afraid that one person suffering will cause two people to be lonely.

I wish to be so serious. {Tl: I changed this line.}

Will you miss the romantic blindness of the past?

You are the unopened gift which I have waited for my whole life.

This love is too precious, and there are no more ifs once it’s in my hands.

I’m not afraid of carrying you on my back, walking our entire lives with you on my shoulders.

I’m just afraid that one person suffering will cause two people to be lonely.

You are the unopened gift which I have waited for my whole life.

This love is too precious, and there are no more ifs once it’s in my hands.

I’m not afraid of giving you all that is good, I can carry the bad things by myself.

I’m just afraid that to make you happy, I will be embarrassed to complain to you again.

Make all of them envious.

I wish you happiness.

Pan Lei sang in a deep and low voice to Tian Yuan. I am willing to carry you on my back for a lifetime; you are the gift I have been waiting for for half a lifetime; I hold you in the palm of my hand, and I will offer you everything good; I want to make you happy; I want everyone to be envious; I hope you will always be so happy.

This was all he hoped for, all he desired. I am willing to do anything as long as you are happy. I want everyone to be envious of you. Even if our relationship is unorthodox, I owe it to you to make you happier than anybody else.

I say I love you with my mouth, but you see how I shall treat you in this life with your heart. I love you, not just a name; I'll turn it into an action and a smile on your lips.

Honey, you are my most cherished, and having you is my greatest blessing.


[1] (To live together until the) white hairs of old age (idiom); to live to a ripe old age in conjugal bliss; until death do us part.

[2] Be in conjugal bliss till old age.

[3] Give birth to a son soon (propitiatory compliment to newly-weds).

[4] Basically, TY is an awful singer.

[5] Victor Wong Pin Guan is a Malaysian Chinese singer who has made a name for himself in Taiwan's music scene. English Translation by Tianlu @ The site has the video, English translation, Chinese lyrics, and Pinyin.


What a treat to have a ready-made English translation!! Bless you, Tianlu!

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